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Posted by humanist on December 02, 2013 at 00:50:44

In Reply to: Re: Read Slowly posted by Pastor Don on December 01, 2013 at 21:07:13:

Was this flyer passed out at an Aryan church or rally? Btw, many western countries have outlived ours by centuries. And the culture, well, if the American Indians had asked for your ancestors immigration papers and defended their borders, we wouldn't be speaking English or worshipping a single God. We're a diverse country and this reading is racist, imo. And what about the freethinkers such as Benjamin Franklin? Should he have been deported? Should we start burning witches at the stake again? Or should they have a chance to repent before perishing,lol? Most hard working Americans pay tons of taxes and have routinely lived without access to healthcare beyond ER visits where they may get excellent treatment for broken bones, etc, but got referrals to doctors who they could not afford to see and many have died. Where to start with this idea that people who want "free stuff" are more often lazy people who were never hard workers and productive tax payers living check to check. Do you realize how the rich are robbing the poor with huge tax increases if they want the land or area to develop? Betcha don't have a flyer about that...

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