Fanaticism and fanatical devotion are the problem

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Posted by humanist on June 29, 2014 at 23:52:02

In Reply to: Re: Islam/The Religion of Evil! posted by Pastor Don on June 27, 2014 at 06:21:10:

All religions or belief systems have the potential to do varying degrees of harm depending upon the level of fanaticism. Whether chairman Mao's cultural Revolution, Khmer rouge, Al Qaida, TFI, Charles Manson devotees, westboro baptist church or others, ad nauseum. I've met quite a few Islamists that are not fanatics but very genuinely kind, hospitable people. Again, I see the potential for bad behavior separate from the religion or lack of religion. When people pack up and attack, the worst of human behavior occurs. Like in the Family. I am sure had many who joined in early days realized what was going to be introduced a few years later, or the full depth of the depravity within, it's something one would have avoided like the plague it became. Just curious, and of course only if you wish to answer, did you ever need or seek any help after getting out? I did. There are still scars but I gained a lot from those who provided good help. I had no resources for this, but got some good referrals from women's centers and from professionals I met when I was in school years ago.

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