Re: Genocide is never acceptable

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Posted by humanist on September 05, 2014 at 02:21:20

In Reply to: Re: Genocide is never acceptable posted by Student on September 04, 2014 at 16:34:46:

Mainstream reporters are being stifled in reporting what is happening there but UN workers , UNICEF, reporters that have been there and locals filming daily atrocities as well as snipers targeting civilians, close to 500 children killed of the over 2000 killed 80- 85% civilians and thousands more wounded..all this sine July 2014), popular Israeli tee shirts saying things like "One shot two kills" with a scope site over a pregnant woman's belly and documented proof of these actions being committed, indiscriminate killing of civilians, taking out the only water desalinization plant in Gaza... I could go on and on and on but yes. It is genocide. People in Palestinian territories are displaced to the number of nearly half a million. Then there are the wounded thousands. If you are really are a student then study and research. This is not the first mass slaughter. Look at the shrinking Palestinian population as well as the numbers of illegal Israeli settlements. Read about apartheid and occupation and how gravely it separates relatives and impairs movement and is oftentimes deadly. Look at statistics. The Israelis are not lacking in water. Look at the damages done in Gaza, the number of settlements, the degradation of Palestinians. Watch Occupation 101 instead of reading only the summary. Read the stats on defense capabilities for Palestinians vs Israelis. When you have a Holocaust survivor returning an award after seeing what is going on there and when you have some Jewish people worldwide protesting what Israel is doing, well, the evidence is undeniable. People first denied genocide was occurring in Rwanda in spite of the dire situation. This is worse than Rwanda as methodically and over time the Palestinians are being displaced, eliminated and land stolen incl. the recent land grab of 1000 acres during"truce time.

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