Re: Is Isalam Really a Relgion of Peace?

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Posted by humanist on November 07, 2014 at 19:03:14

In Reply to: Re: Is Isalam Really a Relgion of Peace? posted by Pastor Don on November 06, 2014 at 18:07:33:

Some people say Christianity is a religion of peace. But there are certainly many who call themselves Christians and are full of hate, using bible verses to justify their extremism. Frankly, and as you know, I am not religious at all but I am enriched by getting to know people of different cultures who are not extremists. Regarding the current slaughter in Gaza and continued illegal Jewish settlements now invading East Jerusalem and the closure of All Aqsa mosque, it's as insulting and as infuriating as it would feel to you if ruling forces banned your right to worship at your church and wanted to turn it into a mosque. Did you realize that Gazans live in a big prison and very young children are routinely rounded up, often in the middle of the night, then imprisoned and tortured or bribed to spy on or speak out against their own people? That just a few weeks ago, an Israeli settler ran over two little Palestinian girls and killed one. The other is still in a coma? His name is not disclosed and he is not prosecuted. Over 500 innocent Palestinian children have been killed since July this year. What kind of a society allows terrorism like this and why do U.S. taxpayers support this to the tune of upwards of 8 billion dollars a year to Israel? Why are there ethical Jewish and a .minority of Israeli citizens protesting the actions of their government? Why does that brave young girl, Malala, Nobel prize winner find it in her heart to donate 50,000 dollars to Gaza?

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