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FBI Update 4/26/2005

by manage1 last modified 2006-02-17 11:25
New evidence was handed over to investigatiors today. Everyone should read this.


I delivered eight video tapes to the FBI today. I've had them for about a week and I could not get to previewing them until this morning. I was sickened within the first five minutes of tape #1. It has been one thing to hear the stories, read the affidavits, and watch the media exposure testimony of these young adults that were exploited as children, it is wholly a different thing to see it on video while the exploitation actually takes place. It triggered everything human in me. I called the special agent in charge and told the individual that I could not watch past the first child exploitation scene. I asked the agent to review them and look for my daughters. I told the agent that if I saw them on the tapes at this time, that everything within me would explode. I said that if it was necessary during the prosecution I would then identify my daughters, nieces, and nephews.

As I drove to the FBI's office, I was overcome with rage that these tapes have never been entered into evidence to this agent before today. I thought about the individual who I got them from. How could this person live one minute in their home with these tapes in their possession? How, I asked myself, could any human being keep such evidence from the authorities for even one small second. I then began to think about all the evidence that is in many of your hands, closets, trunks, vaults, and hidden places. How, I asked myself, could anyone hold onto such evidence as sharing schedules, teen training manuals, videos, copies of the Story of Davidito, flirty fishing reports, or statistic sheets? How could anyone hold this valuable information from the authorities? How could they live with such evidence in their homes or libraries? Were they planning to sell it to someone? Were they wanting to use it to protect themselves in case they needed to plea bargain? Were they planning to use it in an academic project? What? Why? I can come up with not one good excuse to be holding such evidence from the authorities. Not even for one small second.

I know that the moment these tapes are reviewed by the FBI that the whole picture will gel for them, if it hasn't already. I understood that the little girls that I saw exploited in the tape needed someone to stand up for them too. If standing up for them makes me a leader, then I will suffer my fate. I never wanted to be a leader. But I cannot sit down, now that I have seen their exploitation with my own eyes. I cannot rest until this job is completed. I was furious with every so-called adult that was in the tape. I was furious at the producer of the tape. I was furious at the individual who gave me this tape for not having given this tape to the authorities the moment it was in their hands. Now, as I've had an hour to calm down, an hour to keep myself from going to a pawn shop and purchasing a pistol, an hour to pray about what I should do to quell the human anger welled up inside my soul, I decided to write. I decided to write to you. All of you. All of you who have evidence and have not turned it over to the authorities. You can make no excuse that will be plausible for your failure, your reluctance, your silence. If the murder/suicide of Ricky Rodriguez or the exploitation of your own children could not spark you into action, what would trigger you today? Tell me because I desperately need to know.

In matters such as this I wonder what prevents a parent to do the right thing for their child. But I have some comfort. I now know that this horror that I have seen will soon come to an end. Every parent that danced nude on these videos while their children were exploited will be identified by the authorities. The image is the record. I suggest that every parent who was on these eight video tapes think about what the right thing to do is, now that these tapes are finally in the possession of the investigators. Will you dig a hole and hide? Will you come willingly to the seat of judgement? What will you do?

The prosecution by the U.S. Attorney General's Office will be one by jury. It will be a jury of your peers. A trial by jury. There will be no Lord Justice restrained by a limited case. It will be my neighbor and my fellow citizen who will judge the content of these tapes and the story that lay behind them.

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