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Regarding questions from readers on the current FBI investigation

I will not give out the name of the agent on this case as it would jepardize my working relationship with that individual. The information that I was supplying the Bureau with were items that pertained to Philip Slown. One of the things that I was trying to demonstrate is that Slown had several reasons for committing the specific type of child abuse he commited against my daughters, nieces, and their siblings, and others that have written affidavits to me. In my opinion, it was a recognizable pattern that was fostered by doctrinal literature and policy of The Family International. The FBI is not limited in jurisdiction to only San Diego County. The District Attorney's office was. Therefore, affidavits by individuals anywhere in the United States is pertinent to demonstrate that the abuse was indeed widespread.

For those of you who are current members of The Family International, and have emailed me questions: The information that you are providing is helping to identify the most agregious offenders. I'm not out to harm you or your "good work". Criminal activity that should be adjudicated by the proper authorities is the target. Please understand that ex-communication of these particular individuals into the community at large without informing the local authorities has been a mistake that I am working to correct. Some of you have asked about immunity from prosecution if you send affidavits. Immunity is something that only the U.S. Attorney's office can grant. I suppose that those of you who have the most incriminating evidence would most likely be the individuals that immunity would be granted to. Please continue to write and email me privately on these and other issues that concern you.

My personal focus is in regards to Philip Slown, the reasons for which he committed the abuse, the tax-exempt status of FCF and Activated Ministries, and any affidavits that will back up my claim of widespread abusive practices across the globe. I am not attacking The Family International's beliefs, rather, I am focused on their practices.

It is my hope that many families can reconcile throughout this process. Apologies have proven to be insufficient. Accountability and treatment seem to be the only effective remedy. My personal email is open to anyone with concerns and questions. I will try to personally address each one of you in a timely manner. As of today's date, 3/15/2005, I will no longer be posting comments on, NDN,,, or any of the other ex-member sites. If you see an alleged posting from me, please understand that I did not in fact post it. I will be giving what updates I can on this site only. Thanks for your patience in these matters.

Jim LaMattery

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