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DECEIVERS. YET TRUE!     DO1248     6/79
     1.  The Lord & His Prophets frequently used deceit & sometimes outright lies, believe it or not, to accomplish God's I purpose. The Law is the standard, but there are always excep­tions to the rules, particularly if God's the One Who makes the exceptions! The Lord Himself says that if they reject the Truth, "I will send them strong delusion that they might believe a lie, that they might all be damned who received not the love of the Troth." (2Th.2:10-12.)-He'1l send a lie!
     2.  God Himself is going to lie to them & deceive them because they refused the Truth & they were wicked & deserve to believe a lie because they didn't want to believe the Truth! So I God lied to them & deceived them & deluded them & damned them! What better proof can you have than that?-God some­times uses lies!
     3.  (Maria: "Deceivers yet true!"-2Cor.6:8.) Yes, I remem­ber Josh always used to like to use that Scripture, being that we are deceivers yet true. (Maria: So you have to find a proper balance. Some people get off too much on the other side, lying about every little thing.) Yes, some people get in a habit of lying about every little thing!
     4.  I hate to lie & very rarely in my life have done it! It hurts me, it bothers me, but if I have to do it to save my life, I might do it! And in a few instances, although I have not outright lied, I have deceived or I have said something that I knew they would believe I meant one thing when I really meant another, deliberately, in order to save some situation or spare someone or in order to es­cape some situation or whatever. It's very serious. (Maria: But normally you don't make it a habit)-Amen! I hate it!
     5.  If you have to lie to save a life, I think it's worth it! And I think the people who would strain at a gnat of a little lie at a time like that & swallow a camel of costing someone's life are just hypocritically self-righteous !-And let somebody go to prison or torture or death just because they weren't willing to tell one little falsehood to save them! But I certainly don't recommend it & it would be in the absolute extreme emergency, just like it was with our folks in Malta. (See No.797!)-Amen? GHU!