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GN 972

Keys Turned to Swords!
By Maria 10/01

Dearest Family,
1. The next course of this tremendous Feast that our Husband has laid before us is a vision of how we are to use the keys in the spirit! If you can concentrate with your eyes closed and it doesn't make you drowsy, then shut your eyes as one person reads and ask the Lord to show you the pictures as He showed them to the channel who received this.
2. (Mama prays:) Precious Love, thank You for another opportunity to sit at Your feet and watch as You reveal to us the secrets of Heaven. Open our hearts and minds now to receive all that You have to give us. Help Your Words to take root in our lives from the moment we hear them. We don't want to remain the same -we want to change and revolute and progress with You, Jesus!
3. We call on the keys now for faith to receive, and against any distractions of the Enemy, any pride or carnal­mindedness that would hinder our receptivity to whatever You want to tell us. Increase our faith and capacity to receive from You, darling Husband. Take away anything that is holding us back. Wash us clean, and fill us with Your thrilling Words and Spirit. We want nothing of ourselves, only You, precious Love! Thank You for giving to us so abundantly! We praise and adore You, sweet, wonderful Jesus!
Vision of Keys-Turned-to-Swords!
4. (Vision:) I see an amazing thing-it's like a movie! There are Family members, both male and female, FGAs and SGAs, in various scenes-a big panorama unfolding right before me! In every scene, each Family member is in a real tight spot-either a situation where they're in grave danger, such as in the middle of a major catastrophe, or with our enemies chasing them, or a scene where it's just an impossible situation and they really need help, such as someone needing a major healing.
5. But I see the most incredible thing! In each scene, in order to get out of the predicament they're in, something awesome happens that pulls them out of trouble. When they get in a tight spot, they look straight ahead, they focus, and they give a little nod or a glance of acknowl­edgment. I think this nod is like they're calling for help. They know where to find help, and when they give the nod, they set their eyes on this one focal point-it's very definite-and they know the help will come. Each one is completely at ease and very confident in the fact that the help will be there.
6. When they give the signal, a set of golden keys appears before them---boom, just like that! It happens very quickly and there's no hesitation. As soon as they need help, they instinctively give the nod, and in that same instant the keys appear before them.
7. But that's not all! Right at the same time, a beam of light shines from their eyes! It's very strong. A brilliant light shines out of their eyes as they set their eyes on the focal point, and a set of keys appears. It's like they focus, and this strong beam of light appears, shooting out from their eyes to the focal point, and the keys are there. This is all happening quickly. All these things happen simultaneously as they signal for help. And that's not all!
8. They also extend their arms at the same time that the beam of light shines from their eves, as if reaching out to grab something. Wow! It's very cool, because as they do this, in a flash, the keys transform into this amazing weapon! It's stunning! It looks like a huge sword, and it's glowing so brightly, it looks like it's edged with fire! It's brilliant! The shine is almost too bright to look at; it's almost blinding!
9. All of these things happen simultaneously. They focus, a beam of light shoots out of their eyes, they reach their arm out to take hold of something, the keys are there, and they grab the keys as the keys turn into this awesome weapon. It all happens in an instant.
10. That weapon is so bright! I think it might even be blinding to some! I feel like I can look at it, because the Lord is protecting my eyes, but not everyone can look at it without being blinded. Or maybe it's that it causes blindness to some, like to our enemies, and definitely to evil beings who try to cause us harm. It's like a sword of bright light, but also like a raging fire, and it has great explosive power. I sense its edge is as sharp as can be, and at the same time white-hot. You know you don't want to get in its way. It's big, and it looks hefty, but each Family member is wielding it with incredible ease. They have great command over it.
11. Each one who focuses calls on the keys and reaches out to grab hold of these powerful weapons. Once they have them in their hands, they wield them in the most amazing way! They're so fast as they maneuver them every which way. Those holding them are just slashing away, like zip, zip, zip-4o the right, to the left, up, down, overhead, around their backs. It's somewhat like those guys who wield those karate weapons. They swing them around so fast, only this is even quicker, and the Family members are much, much more skilled in their handling of them than anything I've ever seen. There's no match for the speed, skill, agility and finesse with which they handle these weapons!
12. As these Family members wield these weapons, anything that's in their way is defeated. They wield them so fast! It's very powerful, but very slick, smooth, and easy how they handle them, as if with effortless ease. They're very skilled in their handling of the weapon, very sharp. They go so fast, it looks like what I'm seeing is playing in supersonic, fast-forward speed. It's amazing!
13. In each scene I see, there's not one situ­ation where the brethren are not able to over­come whatever obstacle stands in their way as long as they focus and signal for this help. It's right there at their fingertips, and as they start wielding this weapon, it does whatever they need. It slays enemies. It holds back the weather in some cases. Or in other cases it brings raging storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornados, ter­rible lightning and thunder upon the wicked and those who fight against the people of God. It heals the sick. It releases captives.
14. I see one scene that looks like a prison, where a Family man about in his thirties is free­ing all the prisoners. He's slashing away with his weapon and the locks of every cell fall off and the prisoners are free. Only now I see that it's not really a prison, as in an institution with harden­ed criminals, murderers, and whatnot. In reality it's an office building of some sort, and the pris­oners are employees, all sitting in their little cu­bicles working away at their desks, sitting in front of computers and answering phones, etc. It seems like he's freeing the prisoners of the System.
15. This weapon also brings supply. In one scene I see these huge floodgates being opened. But it's not water that's flowing out of them; it's goods, food, clothing, needs.
16. In another scene I see Family members high on a hill, and there's a large crowd flock­ing around them. It reminds me of how you would picture Jesus speaking to the multitudes on a hillside, with thousands of people around Him. But these people are very frightened, and they're all reaching out and running to the Fam­ily members who are standing on the mount. They're crying out, "Save us, feed us!"
17. In that scene all of a sudden the breth­ren signal for help from the keys. Reaching out to grab their swords, they wave them like a magic wand over the crowds, and a great calm comes over them. Each one settles down, and instantly a little portable table, set with food, appears in front of each person in the crowd. The brethren speak to them; it seems they're prophesying to the crowds.
18. Now I see someone wielding their sword, and it's blinding the eyes of authorities. I see on the uniforms of these officers the number 666.
19. In another scene I see these gigantic, ugly beings! They look as big as dragons, and they're horrendously ugly, but with one flick of the sword they're slain.
20. One woman is wielding her sword over a sick man lying in intensive care in a hospital unit, and he jumps right up to his feet.
21. Now I see several Family members all lined up. It seems like they want to give me a demonstration. In perfect unison, they all give the signal and reach out to take hold of the keys­turned-to-swords at the same time. They're all perfectly synced as they grab their weapons and wield them. It looks so easy for them, as if they're twirling a baton in front of them, then to the side, and around their back, then throwing it up in the air and catching it. All of this is happening with super speed.
22. Now, all of a sudden, they flip their huge fiery swords, throw them up in the air, and as they catch them, the weapons turn back into beautiful golden keys, several on one key ring, and these keys just slip right into their pockets. Oh, it's beautiful! I can see the keys right through their clothes, glowing in their pockets. The keys are always with them, and when they need them they quickly transform and appear right before them as the Lord showed us earlier.

23. All those who gave this demonstration are standing there with their arms raised in praise to the Lord. No one has a proud look or a sense of, "Hey, look what we did!" There is no sense of self-confidence. They're rather serious, and they all seem to know very clearly that it's only the Lord. They're standing there with arms raised, praising and giving thanks to the Lord, giving the Lord all the credit and all the glory. Then they fall to their knees, their heads bowed, and they're saying a prayer. (End of vision.)
24. (Jesus speaking:) To those who meet the requirements for using the keys, it is given to wield the greatest power in all existence! Nothing can stop you, nothing can hurt you, nothing can overcome those who focus on the power of the keys! These keys you have always with you, My loves. They go with you always. To the ends of the Earth, into the future, and into the next world, they are with you. As long as you stay focused on the keys, they will never leave you, never let you down, never fail you.
25. Tests will come, yet through every fierce attack of the Enemy upon you, in the face of all obstacles, against all impossibilities, the keys are at your command. There is no stop­ping this powerful weapon I put in your hands. There is no stopping you as you use it in con­junction with My will, in desperation of heart and humility of mind and spirit.
26. Call on the keys often, My loves. Wield them wisely Handle them prayerfully And know this: As I refused to use Heaven's power for My Own personal gain and desires, for mere show or to '`amaze" the people, so you must do also. These keys are not given for your own glory, but for the glory of God. They're given that My light and force and power may be clearly seen through you, that all might glorify Me. They're given to you that you might do the things I ask of you.
27. It's a serious responsibility I place on your shoulders. Your use of the keys is not meant to be showy in that they bring you glory. I have entrusted the keys to the children of David not to glorify yourselves, but to glorify the King­dom of Heaven. Be not as the proud of other folds who use their gifts in a pompous show, but glorify Me, in humility of spirit, in all things.
28. This gift makes you servants of others. Now your responsibility is greater, and along with it comes great obligation-obligation to serve one other and to serve those whom I bring to your folds, those who seek out righteous­ness and truth. The keys are to be taken out and put to use, for they are a gift that I give you to accomplish My will. They will be your survival now and in the coming days. Use them. Do some­thing with them. Hide them not away, for they are meant to help you accomplish My will.
29. When you avail yourselves of this awe­some power I have given you, it will humbleyou. For as you wield the power of Heaven, you will know in your hearts how small you are, how weak you are, how dependent you are on Me. Yet this will bring great fruit, great happiness to you, and great satisfaction-that which knows no bounds! You'll fall down before Me in praiseand thanksgiving for the satisfaction of knowing you accomplished the will of God; you yielded and were made instruments in the hands of the Almighty; you fought and won, in spite of weakness, shortcomings, failures and mistakes.
30. You focused, you reached out, you took hold, you wielded the mighty weapon of God ac­curately, faithfully, and boldly! You were the instruments in My hand, used to establish MyKingdom on Earth. The great joy and thanks­giving you will have in your heart in that day is beyond expressing in mere words. There is no greater rush, no greater accomplishment, no greater satisfaction than that of knowing you did the will of God. (End of message from Jesus.)
31. (Mama:) Don't let this awesome gift escape you, dear loves, due to lethargy, procras­tination, lack of faith, being dull in the spirit or not taking this revelation seriously. Those keys-turned-to-swords can be yours! This isn't a figment of someone's imagination! This is real -and it's for you! Grab those keys and wield those fiery swords by faith today!

Excited with what the future holds,

Questions to ask the Lord:
You said, `This gift makes you servants of others' In what ways does my attitude
need to change in order to be a true servant of others? How can I more
actively give You all the glory in my life?
How can I continue to make progress in overcoming my pride and teaming to be more humble so that You can shine
through unobstructed?