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GN 973

Full Possession!
By Maria 10/01

Dearest Family,
1. In this message our loving Husband explains what we must do to prepare for a gift He wants to give us during these Feast days. He says that this gift is crucial to our success in what lies before us. We must have it and use it if we are to fulfill our destiny. We'll explain more about this gift in the next Letter in this series. But in this Letter we want to explain that there are steps each of us must take in order to be able to _receive it.
2. (Mama prays:) Sweet Husband, thank You for being with us during these days and making them such a special time of feeding from Your Spirit. We don't want to miss one crumb of the Feast You've prepared for us. We want to take it all in, receive it, and thrill to it. We need it to strengthen us.
3. Please prepare our hearts and spirits now to receive from You fully. We call on the power of the keys to bind any distractions of the Enemy, or any of our own thoughts or pride or carnal-mindedness which would interfere with our receiving in Your Spirit all that You have to tell us.
4. Thank You for trusting us with so much. Thank You for making known so many revelations of Your Spirit! We're not worthy of them, but we love them! We love to be Your Bride and to be taken into Your confidence, into Your secret chambers to hear these things that You haven't told anyone else. Help us to treasure them always, sweet Love. We love You, and we praise and honor You.
5. (Jesus speaking:) When I put the keys to the Kingdom into your hands, My brides, I said I desired to possess you. I love to possess you! As a man loves a woman and desires to fill her with his seeds, so I desire to have you-fully and completely! I want you to be Mine!
6. And in those moments when I bade you, "Come, allow Me to fully possess you," many of you opened up, you took Me in, you received My Spirit in full. Without reservation, many received Me fully and completely in that moment. And many of you continue to have your moments of allowing Me to possess you. You're making progress, My loves, taking time with Me, coming into our intimate chambers. You open yourselves wide to receive Me, to allow Me these exhilarating moments when our spirits become one!
7. Now, I must speak to you of something more, of a greater possession, and of what this means. I want to give you another gift, and I am introducing this marvelous blessing during these special days of celebration. I will activate this gift soon, but first there are important conditions that you need to understand and accept. If you are to be the miracle workers that I have spoken of, you will need this gift, but you must make the first move if you are to receive it. The way you do this is by allowing Me to possess you.
8. I need to take full possession of younot in scattered moments here and there, but I want to possess you fully and completely all the time. I want and need to have full control in your lives-full possession. This is what is necessary for you to be able to open up and use the new gift I will put in your hands-you must let Me possess you. I want to give you this gift, yet for you to be able to open it and put it to use, I must possess you.
9. Let Me tell you a simple, childlike illus­tration to help you understand. Say you receiveda gift from a friend and it was a battery-operated machine, a Walkman, for example. You hold the Walkman in your hands. It's a gift which was given to you. But you can't use the Walkman because you've failed to put batteries in it. The batteries were not included; you have to sup­ply those. It has to have the batteries in it or it won't work just as you must have Me in you and allow Me to possess you if you are going to use this new gift I want to give you.
10. The Walkman has to have live batteries in it all the time if you want to hear the music play. It has to be charged all the time if you want to listen to music on it. When the batteries go dead, the Walkman will no longer work. The gift I wish to put in your hands is something like this. It will be in your hands, but it's of no use to you unless I possess you. You must have My live energy running through you all the time in full measure if you are to use this gift.
11. Allowing Me to possess you is like putting batteries in your Walkman. My Spirit must possess you fully and completely all the time, in order for you to use this new gift and benefit from it.

How to Bring About Your Destiny!

12. Consider all I have spoken to you, My loves. Do you think the feats I have said you will perform and your role as My chosen of the End are possible without giving yourselves completely to Me? If I am to live, think, and move in you at My will, to perform greater miracles in these Last Days, do you think that this is poss­ible unless I have full control? No, it is not. This is the crux of the matter, My loves-I must have full control, full possession.
13. I give you this fist below for your prayer­ful consideration. These are some of the things I have promised to do through you in these Last Days, what is to be your destiny, and whatyou must do to bring it about:
14. - In order to fight the battles and to defy the impossibilities that you will face in the end of days, I have pointed out to you that your spiritual reflexes need to be sharp, as quick as lightning! You must be proficient and skilled to the maximum in the use of the keys to the King­dom I have put in your hands. This great skill and the keen reflexes that will be required of you will only come by giving Me full control in every area of your lives. Your will must be My will; your thoughts must be My thoughts.
15. - It is your heritage to have the strong­est connection to the spirit world of any other humans who have ever lived. You are to shine with the most apparent anointing of My Spirit of all My prophets since the beginning of time. How
will this come about? This strong connection and this visible, obvious anointing will be mani­fested in you every day through only one route--that is by allowing Me to fully possess you.
16. - You are to be the fulfillment of My tion that I have not yet been able to activate the new covenant of love, being one wife, married to gift that I put in your hands. I wish to explain Me and to each other, shining samples of My this now so that you can get ready to receive.
only Law of Love, those who will lead the way of the future, who will reign with Me, ruling the nations according to My Law. How is it possible to live My Law of Love to the full? Only through becoming one with My Spirit, through allowing My Spirit to prevail in you, to live, move, speak and think in you, to fully possess you.
17. - I have made plain to you, and you even now experience that in this era of action the Enemy is launching fierce attacks upon you. He will continue to do so. He will attack you from new angles, and there will be new battles. He will use new tactics, things he has never tried before. How are you to fight and triumph over these battles? Your victories will come as you allow Me to do the fighting through you, as you call on the power of the keys, and as you allow Me to fully possess you.
1& - Your destiny is to be the miracle workers of the End! Those who will be strong and do exploits will have only to reach up and receive the anointing. This anointing comes in allowing Me to have full sway, full possession. You will reach up with ease and accept this anointing through allowing Me to fully possess you.
19. - You are to cultivate the power I have given you. How do you do this? Allow Me to possess you, and the power will grow, it will bloom, it will burst forth through your eyes, your mouth, your touch! My power in you will be known beyond all doubt, as I fully possess you.
20. - You are destined to triumph victorious over the Dragon, Satan himself, over the world and the evil therein, a feat that has been matched by no others. I remind you that this war of good and evil has been waged since Adam and Eve chose to eat of the knowledge of good and evil. You know you are not able, but I in you am. Yet to face down Satan himself, I must have full control of your heart, mind, soul, and spirit. I am talking big time, the grand finale, the final showdown. This is "it"! The way you will conquer and triumph victorious as you overcome the world is through allowing Me to possess you.

The Battlefield of the Mind

21. My loves, it is because of your own voli­tion that I have not yet been able to activate the gift that I put in your hands. I wish to explain this now so that you can get ready to receive. Listen carefully, and prepare to put this awe­some gift to use. Prepare, and when you meet the requirements, the gift will be at your com­mand. Let Me explain.
22. Take a moment and look at the world. The children of this generation are more often than not more yielded, more easily maneuvered, more easily directed to carry out the will of their lord than My Own are. Why? The people of this world are more fully possessed with the spirit and the doctrine of their father, the Devil. The god of this world often has tighter control over the children of the world than I have over My Own children. How does he maintain such tight control? How does he lure them into his fold in the first place, and how does he keep them there?
23. You know the answers to these ques­tions, and they are many--as many as the en­ticements of this world. The lust of the flesh, the pride of life, the deceitfulness of riches, the wisdom of this world and the knowledge of man, carnal thinking-all these provide strong pulls that, except for the intervention of My Spirit and My power, are impossible to resist.
24. There is a common thread, a common denominator, a key factor as to how Satan ac­quires and maintains control of his own. The seat of his control is through the mind. Through the mind he gets control; through the mind he maintains control; through the mind he manipu­lates the masses.
25. This is why I have instructed My chil­dren down through the ages to pay dose atten­tion to the mind. For just as this is the control center that Satan uses to manipulate his own, so it is the battlefield on which he wages his ruthless attacks against you, My children.
26. The fact that Satan wages militant war­fare in the minds of My Own does not come as a surprise to you. This is not news, yet there's more to it I wish to speak to you about. This information I give you now is imperative for you to be aware of, to act upon, to make any neces­sary changes in your lives, if you are going to be able to use this new gift. My children, you must prepare.
27. It is through the mind that Satan gains entrance to recruit the lost of the world to his side; it is through the mind that he controls and manipulates his own; and it is through the mind that he wages fierce attacks on you, My chil-
dren. In addition, it is through the mind that he seeks to hinder you by preventing you from al­lowing Me full possession in the first place by trying to share the occupancy of your thoughts.
28. The mind is the great battlefield where ruthless war is waged-the war for possession! The sins that bring you down all filter through the mind: pride, the root sin of all; jealousy; lust; selfishness; lethargy; bitterness; disunity; comparing; discontent and murmuring; nega­tive thinking; worldliness; disobedience; doubt; putting other gods before Me; self-righteous­ness, etc. It all begins in the mind, takes root in the mind, and festers in the mind-all through carnal thinking, through putting on the mind of man and the mind of the world.
29. I have said many things to you regard­ing the mind-about your thoughts, about your own will, about the carnal mind, and about the need to put on My mind. This is because if I am to have full control of you, you must give Me your mind.
30. The port of entry to possession is through the mind, My loves. This is true for both Me and for the Enemy. Satan controls his own through the mind, and so do I. This is why the Apostle said, "Put on the mind of Christ." This is why you are instructed to think good thoughts, to be transformed by the renewing of your mind, to keep your mind stayed on Me, for therein lies perfect peace.
31. Yes, I do control you through My Spirit, and when our spirits meet, when you take Me in and allow Me to possess you, anything is possible. And this is yet a great mystery to you -the relation between heart, mind, spirit and soul. It isn't necessary to ponder deeply on how these integrate and intertwine at this moment, but only know that they do, and that it is through the spirit of your mind that you open the door for Me to possess you, for therein do you choose, willingly and of your own volition, to accept Me, to call My Spirit to come possess you.
32. The outcome of all battles is determined first in your mind, for this is where your will is set. This is where you choose Me and My ways, where you choose to accept My Words and put on My mind. I have said that he that be­lieves on Me will have eternal life. Belief, faith, trust, confidence, and acceptance all begin in
the mind. If you are of a ready and willing mind, all that I have is yours for the asking.

Put off the Mind of Man and Put on the Mind of God!

33. Why do I speak to you of this now? Because, My loves, in order to use the new gift I will put in your hands, you must give Me your mind fully, completely, without reservation. You must allow Me full possession, that I might live, work, think, and act through you fully, as I desire.
34. Many of you have sought to do this, and I do work through you to varying degrees. You pray and ask Me to cleanse your mind, to clear your mind, to ease your mind, to direct your thoughts, and I do. Yet you must give Me more. You must give Me all.
35. If you are going to use the full power I have given you, I cannot share your thoughts with the carnal mind. I cannot perform mighty works through you in coexistence with the mind of man for this hinders, it sets back, it stifles
My Spirit from fully and completely performing great feats through you. It prevents you from activating the full capacity of spiritual powersthat are at your disposal.
36. If you are going to work greater miracles, if you are going to fulfill your destiny, you must be Mine. You must be wholly, totally, completely possessed by Me, and in order to do this, you must put on My mind. You must more fully think My thoughts. You must allow the spirit of My mind to become one with the spirit of your mind. Your brain must be My brain. You must put on the totali of the mind of God.
37. How do you do this, you ask? To put on My mind, you must up t off the mind of man, the mind of the world, the thoughts of Satan, the propaganda of Satan, the knowledge of the world, the wisdom of the world, the mind of vanity, the mind of flesh. You must put off a reprobate mind, a doubtful mind. Put off the carnal.
38. The carnal mind is enmity against Me -this is the crux of the matter. The carnal mind is the opponent of My Spirit, for it is not subject to My Law of Love, nor is it subject to the miracle-working power of My Spirit. Therefore, if you are going to be miracle workers, if you are going to call on the power of the keys and access them to the full, you must put off the carnal mind.
39. Throughout My Word I have chided My children to put on the mind of God, to be renewed in your mind, to mind Q the things of the Earth, to set your minds on Heaven, to gird up the loins of your mind. That means putting up barricades to shield yourselves from the carnal. It means rejecting the wisdom of the world and not allowing this wisdom to enter and take root. It's rejecting worldly knowledge and ways, rejecting the enticements of that which is carnal. To gird up the loins of your minds means to prepare, My children. In this case, prepare your minds for action! Prepare to let My mind move freely in you. Prepare to be My miracle workers of the End. Prepare to do exploits, to do greater things than all the prophets or I did while on Earth. Prepare by putting on the mind of Christ, by allowing Me to fully possess you.
In the World but not of the World
40. So deep is this subject, and I see you ponder: "This sounds nice in theory, but how do I put this into practice when I, being in the world, am surrounded by the things of the world?"
41. You do this by first calling on the power of the keys, and through the power of the keys, being doers of My Word­rejecting that which is carnal. The keys rule! My power rules! I am able to help you reject the carnal-mindedness of man and to put on My mind, but you must do your part. You must take action to clear your mind of all that is not of Me, of that which is carnal, that which is earthly.
42. If each of you will stop right now and carefully review what you spend your time doing, I will show you the areas where you need to improve. I will show you the areas in your life that need adjusting if you are going to fully put on My mind.
43. I want to fully possess you-but you must be of a ready mind, a willing mind. This is the step you must take if you are to use this new gift I place in your hands. You must desire the things of the spirit over the things of the flesh. You must put off the mind of man and put on the mind of God.
44. Many of you hold on to carnal-mindedness in some areas of your lives. These are hindrances that prevent Me from possessing you as I need to if you are going to hone the gift I wish to give you.
45. What you spend your time doing tells the tale. How much do you delve into the knowledge of the world over the knowledge of Godthrough movies, books, magazines, music, the Internet, the news media, through study of worldly knowledge and man's wisdom, through listening to the philosophies of men of the world that are not in accordance with My Word?
46.1 am not asking you to put away all forms of recreation that involve the world, or always forgo or shun movies, books, magazines, the Internet, etc. But what you need to ask yourself, and ask Me above all, is how much these things influence your thoughts. How much time do you spend relaxing with those things, and how much time do you spend relaxing with Me? Do you take time in My Word to cleanse yourself after partaking of the things of the world, even when it's for simple relaxation? There probably is no more important time to seek to be cleansed than after delving into the world for relaxation and entertainment, because if you're on the job and doing research, you're more likely to be on guard and prayerful, and thus the Enemy cannot come in as much. But when you're relaxing, this is a time when the Enemy can often get in wholesale with his ideas and thought patterns and mindsets, because you're "just relaxing," so you take it all in without filtering it or measuring it against the yardstick of My Word, and without taking time to be cleansed afterwards through prayer, communion with Me, and even seeking Me about specifics that stick in your mind from those things.
47. There are also times when it's necessary for the sake of the work, and I give you the go-ahead to immerse yourselves in some of these things, when it's necessary to pass through the waters of worldly wisdom and knowledge. But I want you to ask yourselves, what care do you take to filter this input through the sieve of My Words during those times, both written and My Word in prophecy for you personally? Do you delve into the knowledge of the world and the ways of the world without following through with the cleansing process of My Spirit afterwards? Do you delve into worldly wisdom without proper inoculation and detoxification? Do you delve into worldly knowledge and let it linger? Or do you shun that which is carnal and put on My mind? Do you ask Me what I think about the conclusions you come to after talking with people of the world or reading their material? When you look something up on the Internet, do you stop to ask Me what I think of it, or if I agree with their conclusions, or if their information is even curate by My standards and the way I know things to truly be? These are habits you must build if you are to be able to receive this gift I want to give you.
48. Or is your reaction when you read a GN or message from Me to weigh it against other so-called "facts" that you've learned from worldly sources, to see if My Words really "hold water" or are accurate? Do you judge the worldly knowledge or information or thoughts that you take in against My Words, or do you judge My Words against your own thoughts and other sources of information? If other sources of information are your yardstick, you need some serious adjustment in your mindset if you are to take on My mind and be ready to receive this gift I am waiting to give you.
49. What care do you take to filter carnal thoughts and wisdom through My Spirit, without fail? You must filter what contact you have with the world through Me, without fail, if you are to stay pure and undefiled, ready and able to be conductors of My full power. I have spoken to you of this need to filter all things through My Words and Spirit; now it must be put into continual practice.
50. In order for Me to have full possession, you must not only give Me your mind, but you must clear your mind and thoughts of all that is not of Me, of all that is worldly or carnal You must be willing to relinquish those ideologies you hold so dear if they don't match up with what My Word says. You must be willing to believe Me above all, even when all your research and everything the world says seems to contradict it. These are sacrifices you must be willing to make if you are to truly put on My mind. When I gave you the greatest commandment, I said you are to love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind This means you are to give all your mind to Me. Giving Me all your mind means you are not to give place to carnal-mindedness through retaining worldly wisdom and letting it become part of you.
51. The natural mind of man does not receive the things of My Spirit. Those who would be vessels of My great and awesome miracleworking power must retain MX knowledge in all their thoughts. Worldly knowledge and carnal mindedness surround you, it is true; you cannot escape being aware of it. However, there is a definite difference between awareness and allowing it to become part of you.
52. I have put you in the world, My loves, yet you are not to be of the world. To activate the new gift I will give you, you must come out of the world, be separate in all your ways, and touch not the unclean thing-that is, in your mind, in your thoughts, in your spirit. You can be in the world, but not of the world, only by putting on My mind. You may need to be aware of the worldly wisdom, yet you are not to let it become part of you, nor let it use you and guide you.

Unprecedented Rewards Await You!

53. Reflect on these words I tell you here. Come to Me, each one of you, and let Me speak further to you personally on this subject. It is sobering, yes, and you will see that what I tell you here will require a forsaking in each of your lives. It will require a greater forsaking of worldly ways, worldly wisdom, and worldly knowledge -a forsaking of carnal­mindedness. It will require a genuine desire for the things of the spirit rather than the things of the world, and asking Me to change any appetites for the worldly to a greater desire for the Heavenly. It will require being a doer of the Words I give you. It will require putting on My mind, allowing Me to possess you fully.
54. Yet it will also bring you the greatest joy you've ever known, the greatest fulfillment, for it will bring eternal satisfaction and boundless contentment--that which has not been known to any man until this time! Its recompense will be limitless, your rewards unprecedented!
55. There are no earthly words to adequately describe what I prepare for you who, yielding your all to Me, allow Me to fully possess you. To you is exceeding great and awesome eternal glory! For you I prepare My greatest and rarest rewards and gifts! So stunning are these rewards that I can only give them to those who pass the greatest tests, who give Me their all without reservation, without hesitation.
56. Q: Does this mean that if you hesitate, you lose out on the rewards forever?
57. (Jesus speaking:) It is a principle of My Spirit that those who obey instantly receive the greater blessing. And so it is with this. Those who obey later will receive a measure of this gift, this reward, but the greatest rewards, the greatest measure, will go to those who follow Me without hesitation. It's not that those who obey later lose everything, but they lose out on what I wanted to give them right then. It's a principle of My Spirit. I bless and reward instant obedience, and you never know what you could be missing when you don't obey when I call the first time. (End of message from Jesus.)
58. So outstanding and rare will be your rewards that I must disguise the glory of what's in store for you at this time, for your eyes are not yet able to behold the grandeur of it! And this I do, My loves, that you may walk by faith, and thus receive faith's reward-that which surpasses all others. Trust and believe and put on My mind, for I promise you that there will not be one thing required of you that I will not give you sufficient grace to bear, for My strength will be perfected in you as you yield your all to Me. My strength in you will make your faces to shine with the glory of Heaven in these Last Days.
59. And know that to be fully possessed by Me, to be conductors of My sovereign power, is all in all! When you open this gift that I will place in your hands and behold what you stand to gain, you will see it is worth it all. When you understand the awesomeness of it, you will see it is worth rising above the flesh to live in the spirit. They that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they who go after the things of the spirit will be unbeatable-the miracle workers of the Last Days!
60. You'll never be sorry you said yes to Me. When you see what you stand to gain, and when you partake of this gift, you will have no regrets that you put off that which is carnal to walk with Me in the world of the spirit.
61. Who can know the full mind of God? It

is given to the children of David to know. There are few in the world today who are worthy-but you who receive Me fully, who allow Me to possess you, are worthy. This is the heritage of the children of David-those who desire to please Me, who desire to have Me, who seek to put on My mind, who seek after My Words above all, who long to know My thoughts above all, who mind not the things of the world and the status quo, but who desire only to hear My voice, who follow My leading at all costs, who yearn for My Spirit and call out to Me, "Come, possess me fully! Come, let us have a mind-meld! Come, let Your mind become my mind," those who seek to know the totality of the mind of God.
62. These I will lift to supreme heights in these Last Days. You will rise above all obstacles to live in the miracle world, to transcend the earthbound and glory in the supernatural. To you, there will be no problems, no obstacles you encounter that can stop you-for anything that stands in your way will vanish before your eyes at the touch of your faith!
63. There will be no mountains to you, for I will fully possess you and the awesome power of My energy will flow freely through youenergy and power that know no stopping place, that never run out, that know no defeat-alive, active energy that will propel you, activate you, and energize you to fulfill the commission for which you were created.
64. All power is given to those who are not yoked to the knowledge and wisdom of man, to carnal-mindedness, but who put on My mind, who take Me in and allow Me full possession. And when I possess you, you will not be shaken in mind nor troubled in spirit, for I will live fully in you. No fear will touch you, for you will exude My power, My love, My sound mind. (End of message from Jesus.)
65. (Mama:) I know this is a lot to grasp, and it might seem unrealistic or out of reach for you. But remember, there are no impossibilities to us! The Lord has given us the gift of enhanced faith and the keys of the Kingdom, so please let those work for you to open your eyes to how this concept of putting on the mind of Christ can work for you. Even if it seems difficult or if you feel you're too weak or have too many bad habits, don't despair and give up. Get desperate, seek the Lord, study this message, and call out to Jesus with the power of the keys! 66. You can learn to give yourself wholly to the Lord, and He will honor each step you make in that direction. Start today, and you'll make progress and be rewarded as you go! Don't let the Enemy steal away the marvelous, awesome gift the Lord wants to give you. Don't give place to his doubts or lies that you can't do this. You can! The Lord will help you as you cry out to Him, "Lord, I believe; help Thou my unbelief." 67. Do something immediately to show your obedient spirit and your desire to do what the Lord asks of you. Take the time to receive personal counsel in answer to the P&P (prayer and prophecy) questions below, and then begin immediately to obey! As you take the first steps, the Lord will meet you and carry you, if need be, to victory!
Full of hope through the power of the keys,

Questions to ask the Lord:
1. What worldly mindsets or attitudes do I have that need to change before I can receive this gift and the full empowerment of putting on Your mind?
2. 2. How much do the forms of worldly enter tainment and knowledge-movies, books, System music, the Internet, etc. influ ence my thoughts? In what ways are my thoughts and attitudes influenced and swayed by the carnal reasoning and input of the world? Through what avenues do I receive this input? How can I mini mize or eliminate it, or manage it better through more cleansing of the Word and my time with You? What safeguards do I need along these lines?
3. 3. What do I need to forsake in my life in order to put on Your mind more fully, put aside the ways of the world, and be able to use the gift that You want to give me?
4. 4. How can I learn to filter my thoughts more through Your Word? How can I better put on Your mind and receive Your thoughts throughout the day, letting them guide my decisions? What do I need to do to allow You full possession of my mind?