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78Dad's Prayer for the 'RNR'!       14/02/78       DO 819

Edited by Maria & the Zs.


       1. If any of you or any of our former leaders need to write any apology letters to the kids, we will be happy to publish them in this mag. Some of you sitting right here were guilty of some of these things. But we are trying to brainwash you and convert you, and we're thanking God for your repentance. You are now seeing it.

       2. I don't mind repentant leaders who are going to quit and do better--Most of them were doing it only because they were told to anyhow, and that's what had always been done before. Their bosses and dictators told them to do it, so they did it.

       3. I was kind of sorry for some of those generals in the war trials.--They were just taking orders, doing it. Well, according to the new Jewish justice, even if you are a general in the army, you should have refused, even if he pulled out a gun and shot you on the spot.

       4. Not many people have that much guts or courage, especially when you are trained to obey every order. It just becomes second nature to you, what the army is all about. That's why that close order drill and all that stuff makes it automatic for you to obey orders, just like a computer--automatic. So that your first reaction is to obey. You might have second reaction qualms about it, but then it might be too late. And I felt kind of sorry for some of those guys who are still sitting in jail. So, some of you guys were like some of those German generals.--You just obeyed your leaders.

       5. You should have been obeying the Letters and not done anything you didn't find in them. Don't believe it unless you see it in a MO Letter! You don't have to accept it or obey it unless you see it in a MO Letter! Amen? Well, it's a tough fight, but I think we're going to win, Lord willing!

       6. (MO prays:) Thank You Jesus. Amen, Lord, thank You for helping us through this difficult time. Thank You for helping us with all of these complicated laws and rules and reorganisation, Lord. It may hurt for a while, getting used to it, Lord, but I think it's going to come out in Your favor in the long run, and the favor of the kids, and especially Thy little ones--better care for the sheep, Lord, and better leaders, maybe back again to better Letters.--When we don't have to be involved with so many scoldings and material affairs and governmental affairs and so on. Thank You, Jesus! Praise You, Lord!

       7. Thank You for these that are willing to come and sacrifice their time and strength and join with us in spirit, to try to formulate these things and try to get them built into a new machine that will run more smoothly with less cost and more consideration for the smaller parts and more efficient operation to get the job done. Because that's what we are in the business for, Lord, to preach the Gospel to every creature, to go into all the world to preach it. Help us to do it! Amen!--

       8. Encourage these U.S. nationals, Lord, who are getting shoved along, pushed along, within the next couple of months. Lead and guide and help them, Lord, encourage them, show them where to go. They are getting pushed out of these nice little cozy downy nests that they had gotten settled down in, like they were living back home again and seemed to have forgotten what they joined the army for, that they are still missionaries fighting a war that has to keep moving if we are going to keep conquering territory, keep obeying Thy commandment, keep going into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. They are the best able to push along and move along. They have pioneered thus far; they can keep on pioneering.

       9. Help them not to stop pioneering, but to keep on keeping on, and leave the native churches in Thy hands and in native hands to carry on behind them, because the harvest truly is plenteous but the labourers are few. So Lord, help us to pray them into the harvest. "Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest that He shall send forth labourers into His harvest." (Mt.9:38.)

       10. Lord, we are not only praying it, but we are putting feet into those prayers and sort of booting them out of the nest into the harvest. Give them a little shove along the way. We're sorry it some of them don't like it. They don't have to be in this army. They can quit if they want to, they are not compelled to stay here.

       11. But Lord, help them to see that if they want to be in the army, they've got to keep moving and keep preaching, keep going and pioneering and keep witnessing and winning souls. That's what we are here for, to get out the Word and to get out there with it and go on. There are so many places that we haven't even touched! In Jesus' Name, help us Lord.

       12. Help these little mothers with families and children, some who are going to have to move on. Give them the courage and the faith to do it, Lord. We did it for years when mine were small.--Slept in our car, even some of them, two of them, sleeping in the trunk, sleeping in little campers and trailers and camping out in tents.

       13. I'm not asking them to do any more than we did, Lord, to go out and preach Thy Gospel, when mine were small. Lord, they turned out to be some of our biggest assets! Those little children were some of the best preachers of all, with their little songs and music, and now they started a whole revolution, Lord, that's spread around the world!

       14. So Lord, help these people to appreciate the children. Don't knock it, but use it! Put their kids to work, Lord, preaching the Gospel. If they train them right, they will not depart therefrom and they will get out and be some of our best witnesses. They are now and really touch the hearts of the people!

       15. Lord, help these parents to quit using their kids as excuses, as though they were some kind of liabilities. They are some of the biggest assets we have, Lord, and some of the best talents we've got! Help them to learn how to use them, to teach their kids how to get out and preach the Gospel and litness and witness and sing and whatever is necessary to do. We did it, Lord, my little family did it, and they can do it too!

       16. We've given them a good start, Lord. They've got some place to start from, at least. We travelled when we had no place to lay our heads, no home to go back to. There was nothing to do but to go on. And Lord, now we're thankful we did, because we're still going, still going someplace, still doing, still witnessing, Lord, still winning souls, still getting out the Message. Help us not to forget that's what we're here for!

       17. But Lord, we do have to make it pay for itself. We've got to have the faith, Lord, to have You supply our needs somehow, some way, and do all we can to make sure that we do. In Jesus' name, we ask you, Lord, in Jesus' name, to give these folks the faith for it!--The people going out and moving on this month and next month!

       18. Give them the faith that they need! It's a hard time of the year up in the North, Lord. It's cold and it might be hard on some, but maybe you wanted them to move South where it's warm, where they can live out in the jungle or somewhere and keep carrying the Gospel. Amen, praise the Lord! Hallelujah!

       19. Lord, we feel like this is a new, great step in the right direction. We may stumble a little bit trying to take a new giant stride, but we believe, Lord, we are going to make it! With Thy help, we know we will! We believe we are doing the right thing, the fair thing, the honest thing, the just thing, the loving thing, the Christian thing, and therefore You are going to bless us for it, even if they all forsake us.

       20. We believe we are doing it right and that You are always on the side of the poor. Your heart always feels the plight of the poor and Your ear is always open to their cry. Always throughout Thy Word, Lord, your ear was open to the cry of the poor. So Lord, they finally reached my ear too, and I've done what I could to help them. Now Lord, You do what You can to help us pull through it. We did it for their benefit. We could have kept on ignoring them, forsaking them and let them go astray, but we would have been a poor shepherd if we had, Lord--a hireling! "The hireling fleeth when he seeth the wolf coming, but the good shepherd layeth down his life for the sheep."

       21. My Lord, help us to find some good shepherds who are willing to lay down their lives for the sheep, Lord, thy little sheep, thy children, in order that they might be trained and grown so that they can become strong and carry Thy Gospel, and even become shepherds themselves. In Jesus' name, help us! Thank You, Lord! Praise the Lord! Amen! Amen!

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