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"THE CHILDCARE REVOLUTION!"--The New Revolution!--Part VIII --MO       April, 1975       No.330B--LTO

Copyrighted April, 1975 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

Dear Ones: Greetings in Jesus' Precious Name!

       1. YOU SHOULD BE THANKFUL WHEN YOU DON'T HEAR FROM ME PERSONALLY because then you probably haven't done anything too bad, whereas the people who have to hear from me personally have usually gotten into a pretty bad state and need a real bawling out!

       2. LIKE THE LORD, I KEEP ASKING AND PLEADING AND ADMONISHING AND FINALLY WARNING, AND THEN I GO SILENT--and if you wanna know what that means, read about it in your "Sun Signs" book on what to watch out for when an Aquarian suddenly goes silent!--It's like the ominous calm before the violent storm, or the deathly silence of a volcano just before it's about to explode!--And woe be unto those who stand in the way!

       3. IT'S LIKE THE WAY I'VE BEEN HAMMERING AWAY AGAINST THESE BIG BLOBS for the past several years with Letter after Letter after Letter to which very few have paid the slightest bit of attention any more than if I were bowing a pleasant little breeze!

       4. ALL THEY SAY IS, "THAT WAS A HEAVY LETTER!"--"THAT NEARLY BLEW OUR MINDS!"--"That sure was the truth!" "Thanks for getting on our case, Dad!--We're really trying to do what you say!"--And then they go right on doing exactly as the have been before, just as though I'd never said a word, and I might as well have saved my breath!

       5. I'VE LOST COUNT OF THE NUMBER OF LETTERS I'VE NOW WRITTEN ON DECENTRALISATION, breaking up Blobs, the advantages of small Colonies, scatteration, democratisation and less dictatorship, with freedom and independence for our kids to operate locally according to their own faith and follow God according to their own personal individual leadings in each specific case according to the local situation.

       6. IN FACT, IT WAS JUST SUCH A SITUATION THAT INSPIRED THE FIRST REAL MO LETTER: "FOR GOD'S SAKE FOLLOW GOD!"--A request for a local solution to a local problem had been asked for by Jeth about something at TSC when I was clear on the other side of the world in Rome on our first European survey tour 'way back in 1970!--And it seems I've had to constantly keep writing on the same subject ever since!

       7. WHEN WILL WE EVER GET THE POINT OF GENUINE INDIGENUITY!--That the local people should make their own local decisions about local problems and govern themselves, locally as well as support themselves, do their own witnessing, win their own disciples, pioneer their own areas and take care of themselves and their own kids without dictates from us from halfway around the world!

       8. I'VE BEEN HARPING ON THIS SAME TUNE SO MUCH AND FOR SO LONG everyone must surely be weary of it by this time, and are probably feeling much like God's unheeding children of old when they said of Malachi's message and God's service: "What a weariness!--Wherein have we done all these things? ... Were they ashamed?--Nay, they could not even blush!"

       9. THEY HAD BECOME SO CALLOUSED TO THE ADMONITIONS OF GOD and had resisted them and disobeyed them so long, that they didn't even understand what He was talking about any more because their consciences were so hardened having resisted the truth so long.

       10. SO THEY WERE ACTUALLY OFFENDED BY GOD'S SCOLDINGS and felt that He was being unjust and unfair to them, and they didn't even see what they had done to deserve it, they were so blind by this time! The couldn't even see where they'd done any thing wrong!

       11. SO FINALLY GOD JUST GOT TIRED OF TALKING TO THEM and shut up and didn't say anther thing to them for three hundred years until His wrath finally boiled over in such an explosion that they were almost destroyed following their crowning crime of crucifying Christ--His last Word to them!

       12. EVEN SO, MY LETTERS ON SOME OF THESE SUBJECTS HAVE BECOME SO REPETITIVE that each begins to have a familiar ring, and I begin to wonder, "Haven't I said that before?"--And I surely have!--Many times before!--Until I've grown tired of saying it because nobody seems to be listening!

       13. THEY'VE OBEYED ABOUT SOME THINGS, BUT CONTINUE TO LEAVE THE OTHERS UNDONE, such as breaking up the Blobs, decentralising control, scattering our manpower into all the world to pioneer new countries and win more disciples with the Gospel to every creature!

       14. SO I JUST FELL SILENT FOR AWHILE wondering what to do about it, until I finally decided they just didn't know how and I would have to do it for them by spelling it out specifically for them in no uncertain terms!

       15. SO I FINALLY EXPLODED IN THIS LATEST SERIES of Letters on "The New Revolution" telling them exactly how to do it, and that if they didn't I was going to crack the rod and excommunicate them from my Letters which they refused to heed!

       16. I HAVE EXPLAINED TO THEM IN DETAIL EXACTLY HOW TO REORGANISE for better cooperation and better training of leadership and better economy of manpower by spreading out the load and pushing more responsibility down from the top and forcing more leadership up from the bottom.

       17. I HAVE TOLD THEM EXACTLY HOW TO BREAK UP THOSE BIG BLOB COLONIES into pioneer teams to evangelise the world.--And I have as good as told them that if they refuse to do it this time, I would have nothing further to do with them and they would removed from the mailing list and no longer considered a part of the Revolution until they did!

       18. IT'S ANOTHER DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE--MY OWN!--From them if they will not obey! I am determined that this is either going to make us or break us, as I did in many past such declarations.

       19. THUS FAR, THANK THE LORD, EACH NEW DECLARATION HAS RESULTED IN A NEW AND GREATER EXPLOSION into new and greater efforts to reach the whole world and every creature!--And I'm trusting God that if they will obey this time, too, that this new shove from me and the Lord will push us again into more Colonies in more countries with more disciples then ever before to reach the whole world and every creature!

       20. IN CASE YOU MISSED THE POINT OF "THE NEW REVOLUTION", THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT! As you can see by these latest Letters on the same, we have exploded the myth that there needs to be such tight control by so few at the top in any area or department of our work. We are now insisting that local affairs of all kinds be handled only at the local level and not dictated by someone ten thousand miles away! I hope you got that point, as this most certainly includes your Department as well!

       21. WE HAVE FURTHER EXPLODED THE MYTH THAT WE NEED A HEADQUARTERS COLONY OF 200 to handle a few simple services that can be handled by two dozen--if in fact we need a Headquarters at all! So we have divided our government into three Prime Ministries in three parts of the world, leaving only a small simple communications center at the top to merely collect, analyse and disseminate information of our worldwide operations from and to our worldwide constituency.

       22. FROM HENCEFORTH THIS IS TO BE KNOWN SIMPLY AS OUR WORLD SERVICES.--And we are now insisting that this example be followed by all other International Services and Departments, including Childcare (now to be known as Family Services), Foreign Ministries (now to be known as Foreign Service), Colony Care (now to be known as Colony Services), etc.

       23. THEREFORE, THE FORMER MINISTERS OF THE ROYAL FAMILY ARE NO LONGER GOVERNING MINISTERS but mere Servants of these Services, and the actual government and supervision of the Kingdom has been placed in the hands of a new set of Prime Ministers, Ministers, etc., more capable of handling such tremendous responsibilities and better able to devote their full time and attention to the same.

       24. THE NEW LEADERSHIP WILL BE MORE NUMEROUS IN NUMBER SO THAT NO LOAD WILL BE TOO GREAT on any single pair of shoulders and we shall be able to get on immediately with the serious and difficult task of evangelising the whole world at the local level with the mere help and supervision of those above, with the primary of source of counsel and guidance coming from the Lord's own Letters and not a few dictatorial individuals!

       25. THE DEPARTMENT, FOR EXAMPLE, FORMERLY KNOWN AS CHILDCARE WILL NOW BE CALLED FAMILY SERVICES because we believe that the mothers and fathers and marital relationships need care too!

       26. BUT THE CARE THEY NEED IS NOT PERSONAL, DIRECT, DICTATORIAL DICTATION in each individual case by personal letters from someone at the top thousands of miles away to someone at the bottom in every little case of some baby with a runny nose!

       27. THE LITTLE LOCAL MOTHER IS NO LONGER TO HAVE TO ASK WHAT TO DO FROM SOMEONE THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY from whom she could not possibly get an answer before her personal emergency is long past and the child has already survived it by several months!--Or has not survived it, as has sadly occurred in some cases while waiting for a decision from the top!

       28. WE ARE NOW INSISTING THAT THESE LOCAL NEEDS AND EMERGENCIES BE HANDLED LOCALLY where they should be by the local shepherds in charge and the local medical services involved without any consultation whatsoever with anyone at all any further away who is not actually on the scene and who could not possibly know enough about what is going on to be of much help or know what kind of a decision to make!

       29. THE PARENTS THEMSELVES MUST MAKE THEIR OWN DECISIONS under the counsel and guidance of their own local Shepherd and local Family Service Mothers with the help of the local System's own medical services, immediately and on the spot, and not by emergency long-distance phone calls to someone hundreds or thousands of miles away who knows nothing about the situation and has absolutely no right to make any decision about it whatsoever, much less by lengthy, time consuming personal correspondence!

       30. FURTHERMORE, ALL SUPERVISION OF LOCAL FAMILIES, CHILDREN, COLONIES, ETC., IS NOW TO BE DONE ENTIRELY BY THE LOCAL OFFICERS, who are to be held responsible for them, and not by some distant official or little secretary thousands of miles away reading every little individual report of someone who is absolutely none of his or her business!

       31. AS WITH COLONY REPORTS AND ALL OTHER REPORTS FROM NOW ON, THESE ARE ONLY TO BE LOCALLY READ and handled and administrated by the local officials involved without any interference or further meddling in their local affairs by high-handed officials thousands of miles away!

       32. THIS IS TO BE TRUE IN ALL DEPARTMENTS IN ALL LOCAL AFFAIRS, not only just you and yours, so I'm not just picking on you and your department.

       33. IT'S A NEW DAY AND THERE'S TO BE A NEW WAY, AND THE OLD ONE IS NO MORE! I never liked it anyhow and I've been trying to get away from it for years, and our new Revolutionary Government, Chain-of-Cooperation and Plan of Reporting and who's to read these reports and be responsible for supervising these local situations is going to be totally different from now on, the way we have been trying to make it for years!

       34. OLD-BOTTLE-IN-A-RUT LEADERSHIP AT THE TOP HAS USUALLY STOOD IN THE WAY, including the so called Royal Family, so their positions have had to be changed and their power reduced so they could no longer stand in the way of the wheels of progress, including you and yours--for which you should be very thankful!

       34a. DUE TO HER ILL HEALTH DEB MUST NOW RETIRE from any further active administrational duties or capacities involving anything whatsoever excepted her resting and writing. She must not abuse her weakened body and drain her little strength with the strain of travel, conferences, celebrations and participation in other affairs, Colonies, projects, show business and whatnot until she is stronger.

       35. SHE HAS NEARLY KILLED HERSELF WITH THESE ACTIVITIES as well as causing her own co-workers great anguish and concern. She must now do absolutely nothing but rest in peace, quiet and privacy and write nothing but letters--publishable letters--to all--on Childcare, not just personal individual correspondence.

       36. I AM NOW COMPELLED TO REQUEST THIS NOT ONLY FOR HER OWN SAKE, TO TRY TO SAVE HER OWN LIFE AND POTENTIALLY USEFUL TALENTS AND MINISTRY, BUT ALSO TO SAVE THE REVOLUTION and the hundreds of families and children for whom we are responsible and with whom we are now years behind in educational material on pregnancy, prenatal care, mothercare, childcare and general family care materials which I have begged to be produced as far back as TSC!

       37. DEB HAS BECOME TOO PERSONALLY INVOLVED IN PERSONAL ADMINISTRATION, personal direction, personal individual correspondence and personal organisation so that she has sadly neglected this far greater, broader and much more helpful and influential ministry of writing to all, as I do.

       38. BUT TO DO IT I "HAD TO SPLIT" FROM ALL SUCH PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE AND DIRECT ADMINISTRATIONAL DUTIES in order to write general basic Letters of overall counsel and guidance to everyone as well as the whole world, which has resulted, thank God, in a worldwide Revolution of the Spirit!

       39. I COULD NOT PERMIT MYSELF TO BECOME INVOLVED SO MUCH IN THE READING OF PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE, reports, phone calls, individual letters and all of the intimate details of individuals situations, or I never could have done it!

       40. IN THE FIVE YEARS SINCE I FIRST ASKED YOU CHILDCARE WORKERS to gather birth testimonies and write up advisories on the above subjects, we have so far only been able to discover about a dozen publications which have actually been completed, most of them done within just the past two years!

       41. DURING THIS SAME TWO YEARS FAITHIE HAS PUBLISHED TWICE AS MANY AND MOTHER FOUR TIMES AS MANY--Faithie, 25, and Mother 50!--And each has had almost no staff, very few helpers and not much cooperation or appreciation, but most of the time only one little secretary, an occasional typist and a rare artist and with very little help or support from us or international funds!

       42. WHEREAS CHILDCARE, WITH ALL KINDS OF HELP, bountiful support, tremendous housing, a larger staff and all kinds of encouragement, have so involved themselves with details of administration, correspondence, reading of other letters and reports and involvement in other areas, that they have only been able to produce about ten or a dozen actual Childcare publications, and some of these even reprints and collections of former articles and publication on the same.

       43. WE'LL GRANT THAT WHAT HAS BEEN DONE HAS BEEN BEAUTIFUL AND EXCELLENT AND COLOURFUL and even in better form then most of what we have done, but it has been totally insufficient to meet the tremendous need, and we are now years behind in the materials we need in the area!

       44. DEB ALONE IS SIMPLY PHYSICALLY UNABLE TO PRODUCE WHAT IS NEEDED, so we are turning this task of such publications over to others. Deb will forever remain the much-honoured Founder and Honourary Past Ministress of the erstwhile Childcare Department, and we hope she will continue to be a Contributing Editor with articles from her writings in its various publications.

       45. BUT THE NEW FAMILY SERVICES WILL NO LONGER BE AN ADMINISTRATIVE BODY receiving and reading personal individual reports directly from mothers and Colonies all over the Earth and personally trying to reply to every single one and make decisions thousands of miles away!

       46. INSTEAD, LIKE OUR WORLD SERVICES, THE NEW FAMILY SERVICES OFFICE WILL MERELY COLLECT STATISTICS, ANALYSE AND PUBLISH THEM in some small publication similar to the NNN, like the Little People's Tale. There will be no personal correspondence from the top with the Colonies or lower level "Colony Mothers" whatsoever. Reports and correspondence at the local level will be handled entirely by the local supervisory officers involved.

       47. THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO ADMINISTRATIVE GOVERNMENT FROM THE TOP other than through the normal Chain-of-Cooperation through the normal channels from level to level. Perhaps the nearest things to a supervisory Family Services Officer may be a Family Services Secretary or Mother in each Prime Minister's office, if they so choose, to distribute the publications originated by the Family Services Office.

       48. WE HAVE NOW THEREFORE TURNED THIS FAMILY SERVICES OFFICE OVER TO RACHEL, THE PRIME MINISTRESS IN WHOSE AREA IT IS LOCATED, along with its staff, who shall appoint a Family Services Servant to supervise it, collect information and statistics, digest and publish them, including Family News, which might be a good name for the new little paper, as it will not only include news and service for little people alone, but also for their mothers and fathers.

       49. THIS NEW FAMILY SERVICES OFFICE WILL ALSO NOW COLLECT BIRTH TESTIMONIES AND LESSONS ON CHILD AND FAMILY CARE, pregnancy, motherhood, etc. that we've long been waiting for and edit and publish them according to certain guidelines regardless of the authorship. Two heads are better than one and many heads are far better yet, and we do not believe that all the rules have to be the same for everybody everywhere!

       50. SO THERE MAY BE A VERY GREAT VARIETY OF OPINION EXPRESSED DEMOCRATICALLY by many mothers, midwives and Family Services experts from many sources, not only our own but also from many good books on the subject.

       51. IN FACT, WE ARE SO FAR BEHIND ON THIS EXTREMELY VITAL AND IMPORTANT RESPONSIBILITY of the information and education of our people along these lines that we have suggested that this new Family Services Office immediately publish a comprehensive list of a very great variety of extremely good books on the subjects involved which are possibly obtainable locally in many parts of the world until we are able to develop a sufficient quantity of literature of our own, which we have thus far failed to do.

       52. WE HAVE WOEFULLY FAILED OUR OWN PARENTS AND THEIR CHILDREN and have a whole new generation growing up with very little help, advice or information from us, although they live in a totally different type of community and life from most of the rest of the world and need specific instruction on how to survive and thrive under the conditions of such communal living and its ministry.

       53. THEREFORE, WE HOPE THAT OUR SOON-COMING FAMILY SERVICES PUBLICATIONS will not only deal with the physical aspects of Family care under Colony conditions, but also the many spiritual problems entailed.

       54. WE DEEPLY REGRET THAT THIS HAS BEEN TOO HEAVY A BURDEN FOR DEB TO BEAR ALONE and we have apparently been expecting too much of her in her poor state of health, so she should be very thankful that we're now relieving her of these very heavy responsibilities and setting her free to rest and write if she wishes, or do whatever else she may care to do.

       55. SHE SHALL HAVE NO FURTHER ADMINISTRATIVE DUTIES REGARDING CHILDCARE or the new Family Services or its publications which are now being given to others in order to relieve her and get the job done.

       56. THIS SHOULD SET HER FREE to care for her own family and any special projects in which she seems to be more interested, such as the Paris Show business, etc., with which she has done an excellent job thus far and accomplished tremendous results! But we trust that her involvement in the same will not so drain her already meager strength as to totally incapacitate her for any further service whatsoever.

       57. DEB MAY NOW THEREFORE CONSIDER HERSELF MORE OR LESS RETIRED DUE TO ILL HEALTH, a free private citizen to go where she pleases and do as she pleases as long as she does not interfere in the administration of any of the above, whose duties we have now turned over to others. We believe that this is in her own best interests and in the interests of the increased progress of our Revolutionary way of life. Long live the Queen!--And may God bless and keep her and continue to make her a blessing!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family