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"LITTLE NUGGETS!"--MO December 1977        DFO        NO.651

        Copyrighted January, 1978 by The Children of God

       1. MEMBERS OF OUR FAMILY FREQUENTLY ARE ASKED, "WHAT DO YOU THINK OF PRESIDENT CARTER?" I don't know what's the matter with them to take the kind of an attitude some of them have taken.

       2. THEY KNEW I WAS FOR CARTER GETTING ELECTED, we almost campaigned for him with that one Letter, in fact some of the kids did! They went out and passed them out everywhere.

       3. SO WHY SHOULD THEY THINK WE HAVE SUCH A TERRIBLE OPINION OF CARTER? Where did they get that idea? (M: There was an article in the NNN awhile back: "Is Carter Another Nitler?", Volume 10, No. 1.) (B: I know it threw me a bit!)

       4. I DIDN'T WRITE THAT, IT DIDN'T EXACTLY REFLECT MY THOUGHTS. The one who did is pretty much of a radical sometimes. He's a good boy. He's really got brains and anybody who knows the Letters as well as he does, to do what he does with them, is really a student and a researcher. But he's not always wise.

       5. ONE OF OUR GIRLS FF-ED A HIGH OFFICIAL OF A LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRY and while she was with him he asked her what she thought of Carter, and she made some disparaging remarks, like we usually talk about the U.S.

       6. BUT I HAVEN'T TALKED ABOUT CARTER THAT WAY. Some of our kids seem to have the idea the U.S. is so bad that there's nothing good about the U.S. at all, so Carter must be bad too. Well, I don't think he's perfect, he's made several boners, but I believe he's an honest and a sincere man.

       7. I BELIEVE HE'S WILLING TO SUFFER FOR HIS CONVICTIONS. He's got a lot of guts and he's stood up for several unpopular causes he felt were right. And I've got to hand it to him, he's doing pretty good.

       8. IF YOU START BUCKING THE JEWS, LET ME TELL YOU, YOU'VE GOT GUTS, and the oil monopolies too and conservation and all that. So considering all that Jewish opposition he's been getting, it's amazing he can even take it. They've really been socking it to him.

       9. SO I'M CONVINCED THAT HE'S REALLY SINCERE, AND HE'S HONEST. He's really trying to do the best thing for the country and trying to do right, trying to do good.

       10. I WOULDN'T BE A BIT SURPRISED THAT HE IS A SAVED MAN like he claims to be and loves the Lord. He almost has claimed that he had a second spiritual experience too like receiving the Holy Spirit with his sister. So I kind of felt bad to hear our girl talk like that about the President.

       11. I THINK HE'S PROBABLY THE BEST ONE WE'VE HAD IN YEARS, IF NOT EVER! I told you guys I thought if Carter got elected the Lord certainly was more merciful than I would be on America, that it was God's last chance for America, giving her her last chance. How much more merciful could He get?

       12. IT'S ALMOST LIKE IT WAS IN ISRAEL'S LAST DAYS when the Lord sent Jesus, His own Son, to Israel! Like the story in the Bible: He sent his servants and they stoned them and they beat them.

       13. THEN HE FINALLY SENT HIS SON AND THEY KILLED HIM. (Mt.21:33-41.) Well, I think it's a very similar story to what's happening in America today. He's finally sent a real son who's there trying to preach the truth, and if they don't kill him I'll be thankful! (31-10-77)
        * * *

       14. I WANT TO SHOW YOU HOW SOME IGNORANT, FOOLISH, RIDICULOUS PEOPLE CAN KILL YOU WITH KINDNESS! Why do you suppose we don't let all the photos go into Davidito's book as is, instead of going to all the trouble to change them all to lion's heads?

       15. NOT EVERYBODY HAS SEEN THIS PICTURE, not everybody has one. Not everybody can constantly look at one and refer to one in case they might happen to bump into me somewhere and recognise me.

       16. WELL, TWO OF THE PEOPLE WHO ARE THE WORLD'S WORST IN THE FAMILY AS FAR AS SECURITY ARE CONCERNED ARE PUBLISHING THIS PICTURE! I just want to show you a sample of the comedy of errors that some people can get into. They think they are doing me a favour or think they are doing God a favour or the kids a favour--they're not doing me any favours!

       17. THEY COULD HARDLY HAVE DONE ANYTHING WORSE! At least I'm hoping not too many people have that picture. But they sure didn't have to do that.

       18. IT'S ENTITLED ON THE BACK, "YOUR SPIRIT HELPER AND MINE." In other words they are hoping I will be. It's just such ignorance, I don't know, I guess just sort of an innocence or something, naivite.

       19. CAN YOU IMAGINE THEM DOING THAT TO ME? That certainly was no favour! (E: It's like those little things like Holy images the Catholics carry, like this is our dear friend who is a Saint.)

       20. WELL, IF THEY KEEP PUTTING THAT PICTURE OUT LIKE THAT I WILL BE A SAINT! It could be funny if it wasn't so bad. Mother and Stephen are always doing stuff like that. (Maria: Probably some of the other kids are doing it too.)

       21. I READ ON THE MAIL SUMMARY THAT SOMEONE ELSE WAS SENDING OUT BLOW-UPS OF RACHEL'S AND MARIA'S PICTURES!--Posting them up in the Colonies! That's just as good as sticking up the Rogues' Gallery in the post office! "Look for these people!"

       22. DO NOT POST MY PICTURE ANYWHERE, DO NOT PUBLISH IT, POST IT OR SHOW IT TO ANYBODY! I appreciate their love and their affection and all that, but it's just not very smart. These people couldn't be more adoring and everything else, they love me, but when it comes to my security they just haven't got one brain of sense! (3-11-77.)
        * * *

       23. BELOVED, DON'T EVER TELL ANYBODY "WITH ALL MY LOVE".--It's just not true! The Lord convicted me about that when I was a teenager writing love letters!

       24. YOU CAN'T GIVE ALL YOUR LOVE TO ANYBODY, because you're supposed to have most of it for the Lord. If you want to give me some, fine, then you've for a whole lot more that you've got to spread around to other people. You can't give all your love to anybody. Right?

       25. OF COURSE I WOULDN'T SUGGEST YOU GO TO THE OPPOSITE EXTREME when closing your letter and say, "One-thousandth of my love". But you can always say "lots of love", "much love", or "loads of love" or something similar.

       26. I JUST SAY "LOVE". I don't know how much of my love you've got. I love an awful lot of people and the Lord. So I can't possibly give you all my love. I give you a lot of it, all I can.

       27. IT'S JUST NOT TRUE WHEN YOU SAY, "ALL MY LOVE", especially when the Lord wants all your love. Now I have seen this on a lot of notes and letters and it's got to stop because it's not true!

       28. IT'S EITHER A LIE OF IT DOESN'T MEAN A DAMN THING! If you mean it then you don't love the Lord. If it's true it's wrong. So don't use that expression "all my love"!

       29. AND THE WAY THE POOR GUY TAKES IT IS ONE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS THINGS of all, because then you give him the idea that he's your only one.--And that's dangerous business! You don't want to break somebody's heart just because of a matter of semantics.

       30. AND YOU CAN IMAGINE HOW YOUR HUSBAND FEELS when he is translating your letters to a loved one and you say, "All my love"! Most people use that expression out of habit, "all my love".

       31. BUT PEOPLE ARE LOOKING TO YOU FOR THE TRUTH and hanging onto every word you say as almost sacred. So it's pretty strong terminology when you tell them "all my love", which probably isn't true, or at least shouldn't be.

       32. A LOT OF PEOPLE WRITE ME NOTES AND SAY THAT AND I FEEL BAD because I know it couldn't be true. So I do wish you guys would stop saying "all my love"! (3-11-77.)
        * * *

       33. BEFORE ANYBODY LEAVES THE HOUSE NOTIFY EVERYBODY of where you are going in case somebody wants to go along or has something to take along or something. It's supposed to be a standard rule of the Revolution. (3-11-77.)
        * * *

       34. IT SEEMS THAT A LOT OF TIME IS BEING SPENT AS A GROUP WITH SOME OF YOUR FISH. It seems like almost an excessive amount of entertaining them to be taking them around the town shopping etc. with many more people than just the one needed to minister to them.

       35. WE NEVER DID THAT IN TENERIFE AND WE HAVE MADE IT A RULE in all the places where we have been, that we didn't entertain anyone or see anyone normally until late afternoon or evening. In some cases, of course, when a friend cannot be available in the evening, we can make other arrangements.

       36. THERE ARE ALWAYS EXCEPTIONS, but for the most part, in order to not neglect our other duties--housework, children, their schooling, litnessing, meetings, study, etc. we have to have some rules that should be kept. Of course a free day you can do with as you wish, even to use to entertain the fish all day long if you'd like.

       37. MOST PEOPLE WOULD UNDERSTAND THIS BECAUSE THEY KNOW NORMAL PEOPLE HAVE WORK TO DO. They also will think a lot more of you if they see you have work to do and aren't just hanging around loafing all day long.

       38. THEY WILL PROBABLY APPRECIATE YOU A LOT MORE if they can't have you every single moment to themselves. So see what you think, but that rule has been successful in every area that we know of. (6-11-77.)
        * * *

       39. A LITTLE STRONG WINE, such as sherry, will usually immediately relieve hiccoughs and indigestion.
        * * *

       40. HEBREWS 10:36: "For ye have need of patience that after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise."

       41. NOW WE HAVE SALVATION ONLY BY FAITH. We have not actually received it, our bodies have not been recreated, our spirits have not been made perfect.

       42. THE HOLY SPIRIT IS THE EARNEST OF OUR SALVATION. Earnest means a deposit or down payment, a sample. The Holy Spirit is only a sample of what we're going to get.

       43. ALSO, HEALING OF THE BODY IS ONLY BY FAITH. It's spoken of as the life of Christ that's already manifest in your mortal body. We already have his healing power manifest in our bodies through the Lord's healing, but it will not be really complete until we receive our eternal supernatural indestructible bodies on which death no longer has any power or claim whatsoever.

       44. WE'RE STILL BOUND BY OUR CORRUPTIBLE FLESHLY HUMAN BODIES, AND ABOUT ALL GOD'S DOING TO US NOW THROUGH HEALING IS PATCHING US UP to make us last a little longer, like repairing an old car. But when we get our new bodies, our eternal supernatural miraculous indestructible powerful bodies, it's like getting a whole new car, not just patching up the old one! Ephesians 1:14, II Cor. 4:11.
        * * *

       45. JESUS AND MARY WERE ENJOYING SEX WITHOUT SIN! He was so rugged and brown with such black curly hair and brown-eyed, lying there flat on His back with his arms over His head, and Mary was lying beside Him jacking Him up. That was the other picture I had long ago.

       46. HE WAS SO DARK AND SHE WAS SO FAIR, a buxom bosomy blue eyed blonde! I never thought about the significance of that before! Their joining would almost be like the joining of two worlds!--Two different races and cultures!--Like the Southern world and the Northern world. You know that's what the Third World says: It's not a battle between East and West--they say,

       47. IT'S A BATTLE BETWEEN THE NORTH AND THE SOUTH! Because all the rich countries are in the North, including Russia and China and America and Europe, etc., but nearly all the poor countries are South of them. Really, I never thought of that having any significance before about Jesus and Mary, that they were possibly from two different races. Though she was of Jewish lineage, there could have been some inter--racial mixture--A Roman soldier or two? (17-12-76.)
        * * *

       48. MAN HAS INVENTED THE NEEDLE BEARING AND THE BALL BEARING which has made all machinery possible and without which no machine, no wheel, hardly anything could possibly function.

       49. BECAUSE EVERY SINGLE WHEEL OF ANY KIND that turns in the world--except for the most primitive wheels made by very primitive civilisations--they all turn on silvery steel ball bearings or needle bearings, did you know that? Isn't that amazing?

       50. AND THIS GREAT BIG WHEEL WAS TURNING AROUND ON WHAT LOOKED LIKE BALL BEARINGS!--That's what they looked like, ball bearings! (See "Spaceship!") (Maria: I bet those people got visions of those things, those great inventions.) I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

       51. IMAGINE THE INVENTION OF THE WHEEL for example, that was a tremendous invention! But then the invention of the ball bearing made high-speed wheels possible, otherwise they would have been burned up in nothing flat!--And when you don't have grease in the ball bearings of your wheel, it will burn up.--Like when you say "a bearing went out"--that's what happened in the motor of that boat in that dream I had, the bearings were not greased. (See "The Sinking Boat dream", No. 354.) (17-12-76.)

       52. WASN'T THE "HEJAZ FAN" STANDING UPSIDE DOWN AND EVIL--upside down like this, and with all these horrible intricate occult designs on it? It was a fan, but it was evil, it was in the wrong direction, it was fanning the wind downward, Earth-ward, Hell-ward, in the wrong direction. (See "The Fan", No. 626.)

       53. WHAT'S A FAN FOR? IT'S TO FAN WIND, RIGHT? The wind helps be good or evil. The wind helps to circulate the atmosphere, the air, and gives us breezes and power and pushes windmills and sailboats and all that. It can be pleasant and helpful, or it can be stormy and destroy.

       54. SO WHAT IS WIND SYMBOLIC OF? POWER, IT'S POWER! The fan blows wind, it creates the power. And when it says the Lord's going to come and His fan shall be in His hand, it means He's going to come with great and powerful judgment. (Mt. 3:12.)

       55. SO THERE ARE TWO KINDS OF FANS: A fan that creates good and fan that creates evil a fan that destroys and a fan that creates. What's the opposite of destruction?--Creation!--A fan is symbolic then of either Creation, the creation of good, or like that dark evil Hejaz fan, it was the symbol of the creation of evil or destruction.--It all depends on which way the fan points or blows: Upward is good, downward is bad! The Hejaz fan pointed down, the gold fan in "Spaceship" pointed up. (17-12-76)

       56. WE HAD A GOOD ONE HOUR'S BRISK WALK IN THE BRISK WIND AND SAW A BEAUTIFUL SUNSET!--Did anybody else see the sunset? Thank You Lord! The Lord Himself is somewhat of a modernistic artist sometimes, He really had some swirls up there and the colours were gorgeous! I never saw the sky so blue!

       57. I'M SO THANKFUL TO BE OUT OF THAT COUNTRY WHICH IS SO WICKED AND SO VILE, where it's not even safe to walk down the street much less drive your car on the street!--The U.S.!

       58. IT'S NOT EVEN SAFE TO BREATHE, THE AIR IS SO POLLUTED! I've had to stop my car sometimes and pull off the road with tears streaming down my face because of the air pollution! I've gotten off of the airplane in Los Angeles and been hit by such a wave of pollution it instantly turned me sick in my stomach just breathing it!

       59. THEY SAY THE UNITED STATES IS USING UP THE WORLD'S RESOURCES AT 50 TIMES THE RATE OF THE THIRD WORLD, the poor nations. That means that America is getting 50 times her share of the world's wealth, 50 times her share! Burning it up, wasting it and throwing it away in the pollution.

       60. DID YOU KNOW THE DAY IS COMING, PRAISE GOD, WHEN THEY WON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT OIL ANYMORE in the Millennial Kingdom of Jesus Christ? There won't be any big smokey smoke-belching factories, there won't be any of these stinking automobiles belching fumes.

       61. DID YOU KNOW THE WORLD'S GOING TO GO BACK TO THE HORSE AND THE BUGGY? You know how I know? Because the Bible says: "He will allow nothing that shall hurt nor destroy in all His Holy kingdom!" (Isa. 11:9, 65:25.) Well, sometimes we use them, but frankly, I'd rather walk.

       62. THE ONLY REASON I DON'T WALK HOME FROM THE CLUB is mostly because I want to try to be with some of these guys a little more, spend a little more time with them, get them to come here so we can fellowship with them a little longer, and some of them are offended if you turn down their offer of a ride.

       63. SO THERE WOULD BE SOME ADVANTAGES IF THEY WOULD JUNK ALL THE CARS. I saw the day when all the cars are going to be in the junkyard, all of them, good for nothing anymore, outlawed, no more oil, no more gasoline, no more nothing to run them at all. (See "Psychic Sees the Future", No. 285.)

       64. THE ONLY FORMS OF TRANSPORTATION THAT ARE GOING TO BE LEFT ARE THE GOD-GIVEN, God-created, God-ordained forms of transportation which were good enough for the world for more than five thousand years before they ever heard of anything else! Most of the world lived in peace and plenty, without all these God-damned horrible monstrous fiendish wars and killing with cars and all the rest of it!

       65. THEY KILL MORE PEOPLE WITH AUTOMOBILES in America than die of heart trouble! They kill more people with automobiles in America every year than have died in both World Wars!

       66. YOU GUYS THAT LOVE CARS, GOD HATES CARS! I even hate to ride in them, believe it or not. God bless you folks who have taken me home many a time, but I am praying every minute because I'm on the Devil's territory!

       67. OF COURSE IF IT'S A CAR THAT IS DEDICATED TO THE LORD and you're using it for the Lord's service, I'm sure the Lord will be merciful and forgive you for having it and protect you. Some of you do have to get back and forth to work right now, and since there are cars in existence people expect you to be able to move rapidly.

       68. BUT THE DAY WILL COME WHEN NOBODY CAN MOVE RAPIDLY EXCEPT US! We will have new spiritual bodies that can move not with the slow speed of light but with the speed of thought! All you'll have to do is think yourself someplace and you'll be there! No time wasted, no cars, no stinky fumes, no flat tires, no accidents and you're there!--Safe and sound!

       69. OF COURSE THE WORLD'S PEOPLE AND THE DEVIL'S PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL REMAINING WILL HAVE TO JOG ALONG THE BEST THEY CAN with horses and buggies and wagons and riding on camels and asses. Do you know the only form of transportation outside of animal transportation which the Lord Himself invented? Anybody know?--Ships!

       70. GOD MADE THE FIRST SHIP, OR AT LEAST HE INVENTED IT, and He had Noah's family build it. Do you know that ships today are still built on those same exact ratios between length and width and depth?

       71. OUR MODERN SHIPS ARE STILL BUILT ON THOSE SAME EXACT RATIOS! Those are the exact ratios of the British Navy! So God knew what He was doing when He built a ship, exactly how big to make it, didn't He?

       72. SO GOD MAY LET US HAVE A FEW SHIPS, but we're either going to have to paddle them or they'll go by sail again, nice and quiet, no pollution, no smoke, no dirty oil pollution, oil dumping in the sea killing all the sea life and the fish and spoiling the beaches. There's not going to be anymore of that anymore! Thank God!--And after the Millennium there'll be "no more sea"!
--Rev. 21:1! (12-6-76)
        * * *

December 3, 1974, I was thinking about,

       73. "WHERE ARE ALL THOSE GODDESSES NOW?" And all of a sudden I saw them floating all around about as far away as 100 feet (30 meters). I wonder if they can't come any closer?

       74. THEY WERE ALL FLOATING AROUND like a circle--they were sort of floating or swimming in the air almost like they were interwoven, all in motion, something like one of those underwater ballets.

       75. THE WILD WIND WAS LIKE THAT. (See "My Love is the Wild Wind!", Letter No. 154B.) They're all out there looking at me and talking and looking and sort of shy and coy, keeping an eye on me, just as plain as could be! Seems like the only ones who are allowed to come close are those in the place where we are, or of special importance to the Lord at that time--like where our kids are etc.

       76. THEY'RE ALL SWIMMING AROUND LIKE BIRDS! Everything in the spirit world seems to move so slowly and so beautifully, almost like in slow motion. Usually they only move quickly at the judgments of God--otherwise so slowly, peacefully, floatingly, quietly, serenely and beautifully, like a slow motion dance!
        * * *

       77. I BELIEVE THERE IS A NEED FOR COMICBOOKS and highly illustrated comicbook style Letters for the simple-minded, children, people who can't read well and the illiterate. I believe there is a ministry for comicbooks and I think it's one of our most neglected!

       78. I'VE BEEN BUGGING AND BUGGING OUR ARTISTS FOR YEARS TO GET OUT COMICBOOKS and as far as I can see now we've only got about a dozen when we have a half-a-dozen artists! As far as I'm concerned, there's no excuse for it!--And I don't know why they're not delivering the goods! (7-12-77.)
        * * *

       79. I SELDOM EVER SEE MY GUIDE OR MY ANGEL, I think I've only see Abrahim twice in my whole life. One of those early times in the Cruiser and once recently at the house in Portugal.

       80. WAS THAT WHEN I NEARLY DIED? WHY WAS HE THERE? (Maria: You were discouraged.) Oh, I was really discouraged about something, what was it? (Maria: You said, "I never hear from Abrahim any more, I wonder if he's still around?) And instantly I burst out in tongues, just a short little blast, and I got the interpretation.

       81. I SAW HIM STANDING NOT FAR AWAY, he looked like he was sticking in the floor, he was half in the floor and half out of it! It was the funniest thing, he just looked a little bit bored.

       82. I KNOW HE'S THERE, HE'S ALWAYS RIGHT BACK HERE JUST OUT OF MY 180 DEGREE VISION, just behind me. I don't know why that should be, maybe he has my ear when he stands there. But it was funny, Abrahim looked a little bit like, "I'm still here! How could you possibly doubt?" like he was a little disgusted with me. (6-9-77.)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family