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The "CESSPOOL!"--A Nightmare!--MO        LTOs (of over 1 yr. only)        No.664
--April 18, 1975
--Just a little over a year after "Bewitched!"

Copyrighted February 1978 by the Family of Love

        1. IT'S FUNNY, it has something to do with the way you turn your head, you have to look in the right direction. The apartment house is over there. I can't get it if I turn toward the left. I must have had the dream when I had my head in this position, turned toward the right.

        2. THE MEMORY OF A DREAM IS LIKE AN AFTERGLOW, sort if it's like you're looking at the flash when they take your picture, momentarily you're blinded by it, then it gradually fades.

        3. SO THERE WAS THIS APARTMENT HOUSE and I'm standing about a hundred yards away. It's about six or seven floors high, well, maybe eight or ten, I don't know, I didn't count them. And I could see through the wall into the bathrooms. All the apartments must have had the same floor plan because all the baths were stacked on top of each other.

        4. AND EVERYTIME THEY'D FLUSH ONE OF THE TOILETS upstairs, the downstairs toilets would run over. And so they called me in to see what was wrong with them and they took me into the basement to show me this toilet that was running over there. You didn't know I was a plumber did you?

        5. IT WAS LIKE A PUBLIC RESTROOM and there were several of them there and I checked this one out and said, "Well, the reason this one is overflowing is that is's not even connected to the sewer pipe! See this pipe coming out of the bottom of the toilet?--It's tied in a knot, so of course it's overflowing! There's no place for the water to go!" They said, "Oh", and nobody even seemed to wonder why the pipe was tied in a knot!

        6. BUT THEN WE DECIDED THAT THE REASON THE OTHERS WERE OVERFLOWING WAS BECAUSE THE CESSPOOL WAS OVERFLOWING, it was too full, and each time you flushed the upstairs toilets the drainpipe didn't drain out fast enough, so it made the downstairs toilets overflow. So we went out to check the cesspool and sure enough--

        7. THERE WAS THIS HUGE CESSPOOL FULL AND OVERFLOWING and it looked like some workmen had already been working on it because it was open, wide open! In fact, it was as big as a swimming pool and full of this dirty brown water.--And Deb and somebody (it must've been Isaiah, Jeth and others) were swimming around in it! So I said,

        8. "YOU KIDS GET OUT OF THERE RIGHT NOW! That's filthy dirty water and it's going to make you sick!" But she was always talking back and sassing back at me and arguing with me ever since she was little, so she said, "Oh, it's not going to make us sick.

        9. "WE'RE KEEPING OUR EYES AND OUR MOUTHS SHUT!" Rachel was standing beside the cesspool, and when I came up she said, "Well, I told her to get out. I told her it was going to make her sick."--So Rachel was fussing at her too.

        10. THEN I SAW THESE SUNBATHERS sitting around the cesspool. They seemed to be hotel guests, and I said, "You people are getting too much sun". And I said to this one young fellow, "Look son, you're already getting all scabby from too much sun". And he said, "Yeah, the doctors say I have skin cancer". So I said,

        11. "WELL, WHY IN THE WORLD DON'T YOU GUYS GET OUT OF THE SUN?" There was this one girl that was getting real sick from too much sun, so this big preacher was picking her up and carrying her into the apartment house, she was so sick.

        12. SO I WALKED WITH HIM over to the apartment house--maybe it was a hotel--and all these guests began to get up from their sunning sort of grumbling and complaining and reluctantly leaving the sun like they didn't care if it was good for them, they still wanted to enjoy it. So the preacher carried the girl into the hotel--I guess he was taking her to her room. He told me I'd have to take the morning service, and I was wondering what I'd preach on.

        13. AS I CAME OUT OF THE HOTEL I noticed that the parking lot out in front of the hotel was like a lid or a platform and it was slightly open at one edge along the sidewalk. And I thought, "That's funny!" It was open about eight inches all along one side of the parking lot.

        14. SO I LOOKED UNDER THE EDGE INTO THE DARKNESS BELOW, AND THERE WAS THIS HUGE BIG DEMON lifting up the lid with both hands about to take the lid off the whole thing, which was actually the parking lot!

        15. HE WAS SHAPED LIKE A GREAT BIG PREYING MANTIS, and apparently he was the one that was fritzing up the hotel plumbing so they couldn't get rid of their sewage, and as a result was making the toilets run over.

        16. SO I GRABBED AHOLD of the edge of the parking lot and I slammed it down shut just like you'd close the trunk or boot of a car. I slammed it down real hard on his head, and I figured, "That'll fix you and you'll cause us no more trouble!"--and I was real mad! And I thought, "Ah, I've got my subject for this morning:

        17. "YOU'VE GOTTA FIGHT THE DEVIL!" So I walked across the parking lot to where all these people were standing out around this open air platform, all those same reluctant tourists waiting for the meeting to begin--you know, like one of those Sunday A.M. meetings they have in resorts once a week. They were all standing around like they were bored, but it was their duty. So I said,

        18. "I'M SORRY, BUT THE PREACHER CAN'T COME 'cause he's taking care of that sun-sick girl, so he told me to take the service and I'm going to preach about the Devil, that fear is Devil-worship! You have to fight fear like you fight the Devil, and you can't just let him take over".

        19. BUT ALL THE TOURISTS LOOKED LIKE THEY WERE BORED STIFF and they didn't want to hear about the Devil, so they began drifting away. So I thought, "Well, nobody wants to listen to me, so I'll leave too!"--And I just climbed into the ark and drove off!--End of Dream!

        20. THE SEWAGE OF COURSE COULD REPRESENT SIN, the sins of the people, or the lies of the Devil--his shit! And the reason their places were overflowing with sin was because the Devil down below had everything messed up, pipes tied in knots and the cesspool plugged up etc.

        21. BUT INSTEAD OF REALLY BEING HORRIFIED by it all, these people were just swimming around in it and enjoying it and out sunning themselves by it, and they didn't even like to be told about it!

        22. THEY DIDN'T LIKE TO BE WARNED about their sins and the Devil's lies and they didn't like to be warned about their sunburn even though some of them were already getting sick from it all. So then when I went to preaching to them on the subject, they didn't even want to listen.

        23. SO I JUST CLIMBED IN THE ARK AND DROVE OFF! I guess the Ark represents the Revolution, because all these systemites didn't want to listen, and some of our own kids too! I guess that's a pretty clear picture of people in general who don't want to be told about their sins or that their sins are what's causing them all their troubles.

        24. FURTHERMORE, THEY DON'T WANT TO BE TOLD IT'S THE DEVIL that's behind it stopping up all the drainpipes so they can't get rid of them. So when I started preaching how to fight the Devil they all got bored. They weren't a bit interested in how to fight the Devil.

        25. SO I JUST CLIMBED IN THE REVOLUTION AND DROVE OFF AND WENT ON! If people won't listen, you just keep on going. You really don't have any responsibility to them more than once.

        26. THAT PREACHER was kind of significant too: He wasn't telling them what was wrong at all, he was just ministering to the sick, not telling them how to get rid of it or what was wrong.

        27. SO IF THE PEOPLE WON'T LISTEN and don't want to fight the Devil and get rid of their sins, then they don't want to be healed, and even if some of our own kids won't listen, we still have to go on.

        28. THE KIDS SWIMMING IN THE CESSPOOL WERE BLIND TO THE FILTH OF IT ALL, and apparently it also shuts their mouths so they can't really witness like they should or tell it like it is! They said, "Oh, that's okay.--We're keeping our eyes and mouths shut!"

        29. YOU NOTICE THAT I DIDN'T TRY TO SHOOT OR KILL THE DEMON of destroy him: It seemed like as long as he stayed down there where he belonged, I was just trying to keep him in his place, because even the Devil has his duties. But he can sure fritz up the plumbing if the people let him!

        30. I GUESS THE END OF THE STORY WAS THAT YOU CAN'T LET THE OLD BOTTLES HOLD YOU BACK just because they don't want to listen and they don't care and they don't want you to fix their plumbing and they don't want to fight the Devil and they're not interested in hearing about their sins nor his lies.

        31. SO THE REVOLUTION JUST HAS TO KEEP ROLLING ALONG! Well, apparently you have an obligation to tell the people and warn them of their wicked ways at least once, but you don't have to stay around in all that muck and filth with those reluctant people once you warn them and see that they don't want to do anything about it!

        32. YOU JUST TAKE OFF AND GO ON! The Revolution's got to keep rolling. I guess I must have even left our own kids behind that were swimming in the cesspool!

        33. BY THE WAY, THAT HOTEL and all these people and that cesspool sort of reminds me of a blob, a great big stinking blob at that! The stench was so horrible with all those toilets running over!

        34. ARE YOU A STINKING TOILET THAT WON'T FLUSH OUT ALL THE CRAP?--Are you so screwed up by the lies of the Devil you can't get rid of all that filth?--Are you even enjoying swimming around in it while you keep you eyes and mouth shut about it, as some have about Family corruption?

        35. ARE YOU SO DECEIVED BY THE DEVIL YOU EVEN THINK HIS SHIT IS GREAT?--The way some have believed his lies against my Letters?--Like those who say "they don't mean what they say"?--Like those who "interpret" them to the contrary and "explain" them all away?

        36. MAY GOD REMOVE THE FALSE PROPHETS FROM OUR MIDST who contradict, oppose and disobey the words of God and lead others astray also!--Read the stories of the Evil Magician in "Alice and the Magic Garden" and "Alexander", and the evil Witch in "Bewitched!"--and beware! God help us not to listen to them!


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family