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"ALEXANDER, THE EVIL MAGICIAN!"--MO       February 7, 1978       DO NO.666
--More Questions & Answers!--A Midnight Revelation!

Copyrighted February 1978 by the Family of Love

       1. They must spend more time with their Father, for they have not much time left with David.

       2. THE WAR IS ON--IT NEVER STOPPED!--Just in the minds and imaginations of foolish men! Sadat knew it, but he wanted to give Israel a chance to expose herself, and she did, and now she is guilty before the whole world. Who's that? Who's that?--Schmidt! Didn't you hear him! (Maria: No.) He talked with a German accent! (Maria: Who is Schmidt?) (The Chancellor of Germany is Helmut Schmidt! What he has to do with the war I don't know!)

       3. (FOR EMANUEL PROVISIONER AND HANNA CHARITY:) Give them seven kisses from your father David, I love them so! (About Yugoslavia and Albania:) Even if you can't litness there, you can witness and FF. (Maria: Then we were talking about the Visiting Servants for each country, and David said:)

       4. THESE ARE THE ONES THAT PLEASE YOUR FATHER DAVID SO--THOSE WHO COME FROM THE PEOPLE. We need a Turkish person for Turkey as Visiting Servant, or somebody that speaks Turkish. I am going to give you a lot of information tonight, because we need it. If you give me a bit of grease for my throat.

       5. ABRAHIM IS GOING TO GIVE YOU A LOT OF INFORMATION, because he has been going around to see. It's okay: Jared--isn't that his name, in Cairo? (Maria: It's like he's okay for Cairo, and we don't need anybody else there.)

       6. ABRAHIM CAN TRAVEL VERY FAST!--Don't you remember? (Maria: But he's not allowed to leave you.) Well, when I'm sleeping. If you give me enough wine, he can go out and investigate for me, and I don't have to go. (Sneezed time after time!) Atushka! Atushka! Please get me some more wine before I die! Please, quick!

       7. SEVEN SNEEZES AND I'M A GONER! (Maria: You've done that before when nothing else got you any wine, so you started sneezing. I think it's a trick of Abrahim.) Hurry! I've got to have some wine! (Maria: I think that's a trick of Abrahim!) No, he's not even here. He's out visiting.--He's a Visiting Servant.

       8. GOD FAVOURS THE TURKS MORE THAN THE GREEKS. He has big sympathy for the Turks more than the Greeks. The Greeks are famous for homosexuality. All over the world it's known as "the Greek way"--from the rear.

       9. (ABOUT LEBANON:) THEY KICKED US OUT, but they deserve a little more of the mercy of the Lord. They had lots of trouble after they kicked us out. I think maybe it was even the Christians who kicked us out, because we were friends of Godahfi. (Maria: Then we were trying to figure out somebody who would be good for the Mideast, and David said:)

       10. WHO KNOWS THE MIDEAST BETTER THAN ROSE? Where is she? (Maria: She's in Italy. Hosanna just came from being with her there.) Bless her heart! (Maria: Yes, they know the Mideast pretty well.) (Then we were talking about Amasa, and David said:)

       11. YOU KNOW WHY AMASA BACKSLID?--THE JEWS SCARED HIM TO DEATH IN ISRAEL! [DELETED] There's nothing they hate worse than what they call an apostate Jew, a Jew who has forsaken his religion. That's the biggest testimony against them. Don't you think it's kind of silly to send Hosanna to the Orient when he knows the Mideast?

       12. IT'S A VERY BIG LOAD, BUT THEY'RE NOT DOING IT. (Maria: We were talking about the Pacific, being such a huge responsibility, but David said:) The Mideast is a very big load too, but they're not doing it.

       13. DID YOU HEAR ABOUT CARACAS?--THAT THEY EVEN BURNED THE FF LETTERS! (Maria: Who burned them? Those people. Maybe it was because they were afraid to get caught with some like they did in Mexico, also because they didn't want to obey them, of course.

       14. (MARIA: AND THEN ABOUT EGYPT:) We have to have very good people there--it's a very important country. They are very good people. (Maria: Probably referring to Jared and Lucy.)

       15. WHO DO WE HAVE IN IRAN AND IRAQ, very important countries--also Pakistan? Where are Samson and Ara? (Maria: I think they're still in Africa.) They are much more needed other places, like in India. You know the Indians are great tea-drinkers, but the Prime Minister likes to drink tee-tee! (He drinks a glass of his own urine every morning!) (Maria: I thought you were going to say something really profound!)

       16. MAYBE HOSANNA SHOULD GO BACK TO THE MIDEAST. We have to go over the whole world, while your Father's in the Spirit, to see if we've got it straight. I think they will do. (Maria: Who?) They!--(Maria: I kept saying, "Who?" and he kept saying:) They!--(Who?)

       17. ANDREW AND MIRIAM IN THE U.S. They're very good for the U.S. (Maria: Why do they deserve it?) That's what they need, that's why! Praise the Lord for a little guidance! (Faithy and others both thought that of anybody in the States, they would make the best Visiting Servants, Andrew and Miriam.)

       18. WE NEED TO SEND SOMEBODY QUICK TO SOUTH AMERICA to take those people away! (Maria: To where?) Well, Keda said she would take them. (Maria: What will we do with Isaiah?) That depends on what Rachel sees when she goes. Probably send him outside the gate. (Maria: Which gate?)

       19. OF THE EVIL MAGICIAN, the one that sowed bad seed, remember? ... (Maria: It shows it's a spirit, a spiritual thing. It wasn't just Ed, because that letter referred to Ed.) (See "Alice" and "Bewitched," Nos. 290 & 291, given just a year apart and only 1 year & 3 mos. before "Cesspool"! "Bewitched" was given the very month they met!--January, 1974!) He's sowed bad seed and bewitched Deb, and we need to get rid of him, outside the gate. (Maria: Outside the Family?) Maybe.--Depends on how he takes it.

       20. HE'S VERY EVIL, VERY VERY EVIL, AND HE FIGHTS YOUR FATHER! (Maria: Fights you?) Yes, very much. (Maria: Does he know it? Does he realise it?) He is deceived. He is controlled. He is controlled by evil forces and deceived and deluded strongly because he rejected the truth. Very strong delusion. He deceived Deborah, too, with strong delusion. (Maria: And all the kids there, huh?) Yes, yes, yes. This is strong, strong delusion, from the pit!--Very strong delusion, and he himself is deluded. He himself is totally deluded with strong delusion from the pit, because he rejected the truth. (Maria: What is his name?)

       21. ALEXANDER, THE FOUL ALEXANDER THE DECEIVER! Alexander the deceiver! May God damn him and give him what he deserves! He led so many astray. God damn him! Deb would even be better with Jeth and her children than with this bewitcher! This man hath bewitched her, and he re-interprets my Letters. He contradicts them and he defies them, and I want to get rid of him!

       22. I'M SICK OF HIM! MAY GOD DAMN HIM FOR LEADING SO MANY PEOPLE ASTRAY! My last impression is the same as the first. There is no difference. He is very evil. Very contrary, and very bad. Maybe it will wake him up from this spell of the Enemy, but we have to get rid of him, because he is very evil, very bad!--In Jesus' name, amen.

       23. (MARIA: HE CONTROLS DEBORAH?) She doesn't know it, and he doesn't know it, but he does. She is totally deceived. My God, what evil rises from this man who is not even a man but part woman! God damn him in his perfidy, in his deceit, in his contrariness and unbelief!--In Jesus' name, amen.--God have mercy!

       24. (MARIA: DEBORAH IS STILL DEFENDING THAT NAME, ALEXANDER, saying it is one of her favourite names, because she says it means protector and defender of the faith.) What faith? God damn him and rid us of him!

       25. IF YOU WANT MORE, YOU HAVE TO PLY ME WITH WINE to grease my spirit--if you want more. (Maria: What spirit does Isaiah have?) (Then he wouldn't tell me anything more, he said:) If you want more, you must ply me with wine to give you the answers. If you don't give me any more wine, you don't get any more answers. If you ply me with wine, then I give you more answers.

       26. WITH A LITTLE MORE, I HAVE ONE MORE SHELF OF GOODIES! (Merlin the Magician, it seems!) Why would you deny me? Why don't we go to sleep, because you won't write any more, because you won't give me any more wine to ply my spirit.

       27. WHY DON'T YOU WANT TO PLY ME? I could give you so much more! (I don't think I've ever used that word in my whole life, "ply"!--It's an old English word!) I could give you so much more information, and tell you so much of what is going on, if you'll just ply me a little bit. (Maria: Dear Abrahim really likes his wine! So I finally gave him some more wine, then he started answering me:

       28. (MARIA: WHAT SPIRIT DOES ALEXANDER HAVE?) The spirit of Alexander! Alexander El Menos! Alexander the Least.--A Devil! Not Alexander the Great--Alexander the Great was inspired by God! Alexander El Menos was inspired by the Devil to defeat the purposes of God!

       29. THE LOOK OF HIS FACE IS LIKE THAT WITCH IN "BEWITCHED"! (See No.291, Jan.'74, when they met!) (Maria: That's what the Lord said, that Deb was "Bewitched"!) Part woman! He is possessed with a female spirit, with a witch! Alexander the Great was inspired by God to accomplish the purposes of God!

       30. THIS ALEXANDER IS A RIDICULOUS LITTLE IMP who tries to defeat the purposes of God! I'm sick of him, very sick of him. I want to get him off our back, and send him away somewhere. He insults the presence of David, and defies the presence of God, and is in contempt for the Holy Spirit of God!

       31. ALEXANDER EL MENOS!--THE LEAST OF ALL THE ALEXANDERS! Alexander El Menos! (Maria: What about Deborah?) We'll have to take her out and give her retraining. (Maria: Will it help?) Well, we'll try. (Speaks in tongues.) Why don't you understand my language?--I speak to you for many years! (Maria: David was talking in tongues, stopping to interpret some, but not all, of the things he said.)

       32. [DELETED] We're still stuck with our Arabs, because if you don't have no Arabs you don't have no oil and no heat and you get very cold!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family