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"DUTIES OF KQS's & VS's"--Father David†††††††Feb. 1978†††††††MO--DO--NO.674

By The Family of Love, March, 1978, CP 748, 00100, Roma, Italia.

†††††††1. THE KQS OFFICES ARE NO LONGER GOING TO BE BIGSHOT HEADS OF THE CHAIN who've got to give everybody orders all the way down, and get all the flow of problems all the way up!

†††††††2. NOW YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BE DOING A THING BUT JUST OPERATING AN OFFICE: --Receiving stats and funds, handling business and supervising the Service Centers and Visiting Servants. The Visiting Servants should read the Home Reports. Maybe you'll just want to spot check the problem cases.

†††††††3. THE GUYS WHOSE DUTY IT'S GOING TO BE TO READ EVERY SINGLE HOME REPORT ARE THE VISITING SERVANTS who will alternate between visiting Homes and supervising the Services Center. Each time before they take off on a trip they're to read all the Home Reports etc. so they'll be aware of the situation in every Home they visit.

†††††††4. WE WANT TO SPREAD OUT THE WORK AS MUCH AS WE CAN. If you KQS's find you have too much work shove some down to the SC. If they've got too much, they'll have to shove it up to you. The KQS will make sure the VS's are doing their job and the Sprint Shop's getting out the work and the price is right!

†††††††5. THE KQS FUNDS ARE PRIMARILY FOR EMERGENCY SITUATIONS in your own territory, besides your own office and living expenses, and to help out the Pioneers.

†††††††6. EVERYBODY HAS EMERGENCIES SOMETIMES, especially if they haven't got the right kind of faith or they're not using the right kind of action. You're going to have to help some people.

†††††††7. WHEN CERTAIN CHURCHES HAD FAMINE, those who were doing well sent them money to help them. So you're going to have some people who need help and guidance.

†††††††8. YOU KQS's ARE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THOSE FUNDS as a gift from WS, and you have to send in a monthly account for every penny that you have received and every penny you've spent, and how much you have left, the whole works! So be diligent in God's business!
(Prov.22:29 & Rom.12:11)

†††††††9. SOME OF THESE FORMER TOP LEADERS MAY HAVE A TOUGH TIME. We're sending them to new fields, but they may need a little help to get there if they don't have enough money left after paying the bills to pay their fare. So try to help them shove off.

†††††††10. FOR ONE REASON, YOU NEED TO GET THEM OUT OF THE WAY! So that's one good reason for paying their fare. Get them out of the way to some other field, and let the new-bottle leaders move in!

†††††††11. IT WOULD BE A LITTLE DIFFICULT FOR THESE NEW YOUNG INEXPERIENCED LEADERS to operate when they're in an old field with the old fogies still hanging around, talking about them and picking on all their mistakes.

†††††††12. TAKE THEM DOWN TO THE BUS OR TRAIN STATION AND PAY THEIR FARES to where they want to go, to get them out of your hair!

†††††††13. THE MAIN JOB OF THE VISITING SERVANTS IS LARGELY GOING TO BE PHYSICAL, to inspect the people, their clothing, their food and the Home conditions.

†††††††14. THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE NO POWER OVER THE HOMES other than just a matter of investigating and reporting what's going on. The Homes are supposed to have power over themselves.


†††††††16. THE VISITORS GET RIGHT IN TO THE NITTY GRITTY and see what the problems are and come back and report. Their main job is to investigate, inspect and report.

†††††††17. NOW I DON'T DOUBT THAT THE LOCAL HOMES WILL BE COUNSELLING WITH THEM and asking them questions. They will be able to solve a lot of problems right there as far as little things like what to do about this or that, what does this Letter mean about this etc.

†††††††18. ANY MAJOR PROBLEMS THEY'LL HAVE TO COME BACK AND DISCUSS WITH SCS BASE and/or the folks of KQS and decide on what to advise.

†††††††19. ONE OF THE MAIN JOBS OF THE HOME VISITOR IS TO CONDUCT AN ELECTION EVERY VISIT. Every time he comes around, either re-elect present leadership or elect some new ones. They are simply going to insist on the enforcement of the RNR Rules and the new Nationalisation.

†††††††20. WE'RE GOING TO ENFORCE THE RULE OF HAVING A COUPLE AT THE HEAD OF EVERY HOME. I just don't believe in celibacy. I don't believe that any man who's single can understand the problems of the married. So if they find a single boy in charge, they're going to have to help him find a mate or get a couple.

†††††††21. THEY CAN JUST BRING THE PROBLEM BEFORE THE WHOLE HOME COUNCIL and say "Well now, you know the new Rules: You can't vote him back in unless he's willing to take on a mate.--Who wants to volunteer to be his mate?"--And a native mate at that!

†††††††22. IF HE DOESN'T LIKE THE IDEA, THEY CAN JUST VOTE IN SOMEBODY ELSE. Vote another couple in or another male and female who are willing to mate. (R: Can we give them a time period?) If there are people right there on the scene that night, maybe they can fix it up that night.--Or say,

†††††††23. "WELL, YOU NEED TO FIND SOMEBODY BEFORE WE GET BACK HERE AGAIN. Notify our office just as soon as you've got one." When they come back to referee another vote, if they haven't remedied the situation they'll just have to vote him out and somebody else in.

†††††††24. THEY DON'T HAVE TO MARRY THEM, THEY CAN JUST TRY THEM OUT. I'm getting more and more off this idea of formal official legal marriages. It's caused us too many problems. A lot of people mated up who a few years later finally realised they were not cut out for each other but were legally yoked.

†††††††25. IF THERE'S AN OPPORTUNITY THE VS's MIGHT BE ABLE TO GO TO THE CITIES WHERE THERE ARE STRONG CATACOMB GROUPS and visit them whatever time they meet. But they don't have to worry about their housing or clothing or anything like that--their parents are taking care of that, or the military.

†††††††26. IF THE VS's FIND A HOME THAT IS REALLY HARD UP and desperate they can appeal to the SCS or KQS for help. The funds under which the VS's are operating are SCS and KQS funds, so be sure you give the VS's enough to work on.

†††††††27. IF A HOME IS DESPERATE FOR FUNDS, THE NEAREST THING THEY CAN CALL IS THEIR SERVICE CENTER for a loan--and in a way you Visiting Servants are it, because you work out of the Service Center. Who else are they going to look to for help?

†††††††28. YOU'RE THE CLOSEST REPRESENTATIVES OF THE SERVICE CENTER. You are the representatives they're naturally going to look to for help. So when they need help you should be able to get it.

†††††††29. NOW WE CAN TURN OVER GRIPE LETTERS TO THAT AREA'S VS's to analyse the situation. We can just shoot'm on through the mail to them and have them check into it and see what the problem is.

†††††††30. WE HAVE DECIDED THAT WE DON'T EVEN NEED SERVICE CENTER SERVANTS, we don't need any boss. The alternate couple of the Visiting Servants can stay home and be the SCS's, read reports, answer the phone, keep correspondence and communications going while the other couple are out on the road.

†††††††31. THAT WOULD GIVE THEM A NICE REST AND TIME OFF THE ROAD, particularly in the cases where they have children and they have to leave them behind when they're travelling. If they're able to come back and spend the next month with their children, then it's not so bad.

†††††††32. WE'RE TRYING TO ECONOMISE IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY WE CAN so we don't have to spend too much money on too much unneeded personnel. Most of the Service Centers will be at the Sprint Shop itself, if it can house that many people. If there's apt to be a blob it might be the Service Center! Watch it!

†††††††33. IF IT'S A TRANSLATING SERVICE CENTER THEY'LL HAVE TO HAVE A CREATIONS TEAM, translators , artists, typists and layout people just to put it into another language. Then they have to have the printers and the shippers and all.

†††††††34. ON TOP OF THAT THEY NEED ENOUGH ROOM FOR THE VISITING SERVANTS to base there, then you can use the same telephone and same address and so on. But I figure the alternate Visitors that are staying home for the week or the month, or however often you want to arrange alternation, can also be the Service Center Servants.

†††††††35. MAYBE YOU WON'T EVEN NEED THEM! Maybe the Sprint Shop Servant can mind the store while only one couple of Visitors are on the road! Cut expenses to the bone! Cut unneeded personnel! Cut bureaucracy! Only keep essential workers!

†††††††36. YOUR SERVICE CENTERS SHOULD BE FAIRLY CENTRALLY LOCATED within your area so your Visitors don't have to waste too much time going to and fro. Your Sprint Shops are probably already centrally located where there is the greatest demand for lit. So you need to strike a happy medium.

†††††††37. NOW IF THE SPRINT SHOP DOES NOT MAKE A GOOD SERVICE CENTER or base for your Visitors, then you had better choose some more centrally located base for your Visiting teams. You still call the place they base out of your Service Center even if there's no Sprint Shop there.

†††††††38. YOU VISITORS SHOULD TYPE UP A ONE OR TWO PAGE REPORT ON THE HOMES YOU VISIT EACH WEEK. Give each Home a separate section or paragraph. Tell the general conditions, the spirit, the atmosphere, the personnel, house conditions, finances, problems and what the possible solutions are, and what you think ought to be done and so on. Just keep it brief and send copies to your SCS and KQS.

†††††††39. YOU NEED TO HAVE SOME METHOD OF CHECKING UP TO SEE IF THE PROBLEMS IN THE HOMES HAVE BEEN TAKEN CARE OF and corrected, whether it's something that needs to be corrected by the Home itself or whether it's something that needs to be helped from higher up, like finances or personnel problems.

†††††††40. EVEN IF YOU CAN'T GET BACK TO THE HOME YOU CAN GET THEIR PHONE NUMBERS and phone them and say, "Did you take care of this"? or "What did you do about that?" and make sure it's taken care of. It's one thing to find out all the problems, but you need to find solutions and make sure they're taken care of.

†††††††41. IF IT'S SOMETHING THE HOME ITSELF CAN'T SOLVE you can turn it over to either the SC or the KQS. When you send in your weekly report tell what has to be taken care of and underline it.

†††††††42. SC REPORTS SHOULD BE ONE COPY FOR YOUR KQS & ONE COPY FOR WS, and 1 copy at least for yourselves. Keep a copy in your own files. That's not bad, it'll only take 2 or 3 carbons. The SC should also use new Pub Report Form.

†††††††43. SOME OF THE EX-OFFICERS ARE APPOINTING THEMSELVES AS THE NEW VISITORS and going around collecting money. It's not the job of the Visitors to come around collecting you know he's the wrong one! We have said that if you want to give them a little gift towards their transportation as they leave, well fine. But they're not tax collectors, but there to help you.

†††††††44. NOBODY'S COLLECTING ANY MONEY ANYMORE, period!--Except the kids on the street, and maybe the Home Servant. He needs to collect a little from the litnessers to keep the home fires burning.--But don't just depend on litnessing!--Use all
"7 Supporters!" Read it! Do it! We'll be praying for you!


†††††††45. MAKE IT A RULE TO NEVER TAKE ALONG ANY MORE THAN YOU CAN CARRY. Have you seen my little Fleebag? It holds more than any suitcase I ever had, and there's nothing to it. It's so light that if you have to catch a plane or anything you can just pick it up by these two handles and carry it yourself.

†††††††46. THAT IS NOT JUST MY FLEEBAG FOR AN OVERNIGHT STAY, THAT'S ALL MY CLOTHES!--All the clothes I have in this world outside of my hang up clothes like my jackets. I've even got a couple pairs of pants in there, the kind that don't wrinkle.

†††††††47. YOU DON'T NEED MUCH IN THE WAY OF CHANGES OF CLOTHING.--Carry a couple extra. You wear one set of underclothing, socks and all and a shirt, and you just carry a couple extra of each just like I said in "FLEEBAG"--three of each is all you need.--And it should all fit easily into one case.(see "FLEEBAG" NO.386.)

†††††††48. EVERY LITTLE THING YOU HAVE TO CARRY IN YOUR HAND IS AN EXTRA BURDEN. Your hands are very valuable when you're jumping off and on trains and running through the station late to grab one. Having to carry huge suitcases and a whole lot of different items is just a lot of trouble.

†††††††49. DON'T TAKE ANYMORE THAN YOU CAN BOTH CARRY in both hands, and try by all means to take things that you don't have to check. Going by train of course you won't have to check anything, but no matter how you travel, if your bags are small you can just take them right with you, and keep your eye on them.

†††††††50. IN 15 YEARS ON THE ROAD I ONLY LOST ONE THING, a pair of binoculars that I was'nt used to carrying and I forgot them when I got off the plane. Of course when I went back to look for them they were gone.

†††††††51. I COULD LIVE TWO OR THREE WEEKS OUT OF MY SMALL SUITCASE with three pairs of socks, three pairs of underwear, three shirts, all made of material that I could wash out at night. I had on one of each and two in my suitcase and of thin material that you could wash out easily and hang out to dry so you're ready to pack it next morning.

†††††††52. YOU DON'T HAVE TO CARRY ALONG A BUNCH OF DRESSES AND SUITS and coats and stuff if you bring the right kind of clothes. You can take dresses that you can easily pack and when you take them out they look real wrinkle-free. It just saves so much time and trouble.

†††††††53. I ALWAYS WORE DARK CLOTHING BECAUSE IT DIDN'T SHOW THE DIRT or the spots. And it's a good idea, it lasts longer on the road. So if you've got any dark jackets and dark clothing you better stick to that if you can, because light clothing gets dirty and shows the spots so quick , that you've just got to have it cleaned.

†††††††54. WHEN I WAS TRAVELLING I TRIED TO BUY SUITS MADE OF SYNTHETIC MATERIAL WHICH DOES NOT WRINKLE EASILY. And I had polyester shirts that I could wash myself. As soon one got dirty I'd take it off and put the other one on, and I would wash it and hang it up at night, and in the morning it was dry, either to wear again or put back in my suitcase

†††††††55. YOU CAN WASH YOUR DRESSES RIGHT IN THE BATHROOM BASIN, your socks or your underwear or your shirts. All the little things you can wash right in the place where you're staying.

†††††††56. IF YOU GET DRIP-DRY CLOTHES THEY JUST HANG UP AND DRY on the hanger overnight and you don't even have to iron them. Maria likes that kind of dresses and clothes because when we pack they hardly wrinkle.

†††††††57. IF I HAD DISCOVERED TURTLENECKS AT THAT TIME I THINK I WOULD HAVE CARRIED NOTHING BUT TURTLENECKS like I do now. Now I have nothing else but turtlenecks because this kind of shirt you can take off, wad up in a knot, put back on and it doesn't get wrinkled!--If it does get wrinkled it fits you so tight that your body irons out the wrinkles.

†††††††58. YOU GIRLS SHOULD HAVE DRESSES and undie things, your hose and your underpants and whatever else you wear, that you can wash out in the bowl. Just carry one or two changes, so you don't have a lot of luggage.

†††††††59. YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE A DIFFERENT CHANGE OF DRESS EVERYDAY. Wear one outfit and take along two spares. You're going to be in a different place almost every day so they won't know that you've been wearing it everyday! Wear something dark and durable that won't get dirty easily, and if you can't find a press-while-you-wait-cleaners, the Home should have an iron and an ironing board or the hotel will press things you need.

†††††††60. I DON'T WANT YOU LOOKING LIKE HIPPIES and living like hippies, as much as I love the hippies. You're our personal representatives and we want you to look and act and be an example of what we would like all of you to be. So look real nice so you wouldn't be ashamed to meet anybody, even some big fish or important contact.

†††††††61. NOW IF YOU HAVE TO CHANGE ANYTHING AND YOU DON'T HAVE TIME TO WASH IT OUT, you can always grab the second spare. I used to carry a plastic bag to put my dirty laundry in and rolled it up in my suitcase so the whole suitcase didn't get smelled up!

†††††††62. USUALLY ON WEEKENDS WHEN I WASN'T WORKING I HAD TIME TO DO MY LAUNDRY. I'd do it right in the hotel in the washbowl and hang it up in the bathroom. It had lots of time then to dry over the weekend.

†††††††63. DON'T FORGET TO CARRY AN UMBRELLA!--One man's umbrella will cover two of you, so carry one man's umbrella. All I ever carried was a small case and an umbrella, that was it--and my overcoat and hat of course. And I always carried a beret which I didn't have to carry extra, I could stick it in my pocket.

†††††††64. AN ELECTRIC SHAVER DOESN'T GIVE YOU A VERY GOOD SHAVE and it's heavy to carry. I used to take one along but then I finally abandoned it and just went back to my old blade razor. A shave with a real razor will last you all day. Otherwise with an electric razor you have to shave twice a day because it doesn't cut close enough.

†††††††65. SO YOU SHOULD JUST TRAVEL LIGHT. You don't need much, you won't be far from home base. And keep in regular contact. I would say it would be good to phone in frequently at first to let the home folks know how you're getting along.

†††††††66. IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA FOR VS's TO BUY A NICE DOUBLE SLEEPING BAG to carry with you. I would suggest that by all means and maybe even an air mattress. They roll up pretty small and are light to carry.

†††††††67. SOME HOMES MADE OUR VS's SLEEP ON THE FLOOR!--And they were short of blankets, so they caught cold! The HS should have given'm his own bed!

†††††††68. NORMALLY YOU SHOULD START OUT WITH TRAVELLER'S CHEQUES, each of you carry a book in your name. Always carry them in the safest pocket you have, and you girls carry yours in your purse, and always guard your purse.

†††††††69. BE SURE TO DO WHAT THE LITTLE SLIP WITH THE TRAVELLER'S CHEQUES TELLS YOU to do. You're supposed to keep a separate record of the traveller's cheques, the numbers and amounts that you have spent. Then in case they ever get stolen or lost, you can apply to have them replaced.

†††††††70. I ALWAYS KEEP MY MONEY IN SEVERAL DIFFERENT PLACES on my person, never all in one pocket. I never leave money in my hotel room. I always carry my money around--change purse in one pocket, wallet in another pocket,traveller's cheques in another pocket, so if the pickpockets hit me they can't hit all of them. They'd have to have three of four hands! So don't put all your eggs in one basket.

†††††††71. DON'T TAKE TOO MUCH TIME LITNESSING ON YOUR WAY BETWEEN HOMES. It's very important to get there as fast as you can and get those Checklists filled out and check up on them. The first time is the most important time of all, so get there as fast as you can as soon as you can.

†††††††72. WHEN WE WERE TRAVELLING WE ONLY ATE ONE MEAL A DAY OUT. We ate brunch about midday in our room and then we would eat one meal out, just our big evening meal.

†††††††73. WE ONLY HAD TO PAY FOR ONE MEAL IN A RESTAURANT, BECAUSE WE ALWAYS CARRY A LITTLE SNACKBAG with bread, cheese ,peanut butter, powered milk,wheat germ, soya powder, honey, bananas, fruit, wine etc. We'd make a sandwich or a bowl of health cereal from Weetabix and health foods.

†††††††74. WE'D HAVE A HEALTH CEREAL RIGHT IN OUR HOTEL ROOM and that would save us going out at noon, then we only went out in the evening and ate in a restaurant at night. And then if we were hungry before we went to bed, we always had little snacks of some kind that we fixed right in the room.

†††††††75. YOU CAN CARRY ALL THIS IN A LITTLE SHOPPING BAG. Ours has pockets for different things that might be spillable and we put all the stuff in a little box and slip it in just like having a chukwagon with you. Isn't that a good idea?

†††††††76. SO IT'S GOOD TO CARRY SOME FOOD WITH YOU in case you get in a pinch and the restaurants are closed and you're hungry. It saves a lot of money too.

†††††††77. WE USUALLY EAT ONLY TWO MEALS A DAY: Brunch, a combination breakfast and lunch together, and then dinner, and sometimes if we stay up real late we might have another little snack. But if you can do it that way you can save a lot of money.

†††††††78. WHEN I WAS ON THE ROAD WE'D EAT OUR HOT MEAL OUT AT NOON in the middle of the day, not at night. The hot meal in the middle of the day was always cheaper at the restaurants, like Woolworths and so on, and you got just as much to eat.

†††††††79. I DON'T KNOW WHY IT IS BUT THEY ALWAYS CHARGE MORE FOR DINNER AT NIGHT. So we'd eat our hot meal in the middle of the day when it was cheap, then we'd snack out of our lunchbag again at night. It's one way to really save money and it can save time.

†††††††80. YOU SHOULD TAKE A DAY OFF EVERY WEEK. And you can't get much of a day off if you're staying in a Home, right? You wouldn't get any rest that way, sleeping on the living room floor or whatever and no privacy.

†††††††81. I SUGGEST YOU TAKE A SMALL CHEAP HOTEL OR PENSION ON WEEKENDS to give yourself a little time off, at least one night may be--Like a Saturday night. You can just rest on Sunday and take the day off.

†††††††82. GOING TO THE HOMES, WORKING WITH THE PEOPLE, INTERVIEWING AND CHECKLISTING IS HARD WORK. It's not only hard physically, it's hard on your body and your mind and your spirit. You're having a struggle with the Devil himself, so you need a little time off.

†††††††83. I WAS REALLY THANKFUL FOR THE WEEKEND OFF when I was on the road, when I could just rest and take it easy. I could go out and take a walk through the park and see a movie or go to a girlie show and keep up my sex life! Everybody once a week.

†††††††84. BESIDES, YOU'LL HAVE A LITTLE TIME ON YOUR DAY OFF TO WRITE YOUR REPORTS and so on. That's when I always wrote my report. I had to write a one or two page report every week and I wrote it on the weekend when I was staying in the hotel. That's the first thing I did, before I forgot it.

†††††††85. I MADE NOTES AS I WENT ALONG ON A SET OF 3x5 FILING CARDS in my pocket and I think this system would be good for you VS's. I kept on each card the name of the TV station, the program director and any other officials, managers etc., and all of their reactions to my calls and what happened as a result.

†††††††86. YOU COULD DO THE SAME THING WITH THE HOMES, just a brief descriptions besides all the Checklist information. You could put the name of the Home and the names of the people and little note beside each name about what was the result of your interview.

†††††††87. IF YOU JUST JOT THINGS DOWN WITH A FEW KEY WORDS at the time, you can come home and enlarge on it sometime later, just enough to remember. So on the weekend I'd have this stack of cards and I could write off my report in nothing flat. Or if you keep a good log or diary, it would serve the same purpose.--HAPPY VISITING!

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family