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FREEDOM FROM FEAR!--By Father David        Tenerife, 14 April 1975        DO947
--God's Answer to a Case of Demonic Oppression!

       1. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! THANK YOU JESUS! THE LORD CERTAINLY DID ANSWER QUICKLY, DIDN'T HE? Even though I didn't know just what effect those tapes might have on you down there, I felt so constrained yesterday, & the day before too, that I just didn't see how I could send you away without delivering my soul & really socking it to you & telling you what I really thought & what the Lord laid on my heart that I felt was God's answer.

       2. I FELT SO SORRY FOR YOU, I KEPT PRAYING EARNESTLY WHAT TO DO, & the Lord led me to make those tapes for you--that little talk in which I really told you like it is, what was the trouble. I didn't really feel it was fair to you, Gen, or any of you, if I didn't really unburden my heart & tell you really what I thought & what the Lord had showed us.

       3. I FELT IT WAS A LITTLE UNFAIR TO JUST SEND YOU AWAY WITHOUT ONE LAST CHANCE TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT & GET STRAIGHTENED OUT. For awhile there I just was so sick of the whole affair & the whole problem & all the trouble it's caused--stoppage of all the work, & agony & anguish of all of us--that I just wanted to dump the whole works & send you all back & forget it!

       4. BUT THAT WASN'T REALLY FACING THE PROBLEM & FACING THE ENEMY & REALLY GOING TO THE ATTACK, to be sure that we had it all out in the open & were really laying all our cards on the table; opening our hearts to you & letting you know what we really thought & how we really felt & what God had said, & giving you one more chance to really repent before sending you away--& I'm so thankful I did!

       5. SOME WERE AFRAID THAT WE WOULD CAUSE SOME KIND OF AN EXPLOSION IF WE HAD SUCH A CONFRONTATION, if I really called a spade a spade & told it like it is & really told you off!--Told you the whole story & the whole truth & exactly what God said, that it might really make the Devil so mad it might make things worse! But it's sort of like the New Revolution--we've had one here, haven't we?

       6. WHEN GOD SPEAKS, WE HAVE TO DELIVER THE MESSAGE WHETHER PEOPLE LIKE IT OR NOT, whether it sounds good or not, whether they're going to obey or not, we have to sock it to them! That's my duty as God's mouthpiece. And we have to let the chips fall where they may, whether it makes us or breaks us. It's not our business to question God as to what the effect may be of His Message.

       7. IT'S LIKE WITNESSING--& IT IS WITNESSING--BECAUSE WITNESSING IS MERELY DELIVERING GOD'S MESSAGE. What the people do about it is between them & God. It is our responsibility to give you the message, & then what you do about it is your full responsibility. When we have "warned the wicked of their wicked way", we have delivered our souls. (Ez.3:19.)

       8. TO DELIVER THEIR SOULS THEY MUST THEN BELIEVE THE WORD OF GOD, receive it, acknowledge that it's true, confess their sins & show real contrition & genuine signs of humility, breaking & repentance.--Or, harden their hearts against it, refuse to believe it, refuse to acknowledge or confess that it's true & reject it, thus damning themselves.

       9. BUT WHAT YOU DO WITH GOD'S MESSAGE IS YOUR BUSINESS, IT'S MY BUSINESS TO GIVE IT TO YOU. Your reaction is your own business, between you & God. And I'm so thankful that I listened to the voice of God in His mercy & felt the strong constraint of the Holy Spirit. I really truly believe "the love of Christ constraineth me" (2Cor.5:14.) to give you what I thought was true & what I felt was fair, because it really was your last chance.

       10. I'M TELLING YOU RIGHT NOW, I WAS DETERMINED TO SHIP YOU OFF ON THAT BOAT TODAY if there hadn't been a real breaking & a real repentance & some manifestation that you were genuinely sorry, & with good Godly grief & genuine Godly sorrow. And the Lord laid it on my heart to give you one last chance in full view of all the facts & all that God had said & all the Lord had shown us, where the sins really lay on the part of you, all of us in fact.

       11. I WAS MAKING MY OWN CONFESSION TOO, HOW I FAILED TO HEED THE CHECKS OF THE LORD & I failed to supervise you more closely while we were so busy up here, God forgive me! So we were all to blame, & I'm so thankful that we have received His Word & His Message & His rebuke, because He tells us that we're to be thankful when we're chastened of the Lord.

       12. I GOT THE VERSE FOR YOU THIS MORNING IN HEBREWS 12 in which He also says that we're not to forget the exhortation which speaketh unto us as children. He says, "My son, despise not thou the chastening of the Lord, nor faint when thou art rebuked of Him: For whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth, & scourgeth every son whom He receiveth". (Heb.12:5,6.)

       13. I TELL YOU, WHEN I WAS GIVING YOU THAT SPANKING ON TAPE IT HURT ME, IT REALLY HURT! It's not easy for a father to give chastening, to give a spanking. It hurt me as much as it did you, maybe more, & I was really in agony over it. I even listened to those tapes over again to make sure all I said was true & I had said the right things & in the right way & not been too hard on you or said too much, more than you could bear, or spanked you too hard or too long; that I had been sure to give you the full story & the full counsel, the whole counsel of God.

       14. THEN I SOCKED IT TO YOU, BECAUSE I KNEW IT WAS RIGHT, & I'M SO GLAD NOW THAT I DID! Because He says, "If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons, for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not? But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers"--all of us His children--"then are ye bastards & not sons".

       15. IF GOD DOESN'T SPANK US ONCE IN AWHILE FOR OUR MISDEEDS & OUR MISTAKES & OUR SINS, He wouldn't be a very good Father, would He?--Neither would I.--And it would show that He didn't really love us if He didn't correct us, wouldn't it? Well, I want you to know that I really love you & that's why--though it was very hard for me to do--I made those tapes with that scolding & spanking. Because if I hadn't then I wouldn't have cared for you; you would have been bastards to me & not sons.

       16. BUT I BELIEVE BOTH THE LORD & I PROVED THAT WE'RE GOOD FATHERS, THAT WE LOVE YOU, BY SPANKING YOU SO HARD. Because I thank God that it has had good results, from what I hear of your reactions. "We've had fathers of our flesh which corrected us & we gave them reverence, shall we got much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, & live? For they verily for a few days chastened us after their own pleasure; but He chastens us for our profit that we might be partakers of His holiness."

       17. WHAT IS HIS HOLINESS?--HIS KOSHERNESS! To be kosher, believe it or not, is to be clean, to be pure, to be righteous. In other words, through it He cleanses us, He purges us from the sins & impurities in our own hearts that cause all the trouble, & we're made clean, thank God! "Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous."--I'll tell you, it was sure hard on me!

       18. I THINK I COULD HONESTLY SAY, AS THE SAYING GOES, "THIS HURTS ME MORE THAN IT DOES YOU!"--It literally made me sick! As Maria knows, I've been down sick with this whole affair. But I'll tell you, after giving you that lecture yesterday--that real scolding & hard spanking--you'd be amazed at how relieved I was! I thought, "Well, Lord, I don't know what effect it's going to have, it may have a terrible effect, it may have the wrong effect or it might do some good, but at least I've delivered my soul & I have told them what I think, & that's that!"

       19. AND YOU KNOW, IT'S A WONDERFUL THING WHEN YOU OBEY THE LORD, because I was tremendously relieved after making you those tapes & listening to them again to be sure they were right. I was so relieved, believe it or not, so delivered, I felt myself completely delivered of the burden, like I had "cast my burden upon the Lord & He was sustaining me." (Ps.55:22.)

       20. I HAD DELIVERED MY SOUL TO YOU, & THAT HAD RELIEVED ME OF MY RESPONSIBILITY BECAUSE I HAD GIVEN YOU THE MESSAGE.--And I'm so thankful I did because it really did relieve me. It literally relieved me both spiritually & physically, & I felt so good afterwards & so relieved. Although it was going to be somewhat agony down there to go through it, I had done my part & I was finished. I had obeyed the Lord & delivered the Message, & the rest was up to you.

       21. I FELT SO GOOD & SO RELIEVED, SO RELAXED, I CAME IN HERE & LAY DOWN. I was so delivered myself that I actually was able to cast the whole burden upon the Lord & make love, praise God? Maria & I had a real good little recreational session, which showed I had delivered my soul & I was through with it.

       22. I WAS OVER WITH IT & I COULD HEAVE A SIGH OF RELIEF & RELAX & enjoy a little recreation & then a good long nap--two solid hours of good sound sleep--the best sleep I've had in I don't know when! I woke greatly refreshed, still greatly relieved & encouraged knowing that whatever was happening, that God was doing it & God had to do it & the rest was up to Him, I'd done all I could. And I am so thankful!

       23. FROM WHAT I HEAR OF THESE REACTIONS ON TAPE THAT YOU HAVE SENT BACK TO ME, OBVIOUSLY GOD DID DO THE JOB! When I did my part, God did the rest & you did yours. In fact, I was really going ahead pretty much by faith when I sent you the last minute reprieve last night, because we asked Faith to call us on the telephone after the session & let us know how you had reacted & what progress, if any, had been made.

       24. SHE GAVE ME THAT GOOD REPORT THAT THERE HAD BEEN REALLY A GENUINE BREAKING ON THE PART OF ALL OF YOU, a genuine Godly sorrow, genuine confession & a seemingly genuine repentance.--Although she did not take the next step that I had really hoped that she would, to speak personally by name to that devil & command him to depart from you & the house & this island.--For which I felt, when I heard your session, that you were really ready for & she perhaps missed God's opportune moment. I know that Lydia felt that that was the time.

       25. POOR FAITH WAS SO EXHAUSTED & SO WEARY & LOW IN SPIRIT, perhaps she just didn't feel that she had the strength to fight the Devil last night as she had the night before. And perhaps that's for a reason, maybe that's because God wanted me to tell you this that I'm giving you now.

       26. BECAUSE I FELT THAT YOU DID REALLY BREAK, FROM WHAT I HEARD, & REALLY REPENTED. Even before I heard your tapes, when she called me I already had made up my mind that if there was any sign at all that you were really sorry & it was a real genuine breaking & weeping before God & asking God for forgiveness, that I was going to forgive you--I'm sure God would--& I was going to cancel your sudden departure which I felt would almost under the circumstances be cruel.

       27. I FELT THAT GOD WOULD HAVE ME EXTEND MERCY. And when someone else warned me, "Well, then you're going to have the problem & no help here to help you with it," I got the Scripture: "I will have mercy upon whom I will have mercy!" (Ex.33:19; Ro.9:15.)

       28. I SAID, "I FEEL LIKE EXTENDING MERCY & I'M GOING TO FORGIVE THEM & GIVE THEM ANOTHER CHANCE"--AND SO I DID. I said, "Faithy, you tell them that they won't have to go tomorrow, they can stay on probation providing we'll see how much their repentance really is efficacious & how much it really is genuine by bringing forth fruits meet for repentance in the days ahead."

       29. YOU ARE STILL TO PREPARE TO DEPART AT SOME TIME IN THE FUTURE, get your babies' passports & be ready to go--more ready than you were this time--just in case you don't really bring forth fruits meet for repentance. But nevertheless, we're now going to give you another chance to do better this time & to really genuinely show us that you really mean business, praise God? God bless you!

       30. SO HE SAYS, "NOW NO CHASTENING FOR THE PRESENT SEEMETH TO BE JOYOUS BUT GRIEVOUS, nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby." "Unto them which are exercised thereby"--really changed by it--it really does a work in you, thank God. "Peaceable fruit of righteousness," the correction, turning to righteousness.

       31. HE SAYS, "WHEREFORE LIFT UP THE HANDS WHICH HANG DOWN."--Isn't that a picture of dejection though?--"And the feeble knees."--Weak in the knees, isn't that a picture of discouragement?--"And make straight paths for your feet."--In other words, determined to stay in the right way from now on. "Lest that which is lame"--you have really been crippled down there, haven't you?--"Be turned out of the way"--that means discouraged. We don't want you to be discouraged. "But let it rather be healed," amen? Praise God? (Heb.12:5-13.)

       32. ISN'T THAT WONDERFUL? THANK YOU JESUS! THE LORD WANTED YOU TO BE HEALED! He didn't want you to leave here in defeat & total lack of victory & absolute incurable lameness forever; but He wanted you to get the victory, & to really get the victory all the way, right here!--Not depart in defeat, but to win the battle!

       33. SO THIS MORNING AFTER I HEARD YOUR SWEET & HUMBLE CONFESSIONS & REAL BREAKING BEFORE THE LORD--genuine Godly sorrow & what sounded like real repentance to me--I asked the Lord for a Scripture for you, Gen, & all of you.--Especially for you, because it seemed to me we weren't quite through, Faithy hadn't really quite finished the job.

       34. SHE DID HER PART AS FAR AS SHE FELT SHE COULD GO, BUT SHE REALLY PERHAPS MISSED AN IDEAL OPPORTUNITY to take command of the situation right then & rebuke the Enemy. So as I was praying about it I got this beautiful Scripture, & I believe it's right for you, Gen, from the 2nd Chapter of Hebrews--about your problem & who he is, why you've been plagued with it so long, & what I think God expects us to do about it right now to get complete deliverance, to be totally free of it & to really claim this Scripture!

       35. IT'S HEBREWS THE 2ND CHAPTER, 13TH, 14TH & 15TH VERSES. This is the particular Scripture, Genesis, which the Lord gave me this morning when I was praying for you & asking God if you had really completely been delivered & wondering if we'd done enough, if we had gone all the way.

       36. I WAS FEELING A LITTLE BIT DISAPPOINTED THAT FAITH HAD NOT REALLY TAKEN HOLD AT THAT MOMENT WHEN YOU WERE SO BROKEN & SO HUMBLED & confessing & crying out to God for help & the most cooperative, to ask God to deliver you. So I asked the Lord, "Well now Lord, again, who is this devil that's plaguing her & giving her & the child so much trouble?"

       37. AND SURE ENOUGH THE LORD GAVE THIS SCRIPTURE WHICH CORROBORATES WHAT FAITHY & DEAR LYDIA ALREADY GOT when they were led in the Spirit to rebuke the Devourer. And who is the Devourer, anyhow?--It's the Devil, isn't it? God calls him the Devourer who "goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour." (1Pe.5:8.) Also you yourself, Gen, as I heard & had heard before, had had a great fear of death & feared the Death Angel.

       38. WELL, THE DEATH ANGEL IS THE DEVIL, BELIEVE IT OR NOT. The Devil himself is in charge of death, as you're going to see in this Scripture we're about to read to you.--And fear of him, I want to warn you, is akin to worship.

       39. JUST AS THE FEAR OF GOD IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM, FEAR OF SATAN IS REALLY THE BEGINNING OF DEATH! Fearing God is a form of worshipping God. To be afraid of God & to fear Him is really to give Him the respect that He should have, as we gave to our own fleshly fathers--as I gave to mine anyhow.

       40. I FEARED MY FATHER, BECAUSE WHEN I DIDN'T DO THE RIGHT THING I KNEW HE WAS GOING TO REALLY SOCK IT TO ME, & I had a healthy respect for him! I not only loved him & the way he was loving with me most of the time, but if I did something wrong I knew that he was going to really let me have it! So I had a healthy respect for him, I was afraid of him.

       41. I FEARED HIM AS WELL AS LOVED HIM, IN THE SAME WAY THAT WE MUST FEAR GOD AS WELL AS LOVE HIM. But this kind of fear is a form of worship, believe it or not. You perhaps didn't know that, but I'm telling you now. Therefore to fear the Enemy, to fear Satan, to fear the Devil is giving him just the kind of worship that he wants. It is really worshipping the Devil!

       42. NOW PERHAPS YOU DIDN'T KNOW THAT, & PERHAPS YOU DIDN'T REALISE WHAT YOU WERE GETTING INTO WHEN YOU WERE GETTING INTO THAT SATANISM & the Satanic Bible & all that sort of thing. But just as we through reading God's Word learn to fear Him & love & worship Him, you were literally learning through studying the Devil's word to fear & worship him & be afraid of him--a form of worship.

       43. SO YOU MUST REBUKE THAT FEAR JUST AS JESUS DID WHEN THE DEVIL TRIED TO GET HIM TO WORSHIP HIM ON THE MOUNT OF TEMPTATION. When the Devil tried to say, "Fall down & worship me & I'll give you all these kingdoms of the World"--which were his to give because God has given the Earth into his hands, so to speak, for awhile--what did Jesus say?

       44. JESUS RESISTED THE TEMPTATION & IN LUKE 4 & ALSO MATTHEW 4, HE SAID, "GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN! For it is written, thou shalt worship the Lord thy God & Him only shalt thou serve!" And as I got the Scripture a moment ago--the word that came to me must probably also be implied in the original:

       45. "THOU SHALT WORSHIP THE LORD THY GOD & HIM ONLY SHALT THOU FEAR!" You're only to fear God! "This," the wise man Solomon said, "is the whole duty of man, to fear God"--only God--"& keep His commandments"! (Ecc.12:13.) Jesus said the greatest of all commandments was to love God, & the second to love one another, thy neighbour as thyself. (Mt.22:37-39.)

       46. WELL, A PART OF OUR LOVE FOR GOD HAS TO BE A HEALTHY RESPECT & FEAR OF HIM, & when we are sinful or have done something wrong, to really be afraid of God.--But you're not to be afraid of the Devil ever! "Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, & Him only shalt thou serve!" (Mt.4:10.) God's Word says that "fear hath torment". (1John 4:18.)

       47. WE ARE THEREFORE NOT TO "FEAR THEM WHICH CAN KILL THE BODY BUT AFTER THAT HAVE NO MORE THAT THEY CAN DO, but rather fear Him"--God--"Who can cast both body & soul into Hell!" (Lk.12:4,5.) We're not to fear him, Satan, who only has the power of death over the body, but we're to fear Him, God, Who has the power of death over the soul--if we are not saved & do not love Him & worship Him as we should!

       48. SO FEAR OF THE ENEMY IS NOT OF GOD, "FOR PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT ALL FEAR, for fear hath torment". (1John 4:18.) "For God hath not given us a spirit of fear!" This fear you have, Genesis, is not of God. "God Himself hath not given us a spirit of fear", God's Word says, "but of love & of power & of a sound mind"! (2Tim.1:7.)

       49. AND "THOU SHALT KEEP HIM IN PERFECT PEACE WHOSE MIND IS STAYED ON THEE." (Isa.26:3.) The writer here is talking to God Himself, & says, "God, You'll keep him"--you Genesis--"in perfect peace, whose mind"--your mind, Genesis--"is stayed on Thee"--on God--"because he trusteth in Thee"--because Genesis trusteth in Thee.

       50. NOW THIS WAS ONE OF THE TERRIBLE PROBLEMS OF AT LEAST TWO GIRLS I KNOW OF THAT I'VE DEALT WITH PERSONALLY & who were marvellously delivered, & I think I have told you about them before. The one was many years ago in Pennsylvania who had been in bed for eight years & had gotten so thin--skin stretched over her bones like a skeleton--she wasn't able to even eat any more, & had gotten now to where she could hardly even drink water.

       51. AND GOD SHOWED US THAT HER TROUBLE WAS THIS VERY THING, IT WAS FEAR. Doctors couldn't even find another thing wrong with her. They examined her, tried everything, every test, & said, "Well, there's nothing wrong with her, we don't know what's the matter with her!" Well, God's the greatest Doctor! He's the Great Physician that can heal all our diseases, amen?--And forgive all of our sins. (Ps.103:3.)

       52. AND JUST BEFORE WE WENT TO PRAY FOR HER WE GOT THIS VERY SCRIPTURE THAT I'M READING TO YOU FROM HEBREWS 2! When I went to pray for her, suddenly the Holy Spirit of God came down on me in such an anointing of power that I laid hands on her head & I rebuked the Devil & I spoke personally to this fiend of fear! I rebuked him & cast him out in the Name of Jesus & told him to depart from her & from that house!

       53. AND BELIEVE IT OR NOT, BECAUSE OF OUR FAITH IN GOD'S WORD & THE ANOINTING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT & HIS POWER IN THAT PRAYER, SHE WAS INSTANTLY DELIVERED! She rose that day & walked for the first time in years! She had been so long in bed her feet were shaped like hands. They had been under the weight of the covers for so long, she hadn't even been on them. She hadn't eaten any solid food for a long time & had gotten to where she could hardly even hold water in her stomach.

       54. BUT THANK GOD, THAT DAY THE LIFE ANGEL--JESUS CHRIST, GOD'S OWN SON--CAME INTO THAT ROOM & REBUKED THE ENEMY & delivered her from that horrible spirit of fear which had all her life kept her subject to bondage because of her fear of death! (He.2:15.) The only other time I can remember right now that we have had such a remarkable experience was with Leila, or Ruth, Ben's wife.

       55. SHE HAD LOST HER MIND FOR SOMETIME AFTER AN OVERDOSE OF LSD, & FOR THREE MONTHS WAS COMPLETELY OUT OF IT. By the time they brought her to us she was still having blackouts & going spaced-out every now & then, her mind would just go totally blank. She would be talking to you & suddenly just stop right in the middle of a sentence & just go totally blank, her eyes wide with fear like I've seen yours in pictures.

       56. SHE WAS JUST SCAREY-EYED WITH FEAR, ABSOLUTELY SPACED OUT WITH FEAR! So that day they brought her to me, God led me to make everybody else leave the Cruiser, & I stood up in front of Leila & took her in my arms. I kissed her & I loved her & I petted her & stroked her, showing with physical love a physical manifestation of God's Love.

       57. --SOMETHING THAT COULD GET THROUGH TO HER BODY, IF NOT EVEN TO HER MIND, BUT THROUGH HER BODY TO HER MIND; & through her mind to her spirit that somebody loved her--God loved her! And I kept quoting these Scriptures & I kept saying, "Jesus loves you, Leila! Jesus loves you! I love you!" Perhaps you've heard me tell this story before, seems I have not long ago.

       58. I KEPT QUOTING SCRIPTURES TO HER BECAUSE I FELT SHE HAD THIS SAME SPIRIT OF FEAR, I said, "God has not given us a spirit of fear--it's not of God--but He has given us a spirit of power & of love & of a sound mind!--For perfect love casts out all fear!" If you know that you love God & that He loves you, you know that He's going to take care of you; you know that everything is all right because God loves you. So why should you be afraid?--There's no reason to fear.

       59. IF YOU HAVE PERFECT LOVE FOR GOD & YOU KNOW HE HAS SUCH PERFECT LOVE FOR YOU, HIS PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT ALL THIS FEAR. For fear is not of God, fear hath torment, this kind of fear of the Enemy.--Fear of death, fear of the Death Angel. All of that is of the Devil, & it's like worshipping the Devil to have such fear.

       60. SO I KEPT TELLING DEAR LEILA, "WELL, YOU MUST NOT FEAR, YOU MUST NOT BE AFRAID! You must just rest in the Lord & have faith & confidence in Him, trust Him. Perfect love casts out all fear! God hath not given us a spirit of fear, but of power & of love & of a sound mind! Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee! I love you! Jesus loves you! God loves you!"

       61. I WISH I COULD HEAR YOU SAY THE NAME OF JESUS IN YOUR PRAYERS, GENESIS. You're constantly saying, "Lord Father God," but Jesus Himself says--& all the way through the New Testament & all the way through the Book of Acts--it says that the way they got answers to prayer & the way they performed miracles was through the Name of Jesus!

       62. YOU MUST PRAY TO JESUS OR TO GOD IN THE NAME OF JESUS, & you must pray in the Name of Jesus & constantly use the name of Jesus. The Devil hates the Name of Jesus. He's not even afraid of the name "Lord Father God" because you could say Lord Father God & be praying to the Devil, did you know that?

       63. BECAUSE THE DEVIL IS THE LORD & THE FATHER & THE GOD OF THIS WORLD & OF HIS DEVIL'S CHILDREN! So the expression "Lord Father God" does not express specifically who you're praying to. The lord father god of the World is Satan, so which lord father god are you praying to? The only way God's going to know, & we're going to know, is that you pray constantly to Jesus & in the Name of Jesus!

       64. IF YOU'VE HEARD ME PRAY AT ALL, I'M ALWAYS TALKING TO JESUS & PRAYING TO JESUS. I'm always praying in Jesus' Name & asking Jesus, because there's tremendous power in the Name of Jesus! Now there can be or there may not be power in the name "Lord Father God" because we don't know who you're talking about, it could be the Devil!

       65. BUT YOU MUST SAY JESUS! CONSTANTLY SAY, "JESUS HELP ME! JESUS REBUKE SATAN! I rebuke you, Satan, in the Name of Jesus! Get thee behind me, Satan, in the Name of Jesus!" Constantly say Jesus, you must do that! You must learn to say the name Jesus much more than I heard in your prayer. You did say His Name a little, but you must learn to use it more, all of you!

       66. "LORD FATHER GOD" DOES NOT TELL US WHAT GOD YOU'RE PRAYING TO! Satan is the lord & the father & the god of this World, so let the old boy know who you're praying to!--Not to him, but to Jesus & His Father God, to the Lord Jesus Christ & His Father God. So use that Name Jesus more.

       67. I'VE GOT MOST OF THE VICTORIES I EVER GOT THROUGH USING THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, not just God, Father & so on. That's all very well & good, but nobody knows really who you're talking to until you say Jesus. That's why Jesus was sent! That's why He gave His Name, & there are all kinds of scriptures throughout the Bible--especially the New Testament--on using the Name of Jesus. You must use the Name of Jesus! (Jn.14:13; Ac.3:6,16; 4:12; Eph.1:21; Col.3:17; Ph.2:9-10, etc.!)

       68. YOU'RE TO PRAY IN THE NAME OF JESUS, YOU'RE TO ASK IN THE NAME OF JESUS, YOU'RE TO CLAIM VICTORIES IN THE NAME OF JESUS & you're to rebuke the Enemy in the Name of Jesus! All through the Book of Acts it was through the Name of Jesus & the power of His Name that many mighty works & mighty miracles were performed. So let's get out of that habit that you have of saying nothing but "Lord Father God" & start saying, "Jesus, Jesus help me!"--Because the Devil hates that expression & that word Jesus. Say Jesus Christ!

       69. SO WHEN I WAS PRAYING FOR YOU THIS MORNING, HONEY, THIS IS THE SCRIPTURE I GOT, & it reminded me of that girl back in Pennsylvania. She was instantly healed, by the way, & we saw her just a few weeks later & she was well & strong. And a few more weeks, she had gained 40 pounds & was absolutely beautiful! Charming!

       70. SHE ENTERTAINED US IN HER HOME AS A LOVELY HOSTESS: PERFECTLY NORMAL, WELL, FULLY RESTORED, good appetite, sexual appetite; had a new boyfriend & was perfectly normal & totally healed & in wonderful condition!--And she loved us & helped to support us for many years, believe it or not! She sent us $5 every month for many, many years after that. I think I was just in my early 20's when we prayed for her. Her name was Helen Jones.

       71. SO GOD TOTALLY DELIVERED HER WHEN I REBUKED THE ENEMY IN JESUS' NAME & told that spirit of fear to depart from her & never to come back again!--Because that's all it was, it was a demon of fear! Well, you have told us, Honey, that the thing which has been plaguing you has been a spirit of fear, that you have been afraid of death & you fear the Death Angel, for a long time apparently.

       72. NOW I WANT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT FEAR: AS I THINK I'VE TOLD YOU BEFORE, FEAR IS THE OPPOSITE OF FAITH, the exact opposite of faith. That kind of fear--fear of the Enemy, fear of the Devil, fear of death, fear of the Death Angel--this is the total opposite of faith! That's the kind of fear that will destroy you & kill you if you continually are afraid like that & continually harbour this fear.

       73. IT'S NOT ONLY DAMAGING & DISASTROUS TO YOU & WILL WEAR YOU DOWN & WEAR YOU OUT & give you a nervous breakdown & drive you out of your mind & even kill you if you keep letting that fear torment you, as you have apparently in the past; but believe it or not, that kind of fear & that spirit of fear is extremely contagious just like a disease!

       74. OTHERS WHO LIVE WITH YOU, PEOPLE WHOM YOU TOUCH, ARE APT TO BE AFFLICTED WITH THAT SAME HORRIBLE FEAR--just like little Jonathan, your own son, & the other children that you've taken care of. You were so full of fear, that spirit of fear yourself--that fear of the Death Angel, that fear of death--that those little children, believe it or not, felt that same fear & became so frightened that they too partook of that fear, believe it or not!

       75. THEY TOO BECAME AFRAID BECAUSE THEY FELT THE FEAR FROM YOU! They felt your horrible deadly fear, that horrible spirit of fear that you've had, & they caught it, believe it or not! It's just as possible to catch things in the Spirit as it is in the physical, in fact even more so. It's even more dangerous & easier to catch if you're not inoculated with the Spirit of God & if you have no resistance against these spiritual diseases.

       76. A SPIRIT OF FEAR IS ONE OF THE MOST CONTAGIOUS OF ALL SPIRITUAL DISEASES! What do we call it when we're insulated against a disease? What is the expression? Inoculation is man's way of doing it, to give you a little touch of it so it builds up your resistance. You are immune, that's the word I was seeking for, immune to a certain disease because you've either had it or you've had a little touch of it through inoculation & your body has built up resistance against it so that you can no longer catch it.

       77. WELL, THIS SAME PRINCIPLE IS ALSO TRUE IN THE SPIRITUAL: all of us are sinners, in the past all of us have had a touch of the spiritual disease of fear, or fear of Satan, fear of death, naked horrible fear of the Devil himself & the Death Angel. All of us have been afraid at some time of the Enemy.

       78. WELL, THE ONLY CURE IS TO CALL ON JESUS, CALL ON THE SPIRIT OF GOD! Call on the Lord & ask Him to deliver you!--To be thoroughly inoculated by the Spirit of God so that you have built up a genuine spiritual resistance to this fear so that you can't catch it anymore.

       79. BUT APPARENTLY SOME OF THOSE LITTLE CHILDREN YOU WERE DEALING WITH DIDN'T HAVE IT, & obviously poor little Jonathan, your own son, has not had this inoculation of the Spirit of God & has caught this spirit of fear from you by your own fearfulness. Every doctor even will tell you this, that children feel your emotions & are upset, even by mother's milk who is under emotional strain. They can sense your feelings & your fears & it upsets them, as I told you in this other tape.

       80. YOUR CHILDREN ARE LIKE A REFLECTION OF YOU. They reflect your good points, but they also reflect your vices & they certainly reflect you fears--they feel & sense your fears. This is why all family counsellors say, don't discuss family problems before children, because it's apt to cause them to be afraid & fearful & upset them & to fret.

       81. WELL, YOU'RE NO LITTLE CHILD, HONEY! YOU'RE A WOMAN NOW & HAVE A FAMILY, a husband & a little boy, & you've got to face these facts. You've got to face your fears, as I wrote in a Letter a long time ago. (See No.171.) There's no use beating around the bush anymore, there's no use trying to deny that it's there.

       82. BUT HERE IS THE ANSWER IN HEBREWS 2: "I WILL PUT MY TRUST IN HIM."--IN WHOM?--IN GOD! "Behold, I & the children which God hath given me."--You can say I & the child, Jonathan, that God has given me. Tell the Devil that, say: "Be gone Devil, get thee behind me Satan! I'm putting my trust in God, in Jesus, I & the children, my child also that God hath given me!"

       83. AND THIS GOES ON; THE IDEA BEING THAT HE, JESUS, THROUGH DEATH MIGHT DESTROY HIM THAT HATH THE POWER OF DEATH, THAT IS THE DEVIL. Now who is this Death Angel? It tells you right here that it is the Devil. So, if you're afraid of the Death Angel, dear Genesis, Honey, it means you're afraid of the Devil, & that is a terrible thing to be! You're not to be afraid of the Devil; you're to pin your faith in God & to fear God & not to fear Satan!

       84. BUT HE SAYS HERE, A PROMISE FOR YOU, HE SAYS: "And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage." So God is able to deliver you, who through fear of death were all your lifetime subject to such terrible bondage of fear! Do you believe that?--That through the Name of Jesus, God is able to deliver you? Well, we're going to claim it right now.

       85. ARE YOU WILLING TO CLAIM IT RIGHT NOW & ASK IN JESUS' NAME TO BE TOTALLY DELIVERED FROM THIS SPIRIT OF FEAR? Now Lord, we rebuke Satan right now in the Name of Jesus Christ! God damn you, you spirit of fear! God damn you, you Devil of Death! We rebuke you, Satan, in the Name of Jesus Christ! Depart from this woman & leave this house, & leave this Island & never come back again!

       86. IN THE NAME OF JESUS WE CLAIM IT ACCORDING TO THE WORD OF GOD IN JESUS' NAME, FOR JESUS' SAKE!--And for this poor dear child of God's sake, in Jesus' Name! Amen! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Say, "Thank You Jesus", Genesis! Say, "Thank You Jesus!" Say "Thank You Jesus!" Say "Help me, Jesus! Thank You Jesus!" Say "Thank Your Jesus!" Just keep saying, "Thank You Jesus! I believe You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! I believe Your Word, Jesus! I resist you, Satan, in Jesus' Name!"

       87. DON'T LET HIM COME BACK ANY MORE, GENESIS! Keep saying, "I resist you, Satan, in Jesus' Name!" God's Word says, "Resist the Enemy & he will flee from you!" (Ja.4:7.) Do you believe that? Resist the Enemy! You have power over the Devil, you can order the Devil what to do. You can tell him to get the hell out of here! Say "I resist you, Satan, in Jesus' Name! I resist you, Devil, in Jesus Name! I rebuke you, Satan, in Jesus' Name."--Now just tell him off!

       88. THE DEMONS & THE EVIL SPIRITS ARE SUBJECT UNTO US; THEY HAVE NO FREE WILL OF THEIR OWN. They cannot do as they please. They have to do what we tell them to do in Jesus' Name, & to get the hell out of here--& I mean it! Now you folks just help Gen there & lay hands on her & ask God to totally deliver her & protect her from ever letting that damned Devil of Death ever come around & put fear in her heart again! Claim it, Genesis, in Jesus' Name!

       89. WHEN I WAS ASKING GOD WHAT TO DO ABOUT THIS SITUATION, I FINALLY GOT THE SCRIPTURE, "HE SENT HIS WORD & HEALED THEM!" (Ps.107:20.) Everybody else seemed to fail me, I've sent more people down there to pray over you & command that Devil to leave & not one has ever done it yet!--So the Lord laid on my heart this morning when He gave me this Scripture to make this tape & tell you yourself like I, was there in person.--Amen!--In Jesus' name!--You too can have "Freedom from Fear!" in Jesus!--Ask Him to free you now from the fears of the Enemy, in Jesus' name!--Amen! GBAKYIJN!--Amen.

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