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THE TWO WITNESSES!--God's Last-Day Miracle Workers!--Part 18 of "The Garden of Eden!"--Revelation Chapter 11       DFO1186       France, 8/5/81

       1. REVELATION CHAPTER 11: "AND THERE WAS GIVEN ME A REED LIKE UNTO A ROD: & the angel stood, saying, Rise, & measure the temple of God, & the altar, & them that worship therein. But the court which is without the temple leave out, & measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: & the holy city shall they tread under foot forty & two months."--There's that three-&-a-half years again, of the Tribulation period. The Gentiles will tread the holy city of Jerusalem under foot for forty & two months, three-&-a-half years during the Tribulation period in which the Antichrist rules supreme.

       2. BUT DURING THE PRECEDING THREE-&-A-HALF YEARS--HALF OF THE SEVEN YEARS--THE ANTICHRIST HAS MADE A DEAL or a holy Covenant, a pact with the religions of the World to make Jerusalem an open city, an international city, internationalized--at least the holy places internationalized--probably under the UN or his World Government, so that they're supposed to have equal access & equal representation of temples & so on. The Jews have rebuilt their temple, re-instituted sacrificial worship & the Pact seems to be going well, except it doesn't solve all the problems.

       3. THE RELIGIONISTS STILL BICKER & ARGUE & FIGHT AMONGST EACH OTHER until finally the Antichrist gets fed up with it all & decides to just have one World religion as well as one World government, & of course this is what he's been waiting for an excuse to have all the time! So he abolishes all other religions & demands that the whole World worship him as God, that they worship him, sitting in the temple of God, claiming that he is God! (2Th.2:4.)

       4. AND THIS WILL GO ON FOR THREE-&-A-HALF YEARS OR 1, 260 DAYS OR FORTY & TWO MONTHS as we see in this second verse of the 11th chapter, when he will rule with an iron hand, cruelly demanding that all who refuse to worship him be put to death, & that all who refuse to take his Mark in their head or hand, that they will not be able to buy or sell! In other words, starve to death! But here comes some good news, PTL! Third verse:

       5. "I WILL GIVE POWER UNTO MY TWO WITNESSES, & they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred & threescore days"--there you are again, three-&-a-half years!--They're gonna prophesy for the duration of the Tribulation period! "Clothed in sackcloth. These are the two olive trees, & the two candlesticks standing before the God of the Earth." This symbolizes the fact that they're fruitful--like two olive trees--& they give light--like two candlesticks, symbolic of these final two great witnesses unto the Lord.

       6. "AND IF ANY MAN WILL HURT THEM, FIRE PROCEEDETH OUT OF THEIR MOUTH, & devoureth their enemies: & if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed." No one will be able to touch them until their witness is finished. No one will be able to stop them until they have finished their witness for the full three-&-a-half years, the last three-&-a-half years of the seven-year reign of the Antichrist, that great terrible Tribulation period in which we're all going to be witnessing right to the End!

       7. BUT THESE ARE GONNA BE THE TWO GREATEST WITNESSES, NO DOUBT RIGHT THERE IN THE HOLY CITY, perhaps right on the holy Mount Moriah between the three great temples--one already there, the Mosque of Omar, Dome of the Rock, the Muslim temple; one to be rebuilt, the Jewish temple, & sacrificial worship restored; & very likely also a Christian Cathedral of some kind to be built upon the same holy mountain to represent the World's three greatest faiths! So that's very likely, most likely, where these two witnesses will be holding forth & will be witnessing against the Antichrist, against the Beast, against his unholy Image & against his claims to be God, his blasphemy against God!

       8. BUT NOBODY WILL BE ABLE TO STOP THEM, not the Antichrist himself nor all his forces until they're finished! Because if anybody tries to even approach them to stop them, fire comes out of their mouth & devours their enemies--like it did in the days of Elijah when the king sent soldiers to take him, bands of fifty! Elijah called down fire from God out of Heaven & devoured each band of soldiers as they came to arrest him! (2Kg.1:9-15.)

       9. SO WILL IT BE WITH THOSE FINAL GREAT WITNESSES IN THOSE LAST DAYS! We'll all be witnessing! You'll all be witnessing everywhere! But these two will stand right in the very presence of the Antichrist & all their enemies, & no one will be able to touch them! They'll be able to keep right on going & witness to the very End!

       10. SIXTH VERSE: "THESE HAVE POWER TO SHUT HEAVEN THAT IT RAIN NOT IN THE DAYS OF THEIR PROPHECY: & have power over waters to turn them to blood, & to smite the Earth with all plagues, as often as they will." They not only have power to bring fire down from God out of Heaven & fire out of their mouths to devour their enemies, but also to turn the waters into blood & to smite the Earth with all kinds of plagues! Anything they will, they can have! Anything they want to do against their enemies, God will give it to them, & no one will be able to stop them during those days!

       11. THEY WILL PREACH & WITNESS WITH SUCH MIGHTY POWER OF GOD, the Word of God, it will be the greatest witness the World has ever seen! Not only the Antichrist will see it, not only the Jews & the Christians & the Muslims will see it, but the whole World will be watching on television, no doubt by that time beamed by satellite! It will be a witness to the whole World against them, the wicked World!

       12. VERSE SEVEN: "AND WHEN THEY SHALL HAVE FINISHED THEIR TESTIMONY, the Beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit"--this Antichrist, this Devil-man, this Satan in the flesh--"shall make war against them, & shall overcome them, & kill them."--When they have finished their testimony, not a moment before! They will be able to testify & witness the full 1,260 days, forty-two months, three-&-a-half years of the total Tribulation period & nobody will be able to stop them, isn't that wonderful? No matter what the Devil & all his henchman & all his cohorts & conspirators & cruel wicked followers--followers of the Devil, of the Beast, of Satan--no matter what they try to do they cannot even touch them until they've finished their testimony!

       13. THEN THE LORD ALLOWS THE DEVIL TO TOUCH THEM, JUST AS HE DOES WITH US MANY TIMES! He lets us finish our job, finish our work in a place, He lets our message become well known, popular, publicized, famous! And then, when we have finished our work & everyone has heard & all those who will receive have had a chance to receive, & all those who refuse & reject have had their chance to do so, then the Lord allows the Devil to move in with persecution to drive you out of that field!--Because the Lord doesn't want you to waste any more time there!

       14. EVERYBODY WHO'S GOING TO ACCEPT HAS ACCEPTED JESUS, everybody who's going to reject your message has rejected you! And therefore, from then on, you're just beating the air, wasting your time, because you finished your job! So then the Lord allows the Enemy to come in like a flood sometimes & raise a lot of persecution against you. Although when he does, the Lord will raise a standard against him. (Is.59:19.) But He allows you then to be driven from that field.

       15. JESUS SAID, "WHEN THEY PERSECUTE YOU IN ONE CITY, FLEE YE TO ANOTHER! Ye shall not have gone over all the cities of Judea until the Son of Man is come again!" (Matthew 10:23.) Think of it! In the occupied West Bank that dear Begin likes to call Samaria & Judea--Judea was just one of the 12 provinces of all Israel--& Jesus said you won't even have witnessed thoroughly in all of the cities of Judea, the West Bank, He said "until I have come again."

       16. IMAGINE NOW, NEARLY 2,000 YEARS HAVE PASSED, & yet the disciples of Christ, the Christians, have not yet done a complete thorough witness to the entire province of Judea alone, not all the cities of Judea alone, till the Son of Man is come back again! So you certainly won't have gone over all the cities of the whole World till Jesus comes!

       17. NEVERTHELESS, WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED & SATURATED THE WORLD WITH YOUR DOCTRINE, turned the World upside-down, as they said, "Here come those that turn the World upside-down" (Acts 17:6)--actually we're not turning it upside-down, we're turning it right-side-up!--But when they've all heard you, they've heard you in person, they've read your literature, they've heard you on the radio, the MWM Show, Music With Meaning, they've seen you on television--the Music With Meaning Show on television as well--& all the Gospel of all Christians everywhere, on radio, television, literature, in person, all over the World, the whole World will have heard your Gospel--every nation, kingdom, tongue & tribe! Think of that!

       18. THEY SAY THERE ARE APPROXIMATELY, PROBABLY, 2,000 DIFFERENT TRIBES & THEREFORE LANGUAGES IN THE WORLD TODAY!--2,000 different kinds of languages & tribes! By that time, every one of them will have heard the Gospel, every one of them will have heard about Jesus! At the end of the Tribulation every single tongue, tribe & nation will have heard the Gospel of Jesus throughout all the Earth, Jesus said, then shall the End come! (Mt.24:14.) So then the Lord allows the Beast to ascend out of the bottomless pit & make war against them & shall overcome them & kill them!

       19. EIGHTH VERSE: "AND THEIR DEAD BODIES SHALL LIE IN THE STREET OF THE GREAT CITY, which spiritually is called Sodom & Egypt & where also our Lord was crucified." Well, now where was Jesus crucified? Wasn't Jesus crucified in Jerusalem, or just outside Jerusalem? Well, then what is He talking about here that the bodies of these two witnesses shall lie in the street of this great city which spiritually is called Sodom & Egypt & Jerusalem! Well, He could have added one to that, & He does a little later on in the Scripture--Babylon!

       20. "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? JOHN MUST HAVE BEEN A BIT SCREWED UP ON HIS GEOGRAPHY, because Sodom is way South of the Dead Sea, & Egypt is another couple hundred miles South of that, & Jerusalem is a couple hundred miles North of that, & Babylon was a thousand miles to the East! What are you talking about? How could Jesus have been crucified in all four cities!--Sodom, Egypt, Jerusalem, Babylon!" Well, it's very simple!

       21. EVERY ONE OF THESE CITIES TYPIFIED THE WORLD SYSTEM. Every one of them typified the worldly, anti-God, anti-Christ, money-hungry greedy commercialism System of the World, which in a later chapter He calls it Babylon, here He calls it Sodom & Egypt & Jerusalem! ...


       23. SO HERE WE HAVE THEM ALL GROUPED TOGETHER IN ONE GREAT WORLD SYSTEM!--All the same, all symbolic of the same final great System that God hates, that hates Him, & that hates His witnesses, until the Devil's own representative, the Devil-man in the flesh, Satan incarnate, at the end of their witness finally rises up & kills them, but can't do it until then.

       24. DON'T WORRY, THE DEVIL WON'T BE ABLE TO LAY A FINGER ON YOU, he won't be able to hurt you, he won't be able to harm you until your job is done. God will not suffer you to be cut off before your time. The Lord will not allow you to be slain, stopped, killed, until you have finished your job & your work! And then, praise God, the quicker the better, the sooner they kill you the sooner you're released from this old vile body of flesh & mud & dirt & disease & weariness & hunger & thirst & all of its problems, & set free in the Spirit!

       25. YOUR SPIRIT, THE REAL YOU, THE ONE THAT LIVES DOWN INSIDE OF THIS HOUSE, the one that's looking out these windows, the real you that lives down inside!--That's you I'm looking at when I look in your eyes! We look into each other's eyes & hearts & spirits & that's the real you, inside of that body, inside of this house you live in. This is just the vehicle you run around in, made out of mud, & it'll soon go back to dust again from whence it came!

       26. AND AS SOON AS IT DOES, AS SOON AS THIS BODY IS KILLED ... YOU ARE RELEASED, your spirit's set free, & you will be so happy & so thrilled & so wonderful & so excited & completely free for the first time in your whole existence! Marvellous! Wonderful! You'll feel light as a feather when you die! I know, I've died, I've gone through it! I sat up in my body in my bed half-in & half-out, & I felt as light as a feather! I felt like I could just flap my arms & float up to the ceiling & right on through!

       27. AND MANY PEOPLE HAVE HAD THAT SAME EXPERIENCE IN THESE FAMOUS SO-CALLED "AFTER DEATH" EXPERIENCES or "life after death" experiences or "life after life" experiences that many have written about & witnessed to & testified of. Why won't you take the testimony of many witnesses, not only of ours & of His Word, but of those who have actually gone through the veil of this life, past this simple Fourth Dimension into the Fifth Dimension of the next World--the Spirit World, the Eternal World!

       28. THIS WORLD YOU SEE IS GONNA PASS AWAY, GONNA BE ALL BURNED UP ONE OF THESE DAYS! Man's gonna try to burn it up, but God's not gonna let him, 'cause He has another thousand years of the Garden of Eden on Earth--the great Millennium--to allow man to live another thousand years to see what it should've been like & would've been like under the government of God, like the Garden of God, the Garden of Eden, while we rule & reign with Jesus here on the Earth!

       29. SO GOD'S NOT GONNA ALLOW MAN TO BURN IT ALL UP! Well, He's gonna burn up about a third of it, & some of it is gonna be destroyed, but the Lord's gonna come back & restore it under us, with us, & it'll be like the Garden of Eden again, be like it was in Adam & Eve's day, & people will live a thousand years again, curse removed, beautiful!--To show you what God intended for the World to be like!

       30. SO GOD'S NOT GONNA LET THE DEVIL BURN IT UP, DON'T WORRY! He's not gonna let man bomb it all completely away! Oh, he's gonna bomb plenty of it, about a third of it is gonna be destroyed! You better not be in that third--& it's most likely gonna be the Northern third, & most likely the Western nations, perhaps also the Superpowers--you better not be in that third World!

       31. THE WORLD TODAY SPEAKS ABOUT THE THIRD WORLD, well, you'd be a lot safer off in the so-called Third World, the poor nations of the Earth in the Southern Hemisphere of the Tropical region, than in the temperate zones of North America & Europe where the bombs are gonna be falling while man destroys not the whole Earth, but a third of the Earth maybe.

       32. JUST ABOUT THE ONLY SAFE PLACE ON THIS EARTH TO BE DURING THAT ATOMIC WAR IS GOING TO BE IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE to escape both the bombs & the fallout! And do you know the only three Continents that are in the Southern Hemisphere?--South America, Africa & Australia--&, of course, the South Sea Islands. So if you wanna escape this coming war that Reagan is determined to have & the U.S. is determined to wage, go South now!

       33. NEITHER HE NOR ANY OF HIS HELPERS HAVE EVER MENTIONED THE WORD PEACE, THEY'RE ALWAYS TALKING WAR!--So if they want war, they'll have it! War is in their hearts, war is on their lips, war is in their eyes--just look at their pictures--they're determined to have war!--In spite of all that Russia & Europe can do to stop them! Those God-damn Americans are determined to have war! They're trying to wipe their enemies off the face of the Earth, & what's gonna happen is they're gonna get wiped off the face of the Earth!--Maybe their enemies too! Or maybe God will have mercy on them & let them live through it!

       34. SOMEBODY'S GOTTA PICK UP THE PIECES!--The Red government of the Antichrist, described as red here in the Bible & sounds like Communism & Russia, Gog & Magog--somebody's gonna pick up the pieces & rule the Earth & reorganize it, restore order, restore the economy, restore government & offer peace & plenty to all--& that's what the Antichrist will offer!

       35. HE WILL CLAIM TO BE THE MESSIAH--GOD--THE KING OF THE WORLD, & offer the utopia, the Heaven on Earth, the false Millennium under his rule, but soon everything begins to go wrong & soon he insists everybody worship him, & then everything goes wrong & the whole thing begins to fall apart, because it's anti-God & anti-Christ & anti-peace & anti everything that could possibly bring peace!--Anti the Children of God, anti God's Family of Love!

       36. UNTIL FINALLY JESUS HIMSELF HAS TO COME BACK & TAKE OVER & run the World with His children, His people, for a thousand years to show them how it ought to be run! But just before He comes back, here's what happens! These final two witnesses witness right up to the very end of this Tribulation period:

       37. "AND THEIR DEAD BODIES SHALL LIE IN THE STREET OF THE GREAT CITY"--Which spiritually is called all of these horrible places. In other words, they will be killed possibly in the very city of Jerusalem itself! But it doesn't matter, anywhere in this World System, maybe in New York, maybe in Buenos Aires or Rio or Jerusalem or London or Paris, anywhere the whole World can see them on television. They're witnessing to the whole World, to the whole System.

       38. WHETHER IT BE NEW YORK OR SODOM OR JERUSALEM OR WHATEVER, IT'S ALL SODOM, it's all Egypt, it's all Jerusalem, it's all Babylon, it's all the same! It's all filthy, wicked, anti-God, anti-Christ, evil & of the Devil!--And God hates it & they hate God & they come to blows & God allows them to martyr these two precious witnesses, perhaps as well as many others. But that's only their release, their job is done, praise God!

       39. GOD HAS SPOKEN TO US & SEEMED TO INDICATE THAT IT WOULD BE EVEN TWO MEMBERS OF OUR OWN FAMILY, two of our own leaders, think of that! I don't know of any two other people in the World, greater witnesses than the ones I'm thinking about & who could be tremendous witnesses in the Last Hour that God pours out His anointing upon one woman & one young boy, a woman & a child.

       40. BECAUSE GOD'S WORD SAYS IN THOSE LAST DAYS "WOMEN & CHILDREN SHALL RULE OVER THEM!" (Isaiah 3:4,12.) So who could God better pick in the Last Day of the Woman & the Year of the Child than a woman & a child to be the final great Witnesses to this evil World System of Sodom, Gomorrah & Egypt & Jerusalem & Babylon & the whole works!--Including New York & London & Paris & all the rest of you!

       41. THEIR DEAD BODIES LIE IN THE STREET! "And they of the people & kindreds & tongues & nations shall see their dead bodies three days & a half, & shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves." They are so angry, so fiercely angry at these two witnesses who faithfully preached the Word, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, & the judgements of God & the warnings of God!

       42. THEY HATED THEM SO THEY DIDN'T EVEN WANT TO SEE THEM BURIED, they wanted to watch them rot in the streets & the flies to crawl over them & the worms to crawl in & out & smell the stink of their bodies, their dead bodies, lying on the street! But what a hollow victory!--Just lumps of clay, lumps of mud, just garbage! They, those Two Witnesses, their spirits have gone on to be with the Lord! Those were just the bodies, the houses they occupied, the vehicles they ran around in, now gone back to dirt, to garbage, to mud.

       43. "AND THEY THAT DWELL UPON THE EARTH SHALL REJOICE OVER THEM, & make merry, & shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the Earth." They're gonna have a new Christmas! They're gonna have a new day to celebrate!--The death of the great final Two Witnesses of God!

       44. THEY'RE GONNA BE SO HAPPY THAT THEY'RE DEAD & NO LONGER CONVICTING THEM OF THEIR SINS & preaching the Gospel at them all day long in the heart of the news, & on radio, on television & the newspapers & their pictures plastered all over the World & from satellites! These two miracle-workers will be top headlines & top news & their message the top message to the World! They're going to be so happy they're dead they're gonna give presents to each other like they do on Christmas!

       45. SOMETIMES YOU WONDER WHAT THE WORLD IS CELEBRATING ON CHRISTMAS?--WAS IT THE BIRTH OF JESUS OR THE DEATH OF JESUS? Are they glad because He was born? Or are they glad that He's dead & no longer here to convict them of their sins! The Jews certainly did their best to kill Him, & the Romans allowed it, so both Jews & Gentiles are just as guilty! Every sinner is guilty!

       46. EVERYONE WHO SINS AGAINST GOD IS GUILTY, & THE GREATEST SIN OF ALL IS TO REFUSE TO BELIEVE IN HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. That's the sin for which you will die & go to Hell! Not because you've been a liar & a thief & an adulterer nor a murderer nor any other kind of a wicked vile sinner or criminal, those deeds & crimes will not send you to Hell! They can be forgiven by God!

       47. THERE'S ONLY ONE SIN THAT CANNOT BE FORGIVEN, & THAT'S THE SIN AGAINST THE HOLY GHOST! (Mt.12:31,32.) That is the sin of unbelief against God's convicting Spirit, & if you reject the conviction of God's Holy Spirit in your heart, you harden your heart, "after being often reproved you harden your neck, then you're going to be suddenly destroyed & that without remedy!" (Pr.29:1.) Not because you were a criminal or a murderer or a thief or a robber or whatever! God can forgive all those if you're sorry & repentant! The System may not forgive you, the World won't forgive you, but God can forgive you!

       48. I'LL NEVER FORGET WHEN I HEARD THE STORY OF HOW A FRIEND OF OURS SAW HORACE ALDERMAN DIE--a murderer, a gunrunner, a rum-runner, a thief, a robber, a gangster who had killed many people & three Federal Officers when they tried to kill him! But he finally in prison was wonderfully saved by a dear friend of mine who went to witness to him, & he began to witness to all the men on Death Row & got everybody saved, even the wardens saved, in the Federal Penitentiary at Raiford, near Jacksonville, Florida.--This former rum-runner & illegal immigrant importer.

       49. HE USED TO TRY TO GET CHINESE INTO FLORIDA & if the Feds were getting too close in their coast-guard cutters, he's just make the Chinese walk the plank & dive into the Gulf & drown!--A murderer, cruel! And when they finally caught him, the Feds were so mad they pinned him to the deck of their boat with ice picks through his shoulders, then went down to the cabin & had a free-for-all, a drunken party to celebrate they'd caught this most wanted man. But he tore himself loose from that cross & he went in there & grabbed one of their guns & shot all three of them to avenge himself!

       50. AFTER HE GOT WONDERFULLY SAVED & WAS SORRY & REPENTANT, & we had lawyers pleading his case & my Mother even went to Washington, D.C., to plead with the President & the Head of the Supreme Court, to try to ask for clemency & release him. But they said, "Sorry, there are too many enemies who hate him, it would be bad for us politically, we'd lose a lot of votes if we'd let that man free! There're too many people who want his skin & to see him hang, & I'm sorry, we can't let him go! We can't even give him a life sentence, he's gotta die!"

       51. SO AS HE WALKED ONTO THAT TRAP DOOR JUST BEFORE THEY PUT THE SACK OVER HIS HEAD & THE NOOSE AROUND HIS NECK, he said, "I want to sing a song!"--And he sang a wonderful song about Heaven. Then he looked at the man who had won him to the Lord, our friend, dear Fred Haas, & Haas was weeping! But Horace Alderman was smiling, almost laughing, happy, rejoicing! He said, "Fred, I'm gonna see Jesus before you do!" Hallelujah! "I'm gonna see Jesus today!" Hallelujah! TYJ! (Weeps.) PTL! TYJ!

       52. WHEN WE DIE, IT'S AN ESCAPE, IT'S A RELEASE, REALLY FREEDOM! We're relieved of this old tired decaying, dying body that causes so much trouble & pain! Maybe you're young, maybe you don't have any troubles or pain! Wait'll you get old. I don't think you're going to have time to get old though, Jesus is gonna come too soon. But it's a relief, it's a release!

       53. DON'T FEAR DEATH, WELCOME DEATH! It's your release, it's your graduation!--Relieved of this old sinful body, liberated at last, free at last!--Able to fly with the speed of thought, to go through walls & doors & ceilings & anywhere, just to be with Jesus & to serve the Lord. Praise God! Don't fear death!

       54. THAT'S THE BIGGEST FAVOUR YOUR ENEMIES CAN DO TO YOU, IS TO KILL YOU! 'Cause then they finish your work & they liberate you into the next World. That's the stupidest thing they can do, that's the craziest, most ridiculous thing they could do! They think that they're hurting you somehow to kill you, when actually they're doing you a big favour to release you from this body into the freedom of the Spirit in the next World! So don't worry about death!

       55. MANY PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE THEN. Many people are gonna be killed as martyrs during that time, but we're gonna witness to the End till our job is done. Then the Lord will let them take our lives to release us! God lets the Devil do his dirty work! Did you know that the Devil is working for God? Did you know that he is just God's Executioner? God's prosecuting attorney & executioner, the hangman? But all he does is release you from this life so you can be in the next.

       56. AND AS HORACE ALDERMAN STOOD ON THAT TRAP DOOR--he didn't even want them to put the hood on his head, he tried to refuse it but they said it was the law--they had the noose around his neck & he raised his hands to Jesus & he said, "I'm gonna see Jesus now before you do!"--he said as they slipped the hood over his head, smiling, praying, praising Jesus & singing to the Lord!

       57. HE SAID, "EARTH RECEDES, HEAVEN OPENS! THIS IS MY CORONATION DAY!"--A famous quote of a famous preacher, Dr. Dwight L. Moody & my own grandmother, he quoted that very thing--& he went to be with the Lord! What a blessing! What a relief! What a release from all those years in prison! Thank God he was released! Don't worry about death, that's your graduation, that's your release, you get out of school, & you get to be with the Lord in the Heavenly places!

       58. SO THE WORLD'S GONNA BE SO HAPPY WHEN YOU DIE, they're gonna give presents to each other! "And after three days & an half the Spirit of Life from God entered into them, & they stood upon their feet; & great fear fell upon them which saw them." What's happening?! They're being resurrected! Suddenly those bodies come to life before they've been buried! Why? Because they are being resurrected!

       59. JESUS IS COMING IN THE SKY & all the dead in Christ are rising to meet Him in the air!--Including these Two Witnesses! Only three-&-a-half days after they're killed, Jesus comes to resurrect them & Rapture them along with us & all those who are saved! Praise God! Hallelujah! TYJ! And fear fell upon their enemies!

       60. "AND THEY HEARD A GREAT VOICE FROM HEAVEN SAYING UNTO THEM, COME UP HITHER! And they ascended up to Heaven in a cloud; & their enemies beheld them. The same hour was there a great earthquake, & the tenth part of the city fell, & in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: & the remnant were affrighted & gave glory to the God of Heaven. The second woe is past; and, behold, the third woe cometh quickly."

       61. AND NOW WE HEAR THAT SEVENTH ANGEL, THAT LAST TRUMP SOUND! This is like a little story leading up to that Last Trump, because when it sounds, that's when they were resurrected. And now He's gonna tell you the other events, but we'll have to save that for next time!

       62. WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE SURE THAT ALL IS WELL WITH YOUR SOUL WHEN YOU DIE? Just take Jesus in your heart, believe that He's your Saviour, confess your sins, receive Him, ask Him to come in & you'll be saved forever! You won't have to worry about dying anymore. You'll die, of course, "it's appointed unto man once to die" (He.9:27), we'll all die, sooner or later. But it's time for me to quit. I'm not gonna die right now but I gotta quit!

       63. BUT PRAISE GOD, WHEN THAT DAY COMES FOR YOU, YOU WON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT WHERE YOU'RE GOING! You know you're going to be with the Lord in Heavenly places when Jesus comes! (Sings:)
       "When Jesus comes,
       Don't hesitate,
       Don't be too late,
       Be ready!"

In Jesus' name! GBY! WLY! Take Jesus right now! ILY! Come back again! X! We'll finish the story next time--or continue it next time! Bye-bye!

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