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THE FALL OF THE WORLD SYSTEM!--Babylon the Great Confusion!--Part 25 of "The Garden of Eden!"--Revelation Chapter 18       DFO 1193       14/5/81

       1. REVELATION 18: "AND AFTER THESE THINGS I SAW ANOTHER ANGEL COME DOWN FROM HEAVEN, HAVING GREAT POWER; & the Earth was lightened with his glory." We've had a lot of angels on this series, I hope you had the pleasure of enjoying them all! "And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, & is become the habitation of devils, & the hold of every foul spirit, & a cage of every unclean & hateful bird! For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, & the kings of the Earth have committed fornication with her, & the merchants of the Earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies."
       2. NOW IF YOU HAVE MISSED THE PREVIOUS CHAPTERS & YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT WE'RE TALKING ABOUT OR WHO IS THIS BABYLON, this Babylon is not just the ancient Babylon city of old--of which that Babylon was a type of the Babylon of all ages & the Babylon of today, the great World City Commercial System of wealth & money & riches & things & materialism! The religion of the WORLD is the worship of THINGS & not God! THAT is the Babylon which He's talking about. That is the Babylon which is used as the symbol & a symbolic name of all other Babylons & World Systems from the Beginning to the End!
       3. --IN FACT, FROM THE VERY TIME THAT CAIN DISOBEYED THE LORD & instead of sacrificing the blood sacrifice that he was told to, decided he would sacrifice whatever he wanted to sacrifice, he would set his own standards, his own religion & decide on his own sacrifices, that would be his religion. And as a result God was greatly displeased & refused to accept his sacrifice, but rather accepted the sacrifice of his dear brother Abel who sacrificed a blood offering, a lamb, symbolic of Jesus Christ, which was pleasing to the Lord.
       4. AND CAIN WAS VERY WROTH & ANGRY WITH HIS BROTHER ABEL THERE OUTSIDE THE GARDEN OF EDEN IN THE VERY BEGINNING, because God accepted his younger brother Abel's sacrifice & rejected his, the older brother Cain's. And the Lord asked him, "Why art thou wroth? Why is thy countenance fallen? Why art thou cast down?" He said, "If thy sacrifice is not accepted, then sin lieth at the door." (Ge.4:5-7) There are many people today who try to pretend to worship God & be religious & be holy & have some form of religious worship, but it's not God's! It's not what He has asked for. Only the blood of Jesus Christ can be a sacrifice & satisfy His commandments.
       5. SO CAIN WAS SO WROTH WITH HIS BROTHER--THIS CAIN, THIS FIRST SYMBOL OF FALSE RELIGION & the worship of things & materialism & the gods of this World & disobedience unto the Lord, that he became very angry with his dear little brother whose sacrifice was simpler & perhaps less abundant but was in obedience, a blood sacrifice of a lamb symbolising Jesus. So that Cain, the first false religionist, the head of the World's first false religion of disobedience to God & substituting his own righteousness & his own way & his own sacrifice instead of that which was commanded by God, became angry with the true believer, Abel, there just outside this Garden of Eden.
       6. HE BECAME SO ANGRY BECAUSE THIS SIMPLE LITTLE YOUNGER BROTHER TRUE BELIEVER HAD BEEN ACCEPTED BY THE LORD because of his simple blood sacrifice, just trusting Jesus! Not mounting up piles of fruits & vegetables & wealth unto his supposed God, but just symbolising the sacrifice of the blood of Christ. So that Cain, the beginning & the head of the World's first false religion, rose up like all other false religions of the World & like the World's whole false religion from the very Beginning, the Great Whore, Babylon, the great Witch who hath bewitched the World with her sorceries & her fornications! He rose up in anger, this self-righteous hypocrite, this Scribe & Pharisaical false religionist like all the rest that followed him!
       7. HE ROSE UP & TRIED TO KILL THE TRUE WORSHIPPER, THE OBEDIENT, LOVING WORSHIPPER OF GOD, the one who had obeyed God & given the right sacrifice, & he did, he killed him!--Killed his own brother in a jealous, envious rage because his brother's sacrifice was accepted--so simple, so humble, but so obedient. And his own materialistic wealthy abundant sacrifice of his fruits of the field, his fruits of his own hands, his own labours, his own self-righteousness was rejected of God & displeased God because sin lay at his door in disobedience to God!
       8. HE HAD NOT TRUSTED THE BLOOD OF CHRIST BUT HE WAS TRUSTING THE WORK OF HIS OWN HANDS, the labour of his own hands, his own works, his own self-righteousness to save him. And when he found out his sacrifice was rejected by God & this simple loving sacrifice of the blood of the lamb was accepted from Abel, Cain rose up in anger, self-righteousness, hypocrisy, jealousy, envy & KILLED his brother Abel!--The true sincere obedient worshipper & a truster in the Word of God, a truster in the Blood of Jesus, he killed him!
       9. THIS SIMPLE LITTLE PICTURE OF CAIN & ABEL & the murder of Abel by his older brother Cain in jealous rage is a picture of the False Church & the True Church from that time on through 6000 years of man's history. The False Church, the false religion, the self-righteous, hypocritical, proud, selfish, self-dependent religion which rules over the kings of the Earth has always persecuted the poor pitiful little minority of Bible-believing, God-believing, God-obeying, Christ-trusting Christians & believers since the beginning of time.
       10. THE FALSE CHURCH HAS ALWAYS PERSECUTED THE TRUE CHURCH, so Babylon, this iniquitous Whore, this false religion of the World, of all false churches & religions of the World put together--including man's greatest religion, the worship of materialism & wealth & riches & things--has always persecuted the true little church of believers who love & obey God & believe His Word & trust Him & follow Jesus.
       11. HERE IN THIS GREAT BOOK OF REVELATION WE HAVE TWO WOMEN PICTURED: This horrible Whore, Witch, deceiver, sorceress who has deceived the nations of the Earth & rules over the kings & the powers & the governments of the Earth, always persecuting the true Bride of Christ, the true pure simple childlike Church of Jesus Christ, the real Wife of Christ, always persecuted & hounded & vilified & tortured & always suffering under this false Bride, this pretended Bride of God, the false Woman, the false Wife, the false Whore, the Phoney Church!
       12. WE SEE THE TWO WOMEN OF THIS BOOK, ONE VERY GOOD, BEAUTIFUL & PURE LIKE MARY HERSELF, THE BRIDE OF CHRIST; the other evil, wicked--though beautiful--but a licentious fornicator, adulteress, witch, harlot & Mother of Harlots, the False Church! Not only the false religions but the greatest religion of all, that of the worship of things, Materialism--riches, wealth, power! She is the false Bride who rules over the kings of this Earth! She is the Bride of many kings & many whoremongers & many governments & many rulers! She loves & fucks them all for gain in order that she might be rich & powerful & rule as a queen, & she thinks she shall see no sorrow!
       13. WHILE THE POOR PITIFUL LITTLE TRUE BRIDE OF CHRIST LIKE MARY OF OLD, FLEES LIKE A LITTLE CHILD OUT INTO THE WILDERNESS for protection from the Lord, persecuted by the Devil & hounded by his Witch, chased after by the Monster & persecuted by his Mistress, but at last she gets her due, at last! We're going to read tonight what happens to her in the End, here at the very End in the Tribulation when the Antichrist himself destroys her! This Antichrist government, this great Red Beast turns upon her & devours her & destroys her with fire, & his ten kings devour her, pitch into her & burn her with fire & destroy her!--All the false religions of the World, all the false religions of Babylon City System, the Commercial, Capitalistic, Materialistic System of the World!
       14. YOU SAY, "I'M COMMUNIST & WE'RE NOT CAPITALISTIC! WE DON'T WORSHIP CAPITALISM!" But you're very materialistic, aren't you? You worship the same things the Capitalists worship, you worship THINGS! The only difference is, the Capitalist has'm & you haven't, & you want'm! And the plan you have is that you want to share what the Capitalist has, so you put a gun to his head & say, "What's yours is mine & I'm gonna take it away from you!" So you worship it just as much as he does. You want things & materialism & wealth & power & riches & a satisfaction of the lust of your heart for the things of this World just as much as the Capitalist!
       15. THERE'S NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CAPITALIST OR COMMUNIST, YOU'RE BOTH MATERIALISTS! You both worship materialism & the things of this World & not God. Neither Capitalist nor Communist worships God, you both worship the same God of Mammon, of things, materialism, riches, wealth, power--both Capitalists & Communists! Neither of you worship the true God, you both worship the god Mammon, the god of materialism!
       16. SO FINALLY GOD IS GONNA DESTROY YOUR GOD--YOUR GODDESS, IN FACT--THIS GODDESS MAMMON, the great Whore, the great Witch, the great Harlot, Babylon, symbol of all Babylons, all wicked wealthy cities, all the rich & the powerful of all ages! But particularly the Babylon of the Last Day, symbolised by the leaders of Capitalism such as America & Europe, & the leaders of Communism such as Russia & the East!
       17. IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE TO GOD, YOU ARE ALL ANTI-CHRIST, EAST & WEST! You're all anti-God, East & West! You're all worshippers of the Devil & the Antichrist & his goddess Babylon, the World Commercial City System of wealth & riches! All of you, East & West, Capitalist & Communist, you worship the same wicked Harlot Whore Babylon, your goddess of Materialism! So God is going to see to it that she is destroyed!
       18. FIRST OF ALL, HAVING COME INTO POWER, the Antichrist, Satan in the flesh, the Devil-man decides he no longer needs Babylon, the great commercial, Capitalistic, Communistic City System of Materialism, so he destroys it! It sounds to me like he destroys it in the atomic war! Remember, this is a flashback, we're going back again now into the period of the Tribulation & the Antichrist rule before the Coming of Christ & before the Wrath of God!
       19. WE'RE GOING BACK IN A FLASHBACK HERE TO SEE WHAT THE ANTICHRIST DOES TO THE GREAT WHORE, he & his ten kings who turn upon her & devour her with fire & destroy her & eat her flesh!--She who made them rich & powerful, she who rode upon their backs as a queen, saying, "I shall see no sorrow!" Here at last she is destroyed by her own kings! She who was a king-maker, she who was an Empire-ruler, the Empress of the Antichrist, the Empress of the Devil himself, all false religion & worship including materialism is finally destroyed by the Antichrist government itself as he demands that ALL men everywhere shall worship now HIM ONLY as the World's god!--No longer to have any other religion or any other worship but Satan, the Devil-man! So he destroys her!
       20. WOULD YOU LIKE TO HEAR THE PICTURE OF HER DESTRUCTION? It's here in the 18th Chapter of Revelation, how the Antichrist destroys the World City System, Capitalism & Communist materialism, cities Worldwide in a final great horrible atomic war BEFORE the Tribulation, in the first half of his reign & rule before the great Tribulation, as he takes over as the World dictator completely & finally claims to be God & abolishes all other religions INCLUDING Materialism, Capitalism, Communism, you name it!
       21. GOD THINKS IT'S SUCH A TREMENDOUS EVENT THAT HE DEVOTES AN ENTIRE CHAPTER TO IT, a fairly long chapter, in how she is finally destroyed, how the World cities are finally destroyed, how their banks & office-buildings & temples of worship are finally totally destroyed, wiped out, & a great deal of the World! Very suddenly, very quick, He says, in a day, in one hour! All the great riches are destroyed! Listen, fourth verse:
       22. "AND I HEARD ANOTHER VOICE FROM HEAVEN, SAYING, COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE, THAT YE BE NOT PARTAKERS OF HER SINS, & THAT YE RECEIVE NOT OF HER PLAGUES." If you want to escape the judgements of God, if you want to even escape the judgements of the Antichrist on the Babylonish System of today, you'd better drop-out & get out of the System & out somewhere further away so that when the System is destroyed you're not destroyed with it! "That ye be not partakers of her sins, & that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto Heaven, & God hath remembered her iniquities.
       23. "REWARD HER EVEN AS SHE REWARDED YOU"--HE'S SAYING TO GOD--"AND DOUBLE UNTO HER DOUBLE ACCORDING TO HER WORKS: In the cup which she hath filled, fill to her double!" The angel is saying, "Sock it to her, Lord! Double to her the judgement & the cruelty & the punishment & the persecution that she gave the Saints!" "How much she hath glorified herself, & lived deliciously, so much torment & sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, & am no widow, & shall see no sorrow.
       24. "THEREFORE SHALL HER PLAGUES COME IN ONE DAY!"--ONE DAY! This is what the atomic experts say, the next war, the atomic war will be over in a few hours, in one day, perhaps one hour. "In one day"--eighth verse--"death, & mourning, & famine; & she shall be utterly burned with fire!"--Sounds like the atomic war, doesn't it? "For strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.
       25. "AND THE KINGS OF THE EARTH, WHO HAVE COMMITTED FORNICATION & LIVED DELICIOUSLY WITH HER, SHALL BEWAIL HER, & lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning, standing afar off for the fear of her torment"--lest they get caught in the fire--"saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! For in one HOUR is thy judgement come!
       26. "AND THE MERCHANTS OF THE EARTH SHALL WEEP & MOURN OVER HER; FOR NO MAN BUYETH THEIR MERCHANDISE ANY MORE!"--No more Commercial Capitalistic Communist System! "The merchandise of gold, & silver, & precious stones, & of pearls, & fine linen, & purple, & silk, & scarlet, & all thyine wood, & all manner of vessels of ivory, & all manner of vessels of most precious wood, & of brass, & iron, & marble, & cinnamon, & odours, & ointments, & frankincense, & wine, & oil, & fine flour, & wheat, & beasts, & sheep, & horses, & chariots, & slaves, & souls of MEN!"--That just about covers everything that the Great Whore trades in, doesn't it?--All of her products, all of her goods, all of her wealth, from virtually everything on Earth, including the very souls of men, slaves of her religion!
       27. "AND THE FRUITS THAT THY SOUL LUSTED AFTER ARE DEPARTED FROM THEE, & all things which were dainty & goodly are departed from thee, & thou shalt find them no more at all. The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping & wailing, & saying, Alas, alas, that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, & purple, & scarlet, & decked with gold, & precious stones, & pearls! For in ONE HOUR so great riches is come to nought!"
       28. CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT IT'S GONNA BE LIKE WHEN AMERICA IS DESTROYED & EUROPE IS DESTROYED, & the Capitalistic Communistic rich Western World is destroyed in the view of all the poor of the Earth, & even some of the merchants who get caught on their way, back & forth in their trade on the ocean! They're about the only ones that manage to survive, who remain of the System, because they are out on the sea in ships!
       29. "FOR IN ONE HOUR SO GREAT RICHES IS COME TO NOUGHT! And every shipmaster, & all the company in ships, & sailors, & as many as trade by sea, stood afar off"--they didn't even dare come very close because of the horror of the atomic destruction & the fallout--"and cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, What city is like unto this great city!" It must have been something like that at Hiroshima & Nagasaki, right? "And they cast dust on their heads, & cried, weeping & wailing, saying, Alas, alas, that great city, wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness! For in one hour is she made desolate.
       30. "REJOICE OVER HER, THOU HEAVEN, & YE HOLY APOSTLES & PROPHETS; FOR GOD HATH AVENGED YOU ON HER!" She is the one that slaughtered & massacred & martyred them! Always the System is against the true Prophets of God! Always the World City System of this World, the Rome of this World, is against the true Children & Prophets of God & His Family of Love & tries to slaughter & massacre & martyr them & get rid of them because they're thorns in their flesh & pricks in their eyes & prick their conscience & make them feel guilty for their sins, so they try to wipe them out!
       31. "AND A MIGHTY ANGEL TOOK UP A STONE LIKE A GREAT MILLSTONE, & CAST IT INTO THE SEA, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, & shall be found no more at all!"--Being treated as she deserved to be treated & as she treated others! With violence she destroyed many, with violence she destroyed nations, with violence she destroyed empires, whole countries, whole peoples with her horrible, hellish wars & hell-bombs!
       32. "AND THE VOICE OF HARPERS & MUSICIANS, & OF PIPERS, & TRUMPETERS, SHALL BE HEARD NO MORE AT ALL IN THEE!"--Not gonna have any more of these hard rock bands or musical orchestras of pleasure that entertain them, that tickle their ears, to which they could dance & forget their cruelties & their tortures & their torments & their persecution of God's Children! "And no craftsman, of whatsoever craft he be, shall be found any more in thee."--No more scientists, no more engineers, no more manufacturers. "And the sound of a millstone shall be heard no more at all in thee."--No more production even of food & grain!
       33. "AND THE LIGHT OF A CANDLE SHALL SHINE NO MORE AT ALL IN THEE." That'll be the day, the night when ALL the lights go out, the night when there's the great BLACKOUT, the greatest the World has ever known, & ALL the rich World goes dark!--All the great rich Capitalist, Communist World, all those who depend upon electricity & the candles of modern man. The only ones that will have any light are the poor little poor of the Third World & the Southern Hemisphere who escape this horrible atomic holocaust!
       34. "AND THE VOICE OF THE BRIDEGROOM & OF THE BRIDE SHALL BE HEARD NO MORE AT ALL IN THEE: for thy merchants were the great men of the Earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. And in her was found the blood of Prophets, & of Saints, & of all that were slain upon the Earth." This Witch who practiced her witchcraft & sorcery to deceive man, to deceive all the World to follow the Beast & his Antichrist, is finally destroyed by her own lover!--The Antichrist!
       35. SHE IS MURDERED BY HER OWN MATE, THIS DEVIL-MAN, THIS SATAN-IN-THE-FLESH! This Antichrist destroys her, along with his kings who turn on her, & burn her with fire & destroy & devour her & she is gone forever!--The false Bride, the false Wife, the imitation Bride who is nothing but a whore & a harlot of the kings of this Earth who have lived deliciously with her in luxury & wealth & have promoted her & carried her upon their backs & their necks to great power & glory!
       36. AT LAST SHE'S DESTROYED BECAUSE SHE DESTROYED YOU, GOD'S SERVANTS & GOD'S CHILDREN & HIS FAMILY OF LOVE! She persecuted you, she harassed you, she annoyed you, she tormented you, she tortured you, she jailed you, she deprogrammed you, she kidnapped you, she tried to drive you out of your faith & almost out of your minds, if not out of this life!--And finally destroyed in these Last Days many of you, martyred you, killed you, slaughtered you, massacred you, to get rid of HER tormentors!
       37. BECAUSE YOUR MESSAGE, YOUR WITNESS, YOUR WORDS OF GOD NEEDLED HER, tormented her & tortured her & annoyed her, so she tried to wipe you out to get rid of her guilty conscience & that convicting message, preaching against her sins & her iniquity & her abominations & her worship of this World, the god of this World, the Devil-in-the-flesh & the things of this Earth, having worshipped the creature & the creation more than the CREATOR! (Rom.1:25)
       38. AND SO IS DESTROYED HER IN WHOM WAS FOUND THE BLOOD OF THE PROPHETS & OF THE SAINTS & of ALL that were ever slain upon the face of the Earth! All the people of God, all the Christians, all believers in God in both Old & New Testaments were destroyed in her, this Worldwide Babylon of sin & iniquity & Mammon & Materialism & the worship of the things of this Earth instead of God! This wicked Woman, the false Bride is finally destroyed--all false religions, all false worship, all false gods & the things which man today worships, & the ANTICHRIST then demands the worship of all men & claims HE'S God!
       39. WELL, IN THE NEXT CHAPTER WE'LL SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO HIM! He takes over, he destroys the Whore who put him in power. He destroys the great Harlot whom he made rich & who made HIM powerful, but then let's see what happens then! Here really is the beginning of his Reign, more or less starting here with this 18th Chapter of Revelation! There's been a flashback for the 17th & 18th Chapters to explain to you who the Beast is & who this Whore is, the great Witch & her Monster!
       40. NOW THE MONSTER TURNS ON HER & DESTROYS HER & PROCLAIMS HIMSELF AS KING & THE ONLY KINGDOM: "You're not to worship the Witch anymore, not to worship Babylon, materialism, the City System anymore, Commercialism--wealth, power, things, riches--but you're just to serve me!" Up to this time she's been a front for him! They have worshipped the things & the materials & the riches, the wealth, the power & so on, & Mammon!
       41. SOON SATAN HIMSELF DEMANDS THEIR PERSONAL INDIVIDUAL WORSHIP OF THE DEVIL HIMSELF! No more false religions of various kinds, no more Whore, no more Harlot, no more Great Queen of the Earth of materialism & wealth & riches & things, but now the Devil himself will take over in person! Satan incarnate will soon demand worship of himself!
       42. THAT'S THE BEGINNING OF THE END, THAT'S ALMOST THE FINALE, THE ULTIMATE, THE FINISH, THAT'S ENOUGH! God soon is sick & fed-up with the whole works including Satan, at last, & He's about to destroy him & his Antichrist kingdom & his Beast & False Prophet & all his Mark-takers throughout the Earth! They have persecuted His Children & have tormented them & tortured them & killed them & massacred them & hounded them, harassed them from one end of the Earth to the other!
       43. GOD IS FED-UP! WE'RE FED-UP, HIS CHILDREN ARE FED-UP, HIS FAMILY IS FED-UP & WE SAY, "LORD, HOW LONG? How long, O Lord, before You wreak revenge on these who have shed our blood?" And the Lord says, "Just a little bit, wait a little bit longer & I'm gonna sock it to them, don't worry!" "For he which lives by the sword & kills by the sword must die by the sword, here is the patience & the faith of the Saints. For he which cometh out of the pit," out of Hell, "must go into perdition!" (Re.13:10; 17:8)
       44. THIS DEVIL-MAN, DEMON-INSPIRED, SATANICALLY POSSESSED, HE'S GONNA GO BACK TO HELL WHERE HE CAME FROM & we're gonna read about it in the next chapter, how it happens & how WE come down from Heaven with Jesus to help do the job, to slaughter him & his kingdom & his followers & all their Hell-cats of the Hell-on-Earth that he has brought! In the final hour of man's horrible history of Hell on Earth, we come down with Jesus to put a stop to it all & to kill him & his Beast & False Prophet & cast them into Hell & slaughter their followers & take over the Earth in a great final victory, the Battle of Armageddon!
       45. SO COME BACK AGAIN IF YOU WANNA HEAR THE HAPPY ENDING! We had some horror & hellish chapters to have to wade through here, in blood--not up to our ankles but up above our waists--up to our armpits, to the horses' bridles, four feet deep & 200 hundred miles long in this great Battle of Armageddon that's about to come now! It's already been announced, it's already been said it's gonna take place, but the Book of Revelation sort of see-saws back & forth like a movie!
       46. IT GIVES YOU A GLIMPSE OF WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN, THEN IT GOES BACK TO EXPLAIN THE HISTORY of what leads up to that particular event & why it happens & how it's going to happen, & then it finally goes on in a steady progression, chronologically like a movie, although it see-saws back & forth a bit, giving you a glimpse of the future, then it goes back into the past again to review what's happening & why it leads up to this event that's gonna happen, until finally no more flashbacks!
       47. IN THE 19TH CHAPTER WE HAVE COME TO THE END, THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON, THE RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST WITH HIS SAINTS to take over the World & to set up the Kingdom of God on Earth, the great Millennial Kingdom of the Garden of Eden of God throughout the World!--The curse removed, innocence restored, man restored, the Garden restored & the beauty of God's marvellous original Creation restored here on Earth for a thousand years!--Even though some people are allowed to survive & to continue on into that period just to show them how the World ought to have been, how it should have been run, how they should have worshipped God & how God's Kingdom on Earth WOULD have been if they had followed Him voluntarily & obeyed Him & trusted Him!
       48. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A HEAVEN ON EARTH, THE GARDEN OF EDEN ON EARTH AGAIN! It would have never stopped if man had followed God, believed His Word & obeyed Him. But God's gonna restore this Garden of Eden again here on Earth for a thousand years, even with some of the wicked still here to teach them what it SHOULD be like, & for us Christians who love the Lord, the Saved, to rule & reign over them as God's governors & police officers & executives, like the Angels of God, we will be running the World!
       49. WHICH SIDE DO YOU WANT TO BE ON WHEN THAT HAPPENS? Do you want to be one of us who have escaped the horrors of Hell & been protected even throughout the hellish period of Tribulation?--And then completely delivered by the Rapture of God & the Resurrection to escape the Wrath of God upon hellish mankind left behind, & then to come back & destroy that kingdom of the Devil & the Hell on Earth that he created, to set up the beautiful Kingdom of God in which dwelleth righteousness so that "righteousness shall cover the Earth as the waters cover the seas!" (Is.11:9)
       50. CAN YOU IMAGINE SUCH A THING?--SO BEAUTIFUL! We're gonna read to you about that beautiful Millennial Period after we read you this 19th chapter in which the final victory is won over the forces of the Antichrist & of Satan! We are then going to read you more about it. But next time, come back & listen to the final war, the War of the Saints & the Angels & the Forces of God against the Devil & the Antichrist & the False Prophet & the forces of Hell & his followers!
       51. WHICH SIDE DO YOU WANT TO BE ON? Do you want to be on the one that seems to be winning NOW & is NOW in power with Satan & the Antichrist & the False Bride, the Whore, the Harlot, the Wicked Woman, the Witch & her Monster & to be a winner for a little while, & then a loser forever?
       52. --OR WOULD YOU RATHER SEEM TO BE A LOSER NOW, seem to be the underdog, seem to be the loser & the one who is downtrodden & persecuted & vilified & maligned & mistreated as we are by the forces of the World System, but a final ultimate victor, an eternal winner who cannot lose because we will conquer the Earth & we will take power over all the forces of this World & over the wicked who remain to teach them how it should have been, to teach them the power of God! Some may even then learn the love of God, I don't know, but we will rule & reign over them with Jesus Christ, it says, "with a rod of iron," by force, in other words! (Re.2:27)
       53. TODAY THEY HAVE, YOU HAVE, EVERYONE HAS, AN OPPORTUNITY TO JOIN THE KINGDOM OF GOD VOLUNTARILY IN LOVE & willingly obey the laws of God & His Kingdom, the Law of love! He has only one law left, just the Law of LOVE!--No more Ten Commandments!--Just God's Law of Love! No more of those horrible Mosaic Laws & Commandments that were impossible to keep, which the foolish Jews still think they can keep, or try to or claim to, which is a lie, it's impossible!
       54. THAT'S WHY JESUS DIED, GOD WANTED TO SHOW MAN IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE PERFECT, it was IMPOSSIBLE to keep God's perfect laws like the Laws of Moses, IMPOSSIBLE! No man can keep the Ten Commandments! No man can keep the Laws of Moses, it's IMPOSSIBLE! That's why GOD had to send His Own Son Jesus to SACRIFICE Himself on Calvary & shed His BLOOD & DIE for us & take our punishment FOR us, the punishment demanded by the law of DEATH, that we might come under the Law of LIFE & LOVE in Christ Jesus!
       55. WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? Are you still labouring under the Law of Death that's impossible to keep & are you a sinner doomed to die?--Or have you received Jesus' sacrifice for your sins & believed on Him & confessed Him & come under God's Law of Grace & Mercy & Love & been saved, the winning side, the side which will ultimately win the victory over the forces of Evil & take over this World & run it right & make it a Garden of Eden on Earth, the restored Garden of God!
       56. DO YOU WANT TO BE AMONGST THE LOSERS OR THE WINNERS?--The seeming losers of today but the winners of tomorrow & Eternity?--Or do you prefer to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season & be an eternal loser? God's Word says of the great Moses that "he chose rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of Egypt & sin for a season, having respect unto the recompense of the reward." (He.11:25,26) He could see OVER his day & its afflictions into Heaven & the glories of reward! "Having respect unto the recompense of the reward" & the riches of Christ Jesus!
       57. WHICH WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE?--THE PLEASURES OF SIN FOR A SEASON?--The treasures of this Earth for the moment? The plaudits & praises of man NOW & be an eternal LOSER in Hell for ages, suffering, losing everything, a rebel against God!--Which would you rather have? The pleasures of sin for a season, rebelliousness against God, willfully going your own way, doing as you please, living a life of lust for money & power & greed & wealth & materialism & the Whore, fucking the Whore of this World System & to be destroyed with it very soon?--Or to suffer a little while now with the people of God, the underdogs, the persecuted, the maligned, the reviled, the tortured, tormented & massacred & martyred! Just a little while more, not very long, but eventual victors!
       58. EVEN SO WE ARE VICTORS, MORE THAN CONQUERORS EVEN! We're MORE than conquerors! (Rom.8:37) What could be more than a CONQUEROR? You say, "A conqueror is the conqueror, he is the winner!--Who could be any more?" You know what's better than a winner or a conqueror?--A good LOSER!--Someone who can lose gracefully, who can be MORE than a conqueror, willing to lose & suffer now, in a sense, sacrifice all & give up your life for Jesus Christ, LOSE your life for His sake & the Gospel's & you'll SAVE it; but he that SAVETH his life shall LOSE it! (Mk.8:35) Which will it be with you?
       59. ARE YOU GOING TO LIVE FOR TODAY & SAVE YOUR LIFE & EVENTUALLY LOSE IT?--Or are you going to live for Christ & lose your life & eventually save it FOREVER? The choice is up to you! Right now! Today!--Tonight! Right there where you are right this minute you're making the choice! You're either hardening your heart against the message of God "And he that being often reproved & hardeneth his neck shall suddenly be DESTROYED," CUT OFF, had your LAST chance!--Or you're OPENING your heart! (Pr.29:1)
       60. THIS NIGHT, THIS DAY, THIS MESSAGE, THIS MOMENT MAY BE YOUR LAST CHANCE to EVER repent & EVER believe & EVER receive Jesus Christ & EVER confess Him EVER again! This may be your last chance! For He says, "My Spirit will not always strive with man!" (Ge.6:3) "For he that being often reproved & hardeneth his neck, shall SUDDENLY be destroyed & THAT without remedy!" (Pr.29:1) You don't deserve another chance, you don't deserve for God to plead for your soul again!
       61. THIS IS THE LAST CHANCE YOU MAY EVER GET & THE LAST ONE YOU DESERVE, MAYBE MORE THAN YOU DESERVE! You deserve to get cut off & DAMNED & KILLED & JUDGED & sent to Hell by God right NOW because of your rejection of His Love & your refusal of Jesus Christ, & you're SLAPPING God in the face with your contempt & scorn & your love of the Devil & his Whore, the World System! You don't deserve another chance! You oughtta go to HELL if you don't take this chance right NOW!
       62. YOU'D BETTER RECEIVE HIM RIGHT NOW, IN JESUS' NAME, & ASK HIM TO FORGIVE YOU! Tell Him you believe He is the Son of God, ask Him to come into your heart! Receive Him & confess Him so you can be saved right NOW & escape the horrors to come, escape the judgements of God to come which are gonna be far worse than the judgements of man! Receive Jesus now! This may be your last chance, the last one you deserve!
       63. YOU MAY BE PASSING THE POINT OF NO RETURN & never be able to repent again, because God's Spirit will not always strive with you. This may be the last time you'll feel that tug at your heart, that desire to open the door of your heart to Jesus! You may never get another chance! Your time is always ready! (Jn.7:6) You've had your chance. God could kill you any time & be justified & send you into Hell for your sins because He gave you every chance to repent, to confess, to receive Him, believe on Him, confess Him before men! Which will it be with you tonight? Now's the time! Tonight's the night! (Sings:)
       64. "IT'S NOW OR NEVER,
       It's now or never, or suffer your fate!"

       --We could sing that song to you tonight!--
       "The great Creator became your Saviour,
       And all God's fullness, dwelleth in Him!"

It's now or never, which will it be?--Jesus or the Devil? The Bride of Christ, His precious Church, His Family?--Or the Whore, the World System of ungodly filthy wicked unbelievers?
       65. LORD, HELP THEM NOW, THOSE WHO ARE SINCERE & WISH TO RECEIVE YOU AS THEIR SAVIOUR, to open their hearts this moment as You promised, if they would open the door, You will come in. You said, "Behold, I stand at the door & knock, if any man HEAR My voice & OPEN the door, I WILL come in." (Re.3:20) Right now, You're knocking, Lord, & right now they're either opening the door & asking You to come in, into their hearts, or they're stubbornly, stiffly & resistantly barring the door, refusing to let You in again, hardening their heart, so that they only deserve sudden destruction!
       66. LORD, HELP THOSE WHO ARE RECEPTIVE! You said Your sheep know Your voice, Lord, & they will follow You, & a stranger they will not follow. (Jn.10:27) Help those, Lord, who You love & who You know will love You, who want to be saved & who want to receive You now, to OPEN the door & let You in, in Jesus' name! (Sings:)
       "Into my heart,
       Into my heart,
       Come into my heart,
       Lord Jesus!

       Come in today,
       Come in to stay,
       Come into my heart,
       Lord Jesus!"

       67. IF YOU EVEN THOUGHT THAT WITH ME IN YOUR HEART, WHETHER YOU SANG OR SAID IT OR NOT, HE'S COME IN because you invited Him in! Praise God! Don't be like so many, who (sings:)
       "When Jesus comes,
       The Earth will shake
       And hearts will quake,
       But they won't be ready!

       When Jesus comes,
       His face we'll see
       But they're not ready!

       Has your soul been filled
       With the fire of His Holy Ghost?
       Are you saved & ready
       To meet the Lord of hosts?

       When Jesus comes,
       Don't hesitate,
       Don't be too late,
       Be ready!"

Take Him now, take Jesus into your heart now, in Jesus' name, amen!
       68. COME BACK AGAIN TO THE GARDEN OF EDEN & hear more & pick more of these flowers of His Word with us as we learn more about what's going to happen in the future! And may it be a happy future & a happy ending for you if you made the right choice tonight or this day, in Jesus' name! X! Amen! God bless you! I love you! Bye-bye until next time! Come back again!

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