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SATAN IN HELL!--HEAVEN ON EARTH!--Part 27 of "The Garden of Eden!"--Revelation Chapter 20       DFO 1195       16/5/81

       1. REVELATION 20: "AND I SAW AN ANGEL COME DOWN FROM HEAVEN, HAVING THE KEY OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT & A GREAT CHAIN IN HIS HAND. And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, & Satan, & bound him a thousand years, & cast him into the bottomless pit, & shut him up, & set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: & after that he must be loosed a little season.
       2. "AND I SAW THRONES, & THEY SAT UPON THEM, & JUDGEMENT WAS GIVEN UNTO THEM: & I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, & for the Word of God, & which had not worshipped the Beast, neither his Image, neither had received his Mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; & they lived & reigned with Christ a thousand years! (The Millennium!)
       3. "BUT THE REST OF THE DEAD LIVED NOT AGAIN UNTIL THE THOUSAND YEARS WERE FINISHED. This is the first RESURRECTION."--The one that's already taken place.--"Blessed & holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God & of Christ, & shall reign with Him a thousand years.
       4. "AND WHEN THE THOUSAND YEARS ARE EXPIRED, SATAN SHALL BE LOOSED OUT OF HIS PRISON, & shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the Earth, Gog & Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea. And they went up on the breadth of the Earth, & compassed the camp of the saints about, & the beloved city: & fire came down from God out of Heaven, & devoured them. And the Devil that deceived them was cast into the Lake of Fire & brimstone, where the Beast & the False Prophet are"--are already--"& shall be tormented day & night for ever & ever."--An age & an age.
       5. "AND I SAW A GREAT WHITE THRONE, & HIM THAT SAT ON IT, FROM WHOSE FACE THE EARTH & THE HEAVEN FLED AWAY; & there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small & great, stand before God; & the Books were opened: & another Book was opened, which is the Book of Life: & the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the Books, according to their works.
       6. "AND THE SEA GAVE UP THE DEAD WHICH WERE IN IT; & Death & Hell delivered up the dead which were in them: & they were judged every man according to their works. And Death & Hell were cast into the Lake of Fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the Lake of Fire."
       7. THIS IS ONE OF THE SHORTEST CHAPTERS IN THIS AMAZING BOOK, & YET IT IS ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING OF ALL ITS AMAZING CHAPTERS! This chapter, although one of the shortest, covers one of the longest periods of time covered by this book, because this chapter follows the Battle of Armageddon--in the 19th chapter--in which Satan & the Antichrist & the False Prophet & the forces who have accepted the Mark of the Beast are defeated, this Antichrist Devil-man, Satan in the flesh, one-World dictator of a one-World tyranny & reign of terror! In the 19th Chapter they are all defeated by the forces of Heaven, by a triumphal charge upon white horses out of the sky, an invasion from Outer Space!
       8. AN INVASION FROM OUTER SPACE TAKES PLACE--YOU & I & JESUS--those of us who love the Lord will come charging out of the sky upon white horses! You say, "Oh, what do you mean, white horses? If God is so supernatural & miraculous that we can be up in the sky & the Heavenlies & in Outer Space in the first place, what in the World does He need with HORSES?" Well, there is just something magnificent about a horse! GOD created horses. God sculptured the first horse out of the dust of the Earth & made it a living creature & He made it the way He made it, purposely designed perfectly for man to ride--beautifully!
       9. A HORSE WAS MADE FOR MAN TO RIDE! Look at the shape of the horse--if I had one here I'd show it to you! Its back is perfectly shaped to take the body of man astride, & then its neck rising just in front of him with its head just before him so that its head is almost on an exact even level with the head of man. But the average man is just tall enough to see right over the head of the average horse. Perfect! Just made perfectly to size, made to measure to fit man. Man was not made to fit the horse, but the horse was made to fit man!
       10. THROUGHOUT THE WORLD EVEN TODAY HORSES ARE STILL USED BY MANY MILITARY FORCES, CAVALRY FORCES & POLICE FORCES. It's said that there is something about a policeman on a horse galloping through a city street or nudging a mob back away from wherever they aren't supposed to be, that gives a policeman a certain majesty, a certain grandeur, a certain authority, a certain power that a man on foot--a policeman even on foot--cannot have. Even in the United States--some of the most modern cities in the World--they have a horse-borne police force, a segment of their police who are Mounted Cavalry, Mounted Police.
       11. AND OF COURSE, THE FAMOUS CANADIAN POLICE ARE CALLED THE ROYAL MOUNTED POLICE WITH THOSE BEAUTIFUL RED COATS! I remember when I was a boy I used to thrill to read the continued stories in Boys' Life Magazine about Renfrew of the Royal Mounted Police! He was a royally mounted policeman atop a royal horse in that horsemen's corps of Royal Mounted Police of Canada! Her Majesty's Royal Mounted Police!
       12. AND THEY LOOK ROYAL IN THOSE GORGEOUS BEAUTIFUL RED COATS & THOSE BROAD-BRIMMED HATS, sitting dignified, majestically up on top of a gorgeous beautiful mount, ready to run at a moment's notice, ready to run almost as fast as an automobile, faster than a man or a chariot or a wagon or any kind of animal-drawn vehicle, that's for sure!--And able to climb into places absolutely inaccessible for any kind of man's man-made vehicles in the most precipitous of mountain trails.
       13. I CAN REMEMBER WHEN I USED TO RIDE HORSEBACK EVERY EVENING! Just before sunset I would ride out & try to find our cattle, to bring the cows in for their evening milking. And out on the ranch in Texas I wore typical cowboy jeans & a very thick leather jacket--it's a good thing because our dear horse was a little skittish about getting saddled. Almost every time I would saddle that thoroughbred & tried to reach underneath her belly to get ahold of the cinch belt from the other side, having thrown the saddle on her back, she would try to nip me!
       14. YOU THROW THE SADDLE OVER & THE BELT HANGS DOWN ON THE OTHER SIDE & you have to reach under the horse's stomach to get a hold of the cinch & to bring it up & put it through the buckle or the cinch ring on the side towards you. And she either had a very sensitive tummy--like some women--or perhaps she thought I was getting too fresh as I reached my hand underneath her tummy, & just as I was stooping down in my thick leather jacket & my cowboy hat--ten gallon Stetson--& reaching clear over about three feet to the other side of her where the cinch belt was hanging down to get it, she would almost always take advantage of this opportunity to turn her head around & give me a nip right here on the shoulder! She was a rascal--like some of the rest of you women! She apparently didn't appreciate my loving tender gentle touch & care!--Or maybe it was a kiss!
       15. WELL, SHE WAS USED TO RUNNING PRETTY WILD out on the plains & through the woods of the ranch, & we even had a little problem sometimes rounding her up to ride. But I'd get the boys out & we'd find her & usually I'd have them find her sometime during the early evening hours so they could drive her back into the corral. A corral is a small fenced area in the barnyard where you can drive cattle or cows or horses or even pigs, whatever you want, where you can get them under control & get ahold of them.
       16. I ADVISE YOU DON'T TRY TO GET HOLD OF ANY PIGS THOUGH! I don't know whether you realise what pigs are, but they are little monsters, & a good-sized boar has huge long tusks like this, huge big teeth in those powerful jaws that can crush your arm or your leg just like that! We have thrown a dead goat--I have watched this happen--to our pigs in the pig-yard & that dead goat would have completely disappeared, bones & all, within just a few minutes! Those powerful big jaws--boar's & sow's jaws--would come down crushing those bones & grinding them to powder & eating the whole works--head, skin, bones, meat, EVERYTHING within a few minutes!
       17. THE LITTLE PIGS MAY LOOK VERY CUTE, BUT I ADVISE YOU TO STEER CLEAR OF THE BIG ONES! They can weigh half-a-ton, so heavy that they come charging at you & nothing can stop them! So heavy that when a mother has a new set of little babies--which can number anywhere from about eight to ten or a dozen a litter--I think that's the word, litter--she can roll over & crush'm! My son Aaron often used to go out & sleep with the old sow in the barn. Well, that wasn't bestiality but he was just a very penurious scheming little [EDITED: "rascal"] who wanted to make sure he didn't even lose one little piglet!
       18. SO WHEN THE MAMA SOW WAS ABOUT TO HAVE HER LITTLE PIGLETS he would go out & she would sleep on one pile of straw in the barn & he would sleep on another until he heard her beginning to give birth to those piglets, & then as fast as she delivered them he'd scoop'm away & put them where she couldn't roll over on'm & crush'm, because she's so big & heavy! One of the most frequent accidents in hog-raising is that the mama sow rolls over on some little pig & crushes it or smothers it.
       19. SO AARON WOULD STAY THERE TO MAKE SURE ALL THE LITTLE PIGS GOT BORN SAFELY & were put around on the tummy of the mama on her many bosoms. Lady pigs have not two bosoms but quite a few bosoms! I think it's about eight, as I recall, or maybe it's a dozen, two times four or two times six. Anyhow, they've got enough to nurse an awful lot of little piglets! He'd make sure mama sow, this big half-a-ton sow, wouldn't roll over on top of the piglets, 'cause piglets were worth a lot of money.
       20. LEAVE IT TO THE DEVIL TO HAVE THE DIRTIEST, FILTHIEST, VILEST, MOST CONTAMINATED UNCLEAN MEAT ANIMAL ALMOST IN THE WORLD to be the easiest & fastest to raise & bring the highest prices on the market! That's hog-raising! Of course there's only one way to make money any faster than that, & that's--as the fellow said--to go into the NOT-hog-raising business! Did you ever hear about the not-hog-raising business?
       21. DURING THE ADMINISTRATION OF ROOSEVELT, THE FAMOUS F.D.R., Franklin Delano Roosevelt of the Depression, & the N.R.A., National Reconstruction Administration & all the rest of the alphabet-soup agencies that he created in his Socialistic Communistic administration, in order to keep farm prices on pigs & grains & a lot of other things high, if the prices got too low they used to burn the crops or they'd destroy the hogs, slaughter'm & kill'm & bury'm, or sometimes smoke them or brine salt them or whatever!
       22. AND WHEN THAT DIDN'T DO THE TRICK THEY WOULD PAY THE FARMERS NOT TO GROW CERTAIN CROPS & would literally PAY them not to raise pigs! They'd promise, "Now, if you promise NOT to raise as many pigs as you did last year, if last year you raised 200 hogs, we'll give you so much money per hog you don't raise this year. If you'll say, cut it in half & only raise 100 hogs, we'll pay you for all these hogs that you didn't raise!" So during WW2-- [DELETED] contrary to popular supposition, neither was the first World War, which was called "the war to save democracy," actually fought for this, & neither was it, as was popularly acclaimed during WW2, "the war to end all wars" [DELETED]
       23. SO ONE G.I. HEARD ABOUT THIS OVER IN FRANCE WHEN HE WAS FIGHTING. He said, "Boy, you know what I heard? They PAY you for NOT raising crops & NOT raising hogs back home nowadays! You know what? I'm gonna go back there & I'm going to go into the NOT-raising-hogs business! At first I'm not gonna raise 50 hogs & the government will pay me quite a bit for that! But pretty soon I'll get around to not raising 100 hogs & they'll pay me TWICE as much for that! And then I'm not gonna raise a hundred or two hundred or three hundred, maybe I'll not raise a thousand hogs & I'll REALLY make a lot of money on not-raising hogs!"--Just about as crazy as some of these government schemes, especially some of these Socialistic schemes.
       24. "OH, I THOUGHT YOU WERE A SOCIALIST! I thought you believed in sharing. I thought you believed in Christian Communism! I thought you believed in sharing all things?" Well, our kind of voluntary, loving sharing of "what I have belongs to you & I'm gonna give it to you" is a whole lot different from the Communist type at the point of a gun: "What you have belongs to me & I'm gonna take it away from you!" That's different!
       25. IT'S NOT SOME OF THESE HAIR-BRAINED SCHEMES OF GOVERNMENTAL CONTROL such as the not-raising-hogs business, where when people are starving & hungry & jobless they slaughter the hogs, bury them, burn the crops & burn the oranges to keep the price up for the sake of the farmers--most of whom by that time were no longer little family-farmers. When you think of a farmer you always think of a nice little family farm & one nice little poor family farmer & his wife & children farming this little farm of maybe a few hundred acres.
       26. THE AVERAGE FARM IN THE UNITED STATES NOW IS A BIG MULTI-MILLION-DOLLAR CORPORATION consisting of THOUSANDS of acres, run by a big-shot Capitalist with a lot of employees with a Hell of a lot more complicated, sophisticated machinery for plowing, planting & harvesting tens of thousands of acres in one farm run by a multi-millionaire Capitalist! That's modern farming, U.S. farming today!
       27. SO DON'T FEEL TOO SORRY FOR THE POOR FARMER who may not be getting exactly as much money for his crops & his products as he would like to! He's only making a million dollars this year instead of the two million he made last year! That's why there can be so much pressure on the government to even sell grain to their enemies, because the farmers make a lot of money on it! Well, how did I get on this subject, anyway?
       28. ANYHOW, WATCH OUT FOR THOSE HOGS, THEY'RE DANGEROUS! I'll never forget the time my dear son Aaron--he was the farmer--was chasing this huge boar--that's a big male hog that weighs about a half-a-ton. It was always running off & getting lost & leading the other pigs astray clear off into the woods & a mile away on the ranch & actually in danger of getting killed by wild dogs & so on.
       29. SO HE GOT THE BRILLIANT IDEA HE WAS GOING TO TIE A BELL AROUND THE LEAD HOG'S NECK. He was gonna tie it around & he had this pretty blue ribbon--I don't know whether he thought it was gonna make him look pretty or what--but he was literally trying to rassle that hog, chase it I don't know how many times around the corral trying to jump on its back!
       30. HE SUCCEEDED IN GETTING ON THE HOG'S BACK SEVERAL TIMES with the hog running pell-mell as fast as it could around in circles going wild, with Aaron desperately clinging to the hog's neck trying to tie this bell on its neck! He could barely stay on the hog much less tie the bell on & I came out & finally screamed at him & said, "Hog!" I mean, "Aaron!"--Yes, hog, ha!--"Aaron, you're gonna KILL yourself, or that hog's gonna kill you! STOP that right now!" And I almost had to beat him off the back of the hog to keep him from killing himself--or the hog killing him! They're really dangerous!
       31. ALL THAT TO TELL YOU HOW BEAUTIFUL HORSES ARE & how I used to ride the horse out in the evening, watch the sun set & go out & look for the cows! Because we had one old devil of a cow called Red who always led the rest of them astray. I'm sure that cow was demon-possessed because it had fire in its eyes! Now, most cows come home at evening time. Like the old song they sing: "All things come home at eventide, for they are homing & I belong by thy side, homing!"
       32. THE CHICKENS COME HOME, THE HOGS COME HOME, THE COWS COME HOME, ALL BUT THE CHICKENS OF THIS ONE DEAR COLOURED LADY who went out just as it was getting eventide & the sun was beginning to set & began chasing the chickens & grabbing them & taking them into the hen-house! And her neighbour said to her, "W-W-W-What's the matter, Amanda? Why's you chas'n those chickens? You know soon as it starts gettin' dark, dem dere chickens are gonna come home! Dey's gonna come home to roost!" Amanda rapidly racing around the yard trying to catch the chickens says, "Yes Ma'm, that's jes what I'm afraid of! Dey's gonna go home to roost!" In other words, they weren't her chickens! Ha! That's one of the characteristics of some of the dear coloured folks because they're so very poor.
       33. LIKE THE OLD COLOURED BOY WHO DIDN'T HAVE HIS TURKEY FOR THANKSGIVING YET! He prayed & prayed for a turkey & it didn't come! So he said, "You knows, boss, what I did finally? I prayed & prayed for that dere turkey & I didn't git him! So one night when it was dark I prayed the dear Lord would send me out to get that turkey, & I got him the first night!" In other words, he got him out of somebody else's yard!
       34. WELL, I USED THAT TO SAY THAT'S HOW TO PUT FEET TO YOUR PRAYERS! Sometimes you do a lot of praying but you need to cooperate with the Lord & do a lot of walking too, & talking & working & doing something to HELP the Lord answer your prayers! Well, I wouldn't suggest you do it THAT way, to try to keep the chickens in your yard when they belong to another yard, or go out & get the turkey in the dark of the night from somebody else's yard.
       35. OTHERWISE YOU MIGHT GET CAUGHT LIKE THE OLD COLOURED BOY WHO WAS OUT ONE DARK NIGHT STEALING CHICKENS IN THE FARMER'S HEN-HOUSE! He got out there in the hen-house & you know, if the chickens get disturbed too much, even in the middle of the night they're kind of sleepy but they start clucking: "Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck! Cluck cluck cluck cluck! Cluck cluck!" And the old farmer heard'm & he came out with his shot-gun & he threw the hen-house door open in the dark & said, "Who's there!?" And the old coloured boy says, "Nobody but us chickens, Boss!" I wouldn't suggest you try to answer your prayers that way!
       36. BUT ALL THAT TO TELL YOU HOW BEAUTIFUL HORSES ARE, & I used to ride my horse out every evening to round up the cows & bring them home in spite of this old red devil that tried to lead them astray off into the woods a mile or two away out of reach so we couldn't milk'm that night. She was demon-possessed! And like a typical cowboy, I rode my horse & I carried not a six-gun but a nine-shot right on my hip in a holster!--Not for Indians but for all kinds of other varmints that sometimes infest those Texas ranches, particularly rattlesnakes, & I've shot quite a few! I was a crack-shot!
       37. I WAS A CRACK-SHOT IN THE ARMY TOO & I got a medal for being a crack-shot, hittin' nine out of ten right on the button! Thank God I never had to shoot any people! I got out of that because I was more interested in bringing people to LIFE than killing them!--More interested in bringing them Eternal Life than bringing Eternal Death!
       38. BUT A HORSE IS A BEAUTIFUL THING, & to come riding out of the sky on a great white charger to win the Battle of Armageddon, I'm looking forward to that! I guess I'm just an old cowhand! (Sings:)
       "I'm an old cowhand from the Rio Grande!
       And I learned to ride, 'fore I learned to stand!
       I know every trail in the Lone Star State
       'Cause I ride the range in a Ford V-8!
       Yipee-ai-oh-ki-yeah! Yipee-ai-oh-ki-yeah!"

       39. THAT'S TYPICAL OF THE MODERN COWBOY TODAY! He no longer rides the range really on horse most of the time--unless it's a very rough range--he rides around in a Ford pick-up or some other kind of a pick-up truck, & that way he can pick up any small calves or anything that needs help, or small little new horses, colts & foals & whatnot; if they're having any trouble of any kind they can bring'm back in. Or the goats or the sheep or whatever it may be!
       40. MY OH MY, I DIDN'T EXPECT TO GET INTO A FARM LESSON TONIGHT, but just tellin' you how beautiful those horses are going to be! We're gonna ride into this Earth from the sky from Outer Space, from the Heavenlies, from the great Marriage Supper of the Lamb! We're gonna mount our horses & come charging in from the sky to annihilate our enemies! Thank God!
       41. THEN, NOT ONLY THAT, IN THE 20TH CHAPTER, FINALLY THE DEVIL HIMSELF IS GONNA BE BOUND BY A GREAT ANGEL, bound by a chain--if not a literal chain, something to bind him. He's a great spirit, a great evil power, so a literal iron chain is probably not what it is, but some type or form of bondage. He's going to be bound, cast into the bottomless pit for ONE THOUSAND YEARS!
       42. NOW FIRST OF ALL, WHAT IS A BOTTOMLESS PIT? "What do you mean? I never heard of a pit without a bottom?" Science has already proven that the heart of the Earth--which is probably as they already believe & have fairly well proven--is a ball of fire! This house you live in, this old Earth is on fire in the basement! Not a very safe place to live, is it? But that's where Hell is, the Lake of Fire is, the Bottomless Pit!
       43. AND THEY SAY IN THE HEART OF THAT FIRE IS THE CENTER OF GRAVITY OF THE EARTH, if you were to bore a hole down through the crust--which is rather thin at that, by the way--not very thick--there's space inside. Have you ever read Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth? Well, that made the heart of the Earth sound like Heaven, although they did meet a lot of monsters down there. But actually it's a ball of fire, it's Hell! Not Hell ON Earth but Hell IN the Earth & it is the Bottomless Pit! And if you were to fall down in there, how far can you fall into the heart of the Earth? You can only fall DOWN until you reach the center, & then you're falling UP!
       44. I'LL NEVER FORGET A SCIENCE FICTION STORY I READ, A THEORETICAL STORY OF WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO ANYBODY IF THEY FELL IN THERE. They'd go zooming past the center falling so fast that their momentum would carry them far beyond the center up the other way--or down is up there--until they reached a certain point where they'd start falling back again & they'd fall back & forth! Here'd be the center & you'd come down through the crust & you'd fall down past the center clear down to here, & then you'd fall back up again, & you'd fall down again & fall back up again!--Seesaw back & forth maybe forever! Well, the Devil's gonna do that for a thousand years in the Lake of Fire!
       45. AND WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN DURING THIS THOUSAND YEARS which is mentioned, let's see, how many times? It's mentioned once in the second verse, once in the third verse--that's two times--& it's mentioned once again in the fourth verse--that's three times--& again in the fifth & sixth verse--that's five times--& in the seventh verse! Six times this thousand years is mentioned! It must be a pretty important thousand years, right? Well, it is a VERY important thousand years, so important that theologians & Bible students have called it the MILLENNIUM, which is just Latin for a thousand years.
       46. BUT IT'S A VERY SPECIAL THOUSAND YEARS because during that thousand years you & I with Jesus--according to the sixth verse--we who have had part in the First Resurrection, the Rapture, are going to rule & reign with Jesus Christ for a thousand years, on whom the second death hath no power at all. Because if you're born twice, you only die once.
       47. IF YOU'RE BORN PHYSICALLY OF THE FLESH & THEN BORN AGAIN OF THE SPIRIT, spiritually saved with Jesus in your heart, then you only die once physically. But if you're only born once, just physically, you're going to die twice! First of all, the natural physical death; second, the spiritual death, the second death! So, born only once, you die twice; born twice, born & born again, you die only once & then you go to be with the Lord forever!
       48. BUT FIRST OF ALL, YOU DON'T SPEND THAT FIRST THOUSAND YEARS IN HEAVEN. A lot of Christians & Church people are gonna be disappointed. If they die now before Jesus comes they'll go to Heaven & even when Jesus comes He'll come & get them & resurrect & rapture them up to Heaven for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb during the horrible Hell-on-Earth of God's judgements, & then we come charging back in to win this Battle of Armageddon in the 19th Chapter, & the False Prophet & the Beast are cast into the Lake of Fire, & then in the 20th Chapter, here the Devil himself is cast into the Lake of Fire with them. That's where they all belong, along with these Antichrist Mark of the Beast people!
       49. WHAT ARE WE GONNA BE DOING?--US CHRISTIANS WHO LOVE THE LORD DURING THAT TIME? We've already been resurrected, raptured, had the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, charged in & won the Battle of Armageddon & now we've taken over the World! We're gonna rule & reign with Jesus Christ on the Earth for one thousand years! THAT'S what the thousand years is going to mean to us! For the Devil & his crowd it's gonna mean a thousand years in Hell, the Lake of Fire!
       50. BUT ONE MORE LITTLE THING IS GONNA HAPPEN BEFORE THE FINAL HEAVEN. This is not the final Heaven, this is the Millennium. This is the Heaven-on-Earth of the restoration of the Garden of Eden, the Earth in its pure pristine original beauty & perfection without the Curse & without Satan & without most of the Wicked. This is gonna be the Millennium, the thousand years of our reign with Jesus on Earth.
       51. THEN THE DEVIL'S GOTTA BE LET OUT FOR A LITTLE WHILE to show you that "though mercy be extended to the Wicked, yet he will not learn righteousness!" (Is.26:10) Because the people still left who survived the Tribulation & the Wrath of God & lived through the Millennium under us--we as their rulers, they as our subjects & our enemies under our feet so to speak--the minute Satan comes out again & tries to deceive them--God lets him come out & looses him & He lets him deceive them to show you that they deserve just what they're gonna get!
       52. BECAUSE EVEN THOUGH AFTER A THOUSAND YEARS OF PERFECT GOVERNMENT UNDER JESUS CHRIST & HIS SAINTS & ANGELS HERE ON THE EARTH, THESE WICKED REBEL AGAIN & follow Satan AGAIN to their final destruction! And fire comes down from God out of Heaven & DEVOURS the Satanic forces of the Devil & his whole crowd COMPLETELY & wipes out ALL the Wicked on Earth in a gigantic fire in which the entire surface of the Earth is burned up & the atmospheric heavens explode & roll back like a scroll like you've seen some fires burn, until then the Judgement Seat of God sits to judge the Wicked!
       53. THIS IS NOT THE JUDGEMENT SEAT OF CHRIST, THAT'S ALREADY OCCURRED AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MILLENNIUM in which the SAINTS are judged & rewarded according to their works. That's a different scene at the beginning of the Kingdom of God on Earth. But this is the final great Judgement, the awful Judgement of the unsaved! This is their FIRST RESURRECTION, their first Resurrection when they are resurrected to face God at His almighty Throne of Judgement for their evil wicked sins. It is the first resurrection, THEIR first resurrection of the Wicked, but their second DEATH as they're cast into Hell. And then after that, "Whosoever was not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the Lake of Fire."
       54. WELL, DO YOU WANNA KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY, THE EXCITING END OF THIS BEAUTIFUL STORY?--What happens after a thousand years of Heaven on Earth, the Garden of Eden again & then the great Battle of Gog & Magog that destroys Satan & all his forces & all the Wicked, kills everybody on Earth except us who are already Saints & in our Resurrection supernatural bodies like the angels of God! We're already saved & out of it all, ruling over the Earth! But then God destroys Satan & all his forces & casts them all into Hell at the Last Judgement here.
       55. WELL, COME BACK NEXT TIME & YOU'LL HEAR WHAT HAPPENS NEXT, OK? But be sure you're not in that crowd that takes part in only ONE resurrection & TWO deaths. It's better to be in the First Resurrection BEFORE the Millennium, after having been born again, born once & born again.--Born twice & only die once rather than to have been only born once & die twice & have part in this Second RESURRECTION which is only for the so far unsaved.
       56. DO YOU WANNA ESCAPE ALL THE HORRORS OF TRIBULATION, JUDGEMENTS UPON MAN, the horrors of the Wrath of God on man, the horrors of the final Battle of Gog & Magog upon man & the final Hell-judgement of God?--Take Jesus into your heart! That's the only escape, the only way! Do you have Jesus? If not, take Him right now! Sing with me:
       "Into my heart, into my heart,
       Come into my heart, Lord Jesus!
       Come in today, come in to stay,
       Come into my heart, Lord Jesus!"

And He will come in if you'll ask Him in. PTL!--In Jesus' name, amen!--Are YOU saved?

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