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JACOB[DELETED]!--By Father David       DO 1221       16/7/72

       (Because of the horrors of the murderous atrocities recently committed by "Israel" against the thousands of poor innocent Lebanese civilians & dispossessed persecuted Palestinians [EDITED: "e.g., the Shatila & Sabra Palestinian refugee camp massacres of 1982"], we feel it is time to release this [DELETED] for the first time since it was received in Israel in January 1971. The following commentary was added 16/7/72 as we saw Israel's next war with the poor Arabs coming soon [EDITED: "1973"], but only now do we feel it's time to [EDITED: "release this"]! GHU!--June 1982.)

       (Commentary on a revelation received in Israel, January 1971:)

       Dearly Beloved in the Lord: Greetings in Jesus' Precious Name! I can go longer say "Dear Children" only, as these letters are now being published and distributed to many of you who are not children but are very dear friends, parents and our loved in the Lord--sometimes even to our enemies!

       2. For, because of the many recent lies and wild tales told about us by some of our enemies and some of the unfavourable news media, we have felt it necessary to release the truth to you in the form of the own personal letters. As Jesus said to His disciples, "I call you not servants, for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth. But I have called you friends, for all things that I have heard of My Father I have made known unto you" (Jn.15:15).

       3. In connection with this subject on which we feel compelled to write and warn you today, may we suggest that you may also wish to read the [EDITED: "past"] epistles and prophecies on the same subject. [DELETED]


       6. [DELETED] [EDITED: "It"] was first revealed to me by the Lord when I was asking Him why a certain very biased anti-Children of God show was produced against us by a certain German TV network who came and filmed some of our Colonies during their very trying period of relocation and bad publicity in the Northwest. They came with a very critical and negative attitude to begin with and seemed determined only to find fault an with their minds already made up to produce a totally unfavourable show on us, which they did, and which was subsequently exhibited throughout Germany, but still did not "stop our rain," thank God, but on the contrary, actually raised up more friends in our defense! This is usually the result of Satan's attacks on us!--He hangs himself, and God causes the wrath of man to praise Him! (Ps.6:10).

       7. Nevertheless, I was asking the Lord why these men came to us with such a bigoted and antagonistic attitude in the first place, without even knowing us!--And I had a very strange and amazing answer from the Lord: The thing that came to me was that somehow these same writings from Israel [DELETED] had either fallen into their hands or those who sponsored them, and that these sponsors [DELETED] obviously determined to produce a show against us, as we were just at that time beginning to establish our first Colonies in Germany! I remember thinking at the time they made the show that it was rather odd that these Germans could be so bitterly prejudiced against us when they knew so little about us!

       8. In fact, when these German newsmen came to visit us they showed their minds were already made up against us by their questions, interviews and even remarks to the local press that they thought we resembled Hitler and his Nazis! I thought this very peculiar and certainly a striking contrast to what most people say about us, even our enemies, usually being more inclined to call us Communists, just the opposite!

       9. But these strange German newsmen had, very oddly enough, called us just the opposite--Nazis!--Why? But I never got the answer to that until I was definitely praying about it the other day and it came to me clear as a bell that ... they had been prejudiced against us somehow through our writings from Israel!


       11. Not at all the Jews were driven out of Germany [EDITED: "during WW2"], neither did they all go to Israel! Multitudes of them were released from their concentration camps and repatriated from their countries of exile after the War and returned to Germany, which they considered their homeland and where they felt more at home because they had been born and reared there, German was their native tongue, [DELETED] and it was only natural that they should return to their homes [DELETED]! How logical!

       12. [EDITED: "To understand post-WW1 or pre-WW2 Germany"] you should read Sholem Asch's book on post-World War I Germany, {\ul \i The War Goes On}, one of the vilest books I ever read as a young high school senior, but which I was required to report on by one of my teachers!

       13. This book vividly describes the horrible post-War condition of defeated, wrecked, starving and desperate Germany in those awful days when the Communists nearly took it over before the rise of Hitler[DELETED], only to plunge it into a worse war and more horrible atrocities against the Jews!

       14. In the conclusion of this moving description of post-World War I Germany, you cannot help but feel that the personal opinion of this Jewish novelist, Sholem, Asch, was that the only hope of saving Germany from the Nazis was Communism, a fairly prevalent attitude amongst the Jews of Germany during this period! So it is not hard to understand why the Nazis thought they would have to stamp out the Jews in order to stamp out Communism! [DELETED]

       15. In fact, there were many others who agreed with Hitler in those days that the greatest world danger was Communism, and many German Bunds, or pro-German clubs, were established throughout the Western world, including America, and who sympathized with Hitler!

       16. These were particularly strong in the strongly German areas of America such as Detroit, Michigan, and Orange County, California, from whence came men like Reagan and Nitler. I can remember when, as a boy, you almost had to speak German to live in Anaheim (German for "Ana's Home"), California, in and near which some of the largest and most powerful of these pro-German Bunds were located!

       17. Men like Gerald B. Winrod and Gerald L.K. Smith were also roaming America in those days as ardent antagonists of Communism and blaming its American inroads on its Jewish leadership. [DELETED]


       19. [EDITED: "It"] was a common ruse of the day, to attack supposed anti-Communists as being allegedly anti-Semitic because of their exposing of the facts that world Communism at that time, and particularly in America, was led largely by the Jews! [DELETED]


       21. Sholem Asch, thank God, finally was saved and became a Christian and later wrote a number of Christian novels, went to Israel to try to convert other Jews, but died suddenly under somewhat strange circumstances! Thank God, he's gone to be with the Lord, his Messiah!


       25. Although founded by a Jew, the German Karl Marx, and for much of its early years led by influential Jewish Socialists, today Communism is throwing off [DELETED] its former Jewish leadership and assuming a more nationalistic character [DELETED], as evidenced by many recent events! The Russians have been hindering the immigration of Jews to Israel, have allegedly been discriminating against them and their religious practices in Russia, while at the same time backing their mortal enemies, the Arabs, in the Mid-East! What more proof do you need than that!


       28. [DELETED] So I'm now passing on to you the following revelation which I received from the Lord long ago in Israel warning us[DELETED]:

       29. But before I do, let me add a few footnotes to the foregoing: We regret that we have been compelled to reveal these issues to you in explanation of the bitter attacks recently slanted against us by these various [DELETED] news agencies, particularly one very defaming, biased, unfair & completely prejudiced blast of a recent TV documentary full of lies, distortions and libelous and slanderous defamations of our character for which we may yet sue them!

       30. However, they very cleverly disguised their insidious insinuations behind the faces and statements of some poor traitorous little backsliders, malcontents, defectors, betrayers and just plain hateful enemies whom the network used as its dupes to cast their hideous stones for them to try to escape liability, little people who had always been troublemakers, dogs who finally had their day of glory in trying to smear us with the wildest tale they could possibly imagine!

       31. As you may have noticed, most of these accusers were cowardly anonymous for fear we might retaliate and refute their lies with costly court action against them! It was real dirty poor with concealed blows well below the belt so that a refereeing court would have difficulty in calling fouls! It was the typical character assassination and the type of low-level and insulting assault to which only their kind would stoop!

       32. In fact, the show was so obviously deliberately slanted against us and so nearly all bad that any viewer with a grain of sense must have surely seen that the network for some reason had a chip on its shoulder and was purposely trying to smear us! Indeed, many of these viewers called in their protests against this network's dirty lowdown attack; even many who didn't even know us were enraged by the network's bias and smear campaign!

       33. What some of them did not know was the reason behind this [DELETED] TV network's perfidious propaganda barrage against us, and the network was certainly not going to tell them, because this would certainly have revealed the lowness of their character and their extremely [DELETED] anti-Christ slanting of the news! But this just shows you how low they will stoop and how far they'll go to manifest prejudice, discrimination and even persecution against those they don't like[DELETED]!


       35. [DELETED] If you think all [EDITED: "Israelis"] are for justice, freedom and equality, as they claim and so loudly protest, you should visit Israel and see! [DELETED]

       36. I spent years trying to prove to my father that the [EDITED: "Biblical"] promises to Israel could still be applied to flesh-and-blood Jews and that God was not entirely through with them! But due to this recent revelation I've had from the Lord [DELETED] I now realize that [DELETED] [EDITED: "w"]e are Israel, the one and only true Israel, the only Jews in the world, and the teachings of Paul absolutely back this up to the hilt--the New Testament epistles of Paul! (See Nos. 8, 46, 86, etc.)

       (The following is our 1971 revelation!:)

       37. We are the House of Israel! [DELETED] [EDITED: "O"]nly those that accept Jesus Christ as Messiah and Saviour are the true House of Israel, the one and only Jews! There are no other Israelis and there are no other Jews but us! We're the ones, we Christians who have received Jesus, the Jewish Messiah and Saviour of Israel! [DELETED]


       39. Modern Israel is not Israel. [DELETED] [EDITED: "W"]e who were no people at all, we who were nothing, the Gentile dogs, the off-scouring of the Earth, have eaten of the crumbs at the Master's table and have, by the miracle of His Grace, His Love, His Mercy, His Salvation, and His Holy Spirit, become the one and only Israel in the world today!

       40. There are no other Jews but us! [DELETED]

       41. [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]the Children of God, the one and only true Israel of Jesus Christ, the genuine Christians, the only real Jews, the only true Israel, kings and priests unto God--"Israel", "Ish-ra-el": a prince of God and of man! (Rev.3:9,39-44; 1Th.2:15,16; Ro.2:28,29; Ga.3:29). (See also ML Nos. 46, 66, 86, 281, etc.)

       42. [DELETED] We're the only ones who have a right to name ourselves these Bible names, because we're the only ones who have a right to call ourselves "Ish-ra-el," a prince of God and of man--Jews--Judah, because we're of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Jesus Christ! [DELETED]


       44. They're going to have to come just exactly the same way that all the rest of us have come--through Jesus--there's no other way! He that receiveth Me receiveth the Father! If they hate you and Him, they hate the Father also! [DELETED]


       46. We're the Children of God! We're God's chosen! We're the Israel of God--princes of God! We're the real Jews of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Jesus Christ! [DELETED]


       50. [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]he Church still calls them "Jews" and "Israel" and talks about how God saved them and brought them back to the land of Israel.

       51. [DELETED] Ask any [EDITED: "Israeli"], [DELETED] and he'll tell you it wasn't God that brought them back!--They did it themselves! "God didn't fight our battle for us!--We fought it!--We pulled the triggers!--We shot the guns!--We saved ourselves! Our own arm saved us!" And it's only the rare hypocrite who tries to pull down some fancy veil of religious hypocrisy and say that God saved them, to try to give some kind of religious credence to their helluva war against the true sons of God, the real Christians, the Christian Arabs that they hated and fought and threw out of their own country!


       53. We are Israel! We are the Jews, and all the promises of God--all the pledges and marvels that God has in store for the only Jews in the world, the true Christians--all of these are yours in Christ Jesus! "All things are yours in Christ Jesus." [DELETED]

       54. Because Jesus, the Messiah of the only true Jews in the world--you and me; Jesus, the Saviour of the only true Israel in the world--you and me; the King of Kings of the only real Israel in the world--you and me; our Messiah is going to set up His Kingdom here on the Earth and make His capital here in Jerusalem and sit down with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the true Children of God! [DELETED] (Mt.8:11; Lu.20:9-16; Re.21:8).


       56. [DELETED] May God deliver us, and God deliver the poor Christians [EDITED: "the Israelis have"] dispossessed, the poor Christian Arabs that lived here--the ones they threw out and drove out and still persecute!--And God will!--God will in His time when they've suffered enough:

       57. God will deliver these Christian Arabs from [DELETED] these persecutors of His children[DELETED]! What a shock that'll be to the so-called Christian world and all their fancy theories and interpretations when God turns around and gives this country to the real Jews--the real Israel--the Christian Arabs--and to us, the true Children of God! Hallelujah! Praise You Jesus! Thank You Lord!

       58. Don't you worry! The Children of God are yet going to dance in the streets of Jerusalem--our Jerusalem--our city [DELETED], our Jerusalem, Holy Jerusalem, inheritors of the Kingdom of God--us! And old men like me are yet going to lean on our staves in that Holy City when it is cleansed[DELETED]! Then we'll inherit that which belongs to the Children of God--us--the real Jews--the genuine Jews--the real Israel--the Israel of God! (Zec.8:4-8).

       59. (Prophecy: "Write it not, Interpret it not until thou art free. These things do thunder!"--We were writing this in Israel at the time, and our Children still not out of the U.S.!)

       60. God is going to thunder under His Holy Temple--not some damned building [DELETED], but the true Temple of God--the Children of God--Christians of Christ! God's going to thunder out of His Temple--us--the only House of God--and the Earth is going to shake[DELETED]! (Zec.14:12; Is.4:3,4; Ez.14:22,23; Ro.9:27).

       61. What have they done with Jesus? What have they done to give the world the Gospel? [DELETED] My God, forgive us for trying to hand them our inheritance on a silver platter--our possession--our land--our country--our city--this beautiful country belongs to us--to you and to me! This land is ours--it's mine--because it belongs to Jesus--to His Jews--His Jews--His Israel--His children--you and me--His Church! [DELETED] (Jn.10:1; 14:6).

       62. But [EDITED: "the Israelis"] pass laws to keep the true owners out! They've dispossessed the real owners: They've driven them out--dispossessed them--exiled them and persecuted their children that remain!--Can't you see that? [DELETED] They've stolen a whole country--stolen it away from its rightful heirs--its rightful owners, the true Children of God! [DELETED]

       63. [DELETED] [EDITED: "But a"] little small remnant repents! Then they shall look upon Him Whom they have pierced and mourn for Him Whom they slew! Then God shall have mercy on them, a remnant, and so all true Israel shall be saved--both we and they--all who believe in Jesus--all who receive Jesus Christ. Then all (that's left of) Israel shall be saved, when the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled, and not before! (Ez.38,39; Zec.12:9-11; Ro.11:25,26).

       64. That's the only way anybody can be saved--through Jesus! They're going to have to come the same way we did--through Jesus. There's only one way--Jesus Christ, and He said, "No man cometh unto the Father but by Me! ... No other Name!" [DELETED] He's just going to save those who receive Him: "To them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His Name!" (Jn.1:12). "Then shall they know that I am the Lord, the King of true Israel--the Light of the real Judah!" Then they'll know who we are and Who He is! (Ez.39:28,29).

       65. (To his secretary: Jesus loves you, faithful little scribe, hallower of His Holy Words, receiver of His Holy Writ, receiver of real righteousness, Jewess Israeli of God, Bride of Christ!) Hallelujah! TYJ!

       66. (Prayer:) Lord, help us not to surrender one square inch of our inheritance to the Devil, not one inch of our birthright to the Enemy, not one little iota of our blessings to the Devil and his children! Help us, O God, to claim this land for You, Jesus--Thy rightful children, They genuine Jews, Christian Israel! ... Let Thy Arab children go who are in the bondage of this horrible heathen land! Deliver those who are truly the Israel of God--the true Jews of Jesus! Deliver them, Lord! Give them back their land--give us back our land! (Sings first verse of "Onward, Christian Soldiers.) Even the Crusaders had more sense than we did: They tried to take possession of the land of the Lord out of the hands of the sinners! Oh, foolish Galations, who hath bewitched thee! Be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage! (Gal.3:1; 5:1).

       67. Freedom, Lord! Set us free! Keep us free!--Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty! [DELETED] What shall we more say?--It is all by faith--Not of works let any man should boast: it is the gift of God! These that are trying to save themselves by their own hands shall perish, for God is not their God--Jesus is not their Jesus.--But he that doeth the will of God shall abide forever!--Amen! (2Co.3:17; Eph.2:8,9; 1Jn.2:17).

       68. May God help the Arabs, Christians and all true Children of God to deliver this land out of the hand of the heathen and to repossess it for the Kingdom of God! God save us Jews & all Children of God & free our lands!--In Jesus' name, amen!

       69. (When reading of more Israeli atrocities in Lebanon, I asked God: "How long, O Lord? Why don't You stop them!" He said, "Have patience--their cup of iniquity is not yet full!"--My God, what'll it take to fill it! Then wishing I could do something, it came to me it was time to publish this! [DELETED] [DELETED] I'm doing my bit for the poor Palestinians & innocent Lebanese civilians by dropping [DELETED] God's Word [DELETED] on the Israelis!--Amen? Please pray for a just peace! GBY!)

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