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THE DEAD BODY!--What Should You Do?       Portugal       DO 1234       21/6/77
--By Father David

       1. THIS DREAM WAS REALLY A STRANGE DREAM, & I don't under stand what it means at all. We were somewhere, I don't now where really, but it seemed like we were in a Home. A road team came in with a van & a car & a couple of vehicles.

       2. THEY SAID THEY HAD BROUGHT WITH THEM THE BODY OF THIS DEAD GIRL, a young girl who died in their Home. I said, "For goodness sake, what in the world did you do that for?!" They said, "Well, it was somewhat embarrassing that she just died so mysteriously, for no apparent reason or anything."

       3. THEY WERE ALMOST AFRAID TO TELL THE AUTHORITIES, & they thought they'd better come down & ask me what to do with her! [DELETED] I said, "My God, it's already too late--

       4. "THE LAW REQUIRES YOU TO NOTIFY THE AUTHORITIES IMMEDIATELY WHEN ANYONE DIES, or is killed or anything. You've got to notify them immediately! It's the law, & if you don't, you're really in trouble!--And especially going & leaving the place with her dead body with you & going someplace else, that's strictly against the law to remove the body!"

       5. EVEN WHEN MY MOTHER DIED THEY IMMEDIATELY PUT A POLICE GUARD ON THE HOUSE INSTANTLY until the doctor got there, & made sure of the causes of death in the middle of the night. They didn't take the police guard off the house until the doctor signed the death certificate that she died of heart failure. I don't know why they always have to blame something instead of just old age, she was 83 after all, & her heart had a right to rest. She was willing to die about that time anyhow.

       6. THE YOUNG GIRL IN THE DREAM IN APPARENTLY PERFECT OR GOOD HEALTH TO JUST SUDDENLY DIE WAS A LITTLE STRANGE, but regardless, they should have called in the authorities & notified them immediately, & there would have been some kind of an investigation or something of course, until the cause of death was ascertained.

       7. BUT INSTEAD OF THAT, OF ALL THE RIDICULOUS THINGS, THEY BROUGHT THE GIRL'S BODY IN THE CAR WITH THEM, all wrapped up in a sheet or something, to ask me what to do with it! [DELETED]

       8. I SAID, "THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO IS HIGHTAIL IT BACK THERE TO WHEREVER IT WAS SHE DIED AS FAST AS YOU CAN, & put her back in the bed that she died in just like she is, & then quick call the authorities, because doctors can tell about how long a body's been dead & if rigor mortis has set in. [DELETED]


       10. THE AUTHORITIES WILL PROBABLY BAWL YOU OUT & THINK YOU'RE CRAZY & so on for not notifying them sooner, but they'll just figure that you were just a little bit nuts. So, PTL.

       11. I HEARD ABOUT SOMEBODY DOING THAT, who was it? Was it one of our Homes? Somebody somewhere refused to let the person be buried. He kept praying for him & wanting him to be raised from the dead. I think it was in the early days when we were on the road or something, & they delayed the body's removal for several hours until the authorities finally insisted. Oh me! Some people do the craziest things!

       12. YOU COULD CALL THAT ONE, "THE DEAD BODY." It's funny, two nights in a row I've dreamt about somebody dead, the young lion, & then the dead girl.

       13. THAT'S A LESSON TO ANYBODY THAT SHOULD BE SO STUPID & FOOLISH TO TRY TO COVER UP A DEATH [DELETED] for any reason whatsoever. The best thing to do is immediately notify the authorities. I mean, there's no reason why we should be to blame. But if you try to spirit away the body or cover it up or something, they're bound to think you're to blame for something. PTL, TYL! Maybe I'll know why the Lord gave that dream to me later.

       14. SOMETIMES DREAMS ARE AN ADVANCE WARNING OF SOMETHING THAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN, or a sign of something that's maybe happening already that you don't know about. So there's a little lesson you can get out of it, PTL?

       15. IT'S SO RIDICULOUS FOR PEOPLE TO THINK WE'D EVER KILL ANYBODY, of all things, when we try to help people! I'm sure the Lord has probably had some wicked people killed in judgement intentionally or unintentionally by other worldly people who probably didn't even know anything about them or that they had anything to do with us, if they ever did.

       16. THEY ALL SEEMED TO BE BACKSLIDERS, EVERY ONE OF THEM, except the one girl who wrote the article against us, so I'm sure it was the judgements of God, that's for sure, but we didn't have anything to do with it. PTL! But anyhow, that was my dream for this morning. GBYA! ILY! XXXXXXX!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family