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FORECAST!--How To Prepare for the War!       13/2/82       DO 1276
--And What's Next?
--And how we financed our pubs, WS moves & survived your drop in giving!

       1. (PRAYS:) WE HAVE A PLAN, LORD, TO GO BY OR CONSIDER AS OUR RECOMMENDATION when the emergency befalls, that this is what we have recommended for them to do under those circumstance, Lord, according, of course, to Thy leading in the particular instance with the particular people & the particular place, Lord, depending to Thy guidance day by day & what the conditions may be then, much of which we don't know, Lord, & only You know. But we are surmising, we are assuming according to what You've already told us & shown us & what seems obvious, that these are the way things are going to go & therefore we need to be prepared for it.

       2. HELP US NOW, LORD, TO BE PREPARED FOR OUR NEW MOVES IN ALL OF OUR NEW LOCATIONS & our new emphasis, Lord, on new fields so that we can give them the support that they need, these new drives, Lord, into a greater amplification of effort in the greatest & neediest fields of this whole World, Lord, much of which are yet to be reaped. Probably our last great pioneer effort, Lord, before the War. We want to get as much done as we can before the War, Lord, because we have no idea really just what we're going to be able to do afterward.

       3. SO GIVE US THAT WISDOM HOW TO HANDLE THESE FINANCES & THE PEOPLE & THE PROGRAMMES & PROJECTS & LOCATIONS & ALL THE REST, Lord, to the best possible advantage while we still can. Lord, we have only Thee to look to for wisdom, we have none of our own. We know not what to do, Lord, we know nothing. Without Thee we are nothing. So we look to Thee now for Thy guidance, in Jesus' name. Amen. PTL! TYL!

       4. OPTIMISTIC PROPHECIES & PREDICTIONS! YOU DIDN'T KNOW REAGAN WAS A PROPHET, DID YOU? Well, you ought to hear him spoutin' off on television & in the newspapers, & when the simple dumb sheep believe him, well then of course the dollar goes up. The value of gold never changes, don't ever get that idea. Gold is gold & it'll always have the same value. It's just the people's ideas that change & the dollar that goes up & down, & it goes up & down according to their faith. Let me ask you a question--I planned to get to this later, but I might as well pop the 64-million-dollar question right now! It used to be a 64-dollar question but we've had a lot of inflation since then, you know!

       5. WE KNOW THE WAR'S COMING & WE KNOW PRETTY MUCH WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE WAR with most of North America & Europe destroyed, or much of it at least, & much of their population destroyed--the U.S. government definitely destroyed & probably several European governments destroyed, the primary enemies of Russia, & those having the most missiles, of course, will get the most destruction.

       6. SINCE THIS IS A FINANCE CONFERENCE, WHEN THE U.S.A. IS STILL SMOKING & STUNNED & PARALYSED & PARTIALLY DESTROYED & its government virtually out of business, what do you think is going to happen to the U.S. dollar?--Now the World's common-denominator currency. In fact, the U.S. & the West has virtually been trying to make it World currency for a long time. What do you think's going to happen to the dollar? Maybe you haven't thought about it before.

       7. I KNOW ACCORDING TO A FEW DREAMS & REVELATIONS I'VE HAD WHAT HAPPENED TO IT! Remember those U.S. Bonds & Securities I found buried in the sand in Libya or wherever it was? We just laughed & kicked a little more sand on'm & passed on (No.163). What do you think about the dollar? Are you afraid to say in case you might be wrong? (Peter: It'll be useless, won't it?) Well, if people were thinking in terms of the U.S. alone, I mean it wouldn't be worth the paper it's printed on!

       8. BUT BECAUSE THE WORLD HAS YIELDED TO U.S. PRESSURE & ACCEPTED DOLLARS AS A WORLD CURRENCY & because an awful lot of people in the World governments will do their best to try to support the dollar as much as they can so that they won't lose everything, & try to keep it as a World currency until they find something better, which they will, of course, shortly in the new Credit System.

       9. HOWEVER, DO YOU THINK IT'S GOING TO BE WORTH AS MUCH AS IT IS NOW? (Maria: No.) That's a good answer! I think it's going to take a nosedive, of course, because if you talk about exchange on World markets, with the U.S. knocked out, whenever there's a major World crisis, what happens to the dollar? What happens to gold? What do you think will happen when this, the most major crisis that's ever happened in World history occurs?

       10. SOME PEOPLE THINK I'M A FOOL FOR RECOMMENDING HANGING ONTO GOLD SO LONG WHEN IT'S STEADILY GOING DOWN SOMETIMES. Well, that doesn't mean I'm a fool or God's a fool; that just means the Devil is trying to fool the fools--& succeeding--into thinking that the dollar is going to last & the U.S. is going to last. The Devil loves to give his dupes as much rope as he can until they've gone so far, then he gives it a jerk, to the jerks, & hangs'm! Give'm enough rope & they'll hang themselves! And he's going to have a great laugh & be greatly amused because he has really hung a lot of these people who had confidence in him & his word & his false prophets.

       11. I'M SURE THE REMAINING WORLD GOVERNMENTS, UNTIL THE NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT IS ORGANISED, WILL DO EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO TRY TO PRESERVE THEMSELVES, of course, & since they've all got so many dollars, & the U.S. & its false prophets & the Devil have persuaded them to have confidence & buy dollars & have dollars, they're going to be stuck with an awful lot of dollars on their hands. Even if they should happen to allow the free marketing of money on the money exchanges of the World, even if they should at all, they're going to try to support the dollar as much as they can so they just won't lose everything.

       12. I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED THAT THEY MAY DO JUST LIKE THEY HAVE DONE AT OTHER TIMES IN OTHER CASES, as nations have done when it looked like their stocks were going to take a nosedive, like France did the other day after the elections, etc. When it looked like stocks were going to dive--whist--she closed the stock market! You've noticed often on the stock markets of the World when it looks like a company may take a nosedive, about to go bankrupt, rather than have their stocks plummet to the bottom, they just suddenly withdraw their stocks from the market. But of course, all the little fellows who have stocks, they sell as fast as they can because they can't exactly withdraw, & of course they lose & go bankrupt & jump out of windows like they did on Black Monday in the Great Crash of 1929 that brought on the Great Depression of the '30s!

       13. BUT THE NATIONS & THE BIG CORPORATIONS THEMSELVES SAVE THEMSELVES. They're a lot smarter than the little fellows, they just withdraw whatever they've got left from the market & don't even offer it for sale any longer, their stocks, bonds, securities & all the rest, & just stick'm in their pocket & walk off & say, "We'll wait for a sunny day. We won't allow'm even to be sold." And on a few occasions they've even done this with their currency. As far as their own currency, reserves, etc., are concerned & any of their own currency they controlled, they immediately withdrew it from the market. Their banks withdrew it from the market & refused to sell at such low prices.

       14. BUT AS I SAY, ALL THE OWNERS WHO ARE IN OTHER COUNTRIES & FREE OF THEIR CONTROL USUALLY DUMP WHATEVER THEY'VE GOT AS FAST AS THEY CAN. And of course on the free market this certainly drives the price down. The U.S. is not going to be able to do anything, much less control the price of the dollar, but undoubtedly the nations who have lots of dollars are going to try to support those dollars & try to get together.

       15. THIS IS PROBABLY ONE OF THE THINGS THAT'S GOING TO DRIVE THEM INTO THE CREDIT SYSTEM because things are going to be in such a horrible mess they'll find that it's virtually impossible to go on with the present money system--particularly with the billions of dollars in debt some governments are in right now in their deficit spending.

       16. I CAN REMEMBER WHEN THE U.S. GOVERNMENT FIRST STARTED GOING INTO DEBT WHEN I WAS JUST A LITTLE BOY. They first began to spend a little bit more than they were taking in & everybody started screaming, "It's terrible! The U.S. is spending beyond its income! It's not living within its income!" And every Democratic government that came in--which is for the poor man--their policy was to spend as much as possible. It didn't matter what the income was, they didn't care. It was the rich man's money, spend it on us!

       17. USUALLY PEOPLE CHANGE GOVERNMENTS JUST BECAUSE THE PRESENT ONE HASN'T SUITED THEM & hasn't made them happy & hasn't done all the things for them that they promised to do to solve their problems & economic situation. So it doesn't matter what they promise or don't promise, they just want a change! They just figure anything'll be better after that! So right away they elected Republican governments who promised to balance the budget, & did, & came out to where the U.S. was living within its income.

       18. BUT I CAN REMEMBER, CAN YOU IMAGINE, WHEN I WAS A YOUNG BOY IN SCHOOL, WHEN THE U.S. GOVERNMENT REACHED ITS FIRST ONE MILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT! Think of that! The U.S. government had spent a million dollars more than it took in in taxes & income. Imagine! Terrible! Everybody was aghast & hollering & screaming & everything! "To think the U.S. government did this!--Why did this!--Why, it's apt to go bankrupt at that rate if they don't quick change the situation!" So they changed governments, quick changed the situation, the Republicans can come back in & get the country back in the black again! But pretty soon even the Republicans couldn't do it, mostly because of one major expenditure of government, & you know what it is?--Arms for war!--Called "Defense"!

       19. EVEN USING THE WORD INFURIATES ME 'CAUSE IT'S SUCH A LIE! It's such a cover-up! It's such hypocrisy! Let's call it what it is! Let's call a spade a spade--& a spade's a good name for it--to bury you with! War! Defence, ha! Governments really seldom ever think in terms of defence, they think in terms of aggression & "How can I win the war? How can I fight a war & win it or how can I start a war & win it to solve my economic problems?"--& that's really what they're doing.

       20. THE REASON THAT OUR SO-CALLED FORMER ENEMIES OF BOTH WORLD WAR I & WORLD WAR II HAVE BOOMED & PROSPERED & the neutral countries too like Sweden have gotten rich after both wars, in spite of having lost the wars, is because we--the so-called West, their enemies--so-called--forbade them to spend any more on armaments & make any more guns & planes & things that they could fight us with any more. We stopped them from those heinous, horrible expenditures on arms & guns & bullets that they might shoot back at us in another war. Result?--They were relieved of about two-thirds in some cases, in some cases three-fourths of their national expenditures! If you would see the pie graph, it's almost unbelievable!

       21. WHEN I USED TO LECTURE ON THIS ABOUT 30 YEARS AGO, THE U.S. WAS SPENDING ABOUT ONE-THIRD OF ITS TOTAL INCOME ON WAR--PAST WARS, PRESENT WARS & FUTURE WARS!--Paying for the damages & the hospitals & the pensions to veterans & reparations & all kinds of things for past wars, & paying for all kinds of defence, so-called, for present wars they're fighting, brushfire wars & backing little countries they back in present wars. There's always a war going on somewhere! There virtually has never been a time of World peace since the Roman Empire!--And then of course they're spending most of their money on preparing for the next war.

       22. HAVE YOU SEEN REAGAN'S LATEST BUDGET? What is the present extent of the proportion of the budget Reagan is planning to spend on armaments, war & all the rest? Of course, they hide a lot of that. A lot of it's hidden under Social Security paying Veteran's benefits & pensions & hospital & a lot of other things so you don't even really see the whole full cost, & a lot of it's preparations. They really spread it around & scatter it out as much as they can to hide as much of it as they can so that you don't really realise how much they're spending. But I would venture to say that the U.S. government is now spending at least half of its total income--I shouldn't even say income--its total budget, money they don't even have, but have to borrow. Money they don't have because their deficit is increasing every single year until it has now passed three trillion dollars!

       23. 30 YEARS AGO WHEN I WAS IN SCHOOL & ALSO OUT LECTURING WITH MY SLIDES & ALL, three trillion dollars was more money than was in all the banks in all the World & the total financial worth of all the World's governments put together! Now the U.S. government alone owes it's people & the rest of the World more than the total financial wealth of the entire World 30 or 40 years ago!

       24. IN FACT, IT HAS GOTTEN TO SUCH A TOTALLY HOPELESS STATE THAT THEY KNOW THEY'RE BANKRUPT, THEY WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO PAY IT BACK! They will never be able to pay off that debt, they'll never be able to repay their people, they'll never be able to repay other governments & corporations & banks that have loaned them money, never! And their creditors know that too, that if they would demand payment now it would be like a run on the banks & the U.S. government would crash right now before the War & they would never get a penny! So do you know what they're doing?

       25. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE U.S. IS DOING FIRST OF ALL TO EVEN MANAGE TO KEEP UP ITS INTEREST PAYMENTS ON THIS HUGE TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT? How is the U.S. government managing when it can't even raise enough money from taxes, etc., just to pay its current expenses? So how do they pay the interest on this three trillion dollars that they have borrowed from their people & other countries & banks & corporations & God knows what! How are they paying the interest along? They can't pay it out of taxes because the taxes don't even meet their expenses, so how are they paying the interest? It's a very simple method. (John: Creating money.)

       26. THAT'S A NICE WORD FOR IT, TO SAY "CREATING MONEY." How could you be so nice & polite, Son? I could call it by another name. What would you call it, Peter? You're a nice polite fellow though, courteous to your government. (Peter: Counterfeiting money.) They're just printing money, which is just as worthless as any counterfeiter. But do you know why the U.S. government has some of its stiffest laws against counterfeiting market! That's what it amounts to. They don't want anybody else counterfeiting money when they need all the counterfeit money that there is in circulation! They want to be the only counterfeiter!)

       27. SO THEREFORE THEY HAVE REAL STIFF, I MEAN, 20-YEAR TERMS FOR COUNTERFEITING when you can get away with murder for less than that! But no, they don't want anybody else counterfeiting the money because, after all, they don't get the benefit of that. They want to be the only counterfeiter to be able to pay their bills. They can't pay their bills, but they're trying to keep neck-&-neck at least with their interest payments, & even part of the counterfeited money has to go to help pay for their running expenses as well as armaments & future wars.

       28. NOW, OTHER GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD ARE NOT THAT DUMB THAT THEY DON'T KNOW THIS. They do it themselves too. Even their peoples who are now beginning to wake up & the banks & all the rest, they know it. So what are they doing about it? Hm? Do they stop'm? No. The fact of the matter is, it's too late. It's impossible to stop them now. If they would demand their money back now, not only the U.S., but virtu ally every country in the World would go broke!

       29. THEY COULDN'T PRINT ENOUGH MONEY TO PAY THEIR DEBTS, because the value of their money, if they would allow it to stay in the free World money-exchange market, would take a nosedive & they'd be going down to the grocery store buying a bottle of milk like they did after World War I in Germany for a billion--mark bill!--Ha! Kind of like that old joke I told you about the ladies that went to the grocery store with a basketful of German marks & they set it down & didn't keep an eye on it & all of a sudden they turned around & the basket was gone!--But the marks were still there!--Ha!

       30. SO THE WORLD IS SO FAR IN DEBT RIGHT NOW IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR IT TO GET OUT, IT WILL NEVER GET OUT! The World financial system, particularly the Western financial system--& the Capitalist system, were the ones that created this financial system & this monetary system--they could not possibly get out of the debt that they are now in, of which the U.S.A. is a prime example, three trillion dollars in debt! That's a phenomenal astronomical sum which it's hard for us to even conceive of how much money that is, three trillion dollars! That's three thousand billion, or three million million, right? (John: I think so.) Ha! Good boy! He's a sharp bookkeeper. He's not going to commit himself till he makes sure! Well, it's close anyway. A billion is 9 zeros & a trillion is 12 zeros, so that' three million million!

       31. PEOPLE ONLY USED TO USE THAT KIND OF FIGURING IN FIGURING THE DISTANCE AWAY TO THE SUN OR THE STARS, ETC.! There just weren't such amounts, much less there wasn't that much money in the whole World! Now the United States alone, one government alone owes that much money to the World! And of course the rest of the World, they owe their governments too, because they're all operating on deficit spending!

       32. VIRTUALLY EVERY WESTERN CAPITALIST GOVERNMENT IS ALREADY BROKE, ALREADY BANKRUPT, just as Marx predicted they would be if they kept on the way they were going.--Just as many an honest economist & finance expert has predicted: That if they kept on going the way they were going, they were all going to go broke, all go bankrupt & eventually all crash! Because nobody can keep on years & years & now for all my lifetime with the government spending more money than it's making.

       33. SO THE PRESENT CAPITALISTIC SYSTEM IS NOT MERELY GOING TO FALL, NOT JUST FAILING, IT HAS ALREADY FAILED! It's not going broke, it is already broke & already bankrupt! But they don't know what to do about it & they're not going to let the people--even if they tried or wanted to--demand their money back. If all the people did it at once, just like a run on a bank, that'd be the end.

       34. SO THE CREDITORS & THEIR CREDITORS & THEIR CREDITORS--it's a vicious cycle, it's an endless chain of creditors--the big ones at the top don't dare demand of them & on down the line. Nobody can demand too much because this would start a chain reaction which would start the dominoes all going down & they'd all collapse! So what are they doing about it?

       35. REAGAN GOT VOTED IN WITH A PROMISE THAT HE WAS GOING TO BALANCE THE BUDGET. Did he? He's got a bigger deficit now than ever & he's promising a bigger deficit than ever before! What happened? He couldn't! It's Impossible, considering how extravagant & lavish & exorbitant the government expenditures are!--And of course they always use arms as the major excuse.

       36. "WELL, WE CAN'T BALANCE THE BUDGET WHEN WE'VE GOT TO BUY MORE GUNS NOW TO FIGHT RUSSIA, OUR ENEMIES! We would like to balance the budget & it was a nice thought & I really meant to do it & I would've if it hadn't been for this new sudden threat of Russia & war, & now it's impossible to balance the budget. We've got to have more guns, more planes, more ships, more bombs, so it's impossible!

       37. "SORRY FOLKS! TRIED, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT RUSSIA'S DONE LATELY? They invaded a couple of little countries like Afghanistan & Poland & therefore they're a total big World threat! It must mean that the next thing they're going to do is take us over, & of course we can't just let ourselves go down the drain & be destroyed just for the sake of a little three-trillion-dollar deficit that we have, & trying to balance this year's budget which would be just a drop in the bucket with a few little million that we might happen to go into the black, those few little million that we might have left over if we would really cut down on all this extravagance & expenditure.

       38. "WE'D HAVE TO CUT OUT ALL THE ARMS & HALF THE WELFARE & ALL THE REST TO GET WITHIN OUR BUDGET, within our income, & then we'd only have a few million left over which wouldn't even make a dent in our three-trillion-dollar deficit!" That's called the National Debt. The yearly deficit is called the deficit spending, that's how much they keep going in debt a little more each year. The National Debt is over three trillion dollars!

       39. THE WORLD IS NOT GOING BANKRUPT, IT'S ALREADY BANKRUPT! The whole Western Capitalist World is totally bankrupt & they don't dare stop the System because if they did or tried to correct it, it would totally crash! But more & more people are waking up to the fact that it's going downhill, that someday there's got to be a day of reckoning. The whole thing's built on their faith, & currency, paper money is built on their faith & their willingness to still accept it.

       40. WHAT MADE THE MARKS SO WORTHLESS AFTER THE FIRST WORLD WAR WAS: PEOPLE WOULDN'T TAKE'M FOR PAYMENT ANY MORE because they weren't worth anything. They couldn't get anything really like solid gold out of it & it was just paper. You might want to collect them like worthless stamps or something, but who wants to even collect them that way? I understand some people papered their wall with them & all kinds of things just for decorations, just for fun, because they weren't worth anything any more.

       41. SO THE CRASH IS HERE, RIGHT? And it's not even that people don't know it! And it's not even that they're afraid to face it, they're even acknowledging it! It's not even that they don't dare face it! It's simply that they cannot face it! It is impossible to face it! They have to keep going this way, because if they try to reverse the trend they would precipitate the crash!--The real crash in which nobody would accept that worthless money any more.

       42. AND I HAVE AN IDEA THE WAR WILL PROBABLY HELP TO BRING THAT ABOUT. It'll wake people up & bring them to their senses that the U.S. government is no longer worth anything, its money is no longer worth anything & the rest of the poor World that's left are going to have to try to get together to solve the problem. And do you know how they'll do it? Just the way they've always done it!

       43. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A COMPANY DECLARES BANKRUPTCY? Do you know what the system is? Did you know some of the major companies of the U.S. have now gone bankrupt & declared bankruptcy?--Including International Harvester, Pennsylvania Railroad & several of the biggest banks! I mean, it's already happening but you just see little tiny two-inch squibs like this on the financial page. They don't want to scare the public.

       44. THIS IS KIND OF A GENTLEMAN'S AGREEMENT AMONGST THE GOVERNMENTS & THE NEWSPAPERS, ETC. They found out what happened when they used scream--scare headlines on the newspapers in the Depression, it immediately woke people to the fact of what was happening & they dumped their stocks & their money & they ran on the banks & everything went crash, & virtually the whole World went crash, the Western Capitalist World, because the U.S. was its leading Capitalist.

       45. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A COMPANY GOES BANKRUPT? First of all the company is put into what's known as a receivership by the government of the country. A government receiver or administrator takes over, the law takes over. In fact, what it amounts to is the police move in. You're spent more than you should've, you spent the people's money. In smaller cases they call it fraud or a financial scandal & send'm to jail!

       46. OF COURSE, WHEN IT COMES TO A BIG RESPECTABLE CORPORATION, IT'S NOT FRAUD! They didn't cheat the people, they didn't really rob the people purposely, they just happened to go broke, that's all! And, you know, you've got to treat'm nicely because, after all, they really are actually a part of the government & the big boys! You can't allow them to be hurt, you certainly wouldn't send them to jail just for going bankrupt! If a little company did the same thing they'd put'm in jail & call it fraud, as they may have many investors & little businessmen. But if it's a big company, well, that's a different story.

       47. IT GOES INTO RECEIVERSHIP & THEY CHECK AROUND THE DESK DRAWERS & THE SAFES & THE BANKS & SEE IF THEY HAVE GOT ANYTHING LEFT AT ALL, IF THEY DIDN'T SPEND IT ALL. They take what little they've got left, they count up how many guys they owe it to & how much they owe each one, & then they pro-rate it. For example, they find out that the company spent a million dollars & they've only got a thousand dollars left to maybe ten thousand creditors, they take the thousand dollars &--theoretically, depending on how much they owe each one, say they owe all the same--they'll pay'm off each one about ten cents on their dollar, or something like that.

       48. WHEN THE U.S. GOVERNMENT WAS VIRTUALLY BROKE & THE BANKS HAD GONE BROKE AFTER WORLD WAR I, that war ended in 1918, November the 11th, 1918, right? Isn't that the day we used to celebrate Armistice Day? Yes, 'cause it was three months before my birthday, before I was born. Their deficit spending & the bank's debts, etc., didn't catch up with them yet for about ten years, from say 1918 to 1929.

       49. BUT IT FINALLY CAUGHT UP WITH THEM & THE PEOPLE FINALLY BEGAN TO GET SCARED that they weren't going to be able to get their money back because the government was going deeper & deeper in debt, & so they started a run on the banks. People began lining up at the banks in huge long queues a block or two long, sometimes longer, to take their money to pay everybody, so these folks wanted to be first, they wanted to get theirs! So what did Roosevelt do?

       50. TO STOP THIS RUN ON THE BANKS HE JUST CLOSED THE BANKS! He declared what was known as the Moratorium on the banks one weekend. After the banks were closed on Friday he came on national radio & announced that they would not open on Monday but there would be at least I think it was a two weeks to one month moratorium on the banks, they called it. They would not be opening or paying out any money, no bank, until the Federal teams had checked every bank's condition, & then only the banks who were in healthy condition would be allowed to reopen.

       51. WELL, I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW MANY BANKS CLOSED, INCLUDING THE BANK OF BAY BISCAYNE, MIAMI, FLORIDA, IN WHICH WE HAD $10,000--which would be almost worth a million nowadays by what it was worth then. And after they finally figured out what it was worth then. And after they finally figured out what its assets were & how much money it still had left & how many businesses it still had in its owner ship, & a lot of them gone into receivership at that, they didn't have much money left over. But in the middle of the dark, deep, terrible days of the Depression we were thankful to get any because it was a lot of money & it meant a whole lot.

       52. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH MY MOTHER & DAD GOT BACK ON THEIR $10,000 in the Bank of Bay Biscayne, how much they paid'm off?--15%--$15 on the $100! And this was after about two or three years, after they'd finished all their bookkeeping & all their figuring & all their dissolving various companies & selling properties & just selling everything the bank had left & accumulated what little cash they could, they paid off $15 on the $100!

       53. AND OF COURSE STOCKS PLUMMETED TO A FEW CENTS & SOME WERE VIRTUALLY WORTHLESS, they couldn't even sell'm at all! So that the former millionaires of a few days before who'd had big bank accounts in these banks & had owned millions of dollars in stocks suddenly were wiped out in just a few days, weeks, at the most months. A lot of them on Black Monday--that was just the worst day, that's all! It'd been going on for quite awhile & it continued on until finally the government was forced to close the stock market. It just wasn't any use any more trading because everybody was dumping.

       54. THEY WERE NOT ONLY DUMPING, THEY WERE JUMPING! I mean, there were a whole number of suicides of outstanding financiers & bankers & big rich men nearly every day in the newspapers! "So-&-so jumps to his death from 20th-story window of such-&-such a building," etc. They were dumping & jumping all over the place? Dumping & getting what they could out of what little they had left, & if they didn't think they had enough left to take care of their families, etc., one reason they jumped out of the windows was so they could bequeath their life insurance to their survivors! The poor guys were broke!

       55. WHICH MEANT FAMILIES USED TO BEING SPOILED & RICH HAD NO MORE MONEY! They couldn't afford to pay their bills, they hardly had enough left to eat on, & they had creditors too. They couldn't pay their creditors, they couldn't pay their bills! The only sure money that they could get ahold of was their life insurance money. So they jumped out of the windows to get it!

       56. RUTH WRIGHT, THE SPASTIC GIRL WHO WAS THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF THE LITTLE CHURCH I BUILT IN ARIZONA, the richest people in the church--& that wasn't very rich--they had the nicest home in town & they ran the Post Office & had a grocery store, etc. Came middle of the Depression, her father went broke. He'd been running the grocery store & Post Office, etc., but he went broke & they had no money. They had allowed other people to run up bills on credit & now the people had been eating all the groceries already & they didn't have jobs to pay for them, so they went broke & couldn't pay him.

       57. SO ONE DAY SHE & HER MOTHER SNEERED AT HIM--at that time they were unsaved, of course--& you see what they did to me, so I wasn't surprised they were unmerciful to him too. One day she sneered at her after, at his failure & his failure to keep things going when everybody was failing. She said, "Huh! You're worth more dead than alive!"--meaning his insurance. So he walked into his bedroom, took his shotgun & blew his head off!--And that's how they got restarted in their business & they were able to pay their creditors & buy more wholesale groceries to continue to sell & they managed to finally pull out of it. That's how bad it got!

       58. WELL, OF COURSE THIS THEN BEGAN TO AFFECT THE INSURANCE COMPANIES because so many people were dying, committing suicide or supposedly accidentally or whatever it was. There was a big rash of deaths & they had to pay out so much money a lot of the insurance companies went broke too & couldn't even pay!

       59. WHEN HURRICANE DONNA HIT KEY LARGO WHERE OUR TRAILERS WERE IN OUR CAMP DOWN THERE, for some reason or other some high-pressure salesman from some shyster company in Michigan supposedly, had been so successful selling their insurance on trailers down in the Florida keys & in Florida around Miami & so many of them down there were insured by this same company that when Hurricane Donna hit, the company was wiped out! They didn't have enough money to pay all the claims. That was in '60 or '61, around there somewhere, & we filed claim because we'd had some damage. I filed claims for something around $1000 worth of damages.

       60. THANK GOD, WE DIDN'T LOSE ANY TRAILERS, NONE OF THEM WERE REALLY SERIOUSLY DAMAGED. But wind-driven rain in a hurricane just travels horizontally so it gets into cracks & crannies & between the windows & the casings & everything else where it never would normally go. So it drove in there & flooded this one trailer & ruined the wall & the floor & I got estimates from two or three different companies. All you have to do is provide what they call estimates, & I had official legal estimates made up, signed by the companies, stamped & all the rest, & made out my claim, filed it & sent it in for $1000 worth of damages.

       61. WELL, THE NEXT THING I HEARD, "VERY SORRY, BUT OUR COMPANY HAS GONE INTO RECEIVERSHIP, bankruptcy, due to the great number of losses down in Florida in the Keys. The government of Michigan has taken over & appointed receivers & we are doing the best we can." They had a nice formal letter we got first from the company itself, a letter of apology, which was nice, but no money.

       62. THEN WE GOT A LETTER FROM THE GOVERNMENT OF MICHIGAN telling that they had taken the company over & they were trying to see what its assets were & they were dissolving it & liquidating it, which means they sell everything it's got left & round up whatever it's got left it owns & everything that they can liquidate, they sell everything & get some money out of it. And finally when they think they've got the total amount, they pay the creditors all they can get out of it, but it usually takes years & years!

       63. THEY FIGURED OUT WHAT THE COMPANY'S TOTAL DEBTS & ASSETS WERE, its liabilities & its assets, & what the pro rata was between the assets & the liabilities, & in this case it was not too bad! I mean, it was really pretty good, 30%. They paid out $30 on the $100. Of course, it took seven years from 1961 to '68 when I was in Huntington Beach & we were starting our hippie movement, etc., just when I needed it the most, TTL!

       64. THAT WAS THE FIRST BIG BONUS OR BONANZA WE GOT! I got a $300 cheque from that company, & I'd almost long ago even given up thinking we'd ever get any money from them. I got a $300 cheque for my $1000 claim & I was tickled pink to get it, because I really needed it!--Like when the Bank of Bay Biscayne, Florida began paying us off $15 a month for ten months, a whole year, boy, that was a lot of money! You could pay your light bill or you could this & that that otherwise you didn't have any money for! Well, big corporations go into receivership & they try to liquidate'm & sell off & pay off so much on the dollar.

       65. WHAT DOES A GOVERNMENT DO WHEN IT GOES BANKRUPT? Who's going to take them over? Who are going to be their receivers? There's no World government yet, so who's going to do it? Has it ever happened before? Oh yes, of course. Several times, mostly in the last hundred years of Western Capitalism because this is when paper money even before that, but only lately did deficit spending & huge deficits & national debts get popular. So can you think of any examples where governments went broke?

       66. EVEN BACK IN WORLD WAR 1 THE LOSER GERMANY & ITS ASSOCIATED SO-CALLED CENTRAL POWERS, OF COURSE, ALL WENT BROKE & THEY COULDN'T PAY THEIR DEBTS. They didn't have enough money in the bank to pay even the interest on loans. They didn't have enough money to pay back the people who wanted to get money out to even pay their bills or anything, so they just started printing money. But the people then knew it wasn't worth anything so they just refused to take it! The grocery stores & the creditors, etc., refused to take the money, see? And the country went totally broke & the people went broke & people were starving! But I'll tell you a bright ray of sunshine! A cheerful note!

       67. FROM WORLD WAR 1 & THE FOLLOWING DEPRESSION THE WORLD LEARNED A VERY VALUABLE LESSON! It learned to never let that happen again! It didn't start living within its income, it didn't stop having deficit spending every year, stacking up a bigger & bigger debt. It didn't pay off its national debts. But what do you suppose they did learn, these smart economists & all the rest of these smart socialists & whatnot? What do you suppose they figured out as the great solution? What major change did they make? Well, they put a lot more government controls on all kinds of credit & banks & corporations so they wouldn't run up such big bills & such big debts, etc.--but of course the banks were too far gone, I mean, you can't control money that's already gone!

       68. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT IS ALWAYS THE SOLUTION TO EVERY PROBLEM, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, IT'S THE WORD!--Whether it's God's Word or the Devil's word, as long as people believe it that's what counts! The only trouble is, God always keeps His Word, but the Devil lies & promises to keep his word & then when it comes to the showdown he just jerks the rug out from under'm & laughs!

       69. LIKE THAT DEMON THAT GOT MACHOWSKY TO BET ON HIS FINAL HORSE RACE! He'd been winning them all, I mean, he was getting rich because the demon was telling him what horse to bet on & he was winning ever time! Finally the demon said, "Now listen, this horse is going to win!" And Machowsky said, "I've got enough now, I won't take any more chances." "Oh, but you've got to bet on this horse! Just think, if you put everything you've got on this horse, you're going to be a millionaire, you're going to win & you can live in ease the rest of your life!"

       70. SO HE PUT EVERYTHING HE HAD ON THAT HORSE & WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE HAPPENED? The Devil saw he had given him enough rope & he wasn't going to play along any more, he was quitting while he was ahead, but he just persuaded him to bet one more time--& he lost his shirt, he lost everything he had!--But that's what turned him to the Lord!

       71. SO THE GOVERNMENT PUT ALL KINDS OF CONTROLS ON to try to control credit & control the stock market, until it had so many different kinds of controls & brakes & regulations that this crash could never happen again! There were guaranteed loans by to government, I mean, it's just too much to go into! This is the thing that dear FDR began, all kinds of government regulation.

       72. THIS IS WHAT MADE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT BIG & A DICTATORSHIP, because people were willing to sell their souls, sell their companies, their homes, their everything to the Federal government. "We don't trust industry any more, we don't trust the banks any more, we won't trust putting our money in the banks or investing in corporations or industry by buying their stocks. We won't trust any of them any more!"

       73. SO WHAT DID ROOSEVELT DO? HE SAID, "TRUST ME! I'll make sure you'll get your money back in the bank. Go put your money back in the industries & the factories, etc., buy stocks so the banks will have some money & the industries will have some money to roll again & finance them & open up factories again & provide jobs again,

       74. "PUT YOUR FAITH IN ME! I'LL HAVE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT GUARANTEE YOUR MONEY! I'll have them guarantee the money put in the bank! The Federal government will promise to pay it if the corporation or the bank goes broke. We will guarantee these investments! We'll guarantee these stock, bonds, bank accounts, home loans, the works! The Federal government guarantees it!"

       75. --WITH ONE LITTLE CATCH, YOU'VE GOT TO BELIEVE FDR & you've got to have faith in the Federal government's ability to pay off & pay up--put up or shut up--in case the bank or the corporation or whatever you've invested in goes broke. Then the Federal government steps in, takes over & makes sure you get paid. so the Federal government did, & it paid out millions, reassuring the people that its guarantees were good, its word was good as--I'd rather not say gold because he took them off the gold standard!

       76. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DID PAY in cases where there was default, etc., to inspire the people's confidence in the Federal government, that if the company of the bank didn't pay, the government would pay. So people began to put their money back in the banks stocks & bonds & began to invest again & spend again, etc., & this upped their faith & encouraged everybody that everything was hunky-dory & was going to be all right.

       77. "DON'T WORRY IF THE BANKS FAIL, the corporations fail, business fails, everything fails, the government will pay!" The only trouble was, the government itself was borrowing the money to pay! And so they kept borrowing it & they kept paying & the people kept believing, until now the government has borrowed so much money they'll never be able to repay it--& the people know it!

       78. SO WHAT WAS THE GOLDEN LESSON, OR I MIGHT SAY, THE PAPER LESSON WHICH THE PEOPLES OF THE WORLD LEARNED from the past two Wars & the Great Depression? What caused the banks to fail & the corporations, etc.? The basic cause the corporations failed was because people lost faith, right? So they dumped their stocks, they ran on the banks, tried to collect their money, sell off their stocks & tried to save what they could.

       79. BUT THEY LEARNED A GREAT LESSON THROUGH THAT MISTAKE LAST TIME. That is not the way to solve the problem, to try to quick get your money out of it as fast as you can, to dump your bonds back on the government & the little governments from which you got the bonds & to whom you had loaned the money. "Don't sell all your stocks, 'cause that'll cause the whole stock market to crash! Don't run on the banks, 'cause that'll cause the banks to crash! Don't demand your bonds & securities back from the government, that'll cause the government to crash!"

       80. WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE WAS THE LESSON THEY LEARNED? (John: Keep your faith in the government.) There's no choice! There's no alternative! You've gotta keep believing! You've gotta keep going on this way. Even though you know the whole System is already bankrupt, you don't dare stop!

       81. IT REMINDS ME OF THAT VIDEO WE SAW ON GAMBLING & THE GAMBLERS, people who are addicted to gambling. Once they get started, you know, they lose & then they borrow money to gamble again. They think they're going to make a cleanup so they can pay off their debts, but they lose more, & they keep piling up these huge gambling debts until it's impossible to pay them!

       82. THE COUNTRY, THE GOVERNMENT, THE CORPORATIONS, THE BANKS HAVE GONE RIGHT ON THE SAME, SPENDING MORE THAN THEIR INCOME, not living within their income, & so are the people. Because they want those big fat salaries & they want that big income & fancy cars & homes & gadgets. So they don't care if the government's going broke! They don't care if the corporations are going broke & the banks are going broke! "As long we don't pay any attention to it, it doesn't matter!"

       83. JUST LIKE MARIE ANTOINETTE SAID TO THE PEOPLE WHO SAID, "THE PEOPLE HAVE NO BREAD!" She said, "Let'm eat cake!" So they went to Louis XIV & said, "What are we going to do?" He said, "After us, the deluge!" In other words, "We're just going to live it up, eat, drink & be merry, because tomorrow the country's going to die!"--& it did!--"The monarchy's going to die!"--& it did!--In the French Revolution!

       84. SO THEY'VE GOTTEN SO FAR IN DEBT NOW, it's gone on so far & so long that it's impossible to solve it or get out of it, the only thing they can do is just keep letting it go on. So how long can it go on? How long do you think it'll go on? The governments now have persuaded the corporations, the banks & now even the people, "Don't worry about it! What's a little debt? What's a three-trillion-dollar national debt? What's a three-trillion-dollar national debt? You've got a good strong government, nice strong healthy 70-year-old President, you've got his word & his promise that everything's all right!

       85. "DON'T WORRY, WE'RE GONNA SPEND EVEN MORE MONEY NOW THAN HE PLANNED & he's cutting taxes some to help the rich, but he's gotta take it out of the poor that are on welfare in order to pay the rich. He's the new type of Robin Hood who robs the poor to pay the rich! You don't dare stop this now, you've got to keep the System going! You're got to keep Capitalism going!

       86." WE'VE GOT TO KEEP THIS WHOLE THING GOING, BECAUSE OTHERWISE IF WE TRY TO STOP IT, IT'LL CRASH! We've tried all kinds of brakes, we've got kinds of controls on this train, but it's going faster down hill all the time! We don't dare try to pull the brakes, it might cause an accident! The only thing to do is let'r rip! Let'r roll! Let it go! We don't know how far the bottom is, but who the Hell cares? When we hit bottom we won't know the difference anyhow!"--That's the way they're going!

       87. "WE DON'T KNOW WHAT'LL HAPPEN WHEN WE HIT BOTTOM, BUT WHY WORRY ABOUT IT? We're still rolling. In fact, we're rolling faster all the time!"--Inflation! Inflation's the name of the game! "We're going faster all the time, picking up speed downhill. Our engineer up front who's driving is telling us, 'It's OK, don't worry, the end is not yet!' He can't see around the bend--he's already gone around the bend--but anyway, he can't seen around the next bend, so who knows, maybe prosperity is just around the corner"--as Hoover told the people just before the Great Depression!

       88. HE KEPT TELLING'M, "DON'T WORRY, PROSPERITY IS JUST AROUND THE NEXT CORNER!"--And then came Black Monday & the Great Crash!--That's what was around the next corner! I told you about the cartoon that showed this old bum going around this building that had about 30 or 40 corners & he kept looking around, saying, "Which corner?'

       89. SO WHAT ARE THEY DOING ABOUT IT? WHAT GREAT LESSON DID THEY LEARN from the last two Wars & the Great Depression? Even the man who promised to do something about it, Reagan, what did he do about it?--Nothing! They decided the smartest thing to do about it was nothing!--For the plain & simple reason there's nothing they can do, it's gone too far, they owe too much! All they can do is keep printing more paper money to pay it.

       90. WHY DON'T THE PEOPLE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? Why doesn't the storekeeper refuse to take that worthless money anymore when he knows it's not worth anything? That's what happened after World War 1. Why doesn't he do that? Because all those creditors know that if they did that they'd go broke too! So they just have to keep on with the System. It's impossible, it's gone so far & it's in such a mess that there's no solution but a total crash & a total new System, & that's exactly what we're going to get!

       91. SO WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN AFTER THE WAR? This is a finance conference, right? Did you learn anything? I'm just trying to put it in simple terms that even you & maybe our folks can understand. The U.S. is going to be gone & broke & everybody knows it, & much of Europe too, & of the nations that are left, of course Russia will be the leading one & they're going to have to figure out, "Now what are we going to do with all these dollars?"

       92. WHAT DID OTHER COUNTRIES DO THAT THAT HAPPENED TO AFTER THE FIRST TWO WARS, WW1 & WW2? Oh, back further than that, take the Chinese-Japanese War. My Grand-father expected that of course China would win because it's a big country & ten times as many Chinese fought as Japanese. The Japanese tried to negotiate & they said, "We're losing so many men every day, why don't we end this war?" And the Chinese generals said, "Why we settle war? Pretty soon no more Japanese, still plenty Chinese!"

       93. WILL, IT DIDN'T WORK OUT THAT WAY, THE JAPANESE DID WIN! They had the smartness & the industry & they were then becoming a Western industrial nation & they had the guns & the bullets & the ships & they won! And all those nice Chinese yen that my Grandfather bought thinking that China was going to win the war, they were taking down to the stores in wheel barrows full to buy groceries!--And that wiped out some of his millions! He was worth about three million dollars at a time when it was worth about ten times that much, & in fact in his day even more, probably. The dollar was worth ten times as much when I was a kid than it is right now!

       94. AND THEN HE MADE ANOTHER MISTAKE! He was always betting on the wrong side! He just couldn't believe people were so dumb to not realise who the best man was & why the best man didn't win!--And next time he bet on Kaiser Wilhelm to win WW1. Because of course the Germans were the smartest people on Earth & they had the best armaments & all the rest, why shouldn't they win the war? Who couldn't Germany lick in Europe? He made the mistake of not realising the U.S. was going to stick in its nose & butt into the war & help the other side win. Both wars Germany would have won if it hadn't been for the U.S. interfering, getting into the war. So he bought marks & he lost'm, & that just about wiped him out! Between Chinese yen & German marks he was finished!--And turned to God!

       95. THE STOREKEEPER HAS LEARNED A LESSON NOW: "If I don't take this worthless paper money for my groceries, what good's that going to do me? My creditors won't take the money either & so on up the line. I've got to show I've still got faith in the money." The President tells'm, "Now listen everybody, don't worry about the money! Don't worry about the fact we're printing more money, & the M1 supply & all this stuff you don't even understand & it's not worth going into, the government's controlling the money supply, blah blah blah blah, & the interest rates & all this stuff is all inter-reacting."

       96. BUT IT'S THE FAITH IN THE WORD OF THE FALSE PROPHETS OF PEACE, SUCH AS REAGAN! Of course, he's predicting war, but he's inspiring your faith that he's going to win, it & your money will still be worth something. "So what if we spend more than we're getting? We've got to spend it to win the war! We've got to spend it to buy arms! Besides, you know how the cycle works, war-boom-bust! And you know we've always found there's only one way for us to pull out of a bust--war!--& we are right now in a bust, in case you don't know it! So the only solution is war!--C'mon! Get ready to fight Russia!"

       97. THE WHOLE WORLD IS IN A BUST, ESPECIALLY THE UNITED STATES! They are in a big deep recession & there are more unemployed in the U.S. today than there were at the depths of the Depression! But they 're not telling you that in so many words. They're belittling it, they're playing in down. You don't see much about it except just little tiny tiny stats here & there, you know, it's not very important. "After all, we're on a spending spree, we're picking up speed all the time going down this easy hill! We don't have to worry about what's at the bottom or around the corner, we're just really going fast! Just don't worry about it!

       98. "THE SOLUTION IS, DON'T WORRY! HAVE FAITH! HAVE FAITH! EVERYTHING'S ALL RIGHT! I won't say we're gonna have peace." One of the first great political prophets peace but war! "Have faith in war! War will get the wheels of industry turning! War will cause the money to be spent on armaments & open factories & war factories & defence plants." as they call'm, "& get the money rolling as we get the arms rolling! The thing to do is spend as much as we can now on war & this will inspire the economy, this will inject new life into the economy, new money into the economy! The government will spend more billions on war & this will create jobs & salaries.

       99. "OF COURSE, WE MIGHT HAVE FIGHT A WAR IN THE MEANTIME, BUT AFTER ALL, WHAT'S A LITTLE WAR IF WE WIN IT? And if we kill Russia, then we'll have the whole World & everything will be hunky-dory & then we'll really spread our wonderful new deficit spending system over the whole World to the Socialist countries & they'll learn that you don't have to earn all the money you're spending! You don't have to pay your debts!

       100. "YOU CAN LIVE ON PAPER MONEY THAT YOU CAN RUN OFF ON PRINTING PRESSES & EVERYBODY'S HAPPY! Everybody has faith in it & everybody goes along with it & you just keep living in a dream world! It actually doesn't exist, like a pipe dream or a drug trip, but who cares as long as you feel good?--As long as you've still got your car & your house & your television & all that & everything's going fine & you've still got your salary."

       101. OF COURSE, INFLATION'S NIBBLING AWAY AT IT A LITTLE MORE, A LITTLE MORE EVERY MONTH, EVERY YEAR. In fact, the Building & Loan Associations that finance construction, etc., used to be the safest kind of investments in which you put your money into real hard real estate, banks that only finance real estate, the surest investment of all. They pay you, that's true, very low risk loan. If the construction company or the homeowner doesn't pay back, you get the house & you sell it & get your money back! So they pay very low interests, only 3-5%.

       102. AND OF COURSE THEY DON'T TELL YOU RIGHT NOW THE RATE OF INFLATION IS RUNNING 10-12%, & IT MAY BE 15%! So that you put your money in the bank, let's say, at 3% interest--as we figured out down in Spain--but the yearly inflation rate is 12%! How much money are you making on your money? You're losing more than you're making on it! Even at the old interest rates of 6%., that was the standard bank rate for years, all my life. At 12% inflation you can't make anything on your money put into the bank, so why do people still put their money in there when they know it? But what else can they do? There's no way to cure the System. There's no way to solve the problem.--Yet!

       103. THERE'S NO WAY OUT BUT UP!--BOOM!--AND WHEN THAT UP COMES, WHO CARES? WE'LL ALL BE DEAD ANYWAY?--That's the way they figure! That's exactly the way they figure, & that's virtually what Reagan is telling'm right now: "Don't worry about it! So who cares? The government's been running up a deficit spending every year for all my life & my fathers before me, why worry about it? Look, you're well off, aren't you? You've got a nice car, nice home, family, good education, gadgets, why worry? You're happy! Of course, we don't know what the end's going to be, but why worry?" That's the solution they have discovered!--What a solution! The blind leading the blind into the ditch!

       104. "THE THING TO DO IS JUST TRUST THE SYSTEM & GO AHEAD & ACCEPT THE WORTHLESS MONEY, use the worthless money, keep the System going because there's no other way out. It's impossible for the System to survive unless you keep having faith in it & keep using it. That's the only way you can keep it going.--After us, the Deluge!"

       105. SO BOOM!--THE WAR COMES! The U.S. blows up, half of Europe gone, all the major Capitalist powers wrecked or destroyed & their financial system crashed, what do you think Russia will do about it, & the remaining nations & the third World & the few Capitalist nations remaining? Hmm?

       106. WHEN THE SYSTEM HAS ALREADY DESTROYED ITSELF, AS MARX SAID CAPITALISM WOULD, "JUST LET IT GO AHEAD & IT'LL DESTROY ITSELF!"--Like the skunk!: You know, Pat & Mike were hunting possum & Mike sent Pat up the tree to chase down this possum so he could shoot him, & he came slithering back down the tree--it turned out the possum was a skunk! And he said, "Mike, let's don't worry about it. Just leave him alone & he'll stink himself to death!"

       107. ARE YOU GETTING HUNGRY? CAN YOU STAND A LITTLE MORE? I thought we ought to have a little fasting during our finance conference! My Lord, He knows I didn't plan to tell you all this, but it's one of the biggest problems ahead of us & we have to figure now & prepare now for what is coming!

       108. WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY'LL DO AFTER THE WAR? Well, what would you do if you were Russia & you didn't believe in the Capitalist System anyhow?--If you blame nearly all the evils of the World on the Capitalist money system, credit system, profit system & all the rest? It has finally destroyed itself & crashed, so what are you going to do with it?

       109. WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU'VE BROKEN A BEAUTIFUL VASE OR A LIGHT GLOBE OR SOMETHING, DO YOU TRY TO PUT IT BACK TOGETHER? When it's broken in a thousand pieces & impossible to put it back together, what do you do? You just sweep up the trash & throw it out! They'll say, "Well, it was no good anyhow, we told you it was no good, we told you it would crash sooner or later, & it destroyed itself like we said, which proves it was no good & that our system is better. So we have to have a new type of exchange system. Everything's got to be new!" "Old things are passed away, all things become new!" (2Co.5:17.)

       110. VIRTUALLY THE WHOLE WORLD WILL HAVE GONE INTO RUSSIAN RECEIVERSHIP & they will have to try to figure out how to salvage what they can of the nations of the World that are left, particularly Third World, but even a few Capitalist countries that are left. Russia doesn't want to destroy the whole World, it wouldn't be worth anything, winning & conquering it, if it was all going to be destroyed. so do you think she's going to want to at least try to save those countries, what's left of the World? What about their economies? Even their economies!

       111. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A COMPANY GOES INTO RECEIVERSHIP? We already went through that. What happens? This time it's governments going into receivership, in fact, virtually the whole World going into receivership! What do they do? They try to salvage as much as they possibly can that is of any value & try to scrape up the leavins' of whatever they possibly can put back together. Maybe they broke the bowl or the plate, or maybe they dropped a whole set of plates & they just maybe they dropped a whole set of plates & they just threw away all the worst busted ones but tried to glue threw away all the worst busted ones but tried to glue a few back together, save what they can. They're going to try to save what they can, of course. Lord Jesus help us, in Jesus' name!

       112. WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT THE MONETARY SYSTEM? We know the paper monetary system's no good, right? But even Russia & a whole lot of these countries left still have a lot of paper money. And this I started to ask have a lot of paper money. And this I started to ask you awhile ago, in the case of these governments which went broke after the wars, what happened to their paper money? What did they do, do you remember? They did about like what the Bank of Bay Biscayne receivers did with my mother's money. They call it re-evaluation, or devaluation.

       113. THEY TRIED TO GET OUT OF IT AS MUCH AS THEY COULD, what they wanted it to be worth & hoped people would believe it was worth. So because the people had lost complete faith in it & wouldn't take it at all, or hardly any, they passed laws. They said, "well, now we know this 1000 mark note is no longer worth a thousand marks. But how about taking 100 marks for it?"

       114. THEY PASSED LAWS COMPELLING THE PEOPLE TO EXCHANGE THE MONEY AT A DEVALUED PRICE, & laws that their creditors had to take the money, the grocery stores had to take the money at the official exchange rate. They passed laws in all those countries that forced the people to use the money & to believe in it & to accept it & the companies & creditors to accept it & the grocery stores to accept it. They made'm, they forced'm!

       115. AND TO SALVAGE WHAT RUSSIA CAN OUT OF THE CAPITALIST NATIONS THAT ARE LEFT, they can't just let the whole thing go down the drain! There wouldn't be much satisfaction in winning a war, there wouldn't be much booty left. What would be the prize if it was all worth nothing & worthless & the whole economic system of every one of the countries went totally bankrupt & totally worthless so they didn't get anything out of it? They've gotta keep'm going somehow! They've gotta keep a little something going, right?

       116. SO WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO WITH THE CURRENCY?--DEVALUE IT!--& they'll declare by law that it's worth so much. Whether you like it or not you've got to accept it at that value. I mean, it's nothing new, it's happened after World Wars before to whole countries that went bankrupt, what they had to do about their currency & their debts & all the rest. That's what they do is pass laws forcing the people to accept the money. They knew they couldn't make'm accept it at the former rate, it's ridiculous! It had already fallen too far & crashed & everything else.

       117. BUT A LOT OF THEM ISSUED A NEW CURRENCY & THIS IS WHAT THEY USUALLY DO, THEY DECLARE IT'S WORTH SO MUCH: "Now you come down to the bank, our Federal banks & government banks & whatnot, & we'll give you these new marks for your old marks, ten to one," something like that. "We'll give you the new marks for ten of your old marks." France did the same thing with the franc: "We'll give you a new French franc for five old French francs" or whatever it was. I don't remember exact figures but that's the general idea.

       118. THEY FORCED THE PEOPLE TO ACCEPT THE NEW CURRENCY AT ITS NEW VALUE, & although most of their savings & everything else had been wiped out by this devaluation, they figure, "Well, there's nothing we can do about it anyhow & something's better than nothing. And if we don't, the whole thing will go completely broke & we'll have nothing but terrorism & civil war & anarchy & no government at all! We'd better back the government the best we can, & they tell us that this will solve the problem. We've got to do something to help the government & we'll have to do our part & cooperate & do what they tell us to do & obey the laws & exchange our money & take what we can get!" That's what's going to happen to the currency.

       119. OF COURSE, THIS IS ONLY A TEMPORARY IN-BETWEEN STEP WHILE IT GIVES THEM TIME TO ESTABLISH THE NEW CREDIT SYSTEM which they'll scrap the whole thing for eventually. But because the government still has these leftovers & vestiges of the former monetary & economic system, they've got to try to salvage what the can out of what's left like they would out of a bankrupt company & out of its receivership.

       120. WHAT DO YOU THINK THEN ABOUT THE GOLD? Well, when the currency crashes, the banks crash & everything crashes in the Western World, what's left of the Western World & the Capitalist World, what are they going to fall back on? What's history, thousands of years of history? What do they always fall back on, at least temporarily? Not forever, that's the catch.

       121. TEMPORARILY THEY WILL FALL BACK ON THINGS OF WHAT WE CALL INTRINSIC VALUE, actual real values, real material values as they call them. Of course we know there is no such thing as material value. The things of this World shall pass away. The things that are seen are temporal, temporary, the things unseen are eternal. (2Co.4:18.)

       122. BUT THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD STILL HAVE THEIR FAITH IN MATERIALISM. If the money vanishes & even their government's gone & all of this, what are they going to do? What's going to be worth something? Actual value, real value, material value. What is then going to be in demand?

       123. FOR A LITTLE WHILE WILL GOLD BE WORTH ANYTHING? AFTER THE WAR? (Peter: Yes.) Why?) Peter: Because they have faith in that.) There's nothing else! What are they going to have faith in? They're so used to having faith in things, they're going to look around for some other "things" to put their faith in that is valuable. Of course what will be the most valuable thing of all? (Peter: Food.) Yes, food.

       124. SO COMMODITIES--WHEW!--WILL SKYROCKET IN VALUE!--Whatever the value is, whatever kind of currency or medium of exchange they do use. And since the paper is not worth much anymore, even the devalued legal government-ordered paper & all the rest, whether they do it legally or on the black market, they're going to barter: I've got something you need & you've got something I need & we'll make a trade, right? I'll trade you what I've got that you need for the food you've got that I need, & this sort of thing. A lot of it will go back to barter again.

       125. WELL, THIS IS NOTHING THAT'S PASSED AWAY, COUNTRIES ARE STILL DOING IT TODAY! Whole countries, nations, are actually still bartering, exchanging so much steel for so much grain & so much this for so much that. For one reason, they don't trust each other, & they certainly don't trust each other's currency because they know it's worthless & they'd prefer to exchange something they know is really worth something like food for materials & this, that & the other. Countries will certainly depend on the bartering, only it will even leak to a lower level within the country, within peoples, states, cities, individuals. Barter will return because that's all that's worth anything.

       126. BUT WHAT ABOUT REAL ESTATE? What's the next thing you need after food? What do they tell you are the three necessities of economy? Everybody had to have what three things? Food, clothing comes next, & shelter. Well, I don't make clothes, but maybe I make something else & I'll trade you what I make for your clothes, what you make, & so on; so you barter.

       127. BUT LIKE WE BROUGHT OUT IN THAT OLD ECONOMY LESSON (No.321), SOME OF THOSE THINGS, MELONS & A LOT OF OTHER THINGS ARE A BIT HEAVY TO CARRY AROUND! If you pay me off in pumpkins or watermelons that's a little bit hard for me to carry around, especially if I can't eat'm all & they're gonna spoil & I've gotta trade'm with somebody else quick while they're worth something! I'd have to have myself fleets of trucks & wagons or whatever to haul all that junk around!

       128. SO YOU'RE GONNA NEED RIGHT IMMEDIATELY SOME SIMPLE, EASY, STANDARD, WELL-KNOWN, TIME-TESTED MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE, at least temporarily. So what will people do? Since the new system has crashed, what will they fall back on? It's my opinion--I may be wrong, but I hope I'm not wrong because we're still stuck with a little gold--that they will fall back on what has always for thousands of years been, you might say, God's gold standard & His tried & proven & truly valuable medium of exchange!--Gold! (We're giving it to the needy!)

       129. WHY GOLD? WHY HAS IT BEEN A MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE? Why has the modern System, particularly the U.S.A. & in some ways even Russia, declared war on gold? Why did the U.S. determine to destroy gold as a medium of exchange & any possible gold standard? Although the Reagan administration said that they were considering it, now that they're in power his economists have declared war on gold & they're doing everything they can to destroy it & make sure it's not used as a medium of exchange. Why? Because if they did that, of course they couldn't keep on with this pipe dream. "So, well, forget gold! It's impossible to go back to that because we've gone too far!"

       130. BUT WHEN THEY'RE FORCED BACK TO SOME WAY OF EXCHANGING, WHY DO THEY ALWAYS FALL BACK ON GOLD? Now this is history, thousands of years of history, even modern history. Every time people begin to lose faith in the government of its currency, what happens? They fall back on the gold & they start buying gold with what little worthless currency they have left, whatever it'll buy.

       131. IN THE ECONOMIC RECESSION WHICH OCCURRED UNDER DEAR FLUFFY-HEAD--what was his name?--Carter!--They saw that the way he was running the country it was just really going to crash. So what happened to the currency & what happened to the gold? Gold shot up to $800 an ounce! It didn't really go up, the dollar just fell to half its value just within a short time, a few months.

       132. PEOPLE FALL BACK ON SOMETHING THEY'RE FAMILIAR WITH, something they know, something that for thousands of years has always been a substantial medium of exchange. It may be a little heavy to carry around but it's not half as heavy as trying to carry real estate with you or trying to carry watermelons or manufactured items or a lot of other things. They've got to have something to represent those things which is also valuable itself, that people like to have, so they fall back on gold.

       133. WHY GOLD? I'D SAY FIRST OF ALL BECAUSE GOD HIMSELF MADE GOLD STANDARD, it's in the Word, that's His Word, it's valuable. God Himself in a sense made gold a medium of exchange. He knew it would be a good valuable thing. Another reason, people have faith in it, they're used to it, it's been a custom for years. It's something familiar, it's a tried & proven former historical medium of exchange, so they'll go back to it.

       134. AND THEN YOUR THIRD REASON, IT HAS INTRINSIC VALUE. What makes it valuable besides God & custom or habit in the past & history, historically valuable? What makes the gold itself valuable? God made it for a very beautiful decoration! I don't have any on right now, but I have some here & you've got some there. What do we wear stuff like this for? People like gold, personally, I mean, they just like to wear it. It's a decoration! It's a Biblical adornment!

       135. IT'S A BEAUTIFUL MATERIAL MADE BY GOD HIMSELF TO DECORATE MAN & HIS WOMEN. Frames of glasses, rings on her fingers, rings on her toes, rings in her ears, rings in her nose, rings in their lips, all kinds of such decorations, right? It's actually valuable. It is actually useful itself. It has value & use itself, intrinsically. It is valuable & useful for decorations & all this sort of thing.

       136. IT ALSO HAS A VERY NEW, ALMOST VERY INDISPENSABLE VALUE which man knew nothing about before but is indispensable & essential to something new!--Electronics! Without gold & gold circuits & all the rest of this there'd be no televisions, no computers, these circuits & all this equipment. Did you know that's what makes televisions so expensive? There's so much gold in'm! Well, study up on it & you'll find out the electronics industry has gobbled up the gold. Platinum is even better but the only reason they don't use that is it costs more money than gold!

       137. GOLD IS BEAUTIFUL GOLD IS DECORATIVE, GOLD IS USEFUL, GOLD HAS A HISTORICAL VALUE! It is almost, you might say, God's ordained medium of exchange, & I believe the people will fall back on the gold for awhile. Do you know one reason the price of gold went down besides the assurances of Reagan & the new confidence in the U.S. government & its strength & its ability to hold its own against the World now? Do you know another reason besides that why the faith in the dollar went up & gold sank?--Not an awful lot, but it lost about $100 in the past year awhile. That's a lot of money for an investor who makes his money off of just buying & selling & exchanging. He can't hold that hoard too long, he's got to sell sooner or later to have an income & keep alive. If he can't sell at a profit he's got to sell at a loss, right?

       138. THERE ARE A WHOLE LOT OF REASONS WHY THEY'LL FALL BACK ON GOLD, AT LEAST TEMPORARILY. But another reason why the gold price fell is something rather strange: The U.S., for one thing, has been declaring war on gold, they want it to fall & they have pulled every hook & crock & every string & used every legal & illegal & illicit & underhanded method they can think of to try to destroy the value of gold. Because they don't want gold to become the standard, they want to keep the dollar as the standard.

       139. IF GOLD BECAME THE STANDARD, THE DOLLAR WOULD LOSE, & WOULD THE U.S. GOVERNMENT! So what did the U.S. government do?--It stopped selling gold at those reduced prices. The U.S. government knows the gold's worth something & that if anything happened with the currency they'd have to fall back on it. But besides the U.S. government declaring war on gold & trying to drive the price down & succeeding so far, what else has helped to drive the price of gold down? Who else?

       140. THE RUSSIANS HAVE BEEN DUMPING GOLD ON THE GOLD MARKET, selling it, & to sell it you've got to underprice it, & this drives the price down. Why are they being compelled to sell the gold? They need foreign currency, they even need dollars, believe it or not, for all kinds of reasons. And one of their main reasons has been the U.S. won't accept anything but dollars for their technology & all their new gadgets & all the various high priority technocracy & technology which Russia needs & can still buy, & the U.S. has still been selling'm until Reagan began to put the clamps on recently in the new blockade sanctions. So before he puts any more clamps on they are dumping gold so they can get dollars as fast as they can in order to buy up this stuff before the war while they can still buy it! And of course this has driven the price of gold down.

       141. I WOULD SAY THERE'S ANOTHER REASON TOO, THE RUSSIANS ARE NOT SO DUMB! They don't really need the gold now, they need the dollars more. What other reason? What's going to happen after the war? They know they're going to win it, if they didn't know they were going to win it they'd be stupid to try. They know they're going to make the first strike & thereby win, & that after the war who's going be the boss?--They are! And eventually, are they going to accept the monetary system? Well, they'll salvage what they can temporarily until they can get something better going.

       142. WILL THEY ACCEPT GOLD? My God, if they're going to accept even some form of paper money temporarily to try to salvage what they can from the Western Capitalistic monetary system & some value, do you think they'll still accept gold? Well, when Russia has one of the biggest stocks in the World & is one of the biggest producers & people will fall back on gold s valuable & as standard, why should Russia abandon gold? I'm talking bout the interim period after the war before the New World System is established.

       143. RUSSIA, I'M SURE, MUST HAVE PLANS FOR IT ALREADY, what she's planning to do after the recovery period, after this interim reconstruction period. What do you think Russia has in mind for the future economy of the World? (Peter: The Credit System.) Of course! That's something she can control absolutely & by computer & electronics & have absolute total control without having to transport even heavy gold or anything else. And in order to get total complete control of the World economy & its medium of exchange, whatever it is, she's going to have to go to the electronic credit system via computer, & then she will have everything in the palm of her hand. But that's going to take some time.

       144. THIS TRANSITION PERIOD IS THE DIFFICULT ONE IN WHICH THEY'LL STILL BE USING SOME MONEY, even dollars, declaring by law it's got a certain value, because otherwise everything would collapse. She doesn't want to just take over a collapsed building. She's had to destroy the U.S. & half of Europe, but the doesn't want the rest of the World to collapse with'm. So she's got to give them credit for some value to their currencies, & particularly to their gold, as they themselves fall back on gold, to tide over until she can get the New World Government organisation & economic system established.

       145. THEN UPON HER FORCE & AUTHORITY ("WHO IS ABLE TO MAKE WAR WITH THE BEAST? And all the World wondered after the Beast!"--Re.13:3,4), there's not going to be hardly anybody who can do or say anything about it! She'll just declare that now we're going to convert to this electronic system & you can forget your paper money. You can trade in what you've got left & all your gold for electronic credits. Even some of the paper money will still be worth something, because they've got to have something to transfer to be a medium of exchange & to have some kind of value to trade in, just like governments have after the wars. You had to have some paper money to trade in for the new paper money, savvy?

       146. WELL, TO ESTABLISH THE NEW CREDIT SYSTEM, THEY'VE GOT TO GIVE YOU SOME CREDIT FOR THE MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE THAT YOU WERE USING, your paper money, stocks, bonds, shares, securities & everything else. Of course, it will be at whatever rate she declares it's worth. You'll get so many credits for so many dollars, so many credits for so many shares or bonds or stocks or whatever it may be, & so many credits for each ounce of gold. And by that time, of course, compared to the paper money, do you think the gold will be worth more or less than it is now? It will have a much better exchange rate than paper money!

       147. WHAT WOULD YOU THINK PERSONALLY WHEN YOU KNEW THE GOVERNMENT HAD CRASHED, the U.S. was gone, half of Europe was gone & you had a stack of paper dollars in one hand & several Rands in the other? Which would you figure you'd better hang on to the most as apt to be the most valuable? (John: The Rands!) And everybody else will be thinking the same thing.

       148. SO WHEN EVERYBODY ELSE HAS GOT FAITH & CONFIDENCE IN THE SAME THING, THEN IT BECOMES A STANDARD & it becomes medium of exchange in which they can have confidence & faith--& everything's built on faith--& then they put their faith in the gold. They've already lost their faith in the paper money & it's only worth what the government says it's worth now, & it will only be worth what the World Government says it's going to be worth to cash it in for your electronic credits.

       149. SO WILL THE GOLD BE WORTH ANYTHING AFTER THE WAR?--For awhile! Will it be worth more or less than the paper money? It'll even be worth more! Right now Capitalism is having its final fling & its prophets are screaming their assurances--including Reagan right on television even clear over in Europe screaming, "Don't worry, we've got the situation under control!" inspiring the confidence of the peoples of Europe & the World to have faith in him & the government, & therefore their faith right away goes up in the dollar, "Hmm, dollars are pretty good after all, the government backs'm up! Well, we don't need gold quite as much, the price of gold keeps going down, we'd better get rid of our gold quick & get some dollars that are going up!"--Fools!

       150. THAT'S THE WORST TIME IN THE WORLD TO GET RID OF YOUR GOLD, WHEN IT'S GOING DOWN! "What do you mean it's the worst time? I'd better dump my gold quick before it goes down any further!" Why not? (Peter: Because it'll go back up.) How do you know? (Peter: Because it always does.) Why? Why does it always go back up again? And how much does it go up? Remember the old formula I gave you? What happens to gold? It's proven through history: Two steps forward, one step backward! (9/82: It's just gone up again!)

       151. IT'S GOING BACK DOWN IN ITS ONE STEP BACKWARD AGAIN NOW, but what's going to happen especially after the war? I think it's going to take more than two steps forward, it's probably going to take one giant leap! I believe I'm right, I believe it's God's Word & I believe it's God's standard & I believe it's God's way. But the time will come, & even the Bible says this, don't forget, "they'll cast their gold & their silver & their idols to the moles & the bats as they flee into the caves & the mountains of the Earth & call for the mountains to fall upon them & hide us from the wrath of God!" (Is.2:19-21; Re.6:15,16.) When is that going to be?

       152. I DON'T THINK HE'S TALKING PARTICULARLY ABOUT THE ATOMIC WAR THERE, although that would be true of the U.S. & Europe even in an atomic war, because not even their gold or their silver nor their idols are going to do them any good then. And rather than the bombs falling on'm they'd almost rather have the mountains fall on'm! In fact, they're going to flee into the caves of the Earth & call upon the mountains to protect'm: "Fall on us! Save us from the wrath of God!" It's Scripture!

       153. THEY'RE GOING TO CAST ASIDE EVEN THEIR GOLD, EVEN THE GOLD'S WORTH NOTHING THEN! Even the gold that's still in the U.S. & parts of Europe is going to be worth nothing. You won't even be able to go near it. You won't be able to touch it. Why do they use gold in electronics today? It's one of the World's best conductors of electricity. What is radiation? Radiation is in a sense a form of electricity.

       154. NOW I'M NOT THAT MUCH OF A SCIENTIST, BUT I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED THAT THE GOLD MAY ABSORB EVEN MORE RADIATION THAN SOME OTHER SUBSTANCES. You've been told that you've got to watch out about how you protect yourself from the radiation & all that--wood, hay & stubble are almost no protection, but concrete & steel & sandbags & metal are supposed to be better protection from the radiation from the outside, from the dust, etc. Well, I don't know about gold, I might be wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised the gold might be so hot that they can't even use it. I'd like to find that out! That'd be interesting to know whether gold absorbs radiation or not. (Do you know?--Tell us!)

       155. WE KNOW THAT LEAD IS GOOD PROTECTION FROM RADIATION. Now this ought to be some kind of logical reasoning or proof. I'm not a scientist, I didn't take that much physics, but why is lead such good protection from radiation? Tell me about the properties of lead regarding electrical conduction. Do they use lead wires? (Peter: No.) It is just about the World's poorest metal conductor of electricity that there is. It almost won't conduct electricity at all. So they say lead is your best protection--lead bunkers, lead boxes for radium--they use all these things for protection from radiation of hot stuff, thick lead, because it's such a poor conductor, I suppose. I'm just theorising really, guessing right now.

       156. I KNOW THAT MUCH, THAT LEAD IS A VERY POOR CONDUCTOR OF ELECTRICITY & therefore they can't use it & they don't use it for any kind of wiring or anything like that. And I know that gold is a very good conductor of electricity, the best!--Outside of platinum, & there might be some alloys. There are a few very essential alloys which are even more valuable than gold, believe it or not, for industry & especially munitions. That's why South Africa is so valuable to the U.S.

       157. WELL, IF THAT'S THE CASE & IT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH ELECTRICAL CONDUCTION, THEN IT COULD BE THAT GOLD WILL BE TOO HOT TO HANDLE!--Especially the gold that's been cast to the moles & the bats in the caves & the mountains of the U.S.A. & Fort Knox & Colorado & wherever else they've got it stockpiled. If electrical conduction has anything to do with radiation, then that gold is going to be too hot to handle & might be for years, & their gold may be worth nothing because of that. Unless there's some way to decontaminate or defuse it, de-irradiate it or whatever, we don't know.

       158. THIS IS A LESSON IN WORLD ECONOMICS & WHAT I'M EXPECTING TO HAPPEN TO THE ECONOMY & THE MONEY & THE GOLD AFTER THE WAR, & I presume you can see how important it is to be able to forecast & predict & theorise & at least make an educated guess about what the conditions are going to be after the War, because that affects what you do now with your gold, money, etc., right?

       159. SO SHALL WE ASSUME THAT GOLD WILL COME BACK INTO ITS OWN AT LEAST FOR AWHILE until the World Government & the New World Economic Order is set up & a new electronic Credit System is set up, etc.? So do you think we should keep some gold? (Boys: Yes, Sir!) Maria, do you agree? (Maria: Yes, I do!) Don't you think we'd better dump it quick, before the price goes down any further? We've already lost hundreds of dollars on it! (It's gone up $200 since then!--And we've used it for needs!

       160. HAVE YOU GOT THE FAITH IN GOD'S WORD & MY WORD OR JUST IN GOLD OR WHATEVER TO KEEP THAT GOLD even if the price keeps going down? (Boys: Amen!) Do you really believe it will probably be worth something after the War? Do you believe at least it'll be worth more than the paper money, no matter what you call the value of it? How can it be even judged in dollars when the dollars are no more, or are worth almost nothing or very little? I believe that gold'll come back as a medium of exchange for all those reasons.

       161. I'M TALKING ABOUT IMMEDIATE POLICIES RIGHT NOW THAT WE NEED TO TELL OUR PEOPLE & ANY FOLKS HOLDING RESERVES, etc., don't get excited & dump your gold just because the price continues to go down. I mean, I don't care if it goes down to $1 an ounce!--That's nothing to what it's going to be worth after the War! I don't care if the false prophets & the liars & the peace & the war prophets & economic prophets, all the false prophets say that "gold is not going to be used as a standard & it's going to be passe & you might s well dump your gold & forget it & get rid of it, we're gonna solve this situation somehow," etc. I don't think you're gonna convince the people of that. I still think it's going to be valuable after the War & it's gonna be one helluva lot more valuable than the God-damned paper money! Do you believe it? (Boys: Amen!) (Thank God, we didn't!--It helped our Escape!)

       162. WHAT ABOUT THE DOLLARS? Immediately after the first strike before Russia has a chance to rescue the World, reconstruction, restoration, take over the reins of World Government, issue orders & laws to force you to give paper money such-&-such a value, etc., what do you think is going to be the immediate effect on the money markets & the stock markets the day after the War? Well, of course, there'll be no more London Stock Exchange. Paris Stock Exchange might survive & I think Zurich will.

       163. WHAT DO YOU THINK THE REMAINING STOCK & MONEY EXCHANGES WILL DO THE NEXT DAY? They'll probably close while they're trying to decide what to do, & the big boys & the money boys & the witch boys & the Sanhedrin & the llluminati & all the rest of'm get together: "Well, boys, we did it! We did it! We have destroyed the World System & now we can begin to take over, really take over!" They've probably got it all planned what they're going to do already. They've got to close the exchanges, because if they didn't close'm what would happen the next day? (John: There'd be a run on them.) Everybody would be dumping their dollars!

       164. BECAUSE NO AMOUNT OF PROPHECIES OF REAGAN WOULD HELP IT ANY THEN, NOBODY'S PROPHECIES! They'd be trying to get rid of their dollars for whatever they could get for them, because the government that supposedly backed'm is gone & they don't know what's gonna happen to'm & they dump'm, probably to buy gold or property or the currency of some government that still remains, Swiss Francs or whatever. They're gonna dump their dollars for whatever they can get for'm. But if they close the exchanges, of course, they're not gonna open again until they decide on what is best to be done.

       165. I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED BUT WHAT THE U.N. UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF RUSSIA WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD GOVERNMENT because its body is already set up & the machinery is set up & it'll be a very handy tool. They will get together in the U.N. & deliberate, decide--not in New York, of course, but in the places that are left, Geneva, & I'm all for them establishing that third U.N. Center in Vienna, I think it should be, because I think they'll survive. If it happens tomorrow or in a few days of course it'll only be Geneva, because they're still building the Vienna UN Centre.

       166. BUT THEY'LL GET TOGETHER IN GENEVA, WHAT EUROPEAN CAPITALISTIC GOVERNMENTS ARE LEFT, along with the Third World representatives from South America & the South, etc., & Russia is now, of course, the leader of the World & she will advise them what she thinks they ought to do. Of course, they'll more or less have to do whatever Russia tells'm to do!

       167. AND RUSSIA WILL TELL'M, "WELL, WE'LL ESTABLISH CERTAIN VALUE very complicated thing, of course, even the temporary system, "And since gold is an accepted value, we'll give it a certain value, but since gold is still a little heavy to transport, we'll immediately establish a new World Currency, like the ECU or SDR, to be the World standard of value & currency so we can still do business on paper. Because it's still a little too difficult to do it in gold, but gold will have its do business on paper. Because it's still a little too difficult to do it in gold, but gold will have it's value of the currency of this country, that country, the dollars that are left, because we've still got billions of dollars & we don't want'm to be worth nothing." Russia will lead the World & tell it what to do.

       168. I'M SORRY, I'M TRYING TO WIND THIS UP BUT IT JUST TAKES TIME TO TRY TO TEACH YOU! I could've said all this in nothin' flat, believe it or not, but you notice I keep asking you questions because I'm trying to make you think! Those are rhetorical questions, I don't expect you to be able to answers on quite a few.

       169. THERE WILL STILL BE SOME VALUE TO SOME CURRENCIES, there'll still be some value to gold--a whole lot more value than the currencies! There's not going to be enough computers, enough electronic systems set up to immediately convert to this new electronic credit system, right? That's gonna take time & technicians. They'll have already lost most of'm in the U.S. & half of'm in Europe, & with what engineers & electronics experts & computer operators are left, frankly, I think it's gonna take several years.

       170. THEY'LL BEGIN ON A SMALL SCALE BETWEEN THE MAJOR CITIES, major countries, major banks, major stores & things like that, just they're testing it out in the U.S. & Europe & places like that already. Little by little. Rome wasn't built in a day, it'll take awhile. In fact, I think it's going to take probably several years for them to get electronic system set up, probably until about the middle of the Antichrist reign, maybe to the beginning of it, although that's not very far away. But it'll take, I think, at least a couple years.

       171. THEY WILL IMMEDIATELY NEED SOME MEDIUM OF WORLD EXCHANGE. Of course, since now there'll be a World Government with a World--governing body, probably the U.N., it's already set up, machinery, delegates & all kinds of things, except what got blown up in New York. And who knows, maybe since New York really isn't very much around there in the way of bombs, they've got much around there in the way of bombs, they might even want to spare that poor city. In fact, it's poverty-stricken, it's bankrupt, & who knows, maybe they'd like to spare its communication center, banking center, technology & know-how & exchange & all that stuff.--But maybe they can't.

       172. THEY'RE GONNA HAVE TO TEMPORARILY ESTABLISH SOME TYPE OF WORLD CURRENCY, just like the nations did after the wars. The Allies got together & decided on what Germany should do about it & advised & told her what to do & she did it, both wars. "Well, now you're going to devalue it & we're gonna have to issue a new kind of currency," etc., etc. So the New World Government is going to have to do that. And there will be a New World Government very quickly, no doubt it will be the U.N. led by Russia. That will be the only surviving government that amounts to anything. And Russia, of course, will use the machinery & be the leader & lead the pack.

       173. AND SINCE THEY'RE ALREADY WORKING ON THE ELECTRONIC CREDIT SYSTEM, then they've certainly already decided what they're gonna do about the money system. Right? They've probably already decided what kind of currency they're going to use, they may even be printing it already, who knows? Because they're gonna have to have enough of it authorised & printed in different countries.

       174. THEY WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO PRINT IT ALL IN RUSSIA NOR EVEN IN GENEVA, they're gonna have to farm it out & franchise it to all the various countries. Just like we send our 35's & we send our Letters, etc., they're gonna do the same thing, & each one will be franchised, authorised to print so many of these, not ECUs but WCUs! Not the WCTU! Oh, you don't even know what the WCTU is? Maria does! Good ol' church girl! World Christian Temperance Union.--Well, this'll be the World Antichrist Intemperate Union!

       175. BUT THEY'LL HAVE TO ISSUE SOME KIND OF A WORLD CURRENCY UNTIL THEN like they have the European Currency Unit, & once they get that rollin' they'll have to turn in their other currencies. And by the time they've got that rolling at good control & power & it's working, they're gonna do just like FDR did, then they're gonna call in your gold & tell you what it's worth & "we'll give you so many of these units for your gold." thank God if you have some! And finally having called it all in & they've got the electronic system set up, they'll call in even WCUs to get your electronic credits.

       176. WELL, THAT'S THE WAY I SEE IT, ANYHOW, & I HOPE I'M RIGHT, because that's the premise upon which I except us to operate financially. I like to give you simple little childlike illustrations, actual realistic situations that you can think about. If this is going to happen, to prevent total chaos & crash the day after the strike, Russia may send out the edict & the word: "Close all the stock markets, close all the Money Exchanges while we tell you what to do next! We have won!"--& starts giving orders through the U.N., the World governing body.

       177. THEY'VE PROBABLY ALREADY GOT IT DECIDED WHAT THEY'RE GONNA DO NEXT: "We're gonna set a certain value on dollars, a certain value on gold, a certain value on your currency, a certain value on their currency & so on & so on & so on. And when we have established all this by edict or by law, & the U.N. has rubberstamped it, we'll open the money exchanges"--things have got to keep going--or they might even wait until they've got the new Units printed & just forget about the money exchanges completely. We don't know, we don't have to know.

       178. ALL WE HAVE TO KNOW IS WHAT'S A GUY GONNA DO IN PERU TO PAY FOR HIS GROCERIES when after the first strike the money exchanges are closed & the peoples of the World no longer receive the latest news on what's the dollar worth, it's only worth whatever they guess or think it's only worth whatever they guess or think it's worth. What do you think the dollar will be worth in Peru the next day? Even though they try to stop any big run & slide by closing them, the international money changers, in Peru itself where dollars are worth a lot now & the most valuable currency you could possibly have, what do you think Peruvians will think it's worth after they hear the U.S. is blown up? Hmm?

       179. IF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT IS GONE BUT THE PERUVIAN GOVERNMENT IS STILL THERE, which do you think will be worth the most the next day?--Dollars or soles? Which do you think the people will fall back on the next day? Now honestly think about it, pray about it. If you were a Peruvian banker, financier, rich man, poor man, whatever--although most of the poor men don't have any dollars--what would you think? "But my God, the American Government is gone!--I presume my dollars aren't going to be worth anything!"

       180. UNLESS RUSSIA MAKES A QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT TO TRY TO SAVE THE DAY & THE SITUATION & issues the edict to close the money exchanges & becomes a new false prophet of peace: "Don't dump your dollars, Folks! Don't turn'm in! Don't exchange'm! They're still gonna be worth something!" Maybe she's already decided on what they're gonna be worth after the War. Or, "we'll let you know in a few days, hang on to'm!" But in the meantime until you do know, how much do you think they're gonna be worth? Which would you have the most confidence in, U.S. dollars when the U.S. is gone? Or, Peruvian soles while the Peruvian Government at least is still there for awhile?

       181. THIS IS LAYING THE GROUNDWORK FOR OUR PLANS! Can you realise that this is a basic principle & basic major decisions we have to make before we can even know what to do about these details? The day after the War a guy's got one fist full of dollars & one fist full of soles. He goes down to the grocery store to buy groceries, which do you think the grocer is going to be most apt to take for his groceries? If you were the grocer what would you do? (Peter: I wouldn't take the dollars!)

       182. REMEMBER WHEN THERE WAS THAT SCARE ON DOLLARS NOT LONG AGO WHEN THE DOLLAR PLUMMETED? It was on a crash course & some people thought it was going to hit bottom, the exchange rate was going down so fast from one day to the other. What actually did happen in some countries like Italy & some other places we heard about? Do you know what happened to the poor hippies & tourists over there who had dollars? You didn't hear about it?--They wouldn't take their dollars!

       183. THE VALUE OF THE DOLLAR WAS FALLING SO FAST--even though those damn lire are hardly worth anything anyhow--you know what the people did? They fell back on their local currency as even being more sound than the dollar! They wouldn't take the dollars! They wouldn't take Travellers Cheques in dollars in Italy! It was in the newspaper, you didn't read about it? Banks wouldn't take Travellers Cheques or dollars, many of then wouldn't receive'm. Cab drivers wouldn't take'm, cafes rejected'm!

       184. THEY SAID, "I DON'T KNOW IF IT'S WORTH ANYTHING! I'M AN ITALIAN, I'M IN ITALY, WHERE'S YOUR LIRE? We don't know what's happening in the United States & what's gonna happen to the dollar. At least over here this is our country, our government & this is our currency, give me lire!" And they wouldn't even take the dollars. Don't you remember? I told you about that & read you about that in the paper. You guys sure have short memories, my oh my! I must remember nearly everything I read! It's my business to remember, I have to remember, or the Lord has to remind me.

       185. SO WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY'RE GOING TO DO WHEN YOU GO DOWN TO THE GROCER? Even now you don't go to a simple foreign grocery with dollars! If you'd go down to this little neighbourhood grocer over here with a dollar, she wouldn't know what to do with it, would she? These poor people are used to trading in the local currency. They'd say, "What's that? A dollar? Never saw one before! What's it worth? I don't know! Our prices are all in local currency. Here you are, you can have it in local currency, but we don't take dollars!" So do I get my point across?

       186. THANK GOD, GOD WHAT HE'S DOING & we're now going into these countries setting up new bases while the dollars are worth a lot, top price! If there was ever any time when it was a good time to sell dollars not gold, but dollars, it's right now! And when? For what? Swiss Francs? Who's in Switzerland to spend'm?

       187. I MEAN, YOU CAN TO A SOUTH AMERICAN COUNTRY RIGHT NOW & OFFER'M SWISS FRANCS, THEY DON'T EVEN WANT THEM! They don't know what they're worth. They'll give you top money for dollars, but even Swiss Francs they don't realise how much they're worth & it takes too long to find out. It costs money to telex or phone the central bank in the capital city, a long distance phone call to find out what it is this minute, & they don't know what it's gonna be worth tomorrow. But they've had a habit, a custom of having faith & confidence in dollars, & the dollar's at an all-time recent high right now, right?

       188. WHAT'S THE BEST TIME TO GET THE MOST FOR YOUR DOLLARS? (John: When they're having a boom.) When is that? (Peter: Right now.) Right now! For what? (Peter: Local currency.) Well, if you had enough to spare you might be smart if you'd buy more gold, but that's merely worrying about tomorrow, thinking about the future. Given time, you might really have done a smart thing if you had lots of money to spare & you could have spared more for gold, but we have other things to think about. We need cash right now to spend for our present projects & organisational operations.

       189. WHAT ARE YOU PAYING YOUR BILLS WITH NOW? Well right now you can use dollars & get top exchange for them. But what are you gonna have to use the minute the War is over? (Peter: Soles.) And who knows, maybe when people see what's about to happen, I mean when there's a major political or economic or military war scare, right away the value of currencies begins to go down & gold goes up. Now's a good time to buy told, but we can't eat the gold, we can't use the gold to pay for printing right now. But what can you use in Peru? (Peter: Soles.) You got the point!--So,

       190. WHAT SHOULD ALL OF OUR UNITS NOW GOING TO ESTABLISH NEW BASES IN THESE FOREIGN COUNTRIES DO WITH THEIR DOLLARS? If they can afford to buy gold & they don't need it for running expenses, well, gold might be good. But I would say right now that we should have gold reserves. Some of'm I think have still got too much & I warned you guys about this some time ago. I knew the price of gold had sort of stopped going up & I said then, we don't want to put all of our eggs in one basket. I said I think we ought to have about 50/50, &, if possible, go thirds--a third gold, a third cash, & a third either real estate--we don't own real estate--or equipment.--So we have been buying equipment like mad!

       191. WHEN YOU SEE THE VALUE OF OUR RESERVES PLUMMETING TO HALF OF WHAT THEY WERE, I DON'T THINK WE'VE REALLY LOST ANYTHING. We have saved two things: We have invested that money in something else instead, two very important valuable things. (Peter: Equipment & publications.) And something else even more valuable. (John: Lives.) Exactly!--People, personnel! We have saved people! World Service Units, our personnel, our workers & their talents, & that's worth more than anything outside of their souls & salvation. We've saved their lives by moving'm to the safer South!

       192. SO IN ALL THIS MONEY WE'VE BEEN SPENDING FOR TRANSPORTATION & MOVES, IT'S NOT LOST, IT'S NOT WASTED. We've gotten something back for that money that's worth more than money, & it's the people! Right? And all this money we're putting into equipment which you my not even be able to get later or the prices will skyrocket, is that lost? Not as long as there's still electricity & we can still use'm! And we hope there'll still be some kind of maintenance. I'm sure that considering how many people & corporations & big businesses have millions & billions of dollars invested in it, what's left in the World is still gonna wanna have'm & be able to use'm & have somebody fix'm! But they're gonna be few & far between & rare & scarce!

       193. AND BOY, I'LL TELL YA, IF YOU'RE AN ELECTRONIC & COMPUTER ENGINEER AFTER THE WAR, YOU CAN NAME YOUR SALARY, BUDDY! You can name it, & you'll be able to get anything you want! You will be the elite class of the World because that is gonna be what's in demand to establish the New World Order, the New World System, both government, communications, economics, the exchange system, everything is going to be based on electronics, & the electronics engineers are going to be able to name their price!

       194. IF YOU KNOW ELECTRONICS, RADIO, TELEVISION, COMPUTERS, IT DOESN'T WHETHER YOU ARE A BIBLE-SPOUTIN' CHRISTIAN! They're gonna need you so bad that it doesn't matter, they don't care that you keep talkin' about Jesus, they need your talent! They may try to shut you up & tell you to shut up, but it'll be a long time before they start killing you off just because of your big mouth when they've got your good two hands, as long as it doesn't interfere with your work & what they want you to do & it doesn't bother the rest of the workers too much.

       195. YOU ARE GONNA BE PRICELESS, VALUABLE & ESSENTIAL TO THE NEW SYSTEM, whatever you can do along that line. I'd say almost any type of engineer, electronics or even construction & everything else because the World will be in a mess & they've gotta rebuild it.--Computer typists & operators too!--Almost all skilled workers!

       196. I KNOW YOU'RE GETTING AWFULLY TIRED & YOU MUST NEED TO QUIT, & this has been a long drawn out new part of the World Series! But we're coming down to brass tacks now--or maybe I should say gold tacks! I don't even like the word "tacks," it sounds too much like "tax," but that's gonna have a lot to do with it too.

       197. THE NEW SYSTEM, OF COURSE, WON'T HAVE ANY PROBLEM ALONG THAT LINE. They won't even have to worry about taxes because they'll own everything & your income will be whatever they say it is & you'll work for whatever they tell ya to work for. They won't even have to charge you any taxes because they'll have it all already! They'll just have to pay you whatever they think you can survive on & exist on & be willing to work for or starve to death, one or the other. You won't be able to buy or sell without the Mark & that's that! Do you get the picture?

       198. WITH BRITAIN GONE, WHAT DO YOU THINK BRITISH POUNDS IN HONG KONG ARE GOING TO BE WORTH? Well, the Hong Kong dollars will be worth more than the British pounds! I would say just as a general rule, roughly speaking, that every Unit this is in any particular area should in preparation & in self-protection against the possibility of the War happening tomorrow & their dollars or their Pounds or whatever being worth nothing or of unknown value tomorrow & people not willing to even take'm, or maybe name their own price of what they'll take'm for, what do you think they should be exchanging their cheques for just as soon as they get'm!--Local currency!

       199. THEY SHOULD HANG ONTO SOME GOLD BECAUSE I THINK IT'S GOING TO BE WORTH SOMETHING, & certainly more than nothing! The dollar? We don't know how much it's going to be worth, & they won't know for awhile until they issue the order or the edict of what its official value is going to be, whatever, & eventually turned in for the World Currency Units.

       200. BUT THE DAY AFTER THE WAR WHEN THE BANKS ARE CLOSED, exchanges are closed, the stock markets are closed & virtually everything is closed except the grocery stores--we hope they'll be open--what are you going to need right away? The only thing that the local people are going to have any faith in is the local currency!--Amen?

       201. SO NOT KNOWING BUT WHAT ANY DAY THE WAR MAY OCCUR, WHAT SHOULD YOU DO WITH YOUR DOLLAR RESERVES right now when they're at an all-time high? It's a very good time to buy local currency when you can get a lot of it, especially when you know or you hope you're going to have a little more income coming in every month from somewhere with which to buy more.

       202. NOW I DON'T SAY THAT NECESSARILY YOU SHOULD PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET AGAIN, OR NOT EVEN TWO BASKETS. But once again I would say hang onto the gold, don't hang onto too many dollars, but exchange your dollars just about as fast as you can for local currency & have reserves in local currency. Let's take, for example, your operating expenses. This you know you're going to spend every month anyhow, so of course you'll change that immediately, whatever you're gonna need into the local currency, right? Because you know you're going to spend that much that month.

       203. WHAT ABOUT YOUR RESERVES? Part is gold, & most of you, the rest of your reserves is in dollars or whatever you're holding it in, but what do you think you should have at least part of your reserves in? (Peter: Local currency.) A good sizeable chunk in case of the emergency which is coming the day after the War when your dollars may be worth nothing, your gold worth something, but the local medium of exchange still in operation. You ought to have a sizeable chunk of your reserves in local currency in preparation for the emergency.

       204. "WELL," YOU SAY, "BUT THE WAR HASN'T HAPPENED YET. WHAT IF THERE'S LOCAL EMERGENCY WITH THE GOVERNMENT? What if my local government goes bankrupt even before the War? Their local currency is already plummeting & inflation is gobbling up the currency, the value of their currency is declining & devaluating so rapidly, if I put all my reserves into local currency right now, I don't have to wait for the War!--Ha! Its value's going down so fast that I don't have to wait for the war, it won't be worth anything pretty soon anyway!"

       205. YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE WAR!--IT'S ALREADY HAPPENING IN MOST OF THESE LITTLE COUNTRIES ALREADY, especially South American inflation's so bad, & Israel & a lot of other places, that their local currency's going down so fast that it wouldn't pay you to keep much reserves in local currency. The local currency right now isn't worth very much & it's getting worth less all the time. So you have to find a happy medium & a balance between the three. I'm talking about reserves now. I'm not talking about operating expenses.

       206. YOU SHOULD CASH YOUR WS CHEQUES IN IMMEDIATELY WHEN YOU GET'M, FOR LOCAL CURRENCY FOR OPERATING EXPENSES, because you know you'll spend it that month & the money's not apt to go down that much in that one month. Although in some countries it loses value not at 10 or 15% a year, but 10 or 15% a month!--Like Brasil & Israel & some of those places, & even now Argentina because of what the Jews have done. (And now Mexico!)

       207. SO BEING A MONEY MAN & AN ECONOMICS EXPERT, what would you advise a Unit to do with its reserves right now today? Already we've said he's to take whatever income he has every month equal to his operating expenses & exchange that immediately into local currency. What about his reserves, his backup money?

       208. WELL, FIRST OF ALL, WE'VE ALREADY DECIDED ON WHAT TO DO WITH THE GOLD--KEEP IT! What about his dollar reserves? It would sort of depend on the individual situation, the individual Unit & the individual country, it will vary, you might say according to what they've got faith for. If the local currency is going down so fast it wouldn't be wise to put very many dollars into it, maybe only a month's, because a month later it will be worth so much less.

       209. BUT WHAT IF YOU KNEW THE WAR WAS GOING TO HAPPEN THREE MONTHS FROM NOW AT THE END OF THEN? Most wars start in the Summer because Summertime is a good time to fight wars, it's more pleasant weather for killing people, so you don't get stuck in the snow & the mud so much in the North where most of them are fought! If you knew the war was going to occur May 1st, what would you advise a Unit to do with its present reserves?

       210. SINCE WE DON'T KNOW EACH LOCAL SITUATION & we don't know exactly what's going to happen or exactly when it's going to happen, we have to make a sort of an educated guess & a God-inspired guess I would say. Even if God doesn't tell us specific figures, specific numbers or exactly when or where or how much it's going to happen, would you say that was a pretty good rough balance to send out as a general advisory? In other words, they can make their own personal choices in their own local situation for whatever they've got faith for.

       211. OF COURSE WE'VE ALREADY BOUGHT A LOT OF EQUIPMENT, BUT WHAT ABOUT A STEP FURTHER IN THE WAY OF RESERVES? What would you tell'm about equipment they need now or they might need soon, once they get to their new base or new location & don't have to worry about transportation anymore? What about maybe going to fourths? A fourth gold, a fourth equipment--those two things fare going to hold their value the longest--maybe a fourth dollars & a fourth local currency. Buy the equipment right now while you can.

       212. THE PRICES ARE GOING DOWN, THEY ARE GOING UP ALMOST EVERY MONTH, ALONG WITH THE INFLATION'S RISE. Aren't those things that we need? We will need the gold after the War, we'll still need the equipment & we will certainly need local currency after the War. But right now as a hedge against local inflation & the devaluation of local currencies, we need to keep a few dollars around as well.

       213. YOU MEAN EVEN IF THE MOMENT THE FIRST STRIKE OCCURS THE DOLLARS ARE WORTH ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, do you think we should still keep maybe a few dollars on hand? Why? As a hedge against any immediate financial emergencies such as an immediate collapse of your local government, immediate collapse of your local currency, an immediate sudden nosedive of local currency or sudden governmental devaluation or sudden spurt of inflation.

       214. YOU'D BETTER NOT HAVE TOO MANY EGGS IN THE LOCAL CURRENCY BASKET EITHER. But you need enough to tide you over the emergency of those first few days after the War until the World economic situation gets straightened out or ordered & the World Government has established by decree the value of these various currencies & gold & all the rest, & then some type of order will be restored & value restored & you can proceed, we hope.

       215. YOU NEED TO KEEP THE GOLD FOR WHEN? (JOHN: THE INTERIM PERIOD.) Yes, even right now in case local currencies or even dollars both went down, the gold is always a hedge. Gold is a hedge right now against immediate inflation & devaluation, & of course will be even more valuable after the War. The dollars are a hedge right now against immediate emergencies of inflation or devaluation. Of course we know that they'll be worth very little after the War--but they may be backed by new World Government!

       216. I SHOULD HAVE NAMED EQUIPMENT MAYBE EVEN BEFORE THE GOLD, because equipment we need now, & we trust we'll still be able to use it after the War. I would almost put equipment as number one on my reserve investment list. (Maria: Does that mean we should get some more Apples then?) Why not, if we need'm? As long as we've still got'm & they still work & they haven't broken down, & thank God there isn't very much mechanical about'm to break down except drives & the printer. I would say it might be even wise to buy a spare printer since those printers don't cost very much & printouts are so important. (We have had a few chips go bad in this Tropical heat!)

       217. I MEAN, WHAT GOOD ARE THE COMPUTERS IF YOU CAN'T PRINT OUT? Well, you can keep on typin'm in & storing it in hopes you'll get the printer fixed, but if we have a demand for the Letters we'll have to go back to the typewriter again if we don't know when we're going to get an engineer to fix it or how soon we can get it fixed. The thing most fallible, as far as I can see, & the most mechanical & the most apt to break down is the printer. So I'd say almost every Unit that has any kind of a printer probably ought to buy a spare one in case of breakdowns, because you will need it immediately.

       218. THE APPLES ARE NOT AS APT TO BREAK DOWN BECAUSE THEY'RE MOSTLY ELECTRONIC & NOT MECHANICAL & they don't wear out as fast. I don't know much about the drives but it doesn't look like that's too big a matter of wear, just that little tiny turntable or whatever it is going around slowly as it does, there's not that much wear & tear & mechanical likelihood of breakdown, right?

       219. SO IF YOU'RE GOING APPLE, as so many of our Word & Finance Units are, one of the most important spares you need to have on hand in case you can't get'm fixed in some of these countries is an extra printer. And I would say also that now that we're going in for pubs via Apples in a bit way, that the type of printers we are using right now may be sufficient for our personal use in readouts & rough drafts & final types to see what they look like, but perhaps now is the time to consider a professional commercial type of print-quality printer for final foto-ready printouts.

       220. BECAUSE THOUGH THE QUALITY OF OUR PRESENT PRINTERS IS PASSABLE & ACCEPTABLE, IT'S NOT AS GOOD AS IT COULD BE & SHOULD BE. And while we've got the money & we can buy a good printer for a PDQ I'd say he could keep the one he's got for a spare & get a good one for the Magazine. For God's sake, tell him to hurry up & get one before his breaks down! What if his broke down today? All of our computer system would break down because we'd be back to sending paper instead of disks! So he needed it yesterday!

       221. WASN'T THIS IMPORTANT? I DIDN'T INTEND TO PUT THIS FIRST, IT MUST HAVE BEEN THE LORD'S WILL! Because after all, these are basic fundamental foundation guidelines in our future finances & expenditures & reserves & investments & everything! We have to know what's going to happen to the money & the gold & the machinery & everything else, so we'll know what kind of a balance to strike in our holding of reserves, expenditure to money, payments, everything! So I'm sure that must be why the Lord laid that burden on my heart--I already had it on my heart--but led me to tell you first off instead of waiting till the end.

       222. WE'RE JUST REACHING THE END OF THIS DISCUSSION OF THE FUNDAMENTALS OF THE FINANCIAL END, GENERAL FINANCIAL POLICY. I'd say the title of this could be maybe "Forecast" for short! Subtitle: General financial policy guidelines for investment of present reserves, etc., something like that. Isn't that the general subject we've been covering? And in a sense, I like short cute little one-word curiosity titles, & also that sort of describes what's in it.

       223. WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING MOSTLY?--I'VE BEEN FORECASTING! Every business has to have a forecaster. Thank God, He's had His forecasters for His business for thousands of years. The nice thing about God's business forecasters is, they're always right!--Ha! We've got the System beat, TTL! Now I don't say I'm always right or I'm even right about what I'm telling you now, but I think I am & I think the Lord has led me along this line.

       224. LORD, YOU KNOW WHAT'S REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN! I could be wrong about some things, but I think I'm right & I believe I'm going to g ahead on that premise that that's the way it's going to be & happen! I would say at least it's a fairly sensible, logical, reasonable & likely prediction of what's going to happen, & most likely what we will need to meet that emergency when it comes.

       225. I'D SAY WE NEED THE EQUIPMENT FIRST OF ALL & GOLD NEXT--Both are most likely to hold their value both now & after the War. We need dollars as a hedge against emergencies now--inflation & devaluation of local currencies--& we need local currency for immediately after the War as definite value, a medium of exchange that we're most definitely & surely going to need immediately after the War the minute the dollar is gone.

       226. DO YOU THINK THIS IS IMPORTANT? I know it takes me a long time to say anything, but you see, all the time I have to be teaching you something. I could have just brought you in here & said, "Well, now I want you to do this, that & the other! Boom, boom, boom, boom!"--That's one of the advantages of a dictatorship. But you might wonder, "What in the World is he doing a crazy thing like that for, and why?" And besides, you wouldn't have known what's going to happen or what to do after the War or a lot of things. Besides, I like to build a case & persuade you that I'm right. I like to show you I'm right & why I'm right & why we should do this.

       227. I LIKE YOU TO BE CONVINCED & HAVE THE FAITH & THE CONVICTION TO GO AHEAD WITH THIS PLAN BECAUSE YOU BELIEVE IT'S RIGHT! I can't swear that we all know it's right, but I think it's better than anything else I can think of! It's like the guy said about sex, remember that joke? He said, "Well, it may not be the best thing in the World, but I don't know anything better!"--Ha! So my plan may not be the best in the World, I don't know, but I can't think of anything better, can you? If you can come up with it I'll be glad to hear about it.

       228. BUT THIS IS SOMETHING WE NEED TO START COUNSELLING OUR UNITS ABOUT NOW, TODAY, IN OUR NEXT COMMUNICATION WITH THEM! This is what we have decided to do & these are the guidelines we're giving you, generally speaking. We can't specify exact amounts, we can't say exactly 25% for this & that, but according to your needs, your local situation, according to what kind of reserves you have on hand, according to your monthly income, all this sort of thing. All this will have to be worked out in detail with each Unit more or less on its own.

       229. ONE THING ABOUT OUR GOVERNMENT OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD UNDER US AT THE MOMENT, I DON'T THINK YOU CAN ACCUSE ME OF DEFICIT SPENDING, A national debt nor living beyond our income! In fact, we've survived several financial crises in which our income took a nosedive, but because I immediately out everybody down to what we could afford, we survived. We didn't go into deficit spending & have it gobble up all of our reserves while we were recovering, so that we wound up making a major exodus out of Europe & had no money to do it with. Thank God we kept those reserves, right? Otherwise we couldn't have done what we're doing now. We could have lost people, personnel, reserves, things that are priceless! TTL We have not lost reserves! We've not just spent'm or wasted'm, we have invested'm in equipment & people to save their lives & their equipment. Praise God?

       230. CAN YOU THINK OF ANY OTHER MAJOR NEED OR INVESTMENT WE CAN MAKE? Maybe I haven't thought of everything. Well, I can think of one more thing. What is another very good investment as a hedge against inflation? What is something else besides gold & commodities & equipment? We might call our commodities our food & survival supplies.--FOOD!

       231. NOW THAT THEY'RE MOVED & THEY'RE SETTLING DOWN MORE IN A SOUTHERN AREA where the transportation is not going to be such a problem, I would say food commodities, food survival stores which can be easily moved could be another area for them to think about. Not so much you can't even move it & you're gonna need a semi-truck to move it, but to tide you over I would say at least a month or two, enough food to eat for at least a month.

       232. THESE PEOPLE STORING UP FOOD FOR A YEAR, THAT'S RIDICULOUS! Most emergencies or catastrophe emergencies. Usually the emergency in which you can't get groceries, you run out of electricity, you don't have water, whatever, is over within a very short time. Sometimes it's a few days, sometimes a couple of weeks or months, at the most maybe a couple months.

       233. I WOULD SAY THE AVERAGE UNIT COULD HAVE SURVIVAL STORES OF FOOD TO LAST THEM AT LEAST TWO MONTHS LIKE WE DO WITH THE FINANCES. Two months finances & two months food. Would you say that was a reasonable amount of food to have on hand? Because you know, things could get so bad that even food is not available, or the prices shoot up sky-high for food. Especially if your government happens to be largely dependent maybe on the U.S. or Europe for this or that or certain types of food or whatever.

       234. COMMODITIES IS THE WORD THE COMMERCIAL SYSTEM USES, WE'LL CALL IT SURVIVAL FOOD, enough to last a couple months. You don't really need much for a couple months' food, believe it or not. Just trust God for the water to be restored as soon as possible. But we ought to have some water for a few days in case it's out off, which could happen any time--due to revolution, civil strife, pollution & God knows what!

       235. WHAT ELSE DO WE NEED BESIDES THE MACHINERY OR EQUIPMENT? There's another kind of supplies that we need.--Office supplies! We desperately need office supplies. What are we going to do, just sit there twiddling our thumbs for over two months? We've got enough to eat on, we've got the equipment to work with, but we don't have enough paper to feed it! Or we don't have enough this or that. We don't have the supplies to keep that machinery running!

       236. THAT'S ANOTHER THOUGHT TOO, NOT ONE OF OUR UNITS, PARTICULARLY OUR WS WORD PROCESSING UNITS, SHOULD BE WITHOUT ONE GOOD MANUALLY OPERATED TYPEWRITER! And as that material I gave you shows, I don't think you can beat that little "Brother" [EDITED: "a brand name"]. We should have at least one, & perhaps in our Word-processing Units where we do a lot of Word work & have a lot of typists, we ought to have more!

       237. I WOULD SAY IN ACTUAL WORD-PROCESSING UNITS, Creations Units, we ought to have at least two manuals, good us-to-date modern manual typewriters that can work without electricity & we can keep working & keep typing even when the electricity is off. There's another equipment purchase we need. We need paper! We need ribbons! You just make a list of all the supplies we'll need in an emergency.

       238. WHAT ABOUT OTHER THINGS WE NEED THAT WE GO DOWN TO THE STORE NOW & WE CAN BUY? Certain kinds of articles & imported special foods that we prefer & like that come from either Europe or the U.S. that we're in the custom of enjoying, what about them? Toilet articles, certain types of special foods or instant coffee or anything that's not produced locally or nearby or can only be gotten from the countries that are going to be destroyed.

       239. MAYBE YOU NEED TO GO OVER EVERYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF, all the things you can see in your room, look it over: "Now what if I run out of this, or this breaks down or breaks up or gets destroyed or left behind, whatever, how am I going to replace it? Where am I going to get a new one? Will I be able to get it in the country or the continent that I'm in? Do they manufacture it there or is it manufactured at least somewhere in the South & exported & will I be able to buy it? Or is the only manufacturer in either North America or Europe? And if I ever want any more of'm, had I better buy'm now?" At least they'll last for awhile until maybe somebody in the South starts making'm.

       240. YOU DON'T NEED THESE THINGS FOREVER, you just need'm to tide you over the transition period, over the emergency, some just for a few days, some for a few weeks, some for a few months until somebody else picks up the ball, or the government does or something, & things're restored to order & either that thing is replaced & somebody starts making it or the government explains to you how you can do without it, one or the other!

       241. I WOULD SAY YOUR MACHINERY & SUPPLIES THAT YOU NEED NOW & AFTER--I'm talking about office & all kinds of material supplies, food that you will need in the emergency--these are priceless investments when you can't get'm at all, & it will pay to have some on hand. But only as much as you can transport in case you have to make a sudden move, & we frequently have to move. It doesn't take a war to require us to move, or the collapse of a government, it just means we have to move sometimes & we'd better not have any more than we can move, is possible.

       242. NOW AS WE ARE IMMEDIATELY EVACUATING CONTINENTS & CROSSING OCEANS to get to our eventual destinations, we couldn't even think about having very much to carry with us now. But once we're there, the distances are short, the transportation will continue & we can start stocking up again on survival food, office supplies & various types of needs & gadgets & whatever we may need. So that when you can no longer get those things, we'll still have a few on hand to tide us over until somebody starts making'm again! Amen?

       243. SO I WOULD MAYBE EVEN CREATE A FIFTH OR SIXTH CATEGORY--I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED IF WE WIND UP WITH SEVEN--FOR INVESTING OUR RESERVES IN! And the broader base you've got the better, the more baskets you've got your eggs in the better. What have we got so far now? Maybe we almost ought to start putting food at the top of the list! If the stores are closed for awhile, maybe a few days or weeks, you'll have something to eat, survival stores, food stores, & a little water.

       244. SOME PLACES COULD CONSIDER A GENERATOR FOR ELECTRICITY, one of these little small portable generators, providing, of course, you could still get some gasoline. Hopefully maybe you can store a five--gallon can of gas or something that'll run it for a few days, maybe a week or two, until the electricity is restored. You're there, you're where you can move it & where you can now buy vans again & have the transportation to important piece of equipment to consider, a small portable generator for electricity. That goes under equipment, of course, but you need food first.

       245. WE'RE ALL SUPPOSED TO HAVE ENOUGH CLOTHES TO LAST US FOR AWHILE IN CASE YOU CAN'T GET ANY. I've got enough clothes to last me for rest of my life! I had to give away some, I had too many, but maybe there'll come a time when we won't be able to get certain kinds of clothes like these tee-shirts I wear, synthetics, etc. And by the time I get down there I probably won't even want to wear'm at all! So I'd say most of us have got enough clothes, maybe more than we need, but if there're any clothes you think you might need before the emergency is over you'd better buy one or two items of that.

       246. LET'S TAKE THE THREE MAJOR NEEDS OF MAN--FOOD, CLOTHING & SHELTER!--There's the item I was about to bring up! You've got your survival needs at least, right? But you just don't want to sit around eating & drinking hoping tomorrow we live, but you want to keep busy. So it might not be a bad idea, number 3, that some places where it can be bought cheap & maybe you can't rent it & if you have enough money to buy it, to buy property, particularly if you can buy it on a contract, on time, with a small down payment & monthly payments less than rent, if you're pretty sure you can stay there. This would have to be almost definitely a case of nationals, local disciples who would have some use for it in case non-nationals got kicked out, such as any WS American Units or something, so that the Nationals would still be able to use it.

       247. WELL, NOW HERE COMES IN SOMETHING NEW which is in a new Letter that you probably haven't even read yet! Anybody know the name of it?--"Combos!--The Seven Multipurpose National Centers." (See No.115.) You say, "I thought so, he's going to go the way of all denominations & churches! I knew he was going to go to property & church buildings sooner or later, it's just bound to happen!"--Ha! Well, I can see that in some countries & for some nationals, some of our churches, so to speak, some Family in some situations which are fairly stable & apt to survive the War & perhaps even the Antichrist till Jesus comes! There's a whole lot of "ifs" in this--if they have the money & if the property is really usable for many different purposes. And in this new Letter "Combos," right now I'm recommending that they probably rent it, preferably something like a campground which can be used for these 7 different purposes! Right now we need'm for these 7 different things. You can read it in the Letter, OK? (No.115.)

       248. WE WERE FORCED TO BUY A PIECE OF PROPERTY ONE TIME, either that or they were going to kick us out! We got it at a bargain, by a fleece, PTL!--& that piece of property came in mighty handy because we turned it into cash when the rub came. But the crooked person who confiscated it because it was in her name, Rachel, we took it out of her hide through some money that we were holding. So we got our money back, PTL! God always has a way to skin the cat, & we skinned that cat, let me tell ya, & she deserved it!

       249. SHE THREW THE FAMILY OUT & I CURSED THAT PLACE THAT SHE'D NEVER GET THE BENEFIT OF IT, & it stands there idle, falling apart to this day! I figured if she wouldn't let us have the benefit of it--but we got the benefit out of it anyhow, didn't we, Peter?--& she wouldn't let the Family use it, then she didn't deserve to use it, right? She didn't deserve to get that stolen money out of it, so I cursed it & she hasn't sold it yet as far as I know. For some reason she can't sell. I'll bet there are legal obstacles, liens or suits against that property right now to prevent its sale by all her creditors & debtors & whatnot & that's why she can't sell it!

       250. ALL RIGHT! SO YOU NEED SOME SHELTER. If a local national church--maybe Family is a better name, that's an old hangover I have, but it's in the Bible--can see where it might be possible either to rent, lease or even buy on terms a National Center for some purposes, now is the time to do it! They're not going to get any cheaper! We need'm now, can use'm now, & we ought to get'm now if you have the money to do it!

       251. NOW THAT DOESN'T NECESSARILY INVOLVE W.S. UNITS, BECAUSE WE USUALLY HAVE TO KEEP MOVING. But some of you may have to stay. Look at Mordy & some of them. If they find some cheap bargain in some piece of property that they can use, make a small down payment with monthly payments less than rent, why not? What have you got to lose? You're going to save on monthly payments. So what if you do have to move & lose your deposit if it wasn't too much, you're paying less than rent so it might be worth it. Sometimes it's easier to buy than rent & it has its advantages. They can't raise the price of the payments on you & they can't raise the price of the payments on you & they can't kick you out so easily, especially if it's in the name of a national. But be Spirit-led, as we are often forced to move!

       252. I KNOW YOU'VE ABOUT REACHED YOUR LIMIT BUT I'M JUST TRYING TO FINISH AT LEAST THESE 7 POINTS. You've already guessed about four of'm, Food, invest in food; if you don't have enough clothes you should invest in clothes; shelter to make sure you've got some place to live after the War, that they're not going to throw you out or sell it for sky-high prices or give it to somebody who'll pay more rent or whatever. It would be nice if some of those countries had some kind of a piece of property to house us that we could manage to stay in, especially nationals, or in the name of nationals at least. And equipment, that's number four; & supplies of various kinds, that's five: all kinds of other things besides just food.

       253. WE'RE TALKING ABOUT WHERE TO PUT YOUR RESERVES, AREN'T WE? FORECAST FOR YOUR RESERVES. My goodness, we're done already. We've already got some gold, better hang on, that's six. Food, clothing, shelter, equipment, supplies for exchange afterward, some dollars for a hedge against inflation now, & some local currency for a hedge against the disaster afterward. There's to spread'm out! Can you think of anything else?--Essentials in order to survive & keep living. But not just living, what's existence without being able to keep working?

       254. I WOULD SAY IN THIS CASE GET A NICE SMALL PORTABLE MIMEOGRAPH & STENCILS & MIMEO PAPER for small Units or even local Homes or a Local Area Fellowship, to duplicate the Word you get secretly from us on disc or tape or 35mm & to be able to at least pass out locally or even print your own lit if you have to. I'd say that's another piece of equipment that's very important. Or a small litho printing press like Mordy or some of them used to have. They used to hide the whole works in a closet!

       255. ISN'T THAT REALLY SPREADING OURSELVES OUT IN ENOUGH AREAS OF THINGS WE NEED RIGHT NOW ALREADY?--We're certainly going to need'm in the emergency after the War & we're going to need'm from then on, really. So none of it will be wasted. I mean, even the World Government is going to want to keep the people alive & see that they have food, all we need is enough to tide us over the emergency. We need food, clothing, shelter of some kind--either rented, leased or bought--the equipment we hope we'll be able to keep on using & the supplies for it, & the gold for after the War, & dollars & local cash now!

       256. MAYBE TO MAKE IT A NICE EVEN SEVEN WE CAN ROLL THOSE TWO CURRENCIES INTO ONE POINT SEVEN, BOTH DOLLARS & LOCAL CURRENCY, & JUST CALL IT CURRENCY, both for now & hereafter: Dollars as a hedge now, & using local currency now & as a hedge when the dollar collapses after the War. That makes a nice seven, doesn't it?--Food, clothing, shelter, equipment, supplies, gold & two kinds of currency, whatever is the strongest in the area, local currency, & whatever they think is the best other kind of currency that's apt to survive & be strong in that area. Maybe in Japan instead of dollars they'd want to hold Chinese yen as an alternative currency for reserves. That's just a shot in the dark. What do you think?

       257. AFTER THE WAR, AUSTRALIA WILL STILL BE AROUND, I THINK, SO AUSSIES'LL WANT PART OF THEIR CURRENCY RESERVES IN AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS, maybe even Hong Kong dollars! I'm talking about people who are not in that immediate currency area or in that country where the currency's actually being used, to have an alternative currency. Maybe they can split their currency three ways: Dollars, & the second most strongest currency in their area, as well as local currency. I've already suggested to you that we should start buying yen. Now's the best time to buy other currencies with our dollars, because the dollar's at an all--time high, at least for the past sometime. In fact, you've gotta watch out, it's been slipping a little bit. The people begin not to believe everything Reagan says & the international situation looks a little bit difficult & down goes the dollar!

       258. THERE WE ARE, HONEY, WE'VE GOT SEVEN MAJOR AREAS IN WHICH TO INVEST OUR RESERVES. Anybody want to name'm? Who's got a good memory? (Peter: Food, clothing, shelter, equipment, supplies, gold, currency.) At least three currencies. Of course, they may not have enough money for all this, but dollars, which is a World currency; & the next strongest currency of their particular area of a strong nation that is pretty sure to survive the War so they could fall back on that, that currency will probably jump in value right away; & of course local currency for immediate use. In other words, we're grouping the currencies into one of the seven essentials in which we should invest our reserves. Like that number seven, it always seems to work out just right, PTL!

       259. WELL, THAT WAS A BIG SUBJECT! AND THOSE ARE FUNDAMENTAL ISSUES & POLICIES THAT WE NEED TO DECIDE ON, the fundamental course of action. And it's something which we need to know now & we need to start doing now while we still have any reserves & while the dollar is high. This is no time to sell gold, but it's a good time to sell dollars, & it's a good time to invest our reserves in things that are going to last better than paper, paper money that is. No doubt the time is going to come when every piece of typing paper & mimeograph paper & Xerox paper is going to be worth more than dollar bills! So that's a worthwhile investment, anything you can write on or print on, supplies.

       260. I MUST BE FINISHED, I'M BEGINNING TO GET HUNGRY! All I had was my usual coffee this morning, but a little bit of that with me goes a long ways if I have the inspiration to keep me going!--With your happy smiling faces & your encouragement & all your agreement & yeses! Are we then in agreement on this proposition to turn our reserves into these seven channels & to spread'm out in these seven areas of investment so that we don't get caught short either now or then? We'll be prepared for any emergency either now or then, amen?

       261. NOW THE REST IS UP TO YOU TO WORK OUT THE DETAILS & up to the local Units to decide on how much reserves they've got available & what their needs are & how much they can afford to put into each thing & how to use it & how to spread it around. I would say that's up to the individual Unit. Once we have established these general guidelines & advised them that is what we think you should do with your reserves, let them decide on how to do it. That's not our business.

       262. WE GIVE'M ADVICE & IN A SENSE THEY'RE MORE OR LESS AUTONOMOUS REGARDING THEIR FUNDS THAT WE GIVE THEM. As long as they get the job done & don't go in how. Like the old bear & Mrs. Brown, we put them into the pasture & then it's up to them to figure out their survival & how to use the funds that we have given them & give them, & I'm sure they'll do their best to try to do what they think is best in their particular situation. Every situation is different, needs are different, the availabilities are different, the local emergencies might be different & all the rest.

       263. SO EACH UNIT, & I'D SAY EVEN FELLOWSHIPS WHO MAY NOW BE STARTING TO ACCUMULATE CERTAIN FUNDS OR TREASURIES to be used for certain purposes within each nation for their Combo or for their Fellowships or for their purchases of supplies or printing or whatever, each one that has any money at all is going to have to decide on what to do with it, how to use it along these general guidelines. Amen?

       264. I THINK THIS IS VALUABLE ADVICE FOR ALL OF US & ALL OF THEM! Every Home ought to have a little reserves on hand, if possible, for emergencies, & they'd be almost foolish not to! And if you have any, this is good advice on what you ought to do with it, how you ought to spread them around, how you ought to invest them in preparation for both the present & the future. Amen? Are we in agreement? All those who think this is a good idea say, aye! All those that think this is the way we ought to invest our reserves? Amen? Would you be willing to sign it? (Family: Amen!) OK! PTL! TYJ! Hallelujah!

       265. AMEN LORD, WE DO WANT TO BE PREPARED! YOU SAID, "BE PREPARED!" That's one of the major things You said in the Warning Prophecy. "Be not deceived but be prepared!"--So we won't be caught napping & we won't have a mighty widening of our eyes by surprise! Because we already knew it was coming & we were already prepared for it & we will just have a smile of satisfaction & a roar of praise that we were ready & prepared & we have everything that we need to survive, not only the War but the following emergency & perhaps even the Tribulation, right on to Your Coming, Lord!

       266. BECAUSE WE WORKED & PREPARED FOR IT & PROVIDED FOR IT & WISELY INVESTED OUR FUNDS FOR IT, spread out our emergency reserves into these various categories so that we don't have too many eggs in one basket. We've got it spread into things we already need now & use now & will need, we know, soon, & definitely will need even after the War & in the following period of recovery & restoration, perhaps even on through the Tribulation, Lord. You know.

       267. WE DON'T WANT TO FRET OURSELVES FOR TOMORROW, & You said, "Take no thought for tomorrow, what ye shall eat, what ye shall put on" & so on. (Mt.6:31.) We're not to worry about it, we're not to be terribly concerned about it & upset about it or fret about it, Lord, but You also said that we were to sit down & count the cost, & that is taking some thought. (Lk.14:28.) We believe that when You said "no thought" that You meant not to really be terribly worried or concerned. But we do believe You expected us to take some thought, count the cost & see if we are going to be able to continue & survive & to prepare for it accordingly.

       268. SO WE ASK YOU IN JESUS' NAME TO HELP US & GIVE US WISDOM in this deployment of our funds & this course of action along these various lines, to be able to survive both now & to prepare to survive the emergency & to continue on in our survival & our work for Thee even after that, if possible. TYJ! In Jesus' name.

       269. THANK YOU FOR THE WISDOM THOU HAST GIVEN US! Thank You for the ideas You've given us, Lord! Thank You for Thy guidance of They Spirit & the pictures You've shown us, the revelations You've given us, even the dreams You've given us, Lord, which have opened our eyes & showed us things which must shortly come to pass, so that we can be prepared for them & advise our Families to be prepared so that we can survive in order to continue to serve You & to help others, in Jesus' name, amen! PTL! TYL! TYJ!--Amen?--ARE YOU?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family -- This file has not been proofread.