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SAFETY LESSONS!       DFO 1312        19 April 1981
--Excerpts from a Talk after Viewing the MWM Earthquake Testimonies on Video.

       We hope that a disaster never happens to us, but sometimes it does & it has happened to the Family in various places. The Family has been through a lot of earthquakes, wars, fires, epidemics etc., so be prepared!
       1. EARTHQUAKES: IF YOU WERE IN YOUR BED TONIGHT & THE BUILDING BEGAN TO ROCK & REEL, WHAT'S THE FIRST THING YOU'D DO?--Pray? Don't stop to pray, that's one time to pray on the run! Pray as you act!--yell & wake everyone up! Then those responsible should turn off the gas mains, as gas can be very dangerous in an earthquake. Electricity is not as much of a danger, & you might need a little light.There would probably be a short-circuit & the fuses & circuit breaker would cut the electricity off automatically.
       2. BUT EARTHQUAKES CAN BREAK THE WATER PIPES & FLOOD THE HOUSE, SO IT'S VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW WHERE THE WATER MAINS ARE & turn them off immediately. Does anybody know where to turn off the main valve? So nobody knows where to shut off the water, huh? I mean, even if we had a normal simple little plumbing break, which is so easy to have, you wouldn't have any idea where to shut off the water! This house would be flooded in nothing flat, just like turning on a hose!
       3. SO KEEP VALUABLES, ESPECIALLY BOOKS & PAPERS, OFF THE FLOOR. If your floor was flooded right now, what would it ruin? What have you got on the floor of your room? Canned & bottled food can be stored on the floor as they will last for a little while, even when immersed in water.
       4. IN AN EARTHQUAKE OR ANY OTHER EMERGENCY, LIFE IS THE FIRST THING TO PRESERVE, even if you have to leave your fleebag & briefcase behind you! Try to make sure that everyone gets out. You men ought to help the women & children to get out as quickly as possible. And if you're smart enough, grab your fleebag as you hustle out the door, but if it's not ready, you just hustle out without it! The main thing is to try to save everybody & save life. We can get more clothes & papers too, although some of the material would be almost priceless if you don't have copies of it anywhere!
       5. YOUR FLEEBAG OUGHT TO BE NEAR YOUR BED WHERE YOU KNOW WHERE IT IS & YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON IT IN THE DARK, AS WELL AS YOUR BRIEFCASE.Have you got all your valuable papers, work, logs in it, everything? Where's your flashlight in your room? Could you find it in the dark? Do you know what I do every night when I finish work? What do I do, Maria? (Maria: You shut your briefcase & lock it.) I put my last valuable papers & my diary in my briefcase & I shut it & I fasten it so I'm not going to be at the last minute hunting around for stuff to put in! I've got my most valuable papers & everything that's important in there & it's fastened.
       6. AND WHERE IS MY FLEEBAG, MARIA?--IS IT PACKED? (Maria: Yes, even though you use it all the time.) I live out of it! I never unpack it! Where is it? (Maria: It's right by our bed.) It's right by our bed! All I have to do is reach out & grab it & run, & my briefcase too, if I had to get out of here in a hurry! PTL!
       7. IT'S MORE IMPORTANT TO SAVE YOUR LIFE THAN YOUR WORK, but you're supposed to have your fleebag & brief case with you, with all necessary clothing & valuable papers, so that you can grab them immediately & get out & away from the buildings whether earthquake, fire or flood! Run away from the buildings--with a blanket, in case you have to sleep there.
       8. ALSO, IF YOU HAVE IMPORTANT PAPERS, BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE COPIES OR XEROXES STORED SOMEWHERE ELSE.Have you got xeroxes of all your important papers stored somewhere else? That's one thing Maria has made very sure of, & that's that! Even of all the old RD's that we have, though we've practically got suitcases of them, materials that have never yet been edited or published, she has made sure that there are several copies floating around. She has one set & Sal has one set etc. So be sure if you have important papers that you have copies or xeroxes stored somewhere else as well.
       9. DO YOU HAVE YOUR PASSPORT NUMBER RECORDED SOMEWHERE ELSE THAT'S SAFE & AWAY FROM THE HOUSE? It's pretty hard to get a passport renewed if you don't even have the number! Better yet, make a xerox of the first few pages of your passport with your name, picture etc., all the most important information, & store the copy somewhere else. We have used this many times for identification en lieu of having to surrender a pass port to someplace or someone that wanted our passport. What kind of mess would you be in if you rushed out of the house with no passport, money, car keys & papers etc?
       10. IN AN EARTHQUAKE, IF YOU CAN'T GET OUT, GET UNDER A TABLE, A BED OR A STRONG DESK, OR IN A DOORWAY, anything that will keep stuff from falling on you & protect you. But the safest thing to do is to try to get out. If the doors are jammed, a boy can break a window with a piece of heavy furniture. The biggest danger in this is flying glass, so wear glasses or shield your eyes as you break it. Flying glass is one of the biggest injurers in an earthquake or hurricane!
       11. HOUSE FIRES: SAD TO SAY, MOST HOUSE FIRES START CARELESSLY & often begin in the kitchen from some kind of cooking or gas leak or cooking oil catching fire. The number one place for fires is in the kitchen, number two place is gas or electrical heaters etc., or the electrical system, overloaded wires that ignite & catch the house on fire. Oddly enough, some wall paints are extremely flammable & catch fire, & often it's plastic paint that gives off deadly fumes!
       12. IF YOU EVER SMELL ANY STRANGE ODOURS, ANY KIND OF STRANGE SMELL THAT'S UNFAMILIAR, IT'S BETTER TO FIND OUT WHAT IT IS than to find out too late that the kids were playing with matches or fire! Thank God that our kids are good & they don't do that, but they're not very old yet & sooner or later every little boy just has to try his hand at matches. Let'm try the fire place!
       13. SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION: OILY OR GASOLINE-SOAKED RAGS, STUFFED INTO TRASH BINS can catch fire by spontaneous combustion if the conditions are right. They will start to smoke & smoulder & eventually catch fire!
       14. WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WOKE UP & DISCOVERED THAT THE WHOLE DOWNSTAIRS WAS ON FIRE, so filled with smoke that you didn't dare go downstairs? The smoke is even more deadly than the fire, as you can suffocate or faint from it quite easily, & unless someone finds you, you're finished! The best thing to do is to climb out on the window ledge if the fire's inside the house, & climb down until you reach the lowest possible handhold with both hands.
       15. HANG ONTO THE LOWEST THING THAT YOU CAN GET AHOLD OF & where you can just drop down with your legs slightly bent, not totally bent or you don't have any spring or room to give--but with your knees & your hips slight bent & try to catch yourself on the ground as softly as you can. Try to choose a soft place to land if you can, preferably grass or soft ground.
       16. DON'T HIT STIFF-LEGGED, WHATEVER YOU DO!You hit with a kind of a give, with your knees bent, & you let the whole shock of hitting the ground travel up your body first from the spring of your ankles, your knees bent, feet bent, hips bent & if possible, also take care of part of the shock with your arms & elbows bent. Land with everything bent & just kind of take the shock & roll over like you've seen a lot of the paratroopers drop. You might get some minor injury or sprain or something, or even break a bone, but at least you save your life!
       17. HOTEL FIRES: WHEN STAYING IN HOTELS I ALWAYS FIGURED THAT I WAS ON THE DEVIL'S TERRITORY & I tried to play it safe & get an outside room & something not too far off the ground, not more than two or three stories high, so if there was no other way, at least I could go out the window! I always preferred to stay in what looked like good fire-proof hotels.
       18. IF YOU SMELL SMOKE IN A HOTEL, DON'T WAIT TO FIND OUT WHERE IT IS, GRAB THE PHONE & tell the reception desk that you smell smoke! Always call somebody immediately & let them know, then go out & start looking for the fire.
       19. ONE OF THE GREATEST CAUSES OF HOTEL FIRES IS PEOPLE GETTING DRUNK & GOING TO BED, SMOKING IN BED & THEN FALLING ASLEEP. The mattress catches fire, & the smoke gets them first & they never wake up! Another common cause is someone tossing a cigarette into a trash bin near a drape, the trash catches on fire & then the drape catches fire.
       20. THE WORST THING ABOUT FIRES IN THESE MODERN HOTELS & DEPARTMENT STORES IS THAT NEARLY EVERYTHING INSIDE IS MADE OF PLASTIC, & THE MINUTE PLASTIC BEGINS TO BURN IT GIVES OFF DEADLY POISONOUS FUMES! It immediately starts knocking people out completely so that many of the people who die in hotel fires die in their beds! The hotels are all nicely sealed up & air conditioned & you're shut in; the fumes get into the air conditioning system & nicely distribute the fumes to every room, & the people die right in their beds without ever even getting out of bed! They weren't even near the flames! The flames were stories & stories far below! So remember that plastic fumes are extremely toxic: a nice little word for poisonous! In these plastic fires it is the building itself that kills them!They're fire traps! Worse yet, they're gas traps!
       21. APARTMENT FIRES: In the U.S. they forbid them to build buildings with the stairwell wrapped around the elevator shaft as they have a chimney effect & make a perfect "fire flue". If there's a fire that breaks into the hall, the fumes & the fire have to go some where, & the elevator shaft with the surrounding stair well, the only ways out of the building, become just like a chimney for that fire!
       22. IN A BIG BUILDING IT CREATES WHAT THEY CALL A FIRE STORM, IT'LL ACTUALLY BEGIN TO ROAR! The only way out is to climb from your balcony to the ones below you. In all these emergencies, wars, fires, earth quakes etc., it's those very buildings that man prides himself in that kill him! Think of it! The very buildings he's so proud of become lethal weapons that kill him!
       23. TRAILER FIRES: AT MWM THEY WERE ALL THANKING GOD FOR LIVING IN TRAILERS, BUT THEY CAN BE A HAZARDOUS TRAP TOO IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. Trailers are one of the greatest kind of fire traps, if not fume traps. Oddly enough, most of the kitchens are right near the door, which in a way is a good safety measure as if anything on the stove catches fire you can quick throw it out the door. But in another way it's not so good because bedrooms or living rooms are at either end, & if something in the kitchen catches fire right by the door, you might not be able to get out the door. So what do you do then? (Sue: Go out the window.) Obviously!--If it's big enough & opens easily!
       24. THAT'S ONE REASON THEY MAKE MOST MODERN TRAILERS NOW WITH ALL THESE HUGE BIG WINDOWS. It's not all just for picture window view & all that, which is very nice & gives lots of ventilation, but they're also very easy to climb out of. Some of these trailers do have pretty small windows though, & you'd better be sure they're easily openable.
       25. IF YOU'RE CARELESS & ALLOW SOMETHING TO CATCH FIRE IN A TRAILER IT USUALLY BURNS VERY QUICKLY because they are mostly constructed of very flammable material. When a trailer catches fire it almost explodes! And when the gas bottles explode, that's like a bomb!--They'll blow up everything in the vicinity, just like a fireball!
       26. THIS WAS THE BIG PROBLEM THEY HAD AT THE FAMOUS TRAILER PARK FIRE IN SPAIN. It was not only that horrible gas truck that skidded & plowed into their camp, but then as each of the trailers caught fire, their gas bottles exploded too! People were really not prepared for such things & they just fled, leaving their gas bottles sitting there ready to explode! There were pictures of people simply walking away from the fire, not realising how dangerous it was, that the bottles could blow up at any time. They didn't have enough sense to run! The smart guys ran & dove into the water to escape from the heat of the fire!
       27. HOUSEHOLD ACCIDENTS: MORE PEOPLE ARE INJURED IN & AROUND THE HOME THAN ANYWHERE ELSE, although the accidents are not always very serious. Now that ought to make you thank the Lord, as it is nothing short of miraculous & supernatural that we have so few accidents of any kind! And in the house, the kitchen is the most dangerous place because the accidents there usually cause more serious things like fires that can burn down the whole house! Kitchens are dangerous places for all kinds of reasons, people are always getting cut or scalded or something catching fire etc., so thank the Lord, He usually spares us!
       28. BATHROOM: BUT AS FAR AS INDIVIDUAL ACCIDENTS ARE CONCERNED, MORE INJURIOUS ACCIDENTS HAPPEN IN THE BATH ROOM THAN ANYWHERE ELSE, the number one cause being falls in the bathtub. People slip in the bathtub & fall & break an arm or a leg or a hip.
       29. ALWAYS MAKE SURE WHEN GETTING IN & OUT OF THE TUB THAT YOU HOLD ONTO SEVERAL DIFFERENT THINGS. The safest thing to grab ahold of are the sides of the tub, as the towel rack, handholds or faucets might not hold. So grab ahold of the sides with both hands when getting in & out. When you start getting up from the bottom of the tub & start standing up, that's when you're most apt to slip & fall, so hang onto the side of the tub, or whatever seems to be a good strong support.
       30. ALL IT TAKES IS A FALL IN THE TUB & YOU COULD EASILY BREAK YOUR ARM, LEG, HIP, HEAD OR RIB! Or getting out of the tub you might splash water on the tile floor & you could slip! Don't take a chance for one moment getting in & out of the tub thinking: "Oh, I'm all right, I've got my balance now."--& ZOOM!--suddenly your feet come out from under you & you're laid up for weeks or months with a broken limb! Thank God if you don't crack your head! MORAL: HANG ON!
       31. THE SECOND HIGHEST CAUSE OF ACCIDENTS IN THE BATHROOM IS THE MEDICINE CHEST, people getting the wrong bottle of medicine or children getting into the medicine chest. I don't know if they include razors under that category.MORAL: Well, we rarely take medicines, TTL, but particularly DON'T LET KIDS GET IN THE MEDICINE CHEST!
       32. SCALDING IS THE THIRD HIGHEST AS I RECALL, USUALLY IN THE CASE OF CHILDREN who are allowed to be left alone in the tub & to play with the faucets, who turn on a hot water faucet of scalding hot water & don't know how to turn it off. They start screaming, the door's shut, mother's on the telephone & doesn't hear them until she comes in & finds the result! MORAL: NEVER LEAVE CHILDREN ALONE IN THE TUB!It only takes 3 inches of water for a small child or baby to drown, especially if they don't know how to raise their head!
       33. ELECTRICAL SHOCKS COME ABOUT FOURTH IN BATHROOM ACCIDENTS. This is so prevalent in the bathroom because if you are standing in water & touching something that is transmitting an electrical current, the water acts as a direct ground & completes an immediate short circuit, just like an electric chair! So it's a very bad practice to fool with electrical appliances in barefeet, especially on a tile floor. If your body or hands are in water, it is connected by the water to the pipes or plumbing which goes straight into the ground, offering a perfect ground for the electrical current.
       34. FALLS: ONE OF THE GREATEST CAUSE OF INJURIES IN THE HOUSE IS FALLS, usually the most serious of them being from ladders, chairs or tables. So think of that the next time you climb up on a chair or ladder, Beloved, anything you can climb up onto & fall off of, & those usually result in pretty serious accidents, broken bones & head injuries. You read about accidents like that daily, preventable accidents, accidents caused by carelessness--& prayerlessness!
       35. HOUSEHOLD CLEANSERS: THERE ARE A NUMBER OF HOUSEHOLD CLEANSERS OF VARIOUS KINDS THAT DO NOT MIX & can be extremely poisonous if mixed together.Cleansers such as chlorine & ammonia can form a poisonous,almost explosive gas if mixed together, & yet they're two very common household cleansers. So if you clean with one, don't clean in the same area with the other without flushing the first one away.
       36. PORTAPOTTY CHEMICALS: THE BLUE LIQUID CHEMICAL IS FORMALDEHYDE, A DEADLY POISON, & EVEN THE GAS OF IT IS POISONOUS! It's a matter of whether you want to smell the harmless shit, or poisonous gas with a nice fragrance! I keep putting it in as long as we have it, but we used to use pine oil which has a strong odor but is harmless.
       37. DRIVING SAFETY: THEY SAY THAT THE GREATEST NUMBER OF FATAL ACCIDENTS OCCUR OUT ON THE HIGHWAY, & THAT 75 % OF ALL AUTO ACCIDENTS ARE CAUSED BY REAR END COLLISIONS--people following too closely! But the factor which is the greatest cause of accidents severe enough to cause death is--
       38. SPEED! SPEED KILLS! SPEED MULTIPLIES YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING KILLED MANY TIMES MORE than slower speeds do. You can control a car fairly well at lower speeds of 40-50 kph, but at speeds above that it is impossible to control any car in an emergency, as you cannot stop or swerve quickly enough without rolling the car over. You cannot swerve quickly enough to avoid anything because the inertia of your momentum causes a car hurtling along at a high speed to continue in the same direction no matter what. The heavier the car the harder it is to stop or swerve because in either case you're apt to turn over.
       39. IF YOU ARE DRIVING AT ABOUT 80-90 KPH YOU STILL HAVE SOME CHANCE OF BEING ABLE TO SLOW DOWN QUICKLY IF THE EMERGENCY IS NOT TOO CLOSE. For example, you go suddenly around a curve & there's a table & a chair sitting out in the middle of the highway, have you ever had that happen? I have! Somebody just went around the same curve & lost them off the top of their car! But at speeds above that it's virtually impossible to control the car.
       40. SPEED & FAST DRIVING KILL! It's much more difficult to avoid obstacles, to stop, to swerve, to avoid problems. So drive reasonably & moderately. The auto routes are wide enough & fast-moving enough that you're not apt to hit anything unless you have a blowout.
       41. BLOWOUTS: IF YOU HAVE A BLOWOUT, DON'T SUDDENLY SLAM ON THE BRAKES, that's one of the worst things you can do. Let the car kind of roll to a stop or slow down, & help it with the brakes, but not too suddenly. If the blown-out tire is to the left it will pull you to the left, & a right one will pull you to the right.
       42. IF YOU KEEP A FIRM GRIP ON THE WHEEL WHEN YOU HAVE A BLOWOUT YOUR CAR WILL HARDLY SWERVE AT ALL.It feels just like a giant grabbed your steering wheel & tried to turn it out of your grip, to the left or to the right! Try to keep a good grip on the wheel, slow down & get onto the shoulder if possible. Best of all, pray to God you keep good tires on your vehicle & in good enough condition so that you don't have any blow outs!
       43. TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES:IN SOME COUNTRIES THEY HOLD YOU FOR RANSOM IF YOU HAVE A MINOR TRAFFIC ACCIDENT of any kind. They just slap the tourists in jail, it's one of their main sources of income! The smartest thing that you can do is just pay off right there, whatever they ask, because if you refuse they'll take you straight to jail & hold you hostage for ransom for God only knows how much, especially if someone was hurt. Remember, when you're a stranger in a strange land, that's the way it usually winds up, because they're going to protect their own!
       44. PUBLIC TRANSPORT: I GOT ALONG WITHOUT A CAR FOR 10 YEARS & I STILL ENJOY IT, believe it or not! It makes you walk more & saves you a lot of money & worry, parking worries, & it really costs less in the long run. Once we left our car behind we got along very well, at least where there was suburban transportation, trains, buses etc. Taking buses you get to enjoy the scenery, but I wouldn't say that you don't always worry about the driving! (Maria: You do a lot of praying!)
       45. THE BUS DRIVER IS TOO FAR AWAY FROM YOU, BUT THE TAXI DRIVER, YOU FIGURE YOU'RE PAYING HIM ENOUGH so you can tap him on the shoulder & say, "Slowly, please slow down!" I'd insist, I'd say, "I pay more, you drive less fast!" One of my favourite sayings got around town with the taxi drivers, & almost as soon as I'd climb into a taxi they'd quote it to me right away!: "Ah! Yes, Don David! Slowly, slowly, if you drive more slowly you live longer!" With the ones that would just sometimes refuse, I'd warn them, "If you don't slow down, no tip!"--And if they didn't slow down I'd just pay the fare & no tip!
       46. IF AN ELECTRICAL LINE FALLS ON A CAR, IT WILL NOT NECESSARILY HURT THE OCCUPANTS providing the car is standing on its four rubber tires, although it will give off a lot of fireworks & might start a fire! As long as you don't attempt to get out of the car you are okay, but the moment you touch the ground you BECOME the ground & the current goes right through you, usually killing you almost instantly! And people who grab someone being electrocuted in this manner become part of the circuit, as it does something to your muscles which causes them to contract & you can't let go & it kills you too!
       47. PLANE TRAVEL: IF YOU TRAVEL ON A PLANE, ALWAYS CHOOSE THE SEAT RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PLANE RIGHT OVER THE WING, because it's not only the most comfort-able place to ride with the least motion, the least chance of getting air sick, but believe it or not, it's one of the safest because that's where the emergency doors or windows are usually located. You'll usually notice one, two or three emergency windows or doors right there, depending on the size of the plane.
       48. I ALWAYS PICK A SEAT RIGHT THERE BY THAT EMERGENCY DOOR OR WINDOW, where I figure I could get out fast if I had to, onto the wing from which I could jump on down & get away. Either that or be somewhere near the tail, but tail sections have a habit of breaking off in crashes, which isn't altogether too safe either! This is a cheerful talk for a family that's about to take planes!--Ha!
       49. BUT IT'S ACTUALLY THE MOST COMFORTABLE PLACE TO RIDE 'cause there's not as much motion, just like I told you about ships, in the gravitational centre of the ship is the best place to ride with the least motion. So for God's sake, don't ride up in the nose or the tail either one!--It's safest amidships!
       50. PURSE SNATCHING: SOME PEOPLE HAVE A HABIT OF GETTING THEIR PASSPORT, MONEY & PURSE STOLEN. They have a real weakness along that line, proclivity for it, & I can't attribute it to anything else than apparently just plain carelessness! They don't protect it like they should. They let themselves get in a crowd with suspicious characters. Both Maria & I have even had our pockets picked, but thank God we've never yet had a whole purse snatched!
       51. WHENEVER IT LOOKED LIKE SOMEBODY WAS GETTING TOO CLOSE we'd just swing that purse around between us &both hang onto it & they'd see their opportunity was gone. But just having a strap over your shoulder doesn't mean a thing. They carry nice sharp razors that can just go "whssht" like that, & off they go & jump on a motor bike & they're gone with your purse!
       52. THE BEST GUARANTEE IS OF COURSE THE LORD, BUT HE EXPECTS A LITTLE COOPERATION. Don't tempt the thieves by being careless & just letting it hang carelessly on your shoulder. When you see people are getting a little bit too close for comfort, then put your arm around it. And if there are two of you, which usually there should be, swing it around between you & warn each other.
       53. I'VE WARNED MARIA MANY A TIME WHEN PEOPLE GOT TOO CLOSE, I'd say, "Swing your purse over here between us" & she gets her arm around it like that. Especially on a lonely walk with some biker riding slowly by, that kind of situation can be very risky. They only have to jump off for a moment, you know, come over & say, "Hey buddy, you got a light?," or some stupid question, & grab the purse!
       54. CONCLUSION: IT'S BEEN A NIGHT OF PROTECTIVE INFORMATION REGARDING EMERGENCIES & let's hope & pray we never have any. But it's better to have the information & not need it, than need it & not have it!
       55. BE SURE YOU'RE ALWAYS PREPARED FOR ANY EMERGENCY WITH YOUR FLEEBAG & BRIEFCASE BESIDE YOU, & COPIES OF YOUR IMPORTANT PAPERS SOMEPLACE ELSE besides either on you or where you are. Some people keep a strong box or safety deposit box in the bank with their important papers. I wouldn't say the banks are too safe either. But at least if you keep them in two or three different places, you have a few alternatives, just in case you'd ever need them. Let's trust & hope you never will, but it's better to have it & not need it than to need it & not have it!
       56. WELL, PTL! THANK YOU, LORD, YOU HAVEN'T OFTEN ALLOWED THESE THINGS TO HAPPEN & WE HAVE BEEN VIRTUALLY FREE OF SUCH EMERGENCIES! We thank You Jesus for how marvellously supernaturally miraculously wonderfully & lovingly You have protected us from all of these various emergencies etc. We thank You Jesus! PTL! Hallelujah! Amen! And we ask You to continue to do so.
       57. LORD, WE TRUST & HOPE THAT NONE OF THESE EMERGENCIES WILL EVER OCCUR, but Lord, we're thankful that we told this Thy Family these things even years as well as months ago, about how to escape from a house & have fleebags ready & what to do in emergencies etc., Lord, because some of them have had some of these emergencies & some of these sudden needs to escape!
       58. SO WE'RE GLAD THAT WE DELIVERED OUR SOUL & WASHED OUR HANDS BY DELIVERING OUR SOUL, LORD, by giving them Thy Word & warnings & information & counsel, guidance of what to do in these various emergencies. So Lord, we ask Thee in Jesus' name to continue to keep us wonder fully! You keep our whole Family amazingly well, Lord, with very few accidents or emergencies. We hear of very few in the Family--such a big Family too, Lord!
       59. MOST OF THE TROUBLES & ACCIDENTS THAT WE HEAR ABOUT ARE TO PEOPLE WHO ARE VIRTUALLY BACKSLIDDEN, or most of those reports come from the North. There are people who have gone back & are living selfishly again there, not really serving You fulltime, & they're confessing they've had all kinds of troubles, as You haven't blessed it, Lord.
       60. THEY'VE GONE BACK TO LIVE SELFISHLY, & INSTEAD IT'S COST THEM MORE THAN IT DID ON THE FIELD! They've had more trouble & accidents & expenses & sicknesses at home than they did when they were out serving You on the field fulltime where You supernaturally, miraculously protected them as You do us.
       61. PROTECT US FROM EMERGENCIES. WE THANK YOU FOR HOW YOU HAVE. We ask Thee in Jesus' name, we plead Thy blood over this house & this household to spare us from the Enemy & his attacks & his tricks, Lord. Continue to keep us in Thy hand, safe in the hollow of Thy hand under the shadow of Thy wing. Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! Thank You for Thy many promises to keep us & for how You have kept them.
       62. TYL FOR YOUR RESURRECTION THAT GIVES US THE RESURRECTION POWER to live & be healed & have strength for our task & prevent sickness & all of these things. Thank You for it, Lord! Thank You for rising from the dead that we may rise again with Thee one of these days when our work is done. Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! Amen!

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