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--Compiled by Maria & Sally Scribe--1983 DFO1363

       EVEN AS I HAVE PROMISED YOU, I WILL GIVE YOU THE KEY TO THE HOUSE OF DAVID, even so will I make thy enemies dust under thy feet & open doors that are closed & close doors that are closed & close doors that are opened that thy which are of the synagogue of Satan & say they are Jew & are not shall be cast down & exposed. And you shall be delivered, for I the Lord have spoken it and I cannot lie."

       EVEN SO AM I WITH YOU, & EVEN SO I SHALL SPEAK IN THY HEART THE SECRETS & reveal unto you the things which are to come. For I will do thing but I will show it unto My holy Prophets. As Daniel of old, I am with you & shall reveal unto you the number of yeas & even the number of days of the things which are to come.

       THOU SHALT BE UNTO THEM AS THE ORACLES OF GOD, & thy mouth shall be My mouth, & I will tell thee & thou shalt tell them that they may obey Me. And they shall know that it is not thou that speak unto them, but I that speak unto them, for as I was with Moses, So shall I be even with thee. And even as with those that disobeyed Moses, even so shall it be with those that disobey thee, they shall come to despair & to failure.

       EVEN AS SAUL, THOUGH HE WAS HEAD & SHOULDERS ABOUT HIS BRETHRNE, yet in his pride & in his self-righteousness he depended upon the arm of flesh to defend him & lost the victory, so it is with this one! (Fred Jordan.) But as David, who was but a lad from the sheepcote & had nothing wherewith to vaunt himself & was himself sinful & wicked & vile as with Bathsheba, nevertheless he hoped only in Me & looked not upon his own righteousness, but upon My mercy, & In his love & his humility he glorified Me only & was Justified & took the place of the other, even so with this little one! For this cause I could say of this little one that he was a man after My Own heart.

       WHO ART THOU TO QUESTION ME & WHO ART THOU TO SAY, "WHY HAST THOU MADE ME THUS?" For shall the vessel say unto the potter who hast made it, "Why hast Thou made me thus?" For I have made thee accoording to my will & this one by try side accoording to My pleasure that you may fulfill My will, contrary to natural expectation, & in defiance of the conventions of man, even as I called upon My Message for My people.As lsaiah walked naked before me & Ezekiel ate dung & Hosea married an har lot to illustrate My purpose, even so shall so shall I do this thing to illustrate my wrath against a disobedient church & a rebellious Jerusalem!

       THY KINGDOM & THEY POSSESSION SHALL BE GREATER & THY FLOCKS MORE NUMEROUS & thy herds more fruitful & thy houses greater & thy houses greater & thy fame spread abroad throughout all the land beyond thy comprehension for thy faithfulness unto Me. For thou dost say like job, "Though He slay me yet will I trust Him." For I will be with thee & I shall be unto thee more than wife & children & more than houses & land & more than flocks & herds & more than all thy possessions, & I am able to give unto thee seven-fold more than thou hast had before because thou dost obey Me & I have loved thee with an everlasting love, & I know that thou lovest Me more than all of these.

       THEREFORE I WILL GIVE UNTO THEE WHATSOEVER THOU ASKEST & whatsoever thou needest to accomplish My purpose & to fulfil My will & to complete My kingdom before that great & awful day that shall come to pass! I will give thee a new heart & thou shalt be as another man, O little one, & thy courage as the lion & thy boldness as the tiger & they sureness as the leopard & thy faith as the faith of the eagle & thy sweetness as the honey so that no man dare say to thee, "What doest thou or whence comest thou or wherefore art thou here?" This is My doing & who art thou to question ? So be strong & of a good courage. For all shall know that I have brought thee unto Him.

       EVEN AS TWO STICK ARE BOUND ABOUT THE HANDLE OF THE AX TO MAKE IT STRONG BY LOVE'S STRONG CORD, so shall I bind thee two about the handle of the ax of My Word. For now is the ax laid at the root of the tree. Now shall it be cut down for it encumbereth the ground. Therefore have I raised thee up, O little one, that I shalt bind thee about the handle of the ax of My Word with this one of My Prophets with the strong cord of love & faith.

       I HAVE MADE THEE AS ONE WITH ME that thou might hew & cut & chop & smite & strike down that which is false & deliver the young saplings which grow about them & that they may grow & deed as a great forest of trees that shall bear great fruit, & many, many shall be called by My name.

       ALL THE THINGS I HAVE SHOWN THEE HAVE COME TO TASS...Thou shalt be more vile also & thou shalt expose thyself even more that I may be glorified, & they shall know that it is not thee, but Me, & that thou art nothing & base & despised. Even as David sinned, yet I called him a man after My Own heart, who did sin hut glorified Me knowing that he was not, & gave Me all the glory. even so shall it be with thee Thou shalt be despised in their eyes that I may be glorified.

       FOR THIS CAUSE SHALL THOU BE CALLED A MAN AFTER MY HEART, & when thou art tries, come through as gold. For thou shalt comfort others with the comfort wherewith thou hast been comforted. Thou shalt be bought low that thou shalt be mad humble, & the latter end shall be greater than the former. And thou shalt rest in the end of thy days, Having done My bidding for My glory. For I shall purge the kingdom of them that will not follow & of them they say, "Hath not God also spoken through us? How then shall come to them in My fury & wrath & they shall know that I am the Lord & I choose whom I will!

       IF THOU CANST NOT BEAR THIS LITTLE, what shalt thou do when I shall speak unto thee continually as the Prophets of old? But in that hour thou shalt be concerned with nought but My voice & My leading, moment-by-moment, & thou shalt do nought but listen & obey!

       THEREFORE, I HAVE RAISED UP MY DAVID, THE NEW CHURCH, with a new anointing and the fresh Spirit, and a new attack and a new approach and a new guise out of nowhere and from nothing-despised and rejected of men-a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, and they would have hid their faces form him and they would have said he was unpleasant in their eyes, and that he had no beauty that they should desire him, for he is but a little lad in rough attire and of small stature. What can be do? He hath but a sling and five little pebbles. And yet My Spirit was upon him and I did cause him to triumph over Goliath the giant where Saul had failed. and My People Israel had failed and all of their armour had proven to on avail and against whom their chariots were useless, and against whom their weapons of war prospered not. But little David with but a singly pebble going forth in the power of My Might and the inspiration of My Wisdom and the Strength of My Faith didst conquer the giant and put them all to shame and save MY Kingdom! Even so also with this My New Church--out of nowhere and form nothing, despised in their youth and their coarse attire, with but a single pebble and a simple sling and none of the armour or entrappings with which the Old Church hath surrounded herself--with no might fortress but Me, no great castles, but My living fellowship!

       EVEN SO SHALL THIS LITTLE ONE AND THESE LITTLE ONES GO FORTH IN THE POWER OF MY SPIRIT, and the anointing of My Oil, and the authority of My Appointment, conquering & to conqure the giants of this day, and put Ichabod to shame, and dethrone Vashti and cast down Jezebel and strike Michal barren, and she shall be wretched and naked and blind, where she was rich and increased in good, and thought she had need of nothing.

       EVEN AS IT WAS WITH SAUL, slain in the defeat of battle, stripped and pinned to the wall; but even as it was with David, this new generation shall possess the kingdom, and the glory of the Latter End shall be greater than the Former, for he is all glorious in My Sing, for his glory is My Glory and not his own, and therefore have I exalted him when I have takes him out of the sheepcote and placed him to be head of the nations even as My New Church. Thus saith the Lord!

       COME WITH ME, THEREFORE, MY FAIR ONE, and let Me be ravished with thy love, for thou art pleasing in My Sight and fairer than the daughters of women and thy excellency is as the excellency of Hermon (saw snow caps with blue sky and clouds) and thy beauty is as the beauty of Esther, and thy pleasing as the pleasing of Abishag. (She stood there tall and beautiful--strong--her natural beauty showing through she had come from poverty and a poor family, but smiling, sweet, so willing to try to please the old King. She warmed him and loved him. and lay on him and ministered to him) For she pleases Me. Therefore, have I made her My Queen.--(The New Church the Children of God!) (117:7-9)

       EVEN AS I DID REVEAL UNTO MY APOSTLE PAUL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE OLD & THE NEW, the old Testament & the new Testament, the old Law & the new Grace, the old Moses & the new Christ, the old & the new way, so have I revealed unto thee the difference between the old Church & the New Church--that which is ready to pass away & that which shall endure unto the end.

       HAVE I NOT SAID THAT THIS MY SERVANT MOSES IS THE MEEKEST OF ALL MEN? He is but a tiny pebble, not as might as any of these men. Therefore, thou shouldest be silent when he speaks & hear what I have to say through him. He is but a man. He hast but a man's heart & he fears except My spirit is upon him. & is afraid except when I empower him, for he is nothing & least of all except I by My Spirit do make him what I want him to be.

       This is the job of thy fathers, of the Patriarchs. This is the joy of old men-his children. Even as Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and Moses and all of those, thou hast been blessed with many children. Moses will die and he will come, but in his time and the time I have ordained for him and he shall not be cut off before, This is the blessing wherewith I have blessed thee and this is thy inheritance: I have blessed thee with long life and many children and with the kingdom that is Mine.


       And thou shalt know what it is to lie upon thy bed and did thy children goodbye in due season, if thou wilt obey and will not fail thou shalt come to be with Me as they did as thou dost bless thy children.

       If thou couldst see that which is in store for thee, the things I have prepared for thy children, If thou couldst feel that which I feel for thee, the joy thou shouldst know in time to come, thou shouldst be overjoyed for that which is to come. For thou shalt suffer many things, many trials, many tribulations, may tests and persecutions, suffer many things before that day, but I will bring thee forth as pure gold, if thy faith fail not.

       Moses is so blessed above all men to have such a great family and so good children who love Jesus and serve Him faithfully all day and night! (R:4-11)


       THOU SHALT TENDERLY CHERISH LITTLE PLANTS OUT OF THE DAY GROUND WHICH WILL GROW TO THE HARVEST OF GOT. And when He shall come in that day with His Holy Angels, the earth shall be reaped.

       And thou shalt sit down with Abraham and with Isaac and with Jacob in the Kingdom of God, and thine enemies shall be thrust out (8:1-3)

       ...GLORIFY ME IN ALL THINGS. Then shall thy candle be exalted and thy urn full of oil and thy vase flow freely with the Water of life, and thy flower shall not wither, thy power shall not fail, thy wisdom shall not cease forever.

       THEN THOU SHALL CONTINUE TO BE ALIGHT UNTO MY PEOPLE and to quench their thirst for everlasting water and to heal their wounds and give beauty for ashes and wisdom for foolishness and shall pour forth thy life upon the dry ground that it may bring forth fruit that thou shalt glorify Me, the Author and the Finisher of all things, if thou shalt burn only with My Power and flow with My life, and speak by My Spirit and give Me the glory and not thyself.(9:25-16)


       FOR HE SHALL LEAD THEM BY MANY WATERS, THROUGH GREEN PASTURES, and they shall sing praises unto Me, even on many harps, and they shall multiply the songs of David, as they sing new songs unto Me, as My Children. that they may glorify Me. Hear ye him! (64:17-18)

       I have made thee My Moses and My David! I have made thee a new vessel, and completely broken thee and destroyed the former vessel that was and made thee a totally new vessel! The former vessel no longer lives! For thou art a new creation!

       WHAT IF I WILL THAT THOU BE WICKED AS DAVID OF OLD, that the excellency of the power may be of God--that I may be glorified! for man thinketh not as God thinketh. For man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart. I put down and I put up. I propose and I dispose!

       They look unto thee, the Light if Israel! They look unto thee as David of old--as Moses! For it is I that have made thee and called thee by thy name even unto the Generation of generations--called thee by thy name before thou wast formed in the womb, and caused thy Mother to call thee by thy name David, that it should be fulfilled that was spoken by My Prophets!

       SO WHO ART THOU TO QUESTION THE WILL OF GOD? Thou art my spittal upon the ground, for which I have made thee from clay that it might be made a better vessel--not the water and blood of thy Mother but the spittal and clay of God as the vessel I have created for the Glory of God!

       EVEN AS MOSES, they forsook him and went against him, and as David was rent from the throne, even so shall I break thee to make thee an even better vessel. Thou knowest nothing at all! Thou shalt be given to save the nation, and must die that they may live.

       I HAVE MADE THEE THUS! WHO ART THOU TO QUESTION the I have broken thee and made thee and created thee in My own Image to be that David which of old I have foretold! Beware lest thou be found to fight against God and the Will of God, and the Spirit that I have given thee! (Even so be it done unto Thy servant. Not my will, but Thine be done. For this day Thou hast been and flesh of Thy flesh, that Thou shouldst glorify Thyself!)

       JESUS IN THEE--Jesus in thy Mother. (Tongues) Cease thy vain babblings against David, for thou indeed art that one which I have created. Thou art that which I have made. Cease now from thy own words and thy own doubts and believe, for with God nothing shall be impossible, but all things are possible to him that believeth. (Tongues) Cease in thy proud attempts to remove the light from Israel! (Lord, I'm sorry I've tried to keep the light from Israel!)

       FOR THOU SHALL BE THUS AND EVEN MORE ALSO AS I HAVE SAID. For thou art My creation and the work of My Hands. It is not for thee to Question the work of Thy Creator! (So be it done unto Thy David, so be it unto Thy Moses even according to Thy Word! Lord, how did they feel?) They felt even as thou dost feel--totally unworthy and unable and impossible! (For the spirit of Jesus is fallen upon me--by His Spirit.) Even as David was but a man, who could even lie with frail was contemptible--so art thou unto Me--so is thy flesh unto Me! For in this will I glory; not in the works of flesh but in the creation of My Spirit, that it shall be known that I have made thee and called thee by thy name, and created thee and foretold thee and thou art that David of which I spake unto thee by thy sheep to be the light of Israel! (It was as thought even the sheep knew their shepherd better than the she;herd himself did. The Lord was angry, yet still willing to explain and answer question.)

       BY MY SPIRIT I HAVE PLUCKED THY HARP and My Tones have awakened thee, and I have said unto thee, "Come forth and arise, and plead for My Children and My People Israel! David arise and come forth as form sleep that thou mayest save My Children Israel!"

       EVEN AS WITH MY SERVANT MOSES, I HAVE DEALT WITH THEE--even face to face and mouth have I spoken unto thee. As with My Servant David, so have I done unto thee!

       I shall give thee faith! Thou must lead My people, like Moses. Thou art as the Voice of God unto them. Even as Moses My Servant was rebellious against Me, so art thou! Even thy seed shall grow and all generations shall call thee blessed. Thy seed shall call thee blessed!--For the Word of the Lord is spoken, and I have said it!

       See now, how I have turned thee about and caused thee to awaken form slumber. I have turned thee by My Spirit. My Word within thee is as bitterness within thy belly, and My wine is unto thee as My Spirit to set thy tongue free. Even more than the milk of the mother to the baby which is thirsty, am I unto thee. So therefore hush now thy murmurings against Me! Even as thou hast said that thou shalt receive the mother's milk of My Word, so receive thou. Thy faith shall be as the faith of David, and their strength shall be as the strength of David's men! And thou shalt plunge into battle with them and be the victor, and thou shalt fight as with the strength of the Lord, thy God and would the hairy scalp of the Enemy by the power of the spirit of God. They shall follow thee like sheep withersoever thou goes.

       BUT I HAVE KISSED THEE! I have kissed thee, David, and brought thee into being, and my love has called thee David--Beloved of God!--For which cause thy Mother did name thee!

       I have blessed thee above all the sons of men on the face of the earth, that even as Abraham, thy seed shall be as the stars of the heavens in multitude, and as the sands of the sea innumerable. And all generations shall call thee blessed." (77:19-37,41,44,49)

       "THE KEY OF DAVID IS THAT CHORD WHICH I STRIKE UPON THY HARP to awaken thee from slumber--that signals thee to come to life to help My Children in the time of their great distress. The Key that strike upon thy harp--the chord which I strike upon thy strings is the tone that signals thee--the key of David!"

       I SEE A PICTURE OF DAVID ASLEEP, entombed as it were in the System! Above his head hangs the harp of the spirit of God that plays the music to which his soul responds. "Upon which I the Lord thy God strike the chord which draws instant responds from thy heart and brings thee instantly alive--the tone signal that activates thee and bring thee to life to serve thy people. O David, thou hast been too long entombed. O Moses, thou hast wandered in the wilderness too long with My children! Too long thou hast kept David buried, entombed in the System and the old ideas! But I have awakened thee thought the Key of David. and thou hast awakened and led My Children--My People--to freedom!

       FOR THOU INDEED HAST LITTLE STRENGTH, but Myself have strengthened thee, and by My Spirit have brought thee thou may minister of the strength which the Lord supplieth. As thy days, so shall thy strength be that the excellency of the power may be of God and not of man. For thou art a very thin earthen vessel that has been shattered that it may be melted and molded again into a better vessel!

       "Thou hast been brought back from the land of the dead!"

       HE THAT HATH AN EAR, LET HIM HEAR WHAT THE SPIRIT SAITH SAITH UNTO THE CHURCHES. And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia (City of Brotherly Love) write: These things saith He that is holy, He that is true, he that hath the key of David, He that openeth, and no man shutteth: and shutteth, and no man openeth: I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door and no man can shut it for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept My Word, and hast not denied My Name."

       BEHOLD, I WILL MAKE THEM OF THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN WHICH SAY THEY ARE JEWS AND ARE NOT THEN TO COME AND WORSHIP BEFORE THY FEET, and to know that have loved thee. Because thou hast kept the Word of My patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world to try them that dwell upon the earth. Behold, I came quickly; hold that fast which thou hast that no man take thy crown. Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God and he shall go on more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God which is New Jerusalem which cometh dowm out of Heaven from my God and I will write upon him my new name. He that hath ear, let him heart what the Spirit saith unto the churches.


       "even as I have also helped thee in times past, I now help thee by the spirits o My counsellors, even Abraham. Moses, and David, and others that thou must fulfill the mission I have give thee on this earth until thou hast gathered My children into one fold."(116:19)

       EVEN AS JOHN THE BAPTIST CAME IN THE SPIRIT & POWER OF ELIJAH, even as I said, "Behold I sent Elijah the prophet before the coming of the day of the Lord', even as I would send David in the spirit and power of David My servant: Even so have I done it saith the Lord!

       I HAVE WELDED MY MOSES AND DAVID TOGETHER, in the volume of the book it is written of them, so have I done it, and so shall I keep My word and fulfil all that I have promised today I am thy God!(1335:161, 172)

       DAVID DOES NOT HAVE TO FIGHT FOR HIMSELF! For Lord Himself shall fight for him and deliver over unto him the Key that belongeth to him.

       KISS THE MOUTH OF THY LORD WHICH HATH SPOKEN UNTO THEE! Even as Moses spake My Word--even now has David spoke My word! So shalt thou receive and believe and it shall take root in thy heart and bring forth fruit unto Me! For it is Jesus that hath spoken the Word unto thy Servant David and he shall perform it and His Mouth shall thou perform it and bring it to fulfillment, for thou shalt speak as the lord thy God speaketh, and thou shalt day all the words that I shall give thee and I have given thee by My Servant David! And not one thing shall fail from all of these good promises that I have given unto My Servant David! If thou shalt believe and take hold and grasp upon them and hold them unto thy bosom, then indeed shalt thou be the sons of David and be called his might works that thou shalt do as the Children of god and the seed of David and man everywhere shall speak of thee and tell of that which thou hast done.

       IF THOU SHALT OBEY IN ALL OF THE LEAST OF THINGS which I have given thee and not fail in all of those things I have revealed to MY Servant David then shall I also fulfill unto thee all those things which I have foretold of thee and give thee all I have promised, according to My Word and then shalt thou also be that which I have spoken of in My Word according to My Word and then shalt thou also be that which I have spoken of in My word and then shalt thou also be that which I have spoken of in My World according to My Prophet David--according to the Words of the mouth that has spoken and the word that has spoken and the words according to the words of the mouth that has spoken and the words of the mouth that has spoked and the words that are told and according to the words of My Mouth which have become a testimony before them and have become a witness against them. For that is My word and My promise unto thee.

       FOR THESE TWO SHALL BECOME ONE, according to that which I have prophesied: THIS MY MOSES AND THIS MY DAVID. Thou shalt proclaim with thy mouth and thou shalt proclaim with thy words and thou shalt do that which is according to My will. Then Jesus My Son, shall bless thee and fulfill all that was written of thee.


       HE IS A GREAT KING WHO SHALL HAVE PEOPLES IN ALL THE NATIONS OF ALL THE WORLD, and thou shalt lead them and minister them the words of David and instruct them and guide them in the way they shall go, for they have need of shepherdesses to care for them. Jesus speaks the Words of David and Moses speaks the Words of David, but these three are one of one mouth. Take heed unto the words of My David!

       Hear thou the words of my Servant David! Many prophets would have that which I have given unto thee (Strong tongues:) Heed thou and listen! Look thou and observe! Do thou that which hath been spoken off thee. The number of the books shall not be sufficient to contain all the Words of David. Even the lefthand of the king is mightier than other men, even at the king's hand there are pleasures forevermore! Does your King thrill you above all others? That's because the Spirit of the Lord is with King David

       KISS THE PAPS OF DAVID!HOW BLESSED ARE THOSE THAT DWELL IN HIS ARMS AND LIE BY HIS SIDE and those that enjoy the peace of his love that I have given unto them!



       THIS IS THE KING I HAVE CHOSEN! This is the anointed of Israel that I have placed upon the thrones; & many women shall be honoured by him, & many shall bear his seed! And thou shalt send through-out the land messengers to seek out them that would share the bed of David, & bring them unto him that they may bear him many sons & daughters. For this is the will of God unto David.

       FOR HE IS A STRONG KING, & HATH GREAT NEED OF MANY WOMEN--many queens--many mothers for his children. Bring unto him them that are in need, & share thy bed with them which share David. For this is My King, & he shall have whatsoever his heart desireth. Bring unto him those that desire him, that they may bear much seed unto Me--that they may bring forth seed unto the Children of David.

       FOR DAVID MUST HAVE MANY SONS & DAUGHTERS & thou shalt give many unto him. Art thou willing to share thy bed with them, O littler one?--To bring unto him them that are in need? And her that is in need of solace, bring unto him, & her that is in need of love, bring unto him; for he hath great capacity of love; & I shall make his penis great unto them, & they shall thrill as none hath thrilled before, & they shall bear many children unto him. Bring...Bring...Bring...

       THIS INDEED IS THE LIGHT OF ISRAEL, and this indeed is that which I have given. This indeed is the David whereof I spake of old! Therefore hear ye him! Behold, the man whom the Lord hath chosen! Hear ye him! For truly there are many Davids but this one have I chosen!--And this one have I anointed that it might fulfil all of that which was written of him, and which thou shalt write of him, and which shall yet be written of him. And all these words shall be inscribed in a book, that it may be said of thee, as it was written in the Book of David. For he hath great need of many; for many have need of him!

              AND I SHALL GREATLY INCREASE HIS SEED UPON THE FACE OF THE EARTH, and they shall overflow, overflow, overflow, and many nations shall flow unto them, and kings shall bow down before them. FOR THESE ARE INDEED MY PEOPLE AND THEY SHALL BE CALLED THE CHILDREN OF GOD! Many shall come unto them, and say, "Teach us the ways of the Lord, for we would inquire of thee." And they shall cast their idols of gold and silver unto the moles and bats within the clefts and holes of the rocks! For none shall stand in those days, but the words of my servants, the words of my prophets, and the words of those that I have given unto David For they shall indeed be a great people, and a great nation upon the face of the earth, and shall over.
throw...overthrow...overthrow all other nations. For THIS IS MY KINGDOM, AND THE KING OF WHOM I SPAKE--the kingdom that I have prepared for Myself through the work and children of My Servant David! Hear ye him!

       THESE INDEED ARE THE WORDS THAT ARE SPOKEN UNTO DAVID! How much did Moses and the prophets write unto thee! For they would have seen this day. But thou art blessed above all peoples on the face of the earth, and thou art blessed above all nations of all times, for all of these things are fulfilled in thee, O My Beloved!

       BEHOLD, I HAVE LOVED THEE WITH AN EVERLASTING LOVE, and thou shalt never more depart from Me. For thou shalt be called true and faithful and Holy in the House of the King. For this is that one that I have chosen. This is that place that I have selected to place My Name there--the Holy One of Israel hath spoken it--the God of Israel hath performed it, and the Children of God hath fulfilled it, even as I have said to My Servant David!

       SPEAK NOW, THEREFORE, AND LIFT UP THY VOICE. PROCLAIM ALL hour is come that they shall know the,, and fulfill all the words that I have spoken unto them! For this is their day--the day of My Servant David--even as I have promised! Hear ye him.

       FOR BEHOLD, HE SPEAKETH UNTO THEE WORDS OF LOVE AND COMFORT HAT HE MAY LIFT UP THY HEART--that He may fed thy soul--that He may encourage thy spirit--that thou may serve Him continually both by day and by night!--For thou art of the Children of David.

       FOR THOU ART INDEED THEY OF WHOM I SPAKE. THOU ART INDEED THE LAST OF THE EARTH, AND THOU ART INDEED MY KING whom the Lord thy God hath chosen to dwell in--the Lord thy God hath been pleased to dwell in thee! They that put their trust in Him shall never be put to shame. Therefore, I am not ashamed to be called their God, for thou art a chosen people, ad thou shalt bring great honour unto My Name. Thou shalt cause many nations to turn unto the Lord thy God!--Even the hearts of their fathers unto thee--and their children that do worship Me, shall drink and be satisfied!

       FOR THIS IS HE THAT WAS FOR TO COME--THE PROPHET WHICH I SHALL RAISE UP FROM AMONG THY BRETHREN--thou hast heard him! For thou hast received all of his words. Thou hast believed that which I have given--all the words spoken by the Prophet, of David, your King. FOR THIS IS MY MESSENGER WHOM I HAVE SENT BEFORE MY FACE. This is My David. This is My king. hear ye him!

       It shall be performed according to all I have spoken! Not one word shall fail nor fall unto the ground. For I am the Lord thy God, and true and faithful. Even so shall it be done unto thy Servant David according to all I have spoken, and thou shalt share with him the kingdom, and sit with him upon thrones judging all the tribes of Israel!


              AND I, BEHOLD I, HAVE GIVEN UNTO THEE THEIR CHILDREN to come back to Me and to live in My Spirit, and walk in My Spirit and sing in My Spirit as these did in time gone by! (399:20)

       "Behold, the multitude of counsellors for David!"
       "THY HAND UPON THY MOSES, and Thou shalt lead Thy people out from under the Hand of the bondage of Pharaoh." (100:11.20)

       DAVID PRAYS AND IT COMETH TO PASS, THE THINGS WHICH JESUS HATH SPOKEN, that his Children of God to carry the Message to every land and every tongue and every nation! For this is the Will of God and the Spirit hath spoken it!...None have the power and the spirit of the Children of David Listen to the Voice of David None shall stop us, for God is with us!....How the Lord hath favoured these people with the presence of His Children--because He loves them!... Nothing can equal the power of God in His Children!...All these things come to pass because I the Lord have spoken it and brought it to pass through My Servant David, for I the Lord have spoken it! None of these things could take place if I, by My Spirit, had not empowered My Servant David!...Their line is gone out thru all the world, and their words to the ends of the earth! So it is with the Voice of the Children of God!..For I have spoken it by My Voice! Amen! (110:22)

       ALL THE FORCES OF BOTH HEAVEN AND HELL ARE IN FAVOUR OF DAVID AND HIS CHILDREN! Nothing can stand against them! Even Hell is working for us! Even the Devil has to work for us...

       MOSES LOVES THE VOICE OF DAVID! (Laughs) Men are so foolish! Maria: Why are they foolish? MO: Shhhh! Because God speaks from the lips of clay and tongues of earth the words of Heaven and the words of Moses and the thoughts of David and the plans of Jesus--but they will not listen! (111:7,21)

       TO THE ONE CALLED DAVID BY DIVINE ANOINTING, IT HAS BEEN GIVEN THEE TO PERCEIVE THE NUMBER OF YEARS, which according to the prophet Jeremiah will pass before the End of Desolations. (See Daniel 9:2.) I have also given him the power now to perceive the meaning of these things!

       SO IS THE SONG OF THE CHILDREN OF DAVID! So is the Song of those that follow their Lord! So is the Song of those that speak My Words! Jesus puts the words in the mouth of David, and Moses has nothing more that he can say than he has said. And so shall it be with the Message of the Children of God through the mouth of David! (115:5, 16)

       EVEN THE FOOLISHNESS OF DAVID is better that the wisdom of men!
       THOU SHALT NEVER FAIL, FOR I AM WITH THEE and thy devices shall never fail, and thou shalt have that which thou shalt ask for find and that which thou shalt seek and have that door opened upon which thou shalt knock, and I will give thee greater habitations than thou hast ever before had. In My Father's House are many mansions, and this hotel is nothing before Me. This is but a small house and a tiny mansion to the forces of David, and I will give him great houses and great mansions and mighty palaces before all the kings of the earth, that I may be glorified and David vindicated and thy children highly exalted before all the forces of the enemies, and they shall all be beyond the things thou shalt dream, and thou shalt be vindicated, and I shall make thee house upon house and tier upon tier and word upon word and precept upon precept, for they cannot even begin to resist the power I have given unto My Servant, and unto My Little One, David!

       FOR HE IS BUT A LITTLE TINY PEBBLE, BUT HE HOLDS THE BIG STONES TOGETHER. Take heed that thou direct thy attention to the little pebble, for he is the guiding rock. Though he be a tiny pebble, he is where My power and guidance are, and the cohesive power that holds the great mighty rocks together.--Because I speak to this little tiny rock and tell him what to do. and he doeth it and obeyeth My Word and heedeth My Commandments and holdeth My mighty rocks together to form a great mountain which shall be the Mountain of My power and the Testament of My Word, and these shall be the great Kingdom of God, and many nations shall come unto thee and shall seek to flow therein and bring honour into it--not one king but many great kings!

       MULTI-MILLIONS AND BILLIONS, AND MANY MANY MIGHTY KINGS SHALL SEEK THY FAVOUR and flow unto thee and ask of thee: "What shall we do to have the favour of God, and how shall we be blessed of the Lord and indeed the king of God, and thou hast that which we have sought unto, and thou hast that which He hath favoured, for thou art the blessed of God!"

       NOT LITTLE KING OG AND KING SAUL, BUT GREAT AND MIGHTY KINGS SHALL SEEK UNTO THEE, because they know the favour of the Lord is on thy side, for I shall highly exalt thee, for thou art My People, for thou hast sought a City, an Heavenly place! Thou hast sought a country that shall not be here on this earth but Eternal in the Heavenlies, and therefore, thou shalt have the favour of thy Lord and thy King and thou shalt have My favour, for, behold!--The Lord is with thee and thy Saviour Jesus Christ is upon thy right hand and thou shalt not fail. It is impossible!

       AND ALL THESE I HAVE BROUGHT UNTO THEE--ADVOCATES, JUDGES, AND KINGS! And powers and dominions shall be given unto thee through all the earth, for thou indeed art My Children and I am thy God!

       FOOLISH ARE THOSE WHO STAND AGAINST THEE, for mighty is thy power by the hand pf God. They shall fail, but thou shalt prosper! Every weapon that is formed against thee shall not proper, but thou shalt prosper and be mighty above all the kings on the face of the earth, and I shall rebuke many kings for thy sake, for I am with thee and do prosper thee and shall be with thee in all these things. And they shall be blown away as the chaff of the Summer wind and burned as that which is cast in the fire, for thou art Mine Anointed King, and thy children, the City I have chosen, and thy Children shall be as the sands of the sea and the stars of the Heavens innumerable which I have promised to My Servant Abraham, of whom thou art the fulfilment of all time and prophecy spoken, for I am with thee and cannot fail, and I am thy Saviour and I shall redeem all men through thee and thy children, for thou art the saviours of this earth. Otherwise, I would cast it forth, but for thy sake, I will save those upon whom thou wilt have mercy, and will curse those thou wouldst curse! For I will be with thee and prosper thee in whatsoever way thou takes! For I am thy Father and thy God and thy Saviour, and there is none other beside Me, and I am pleased to dwell with whomsoever I choose, that they may be called the Children of God! For thou art the peacemakers of this earth, and except they recognise Me as their king and their Prince of Peace, they shall have no Peace! For I am the Lord thy God and thou art the Children of God!

       SO SHALL THE FOLLOWERS OF DAVID BE NUMBERED by not thousands or tens of thousands, but by the millions, as those that follow the Lord their God! And the followers of Saul are as nothing but fleas that thou shalt crush if it be thy will! For I shall dispose of those that stand up against thee and thy art My Children and I do love thee with an everlasting love!

       MANY ARE THE MIGHTY MEN THAT SHALL SERVE DAVID and many are thegreat kings that shall come unto David and many shall bow down and be ashamed before My Servant David, because he is my king. It is I that have put him up and empowered him! He represents Me. for he is Mine anointed one, and none shall be able to stand before My David! None but those who love and honour and favour and obey Me--only those shall stand and all others shall fall before My Servant David! thou shalt be exalted all, and thy rod shall rule all other rods, and thou shalt be called mighty upon the palace of thy God! For I am with thee and shall reign with thee as a rod within My Hand--as a rod of iron--and they shall bow before the rod within My Hand! Thou art the Rod and the the Branch and My Servant David that I have spoken of! I have anointed to become king of all the earth and to smite all those who have risen up against Me and those who would seek to choose to fight against Me!

       AND I HAVE CHOSEN THEE AS THE ROD THE BRANCH OF DAVID and that which is the fulfilment of all those things which are spoken of thee!

       RECORD THOU THESE IN A BOOK and write down these things that there shall be no misunder-standing that I have spoken this of thy King David, that he shall fulfill all these things! Write, and place it in the book that thou shalt have the record of the things that I have spoken!

       FOR I HAVE GIVEN UNTO DAVID ALL THE POWERS which be on the face of the earth, and all the kings of the earth shall be his, for he doth love Me and he is a man after Mine own heart, and he shall render unto Me that which is My due, and he shall gather all the sheep of all nations to My Fold, and all nations shall bow down before Me, for I the Lord have spoken it and given it unto thee. It is a small thing, for thou dost please Me!

       FOR HE SHALL GATHER THEM AS THE SHEEP OF MANY FOLDS. He shall gather kings and princes and princesses and nations and kingdoms and castles and palaces and present them at My feet as a tribute and honour unto Me, for he considers himself nothing, as little as the lowest of all things! Therefore have I exalted him and duly honoured him and exalted him above all kings on the face of the earth! Therefore have I highly empowered and exalted him, because he hath honoured Me above all things and all kings and all palaces and all powers and all women! He hath honoured Me in the sight of the Lord!

       THEREFORE HAVE I GIVEN HIM ALL THESE THINGS!--kings and palaces, and women shall wait upon his feet, and they shall be as many hand-maidens because they are the submissive handmaidens of the Lord, because I the Lord have spoken it and chosen it ad set My seal upon it and therefore shalt thou hear him and heed him and take heed unto the word of My Servant David and king of kings I have given thee, that thou shalt honour and highly exalt and listen to him, that thou shalt be honoured of the Lord thy God! (Tongues) Many are the wonderful works of the Lord!

       THESE ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH GOD AND THESE ARE THE PEOPLE I HAVE CHOSEN to place My Name on, and this is David their King that shall serve Me with all his heart as a man after Mine own heart, for he cannot help himself for he is as nothing--as a little tiny grain of dust--but I have taken him and breathed upon him by My Spirit! (lllustrates by blowing lightly upon, as it were, a tiny grain of dust held between his thumb and forefinger!) Behold!--He hath become many tribes! (Blows again) And he hath become many nations! (Blows again) And he hath become a king of all kings! (Blows again) And I have given unto him children upon children--thousands upon thousands of thousands!

       Even if they pour wine upon thy flame they cannot quench thy spirit, for it shall burn even more brightly, and it shall ignite by the power of My Spirit! It shall but add fuel to the flame and cause it to burn more brightly, though the enemy would try to quench the fire! They cannot snuff out the breath! Behold!--The breath is not from man, but from God, and even their snuffs shall cause it to burn more brightly, because this, the flame of My King, is unquenchable fire that cannot be put out because it is the fire of God! Even if they shall pour many waters upon it, nothing can quench the fire of the Spirit of God, for it shall cause it to burn even more brightly! (128:2,8-14,19,24-26,32-34,39,49)

       HE THAT DOESN'T RECEIVE DAVID DOESN'T RECEIVE ME. Blessed are the words & blessed is the tongue that I have given David! The words that I have put in the mouth of Moses & the love that I have given the heart of David have made him as a god of love. For one hour in the arms of David is as ten thousand. He is as My Love to you, & you are My love to him.

       KISS THE PAPS OF DAVID if thou wouldst have the milk of My Word and be satisfied. His children kiss My paps and they love Me and they are nourished of this milk and are satisfied. Is this a mystery unto thee? Canst thou not understand the words of the Lord?--That this is the Water Bearer of all ages whom I have ordained to bring forth the water of Life to the children of this Last Generation, to suck the milk from his paps and to be satisfied.

       THOU MUST KISS THE MOUTH AND THE WORDS OF DAVID if thou wouldst be satisfied, and thou must lie down and find rest within his arms, for he would bless thee and thou shalt be blessed of him. For he is My Servant unto all the words of My Mouth. There is none other like him in all this generation, for he is that one that loveth that which is unlovely and cherisheth that which is despised and giveth meat to the lowly and bread unto the hungry and freedom to those that were bound.

       THEREFORE, IF THOU WOULDST HAVE LIGHT AND IF THOU WOULDST HAVE MEAT AND IF THOU WOULDST BE SATISFIED, THOU SHALT HEARKEN UNTO THE WORDS OF MY DAVID and thou must kiss his breasts and drink of his milk--for he shall satisfy thee! How canst thou hear his words and how canst thou suck of his paps and be fed and nourished?--If thou dost suck of his breast and the words that I have given him! Kiss the mouth and the words and the paps of David and thou shalt be satisfied, for I have given unto him all these things, and these are not his, but My words.

       FOR I HAVE QUICKENED THE HEART OF DAVID AND LIGHTENED HIS MIND and brought forth his waters as honey and sweetness that they might nourish My little ones and grow up the calves of My stall and the lambs of My fold!

       HEED THOU AND HEARKEN THEREFORE TO MY SERVANT, FOR THIS IS THAT DAVID WHOM I HAVE SPOKEN OF FOR THE LAST GANERATION--the Prophet for this Age--the one that shall carry the lambs in his bosom and give them suck and shall cherish them and nourish them--even this My Spirit love them and care for them--for His little ones.

       BEHOLD, HOW HE WEEPETH FOR HIS CHILDREN! For these are My tears and this is My Love that I have for this generation.
This is the one of whom I have spoken and of whom shall all generations be blessed, and all nations shall call him blessed.

       FOR INDEED THIS ONE HATH THE SPIRIT OF MOSES AND THE HEART OF DAVID and the love of My Servant, that David of whom I spake and led My people into their pasture and little ones into My fold. For the bosom of David is as My bosom that I have given thee--this generation that I have loved!--If thou shalt believe all the words that I have given thee.

       THOU DOST TAKE OVER THE NATIONS! KINGS DO BOW DOWN BE. FORE THEE AND I DO OPEN THE DOORS OF ALL THE NATIONS OF THE EARTH, FOR THEY CANNOT RESIST the power of Thy spirit nor can they refuse the love of thy heart. For they shall yield unto thee everyone and open their hearts unto thee and open their hands unto thy needs, and their mouths shall speak forth the wonderful words of the Lord. For they shall receive thee unto their bosoms as the little lambs of My fold, and they shall nourish thee, and kings shall serve thee and queens shall minister unto thee, and thou shalt suck at the paps of the Most High!

              AND YEA ALSO SHALT THOU SUFFER FOR ME! Yea, also, shalt thou be crucified for My Name's Sake! Yea, also shalt thou be slain all the day long. Also shalt thou be slain for the words of David and smitten for all that I have spoken through him!

       IN THE END SHALT THOU TRIUMPH OVER THEM, for they shall be dust and ashes under thy feet, for thou shalt reign victorious over all the earth and thou shalt forget the hinder years and remember only that which is called the glorious, golden Age that I have given thee--the Age of all ages!

       OH, WHAT LIFT DO I GIVE THEM THROUGH THE WORDS OF DAVID! Oh, how they kiss and rejoice and dance to the words of David. For he is My Servant. He is My mouth, He is My voice and he is My heart and My soul, for he hath given unto Me, and he shall receive of My Spirit without measure! Thou shalt rest in thy lot in the end of thy days, for My Spirit shall perform all I have spoken and thou shalt see the glory of the Lord that I have bestowed through thee on this generation!

       OH HOW MANY ARE THE WORDS THOU HAST GIVEN UNTO THY SERVANT DAVID! He is weary with groaning and his heart is agonised through the night! His body hath ached, but Thou dost relieve him! Behold. Thou hast rewarded him! Thou hast given unto Thy Servant the things which he desired. and Thou dost satisfy his mouth with good things and his youth is renewed like the eagles! Thou hast delivered his soul from the snare of the fowler and counted his life as a precious thing and delivered him from the enemy. Indeed Thou shalt reprove many nations for his name's sake! Thou shalt rebuke many peoples because of him, and many shall be judged of him by Me!

       DOST THOU HEARKEN UNTO THE WORDS OF DAVID? Dost thou kiss the honey of his mouth? Dost thou receive that which I have given unto him and obey the words that I have spoken? Therefore thou shalt be blessed of the Lord thy God and exalted amongst many, and I will write upon thee a new name that no man knoweth, and thou shalt be a pillar in the House of My God! Come down therefore unto the arms of David and be thou warmed and nourished and cherished that he may bless thee and give seed unto thee that thou shalt bring forth fruit! Behold, the dawn cometh and the Son of Righteousness ariseth and this shall be a new day, and his love shall drop down like rain upon the land and there shall spring forth life--there shall be love and laughter and joy and peace for everafter!....Tomorrow!...When He makes the world free!
       THOU DOST HEARKEN UNTO THE WORDS OF DAVID THAT THOU MAYST LIVE! Blessed are all they that do follow him! Blessed are ye, the sheep of My pasture! Blessed are ye, the lambs of My fold! Blessed are ye indeed, the little ones of My bosom, even as these that do gather unto David, and these that do rest in his love, and these that are blessed by his arms! (152:3-6,11-22,29,31,35-40,43)

       THE WORDS OF DAVID COME FORTH BY MY WILL, even as the waters of his penis but he resisteth My Spirit. He is stubborn as the ass & he refuses the water of the Spirit that bubbleth. But even as he must give forth the water from his penis lest he burst, so must he give forth My World lest his heart breaketh as his soul explodeth. So must he give forth the Words of his God for he is My prophet & he cannot contain any more than he can contain this water which floweth from his body.

       THE ARMS OF DAVID ARE A MIGHTY VICE WHICH CAN CRUSH INTO PULP! The hands of David are as those that would squeeze the last drop of juice from these mountains & the fruit of their bosom. For they are mighty & powerful & would squeeze thy juice from thee like blood from thy body. For he would devour thee. Lovest thou him? Then feed his sheep!

       AT HIS RIGHT HAND ARE PLEASURES FOREVERMORE, & thou shalt see them & they shall satisfy thee, but thou shalt share them with others, that they may also be satisfied. That which you give have power over. The hand of David gives much pleasure. His right hand is powerful & his right hand gives power to many queens. David gives to thee the excstasies of many women.

       IF MOSES WERE HERE, THOU WOULDST ASK OF HIM; BUT A GREATER THAN MOSES IS HERE! If Daniel were here, thou wouldst ask of him; but a greater than Daniel is here! If John were here, thou wouldst ask of him; but a greater than John is here!(158:17)

       Leave all behind and save only that which is most precious: the life of David. This tiny Flame is committed to your care, the Light of lsrael. Fly with the Flame!--Or its light will be quenched by his enemies! What are the candlesticks of gold and the bowls of silver if they are oil without fire and fuel without flame? Is not the life of David precious in thy sight? He cannot bear the trials that even loved ones subject him to! Forsake all!--this little house, these shadows! Flee with the flame in your hand!
       The life of David is a tiny Flame in thy hand. Flee with the Flame of life!--The Life of the Flame and the Flicker of Fire! Flee! Flee far away! The Flame of David is more precious! (160B:9,10)

       GREAT IS THE LOVE OF DAVID, BOUNDLESS IS THE MERCY AT HIS RIGHT HAND, AND THOU CANST NOT PREVENT THE LOVE THAT I HAVE GIVEN HIM! Beware lest thou hinderest the sure mercies that I have given unto David, and beware lest thou shouldst assay to bottle up the love springs of his forgiveness! For I have spoken well in this, and will not lie unto David, but I will give unto him that which he hath kissed from the beginning, and I will keep nothing from him! But he shall bear much seed from many kings, that all men may hear the glory of My Kingdom.

       THOU CANST WITHHOLD, AND THOU CANST GIVE OF HIS HEART AS THOU WILT, and thou canst cause the stream to flow or thou canst shut up and stop even the blessings that I would bestow, even though thou dost suffer for thy silence, and even though thou dost burden thy own bosom with his flame. For it shall burn and none can stop it, for it shall burn e'en though it consume thee, if thou withholdest its light from another!

       ALL THINGS BEND TO THE WILL OF DAVID (The picture was of a piece of metal being bent. There are two kinds of metal--one will bend without breaking, but the other breaks when bent.) You cannot resist the power of David! David can have anything he wants, because he pleases Me.

       HE LOVES WINE! HE LOVES WOMEN SONG! These things shall he have, because David pleases Me. The opponents of David think they would take away these things, but they cannot. For the Lord God Almighty has given these things unto David. And the things I have given cannot be taken from David. The kisses & the women & the wine & the song have I given him. They cannot take them away, because they are that which I have given him because he kisses & loves Me & pleases Me.

       WHO HAS SUCH LOVE & WHO HAS SUCH POWER & WHO HAS SUCH ARDOR AS DAVID FOR ME? For this man David is after My own heart & he speaks the Words that come from Me & from Moses & from David. And he says those things which are favourable unto Me.

       CAN YOU SHUT THE BOOK? Can you shut the mouth? If you shut the mouth, it will explode in David! Moses is like David. He laid down the laws like David. He put things in order like David. He loved & shepherded My people like David. Can you close the book? Can you shut up the words of My Servant David? He that sitteth in Heavens shall laugh at those who try to tighten the tongue of David!

       FOR THE WORDS WHICH HE SPEAKS ARE AS FLAMES OF FIRE TO SET ON FIRE THE HEARTS OF MEN! For David is hot as a flame with the Spirit of God! You cannot close the mouth of David. You cannot close the Words of David. Open the book & let loose the words & flood the nations with the Words of David! For this is he that setteth on fire the course of nations, & David My Servant doth set on fire the hearts of men!

       DO YOU KNOW THE WORDS? DO YOU KNOW THE THOUGHTS OF DAVID? They are as flames of fire & incite the hearts of men to follow Me!--Nor should he quench his tongue nor should he close his mouth. For I am He that openeth his mouth & I am He that waggeth his tongue that David may set on flame the very course of nature itself, that all those who hear the Words of God from the prophets unto Moses & unto them of the Last Day shall glorify Me & the flame that I have set on fire in the heart of David!

       THEY THINK TO QUENCH THE FLAME, to put out the fire, but they can no more stop the mouth of David than they can stop the mouth of the breast of her that nourisheth the infant. David is like a mother to his children. David is like a father to his children. He cherisheth & carries them all the day long in his arms. Neither father nor mother has the love of My Servant David, nor can they separate them from him.

       HOW THINKEST THOU THAT ANY CAN SILENCE THE WORDS THAT COME FROM THE MOUTH OF DAVID, that flow from his breast to the mouth of his infants? Neither Moses not the prophets had the spirit of My Servant David! Neither hath any had more Words than My Servant David. There is nothing good that I will not give My Servant David, for he pleases, yes, he pleases Me. Love My Servant David!

       THINKEST THOU THE SUCKING OF THY BREAST & THE KISSES OF THY MOUTH SHALL SATISFY MY SERVANT? He has such hunger that not all the women in the World could satisfy! He is satisfied only like My Servant Moses, at the very breast of God is he happy!

       (LAUGHS) THINKEST THOU THAT THE KISSES OF THY MOUTH & the sucking of thy bosom & that of ten thousand million women could ever satisfy the heart of David? All the kisses & all the fucks that David could have of all the women of all the World.d could never satisfy his heart! If he should kiss of every mouth & suck of every pap, nothing could satisfy the heart of David but the Words of My mouth & the suckings of My paps. Only this would fulfil the heart's desire of David.

       HEAREST THOU ALL THE WORDS OF DAVID? The body needs food & drink. He must also have the kisses of thy mouth that these may satisfy the soul of David. For thy love is like food & sweetness unto David. For I myself will glorify David & make his name great. Wilt thou not therefore minister unto these needs of his body that thou shalt give unto him with thy hand & feed his soul? Make love to David! For David is satisfied with thy mouth, & the kisses of thy mouth satisfy the heart of David.

       FOR IT IS I THAT HATH MADE THEE, AND NOT THOU THYSELF! For My hand alone hath fashioned thee. For I did take thee from that exalted pedestal whereon thou wast enthroned, and did break thee and cast thee into the dust, that I might mold thee and make thee a better vessel. (264:5)

       TRULY THOU HAST BUT LITTLE STRENGTH! BUT THOU HAST KEPT MY WORD, and thou hast not denied My Name. Therefore have I given unto thee this key that shall unlock even greater mysteries, and doors such as thou hast never seen! For it hath not entered into thy mind, neither hath thine eye seen, nor hath thine ear heard, the glories that shall be, that I have lad up for thee, My own, My beloved, My beloved one! But if thou shalt believe, all things are possible to him that believeth, and with God nothing shall be impossible! Believest thou that I am able to do this? (185:66)

       O, BEHOLD, (Tongues and weeping) O, Behold, (At this point he kneels face down on the floor.) O, Behold, how they kill their prophets, and how they stone their Saviours, and how they despise My messengers! O, Behold, how thou art killed all the day long, and yet none weep for thee! O weep for thyselves! (Then as though to our enemies:) Weep not for Me, but weep for thyselves! Weep not for Me, but weep for thyselves! For thou shalt be slain all the day long, and thou shalt be cast forth as dung upon the face of the earth, and thy slain shall lie on the face of the earth, and thy slain shall lie on the face of the earth and shall not be buried, even as this one they have slain!
(Rasputin). Even as their slain were also slain and cast forth as dung throughout all the land! (Russia).

       O, EVEN SO WOULD THEY HAVE DONE WITH MY DAVID HAD I NOT OVERSHADOWED HIM, and sheltered him round about by My angels, and given him the aura of My presence, and the over--shadowing of My wings, and the protection of My power! (The aura looked like a glowing forcefield.) They would have slain this my beloved one, My David, my darling! But because he hath kept My Words, and hath not denied My name, and hath this little strength that I have given him, even so have I kept him, and even so will I not deny him, and I shall have strength for him, that he will be spared in the time of anguish; that David shall be spared that he might serve Me until his time is come, when I shall gather him unto his fathers, and his Children also with him.

       I SHALL GATHER HIM INTO MY BOSOM AS AN ONLY BELOVED SON, and unto My breast as that one I have loved, and I shall cherish him, and he shall be with Me for ever and ever! (I could see the Children being gathered one by one, not all at one time, but just one by one. I guess the Lord wants me to be up there to greet them.)

       O FATHER, HAVE MERCY UPON THIS THY SON DAVID; O God have mercy upon Thy David; O God have mercy upon Thy bosom, and take him up within Thy breast as a son that longeth to be with his Father! (Tongues and weeping: O how I long to be loved and kissed of the Father!)

       NOW IT WAS AS THOUGH THE LORD WERE SPEAKING TO ANGELS OF JUDGEMENT:) Mete unto the malefactors that would have his life--the death they would have him die, and mete unto them that seek his life the very death they would mete unto him! For I shall scatter their dead throughout the land, and they shall neither be lamented nor buried, but they shall be dung upon the ground! (I saw people being slaughtered by the millions, like a great plague, scattered everywhere, piles of bodies! Most of what I saw seemed to be in America.)

       FOR I HAVE SPOKEN IT; FOR THEY WOULD NOT HEAR MY WORDS NOR HEARKEN unto My prophets, but they despised Me and they disobeyed My Words and they persecuted My prophets. till My wrath rose up in My face against all the enemies of David, and I destroyed them throughout all the land, even as they would have destroyed him if I had not spared him! (It's like I'm a symbol to them, like all our Children are David, God's voice to the world!)

       O GOD, PUT WORDS IN THE MOUTH OF DAVID that he may know the thoughts Thou dost think, and that he may have the words Thou dost speak, that he may know those things Thou dost know, that he may share them with Thy Children, that they may know Thou hast not called us servants but friends! The master revealeth all unto His friends!

       IF THOU WOULDST KNOW THOSE THINGS WHICH WOULD BEFALL THEE, the things that I have for thee, listen to My David that thou mayest live! (188:3-8, 10, 11)

       (Abrahim: "David is such a little child, God has to speak to him in fairy tales!") (290:12)

       For he whom thy soul loveth shall be taken from thee, because he poureth out not as one who giveth stingily, but in double measure, that he may live his life to the full in half the time I would have given him.

              AM I NOT ABLE TO GIVE IT IN DOUBLE MEASURE, AND TO POUR IT FORTH IN A DOUBLE STREAM THAT SHALL WATER THE WORLD UNTO LIFE ETERNAL? Is this not what thy soul desirest of thy lover David? Look, and behold that which thy soul desirest of this thy David! The words pour forth in a stream of double measure unto those that thirst after Me! Wouldst thou cling and hold onto David more than life for the living? Thou shalt see his life poured forth in double measure as a candle which burneth at each end and giveth great light until it is gone in half the time, that they may live longer than in darkness in My light!


       FOR THIS IS EVEN HE OF WHOM I HAVE SPOKEN, AND HE WHOM I HAVE LOVED FROM THE BEGINNING, AND HE WHOM I HAVE PROMISED that I will give, that he may feed my sheep, and water them that iead them unto Me. Give unto them, and I shall give unto thee more then thou shalt be able to give unto them! Behold, these are the words that I have given unto My Servant David, and behold, these are the years that he shall have.

       THEN SHALL HE WITHER AS A LEAF THAT IS FADED, and then shall he dry up as a carcass from which files have fled.--Then shall his flesh encrust and crack and perish as the dust from whence he came, when the life that I have given him is gone from him, and I TAKE HIM BACK UNTO MYSELF AS A BOTTLE THAT IS SPENT, and as sands that have run out, and the tale that is told. What wouldst thou have more than this?

       EVEN THE SPITTAL OF DAVID IS OF MORE VALUE THAN THE WORDS OF MAN, wise men of this world, after the fashion of the world which perisheth! Even the spittal gives more light to the eyes and more wisdom to the wise than the many words that they produce!
       Even the hungry beggars, and the lepers, and the blind would be satisfied if thou wouldst but give them the spittal of David, and that which drooleth from the corners of his mouth!

       FOR THE TIME IS SHORT, AND DAVID'S LIFE SHALL BE SPENT. For he poureth if forth without measure, even as I poured forth My life unto thee, and he withholdeth not that which I have given un;o him. WHY SHOULDST THOU WITHHOLD FROM THEM UNTO WHOM IT IS GIVEN? THERE ARE THEY SO ATHIRST FOR THAT WHICH COMETH FROM DAVID they would drink his piss and eat his dung, they are so anhungered!--But thou dost not even give them the pure and living water which cometh from his mouth, and the food which I have given that cometh from his tongue!

       THEREFORE, THEY EVEN THIRST for his piss and hunger for his dung that is cast off by thee, and which falleth by the way, even as an accursed thing, even FOR THAT WHICH IS WASTED BY HIS ENEMIES, WHO FEED THEM MORE THAN THOU DOST, who feed them of his piss and fed them of his dung, where yet they find seed, and YET THEY FIND LIFE IN THE PUBLICATIONS OF THEIR BULLETING, WHERE YET THEY FINDEVEN THE EXCRETA OF HIS WORDS!--EVEN HIS WORDS THAT ARE GIVEN BY THE WASTER, EVEN FOR THESE THEY HUNGER, AND EVEN OF HIS ENEMIES DO THEY DRINK THAT WHICH IS CAST OFF OF THEE, BECAUSE THOU FEEDEST THEM NOT, AND SLAKEST NOT THEIR THIRST WITH THAT WHICH IS PURE, and that which is clean, and that which is fresh, and that which is wholesome, and that which giveth strength!

       YET EVEN THE EXCRETA of his vomit, and the tears of his bowels, and the piss of his penis, CAN GIVE LIFE UNTO THEM WHICH ARE ATHIRST, and which do hunger and long for life, that which thou dost eschew! Even these droplets in the dust shall bring life into them which are dying! If then these which are leprous nigh unto death can drink of his piss and eat of his dung, and anoint their eyes with eye salve made of his spittal, HOW MUCH MORE SHOULDST THOU, O FOOLISH ONES, RENDER UNTO THEM THE PURE WATERS OF LIFE WHICH FLOW FROM HIS MOUTH, and the bread which strengtheneth from his tongue!

       SSSH! HEAREST THOU THE BIRDS? KNOWEST THOU NOT THAT EVEN THEY CALL UNTO DAVID, AND KNOW THAT THEY ARE FED AT HIS HAND? EVEN THEY HEAR HIS VOICE, even now, and know that he speaketh unto them! Listen how they give answer unto him!

       FOR BEHOLD A GREATER THAN MOSES IS HERE, AND MORE THAN ABRAHAM, CONSERVE NOT THE WORDS! WITHHOLD NOT FROM HIM THAT HATH NEED beside thee, because thou wouldst spare the life of David! Nay, thou shalt but conserve sorrow to thyself and David! For twere better for him that he be poured forth until he be gone, and out of the reach of their grasp, and thou, too, shalt be released! For it shall be easier also for thine own soul, for thou shalt not have to see him suffer. For he shall be gathered unto Me in good time, when his life is blossomed to the full, with his olive plants around his bed, and many good maidens at his said. (215:23-27,34,38,40,47,48,61,75,95-98,108,110)

       HOW GREAT ARE THE WONDERS THAT THOU HAST SHOWN UNTO THY SERVANT DAVID! Wouldst thou see more wonders than this, and greater things than these?--Then hearken unto the words of My servant David! (214:18,27)

       Oh behold, the mysteries that I have revealed unto My Servant David!--It is not thine to question how the Lord deals with David! (224:17)

       How many more will die without the words of their father? How many will die without the words of their father? How many will ye let die without the words of their father? Behold how many will die without the words of their father!--And yet no man, no man careth for their soul! They wait to be kissed of My Spirit, and they wait for the words of My David that shall interpret it for the. "(Tongues and weeping:)" No man knows the sorrow I feel for these that die! Oh, why will ye die, O Jerusalem!--How oft would I have gathered thee as a hen gathereth her chicks, but ye would not! O Jesus, that Thou wouldst help them to find the words that Thou hast given unto David, that they may have life! (227:3,4)

       BEHOLD HOW THESE NOTES ARE TUNED TO THE KEY I HAVE GIVEN TO DAVID, and how I have inspired the hearts of their composers that they may unlock the door of his heart to inspire this, the heart of their father. Even the words of thy mouth are tuned to this music, and thy words turn the heart of the father to the children. (326:4)

       THEY ARE BETTER THAN GOLD AND BETTER THAN SILVER, THE WORDS OF LOVE THAT I SPEAK TO THEE THROUGH THY FATHER! More precious than line jewels are these things I speak from his bosom!--Many precious things thou dost write in thy book, more precious than the things and come from the earth and from below and from the deep places, are the things which come from above and from the heart and the bosom of thy secret parts that they may bring forth fruit in thee from Me. Amen. Amen. Amen. (254:8)

       (DAVID COMMENTS WONDERINGLY: "THERE IS SOMETHING STRANGE ABOUT THAT NAME, OPLEXICON!"--Suddenly the Lord says:) "Fearful is the power of this one, and great is his might, for he is one of the mighty ones! He is the mightiest spiritual enemy of David, and the one assigned to fight him!" (Rebuke him, O Lord, in Jesus' Name!) (I was marveling at his name, almost in wonderment, and the Lord said:) "He is not the match for your father!" (It was as thought the Lord was rebuking us for marvelling at him as almost like a form of worship!) "God Himself is the only real match for your father!" (But Lord!--That's a pretty strong statement! Surely the archangels of God are a match for David?) "Nay! Even these obey thy will!" (261:22)

       O THE UNDERSTANDING THAT I HAVE GIVEN UNTO DAVID THY FATHER, beyond that of other men! Thank You for these wonders and myster ies Thou dost reveal unto David!
       Behold how I have simplified these things for David, and made them plain unto thy father! (271B:6,52,69)

       THE BOTTLE ASKS ONLY TO BE CONSUMED, never to be replenished. It asks only to live its life that it may be poured out to others, even as I pour out my life unto others that I may be emptied and consumed and left to die--that's all that I ask.

       I ASK IT NOT FOR MYSELF. For myself I ask nothing. But want to give while some only want to get. But I shall give and until I am gone like an emptied bottle, and I'll be cast aside and useless when I'm gone.

       DAVID IS NOTHING WITHOUT ME! He that would withhold David graspeth the air and trieth to contain the flame which I give him! (287:19-21)

       FOR BEHOLD, THE LORD HATH HEARD THE PRAYER OF HIS SERVANT! Behold, the Lord hath heard the cry of thy David Behold, the Lord hath heeded the plea of thy father and He shall answer. Thou shalt see the glory of God! Thou shalt see the Spirit of God moving upon the face of the waters of the great multitudes who cry unto Me in My Name. In Jesus Name. Amen. Thank You, Lord. Have Thy way. Thy will be done, Jesus. (276:64)

       GOD GIVES US EARLY WARNING, twice the warning He gives the world, because we have Early Warning System--the Prophet of God! We know long before the world knows. He gives us twice the warning He gives the wicked!

       GOD MAKES THINGS SO SIMPLE FOR HIS LITTLE BABY CHILD, THE PROPHET! He makes so simple for His little baby child Prophet. (280:9,19)

       FOR, BEHOLD, I HAVE USED THE AS A WARNING LIGHT AND AS A BEACON UNTO THIS GENERATION that they may follow that which I have spoken, or be destroyed for their unbelief! (Tongues:) Haste thou quickly. O little one, for I am awearied of waiting! Give forth the words of your father, for he is wearied with My Words. But be not thou weraried, O little ones, and say thou not. "What a weariness! (281:73)

       YOU ARE AMANUENSIS FOR DAVID, you like that? You want to see what that means? You like that title? You have title: Amanuensis for David!--David, greatest king who ever lived on this earth to glorify My Name!

       THIS IS THY NAME, THIS THY KING, the one whom I have chosen, this is the man whom I have called. This is the man whom I have called. This is the David whom I have selected, for this is the one whom I will honour above all those which have gone before. You understand your father?

       THIS IS THAT DAVID OF WHOM I SPAKE, and this is that David of whom My prophets prophesied. You have that David within the circle of your tiny, tiny little arms! You have the Spirit of the David of all Davids in your fingers, you hold his power!--You like? (Yes!) Help David, Pretty Baby. You love your David? (Yes, yes!) Love him, Sweet Baby.

       HE NEEDS MUCH LOVE, FOR HE IS ONLY A MAN whom I have chosen and he needs much love, for his flesh is very needy. Please love him as I would have thee love him, his poor flesh is so needy! You fix him? Huh? (I fix him?) Yes, Will you fix him? You please cook his flesh, okay? I love you.I love you much!

       THE WORDS THAT COME FROM THE BOSOM of their father are as milk & honey to their souls, that they long to eat & drink like thirsty souls at the fountain, & they come back for more!

       BEHOLD HOW MANY SEEK UNTO DAVID thy father for the Words of living water! How many hunger & thirst to suck at his bosoms for the life-giving flow!

       HE IS MY MASTER FISHERMAN WHO USETH THEE FOR MY BAIT to catch many fish for Me! He knows all the lines and many nets in all the places that I have set them and all the best places where there are many good fish. You see?

       HE PLACES THEM NOT IN THE EMPTY SEPUL CHRES OF THE DEAD amid the rotting carcasses of the slain, but he places them in the schools where there are many multitudes full of life and shiny and quick and lively! You must not fear his hand or where he places thee.

       FOR HE KNOWS BEST THE PLACES WHERE MANY FISH COME, See?--This grotto--and that reef--and even in this shallow. He looks from above and he sees more that the fish themselves can see.

       THEY KNOW NOT EVEN THAT HE SEES OR THAT HE KNOWS or that he observes them and understands their ways and whither they will go, but I have given this knowledge unto him that he may know how to catch them, See?

       FOR HE IS AN EXPERT FISHERMAN AND HAS MUCH KNOWLEDGE from many years of experience with many kinds of fish, and he knows who to bait with whom and how to use thee for My glory! But he will never let go of the line on which thou art cast or surrender the net in which thou art placed to catch others. (293:62-66)

       THE WORDS THAT COME FROM THE BOSOM of thy father are as milk and honey to her soul, so that she longs to eat and drink like a thirsty soul at the fountain, and she comes back for more!

       I'M SUCH A PRETTY FOUNTAIN! The Governor wants to place me on a pedestal at his feast to show me off!

       BEHOLD HOW MANY SEEK UNTO DAVID thy father for the words of living water!--How many, many hunger and thirst to suck at his bosom for life--giving flow!

       I DON'T DO ANYTHING, REALLY. I just sit there and they come like they're drawn to the light like moths to the flame willing to be consumed if they can only find the light and feel the warmth of the flame!

       MULTITUDES!--THERE ARE HOSTS AND MULTITUDES WHO DWELL IN THE VALLEY OF INDECISIONwho seek for answers from thy father.--You know? Poor, poor people, Honey! They need help so bad, Honey, Amen. Are you going to bring lots of kisses of David for his sheep? Help them to understand, Lord, in Jesus' Name. Will you please write down the words that come from your father's bosom, Honey, so they won't miss them?--Please? You sure? All the words? You miss not one?

       DO YOU WANT TO DANCE...?--The worst dancer of them all to dance with the best in the power of the spirit! (323:9-14)

       BEHOLD, WHO HAS GREATER WISDOM THEN THE WISDOM OF THE AGES that I have given unto thee through My gifts of My Spirit?" BEHOLD, A GREATER THEN SOLOMON IS HERE!--Because of the gifts that God has given him!--Because of all these helpers he has! (620:62-64)

       BLESSED IS HE THAT CRIETH OUT IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER! Blessed is he that beseecheth Me for My poor! Blessed is he that seeketh Me in the hour of trouble! Blessed is he whom I have called and anointed and raised up for this day! Blessed is he that I have set upon My Name to rule over My people!

       BLESSED IS HE THAT LOVETH AND RULETH MY PEOPLE WELL. Blessed is he that seeketh My face in the hour of trouble. So shall he be in the hour of triumph, and I will be with him and lift up his hand that raiseth My sword (the Word?) to slay them which rise up (309A:16,17)

       What confessions of truth come from the heart of your father! Behold how he bares his bosom to his beloved! (313:40)

       FOR THEY CRY UNTO ME AND CALL UPON ME IN THEIR DISTRESS AND THEIR HUNGER. For they are as sheep having no shepherd and they are scattered abroad throughout all the earth.

       THEREFORE, I HAVE GIVEN THEM A SHEPHERD that shall guide them into the fold of the True Shepherd.

       MY VOICE SHALL THEY HEED THROUGH MY SERVANT DAVID! For My sheep hear My Voice and know My Voice, and they follow Me, and the Voice of the stranger they will not follow. (330:56-58)

       As the seed of Abraham so have I given unto your father many children who shall rule the World! What visions of wisdom God has given thy Father! (315:34,37)

       HE POURS IT OUT EVEN WHEN HE CAN'T GET NEAR YOU HOPING YOU'LL GET SOME! Though it be lost in the streets, yet he keeps on pouring it! Even though some of it is wasted he keeps pouring it out because he love you! Look with love on your father, pity your father, he loves you so much! Charm him with your love! Let him look upon your bosom to inspire him with bowels of compassion! (1017:1)

       I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! (Abrahim: The love of your father is so great. His body's so weak but his love is so great.) (363:7)

       kiss thou the words and the voice of thy father David. Kiss thou the words and the voice while they are nigh unto thee.

       JESUS HAS BLESSED THE DAYS OF THE WORDS OF THY FATHER and hallowed the times of his love with many kisses of his words.

       OH THAT YOU WOULD HEAR THE WORDS OF THE LORD As streams that never run dry That thine ears should be filled with their flowing And thy heart should be ever nigh! (395:40,47,51)

       Behold with what love I have kissed thy father & manifested Myself unto him! (998:6)

       So she will know that there is no other love like the love of your father! I have given unto no other man then thy father the Love I have given unto David! (811:48)

       Thou dost not have to see nor understand all things, neither dost thou have to know the mind of thy father nor to understand all the words of David, for all of these things which I have ordained are already in My hands & are finished (849:46)

       THINKEST THOU THAT THEY WERE WISE TO SHELTER THE IMAM KHOMEINI OF IRAN? Behold, a greater Imam is here than they have ever sheltered before, & I shall honour them for their shelter. Knowest thou that the Word is mightier than the Sword? And this is the power that I have given unto them, the power to shield the Words of thy David for this moment.

       FOR THE WORD IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD, that I may spare the life & breath of thy father with My kisses. And I shall kiss them while they spare you. Thou hast greater treasure in the wells of thy Words than they have from the wells of the oil of their friends.

       KISS THEREFORE THEM that I have anointed to spare thee & shield thee until the time appointed. Amen. They shelter now a greater than Khomeini that is here, though they know it not, for he is a representative of the Kingdom of God, more important than Iran or Khomeini, more than oil.

       HE GIVES WORDS OF POWER & LIFE & LIGHT, the most important energy of all--& Love, the greatest of all power he gives, without which France cannot live! As long as they are good to him, I will be good to them. If they are bad to him, I will be bad to them, more than all those that give them oil.

       THESE WORDS I SEAL WITH THE SEVEN KISSES OF YOUR FATHER. For these Words are true & settled forever in Heaven with the seal I have given to your Father David. Amen. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world of Khomeini.

       THOU KNOWEST NOT THE HONOUR THAT I GIVE TO YOUR FATHER, for he is greater & My Word more powerful energy than the energy of those which give them oil! If only thou canst know the power I have given unto the Words of thy father, which is greater than all the sources of all energy, & more powerful than all of that which they seek after!

       THEREFORE, WILL I HONOUR THEM WHILE THEY HONOUR THY FATHER, & bless them while they bless thee, & curse them if they curse thee. But thou must not make it more than they can bear, & beyond that which they are able to hear. Keep thyself therefore unto Me, & U shall preserve thee in the hour of trouble.

       MARIA: WHAT IS "MORE THAN THEY CAN BEAR?" Don't push beyond the limits of their pride. It is great. Be chaste, & be wise as serpents & harmless as doves, & force them not to evict thee. Heed therefore the Words of thy father.

       YE SHALL BE SAFE IN THE MIDST OF STORM, in the hollow of My hand in the place that I have prepared for thee, if thou shalt go & be obedient to the things that I shall show thee. (1020:4-11.19)

       (ABRAHIM: YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW SENSITIVE IS YOUR FATHER, & HOW HE AGONISES IN THE SPIRIT FOR ALL THESE PEOPLE!) Your father your kisses in the middle of the night. He needs you to share his sorrows in the midst of darkness. (837:5,13)

       DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THE POWER OF YOUR FATHER IN THE SPIRIT? I have power over all the demons of Hell & Satan & all the machinationsof the Evil One! They're celebrating the victory of David your Father over Evil! Oh, there's no power that can conquer me! There's power that is greater than me & Jesus! (1264:4,10)

       HEAR THE WORDS THAT I SPEAK UNTO THY FATHER & believe the Words that I have said unto him, that thou mightest have faith in the message that I have given unto thy father David! (1283:24)

       THESE WORDS WERE WRITTEN FOR YOUR FATHER: THIS SONG IS ABOUT HIS NAME! Kiss the Words that I have given unto thy father. (1348:58)

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