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SATAN'S SAINTS!--vs. the Third World!       DFO 1423       18/2/83

       1. I'VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT WHERE ALL THESE GODS & GODDESSES COME FROM THAT ARE IN THESE HEATHEN RELIGIONS. Of course, the evil ones are generally attributed to the Devil's forces, his angels & officers of his forces. We have already dealt with the idea that God not only has good angels, He also has the good saints who become like angels in the Afterlife, some of them very important saints, important spirits, good spirits, like angels, part of the forces of God--& so important He says we're even going to judge angels! (1Co.6:3)

       2. SOME OF US & THEM ARE GOING TO JUDGE THE ANGELS, THE CREATED SPIRITS! Some of the human saints who passed on, such as perhaps the Patriarchs, Prophets, great men & women of God of all time, will be considered so important that they will even be appointed judges of angels! Who do we know who is a very good saint who has passed on who's had a great deal to do with our lives? (Maria: Grandmother.) But I mean who daily assists us & who is continually with me? (Maria: Abrahim.) Abrahim!

       3. THESE DEPARTED SAINTS ARE OBVIOUSLY STILL EXTREMELY ACTIVE AGENTS OR ANGELS OF GOD, MESSENGERS, AGENTS. For example, wouldn't you call Abrahim one of the officers of God's forces?--An apparently very powerful spirit in God's pantheon of great spirits, His gods, good gods. Angels were frequently called gods, & the angels, in other words, are the Lord's good gods, the lesser gods. They were considered gods!

       4. (MARIA: THAT REMINDS ME, THE LORD NAMED THE SEVEN ANGELS AROUND YOUR BED one time as being Moses, Abraham, Abrahim, Adam, Noah, David & Daniel, remember?) No, where's that? (Maria: It's already published in "Singapore Sailor!") (No.1262:33) And isn't Michael our Archangel? (Maria: He's like the boss of'm all, I guess!) Yes, he's an Archangel. Archangels, of course, sound more like they were the original created angels who were in existence before man.

       5. IF SOME OF GOD'S SAINTS ARE NOW EVEN GREATER THAN THE ANGELS OF GOD, who are sometimes referred to in the Scripture as gods, then couldn't some of the Devil's forces & his leading demons & leading devil gods be some of his departed evil human spirits who have gone on into the other World & are still working & fighting on his side?--If God's good saints have become angels of God, even greater than angels, in other words, lesser gods of God--why can't the Devil's evil saints become part of his evil spirits?

       6. OBVIOUSLY THROUGHOUT ALL HEATHEN PAGANISM & IDOLATRY, ETC., THE DEVIL'S DEMONS & DEVILS HAD NAMES, & SATAN HAS HIS ARCHANGELS & GREAT ANGELS & GENERALS & CAPTAINS & LEADERS OF HIS FORCES. Therefore couldn't some of these so-called gods be some of these departed saints of the Devil, evil spirits working for the Devil in the other World just like good spirits working for God?

       7. AND THE STRANGE THING ABOUT IT IS that I have found a number of names of people who lived & were in the Bible & ancient history, whose names very closely resemble the names of heathen gods & demon gods & evil gods, who possibly are those same outstanding evil people in the Old Testament who have gone on into the other World & become very likely demon gods or evil angels of Satan! It stands to reason, I mean it's perfectly logical!

       8. IF THE DEPARTED SAINTS OF GOD BECOME LIKE ARCHANGELS, EVEN GREATER THAN ANGELS, greater powers, with greater power & leaders of forces, such as Abrahim--in a sense he's sort of a leader of our forces, our leading guiding angel--then why couldn't some of the departed saints of the Devil & chief opponents of Christ & anti-Christs of this human race have gone on to the other World & become chief officers, agents, emissaries, messengers & forces of Satan?

       9. THAT WOULD EXPLAIN A LOT OF THINGS!--A lot of these little ridiculous annoying pestering mischievous spirits, & the similarity between the names of some of the famous people in the Old Testament who it sounds like may have given their names to some of the heathen gods of later date. I mean, that would just explain a lot of things!

       10. FOR EXAMPLE, WHEN GABRIEL WRESTLED WITH THE PRINCE OF PERSIA, that's been taken to mean, of course, that the Prince of Persia was one of the Devil's angels, the spiritual ruler of Persia. Who knows but that perhaps he was a former king of Persia on the Devil's side, who after being so loyal to the Devil in this life, was made a prince over Persia in the Afterlife? Why not? (Dan.10:13)

       11. SEE, THE DEVIL & ALL HIS ANGELS HAVE NOT YET BEEN JUDGED. They have not even yet been cast out of Heavenly places to the Earth as they will be at the time of the Antichrist & the Abomination of Desolation & the Image set up at the beginning of the Tribulation. It is only at that time, according to Revelation, that the Devil & his angels are cast out of Heaven to the Earth & he's very angry! (Re.12:9,12) This is when he possesses the Antichrist & pursues & persecutes the Church, because they are not cast out until then. This is only one step in their demotion. Earth is their last step or stepping-stone before they're also cast into Hell, into bondage, like Satan in the heart of the Earth for a thousand years.

       12. SO THAT IF EVEN THE ANGELS OF SATAN & PERHAPS SOME OF HIS DEPARTED EVIL CHARACTERS WHO LIVED FOR HIM FAITHFULLY & LOYALLY, liked the Devil, & helped to create Hell on Earth in this life, if the time of their final judgement & their final fate has not yet come, why could they not continue to serve him in the Afterlife? As the evil spirits said to Jesus, "Art Thou come to torment us before the time?" (Mt.8:29)--What time?--The coming time when they will be judged & damned & punished!--The Great White Throne Judgement! (Rev.20:11-15)

       13. NOW WHEN DOES THAT TIME BEGIN? Jesus came & was casting out demons in this time, the era in which we are living now, the Last Days. Well, there's not any particular period during these Last Days that the Bible speaks of at all as having become a time of the judgement of the evil spirits or devils or demons or even Satan himself. This is all left to the time of the coming of Christ, & then the return in the Battle of Armageddon at which time Satan's forces are completely vanquished & Satan is imprisoned in the heart of the Earth. And not until the Great White Throne Judgement at the end of the Millennium after the Battle of Gog & Magog are all the wicked & evil raised to the judgement.

       14. SO IF THE FINAL JUDGEMENT OF THE WICKED DOES NOT COME UNTIL AFTER THE MILLENNIUM & THE BATTLE OF GOG & MAGOG, then could it be that some are allowed to remain as the Devil's angels, agents, & serve him in the Afterlife, just like Abrahim & many other saints of God are serving God in the Afterlife right now already? (Maria: They've got to have something to do, some work.) That would certainly explain a lot of things, including ghosts that do evil!

       15. THERE ARE GOOD GHOSTS & BAD GHOSTS, as everybody knows, or should know. There are ghosts who do good & ghosts who do evil. The Bible confirms that certainly there are good spirits of departed humans who are still busy working for the Lord. Why then couldn't there be evil spirits of departed humans still working for the Devil on the other side, since the time of their judgement will not come until after the Millennium & the Battle of Gog & Magog & the Great White Throne Judgement?

       16. IN OTHER WORDS, IF GOD HAS HIS HONOURED SAINTS & POWERFUL SPIRITUAL FORCES CONSISTING OF SAINTS, DEPARTED HUMANS, ON THE OTHER SIDE, WHY NOT ALSO THE DEVIL? Why could he not also be allowed to receive into his kingdom, the Dark Kingdom, his departed faithful & loyal evil to serve him there until the final day of judgement? Although some may be cast immediately into judgement or flames or suffering now, who knows but what perhaps God has allowed others to serve the Devil just like the Saints are serving the Lord right now?

       17. --WHICH WOULD ALSO ACCOUNT FOR THE SIMILARITY BETWEEN THE NAMES of some of the famous evil characters of history & the names of some of these old mythological gods. Some of that history about their shenanigans & all their tricks & capers were perhaps while they were still humans, & others after they became evil spirits in the Afterlife.

       18. IN OTHER WORDS, SATAN HAS HIS SAINTS TOO!--SATAN'S SAINTS!--That would be a good title for this! Satan's Saints, his separated set apart ones.--Saint meaning separated, set apart. Of course, in our context it means holy, made pure, set apart. Well, they are wholly devoted to the Devil, purely his & set apart for his use!

       19. IN THE STUDY OF MYTHOLOGY & THESE PANTHEONS OF THE VARIOUS GODS OF THE ANCIENTS, Greece, Rome, Egypt, etc., some of these names have a very striking resemblance to historical characters of ancient history. Perhaps they passed on to the Netherworld where they became saints of the Devil!

       20. THIS WOULD REALLY BEGIN TO EXPLAIN A LOT OF THINGS ABOUT THE DEVIL'S KINGDOM & HOW IT'S ORGANISED & how he operates & how he uses perhaps even some of the agents he had on this Earth in human form after they have departed into the next World. It might be a bit too optimistic to believe that every single evil-doer & every one of the wicked go immediately into the flames of Hell! Maybe they do, but maybe they go in & out, who knows, & continue to perform Satan's dirtywork loyally & faithfully on Earth as they have when they were alive in human form.

       21. THAT WOULD EXPLAIN THE EVIL GHOSTS--of which we know there are many in operation--people who obviously lived in this life but came back as evil spirits, but not the original angels of Satan. In other words, God has His angels & departed saints, why not the Devil? We know the Devil has his angels, why not also his departed saints still serving him until the day of judgement. Because Satan is not finally cast into the Lake of Fire until the Great White Throne Judgement.

       22. HEY! THIS WOULD ALSO EXPLAIN WHY THE WICKED ARE NOT JUDGED, ALL OF THEM, UNTIL THE FINAL SECOND RESURRECTION after the Millennium & the Battle of Gog & Magog at the Great White Throne Judgement! Why would God wait so long unless they were also filling their cup of iniquity in the Hereafter right now, continuing to do evil in the next World & serving Satan there?

       23. IN THE 20TH CHAPTER OF REVELATION, Verse 10, He says that after the Battle of Gog & Magog, "the Devil that deceived them was cast into the Lake of Fire & brimstone where the Beast & the False Prophet are." The Beast & the False Prophet were cast immediately into the Lake of Fire after the Tribulation, Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon (Rev.19:20)--which shows that some are cast immediately into the Lake of Fire. Some are so bad, their judgement won't even wait. God's Word says of some humans, some men, their judgements go before them, but others, their judgements follow after. (1Ti.5:24) God waits.

       24. SOME ARE ALREADY SO EVIL THAT THEIR JUDGEMENT HAS ALREADY BEEN SETTLED AHEAD OF TIME, & THE MINUTE THEY DIE, THEY GO TO HELL FOR SOME REASON! With others it's almost as though they're put on probation for a period in the Afterlife until the final Judgement of all the wicked at the Great White Judgement Throne. Perhaps God puts them on probation to see what they will do in the Afterlife, if they're going to repent when they see that there is such a life, as obviously some of the spirits in prison must have done after Jesus went down & preached to them in Hell. (Mt.12:40; 1Pe.3:19; 4:6; Eph.4:9) So there must be some period of probation & a so-called second chance for those who will receive it then.

       25. BUT THERE WILL BE OTHER STUBBORN REBELLIOUS STILL UNREPENTANT SPIRITS WHO WILL CONTINUE TO SERVE THE DEVIL, & they won't finally get theirs until all of their cup of iniquity is full, which will not be until the end of the Millennium. Because look at all those wicked people at the end of the Millennium that follow Satan! (Rev.20:8) So a lot of them are not judged until then.

       26. SOME ARE JUST IMMEDIATELY JUDGED, like the Beast & the False Prophet were here in the 19th Chapter of Revelation, 20th verse, after the Battle of Armageddon. "And the Beast was taken"--the Antichrist--"& with him the False Prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the Mark of the Beast, & them that worshipped his Image. These both were cast alive into a Lake of Fire burning with brimstone."

       27. IT SOUNDS LIKE THE BEAST--THE ANTICHRIST--& THE FALSE PROPHET, ARE GOING TO BE CAST IMMEDIATELY INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE AT THAT TIME, at the end of the Battle of Armageddon. It says, "And them that worshipped his Image." If you put that sentence together: "The Beast, the False Prophet & them that received the Mark of the Beast & them that worshipped his Image." He says, "these both." Does He mean by that only the Antichrist & the False Prophet? Or doesn't it sound more like those & all those who followed them & took the Mark & worshipped the Beast are all going to be cast into the Lake of Fire at that time? You can't quite tell, you'd have to go perhaps back into the original there. But that's what it sounds like, "these both" or "these all." I'll have to look up that word & see. "The remnant"--the rest--"were slain with the sword of Him that sat upon the horse." It may mean just the Beast & the False Prophet are cast into Hell at that time, & his followers were slain with the sword.

       28. SINCE GOD'S SAINTS, GOD'S CHILDREN, WERE ALL GONE--in fact they were gone & come back in the Battle of Armageddon as a part of the conquering host--& if the Antichrist & the False Prophet were cast into Hell at that time, as is quite evident, & those who worshipped the Beast, took his Mark & worshipped his Image, if it means they were also cast into Hell at that time, who was left? I mean, if everybody on Earth were either slain or cast into Hell at that time, there wouldn't be anybody left in the Millennium for us to rule & reign over! And there would be no evil or wicked to rebel at the end of the Millennium, to join the forces of Satan in trying to attack the Kingdom of God!

       29. SO AGAIN THIS CONFIRMS WHAT I HAVE SAID about the difference between the Saints of God--& in this case the Saints of the Devil who are already his confirmed possessions, his forces--& a group somewhere in-between. If the Antichrist & the False Prophet & those who received the Mark of the Beast & worshipped His Image are all cast in the Lake of Fire at that time, if that's what that means--whereas we, on the other hand, are part of the conquering forces, they are the vanquished forces--then who is the remnant that's slain with the sword of Him that sat upon the white horse? And who survived all of that, including the Battle of Armageddon in order for us to rule over them in the Millennium? Because there was no resurrection & there is no resurrection of the wicked or those unsaved until after the Millennium, after the Battle of Gog & Magog at the Great White Throne of Judgement. They're not even raised until then.

       30. SO IT SOUNDS LIKE THERE IS A GROUP OF PEOPLE SOMEWHERE IN-BETWEEN that God has not immediately destroyed & cast into Hell like the Antichrist & the False Prophet & those who accepted his Mark & worshipped his Image, & those who were slain in the battle. It sounds like there must have been another group, there had to be another group upon whom God had mercy & in a sense put on probation--just as modern judges do in this life. If the criminal's offence was not serious enough to warrant actual imprisonment, he will often receive a suspended sentence & be put on probation, his final fate being dependent upon his behaviour & his actions during the probationary period.

       31. SO IN A SENSE, THEN, THERE IS THIS THIRD IN-BETWEEN GROUP WHO ARE NEITHER SAINTS OF GOD NOR COMPLETE DEVILS OF THE DEVIL, even like the spirits Jesus preached to in prison for whom there was apparently a second chance, another hope, another opportunity, they were not going to be held there forever.--Or else why would He have preached to them? It sounds as though there is--like I have often theorised, you might say, or often advocated--a third sort of in-between probationary group, sinners with suspended sentences put on probation for the duration of the Millennium.

       32. ALL THE SAVED ARE NOW HEAVENLY BEINGS who have already received their Heavenly bodies, been resurrected at the Coming of Christ, gone to Heaven for the Wedding Supper of the Lamb, returned as a part of the Army of God to fight the Battle of Armageddon, destroyed the forces of Satan & the Antichrist & the False Prophet & those who received the Mark of the Beast & worshipped his Image.

       33. SO IF SATAN IS BOUND, the Antichrist, False Prophet & all the worshippers of the Antichrist are cast immediately into Hell, who is it who is going to live in the Millennium & be ruled over by us with a rod of iron?--Some of whom, it says in various prophecies, will sometimes rebel & God will send judgements upon them, fire from Heaven or withhold the rain. And finally, some of them actually rebel at the end of the Millennium & join the forces of Satan in the Battle of Gog & Magog & are then destroyed.

       34. THEN OBVIOUSLY SOME OF THE UNSAVED HAVE GOT TO SURVIVE THE TRIBULATION, WRATH OF GOD, BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON & LIVE ON INTO THE MILLENNIUM UNDER OUR RULE! I've said this before, right? Some people have to do that. Well, now if the Devil is bound during that period, & the Antichrist, False Prophet & his followers are slain & cast into Hell with him, who are these people? There must be some people during the Tribulation, who although they are not saved--perhaps like the Jews, Muslims & other sincere religionists--have a certain amount of conviction or who do worship God in some way, who just flatly refuse to worship the Beast & his Image & accept his Mark! It sounds like there will be other people besides us, the true Christians, the Saved--a third factor, a third element, neither the saved nor the wicked, so to speak.--Neither God's Saints nor the Devil's saints, but a third in-between group who though not saved, still God does not feel deserve immediate punishment of Hell, because they too resisted the Antichrist.

       35. THAT WOULD ACCOUNT FOR A LOT OF THESE WARS & REBELLIONS HE HAS! (Dan.11) They too rebelled & refused to accept his Mark, they also refused to worship the Image, even though unsaved! Even though not Christians! (Maria: Do you think they'd have enough conviction & guts to do that when they don't have the Lord?) Honey, you ought to know the Jews, how stubborn they are! [DELETED] But some of these religionists are very sincere people, although not yet saved or Christians.

       36. LOOK AT ALL THE OTHER RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD! Look at the billions of Buddhists & Confucianists & Taoists & Shintoists & Brahmins & Hindus & Muslims! Look at how straight the Muslims are on so much of their doctrine, how sincere! In other words let's call them sincere religionists who worship the unknown God, so to speak, those whom Jesus said don't deserve to be beaten with many stripes because they knew not their Master's will.--Not the ones who even though they knew their Master's will did things that were worthy of stripes, Jesus Himself said they'd be beaten with many stripes. (Lk.12:47,48)

       37. THIS IS ALL A PART OF THE SAME DOCTRINE OF A PROBATIONARY PERIOD FOR THE IN-BETWEEN GROUP, WHO ARE NEITHER TOO GOOD OR TOO BAD. They are neither saved born-again Christians, nor the damned very evil wicked, those who actually fought God & rebelled against God, & though they knew God, they hated Him! What about all the millions in-between, again, as I say, who never heard the Gospel, who never had a chance to be saved? (Maria: But isn't he going to deceive'm unless they have something already in their religion or they're warned in some way by some supernatural means that the Antichrist isn't the person that they thought?) I think we're warning them right now, we're telling them!

       38. WE ARE WARNING PEOPLE NOW OF COMING EVENTS IN THIS BOOK WE'RE ABOUT TO WRITE & IN WHICH WE'LL COMPILE SCRIPTURES & QUOTES, & there will be many people, I believe, who are going to read it! Some, perhaps very few, will believe it & receive it & be saved & accept Jesus as well & serve the Lord. I think there will be others who will think about it & wonder if it's true, the undecided, so to speak, so that when they see it happening, they're going to believe it! They will receive it & know we were right, but maybe then they still won't make up their minds or believe it enough to actually accept Christ during the Tribulation.

       39. I THINK LOTS OF PEOPLE ARE GOING TO COME TO THE LORD DURING THE TRIBULATION! They're going to be driven to a decision! They are going to have to make their decision one way or the other! They're either going to have to receive the Mark of the Beast & worship his Image, or their lives are in danger of being slain. And of all the people that he obviously does not persuade to worship him & his Image & take his Mark, some, according to several passages in the Bible, he actually wages wars with, whole nations of them, it's very plain! Who's he waging these carnal, physical, military wars with?--Us? Don't be ridiculous! We saved Christians are not going to be waging military weaponry war with the Antichrist forces!

       40. THIS WOULD ALSO CONFIRM WHAT I'VE SAID ABOUT UNSAVED CHRISTIANS, REMEMBER? I think we shocked them with a Letter on that not long ago, didn't we? (See "Mrs. Jesus!" No.1328.) Think about all those church people that you & I now have doubted as to whether they ever actually were saved or not. Well, that's going to drive them to a decision in those days, right? And maybe if they still don't get saved, maybe they will at least have enough conviction & faith that they will resist the Mark of the Beast for fear of actual damnation.

       41. APPARENTLY THERE ARE WHOLE NATIONS OF THEM, whole armies of them that I can hardly believe are us or our kind of Christians. They might be Church Christians. They could be whole nations who profess to be Christian, like the U.S.A., but actually are not even saved. They could be the hypocrites & the self-righteous who profess to worship God & who profess to believe, but they're only professors & not possessors of Jesus Christ! They are believers in a sense, but they are not receivers. They believed all these things & yet they never knew how or refused to receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

       42. LOOK AT ALL THE CATHOLICS! You find Catholics amongst the easiest to lead into Salvation, the easiest to receive Jesus. They find out that all they have to do is make it definite & ask Jesus to come into their heart & believe the promise, then if they do that they are saved now, here, & will never be lost, never be damned, forever! But look at all the Catholics who never have gotten that word, who are simple believers in God & the Bible & Christ & the Devil & all the rest who do the best they know how.

       43. HERE'S ANOTHER SCRIPTURE: GOD SAYS THAT THOSE, WHO, IF EVEN THOUGH WITHOUT THE LAW, without the Word, without the knowledge of their Master's Will, did those things which were according to the law, will be judged without the law. In other words, they're not going to be judged by the law or according to the law, but God is going to judge them according to what they did, according to what they knew or didn't know. (Rom.2:12-16)

       44. SO HERE AGAIN IN THE TRIBULATION, & HERE AGAIN SURVIVING ARMAGEDDON & the immediate destruction of the Antichrist & his forces & all the people who followed him, there has to be a group who didn't & who refused, finally refused to worship him & accept his Mark or worship his Image & against whom he fought carnal wars. I mean, such Scriptures are scattered all through the Bible in Daniel & other places. (Dan.9:28; 11:44)

       45. TAKE FOR EXAMPLE, THE SINCERE JEWS, THE LITTLE LOWLY JEW WHO BELIEVES IN GOD & reads the Bible yet never really accepted Jesus & is not saved, I think some of them are going to recognise the Antichrist & refuse to follow him & worship him! From what I can see now, the leaders of Jewry are like the Scribes & the Pharisees & the Chief Priests & the hypocrites & the self-righteous of Jesus' day who actually saw Him, heard Him, knew Him &, in a sense, still refused Him! "Who did always resist the Holy Ghost" & who heard the Truth & yet rejected it! There's that group, He says, that because they refused to believe the truth, God will send them strong delusion that they might believe a lie & that they might be damned! (2Th.2:10-12) There are your followers of the Antichrist!

       46. BUT HOW ABOUT THOSE WHO NEVER HEARD THE TRUTH OR NEVER COMPREHENDED THE TRUTH, who never really got the Gospel, who never really had a chance to be told how to be saved?--Of whom there are millions!--Whole nations! And I can prove it, because we rule in the Millennium over whole nations of people who obviously are not saved & not amongst the ruling saints, the saved of today, & the ruling saints of tomorrow. (Re.21:24,26; 22:2)

       47. IT IS JUST AS OBVIOUS THAT THERE ARE THOSE WHO WHOLEHEARTEDLY FOLLOW THE DEVIL, the Antichrist, the False Prophet, the Beast & his Image & accept his Mark & are his & his own all the way, who are damned to Hell & cast in the Lake of Fire along with the False Prophet & the Antichrist immediately after the end of the Battle of Armageddon! Well, if that includes all the followers of the Beast & those who worship his Image & accepted his Mark, if that means everybody but the Saved are going to be all killed & all cast into Hell right at the end of the Battle of Armageddon, just before the Millennium, then who the Hell are we going to reign over?--Hell?

       48. WHO ARE THESE LIVING PEOPLE WHO FORM WHOLE NATIONS DURING THE MILLENNIUM over whom we, the saved born-again Christian Saints of God are going to be the rulers & rule them with a rod of iron? And why is it necessary to rule with a rod of iron if all the wicked are already cast into Hell? If everybody else on Earth except the saved born-again Christians, saints of God, who really have Jesus in their hearts, are going to be slaughtered after the Lord raptures His saints & punishes all those people left behind on Earth with the Wrath of God, who will be left?

       49. IT SAYS THAT SOME OF THEM WON'T REPENT--BUT, MAYBE DURING THAT PERIOD SOME WILL REPENT! Maybe there are people who, although they were not saved, they rejected the Antichrist, refused his Image & his Mark because they knew it was wrong & evil according to their own faith & what little knowledge they had of God & their religion.

       50. LOOK AT THE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF MUSLIMS who I don't believe are going to receive & follow the Antichrist, certainly not all of them. They know too much truth, they'll recognise the man is evil. What about the hundreds of millions of Catholics who are not saved but believe in God & Jesus & the Bible but have never really actually received Him into their hearts to become actual living saints of God?

       51. WHAT ABOUT THE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF EASTERN RELIGIONS, & perhaps even the lowly common poor Jews who are sincere in their religion but were taught not to receive Jesus, will they not recognise the Antichrist as an evil man? And the Jews especially hate images, idolatry, & so do the Muslims! Oh, that's one of the main parts of the religion of the Muslims, is an absolute abhorrence of idolatry! They abhor images! The first thing they did when they conquered Catholic Christendom was to destroy all the images in the churches! Think of that! Do you think all those hundreds of millions of Muslims are going to fall down & worship that Image of the Beast?

       52. DO YOU THINK THAT ALL THOSE SINCERE LOWLY COMMON EVERYDAY JEWS WHO ARE TRULY SINCERE IN THEIR WORSHIP OF GOD THE BEST THEY KNOW HOW--although they've been taught by their [DELETED] leaders & elders not to believe in Jesus all their lives & been led astray by them--do you think they're going to fall down & worship that idol & this Antichrist? Do you think all the Jews in the World are going to follow the Antichrist? All the Muslims? All the Buddhists? All the various Oriental religions, many of whom have a sort of sincere faith in some kind of God, but they don't know Him, & some who may have heard of Christ but don't know enough to receive Him, & many of whom have never even heard of Jesus! Are they all going to accept the Antichrist & his Mark & worship his Image?

       53. WELL, IT SOUNDS TO ME LIKE IT'S IMPOSSIBLE, THEY CAN'T! Otherwise there would be nobody left in the Millennium! If you include in the followers of the Antichrist & those who accept his Mark & worship his Image the whole World population who are not actually saved born-again Christians, then the entire World's population will be wiped out at the end of the Wrath of God in the Battle of Armageddon & there won't be anybody left on Earth at all! (Maria: That wouldn't make much sense!) There would be nobody left!

       54. BUT IT'S SO OBVIOUS FROM WHAT I CAN SEE IN THE SCRIPTURES--& I'VE CONTENDED THIS FOR YEARS--THAT THERE IS AN IN-BETWEEN GROUP OF THE UNDECIDED, those who have never had the Light, those who have never heard of Jesus or didn't know how to believe in Him & receive Him for genuine salvation. There will be those who even during the Tribulation, because of their own personal religion & religious convictions & their own faith & their own concept of goodness & badness, good & evil, righteousness & wickedness, will recognise that the Antichrist is evil, a Devil-man! And certainly when he insists on branding them as one of his & that they fall down & worship his Image, this idol of his, they will know then that he is not of God, any kind of God except the Devil!

       55. THEREFORE THERE WILL BE LITERALLY MILLIONS ON EARTH WHO WILL REJECT THE MARK OF THE BEAST & refuse to fall down & worship his Image, & who will even as nations rebel against him & fight him--which accounts for all those wars there at the end in Chapter 11 of Daniel, that he fights during the Tribulation, & the tremendous opposition which he meets when he insists on placing the Abomination of Desolation in front of the Temple in the Holy Place, the Holy Mount Moriah in Jerusalem, & tries to make everybody receive his brand & tries to kill everybody who won't. He's obviously not completely successful & not everybody is going to do it!

       56. THERE'S ANOTHER POINT ABOUT THE BRIDE! Thank God all these Scriptures come to mind! What wilderness is capable of hiding the Church as in the 12th chapter of Revelation? Where is the Church going to hide during the Tribulation? If everybody else on Earth is going to receive the Mark of the Beast, who is going to hide the Church? Where is this wilderness?--Out in some desert someplace? You couldn't be more conspicuous! In some forest someplace? Well, maybe. (Maria: So among all these other people, huh?)

       57. APPARENTLY, JUST LIKE TODAY, WE HAVE MANY FRIENDS & FISH & KINGS & QUEENS, many of whom perhaps have not yet really received Jesus, & yet they like us, maybe even love us. In a sense they're received Him in receiving us, & are for us & not against us. And yet they're not one of us, in a sense, & they're not fully following the Lord. We have a lot of outside friends, people even in government & power & rich people who do not consider themselves members of our Family, & perhaps some of whom are not even saved in the way we are.

       58. WHERE IS THE CHURCH GOING TO HIDE DURING THE TRIBULATION BUT AMONGST THOSE WHO WILL PROTECT THEM & KEEP THEM! Just like the Jews hid in the homes of their friends in Europe during the [DELETED] holocaust of Hitler, even though those friends were Gentiles, Goyim, who were not even Jews, not of their religion!--But neither were they of the religion of Hitler! They didn't receive his swastika, they were not Nazis, they were not members of the SS, but neither were they Jews. And neither were many of them Christians.

       59. IN OTHER WORDS, THEY WERE ON NEITHER SIDE FULLY, BUT NEVERTHELESS THEY WERE GOOD TO THOSE WHO WERE BEING PERSECUTED & THEY HID THEM, sheltered them & protected them during the time when they were being persecuted. That would explain where the Church is going to hide. We will have friends in & out of the System. There will be those, even whole nations, who are going to reject the Antichrist & his Mark & worshipping his Image.

       60. LOTS OF PEOPLE, ALTHOUGH NOT ACTUALLY SAVED AS WE ARE, STILL BELIEVE IN GOD, THE BIBLE, JESUS & MARY. And if the Antichrist came along today & insisted that they fall down & worship an Image or an idol of him, I believe that lots of those, even though unsaved, would recognise that this was evil & would refuse to do it, according to their own religion. Catholics, Muslims & even some Jews, as well as adherents of many other religions of the World would recognise that this man is evil, & certainly the worship of his idol is evil & idolatry.

       61. AND TO RECEIVE HIS MARK & BE BRANDED AS ONE OF HIS OWN SUBJECTS & FAITHFUL LOYAL FOLLOWERS, THEY WOULD FLATLY REFUSE TO DO IT, even at pain of death, feeling that it was wrong according to their religion, their convictions, their personal faith in whatever God they worship. If they worship God in some way, they would refuse to fall down & worship that idol or receive that evil Mark.--Though not saved! How about that?

       62. IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION IT MAKES IT VERY CLEAR THAT THE ELECT, the select few, this special select class of people who are really saved & marked for salvation, branded & sealed for salvation, are very few in number, in a sense, compared to the vast millions of the Earth's population! And yet although millions will believe in the Antichrist & follow him--& in one place it says "all the World followed the Beast" (Rev.13:3)--well, they may all be deceived by him for awhile until the middle of his reign & the beginning of the Tribulation.

       63. OBVIOUSLY THE WHOLE WORLD AT FIRST THINKS HE'S GREAT & FOLLOWS HIM--EXCEPT WE WHO REALLY KNOW--UNTIL THAT TIME COMES. And he doesn't have those wars & troubles until he sets up an idol of himself in the Holy Place & he sits in the Temple of God saying that he is God, "fall down & worship me & my idol & accept my brand or you're going to be killed!" (2Th.2:4)

       64. AT THAT POINT, OBVIOUSLY, MANY MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WILL REJECT THE MARK, REFUSE TO WORSHIP HIM & HIS IMAGE & WILL REBEL against his Satanic kingdom, & he has nothing but wars from then on according to the Bible. Wars with whom?--A little pitiful handful of persecuted Christian cultists who are even hated & persecuted by the established churches themselves? I would say we're hated even by established unsaved churches. Who's he going to have wars with?

       65. I THINK HE'S GOING TO HAVE WARS THEN WITH UNSAVED CHRISTENDOM, UNSAVED JEWS, UNSAVED MUSLIMS who are going to be loyal to their faith & they are going to be anti-Antichrist & anti-Image & anti-Mark of the Beast & fight rather than submit to such idolatry & man-worship & branding! In other words, an in-between group who are neither the saints of God nor the saints of the Devil! Millions! Hundreds of millions in-between, people with whom he's going to fight wars because they rebel against him. It's there clearly in the Bible, read it! (Maria: That'll also explain how people will be able to exist independently of the Antichrist, because if they're in large groups they can fight the opposing forces.) Whole nations! Obviously!

       66. IT'S VERY PLAIN IN THE 11TH CHAPTER OF DANIEL & THE CHAPTERS IN EZEKIEL & OTHER PLACES THERE THAT HE FIGHTS WARS! Who's he fighting wars with? (Maria: I always wondered that!) We certainly don't take up arms against him! Our weapons are not carnal, but strong spiritual weapons to the tearing down of strongholds! (2Co.10:4) But there will be people who fight him & take up arms against him, whole nations, & it even names some of the nations who are going to be with him & the nations that are going to be against him, against the Antichrist! Names them in Daniel, Ezekiel & other places! (Ezek.38:5-6,13; Dan.11:30,43)

       67. SO THERE HAS TO BE AN IN-BETWEEN GROUP! But this is what the church, especially the Evangelical Fundamentalist church & the so-called saved Christians, just flatly refuse to believe, that there's anything in-between! As far as they're concerned, there are only two classes of people in the World, & that's the saved & the damned, the good & the wicked, there's nothing in-between. All the churches have promoted that idea, including the Catholics, although there is a little bit of theory & doctrine in the Catholic religion which proves that they don't consider everybody is quite as bad as everybody else, & that's the doctrine of Purgatory, Limbo & that sort of thing. In other words, that some people are going to have a chance to get out of Purgatory. The word Purgatory itself implying being "purged" or "cleansed" of evil, & eventually saved or spared.

       68. SO THE CHURCH HAS PROMOTED--ESPECIALLY THE EVANGELICAL FUNDAMENTALIST FULL GOSPEL CHURCHES--THIS RADICAL EXTREME VIEW that there is only the Saved & only the Wicked, & that everybody in the World is going to worship the Beast & accept his Mark except the real saved Christians! If that's true, then there won't be anybody left on Earth in the Millennium for us to rule over, if everybody on Earth follows the Beast & they're all destroyed in the Battle of Armageddon! I believe that it's quite clear from this that there are going to be hundreds of millions of people & whole nations who will rebel & fight against the Antichrist & fight against receiving his Mark or worshipping his Image. And those people will no doubt protect us & help us to survive as well, in those nations.

       69. THOSE WHO CONSIDER THEMSELVES CHRISTIANS, believers in God & Christ & the Bible--even though not saved, even though not having received Jesus personally & having that saving faith & knowing they're really saved--when the day comes they are not going to worship that Devil-man, the Antichrist, nor his Image, nor accept his Mark! They're going to know it's evil.

       70. ONE OF OUR JOBS RIGHT NOW IS TO LET ALL THESE PEOPLE KNOW WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN, WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS, SO THEY'LL RECOGNISE IT WHEN IT COMES, & they won't be a part of it, & they'll refuse to fall down & worship the Antichrist! Even though they don't accept everything we have to say now, even though they may not even receive Jesus now & become saved, when that time comes they'll recognise this man as being evil & they'll have enough religious conviction & enough faith in God & Christ & the Bible to refuse & reject the Antichrist & his Image & his Mark & the works, & even to rise up in war against him! Even whole nations rebel against him--which obviously they do in these passages here where the Antichrist fights his wars, & even fights a war down to Israel itself & invades Israel & takes over!

       71. WHO'S HE FIGHTING? Only the Children of God?--The Family of Love? Conducting whole invasions & wars against us?--No! He's fighting some other forces that are refusing to receive him & refusing to bow to him & refusing to yield to him & his will & his Mark. He fights these other forces & invades some of the countries & leaves other countries alone. Some are with him & some are not with him. Who's he fighting?--Us? A little band of insignificant minuscule infinitesimal Christians & missionaries? Don't be ridiculous! We don't resort to weapons of war & the creation of whole armies armed with weapons of war to fight military battles! Ridiculous! We won't be those whole nations who are rising up in military warfare against him, rebelling against him. But we may be hiding out in those countries somewhere!

       72. SO I'M CONVINCED THAT THERE IS THAT THIRD GROUP. WE COULD CALL IT THE THIRD WORLD, IN A SENSE, GOD'S THIRD WORLD!--God's third category, neither the saved nor the utterly wicked. Neither the saints of God nor the saints of the Devil, but an in-between group of perhaps even the vast majority of the World's population, who though they have not accepted Jesus, they're not going to accept the Antichrist either! Because they have a certain faith or religion in God or something that gives them some kind of conviction that they should not follow this evil man nor accept his Mark nor worship his image. Get it? (Maria: Yes, Sir!) Do you believe it? (Maria: Amen, I do! It's wonderful!)

       73. OTHERWISE, WHO IS GOING TO SURVIVE THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON? Who is going to live on into the Millennium, whole nations of millions of people over whom we're going to rule? If the whole World accepts the Antichrist & his Mark & worships his Image & therefore they're all slain & wiped out in the Battle of Armageddon & there's nobody left on Earth, who are we going to rule over in the Millennium? There it is!

       74. IN A SENSE, THE TRIBULATION IS GOING TO BE A SIFTING PERIOD, the dividing of the sheep from the goats, the tares from the wheat. Like He says, you have to wait till the end until they grow up, the tares & wheat, before you can reap'm as you see which is which! (Mt.13:30) And the Tribulation will certainly be a dividing factor to show up who's for & who's against. And although there will be millions who will not be actual Christians, they will be against the Antichrist.

       75. THEREFORE THE TRIBULATION IS LIKE A SIFTER AT THE END TO SEE WHO GOD IS GOING TO BLESS. He says, "Blessed are they which endure to such & such a day," etc. (Da.12:12), those whom God blesses with survival of those three great sifters: The Tribulation, followed by the Wrath of God, followed by the Battle of Armageddon. Apparently there are going to be hundreds of millions of them who are going to survive all three! Who would God bless with such survival but those who did refuse to fall down & worship the Beast & his Image & receive his Mark?

       76. THE FORCES OF THE ANTICHRIST ARE GOING TO BE MANY & POWERFUL & GREAT, but I don't think they're going to be, in a sense, the actual majority of the World's population! But whether you think it's a majority or a minority who are going to survive, there are going to be enough of them that they're going to form whole nations of the World over whom we are going to rule! What else could God bless them with for their refusal to worship the Image, their rejection of the Mark of the Beast & their rejection of the Antichrist, than for God to give them another chance, to spare them through the Tribulation, through the Wrath of God & through the Battle of Armageddon to survive on into the Millennium & there be given another chance, a probationary period, so to speak.

       77. AND THEN THERE IS A FINAL SIFTING & DIVIDING OF THE SHEEP FROM THE GOATS AFTER THAT PROBATIONARY PERIOD, IN THE BATTLE OF GOG & MAGOG in which Satan comes back & deceives those whom he can, & their forces surround the forces of the Kingdom of God on Earth, the forces of the Millennium. Is he going to deceive everybody on Earth but us who are already saved? Then what's the point of the Millennium? What's the point of the Battle of Gog & Magog? What's the point of binding the Devil for awhile & then releasing him at the end, except for another final sifting of those people who've been on probation? They were not cast into the prison, they were not cast into Hell, the Lake of Fire, along with the Antichrist & his False Prophet & his forces, there were hundreds of millions who refused & rejected him & stood true to their religious convictions, whatever they be, & their concept of God, whatever that may be.

       78. AND THEREFORE BECAUSE THEY TOOK THE STAND OF THE RIGHTEOUS & THE GOOD & did that which was right even without the law & without the knowledge of the Truth & without the knowledge of God, the true God, & without having received Jesus, they will be judged without the law & they will be chastised with very few stripes & given a suspended sentence, in a sense, & put on probation during the Millennium to see how they behave, & are given that chance then, a second chance to be saved, or in a sense, maybe a third chance--or their first chance?

       79. THE TRIBULATION WILL BE ONE CHANCE, IN A WAY, & THEN THE MILLENNIUM, & THEN AGAIN TO FIND OUT EXACTLY WHO'S WHO, AT THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM COMES THE BATTLE OF GOG & MAGOG! He lets the Devil come back again to find out who will still follow him, & there will apparently be hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, who will still be deceived! Even though they have seen the glory of God & His Kingdom & Jesus & us, the Saints & the Angels, & we've been ruling the Earth in righteousness, they will still believe the Devil & be deceived by him!

       80. JUST AS ADAM & EVE IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN & AS PEOPLE WILL BE DECEIVED BY THE ANTICHRIST, ETC., there will be those on probation during the Millennium who will then violate the parole at the end of the Millennium & be deceived by the Devil when he's released & follow him into battle against the Kingdom of God, & that'll be the final sifting!

       81. THEY'RE GOING TO BE WIPED OUT IN THE FIRE OF GOD that's going to wipe out the whole Earth, & then there's going to be this final Judgement after that. That's why there is this final White Throne Judgement of all those who were not saved & not in the First Resurrection when Jesus came at the end of the Tribulation. At the end of the Millennium, the Battle of Gog & Magog, there's the Second Resurrection--of those who died since. But then He makes another judgement between them, those who are written in the Book of Life, & those who aren't. So there you are. There are some people who in a sense, are going to be saved--although not like us--but at the end of the Millennium, at the end of the Battle of Gog & Magog & at the final White Throne Judgement of God!

       82. IT'S RIGHT HERE IN THE 20TH CHAPTER OF REVELATION, VERSE 7 & 8: "SATAN SHALL BE LOOSED OUT OF HIS PRISON & shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the Earth." There's still nations, millions of people still living on the Earth over whom we're ruling & reigning in the Kingdom of God! "To gather them together to battle, the number of whom is as the sand of the sea." That means the whole two armies combined, hundreds of millions still living. Hundreds of millions as the sand of the sea are still living at the end of the Millennium, involved in the two sides, the two armed camps & forces, those on the side of God & those on the side of the Devil, who finally make the final division between the good & the bad.

       83. VERSE 9: "AND THEY WENT UP ON THE BREADTH OF THE EARTH, & COMPASSED THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS ABOUT, & THE BELOVED CITY." What city? Well, the only city then that could be called "the beloved city" is Earthly Jerusalem in which Jesus is supposed to take over & reign as the King of the Earth from Jerusalem during the Millennium. So they try to actually surround the forces of God & His Saints & Angels & all! Imagine! But fire comes down from God out of Heaven & devours them. Devours whom? Certainly not the Kingdom of God & the Saints of God, but the forces of the Enemy, & all those people, those living human beings that the Devil has persuaded to follow him! "And the Devil that deceived them was cast into the Lake of Fire & brimstone"--at last he reaches his punishment--"where the Beast & the False Prophet are"--already--"and shall be tormented day & night for ever & ever!" (Rev.20:10)

       84. "AND I SAW A GREAT WHITE THRONE, & HIM THAT SAT ON IT, FROM WHOSE FACE THE EARTH & THE HEAVEN FLED AWAY; & THERE WAS FOUND NO PLACE FOR THEM." Here's the Great White Throne Judgement! "And I saw the dead, small & great, stand before God; & the books were opened." Why a judgement? The Saved are already long gone, they were resurrected & raptured at the Second Coming of Christ at the end of the Tribulation! Then why is there to be any difference between these who are in the Second Resurrection, & why does there have to be a judgement, & why do books have to be opened to judge between them? Well, there must be some good & some bad!

       85. "AND THE BOOKS WERE OPENED, & another book was opened, which is the Book of Life: & the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works." God is making a difference & distinction between them. "And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; & Death & Hell delivered up the dead which were in them."

       86. AHA! SOME PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY GONE TO THEIR PUNISHMENT, & yet some people are still lying around in the bottom of the sea & other places as ghosts & spirits! Maybe it's true that they have to stick around near the dead body somewhere, that's their punishment, at least their temporary probation, in a sense. But some were not actually in Death & Hell yet, think of that! Some people have already gone to Hell, others have not! Even the departed spirits have not, not all of them. "And they were judged every man according to their works."--God is going to make a difference & judge everybody justly & righteously & mercifully according to their works.

       87. "AND DEATH & HELL WERE CAST INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE. THIS IS THE SECOND DEATH." The people apparently already in Death & Hell who have already been suffering their punishment because they were so bad & so wicked--including the Devil & the Antichrist & the False Prophet & all the Marked forces of the Beast, those already in Hell, in other words--are going to be cast back into Hell! They're judged at the White Throne Judgement & chucked back into Hell again! Along with who else? "Whosoever was not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the Lake of Fire." In other words, there's going to be another dividing in the last Great White Throne Judgement between the sheep & the goats, those who deserve to go to Hell & those who don't!

       88. ALL RIGHT, WHAT HAPPENS TO THOSE WHO DON'T?--THOSE WHO ARE FOUND WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF LIFE? The Saints are not at this Judgement, the Saved are not at this Judgement, they've already been raptured! They went to the Wedding of the Lamb, they came back in the conquering forces of Armageddon, they ruled the Earth for the whole Millennium, they won the Battle of Gog & Magog when their enemies were all wiped out, they're already enjoying their salvation! So who are this other group who are neither already saved, nor already cast into Hell? Where are they going to go? Where is there going to be a place for them?

       89. WELL, AS I SAW IN MY DREAM OF "SPACE CITY" (NO.75A), WHO ELSE COULD BE OUTSIDE THE CITY & NOT ALLOWED IN? What other nations of the Earth would be populating the face of the New Earth than these souls who were judged at the Great White Throne Judgement & not considered bad enough to go to Hell & not saved enough to go to Heaven, but good enough to populate the New Earth!

       90. I SUPPOSE I'VE SAID SOME OF THAT BEFORE, BUT THAT CAME UP AGAIN WITH THE IDEA THAT THERE'S A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE SAINTS OF GOD & THE SAINTS OF THE DEVIL! That if there are already good excellent spirits of God who are serving the Lord on the other side--like Abrahim & many others there's evidence of & who have re-appeared in the Bible--then apparently there are going to be also forces of Satan who are partly composed of the departed saints of the Devil who are his own, "of their father the Devil," as Jesus said to [EDITED: "those"] Jews that crucified Him. (Jn.8:44) Their father is not God, their father's the Devil!

       91. BUT APPARENTLY THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T KNOW & NEVER HEARD, WHO DIDN'T REALLY HAVE A FAIR CHANCE & WHO WERE CAUGHT BETWEEN. And if it was anybody's fault that they never heard & didn't have a chance, it was ours, because the Church never reached them! They never heard the Gospel because nobody ever preached it to them personally & told them how to get saved! But God's going to give'm another chance during the Millennium, another chance at the Battle of Gog & Magog, & in a sense, another chance on the New Earth outside the Heavenly City.

       92. PERHAPS THEY WILL NOT BE SAVED IN THE SAME SENSE WE ARE, THE UPPER CLASS OF THE FIRST SAVED SAINTS OF GOD, the Saved who will walk the streets of the Golden City & who will be the only ones allowed in to live there, but will be the nations outside upon whom God has had mercy because they are people who survived the various tests & the suspended sentences & probationary periods which follow the present age, & who at the Great White Throne Judgement are not considered worthy of Hell when judged, neither worthy of Heaven, the Heavenly City, but worthy to be spared & inhabit the New Earth!--And unto whom we will still be ministering the Leaves of the Tree of Life for the healing of the nations! (Rev.22:2)

       93. SO EVEN THE NEW EARTH IS, IN A SENSE, GOING TO BE A PROBATIONARY PERIOD IN WHICH THOSE WHO ACCEPT THE HEALING ARE GOING TO BE HEALED! Maybe all of them, I don't know! Maybe that's still another dividing of the sheep from the goats to see who will accept it!--Or maybe they will all be saved & healed! We're not told anything about anything that happens from there on, that's as far as the Lord's revealing to us now.

       94. SO IT'S QUITE OBVIOUS NOT EVERYBODY'S SAVED & GOING TO RULE THE MILLENNIUM OR INHABIT THE HEAVENLY CITY, but it's also obvious to me that not everybody is going to be damned to Hell or destroyed in the Tribulation & the Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon as followers of the Antichrist!--Nor sent to Hell in the Great White Throne Judgement at the end of the Millennium after the Battle of Gog & Magog as followers of the Devil in person!

       95. BUT THERE WILL BE THOSE WHO WILL BE ACCOUNTED WORTHY, having come into faith & belief & loyalty to God & who will be considered a part of the Camp of the Saints at the Battle of Gog & Magog, the nations & the forces who are loyal to us & the Lord who will follow us & literally do battle with Satan & his forces--the renegades, the reprobates, those who, after a thousand years of the righteous reign of Jesus Christ & His Saints & the Kingdom of God on Earth, will still rebel, be deceived by Satan & follow him into the Battle of Gog & Magog & then be destroyed by fire from God!

       96. THEN ALL THE UNSAVED ARE RAISED IN THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT & FINALLY JUDGED, apparently between the good & the bad, those who deserve life on the New Earth & those who deserve death in Hell, the final sifting! Those who, in a sense, are the Saints of God who inhabit the Holy City, & then those who have received His righteous reign & followed Him & us right on through to the New Earth. The rest then are followers of Satan, the Antichrist, his Image & idolatry, Mark of the Beast & all those who followed both the Antichrist in the Tribulation & the Devil in Gog & Magog & are going to be cast into Death & Hell, the Lake of Fire, where Satan is then, along with the Antichrist, the False Prophet & all those who followed the Beast & worshipped his Image & accepted his Mark!

       97. IN OTHER WORDS, ALL OF THE WORST, THEIR LEADERSHIP, ARE GOING TO BE CAST INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE, FLAMES OF HELL! Whereas all the best true Saints of God are going to inhabit the Holy City, & those who were not bad enough to go to Hell & yet not good enough, saved enough to go to Heaven, will be outside on the New Earth! That's the difference! Praise God! Maybe I gave you that talk before. (Maria: Not all of it!) Well anyhow, it's getting clearer all the time, praise God! TYJ! GBAKY, in Jesus' name, amen!--Which will you be?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family