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EXPERIMENT WITH GEN & BABY!--Gen Story 6.       DO 1443       Tenerife, 10/4/75

       1. WE JUST TOLD LYDIA TO GO MARCHING OFF WITH EMAN TO WORK, seemingly to work, with the full knowledge & within the eyesight of dear Gen, to see what effect this would have on the baby, to try to see if, according to her spirit, what happens, & with orders to Jus that if anything did happen to come get Eman right away. I wanted to see if she got upset, the baby would be upset. But she apparently figured he had to do something & she got along fairly well most of the afternoon, except they said the baby was fussy. But then when he stayed overtime--longer than she apparently felt he should stay--the baby began having fits again! But as soon as he got home, everything was fine again. It's really a pitiful case!

       2. WELL BELOVED, I BELIEVE GOD, THAT'S ALL I KNOW! When God gave me the answer, that's it, whether anybody else wants to believe it or not! Apparently in her heart, no matter what she tries to pretend, she is a perverse & rebellious woman! And when Lydia announced that Eman was leaving to go to work on orders from me, what did you say she looked like, Lydia? (Lydia: That real funny stare comes just like, "Oh no!" She began to object that the baby might have a bowel movement & that's when the baby started having fits yesterday. In other words, "Don't go, the baby's going to have a fit!"--Like threatening & doubting.) Pitiful, it's really pitiful! Poor baby!

       3. WELL, IF WE LET IT GO ON AT THIS RATE, SHE'D BE RUNNING THE COLONY & GETTING THINGS HER WAY & WHATEVER SHE WANTED! Once the Lord's given the answer, which we got yesterday morning, that's what it will have to be. But we've all learned a lot of good lessons, haven't we? PTL! (Lydia: Another thing she said, "Well, there will probably be a lot of books written about me"--as though she liked being a problem. "I'm going to get my name in a MO Letter!") Smart! Well, he even tried to get his picture in the paper, but he didn't quite manage that. I guess he figures at least he's caused enough trouble to become famous.--Ha! (Her demon!)

       4. SO TOMORROW WE SHALL SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN EMAN LEAVES AT THE REGULAR TIME HE SHOULD LEAVE FOR WORK & IS GONE ALL DAY, or whatever his day is, & you're not there or anything. I'm a little surprised she didn't manifest a little more jealousy over his departure with you, but I guess she figures she'd better be on her good behaviour somewhat about that.

       5. (LYDIA: LAST NIGHT SHE CAME OVER & KISSED ME ON THE CHEEK & SAID, "THAT KISS IS FROM EMAN!"--& INSTANTLY I GOT "THE KISS OF JUDAS!" So under my breath I rebuked the Enemy & went down & had Jus & Sal pray for my protection, then I slept down there with them.") I'll tell you, we were sure praying for you! I hated to think of you sleeping alone up there on that couch! (Lydia: So I slept with Sally on the bed, & Jus slept on the floor. The verse I got was, "Where two or three are gathered together," & that we had to stick together! In the morning I knew that the Devil didn't like me being there because she couldn't run everything the way she wanted it.)

       6. WELL, WE'LL SEE HOW THINGS GO TOMORROW WITHOUT YOU & YOUR INFLUENCE. We've never tried this test on a case like this where a baby was affected, in other words, where a third party, you might say, was affected. But we've tested this out on adults who had this problem to see if when things didn't just go their way, if they would then throw their fits, etc., & it almost always worked. Whenever they were not placated & pacified & humoured & babied & pampered, when things didn't go just the way they wanted it, then they'd have their spells or their fits!

       7. YOU SAY, "WELL, THAT'S KIND OF A NORMAL, PERHAPS PSYCHOLOGICAL REACTION, like a lot of people will lose their temper & get mad when things don't go their way, & maybe the fits happen the same way." Well, when a third party is concerned--in other words not only the Enemy in the first subject, but the second subject, that little baby who can't pretend or normally wouldn't do such a thing at their age--then you know it's something very serious spiritually! So we just thought we'd try & see if that had anything to do with it.

       8. WITH THESE OTHER SUBJECTS WE'VE HAD EXPERIENCE DEALING WITH BEFORE, THEY NEVER WANT TO CAUSE QUITE ENOUGH TROUBLE TO REALLY TOTALLY LOSE THEIR HAPPY HOME unless they're pretty well fed-up & they really want to backslide & go home & forget it all! They usually want to be just barely good enough to be able to stick around & cause trouble, not quite bad enough to get thrown out! So if she operates according to this pattern, that's the way it will be. And that's probably what she was doing today.

       9. SHE PROBABLY FIGURED, "WELL, HE'S GOT TO WORK SOME, SO I'LL LET HIM WORK AS LONG AS I THINK HE OUGHT TO WORK, & when I think he ought to be home, well, that's different." She may be a little fearful about what may happen as a result of her holding up so much of the Lord's work that it might have some unpleasant result. In other words, if she can kind of keep control of the situation now & get things her way & get a lot of attention, that's what she's after, so therefore she wouldn't mind staying.

       10. AND OF COURSE JUS & SALLY ARE PAYING FOR THEIR NEGLECT! They didn't give them the attention they needed before, so now they're having to give them nearly all their attention! Things have a way of working that way--we reap what we sow. It just could be that if she sort of gets all the help she wants & he doesn't stay away from home too long & things go pretty much to her liking, conditions could possibly level off & stay fairly good. It's when things don't go her way or the way she wants them to go that you have to look out! But of course we can't put up with that kind of thing!

       11. SHE'S RIGHT WHEN SHE SAID SHE WOULDN'T BE HERE EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT SHE'S EMAN'S WIFE, THAT'S THE TRUTH! Because she had no particular talent that we knew of at all that we needed here, except we had hoped that she would turn out to be the housekeeper & the babyminder, because everybody else had jobs. Instead of that, everybody else is now having to do the housekeeping & the babyminding while she's doing pretty good! So instead of her being a help, she's turned out to be a real hindrance, & we can't have all these shenanigans delaying the work of the Lord! It's absorbed too much of our time already.

       12. THIS ISN'T THE FIRST TIME SHE OBJECTED TO HOUSEWORK! She got that notion in her head sometime back. In fact, she acted like she was surprised when we finally had to make it specific & definite. We thought of course when she came she realised she didn't have any job to do except the housekeeping, cooking & babyminding. While everybody else had jobs & were working, that that was to be her job! But she behaved as though she didn't know that at all! So finally she had to be told that her only good excuse for being here was to do the work which the others were not doing & couldn't do.

       13. I THOUGHT SURELY WE MADE IT VERY CLEAR IN OUR INVITATION & JUS IN HIS INSTRUCTIONS! I think she was just trying to ignore that because she came down from being a high & lofty secretary to an Ambassador, quite a so-called exalted position, & therefore she thought that this was quite a descent to a mere scullery maid. So she tried to just act like she didn't have to do any of those things when she first came, & for a long time they put up with it. Finally they just had to tell her & they had to tell her that these orders came from me, that she had already been told she was supposed to be the housekeeper & the babyminder & that she'd better get with it & get busy, because the others had work to do! And from then on she began to really cause trouble, she really began to give them fits, & finally the baby fits, sad to say! This was even long before the baby was born.

       14. PTL! I THINK WE'VE SPENT ENOUGH TIME ON THE SUBJECT NOW! The Lord has the situation sized up, in spite of the Enemy, the Lord has things under control! It just may be that she is considering the alternative of what may happen if she causes so much trouble here that the Colony can't get its work done & has to be closed, & she may have to go some place that's not nearly as pleasant & where she's not going to get even this much attention. If she keeps getting lots of nice attention, she may be very happy to keep things on a more even keel.

       Footnote: 11/4/75
       15. WILL YOU ALL PLEASE KEEP A VERY CLOSE EYE ON GEN? We were amazed that you're letting her go out shopping alone, because this has always been strictly against the rules, particularly with weaker brethren or sisters or problem cases. [DELETED] She must never be left alone at any time from now on till this problem is solved. And we would like to have your suggestions on what you think we should do about it. So Sally, would you share this with Jus & Eman & ask them what they think we should do about Gen?

       16. THE WHOLE SITUATION IS GETTING TO BE A VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM, HINDERING THE WORK & JEOPARDISING OUR SECURITY to such an extent that we're seriously considering abandoning Tenerife! Perhaps you should all consider returning to London soon to help with the move & the resettlement of the World Services personnel, & we should return to our old system of working through the mails instead.--In which case you should try to get the babies' passports as soon as possible, just in case we should have to close up shop, which would also mean that we would have to move too, of course. As sad as that may seem, we cannot take a chance on our security & revealing our whereabouts. We now have a real problem case on our hands! What do you suggest we do?

       17. GEN DOES NOT SEEM TO BE RESPONDING TO THE LORD'S ANSWER BY REALLY DESPERATELY WANTING TO BE DELIVERED, & those who have been down there don't seem to think she's had any great change of heart. She still seems to be defending herself & trying to impress upon them that the whole affair is due to natural causes & that she & her past have nothing to do with it. As long as she takes this attitude it will be impossible for her to get the victory over the Enemy.

       18. ONLY AN HONEST CONFESSION OF THE TRUTH & ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF THE DANGER & a genuine desire to be fully delivered, a true breaking & humbling & a desperate crying out to the Lord for help is the only solution in such cases, & from what we've heard, she doesn't seem to realise the seriousness of this. If her spiritual condition is as bad as the Lord has indicated, unless she has a very genuine change of heart, she poses a very definite potential threat to the work here in her present state of mind & heart & the condition of the child.

       19. IT WOULD DO NO GOOD TO MERELY SEND HER & HER HUSBAND & BABY BACK, because in her present state she could very easily say where she's been & what she's been doing & who with, & this could totally blow our cover & security & we would all have to move anyhow. So as far as we can see, unless she gets the victory & is delivered, that's what we're all going to have to do anyhow--move out entirely!

       20. HER SPIRITUAL CONDITION & THE CONDITION OF THE CHILD IS DEFEATING THE WHOLE PROJECT HERE & KEEPING EVERYTHING IN AN UPROAR! And as you yourselves have said, bringing things pretty much to a grinding halt. And we know that it has certainly absorbed a lot of our time. I'm saying these things, kids, to impress you with the seriousness of the whole situation & how important it is that you try to keep Gen happy & the baby well-cared-for until it is resolved in some way.

       21. IT HAS SURELY TAUGHT US A LESSON WE SHALL NEVER FORGET, & that is to mind the checks of the Lord & not accept other people's word & references as we did in her case. It has also taught me a lesson I think I shall never forget, to never again jeopardise our security in the same way by working so closely with a team that we're not absolutely sure of every single member & their total devotion & loyalty. This is another case where mate-covering-for-mate was reluctant to expose the true attitude & spiritual condition of another member of the team, even though they were already aware of it.

       22. IT HAS THEREFORE RESULTED IN A VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM THAT HAS ENDANGERED THE WHOLE WORK, so much so that unless her condition & the condition of the child should show a drastic change for the better very soon, we're going to have to make some major changes, to our great regret. I'm very sorry about all this, but that's the way it looks from here. Only a direct miracle of God in her heart & the condition of the baby could save the situation now. So we suggest you pray very earnestly about the whole thing & let us know what you think should be done & if you have thought of any possible alternative. God help us!--Love, Dad.

(To Be Continued!)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family