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SPACE CITY ART!       DFO 1559       4/7/83

       1. I'M GLAD YOU APPRECIATED MY SPACE CITY! It's my idea of Heaven!--The kind of Heaven I would like! If the Lord's going to give us the desires of our hearts, He's going to have to give me a corner like this! Are you all ready to proceed? Let's go to the Fair! Hallelujah! If nobody else likes this sort of thing, God can put my Fair in one corner, in my corner! If they don't like it, they've got 1500 miles they can go!--2200 miles clear across Town! So if they don't like my idea of Heaven, there's oodles of other places they can go!

       2. THIS IS THE NEW WORLD'S FAIR DEPARTMENT! What better thing could we have for educating our children? Childcare won't be any problem, they'll all be little angels, perfect behaviour, & we only just sort of have to watch'm grow! Isn't that wonderful? I don't think we'll even have to change diapers, they won't even doo-doo! How about that! I was thinking of all the things we'd like to eliminate! Eliminate elimination! Well, maybe I'm a little crazy, but it's fun!

       3. SO YOU DON'T THINK I'M CRAZY? YOU KNOW I'M CRAZY!--CRAZY ABOUT YOU! I'm crazy about our new project! I just sat here looking at it & thought, "We've got to fill up some of those spaces, what can I suggest?"--And this all came to me! I think this will make it realistic to our kids & make it sound & look like an exciting place to go! Like a Fair! I mean, I was always all excited to go to a fair or a carnival! So it had to have some rides, at least a boat ride!--And "Ride the Time Beam!"

       4. THE KIDS ARE GOING TO WANT TO GO FOR A BOAT RIDE! What a beautiful ride that'll be up the beautiful River of Life with all those Heavenly buildings! I couldn't picture the music, but maybe we can have some musical notes floating around in the air to show there's beautiful music playing! They always have the most gorgeous music playing all over the Fairs! I always did think that that World's Fair was about the next thing to Heaven! It really was!--Man's cheap imitation, but at least it's a sample!

       5. THAT CATHEDRAL OF LOVE WAS ALMOST LIKE A PROPHECY!--Babies being born in Heaven! This'll be our first chance to have Paradise fulfilled!

       6. WE COULD SAY, "ANIMAL CIRCUS THIS WAY!" The kids would love that, wouldn't they? "Zoo This Way!" We've gotta have a zoo! Of course, the animals will just be wandering around everywhere anyhow, they don't have to be all penned up! We could say, "Animal Show!" & have the elephants & the lions all doing tricks & stuff! And don't forget the Art Museum!--"Art Museum This Way!"

       7. WE NEED A BIGGER FOOD BUILDING, because after all, we're going to get free samples of all the different kinds of food of all the different cultures of all different ages! You don't have to eat, but it's a pleasure!

       8. I THINK THEY'RE GOING TO FIND HEAVEN IS A LOT MORE FUN PLACE THAN THEY REALISED! We'll let the Church people float around on the clouds playing harps, that's about all they'll be able to do anyhow, they're not much good for anything else! Maybe they can float their pipe organs around on the clouds!--Ha! Maybe they can provide the music! They're pretty good at music.--And lecturers, they're pretty good at that. We could have preachers for guides & lecturers & giving guided tours, & the church choirs & organists furnishing the music!--Just as long as they don't preach any sermons!

       9. I'M REALLY GETTING A KICK OUT OF THIS! I'm just like a little kid about it, I guess! But I think it's going to make it very real & realistic for our kids. I actually saw some of this, so I know that part's real, & I just had to extend my imagination a little bit further, just kind of stretch it out a little bit to put a few more things in! Why not? I sat there thinking, "What does it need?"--And this all came to me! So maybe I got it from the Lord! How do you know? I may have! Maybe the big kids will think it's beneath them, but we little kids will enjoy it!

       10. MAY THIS BE FOR THY GLORY, Lord, a real credit, & something to really inspire our folks, especially the children, Lord, in Jesus' name! It makes me almost want to go there now! I think it's going to give them something to look forward to. It's worth suffering a little bit for! That's what He said. In fact, our suffering here cannot even be compared to what glory is coming! (Rom.8:18) So there's a sample!--Maybe you think it's a funny little sample, but as I say, it's my idea of Heaven! I'm getting a kick out of it, it's fun! It looks like a fun place to be!--Amen?

       11. I MEAN, WHAT'S DISNEY GOT ON US? After all, this oughtta beat "Disneyworld" any day! I think all those things are kind of a sample, the Devil's imitations of what Heaven's really going to be like! That's the next thing to Heaven for kids, to go to "Disneyland" or "Disneyworld"! They've even got one in Tokyo! So if that's supposed to be something Heavenly that kids really thrill to like another World, well, whatever we enjoy here, why can't we enjoy in Heaven? Go to it! Make it beautiful! Have fun! Make it a real fun place to go! Amen? PTL! TYJ! GBY! ILY!

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