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BORN IN HEAVEN!       DFO 1560       4/7/83

       1. WE NEED TO LET OUR ARTIST KNOW THAT HE'S NOT BOUND TO MY IDEAS OF EITHER THE KIND OF BUILDINGS OR THE LETTERING I USED IN MY SKETCHES OF THE HEAVENLY CITY! If he wants to, he can modify or change the size or shape of the buildings so they're more artistic, & I certainly don't expect him to use my same crazy lettering! I was just kind of on a spree! Of course, if he can use the ideas & make them more beautiful & the lettering better, well fine! I thought I'd just send him a few ideas of the buildings!

       2. I'M SURE THE FAMILY WILL REALISE IT'S ONE OF MY TYPICAL BIG EXAGGERATIONS! Well, at least it's some idea. It may not be anything like it, it may be an exaggeration, it's crazy & out of this World, but at least it's realistic! I think the little kids will understand. They want to see the real thing, they want to see something real, they want to see something they can understand, in terms they can understand.

       3. IF ANYBODY HAS BEEN TO A FAIR, THEN YOU KNOW WHAT A FAIR IS LIKE! Now honestly, I don't know what part I was in, but at least that's the way the part looked that I was in, like a big park with all these buildings. It really reminded me so much of the New York World's Fair!--And what more useful, educational things could the Lord have than all these buildings where He can brief us & fill us in on History & Art & Science & all these things?--The real thing!

       4. I INCLUDED BABIES BEING BORN, a Food Exhibit to sample all the different kinds of food that people have eaten down through the centuries, & a Clothing Exhibit containing all kinds of costumes & styles that people have worn! Do you think that would be interesting? (Family: Oh yes, & printing, how the Lord's Words were printed!) Yes, that's the House of Records!

       5. WELL, I KNOW WHAT SOME OF OUR CRITICS ARE GOING TO SAY: "HA!--HE MAKES HEAVEN LOOK LIKE A CIRCUS!" Well, we could draw a circus in too!--Ha! That's one thing I didn't draw in there, a circus! We're going to have an Animal Exhibit, & of course we'll have to have a zoo & an aviary for the birds! Well, we've got a lot of little kids up there to show all these things to!

       6. NOBODY EVER SAID WE WEREN'T GOING TO BE HAVING CHILDREN IN HEAVEN! If we're going to be doing all that fucking, why not have some children?--That's half the fun of sex! Think of it, they'll just be born right in Heaven! That's their native City!--Ha! Is that a crazy idea? I was just thinking & thinking about it, "Why would the Lord have made so much space & five times as much land area & a City that can hold several times the population of the whole World that ever existed?" I said, "Lord, what do You need so much space for?" And He said, "Who said the population wasn't going to grow?" That's a great idea! How about that?

       7. WELL, IF ANGELS COULD FUCK THE DAUGHTERS OF EARTH & HAVE CHILDREN, HOW COME WE CAN'T EXPECT ANY CHILDREN IF WE'RE GOING TO HAVE ALL THAT SEX & BE FUCKING UP THERE? (Gen.6:4) We can have lots of children--like Adam & Eve were intended to have! After all, the World never got to have those perfect children, because apparently Cain was born after the Fall. So is God's Plan going to be defeated?--Or is He going to have a Heaven on Earth in which things are going to go the way He originally planned for them to go, & make people have perfect babies & perfect children! That would be a good title: "Born in Heaven!" What a shocker, huh? Hallelujah!

       8. I JUST GOT TO THINKING, "LORD, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO NEED ALL THAT EXTRA SPACE UP THERE FOR?--SUCH A HUGE CITY! We couldn't even fill up the City with all the people that ever lived, much less the rest of the World outside! What do You need so much room for?" Several people have asked that question before, are we going to have pregnancy in Heaven?--And I said, "All things are possible!"--Ha! The idea of having children in Heaven never had occurred to me before, really, but why not? Why not? I mean, if the Lord thought it was a great idea in this Hell on Earth, why not have children in Heaven? It will be painless & perfect, all pleasure & enjoyment!--The perfect generation born in Heaven! They can say, "That's my native City, I was born in Heaven!" (Ps.87)

       9. LOOK AT THOSE CHILD SPIRITS THAT APPARENTLY ARE THERE & CHOOSE TO BE BORN LIKE TECHI DID! (See Nos.794, 795.) I believe it! It's as plain as anything! The Lord's given me a lot of confirmations on the pre-existence of their spirits. Well, where did they come from? Where were they born?--Heaven! Why not! With all those Saints already Up There & all the Angels & everything, who knows but what they've got a tremendous growing population in Heaven already! If God thought it was a great idea for Earth, why not for Heaven? If sex is so great on Earth that He's going to have sex in Heaven, well, why not children? Hallelujah! Whew! It gets me all excited!

       10. THEN THERE WOULD BE SOME PURPOSE FOR ALL THAT HUGE CITY & ALL THAT SPACE! Good night! All the people who ever lived on Earth couldn't fill all that space! But if we're going to have a new generation of perfect children, a perfect population up there, then I could understand why Heaven's so big with so much extra land. Only one-fifth of the Earth's surface today is land & there's not going to be any sea then, so that leaves four-fifths more--five times as much land!--Plus this huge City! And even if you stuck 24 billion people in there--& I doubt if that many were ever saved--it would only take the first hundred miles of the City just in the walls alone, with 1400 more miles to go!--1400 more miles to go with 15 times as much space as is needed, & the whole inside empty except for the ground floor with all this big new World's Fair going on!

       11. I SAT THERE FOR TWO HOURS SCRIBBLING, IT WAS REALLY FUN! I THOUGHT, "NOW WHAT WOULD I LIKE TO SEE? What would our little children like? What would be exciting about Heaven?"--Boat rides!--Ride the Time Beam! Rides are one of the thrilling things to little kids in places like that. Walt Disney's "Disneyland" & "Disney World" is a kind of a dream world, sort of a type of Heaven! Really! I mean, when little kids go into those places, they are absolutely awe-struck! It's an absolute Wonderworld, like a little bit of Heaven!

       12. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO, ALL GET TO BE OLD PEOPLE & THEN STAGNATE & THEN THAT'S THE END OF IT? Who knows but what the Lord may want to colonise other Worlds with His new perfect children? What's the whole Universe for & all this huge amount of space if He's only interested in colonising one little Planet? What an incubation! What an incubator for other civilisations!--Right here on the New Earth & the Heavenly City! You mean those people out there are just going to be plugging away, business & life as usual, living on farms & raising crops & feeding themselves & never have any more children?

       13. YOU'D TAKE HALF THE JOY OUT OF LIVING IF YOU DIDN'T HAVE CHILDREN & A FUTURE TO LOOK FORWARD TO & THE JOY OF WATCHING YOUR CHILDREN GROW! That's what most people live for--their children! Wouldn't that really jerk the rug out from under people if they never had any more children & all they had was their selfish selves to live for?--If the little children they did have grew up & got mature & it turned out in the long run everybody was just a bunch of old fogies, nothing but a bunch of middle-aged people? Honestly, I think half the joy & fun of life is having children & watching them grow!

       14. AND HOW MUCH MORE WONDERFUL & EASIER IT WILL BE TO HAVE CHILDREN IF THERE'S NO PAIN--everything just the way it was intended to be in the beginning, without pain & without danger & without cuts & hurts & accidents & death & all those things. Think what a wonderful place it will be, what a perfect place to raise children! We never had a chance to raise children in such a marvellous place!--Not even the Millennium is that perfect!

       15. ISN'T THAT A GREAT IDEA?--CHILDREN IN HEAVEN!--BABIES BORN IN THE HEAVENLY CITY! Hallelujah! To me, to think that the generation was going to stop was sort of like the end to everything. I mean, what if everybody right now stopped having children & everybody just grew up & got to be a bunch of middle-aged adults, even if all in their prime, & no more children? Wouldn't it be a dead place without children? It would be terrible!

       16. I REALLY THINK IT WAS A REVELATION, BECAUSE I NEVER THOUGHT OF IT BEFORE! In the middle of the night I thought, "Lord, why in the World do You have so much space, increasing Your land surface five times & having a City that's 15 times too big for its population? What do You need all this extra space for?" And it came to me just as clear as anything, "Well, what made you think the population wasn't going to grow?" How about that! Won't that be fun? We'll have children without the pain, without the care or the worry or the concern!--With all the dangers & curses & everything else removed & sin & all that all gone, everything perfect & nothing but joy & pleasure in having sex & children & watching them grow in the nurture & admonition of the Lord in a perfect environment!--Perfect children in a perfect environment! How about that? Isn't that thrilling to think of?

       17. I THINK HEAVEN WOULD BE A PRETTY DEAD PLACE WITHOUT CHILDREN, if just everybody that got saved went up there & grew up & we turned out to be nothing but a bunch of middle-aged adults! I just can't imagine a Heaven without our children! In 40 years, all the children are grown up! In the Millennium they think you're a child if you die at a hundred years of age, but we're going to spend Eternity up there! What a dead lifeless place without babies & kids! (Family: The Lord must have them planned out so as not to have them all at once!) He's got everything else planned, why not? We'll have generations there, what's the difference? If He thought that was a good idea for here, how much a better idea for Heaven? Right? Born in Heaven! Hallelujah! TYL!

       18. WHAT FUN WOULD IT BE WITHOUT CHILDREN? Half the fun of going to the World's Fair is taking your kids & showing them all those things & taking them on all those rides at Disneyland! Who wants to go to Disneyland without children? I mean, that's the biggest fun, unless you're just a kid yourself, which of course most people are! Entertainment for families was Disney's whole idea! That was the secret of his success & I think why the Lord blessed him! He was really trying to give good wholesome entertainment for families & for children like circuses & fairs & carnivals, only have it real educational!

       19. DISNEYLAND IS KIND OF A CHILDREN'S WORLD'S FAIR WITH ALL THOSE EDUCATIONAL EXHIBITS--HISTORY, BIOLOGY & ALL KINDS OF RIDES! It's a great idea! I think it's terrific! And if we're going to have this kind of World's Fair in Heaven, what good is it going to be without educating children?--If it's going to just educate a bunch of grown-up adults! What a dead society it would be without kids & the excitement of both sex & pregnancy & babies being born all over the place & children growing up in this exciting New World! Isn't that really exciting? (Family: Even just in our house with a new baby, it really changes us all!) Everybody is really excited! The kids love the baby & enjoy her so much & the baby enjoys the other kids. It's one of the most wonderful things in this life!

       20. I'VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT HOW WE'RE GOING TO ENJOY ALL THE SAME PLEASURES IN HEAVEN WE ENJOY HERE, ONLY BETTER & MORE SO, & THAT'S ONE OF THE GREATEST PLEASURES OF ALL IS HAVING CHILDREN! And although in this life bearing babies entails a little pain, in Heaven there's no pain! So just think what an easy thing it would be to have kids! You'd never get sick during pregnancy, never have morning sickness, never have any weariness of carrying the heavy burden of the children because you'd just float around!--Never get tired, never have to worry about getting the proper nourishment, all that's taken care of somehow. There must be some eating in Heaven for some reason!

       21. OH! I GOT ANOTHER SCRIPTURE ON EATING IN HEAVEN! It talks about the leaves from the Trees of Life & how they're going to be for the healing of the nations. (Rev.22:2)--What are the fruits for? They bear all manner of fruits, twelve different kinds of fruit each year, think of that!--A different kind of fruit each month, twelve different kinds of fruits every year. What are the fruits for, just to look at & admire hanging on the trees for decoration?--They're for eating! Who's going to eat them? There's nobody there but us, not even the people outside! It must be just for the pleasure of eating those delicious fruits! Don't you enjoy eating fruit now? Then why shouldn't we continue to enjoy that pleasure there? PTL! Hallelujah!

       22. I HAVE ANOTHER PROOF THAT WE'RE GOING TO HAVE SEX IN HEAVEN TOO!--"At the King's right hand there are pleasures forevermore!" (Ps.16:11) Pleasures forevermore! Amen? TYJ! PTL! So if it's a pleasure to have children here--even though it's a burden, in a way, & there's some pain & some weariness etc.--but without all that up there it would be pure pleasure to have children! What a pleasure to have children in Heaven & to watch them grow & develop without the Devil & all his imps around & without sin & the curse & all the pain, sorrow & crying! Everything will be perfect!

       23. JUST THINK, BABIES WOULDN'T HAVE TO CRY!--THEY'LL HAVE EVERYTHING THEY'LL NEED! PTL! We can read their little minds & we won't have to wonder what they're needing, even if they did cry! How about that? Just think of all the advantages of rearing children in Heaven!--All of the pleasures & advantages & perfections etc. without all the drawbacks & liabilities & suffering, pain & problems! It will be pure pleasure to have children in Heaven!

       24. SO WHAT IS ALL THAT FUCKING FOR & ALL THAT SEX FOR?--JUST FOR FUN? Well, that's part of it, but I'm sure God has got more purpose in it than that! He wants more children! We didn't have enough here & He wants to fill up the whole place & watch the children grow! That's half the fun of living is to have children, right? So why not? Babies born in Heaven! Hallelujah! I think that's really going to be great!

       25. THAT JUST CAME TO ME, IT SAYS RIGHT HERE IN THE LAST CHAPTER OF REVELATION THAT THERE WILL BE NO MORE CURSE! (Rev.22:3) I mean, we've never had a chance to have painless childbirth! Well, the Lord has given us a sample, He's spared us in childbearing & made it as painless as possible, but there's still been some of the morning sickness & the weariness & the heaviness & the pain of childbirth & the problems of child rearing. But just think, in Heaven there'll be no sickness, no pain, no heaviness, no problems like that! We'll have painless childbirth & worriless child-rearing in a perfect spiritual environment, perfectly safe with no dangers or harms!--Everything perfect, everything beautiful, everything a pleasure! Now that's my idea of Heaven!

       26. I JUST GOT TO THINKING, "WELL LORD, WHAT'S ALL THAT SPACE FOR?" And just like so often, He gives me an answer for things. I wasn't exactly praying, really, I was just sort of wondering, thinking in the night how big that place was, enormous! There aren't even enough people that ever lived on this Earth to fill up the City alone, much less the rest of the New Earth! It just looks like it's entirely too much space, ridiculous! And just as clear as anything the Lord said, "What makes you think the population is not going to grow?" That was an inspiration!

       27. WHAT WOULD HEAVEN BE WITHOUT CHILDREN? To me, if this is like Heaven, Heaven has got to have some children to make it a happy place to be & watch our children grow! Heaven's got to have more children! Now that's just logical, reasonable & sensible! Of course we've got to have children in Heaven! Otherwise, as soon as the first generation were grown up, the place would be dead without kids! Just think, there'll be no problems of taking care of them, they'll be all perfectly guarded by the angels, & no devils to bother them & no thorns & no pain & no vipers & no dangers, everything just perfect!--Just pure pleasure & hardly any work to speak of! We apparently have a little work, like going out & healing the nations outside, or like Adam & Eve tending the Garden of Eden, but it won't be anything like this here, it'll just be a pleasure!--No pain, no suffering, no danger, no sorrow, no death, no crying! That's what it says! (Re.21:4) So then it must be pure pleasure there! (Family: And enough time to love all the children, especially if you have a whole bunch!) Right!--For Eternity!

       28. IF THE ANGELS COULD HAVE CHILDREN OF THE DAUGHTERS OF EARTH, THEN WHY CAN'T WE HAVE THEM IN HEAVEN? I believe it! I believe it was a revelation! I think Heaven would be a dead place without kids! Once all those that are already born grow up, the place would just really lack life without new generations of children! And my goodness, we've got all Eternity to live & we've got time to fill up the place!--And if the Earth & the Heavenly City start getting too crowded, we can start colonising other planets! Hallelujah? PTL!

       29. GOD'S PLAN IS NOT GOING TO BE DEFEATED! He meant for the World to be populated & that was His first commandment, to have sex & multiply! "Be fruitful & multiply." (Gen.1:28) That was the Lord's first purpose & His first commandment, so it must be one of His primary interests that the Earth should be fruitful & multiply, full of fruit! Well, it sure hasn't done too good a job so far! They really haven't filled up the land they've got. Think of those long stretches of land we've been flying over just recently!

       30. THESE SO-CALLED SCIENTISTS WHO SAY THE EARTH IS OVERCROWDED, APPARENTLY THEY'VE NEVER BEEN ACROSS SOME OF THESE BIG COUNTRIES!--Even China! I was amazed! You're always hearing about the billion Chinese & you picture a country that must be packed from border to border! Then you go through on the train & there's miles & miles & miles of nothing but beautiful land & forest & mountains & trees & plains & fields & hardly any people! Where are they all?--They must be all stuck in the cities! Well, there's still oodles of room for them outside in the country! My goodness! They haven't even filled up one-fifth of the land they've got right now!

       31. THESE GUYS THAT TALK ABOUT OVER-POPULATION ARE OF THE DEVIL! They're always using that as an excuse for birth control, which is diabolical!--Against everything God wants! Birth control is of the Devil! God doesn't want birth control, God wants birth out of control!--Ha! He wants lots of babies! And look at the way we're having babies! We've got the highest birth rate of any country on Earth!--Ha!--And the lowest death rate! Isn't that wonderful?

       32. I BELIEVE WE'RE GOING TO HAVE BABIES IN HEAVEN!--HEAVENLY BABIES! Little angels born in Heaven! How about that? Hallelujah! PTL! What a wonderful place Heaven is going to be! (Sings:) "How beautiful Heaven must be, a home for the blest & the free! Our haven of rest, the home of the blest, how beautiful Heaven must be!" How beautiful would it be without kids, without children, without babies? That's half of the beauty & joy of life, little bundles from Heaven! They'll be little bundles in Heaven!

       33. CHILDREN ARE SAMPLES OF THE CITIZENRY OF HEAVEN!--LITTLE ANGELS DROPPED FROM THE SKY! They're really samples of Heaven until they get corrupted & polluted here on Earth. There they'll be born absolute little angels! Just think, no more deformities, no more sicknesses, no more childhood diseases! Everything is a joy & a pleasure & perfect!--Nothing but pure perfection & pleasure, & it'll be all joy to enjoy them in Heaven! I just don't see how we can be without them!

       34. I BELIEVE THAT WAS A REVELATION! I got it in the middle of the night sometime! I don't know if it was in my sleep or if it was when I was lying there awake. I was thinking about our Artist drawing the Heavenly City & how we have such a hard time thinking up enough stuff just to fill up one little corner! Just think, there's millions of square miles! We couldn't even fill up the walls with enough mansions! We even ran out of people before we ran out of space!

       35. SO THERE'S JUST GOT TO BE CHILDREN IN HEAVEN, THAT'S ALL! It just wouldn't be perfect & it wouldn't be all the same joy & pleasure we have down here, we would really miss children! We've gotten so used to children now & big families & have so much fun raising them & everything, they're such a joy & such a pleasure & such a blessing, Heaven just wouldn't be Heaven without children! So there's just got to be children, that's all! What a perfect place to have them! Hallelujah! It's exciting to think about it!

       36. I FORGOT TO TELL YOU! I HAVE ANOTHER PROOF WE'RE GOING TO HAVE FOOD IN HEAVEN: "AND MAN DID EAT ANGEL'S FOOD."--MANNA! (Ps.78:25) So angels eat food! But apparently eating there is purely for pleasure. Don't you enjoy eating sometimes? I think Maria does! She just said the other day, "Oh! If I couldn't eat in Heaven, I would really miss it! I really enjoy eating!" You wouldn't think it to look at her! She doesn't really eat that much, but she really enjoys it! Heaven would be without one of the great pleasures of this Earth & this life if we couldn't enjoy eating sometimes! I believe it! Like the ol' Negro song, "If they ain't no bananas in Heaven, I don' wanna go there!"--Ha! I believe Heaven is all this & Heaven too!--All the joy & pleasure & things we enjoy here in this life, plus Heaven in Heaven including children! PTL?

       37. I THINK OUR LITTLE KIDS ARE GOING TO GET REALLY EXCITED WHEN THEY HEAR THIS! They'd feel awful lonesome if they didn't have more kids in Heaven & we weren't having any babies for them to enjoy! I think they really would feel out of place if they were surrounded with nothing but old folks! It would become an old folks' home!--Nothing but adults, even if they didn't grow very old! What a dead place of nothing but adults! Children are what give life to this World! Joy & beauty & thrills & excitement & sex & everything is children, that's the ultimate! Maybe God is planning the New Heaven & the New Earth to be a great big grand incubator to have more children in so He can populate the Universe with all those little angels! PTL? I believe it! I really do!

       38. I REALLY THINK THE LORD GAVE ME THAT AS AN ANSWER IN THE NIGHT! I was thinking, "What's all this space for?" Most of it's going to waste!" And just as clear as anything the Lord said, "What makes you think the population isn't going to grow?" Sometimes He answers with a question to provoke me into thinking about it! I never thought about that before! I never thought about the population growing! The Lord so often answered people with a question! When they asked Him questions, He'd answer with a question to make'm think! Why not? There certainly wouldn't be any purpose to all that space in the City & all that land outside if it wasn't going to grow! All this & Heaven too! All the same pleasures & joys we have here with no more pain & sorrow, no crying, no tears & no death! All of this without the drawbacks! All this & Heaven too! PTL! Good idea? Thank the Lord for it, I'm sure He gave it!

       39. THAT JUST BRINGS NEW PURPOSE & NEW LIFE TO HEAVEN! Then it's not the end of everything, it's the beginning!--The perfect life & the perfect atmosphere, a perfect environment with perfect people! I don't know how perfect everybody is going to be, but anyhow, at least certainly a lot better than here! What a place to rear your children! At last we can have children without any of the pain or the sickness or the weariness or the dangers or the problems & in a perfect environment--painless, dangerless, safe & without the Devil & his angels & all the terrors & horrors of this World! What a good place to have kids, huh? It would really be sort of wasted & selfish if we had all that beautiful environment & we didn't have children!

       40. I'VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THAT, HOW IF THERE WEREN'T ANY CHILDREN THERE, IT WOULDN'T BE MUCH FUN! The joy of living is living for our children & others! We're already told there are others outside to live for & minister to & bring healing to, & half the joy of living is children! Rearing children will give us something to do instead of just floating around on clouds playing harps! I believe it! If all that sex is going to have any real results like it has here, we should have children! PTL?--Not just pure fun & pleasure only, but some purpose & meaning to the sex, some reason for it--children!

       41. GOD'S PLAN IS NOT GOING TO BE DEFEATED! HE IS GOING TO HAVE MORE CHILDREN, BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN, HEAVENLY CHILDREN, ANGELIC CHILDREN!--Born painlessly in a perfect environment, perfect atmosphere with nothing but good influences! Isn't that wonderful? What little angels they'll be! Hallelujah! Born in Heaven! That's a shocker, huh? Well, they talk about children in Heaven, children that die here & go there, that's nothing new, but what about being born there? That's a good thought, huh? Born in Heaven! Praise God! Hallelujah! TYL!

       42. THERE'S AN OLD SAYING OF MAN THAT MARRIAGES ARE MADE IN HEAVEN. Well, Jesus said just the opposite! Marriages aren't made in Heaven! "They neither marry nor are given in marriage!" (Mk.12:25) Just think how wonderful it would be to do away with all this crazy folderol of red tape & governmental regulations of marriages & marriage licenses & all that baloney! There we just love each other & have sex! Hallelujah? Praise God! TYJ!

       43. AMEN, LORD, I BELIEVE IT! I BELIEVE YOU GAVE THAT AS AN ANSWER TO THE QUESTION I HAD ON MY HEART! I really wasn't expecting that kind of an answer, Lord. I was wondering about all the space & the land out there, & You just said it as plain as anything, "What makes you think the population is not going to grow?" You made me think about it! You asked me a question, just like I used to ask my students to get their little minds working, to make them think, to make them search for the answer themselves & come up with a conclusion, a solution themselves.

       44. AND BOY, LORD, THAT SURE DOES GIVE THE ANSWER & PROVIDE THE SOLUTION OF WHY THERE IS SO MUCH ROOM & SPACE THERE!--So much place & so much pleasure & so much enjoyment, such a marvellous atmosphere & those glorious mansions, Lord! What do we need mansions for if we're just a bunch of old fuddy-duddy adults just playing around having sex & pleasure all the time with no children to take care of? Lord forgive us! Help us, Lord! Forgive us for even having such a selfish idea of Heaven without having any children! Hallelujah!

       45. THANK YOU LORD FOR SOME OF THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE WRITTEN IN & WANTED TO KNOW IF WE WERE GOING TO HAVE CHILDREN IN HEAVEN! Somebody even said it was such a joy to have children here, why couldn't we have children in Heaven? TYJ! We believe it! We have a desire for it! These mothers who love having children even here in this Hell on Earth still want to have children in Heaven, & I believe You're going to give them their heart's desire! If we delight ourselves in You, You give us all the desires of our hearts, Lord! (Psa.37:4) That's one of the desires that many people have, maybe people who even haven't had children can have children in Heaven! Hallelujah! TYJ! Born in Heaven! Born in Paradise the way You originally meant for Adam & Eve to have their children!--Perfect children without sin! Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL!

       46. WHAT A MARVELLOUS MARVELLOUS CONCEPTION OF HEAVEN, LORD, ALL THIS & HEAVEN TOO!--All the pleasures we enjoy here, only more so & more of it & better, including having children! TYL!--For a purpose & reason, to populate the Earth! To be fruitful & multiply & populate the City--& maybe other Worlds out there! So thank You Lord for that answer! TYJ! PYL! In Jesus' name, have Thy way, Lord! It sounds great to us, Lord! Amen! PTL! Hallelujah! I got something new! How about that!

       47. WHAT'S ALL THIS FOR IF WE'RE NOT GOING TO HAVE CHILDREN? You childless girls are going to have some babies of your own then if you want one!--Painless & fun & no weight & heaviness, no morning sickness! I think it would be fun to see what it's like, just for fun, just to see! Thank God some of you haven't had any yet, or you probably wouldn't be here! You've got to help take care of the rest of them! I'm the biggest baby of all! What would I do if you had any other babies to take care of bigger than me? So God must have had it planned. Wouldn't it be fun to have lots of little babies running around? Hallelujah! TYJ! As a King I have lots of Queens & they would still have babies!

       48. I LIKE THAT SONG BY MICHAEL, "THERE WILL BE NEW WORLDS TO CONQUER!" Hallelujah! Well, we haven't even gotten this World conquered yet!--And we don't have Heaven conquered yet!--We have to fill it up with children! We're really going to conquer it, right? If that was the Lord's first commandment for this first Heaven on Earth we have now, to be fruitful & multiply, why shouldn't that be His first commandment for Heaven?--His true concern for Heaven, that we continue to be fruitful & multiply & fill up the whole New Earth & the Heavenly City! Good idea? PTL! And if we run out of Heaven, we can go colonise & populate other planets & fill up the whole Universe! I don't think the Lord will ever have too much! How could the Lord have too many children or too many souls saved? I don't think there's any limit! PTL? Amen! TYL! Born in Heaven! Hallelujah!

       49. HEY! ANOTHER VERSE JUST CAME TO ME! I used to think that meant the Millennium! It says that people are going to be bragging about being born in Zion! Why couldn't that be the New Jerusalem? Even if in the Millennium they brag about being born in the Earthly Jerusalem, Christ's Earthly Capital, how much more could people brag about being born in the Heavenly City! There's a Scripture on that: "His foundation is in the Holy Mountain. The Lord loveth the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob. Glorious things are spoken of thee, O City of God. Selah. And of Zion it shall be said, This & that man was born in her: and the highest Himself shall establish her. The Lord shall count, when He writeth up the people, that this man was born there. As well the singers as the players on instruments shall be there: all My springs are in thee." (Ps.87:1-3,5-7) The Lord gives me revelations & He keeps giving me Scriptures to confirm them! PTL!

       50. THEY'RE GOING TO BE BRAGGING: "I WAS BORN IN THE HEAVENLY CITY! I was born, not on Cloud 9, but Level 9 in Mansion #711!" Hallelujah! TYL! PYL! We'll have to teach the babies to fly! Well, even birdies have to learn how to fly! They fall out of the nest & Mama & Papa help them learn to stretch their wings & fly. That's why I had our artist put the railing on the back porch, so they wouldn't fall off! Now how did I know there were going to be babies? I said, "You know, maybe the babies haven't learned to fly yet!"

       51. "THE FOOLISHNESS OF GOD IS WISER THAN THE WISDOM OF MEN!" (1Cor.1:25) Amen? We may find out my Heaven is not so funny after all, it may be true! It's going to be something like that. Don't you think the kids will enjoy boat rides up the River of Life? I've sketched a boat house right down here near the wall where they can catch boat rides up the River! What's the River for if you don't have boating?--Boat rides!--Romantic boat rides! And all those educational Exhibits for adults & our children to teach us the real Science of God & the true History & true Biology without any Evolution, & the true story of Creation!--Actually see what happened!

       52. RIDE THE TIME BEAM!--NOT THE TIME MACHINE, BUT THE TIME BEAM! Go back in History & watch it happen! Wouldn't that be exciting & thrilling to watch Adam & Eve in the Garden making love or watch them meet each other for the first time? Why not? I mean, we're all curious about those things & would like to see what really happened, so God's gotta have all these Exhibits where you can see every event! How about that? TYL!--True Science, true Biology, true Anatomy, true Botany, Horticulture, Infancy! Now why did I get that idea unless we're going to have babies there?

       53. I DREW THE CHILDCARE CENTER IN MY PICTURE & I SAID, "THE STORY OF BIRTH! WATCH A BABY BORN, THE REAL THING!--A NEW MOTHER EVERY TIME!"--In other words, different mothers & different babies being born! Well, why would they have that unless babies were being born there? Where did I get that idea? I never even realised that I was talking about babies being born in Heaven! No simulation but the real thing! Isn't that something?

       54. THE LORD KEEPS GIVING US A LITTLE BIT MORE JUST AS WE'RE ABLE TO TAKE IT & RECEIVE IT & COMPREHEND IT! He couldn't give it to us all at once, it would be too much to swallow! So He keeps giving us a little revelation here, a little one there, a little more light on this, a little more solution to that! Isn't that wonderful how the Lord so gently leads us along? Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! GBY! ILY!--Comin'?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family