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NOSTRADAMUS' PROPHECIES OF THE ANTICHRIST!        DO 1800        6/84--From a Movie about the Famous French Prophet, "The Man Who Saw the Future," MCd by Orson Welles.
[EDITED: "Comments in ( ) by Dad."]

       1. NOSTRADAMUS SCHOLARS SAY WW II ENDED AS THE FRENCH PROPHET HAD PREDICTED, WITH THE DEFEAT OF GERMANY, & WITH THE INVENTION OF A NEW WEAPON: (Atomic Explosion!) "Satin of gold will be changed into iron. The contrary of the positive ray shall exterminate all!" "The contrary of the positive ray"--this is thought to be a reference to the chain reaction involved in nuclear fission. (OR A NEW DEATH RAY?) "Fire, the colour of gold from Heaven to Earth shall we see! Great murder of mankind, great loss of infants!"
       2. ALL THIS HAS BEEN ABOUT THE PAST, a conjecture of how Nostradamus viewed history from his time to ours. What about today, the present, the here, the now? Well, if you keep one eye on your daily newspaper & one eye on the quatrains, I think you can pretty quickly see why so many of his partisans continue to insist on his relevancy in modern times!
       3. EVEN MORE REMARKABLE IS HOW NOSTRADAMUS MAY HAVE FORESEEN THE EVENTS IN IRAN, THE ANCIENT NAME OF WHICH WAS PERSIA: "Rain, famine, war in Persia having not ceased. Too great a fate shall betray the Monarch (The Shah!). Being ended there, it shall commence in France. A secret omen to one that he shall die!" Nostradamus scholars insist that this is a startling prediction about the fate of the Shah of Iran. "Too great a fate shall betray the Monarch, a secret omen that he shall die!" But what is the next line?: "Being ended there, it shall commence in France."--Until recently the majority of the people did not know who the Ayatollah Khomeini was, let alone that he would launch his coup against the Shah from Paris, yet Nostradamus wrote this quatrain 400 years ago! All too much? Well, let's pause for a moment.
       4. THAT'S THE PAST & THE PRESENT, WHAT ABOUT THE FUTURE? THIS BRINGS US NOW TO THE VERY ESSENCE OF THE MYSTERY: HOW ACCURATE IS HE? Can we dismiss old Nostradamus & all we've just seen as coincidence or facile interpretation?--Or is there just possibly some real substance & credibility to what he's written? If we accept past evidence as proof of his accuracy, then there's a fair chance that what he said about our future might also be true!--And if so, then we must listen very carefully. Do we really want to know about the future? Maybe so.--If we can change it, if by heeding the warnings we can alter our destiny for the better. But can we change the future?
       5. (PSYCHOLOGIST:) "OF COURSE IT'S POSSIBLE TO CHANGE THE EVENTS OF THE FUTURE, SINCE THE FUTURE IS NOTHING BUT THE SUMMATION OF OUR DECISIONS MADE NOW THAT PROJECT THE FUTURE. When we don't like what we're seeing, if we're aware of what those events are going to lead to, we simply change our minds about what we want. The future is determined by our decisions, & if through great awareness we do not like the trend that is taking place, we change our mind & thus change the course of history." (Ha! Only through repentance!)
       6. NOSTRADAMUS ALSO BELIEVED THAT THE FUTURE CAN BE CHANGED. In an epistle to his infant son, in which he dedicated his life's work to him, he wrote that the tragedies he predicted could be averted. William Shakespeare, born two years before Nostradamus died, also wrote that man, if he chose to, could be the master of his fate. (Only by choice--And Man's already made the wrong ones!)
       7. WITH THE IDEA THEN THAT WE DO STILL HAVE IT IN OUR POWER TO AFFECT THE FUTURE, LET'S GO AHEAD & LOOK FOR THE SIGNS AS NOSTRADAMUS WROTE ABOUT THOSE SIGNS. Let us now encounter the events still to come. But before continuing, let me warn you now that the predictions of the future are not at all comforting, & I might also add that these predictions of the past, these warnings of the future, are not the opinions of the producers of this film. They're certainly not my opinions! They're interpretations of the quatrains as made by scores of independent scholars of Nostradamus' work during the last several hundred years.
       8. THESE SCHOLARS TELL US THAT NOSTRADAMUS FORESEES A GREAT WORLDWIDE DROUGHT & FAMINE WITHIN THE NEXT DECADE: "In the year that Saturn & Mars are equally fiery, the air is very dry, a long meteor! Of people & beasts shall be a horrible destruction! Blood, thirst, famine, when the Comet shall run!"
       9. HALLEY'S COMET, THAT MOST SPECTACULAR OF COMETS, SHALL RUN AGAIN IN 1986! "Distress from fire in the sky. There is a very great drought. Fish in the sea, river & lake, boiled, hectic! A great famine do I see drawing near, turning from one way to another & becoming Universal. A famine so great & so long that man shall become a man-eater!" (The Crash?)
       10. NOSTRADAMUS ALSO PREDICTS GREAT NATURAL DISASTERS LIKE EARTHQUAKES. His proponents say that he actually gives the month & year of a cataclysmic quake & predicts it will begin after a series of volcanic eruptions, not unlike those currently exploding in the American Northwest. "Fire from the center of the Earth! The great earthquake shall be in the month of May! Saturn, Capricorn, Jupiter, Mercury in Taurus, Venus in Cancer, Mars in zero!"
       11. SO NOSTRADAMUS HAS GIVEN US THE MONTH, MAY, OF A GREAT EARTHQUAKE, & MORE, HE HAS GIVEN US THE YEAR! Astrologers tell us the conjunction of Saturn, Capricorn, Jupiter & Mercury will occur again in 1988. May, 1988. But where does Nostradamus say this great earthquake will strike?:
       12. "FIRE FROM THE CENTER OF THE EARTH SHALL MAKE AN EARTHQUAKE IN THE NEW CITY!" According to many scholars, whenever Nostradamus wrote about "new cities", he was referring to cities in the New World of America. Here he could have been referring to the new cities of San Francisco & Los Angeles, both of which sit on an earthquake fault line. (Or New York City!)
       13. (A SEISMOLOGIST:) "THE SAN ANDREAS FAULT COMES UP FROM THE MEXICAN BORDER & GOES UP PAST SAN FRANCISCO, VERY CLOSE TO SAN FRANCISCO, & ON UP TO THE NORTH. The crust of the earth is broken up into plates which are moving with respect to each other. Normally it doesn't occur smoothly. Strain builds up like the energy you store in a rubber band when you stretch it, until the rubber band breaks. The plates, or the rocks along the edge snap back into line & the vibrations that are caused by that sudden motion radiate out & are felt & recorded as an earthquake. There was one of about magnitude 8 in 1906 that destroyed San Francisco. It's been determined that the recurrence rate between great earthquakes is about 160 years. The last one was in 1857 & that was 122 years ago, so we're getting up into the time period when we have to think about such an occurrence."
       14. "FIRE FROM THE CENTER OF THE EARTH SHALL MAKE AN EARTHQUAKE IN THE NEW CITY!" Nostradamus foresees that these disasters will be Worldwide: "I bewail Nice, Monaco, Pisa, Genova, Savona, Sienna, Capri, Modena, Malura. Fire & earthquake! There will be great floods, unhappy ending. The deluge will be so great & sudden, there will be no spot of earth for a firm foothold!" (The sudden Great Confusion?--No.655)
       15. NOSTRADAMUS, LIKE THE BIBLE, PREDICTED THAT THESE NATURAL DISASTERS WOULD PRECEDE A GREAT WAR, A WAR FAR WORSE THAN ALL THE OTHER WARS PUT TOGETHER! Nostradamus not only predicts the Third World War, but he even predicts when & where it will begin & who will be fighting! He tells us, too, how long the war will last & who will survive. First we ask, when? In one quatrain he tells us that the War will begin when the Sun, Mars & Mercury conjunct in the sign of Aquarius, & this conjunction is an infrequent one. It happens again in 1994. (Armageddon?) So this could be the year in which the Third World War begins. In another quatrain he gives us an actual date when the War will be well underway:
       16. "IN THE YEAR 1999 & SEVEN MONTHS, FROM THE SKY WILL COME THE GREAT KING OF TERROR! (Jesus?--Or Satan?) He will bring back to life the king of the Mongols. Before & after, war reigns. Out of the country of Greater Arabia shall be born a strong master of Mohammedan law. This king will enter Europe wearing a blue turban. He is one that shall cause the infernal gods of Hannibal to live again. He will be the terror of mankind, never more horror!" This king, this warlord, Nostradamus says, will wage war against the West: "The kingdom of the Fez shall come to the throne of Europe!" (The Antichrist?)
       17. WHEN?--STARTING BETWEEN 1994 (CLOSE TO OUR APPROXIMATE POSSIBLE DATE FOR CHRIST'S COMING!) & 1999. WHERE?--FROM THE MIDDLE EAST! An invasion of Europe spreading across the entire World, a War led by a great king of terror, a third Antichrist after Napoleon, after Hitler. A leader so terrible he will bring the World, according to Nostradamus, face-to-face with final annihilation! "The great one of the East by land, sea & air with a great army will cross with death. The kingdom of the church will be overcome by the sea. From Persia very nearly a million. From Persia, from Greater Arabia, from the Kingdom of Mohammed."
       18. NOSTRADAMUS CLEARLY SUGGESTS THAT THE MIDDLE EAST WILL PLAY A CENTRAL ROLE IN THE TROUBLE TO COME. There are few contemporary foreign policy experts who could quarrel with him. World attention is now focused on that part of the World with its oil deposits & its growing population of devout Muslims. There are over 750 million Muslims in the World, most of them in the Middle East. Recently they have been rediscovering their Islamic roots. Long suppressed by the Super Powers, they are now beginning to reassert themselves politically. They can do this because they have the oil that the West needs. They can become, the experts agree, a threat to World peace.
       19. BUT ARE THEY CAPABLE OF WAGING A NUCLEAR WAR AGAINST THE WEST WITHIN THE NEXT 20 YEARS? NOSTRADAMUS WOULD SEEM TO SAY YES, THROUGH AN ALLIANCE WITH RUSSIA! "The Moorish law will be seen to fall, followed by another that is more pleasing. (Antichrist Law?) Boristanes will be the first to give way." Nostradamus experts agree that here the French seer is suggesting that Islam will spread through Russia, starting in the South near the River Boristanes. They foresee Soviet nuclear capacity combining with Islamic manpower to wage war by 1999!
       20. "THE SKY WILL BURN AT 45 DEGREES, FIRE APPROACHING THE GREAT NEW CITY!" Nostradamus names the first nuclear target, a great "new city" near 45 degrees latitude. Experts agree that that could only mean New York. "By fire he will destroy their city, an inhuman cruel heart, cold! Blood will pour, mercy to none!" Nostradamus is also said to have written of the American response:
       21. "THE TRUMPET SHAKES WITH GREAT DISCORD. AN AGREEMENT BROKEN! Lifting the face to Heaven, the bloody mouth will swim in blood. Overcome, the great nation is uncertain. Shortly before the sun, a battle is engaged. Then will come the great tumult ("Great Confusion"?), warfare on a greater scale than ever before! Explosions! There will be a great onslaught! There will be terror, terror, terror! Garden of the World, the New City in the way of the man-made mountains shall be seized on & plunged into ferment!"
       22. AGAIN NOSTRADAMUS SUGGESTS THAT NEW YORK WITH ITS SKYSCRAPERS, ITS "MAN-MADE MOUNTAINS", WILL BE A NUCLEAR TARGET! Nothing, the Prophet says, will keep the city from dying. "From hidden fire, the great place burns with heat, a hot wind, war! The great city will soon be quite deserted, not a single one of the inhabitants will remain." (That's what I saw too!)
       23. NOSTRADAMUS TELLS US HOW LONG THE WAR WILL LAST: "The war shall last seven-&-twenty years. The Earth trembles, pushed into the air & falls again. The herald is sent out to call for surrender. The Barbarian shall be driven back & all the kingdoms of Christianity & all the unbelievers shall quake for the space of years."
       24. "THERE SHALL BE MORE GRIEVOUS WARS & BATTLES. Towns, cities, castles & other buildings shall be burnt, desolated & destroyed. Married women & widows ravished, sucking children dashed against the walls of towers. So many evils shall be committed that almost the entire World shall be undone & desolate!"
       25. THE ANTICHRIST! THREE TIMES WILL HE BE ANNIHILATED.--7 & 20 years will blood be shed in war! Nostradamus tells us that the War will end 7 & 20 years after it begins, with the death & the defeat of the Antichrist, & it shall end due to one unexpected alliance. "When those of the Arctic Pole shall be united, there shall be in the East great fear & trembling." Those of the Arctic Pole could mean the Soviet Union & the United States. As we see here, at the Bering Strait the two countries are at their closest point in the Arctic Circle.
       26. "ONE DAY," NOSTRADAMUS WROTE, "THE TWO GREAT MASTERS WILL BE FRIENDS. (Millennium!) Their great powers will be increased. The Eastern ruler will be vanquished." "The sun & the evil will appear to be victorious. Peace prosecuted by death--it shall be achieved. In one night the tree that has been long dead & withered shall grow green again." (HAL! TYJ!) "After this War shall have lasted a good while, there shall be a renewed reign of Saturn & a golden age.
       27. "HERE SHALL BEGIN AN AGE OF UNIVERSAL PEACE.--A PEACE OF A THOUSAND YEARS!" (The Millennium!) And after a peace for a thousand years, Nostradamus tells us next to nothing! He does, however, tell us in what year the World will finally come to an end.--The year 3,797. (Ha! Gog & Magog?) He wrote about the end of the World in the letter to his infant son.--And you know, it's at such times that each of us looks at the long road ahead contemplating not only our own future but the future of our children. (Amen!)
       28. NOT MANY OF US CAN SEE THE FUTURE but none of us need be Nostradamus or have his gifts for seeing through time to sense that we are at a crossroads, that our immediate future could hold the worst War man will ever know. So we must each of us in our way do something to make sure that that War will never happen. Perhaps if we heed Nostradamus, if we face up to the challenges of the future, it need not be too late, not for us, & not for our children or our children's children.


       29. I WAS JUST CURIOUS & wanted to see on the counter where the film ended, for some reason I wanted to look at it, & it ended at 666!
       30. HE OR HIS INTERPRETERS JUST GOT HIS DATES A LITTLE BIT MESSED UP. But you know a lot of that stuff wasn't necessarily just the atomic war or anything like that. It could have been the Tribulation, the Wrath of God & Armageddon, & he even could have been seeing forward into the Battle of Gog & Magog! He puts the end of the World at 3,000 something, well, that's about when the end of the Millennium will come, as far as the years of our present calendar are concerned. However, I think maybe some of his dates might be interpreted or reconciled with ours.
       31. ANYHOW, I THINK NOSTRADAMUS WAS CLOSE ENOUGH TO THE FACTS to be taken pretty seriously, because they confirm fairly accurately what the Lord has already shown us, amen?--Especially the latest about the leadership of radical Moslems, an ominous sign of the cohorts of the Antichrist! God help us to be ready! Amen? GBAKY busy for Jesus & souls to the End!
       32. HIS & THE LORD'S SPECIFIC PREDICTIONS OF THE FUTURE!--Listed for Your Convenience--& Warning!:
       1986--HALLEY'S COMET, DROUGHT, WORLDWIDE FAMINE & DESTRUCTION!--Fire in the sky, Cannibalism! (The Crash?)
       MAY, 1988--GREAT EARTHQUAKE!--DESTROYS THE NEW CITIES OF AMERICA (BABYLON THE GREAT! Rev.6:12-17; 11:13; 14:8; 16:18-19; 18:2,8,10,17-19,21.) Tribulation could begin in '88! If the Antichrist kingdom begins within late '85, the first 3-1/2 years would include '88! Could this be a preliminary Giant Quake caused by the Atom War & fall of the U.S. Babylon in 1988?--Or would War follow?
       1990s--A GREAT WAR! (Paragraph 15) It sounds like the Antichrist's conquering Wars!--And Communism & Islam will join to win it!--That figures! (See No.1756.) But I think it'll start sooner!--Before the Tribulation, which could be the late 1980s! It starts in Persia (Iran!) led by a "King of the East"! (Rev.16:12) Official religions are overcome. (Dan.7:21,25; 8:10-11,24; 9:27; 11:31-37, Rev.13:17)--And having destroyed all other official religions, including Islam, Judaism & the churches, he'll start a new one of himself & the Devil! (Rev.13) This is followed by the Great Tribulation, the Coming of Christ, Armageddon & the Millennium! PTL!
       33. BLESSED ARE THOSE THAT COME TO THAT GOLDEN AGE--THE MILLENNIUM!--1000 YEARS OF HEAVENLY PEACE ON EARTH! (Dan.12:12 & Rev.20:4-6) Amen! PTL! TYJ! It'll all be over soon! HAL!--Are you ready? GBAKY busy spreading love till Jesus comes!--Amen?--ILY!--D.

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