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       (Discussing the Work in Japan:)

       1. Amen, Lord, we're gathered here together in Thy Name. You said where even two or three are gathered together in Your name, here are You in the midst of us.--Mat.18:20. So we know You're here & going to bless our fellowship & our communion together, our communication, Lord, & we're here to receive guidance from You, Jesus, to lead & guide us & give us the answers & show us the way!
       2. We thank You, Lord, for what's already been accomplished in Japan, so much, Lord, tremendous monumental projects, really, in such a short time, where it's even astounding the local Family what's being accomplished, Lord, what they haven't been able to accomplish for many years!--And succeeding, Lord, we know You'll not fail us. We know we'll not fail, whatever our task is that You've given us.
       3. We thank You, Lord, for all the victories won, how things are now progressing much better than before. Relationships are smoothing out, Lord, & people are learning their places, & they are really operating more smoothly, Lord, in both of our major projects there, both the School & the Clubs, the girls & the children.
       4. Thank You for overcoming all of the hindrances & blockades of the Devil that he's tried to lay in our way! You gave us a few real tests, Lord, in the beginning, to see if we were really willing to keep on plugging & chug on through. Then after we passed those tests & determined to keep on going no matter what & not give up & not back down, then, Lord, You relieved us & delivered us. We just have to keep patiently plugging & trusting You to work out all the problems & differences & solve all of the hindrances & all the things that the Enemy tries to put in the way, Lord, & You have solved every one of them, thank You Jesus, & are still solving them! They're really not very big.
       5. Many afflictions, but You deliver us out of them all, Lord, & they're really light afflictions but for the moment.--Psa.34:19; 2Cor.4:17. So thank You Lord, they're nothing compared to what You have in store for us in the wonderful future!--Even the greater victories that we still expect to get, Lord, if we don't give up & we keep on trusting & keep on battling, Lord, until we win the battles, in Jesus' name!--And have done all we can do, Lord, to try to reach Japan & solve some of their problems! At least we can say we tried, Lord, & did our best, & we know You'll do Your best, Lord, if we do ours. TYL! PYJ!
       6. We do ask You, Lord, in Jesus' name, to accomplish Thy purpose! "Thy Word shall not return unto Thee void, but it shall accomplish the purpose!"--Isa.55:11. TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah!

       7. We feel--& the Lord, I'm sure, is the One Who gave us the burden--that Japan is a very important field, maybe our last important field, & maybe our last reaping! I started to say last great reaping, but maybe we won't have a great reaping, maybe we'll just have a little reaping. But whatever it is, it's worth it, & precious to the Lord. Even if only one soul gets saved as a result of all of our hard work, we'll be thankful for that person throughout Eternity! But I believe it's going to be more than that. PTL!
       8. Of course, I have to always keep reminding you that our job is not measured by success, as far as the actual fruit or the results. You may say we should have those, & we will have them, but the Lord says, "Well done, thou good & faithful servant."--Mat.25:21. If we just do what the Lord tells us to do, if we just obey & are faithful witnesses & we try to do the job, that's what counts with the Lord!--Even if we didn't get much done, at least we tried.
       9. I often told my classes in our Soul Clinic school that their job is not really to win souls! That always used to shock'm! That's what they thought they came there for, to learn how to win souls! Well, they did, & they did win souls. But the Lord said, "Go ye into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature!"--Mk.16:15. He didn't say a word about you had to win souls, because that's His job! Only He can win souls. He has to put the faith in their hearts to believe. He has to give the increase. We can do everything else! We can break up the hard ground, we can soften it with water, our tears & prayers, fertilise it, water it, but only the Lord can give the increase!--1Cor.3:6.
       10. So you don't have to worry about whether you're winning souls or not! We should try, but it's not our responsibility to win souls. That's God's job! What's your job? (Fam: To witness!) That's our job.--And every time you witness, you're a success, even if they turn you down. You got a decision. Every time you witness you're doing what God sent you to do. Every time you sow the Word, that's it, in a sense your job is done, it's finished.--Unless they respond to the Word, then of course you've got to sow more Word & feed them, raise them. But only God can make them respond, & that largely depends on them.
       11. What happens as a result is up to God & them! You're just one little person, one little worker in the field sowing the seeds. And in a field like Japan where, sad to say, so little sowing has ever really been done for centuries, & where they're so ignorant of the Word & of the Lord, it's a pretty tough job! You've got centuries of neglect to overcome! Let's face it, the church has neglected Japan!--Maybe because the language was so difficult. It's a lot easier to go to a lot of other places just like our Family has done, & boy, you could really chalk up the results in some places like the Philippines, when they had a chance to be out there so free & openly.
       12. One of the most wonderful things the Lord ever said about anybody--& she'd actually done pretty little--but He said, "She hath done what she could!"--Mark 14:8. I once said I'd like to have that put on my gravestone. I can't brag too much about anything, but I think that would be the greatest thing that you could possibly compliment anybody with, what the Lord said about Mary, that she hath done what she could. You can't do more than that. If you did what you could, that's all you could! PTL?
       13. So the satisfaction that we strive for is to know that we've done our best, we've done what we could. We certainly couldn't do what we couldn't! So don't feel disappointed if you can't do what you can't! Just be thankful that you did your best to do what you could! PTL! And it won't always be measured by the apparent success or quantity of what you accomplished or even the number of souls saved. It might be measured more or come closer to the number of souls witnessed to, but on the other hand I think probably the Lord will measure it more by the quality of your witness, the measure of your witness, even the difficulty of your witness, the problems of your witness, how hard a fight & a struggle it was to do the little witnessing you did!

       14. Hallelujah! Isn't that sunshine nice? The Lord lets you do without it once in awhile so you'll appreciate when you had it. You always appreciate it more when you don't have it. Well, it's always great when the going is easy, just like the sunshine, but you don't really appreciate the easy-going as much when it's so easy, as when it's hard & you miss it.--Which is one of the reasons, as I've often said, you don't miss the light until there's darkness, you don't miss health until you're sick, you don't miss wealth until you're broke, & you don't miss good until all things seem to be evil. So the Lord allows all these things really to help us appreciate the good. Amen?
       15. So when you're having some of those battles & struggles & problems & opposition, just thank the Lord, because all of these things are necessary to help you appreciate the good times, & to make you stronger! Even psychologists are coming to that conclusion now, that it's not too good for you to have too easy a life, that hardships & difficulties make you strong, build a stronger character & make you a stronger, better individual.--It not only gives you a lot of variety to spice up your life, but it actually makes you develop better & makes you stronger. So be thankful! He tells you to be thankful for all things, amen?--1Th.5:18.
       16. It's not always easy to do & it's never exactly very pleasant, but just take joy in the fight! The athlete rejoices in the race to manifest his strength. We thank God for the strength to battle & for the victories that He wins. If we never had any tests or any battles, what a dull life it would be! It's exciting, it's thrilling to have a fight & win!
       17. And I really think we're winning! I don't know how far we're going to win, but so far we haven't really lost at anything, we haven't really lost any battles that I know of! We've had some pretty tough battles, but so far each time we've come out on top!
       18. You didn't lose me, although I thought for awhile maybe you might! I was recently the sickest & sick the longest that I've ever been in my whole life! I was not even that sick & sick so long when I was in the army! And as Mama knows, I'm not used to being sick a lot. If anything even keeps me in bed all day, that's a very unusual rare occasion. But for something to keep me in bed for a whole week, even in the army they couldn't keep me in bed more than 3 days! So that was a battle for me, that was a real battle. The Devil really tried to kill me. But, thank the Lord! We all held on, you held on, I held on & I'm still here! PTL!
       19. So it strengthens us & it thrills us when we win, & all Heaven rejoices at our victories, I'm sure! They must be really thrilled, I'm sure, that we're doing it! Praise God!

       20. Well, we still have a few problems ahead, but things are going better. I think the Japan School situation & our plans & goals there are beginning to get clarified & ironed out. We're not trying to do too much or trying to bite off more than we can chew, we're just trying to do ... what shall I say?--The impossible instead of the utterly unattainable!--At least the comprehensible. In some ways I'd say we've already done more than the believable, we've almost done the unbelievable, in both the School & the clubs there in Japan!
       21. Because with kings there are really problems, & sometimes your best friends are your biggest problems! They don't want to be, they don't realise they are, they don't even know it, they think they're being a big help, which they are! But at the same time, because of their kingliness, it's a big problem. They really tend to have a lot of pride & it's very difficult for them to be humble, & almost impossible for them to take orders. Suggestions, no problem, they can just brush those aside! "Forget it, it was only a suggestion, I don't have to do it!" But orders, it's a little harder to disobey without offending you, & even fearing that they might lose you.
       22. So you just to have to remember that they're kings & they're used to having their own way, their own business, their own property. They figure it's theirs & it's none of your business, you're just there as employees & labourers & they figure, to begin with, that you're just going to do whatever they tell you to do, like everybody else has done.
       23. That's one problem with those kings, our people there went on too long just pampering & kowtowing & obeying every little whim & just oohing & aahing & not even suggesting, not even objecting, not even admonishing, not even trying to counsel, but just, "Oh, of course, they said we have to do it, so we do it!" Well, maybe a few were not quite as obsequious as some, but I think they thought because so many were & for so long, that it wouldn't hurt to have a lot more to run around & do their bidding & bow down & worship them while they get all the credit for whatever was accomplished!
       24. But the Lord can't constantly let'm have their way! He has to have His way in the ultimate, & if they start going too far astray then we have to warn them. And it's our job to tell'm & warn'm, very sweetly, lovingly, patiently, tactfully, if possible in an unoffensive way, not be too blunt. That's why our representatives are there & why it's a good thing I don't have to go there & meet'm, because every time I've had any contact with kings, I have really blown it & blown'm away! I don't have much patience, I'm sorry to say, being a king myself, I guess that's one reason for it! I'm used to having people do what I tell'm to do & not argue about it & not object & not just wilfully & rebelliously go their own way! Then I'm apt to just lower the boom on'm & tell'm off, & sometimes that sort of seems to offend most kings, in fact, almost every time I've done it!
       25. Thank God for our nice, lovely, sweet, inoffensive people who can most of all keep their mouths shut most of the time, unless things really get out of hand. But if they're really going to blow it, then you've really got to step in & caution them & counsel them. It's part of their training, they need it.
       26. You act as the Prophets of God. You have that very dangerous & very difficult job, & you can't always be inoffensive, you can't always be patient & let'm get away with everything. If it's going to do too much damage & they go too far & it's really going to become a hindrance, then you have to try to tell them to slow down, stop, look & listen before they cross on over the line, or they're apt to get crushed by the express trains coming along!--Whether the Devil sends it or the Lord lets him! If they don't stop, He's just apt to stop'm, & when He does, it's not always very pleasant. He has to knock'm down, put'm in bed sick or whatever. (--And He did!)
       27. Like that one Doctor there they wrote us about who was too busy to read the Word, too busy to listen much to the witness. Oh, he was a friend & he'd been saved & all that, but he was too busy. So finally the Lord made him so he wasn't so busy, made him crack up on his motorcycle & have to spend a month in the hospital! Then he had time to listen & could take time to read the Word! He had absolutely no excuse not to. Otherwise he always had excuses.

       28. But don't you make excuses! It's important to take time to read the Word! I've been reading the Word all morning. I worked about four hours already on some things, Mama's Letter about Japan in particular. That's the Word, God's Word for the Family in Japan, & I'll tell you, it's needed Word!--It's the answer! She attacks the problem. (See "New Ways to Reach Japan," ML #2406.) Of course we've already attacked the problem & told them there was something wrong with Japan, & we have been seeing that for a long time, seeing the need & that it's not being met. But I think the Lord then shifted the burden to Mama & she was sobered about it. I handle the little things like getting the ideas or inspiration or seeing the need, but she handles the heavier things of getting right down to the nitty-gritty & the details & how to solve it & tell people off & what they should do specifically.
       29. She had the burden to really pray, "What is wrong & what should we do about it?" And the Lord's given her the answers!--Those people need to go back to work & quit fiddling around on the streets accomplishing so little, barely eking out an existence! The Lord's not blessing it because they're not doing what God wants them to do, they're not really reaching enough people, the people who can really count & make decisions, the decision-makers, the movers, the shakers & the ones who can change World history!
       30. And that's one of the Prophet's jobs, to try to change World History, to try to stop the kings from their mistakes & turn their hearts to the Lord & get them to do the right things! That's a part of the Prophet's job, the job of the Word.
       31. It's fine they've had 12 years to reach the common people, the people on the streets, & they've sowed millions of seeds there! And they've had some fruit, a little. I think it's something to be really thankful for that we've even had 300 nationals join the Family there. In a country like that, I'd say that is really something, considering you have to really start from scratch. They don't know anything about the Lord or the Bible or God or Heaven or anything, totally ignorant, totally pagan, heathen, just absolutely a blank!

       32. In some ways, it's good that the Japanese don't really have any religion! That's what they say, that they don't have any religion, they don't really worship any god. Well, we've heard from some of our folks there that they do have a little religion & a little worship. Apparently one temple alone garnered around one million Dollars worth of worship during the holidays, selling souvenirs & knickknacks & catching coins, etc. Of course, maybe they go to the temple like that only once a year, & it has to last all year.
       33. That's like a lot of Christians. They go to church only three times in their lifetime, each time to get sprinkled: The first time with water, the second time with rice, the last time with dirt! So that's not too much difference from the Christians. If they make it to church on Christmas & Easter, most of them are doing pretty well & the place is really packed out with a mob on those days. And of course it has to be pretty good on those days because it has to last them all year.
       34. So those Japanese who went to their temples over the holidays must have gotten a pretty good dose.--The temples certainly got a good dose!--And they apparently think it's going to last them all year. They're hoping they gave honour to the right god or the right dragon, or whatever it was, so that they will be blessed!
       35. But they don't really seem to have much religion. They're not fanatics & they're not radicals about their religion like some religions are.--For example, the Muslims or some Catholics or some Protestants & some Hindus. The fanatical, radical religionists have been notorious for killing each other for centuries, fighting whole wars with each other because of their religions, etc.
       36. I don't think you can find in history any war that Japan ever fought over religion. I've studied a little bit of their history, but I don't think any of their wars could have been counted as religious wars. Nearly all of theirs were rivalries for power. Some of the kings quickly & easily changed religions from one to the other if they thought it would gain them more power or more friends or whatever, it didn't matter to them. Some of the early emperors even switched to Christianity when they thought it would be to their advantage. They didn't get saved, they just switched to Christianity! That's why you don't want to preach Christianity, because even Christians have a pretty bad reputation.
       37. But thank God, in some ways Japan ought to be easier, because it hasn't got some fanatical religion that they have to protect & defend. They honestly confess, "Well, I don't really have any religion, as Japanese we have no real official religion or anything. We're just not religious at all." Especially a lot of the intellectuals & the rich, those who think they have arrived, they don't need religion & they don't have any god because they figure they don't need one, they've made it on their own.
       38. So in some ways, the Japanese should be easier to reach because they are not contending for some religion. They just don't have anything & they know it. So in a way it ought to be easier to reach them. I just don't think we've been trying to reach the right people. So we really need to try to go on some different tacks!
       39. Mama's really had the burden to solve that problem! I think that has been her greatest burden since we've been putting this new emphasis on Japan, how the Family there could manage to reach the right people, so they wouldn't have so many financial problems. Finances has been one of the biggest problems in Japan because it's so costly to survive there. You just can't survive in a field like that with penny-ante methods, it's going to take a lot more than that!
       40. I'll tell you, our Family is a real army & if one tactic doesn't work, we're ready to change & try another one!--Instead of just sticking to some of the old methods & insisting on staying in a rut because this is what worked in one place, therefore it ought to work in this place, etc.
       41. So Mama's been really searching for ways to overcome the financial problem in Japan. When it takes four times as much as it costs on almost all other fields to support the average Home of 25, it really is a problem! We support WS Units around the World who have at least that many in the Unit because of all the children & everything, maybe sometimes more, & I would say the average budget that we permit most of those Units is only a fourth of what the same size operation would cost in Japan. I'm talking about good-sized Units, many of them at least 25 people, considering that our Family has lots of children, thank the Lord!
       42. Our children are one of our greatest assets! Don't ever consider them a liability or a drag or a hindrance. I predicted a long time ago that God's given us those children because they're going to become really our greatest assets, & they have! Thank the Lord, they've even been helpers in raising support & they've certainly been shining examples! We can just trot out our samples any time & that's the proof of the pudding, & that's the thing that convinces others more than anything else! They know what a mess their own children are, what spoiled little brats they are!

       43. From all that we have heard, it sounds like the young generation of Japanese is going to be a disaster! They seem to have absolutely no discipline, no control! I think the older generation--now we're talking about three generations--the ones who went through the war & suffered privation & agony, even starvation after the war, they suffered so much that they didn't want their children to have to go through what they went through. So they really did their best to make it easier for their children. When they finally had it they really fed'm & they really took care of them & they really educated them. But they did a fairly good job on that next generation who are now the middle-aged generation there. They have been workaholics & worked hard & been good & tried to do right & they've made Japan a great nation.
       44. But now these successful rich Japanese are spoiling the third generation! So this new generation is really going to be a problem, because they've spoiled them, they've given them the ultimate in education, & they've just about let'm go their own way & do as they please, & they're going the same way as the American younger generation did in the days of the early Family 20 years ago.--And for the same reason: Because they've been spoiled & had everything, & they've found out that everything doesn't satisfy, & that they really have nothing, so they're hungry.
       45. But we're not even reaching them! Maybe a few. We did reach them when we first went there, but most of our first nationals are young parents now, been in the Family for 10 or 12 years, married, a lot of kids, & are very busy, as mothers know. It takes a lot of work & time to take care of kids, unless you've got so big a job that you have to have a crew to take care of them for you, & then it often takes quite a crew!
       46. So I would say, as some others have already said, that the younger generation of Japanese, the ones who are teenagers & college students now, they're richer, they're more powerful, they're even taller & stronger than previous generations, & if you don't reach them, Japan is going to become one of the World's biggest problems! This younger generation of Japanese is going to become the leaders of the Antichrist Kingdom!--Big, strong, with a lot of drive, a lot of intelligence! They're some of the most brilliant people on the face of the Earth!
       47. The U.S. Americans are becoming so decadent & so corrupt & on drugs & demonism & demonic music & all the rest! They're going downhill. Their kids are not worth anything hardly! They can't even work, they can't even think, they're failures in school, they don't know how to count, they don't know how to read or write or spell or figure or hardly anything! I know, I used to teach'm! My goodness, that's 30 or 40 years ago, think how bad they are now! They didn't even have that horrible music they have now, that horror stuff! They weren't all on drugs then. I mean, if there was an occasional student who smoked pot, that was a shock! But now they're virtually all on drugs. The U.S. kids are a disaster area! They couldn't begin to lead the World! They haven't got it! They're losing out to even Third World nations, & they're especially losing out to Japan!
       48. What is the U.S. going to do when this present hard-rock drug-addicted generation gets to where it's supposed to take over? I don't think God's going to let the World last that long, because that would really be the end! But the Japanese kids could take over, they're ready for it!
       49. I used to think that [DELETED] Europe & the Americas, Israel & all, & even Russia, [EDITED: "was"] where the Antichrist was going to really get started, that they were going to be his strong forts & his strengths, etc. But now I'm wondering [EDITED: "about"] [DELETED] Japan, at least there in Tokyo! [DELETED]
       50. It looks to me like if any nation is going to be capable of leading the World, if any nation is going to have youth who are physically fit & not just strung out, if any nation is going to have youth who are brilliant, hardworking, even though rich & spoiled, Japan's got'm! [DELETED]

       51. The older [EDITED: "ACs"] have already conquered the rest of the World & have its wealth & its power & its industries & its businesses & banks & the media & everything. That was their most important move, to take over the media so they could form public opinion & persuade the World to do things their way.
       52. Oh, sometimes I get so sick of reading in the newspaper the things that they say & how they have managed to deceive the World! I was just reading about that Irish guy Sean MacBride in the paper yesterday, honoured as a Nobel Prize winner, also won the Lenin Prize. You know good & well Russia wouldn't give the order of Lenin to anybody who was not pro-Communist! And he was once the chief of the IRA! But he won the Nobel Peace Prize! That shows you where the Nobel Peace Committee is at. He won the Order of Lenin--that shows you where they're at, of course, & where he was at!
       53. He became one of the chief officers of the U.N. He founded Amnesty International, so if you want to know where they're at, there you are! This article is praising him to the skies, & not even ashamed to admit that he was one of the founders & leaders of the IRA, a bunch of vicious, monstrous, evil, cruel terrorists who don't mind shooting & blowing up innocent people just to cause trouble! One of the chiefs of the IRA wins the Nobel Peace Prize, the Order of Lenin & leads a big worldwide organisation for peace & freedom!
       54. You talk about deceivers, propagandists! I just read in the paper yesterday about our "dear friend," Simone Veil, one of our personal enemies in France who has a personal enmity for us by name, fought us there, propagandised against us! Well, she became the president of the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, one of its first presidents. I think the [EDITED: "ACs"] know we're probably their greatest enemies because we know'm & we've exposed'm & they really hate us! I think they realise we're one of the biggest threats to them because we are expert propagandists like they are & we're saturating the World with the bad news about'm! And they don't like it! Nearly every one of their major organisations has spoken out against us.

       55. [DELETED] [EDITED: "The Jews"] eat a good diet, they don't eat unclean meats, & doctors have constantly said--as Dr. Koger used to say--that Jews were the healthiest people that he took care of, most of them. There are a few failures. But because they don't eat unclean meats & they go by a good Biblical diet & follow a lot of those old Jewish laws & everything, it just naturally makes them stronger & healthier & smarter!
       56. And their leaders, their Rabbis, are the best educated men on Earth! Every Rabbi has to be [EDITED: "highly educated"] & a brilliant man! And he can have a wife & all the children he wants to continue to propagate more like him! Whereas the stupid Catholics forbid their priests to marry & are committing spiritual genocide! No wonder they can't find enough priests for their churches now! The Catholic Church has really gone downhill!

       66. But the White youth of America are as corrupt & decadent & ruined as could be! They couldn't possibly lead the World! I don't see how they could possibly be the principal leaders & forces of the Antichrist! But I can see how the Japanese youth could be. I could see how the Japanese could be another Hitler youth, which they once were!
       67. I was watching a Japanese war movie one time & just listening to the voices & how they spoke during those World War days, etc., & it just suddenly dawned on me, I kept thinking, "What does that remind me of? What does that staccato remind me of?" you know, speaking fiercely & strongly, etc. And all of a sudden it reminded me of some of the German war movies I had heard, the way the Germans spoke! German is a little more guttural, but it was that same forceful, staccato, driving speech of the Japanese that sounded so much like the Nazis!
       68. Well, they were Fascists, they sided with Germany & Italy & Spain, all Fascist nations! They had their Tojo, while Germany had its Hitler, Italy had its Mussolini & Spain had its Franco, all dictators, all Fascists, who almost ruled the World! And they would have, if it hadn't been for the Jews! God bless us Jews! When we are good, we are very very good, but when we are bad, we are horrid!--Like the little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead!

       69. So now it's not a prophetic thing any more, it's not a thing prophesied in the Protocols any more, it's still there, but it is now an accomplished fact that [EDITED: "the ACs"] have taken over the World!--Particularly, of course, in Europe & in the Americas & God knows how many other countries!--Almost everywhere you go.
* * *

       70. [DELETED] They always have to think up new names for rebels. When one wears out they've got to get another more popular one. The same thing with terrorists, they're "guerrillas," "insurgents," all kinds of fancy names, like diseases.
       71. A lot of these diseases were clear back in the Bible, but now they've got new names. Palsy is now Parkinson's Disease. But one of the few that's kept the name is cancer, it still has a Bible name.--2Tim.2:17. But they've got all kinds of new names for diseases that are as old as Man, & they keep cooking up new ones. Back after World War 1 it was the Spanish Flu, then later on it was some other kind of flu, then it was the Swine Flu or Chinese Flu. Every year they have a Flu they give it a different name so you make sure you've got something that's the latest rage, the latest popular thing, not some old-fogey, old-fashioned flu, but the latest flu! I'm amazed at the doctors, the new names they cook up for some of these old diseases. But you realise you're fashionable! You're not sick with something that's as old as the ages, but you're sick with something that's modern & up-to-date & got a nice big name so long you can't even pronounce it!

       72. So anyhow, the U.S. has become totally corrupt. [DELETED][EDITED: "T"]he Whites [DELETED] of the U.S. were largely Christians--Catholics & Protestants--& it would have been difficult to subjugate them if they hadn't corrupted & wrecked & ruined them, & thus disempowered them.
       73. So I can't see where they're going to use American youth to lead the Antichrist World & provide its leadership. I think even European youth have become pretty well shot as well, & I hardly see where they're really fit to run the Antichrist Kingdom, the strongest, most powerful & the most cruel government ever to take over the Earth! They will have to be extremely strong & dictatorial. That's why God used to give tyrants for kings. The Lord said in His Word that the evil people deserve an evil king. They have to! An evil people have to have a tough king, a dictatorial, tyrannical, cruel king that can treat'm the way they deserve to be treated & keep'm in a cage, because they've become wild beasts!--Dan.8:23; 1Tim.1:9.
       74. So I don't see where American youth or even European youth can possibly lead & provide the brilliant & forceful & strong leadership that is going to be required by the Antichrist Kingdom, a worldwide dictatorship ruling all the World, virtually all the nations.
       75. Maybe the Germans haven't completely lost their strength, they've come back right on top, the third richest nation on Earth. The Japanese are top, they're the richest now. The U.S.A. is declining, even though some people call it the second. Germany seems to be stronger economically, but not as large, & really ranks second economically. The U.S.A. is about third now & going down the line. Britain is already down the line. Margaret Thatcher's kind of revived it a little bit, but considering how corrupt they are, their youth especially, I don't think they're going to provide too much brilliant leadership for the Antichrist.
       76. But I can certainly see where the Japanese youth can! They're brilliant, scientifically & technically, & they were militarily & could be again if they were given the right & the power & the weapons. And they're virtually ruling the World economically now. They're furnishing the most brilliant economic power to the World today!
       77. So this is another little talk to you Family members there to explain to you why it's so important to reach the Japanese.--Because I wouldn't be a bit surprised, in fact I'm convinced, that if the Antichrist is going to have competent leadership, brilliant leaders, strong leaders, demon-possessed leaders to rule the World, he's certainly going to use the brilliant, strong, driving Japanese youth! And we'd better get to them now or it's going to be too late! At least we ought to be able to get some of them. Thank God we have gotten some.
       78. But after 12 years of the Family there & so many of us in that rich powerful country, we haven't gotten near as many as we should have! I don't agree that it's one of the hardest countries in the World to reach, I think there are harder ones. But we're making more progress in some of those harder countries than we are in Japan, because I don't think we've really used the right tactics.
       79. I think a lot of people have sort of given up before they started. They just figure, "Well, I could never learn that language, there's no use in me even trying, I'll leave that up to the nationals. If I have to go out I'll just take a little card with me or I'll learn a few little phrases so I can at least sell some Tapes & Posters, even though I can't witness & win souls." So they just had a defeatist attitude before they even got started, because of the difficulty of the language. Of course, they virtually never learn to read it. Even our people there who can speak it can't read it, because it really is a difficult language. It almost takes a lifetime of education to learn the characters & all. But at least they could learn to speak it!
       80. Most of them speak enough Japanese to say "hello", "goodbye" or "how much", things that they have to know to buy their food at the store & a few little polite expressions or, "Could you buy this tape" or, "Will you give us a donation for this Poster," a few things to try to survive & exist. But very few of our Family can speak fluent enough Japanese to actually witness!
       81. Well, there it is, I've spilled the beans & that's it.--I'm just warning you we had better reach the Japanese, not only on account of the Trade War, which I've already explained, & "What's Wrong with Japan" & all the rest, but we had better reach the Japanese youth or they're going to be your cruel oppressors before very long!--They're brilliant, technologically advanced, everything! (Maria: And all learning English so they can do it!)
       82. Of course, in that respect the Jews are the best equipped people on Earth [DELETED] because they speak every single language, they're in every single country. They are nationals of every country, they know every country, they know the people of every country, they are everywhere, they are everything, they speak everything, they know everything! [DELETED][EDITED: "T"]hey are really the best equipped, most brilliant, healthiest, most versatile, most linguistic, nationals of the countries. [DELETED]
       83. So what's going to happen to the Japanese youth? That may be Mama's next subject. She's talking now about how to reach the movers & the shakers, the financiers & the rulers, the influencers, the supporters who could be supporting the Family so they don't have to be so poor. That's fine. Well, maybe when the Family finally manages to inspire enough support, they could then afford to go to the universities & the colleges & the schools & try to reach the youth! Right now they can't. Japanese youth do have money, but just read Mama's Letters & you'll get the picture. PYL! TYL!
       84. I suppose this is another lesson or another Letter the Lord wants the World to hear, our people to know. But as I say, it's no longer merely a prophetic utterance of the Protocols, although it still is, but it is now a fait accompli, an accomplished fact! I don't know where I learned that! I found when I was in France I picked up a few little things!
       85. Well, I guess this little talk is apparently something the Lord wanted you to hear, some reason, another reason we need to reach Japan, to steal as many of those kids away from the Devil as we possibly can so the Antichrist will be a little more handicapped & not get them all! Amen? PTL! TYL!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family