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FEED THE HUNGRY HEARTS!        DO 2663 11/90

       1. Bless those dear people in Eastern Europe who have received Thy Word, Lord!--And so many have received You, Jesus, which is best of all! They know that You'll finish Your work. "He that hath begun a good work in you will complete it to the end!"--Phil.1:6.

       2. Help our folks to respond & answer & feed them, in Jesus' name!--And to receive them, Lord, if they can. So many have asked & wanted to serve with us & help us distribute! They even want to join, Lord! Help them to answer those responses wisely, Lord, in Jesus' name. You can raise up another great Army there, Lord, of Thy new children to spread the Word!

       3. Help us not to fail them, Lord! Help us, Lord, in Jesus' name, to respond to them & to answer their questions & their appeals! Help us to give them what they need to feed them. Help our people to find publishers of Gospels in their languages so we can give them at least a little portion of the Bible!

       4. We can't give them Bibles, Lord, we don't even think they need whole Bibles! It would just raise more questions & controversies. We just want to give them little Gospels of John, Lord, the whole story is right there! And if we can't find Bible houses or Bible societies that are publishing Gospels in those languages, we could do it ourselves, Lord!--To answer this cry of hunger for Thy Word! Amen? (Maria: Yes, amen!)

       5. Amen, Lord, give those people faith to do it themselves if we cannot find those who have them already! We thought surely we could find them, Lord, to take the responsibility off of us. Surely after all these years there must be someone! What about contacting Wurmbrandt, the Romanian Christian who was imprisoned for 14 years, or Brother Andrew, the Bible smuggler? My God, the churches certainly have not been ready for this!

       6. Help us to solve these problems, Lord! Help us not to fail! Help us not to disappoint these hungry people! Help them not to fail these poor people who are writing & begging for more literature, for Bibles, & asking to serve, in Jesus' name! TYL! TYJ! Thank You that we've done as well as we have & the best we can, but I want to hear that they're getting the answers, Lord!--Not Bibles, but Gospels, & even more Posters!--And Daily Foods. Help them to be fed, Lord!

       7. Would you please tell them how important it is? The Lord will supply whatever it takes to support the people that will do the job. "The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth workers into His harvest!"--Mat.9:37,38. We're either going to have to find Gospels for them or print more Posters! I think they could probably even understand the Posters better!

       8. In Jesus' name, thank You Lord! Amen! Thy Will be done! Help us, Lord, to satisfy the need! Help us, in Jesus' name, to fulfil the need, to be able to satisfy the hungry hearts, so many hungry hearts! "The full You have sent empty away, but You've satisfied the hungry with good things!"--Luk.1:53. You promised to do it, Lord, now do it, in Jesus' name! TYL! Hallelujah!

       9. Do you think they're doing it? I want to hear reports on it! I want to keep hearing what they're doing with the support we're giving them. Amen? I want to keep hearing reports on the Mail Ministry. The follow-up is so important!--All those hungry ones who have already been reached want more!

       10. Please help us not to fail! Help us to meet their needs! Help us, O God, to do what we can to feed them! Put the burden on anyone who can go, to go & feed them, Lord! Help us to fill those hungry people! Help us to help them!--So many who write us & ask for help!

       11. Thank You for the Posters, Lord, that have been such a blessing! Maybe that's the answer, Lord, maybe that's what they need, Thy Gospel simplified. Help our people to have the faith to print more millions of Posters, in Jesus' name!--To reach more millions of those precious souls who are now so ripe & ready for harvesting!--In the Name of Jesus we ask! Amen!

       12. Do it, Lord! Help us to do it! Help us to support the harvesters & give them whatever they need for the harvest, even to help them with new seed to plant & to harvest the grain that has already been planted. Help us not to fail! Help us to be willing to give whatever is needed, in Jesus' name, amen!

       13. Help them to ask, Lord, & they shall receive! You don't want them to lack for anything that they need. The doors are not going to be open for very long, so now's the time to do as much as we can!--In Jesus' name, amen!


       1) Why is it better to give out Gospels & Posters in Eastern Europe than Bibles? [EDITED: "4,7,11"]
       2) Why is it so urgent that we reach these people right away? [EDITED: "6,13"]

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