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THE JOY OF LOVE!       30/5/92
--Intro to a New Tract of Love, Inspired by a Dream!: "Somebody Loves You!"       DO 2784

       1. I just had a dream that I was out & I had no tracts, no ammunition, so I was going to have to get some printed, something I could give to everybody, to show them God loves them.--And I've been thinking about it ever since, what kind of tract I'd like to print up. I want to give them something to show them that God loves them. The World is in such a mess, people really need to know someone loves them & that there's hope, particularly for them personally. The tract could be something small that could even fit in the palm of your hand like the old "Four Things" tract, or the "Warning" tract. That was a good tract! Or like the "Four Spiritual Laws," although that's still too formal & stilted. Billy Graham used to use it too, but it was too formal, doctrinal, kind of a churchy approach.
       2. I'd like something that's more personal, "God loves you! I love you!" Everybody needs & wants to be loved. I think that's almost the biggest problem everybody has, they think nobody loves them, & they really need help & they know they can't help themselves. What do we have that you can give to anybody, a bum on the street or a rich man in his office?--Something that would fit everybody, something that shows them love, something that would show them somebody loves them.--I love them & God loves them.
       3. Thank You Lord for all the pleasures Thou hast created & the beauty of Thy Creation & the wonders of Thy Love & all that You've made for us to enjoy!--Life & strength, health & provision for another day. Bless & keep us today, make us a blessing to others, Lord. Give them Thy Love, & help them to enjoy Thy Love together with us. Praise the Lord!
       4. Thank You Jesus for all that Thou hast created for us to enjoy. Help us to always remember to give You thanks for it all.--Not to abuse it, Lord, nor to misuse it or to use it to excess, but help us to feel free to enjoy Thy creations in moderation. PYL! TYL!--And not in any way that will hurt us or others, but only in love, consideration & compassion. Thank You Jesus!
       5. Thank You for Your wonderful Love! You're the God of Love. You are Love. You are our God, therefore You are our Love. You are Love & Love is You, & we thank You for It!--Especially for the manifestation of Thy Love in Thy Son Jesus! Bless our Love & make our Love a blessing to others. Give them Love.--All the Love that they need & that we have to give from You, Jesus. "For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son," Thy Son of Love, Lord, that "whosoever believeth on Him," in other words, receives Him, "shall have everlasting life." "Whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life."--Everlasting life & Love in Thy Love & our Love for each other. Thank You Jesus for Love! Thank You Lord for Love! Thank You, God, for Thy Love & that You are Love!
       6. Bless & keep us all today & make us a loving Family, a blessing of Love to others, in Jesus' name. Praise the Lord! I got to thinking about what kind of tract I'd like to give out to tell people about God's Love. We have all kinds of literature & Tapes & Videos to tell people about His Love, but I still think that something very small, brief & simple is needed.
       7. It's funny, I got this as a result of a dream! I dreamt I was out in public & out of tracts & needed something to give to people. And I was thinking about printing up something small & simple & easy to give out, that could even be hidden in the palm of your hand & given out secretly, like with a handshake. I got to thinking, "What would I like to give to somebody I'd just met briefly, to tell them about God's Love & that God loves them & that we love them?"
       8. An old song came to me, "Somebody loves you & wants you to know, longs to be with you wherever you go. Somebody needs you & right from the start, Somebody wants to come into your heart!" Isn't that perfectly fitting for the Lord? (Mama: That's beautiful! Was it a religious song to begin with?) Well, it might have been, I don't know. God knows how many love songs now in use were originally designed to be Gospel or religious songs. "Somebody loves you & wants you to know, longs to be with you wherever you go. Somebody loves you & right from the start, Somebody wants to come into your heart." Isn't that sweet? (Mama: That's really good! That's tremendous!)
       9. That was inspired that the Lord brought that back to me! I even thought that might be a good name for the tract: "Somebody Loves You!" "God Loves You" is fine, but the minute they hear the word "God"--boom!--Religion, church & everything else looms up & sometimes offends. You've got to start out in almost a secret way, kind of steal up on the subject, work up to it, kind of like making love. You don't always intend to go all the way, but you enjoy the beginning--the cuddles & affection & pets & strokes, fondles & kissing--& it just sort of builds up. You get into it all the way & go boom & explode! Praise the Lord!
       10. I think we have to sort of woo people like that, almost seduce them into the Truth! They don't realise at first what they're getting, or getting into. I'm sure that was true of a lot of our folks, they didn't realise what they were getting into when they started getting into the Family. Some didn't even realise they were getting into God!
       11. Thank You Jesus, I'm inspired! I've been thinking about this ever since I first woke up at about six o'clock, for the last three hours. I want to try to convince people that God loves them, that He really is a God of Love, a loving God, that He is Love, & therefore they should thank Him for His Love & love Him. Everything He has made is for their pleasure & because He loves them.--Amen! OK?--Do you like it?--GBY! ILY!
+ + +
(To my dear typist:)
       12. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! This is, I hope, a model for a small tract to be handed out to the public, the result of a dream! The title of the tract, God willing, is the title of an old song, "Somebody Loves You!" That should be the title & the heading, & the subheading will be the rest of the song.

Somebody loves you & wants you to know,
Longs to be with you wherever you go.
Somebody loves you & right from the start,
Somebody wants to come into your heart!

       13. That's the theme song of this little tract that I hope to get now from the Lord! I've been thinking & praying about it, but these remarks I'm making right now are not to be in the tract.
       14. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! TYL! You can include my PTLs, Hallelujahs & TTLs on your transcript if you want to, but they won't be in the original tract. I'm trying to approach this subject from a less religious standpoint, to kind of catch people off their guard & woo them into the arms of the Lord, if I can. So I'm not going to say too much about God right away, if anything, but I'm sort of hinting at what I mean. I think you'll catch on as I go on. PTL! So now I'll dictate the tract, D.V.
       (The Tract: Read it now, on pages 5-6. GBY! Hope you like it.)
       15. PTL! TYJ! Well, that was probably too long & maybe too much, I don't know, but that's the best I can do for now. I missed about half of it because I wasn't used to operating this tape recorder, & after I tested it I forgot to push it back up on "dictate" for about the first half hour. So then I had to go back & try to recover it, & let's hope that I got what God wanted & what will do the most good to help others have His Love, in Jesus' name, amen.
       16. I've always wanted to write a little tract to show people how much God loves them. Maybe this will help. TYJ! PTL!
       17. Thank you, Sweetheart! GBY for your faithful diligence, love & patience in transcribing so many words! Let's hope there was good in all of these. I love you & I know you love me. God loves us all, we love Him, so we live in Love forever, TTL! In Jesus' name!
       18. So now that you've written all of that down, please send me the first transcript, & let me read over it & give it any additions or subtractions or improvements the Lord may yet give me. And I hope it's going to do some good. I hope it did you some good! I know it did me some good just to get that Love out of my heart & spread it out to as many as I can so that they'll feel God's Love, in Jesus' name!--Amen. PTL! TYJ!
       19. This is the end of my intro to "Somebody Loves You," & this was written on May 30th, 1992--the year of our Lord 1992. PTL! TYJ! He's coming soon to show you His Love as never before & give you all that He's prepared for you in Love, in Jesus' name. TYL! ILY! GBY! TYSM for your help. Bye-bye! I love you!

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