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"Instant" Witnessing!       Maria #395       CM/FM 3137       7/97
"Preach the Word; be instant in season, out of season" (2Tim.4:2).
Testimonies and prophecies from Mama and Peter's recent witnessing experiences!
By Maria

       1. Recently Peter and I took a trip together. Peter had just returned from a long trip to Japan and Thailand, and the Lord indicated that we should go away in order to spend some time together and with Him, and to get some important work done without having to be so involved with the affairs of our Home.
       2. Since we couldn't discontinue our work, we made it a working vacation--a "workation," we called it--as each day we basically put in about the same number of hours of work that we did at home. (We did end up taking a complete break from our work for a couple of days, which was nice.) But just the fact that we were in a different location, a very pleasant setting, made it very restful for us. It was just the two of us and two of our precious staff members, who were a great blessing with the secretarial work, cooking, laundry and other personal care, as well as hearing from the Lord for us.
       3. Our pubs and administrational workload was the same as when we were at home, and that kept us pretty busy all day, but we tried to take the evenings off to go for a relaxing walk, or out to a small restaurant for dinner. Most importantly, we tried to use those times to witness as much as we could. Of course we had to be mindful of our security, but the Lord had already told us that we could distribute tracts, and before leaving home we had put one together specifically for this trip, which the Lord gave us in prophecy!
       4. So while we couldn't be too open, we knew that we could pass out tracts and be a witness in whatever way we could, even just in our brief contact with those whose paths crossed ours--a few words of encouragement and prayer for a waiter who told us his mother was deathly sick in the hospital (and who the Lord raised up a couple of days later in answer to our prayers), a "God bless you" and a tract for the taxi driver or shopkeeper, a smile (and more tracts) for those we met in the course of our walks, etc.
       5. We couldn't go on a "witnessing blitz," as we had to devote most of our time to our work for the Family, as well as to getting rested up a bit from Peter's last trip and preparing for the next one, but we tried to make it a point to be a witness wherever we went, whatever we were doing. We never left our apartment without tracts in our pocket, and we were always on the lookout for those whom the Lord wanted us to give one to or witness to.
       6. Even though we couldn't do a lot of personal witnessing ourselves because of the constraints of time, still we knew that the message in those tracts, combined with our sample of the Lord's love in our smiles and a few words exchanged, would go a long way--much further than we even imagined! Actually, we asked the Lord about this, because sometimes it's easy to wonder whether the little witness you give here and there is really making that big a difference or having that much of an impact on people. Sometimes you don't even have a chance to see their reaction, and you just have to take it by faith that they read the tract and are going to get closer to the Lord, or receive Him as their Savior through it.
       7. One evening while the four of us were out witnessing, we met a group of girls who worked in nightclubs, and we gave them some tracts and a brief witness. Later we asked the Lord what effect, if any, our witness had had on them, as it didn't seem like we'd done that much. He gave us the following very encouraging message that illustrates how important even just our smiles and words of encouragement are, along with the Word (tracts):

       8. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} They were touched by My Spirit of love through your words of encouragement, your smiles, your touch on their arm, and your witness. I have been able to give them My Word-kisses, My beautiful golden seeds which will fill them and give them strength and encouragement if they will receive them. For within My Words there is great power and great strength and the answers to the questions they have. There is great treasure in My Word--a brand-new world of the Spirit which they have not known before in such a personal, intimate way.
       9. Now they can come to know Me because you have gone to the nth degree to show them My love. You have been patient. You patiently waited and ministered one seed at a time to one heart at a time. Each one will treasure My Words greatly.
       10. There are so many like these, who are dying spiritually and living in a world of darkness where nothing satisfies. Many have a great vacuum for My Spirit and will receive it openly and eagerly. Not all will, for many are hardened and have received strong delusion, but there is hope for many. Many can be saved by My life-giving Words.
       11. It takes those with faith and a vision to reach them. There are so few who minister to them, who really care about their spirit and their soul. They recognized that you cared. They felt your acceptance, your compassion, your sincere interest in them, and they were drawn to My Spirit in you. They were drawn to My open arms and were eager to hear more. They were as babes in your arms, eager to listen to every word, to hear what you had to say, to listen to the marvels of My love and My Spirit. Many of them are as babes who will grow quickly in the Spirit, and all they needed was someone to carry My message to them.
       12. They saw My Spirit of compassion and tender love reaching out to them. They will remember your gentle words of love and understanding, your tender witness, and many of them will receive My Words eagerly and with an open heart. (End of message from Jesus.)

Lights in the Darkness!

       13. {\b \i (Mama:) }Later, while the Lord was giving us a message on another subject, He added:

       14. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }The Enemy is angered because you are bringing a great light into the darkness of their city! As little lambs of love, you have entered into his territory and into his kingdom where he has had full reign. You have entered in and are going into the darkest little corners, bringing My light and My love and My Words.
       15. You are mixing with the people and talking to them and telling them about My love. This has disrupted his business and is a threat to him. For he does not want to lose his captives, but he will lose many. Many will be touched by My Spirit of love. And as you walk about the streets spreading My love with words of encouragement, giving out the tracts, smiling and acknowledging people, you continue to be a light in the darkness. So keep being loving and encouraging and a sample of My beautiful Spirit of love. I will continue to protect you and guard you and keep you safe, and no harm will come to you. (End of message from Jesus.)

Witnessing to Alice!

       16. {\b \i (Mama:) }For security reasons we can't do much witnessing where we live, and we hardly even go out, so this was a special treat which we tried to take full advantage of! And as we were faithful to give out the tracts wherever we went, no matter what else we were doing, the Lord led us to some very precious sheep whom we were able to minister to more in-depth, which was also very rewarding.
       17. Something that made our witnessing very special was to hear from the Lord about some of the ones we had more contact with. We would ask the Lord what kind of effect our witness had on them, as well as what we should tell them in our witness or how we could best reach them. After all, the Lord knows their hearts better than anyone. He knows the secrets that they don't share with others, and He knows what they're most in need of. So it was a special blessing to avail ourselves of prophecy to get the Lord's counsel on our witness.
       18. We also asked the Lord for special messages for some of the folks we witnessed to personally, which we were then able to pass on to them. Everyone who we gave a personal prophecy to was very respectful and thankful. We explained that they were messages from God which we had received for them personally while praying for them. It obviously meant something to them, even if they didn't quite understand the concept of prophecy or thought that we'd just written them ourselves.
       19. One special girl we met on our trip and had a chance to witness to a fair bit was a young woman in her mid-twenties, who I'll call Alice. She worked at a local restaurant we ate at occasionally. She was beautiful and had an outgoing, bubbly personality and knack for making instant friends with perfect strangers. At first glance it was evident she was a talented girl who had a lot going for her in every way. We first noticed her outside the restaurant where Peter and I were eating. She was so animated and expressive that it got our attention, and I felt the Lord giving us a check to go give her a tract.
       20. After I handed her the tract, we immediately got into a conversation. Her first question was, "Why, of all the people around, did you give a tract to me?" I answered that the initial reason was that she caught my attention and I felt that she needed a tract, but that the deeper reason was because Jesus loved her and she was special to Him, and He wanted her to get to know Him. Like many young people, she was pretty disillusioned with religion, but she seemed quite interested in the tract. She was very open about herself, and I got to know a lot about her in the short conversation we had right there on the street.
       21. One of the first things she told me was that for the past few years she has had a problem with epilepsy, which has taken quite a toll on her. Her question was, "If God loves me, then how can He do this to me?" Boy, that was a tough one to start off with, and I was glad that she turned to talk to a customer for a minute while I was able to shoot up a prayer and ask the Lord for a response. In reply I asked her whether this sickness had helped her to understand others better and have more compassion for those who likewise have problems. She acknowledged that it had, so I explained that perhaps that was one reason why the Lord had allowed it. She accepted that, but it didn't seem to satisfy her completely.
       22. So after asking the Lord for some more help while she talked to another customer, I then explained that if she hadn't had this illness, she would probably feel completely in control of her life, very self-sufficient, and not in need of anybody, much less God. I asked her if she didn't think that was the case. She acknowledged that it was very true and said, "I'll have to think about that for a while."
       23. After conversing for a while, I had to return to Peter, who was keeping an eye on me from the window, and we arranged to meet with Alice again another day. We felt that she was one of the Lord's sheep whom He wanted us to minister to and bring to Him.

The Powerful Effect of the Word on the Lives of the Lost!

       24. Most of our witnessing on the trip consisted of passing out tracts and brief words of witness here and there, mainly because we weren't going to be there for long, and we knew that the Lord wanted us to be able to reach as many people as possible with the message while we could. We could have spent more time ministering to just a few people, and I'm sure that would have been fruitful too. But in the limited amount of time that we had for witnessing, our witness was going to go much further if we tried to reach as many people as possible with the literature, combined with the sample of our happy spirits, smiles and looks of love.
       25. On the surface, it didn't really seem like we were doing that much--just passing out tracts--but when we asked the Lord about it, He gave us a beautiful message about the importance of the literature and how far-reaching its effect is. I'd like to share this message with you because it not only applies to the witnessing that Peter and I did, but it applies to the witnessing that you do, too.
       26. The Lord wants us all to be more faithful witnesses for Him, wherever we are and whatever else we're doing. And something you can always do, no matter what, whether you have a lot of time or not, whether you speak the language or not, whether you know how to witness or not, is pass out the lit. The results of your obedience to do so will be tremendous! Listen to what the Lord had to say:

       27. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} My dear children, your lives are so rich and full and overflowing with My love and My Spirit that sometimes you don't even remember what it's like to be without My beautiful Spirit of love. You're so used to living in the midst of the blessings of My Spirit and My Word that you sometimes forget what a powerful effect My Word has on the lives of the lost.
       28. You're constantly surrounded by My Spirit and My Word--you read My Word, you have devotions, you teach it to your children, you hear it via tapes and videos, you pray, you talk about Me and My Word, you witness My Word and your library overflows with an abundance of My Word. You might even take it for granted, that it's not a big deal, and you don't realize what a very big effect it has on the people who are without My Word.
       29. Just a simple tract or poster is like gold to them! It's power-packed! It's like giving an injection of life serum to someone who is sick. When you hand a tract to that nameless person on the street, you could literally be saving their life! You don't know anything about them. Maybe you don't even have time to talk to them or you don't even speak their language. Maybe they don't even feel like talking at that moment. But if you're faithful to hand them a tract or poster, your name goes down as being instrumental in saving their life and giving them a chance to know Me. You have no idea what problems that man or woman on the street might be facing in his or her life as they walk by, but the seeds of My Word can be planted with each tract or poster and give them comfort and hope.
       30. The seeds are planted and become part of them as they read My Words. My Words are spirit and life. They have great, great power to reach into the heart of man and accomplish My will. They comfort the laboring man who is struggling to make ends meet with the knowledge that I care and will answer prayer. They comfort the broken heart of the widow and the grieving with the balm of My love. They warn the mischievous of the dangers ahead. They give the lonely a touch of My love. They help the confused to see more clearly. They give the afflicted hope.
       31. There is no one who is looking for Me, that I will not reach in some way. There is no one who I cannot speak to and connect with through My Word. For I know My sheep and I will make Myself known to them if they are calling Me.
       32. Never underestimate the power that My Word contains, for it is very great and will perfect its purpose. You don't always have to have a long, in-depth conversation with people in order to be an effective witness, because My Words will talk when you do not. You don't always have to give them a strong, meaty message, because My simple Words in a simple message ring loud and clear and are always understood.
       33. Each tract or poster that you give to a receptive soul is never wasted. You're giving water to a parched soul! You're pouring a healing elixir on a sick heart. You're turning the light on in the darkness of someone's life. You're handing them the answer, and it's going to thrill their heart!
       34. You can't always go by their immediate reaction or their outward appearance as to how effective your witness has been. There are many reasons why someone might not look like they are too interested or paying much attention--mostly pride and the hardening of their spirit due to the influence of the System. But there are many now in Heaven who can testify that the reason they are Here is because one of My children gave them a tract. It was just a simple black-and-white tract, but the Words within changed their lives.
       35. Manifold are the treasures of the children of David! Their Word mines overflow with gold! Their bags are stuffed with good grain! Their storehouse is bulging with goods! So many seeds! The children of David have so many seeds to sow. Fling them far and wide and let them take root and grow! Each little seed has such tremendous power and contains life-giving strength!
       36. Let My seeds work for you! Let My seeds reach into their hearts and wash them with My love. Let My seeds be your tongue. Let My seeds love them. Let My seeds touch them with new hope. My Word will speak to them and tell them of My love, and give them the comfort and hope that they need.
       37. I promise My love to the lost and I will fulfill My promise to My sheep. They are Mine and I will reach them in whatever way I can. You can have a great part in My plan by spreading the seeds. (End of message from Jesus.)

       38. {\b \i (Mama:) }If we hadn't had enough motivation already to faithfully pass out tracts wherever we went, we certainly would have after the Lord gave us the above message on its importance! Just think of all the things that the Lord says that one little tract can do: comfort the laboring man who is struggling to make ends meet with the knowledge that the Lord cares and will answer his prayer; comfort the broken heart of the widow and the grieving with the balm of the Lord's love; warn the mischievous of the dangers ahead; give the lonely a touch of His love; help the confused to see more clearly; and give the afflicted hope. The Lord says that there is no one whom He cannot reach with His Word. What a promise!
       39. So most of our witnessing consisted of passing out the lit wherever we went and whatever we did. Of course we also wanted to be open to the Lord's leadings about anyone that He might want us to talk to personally and spend a little more time with. Alice was one of those, and we felt that the Lord wanted us to follow up on her.
       40. You see, both are needed. You can't just be sowing seed; you've also got to be open and willing to tenderly water and care for and nourish the seedlings that the Lord wants you to tend. On the other hand, you can't get so busy with a few seedlings that you forget or neglect the rest of the field that hasn't even been sowed yet. It takes both.

Counsel from the Lord on Ministering to Alice!

       41. After my first encounter with Alice, Peter and I had a chance to talk to her again for a few minutes. Afterwards, we prayed and asked the Lord if He had anything to say about her and whether we should continue to meet her and follow up on her in order to get her saved. Of course, she could have gotten saved from reading the tract--and many folks do--but some people need more of a personal witness to help answer their questions and prepare the ground so that they can receive the seed of salvation into their hearts. This is what the Lord told us about Alice. I'm including His counsel here as it's a good example of how you can go to the Lord for specific guidance on how to minister to those you meet who He gives you a special burden for.

       42. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }Oh, she is so changed, so much happier, because she has met My Spirit in you. She has felt My love reaching out to her, and it has given her new faith and new hope. She feels your genuine concern and care about her spirit and her soul, and this has reached deep down into her heart and moved her spirit toward Me. You have given her a taste of the Spirit. You have let her feel it and see it in you. You have been right there with her, talking to her, loving her, smiling at her, holding her hand, and giving her My Word, and this has exploded in her life and caused an irresistible urge in her to reach out for more.
       43. She thirsts for more Spirit, more truth, more love, more understanding. She is so, so hungry! She has tasted of Me and felt that I am good. She has put it to the test and finds that it has satisfied her hunger, and now she is desperate to have it all.
       44. She does not want to lose her chance. She does not want to lose Me. She is desperately hoping that she will see you again and that your link with her won't be broken. She feels the Spirit and the difference between the spiritual food you have given her and how it has helped her, and the merely physical answers that she has tried. She finds herself thinking about Me and the truth that you have shared with her. Her mind is preoccupied with the beauties, the love, the comfort, and the excitement that you have brought into her life.
       45. She will never be the same again, for she has been wakened in the spirit. She reaches out for more, so give her more. Give her all that she will receive and accept. Give, and hold not back. Let My waters of life flow! Let My love enter her heart, and My Spirit give her new life.
       46. Talk to her about Me. Tell her all you can about Me. Talk about My Word, about My love for her, about how I died for her, just her, because I love her! Tell her all that she will receive--and she will receive a lot, because she hungers. Give her all that she asks, that she may go away filled and satisfied. She is a precious child in My sight, and I love her and want to win her to Me. So just be My vessels of love, My channels to let My love flow through. Love her for Me, that I might woo her and win her love. (End of message from Jesus.)

Personal Message from the Lord to Alice!

       47. We also asked the Lord for a personal message for Alice, something that we could give her. The Lord gave a very beautiful message that answered the question she was struggling with about her health. It's wonderful to be able to go to the Lord and get specific answers and messages for those we meet, because He knows what they need most! Alice had a very good reaction to the message, and though it may not have been exactly clear to her how we got it, it touched her heart and had quite an effect on her. Here's what the Lord gave for her:

       48. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} My dear Alice, I love you! I have been preparing your heart through this sickness, so that you would have a greater desire to know Me and would feel a greater need in your life for Me. You are a beautiful young woman who is very talented, outgoing and confident. You find it easy to make friends and do things and be quite self-sufficient and independent. You have always been able to take care of yourself and have been capable of achieving your goals in life. I have given you many good qualities, a friendly personality and a love for people.
       49. You wonder why I have suddenly given you this sickness which threatens to ruin your life. You wonder if I am displeased with you, or if this is a curse or the result of your sins. I am not displeased with you and it is not because of your sins, and it is not going to ruin your life--if you will let Me help you.
       50. I have allowed this sickness for the time being so that you would feel the need for My help and would come to Me. As you learn to come to Me for help, comfort and answers, you will come to know Me in a personal way. You will not only be able to receive My love for yourself, but you will be able to give My love and comfort to others.
       51. This sickness is a blessing in disguise. And although you don't understand how that can be right now, if you let Me, I will use it to make you more understanding of others, to have more love for others, to reflect My love in your eyes, and to fill your life to overflowing with My love.
       52. I love you, My dear Alice, and I am always here for you. With love eternally, Jesus. (End of message.)

Alice Gets Saved!

       53. {\b \i (Mama:) }The next time we met Alice, she was with a girlfriend of hers, so we witnessed to both of them together. Both Alice and her girlfriend were full of questions--mostly about why bad things happen to good people--which Peter and I answered the best we could, mainly just pointing them to the Lord and His love.
       54. It was hard for Alice to understand and receive some of the answers we were giving her, and we realized that the first step was that she needed to get saved so that the Lord's Spirit could work in her heart and open her eyes to the truths that He was trying to show her. Peter shared his personal testimony with the two girls, which they were very interested in, and at the end he gave them the message of salvation and challenged them to receive Jesus into their hearts too. They weren't ready to pray right there in the restaurant, so Peter encouraged them to do so at home.
       55. We were so encouraged when the next time we met Alice, she said, "That night, after talking with you, I went home and talked to Jesus for a long time. I asked Him to come into my heart, and He did!" Praise the Lord! She also said that since then she had made a promise to talk to Jesus a little every day. It was so rewarding to know that this dear girl was going to not only spend eternity with Jesus in Heaven, but that she also now had Him in her heart and would grow closer to Him on Earth, and even be used by Him to give His love to others.
       56. Alice was a natural leader, the type of person who has a lot of friends and who people come to for help, so we encouraged her that now that she had Jesus, she had something that she could give people that would really make a difference in their lives. We told her that the Lord had led us to spend our time with her because He wanted to invest as much as possible in her, since He knew she would share it with others. So what started out as just one tract on the street led to a soul saved, which will lead to other souls coming to know Jesus and feel His love as well! A chain reaction of love!

Letter to Alice from Mama and Peter

       57. {\b \i (Mama:) }At our next meeting with Alice, Peter gave her the following note which he wrote for both of us. (He wrote this before we found out that she had prayed to receive the Lord, which she told us the same evening we gave her this letter.) Along with this letter he gave her "New Life, New Love" and some other follow-up lit.

       58. Dear Alice, It was so nice to get to know you and to have some time together talking about the questions you had. As you can see, we don't have all the answers; only God does. However, we have learned over the years that God really loves each one of us, and that even though we don't understand everything, we can always trust that He loves us and will do what's best for us. It's like parents and children--little children don't always understand the complicated things of the adult world, but they know their parents do, so they trust their parents to take care of those things they don't understand.
       59. As we talked with you, we tried to answer your questions the best we could. If there were any that we didn't answer to your satisfaction, please forgive us. The main point we wanted to get across to you is that Jesus loves you so very much. He loves you so much that He gave His life just for you, so that you could live with Him forever in Heaven. Even if you had been the only one in the world, He would still have died for you, since He loves you so much.
       60. He's not asking anything from you in return; He just wants to give you a gift. When someone gives you a gift, they don't make you pay for it or make you do something to earn it; if they did, it wouldn't be a gift. When you give a gift, you simply want to make the other person happy. You want to show them you love them and care for them. This is how Jesus feels. He just wants to show you that He loves you by giving you the gift of eternal life with Him in Heaven.
       61. You can have this gift if you simply ask Him for it. Just talk to Him and tell Him that you want His free gift of love, that you accept Him into your life and that you know you've done wrong things and you're sorry. It's just that simple. Then you can know that you have eternal life. And even if we never see each other again in this life, we will in the next, because you will be in Heaven and we'll see you there!
       62. We will be praying for you. God bless and keep you.

Message from Jesus on His Love and Salvation

       63. {\b \i (Mama:) }We also asked the Lord for a message for Alice's girlfriend, who had also been quite receptive. We didn't get a chance to meet her again, but we were able to pass this prophecy on to her via Alice. The Lord gave a very good message on His love and salvation, which I'm including here, as it could even be used as a mini-tract or in your mail ministry.

       64. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }My dear friend, I am the great problem-solver Who has the answers to all of life's problems. If you want to know what to do and how to overcome life's trials and problems, just come to Me and I will give you the answers. I will give you comfort to replace anxiety, faith to replace fear, rest in place of struggle, peace in place of worry, happiness in place of sadness, and answers to your questions. I will be your strength, your help in time of need, your direction to light your way in life, your friend and companion. When you're lonely, I'll be there for you. When you're confused, I'll set your mind at peace with My Word.
       65. I have all that you need. You must just come to Me and open your life and heart to Me and receive My blessings and love. Your life consists of more than the physical and material. You also have spiritual needs, and it is I Who have the power to fill your spiritual hunger. If you want to understand people and even yourself, then you must look beyond the physical and look into the spirit. For in My Spirit you will find real love and satisfaction and the fulfillment of all your needs.
       66. It does not mean that you will never have another problem or challenge in life, or that you will never face another difficulty or trial, but I will be able to help you with life's problems. You will not be trying to handle your problems on your own. You will no longer have to handle things on your own, because you can call on Me, and with My strength behind you and in you, you will have the greatest strength in the universe to help you.
       67. I am not just fiction, imagination or a fable, but I am real! I am Spirit and life, and I am what you need. I created you, so I understand your needs. I understand your deepest desires and dreams. I can fill your life with much more than you've ever imagined: true love, peace of mind and heart, real friendship, answers, strength for the task. I will be an unfailing Friend to you, One Who will always be there to support and love you. I love you! You are very special to Me. I created you because I love you and I want you to love Me.
       68. Reach out and receive My love, and you will find that it will be more to you than any earthly love. In My love you will find your fulfillment. As you learn to love Me and know Me, you will find the answers to understanding others and even yourself. For I understand the heart of man and can help you to do the same. Yours eternally--Jesus. (End of message from Jesus.)

The Lord Loves the "Nobodies" Just as Much as the "Somebodies!"

       69. {\b \i (Mama:) }We returned home shortly afterwards, so we didn't get to see much more of Alice, although we did leave her with an address where she could contact us, which she promised to do. We explained how she can help others and share the gift of love which she had received with them too. We believe that the Lord is going to use her as a witness to many, and that's why He had us meet her, so that we could lead her to the Lord and get her started off on the new road that He wanted her life to take.
       70. Had we not done our part to be faithful witnesses by giving out tracts wherever we could, heeding the Lord's checks and being willing to obey them, we would have missed the opportunity to meet this precious girl. But because we had the conviction that the Lord wanted us to get out the message everywhere, whether it was our "witnessing" time or not, Alice found the Lord, and as a result I know others will too.
       71. Alice was just a "nobody" in the eyes of the System, but in the Lord's eyes she was very important. Actually, all of the people that we ministered to and gave tracts to were just "nobodies," but they're all "somebodies" to the Lord. He died for them just as much as for all the "somebodies," and He's just as concerned about them having a chance to receive His love and salvation.
       72. For example, while on this trip we asked the Lord if we should follow up on a man we had met on the street and given a tract to. He said, "Yes, I led you to meet this man and I brought you across his path so that I could use you to reach out to him with a message of My love. I have given you a burden for him so that you could give him My Words that will save his life. So do take the time to reach out to him and to give him a special message from Me. It will be time well spent, for he is dear to My heart and is lost in a world of darkness."
       73. This man wasn't anybody special to the world, but he was special to the Lord--so much so that the Lord wanted us to get a personal prophecy to give to him, which we did. The Lord has so much love and such a broken heart for each of His lost sheep. Lord help us to have that same broken heart, that same willingness to forsake all daily, to forsake our pride and the things that would hold us back from reaching out to others, and to give our time and our strength to reach those in need.
       74. Often they don't even seem to be in need outwardly, but inside they are, and the little bit of love that you give them can make a difference. Just that one tract can make a difference. Just those few words of comfort and encouragement can make a difference. The ripple effect is greater than you will ever know--until you get to Heaven, that is, and can see the full fruit of your labors! Now that's something to look forward to!

If You Witness, You Can't Fail!

       75. Maybe you feel like you're not much of a witness or you don't feel you know how to express yourself very clearly or give people the answers that they need. Maybe you feel that your answers are insufficient or inadequate. I'm sure the Enemy sometimes tempts you with discouragement and tries to get you to quit being a witness by telling you that you're not good enough anyway; you're not eloquent enough; you don't have enough Scriptures memorized; you're not smart enough to formulate good, clear answers based on the Word you know, etc.
       76. It may encourage you to know that I feel the same way and face the same battles! In fact, when I was on this trip with Peter, I asked the Lord why I sometimes wasn't satisfied with the answers that I gave when witnessing, and didn't feel that I had given answers that were Word-based or convincing enough. Here's what the Lord said, which applies to your witness too!

       77. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Your witness is never lost. The words of encouragement or truth that you share with them are not lost or weak or wasted, but they are good words that confirm My love. You might think that your answer isn't good enough, powerful enough, or deep enough, but you are speaking My Words and telling them the truth, and those words will not return void.
       78. Your witness accomplishes My purpose; it reminds them of Me and it brings their thoughts back to Me. All the words that you say, the answers you give, the encouragement and smiles, go a long way to water the ground of their heart. Your words are important. They're good words, because they're My Words, and you're speaking about Me and the truth, so they will not fail.
       79. You cannot see what effect your witness has on each person, as some people do not show this outwardly, but it has great effect one way or the other. It helps them to either choose My way and go My way and have a hunger for more, or to reject it. Your words are words of faith, which is so rare these days, and that speaks very loudly.
       80. Don't worry if you don't have what you feel is a good answer. Just give the answer that I bring to your mind and trust that is what I want you to say to them. Just open your mouth and I will fill it with good answers. All the Word that you have stored in your heart will come to the fore.
       81. It takes time to learn to witness face to face and be ready to answer every man. You can't even know what answers you need until you've been asked the questions. It takes time to learn what questions are in the hearts of My sheep, but once you know the questions, you can be better armed with the answers and better prepared.
       82. Even though you have My Word stored inside of you and you live in My Word, you are not used to verbally witnessing My Word face to face to the man on the street, and it simply takes time to change gears and become a street witnesser. The more My children witness personally, the more they know how to answer people's questions directly and personally.
       83. Witnessing never fails, and your witness and the words you've spoken will not fail, even if later you feel you could have given a better answer. You are a voice of faith whenever you speak about Me and My Word, and your voice of faith rings loud and clear in their minds.
       84. Your desire to give good, clear answers brings you back to Me to seek for more and more to give to My sheep. It keeps you hungering to have the words that will feed them. And as you come back to Me in prayer for what to say to them, then I can speak and show you, and you can pass it on. (End of message from Jesus.)

       85. {\b \i (Mama:) }Isn't that encouraging? The Lord is saying that if you witness, you can't fail! All you have to do is be willing to be there and open your mouth, and then the Lord will fill it. And even if you feel that what's coming out isn't good enough, the Lord can use it to work in that person's heart and bring them to Him.
       86. There are so many testimonies of people who got saved and even joined the Family as a result of a very simple witness, or one song that someone sang them--sometimes on a guitar that was missing a string and out of tune! But they felt the Spirit, and that's what made the difference. If you're yielded to the Lord and you're desperate to be a channel of His love to others, then He'll shine through you, and what people will see is the Lord, not you--and that's what will turn them on! The less there is of you, the more the light shines through! But you have to be willing to just be a nobody, to just be a channel, to just be a paperboy or papergirl, passing out the Words and letting them work in people's hearts.

You Don't Have to Be Eloquent to Be a Witness!

       87. Not long ago I received a letter from a teen girl who had just moved to Russia. She wrote:

       88. "One time I was out witnessing and I met a guy who spoke fluent English (and I really wasn't used to witnessing in English), and he was asking lots of questions. I had a hard time answering him and I guess I kind of got stage fright and stumbled through my words, and he left not understanding much. Lord help me! I felt like such a failure in not really witnessing to him, and this has happened over and over again. I know in my heart what we're all about, but I just can't express it! People here ask such deep questions about life, and also what we do this work for. I know we do it to help and save people, but then they say, 'Is that all?' and I get stuck! I hope I'm making this clear to you. So I feel like I'm no use in witnessing, 'cause I always get stuck and they eventually walk off.
       89. "This is the best work I could be doing, but I have a hard time expressing this to them. Is it okay to just say, 'I'm here to tell people about Jesus'? Or am I failing if I can't express it in more detail? I'm not confident in witnessing because I haven't had much personal witnessing experience, but I'd really like to be confident and I have a burning desire to win souls for Him. I've read all the Letters about keeping it simple and they've helped a lot. But shouldn't I give more of an answer if they need one? I feel so inexperienced and discouraged, and I need your help!!! I love you so much and am gonna try my best to learn to 'give an answer to him that asks!' I have so many things to ask, but since witnessing is the most important thing in my life I'll just limit it to this one, since I know you're busy."

       90. When I asked the Lord for a message for this dear girl, He responded with the following:

       91. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Precious one, don't be discouraged! Don't feel like a failure. No one who gives My Word is a failure. The only failures are those who do not go and who do not try. Those who do nothing are the only failures.
       92. My young prophetess, have I not promised to pour out My Spirit upon My sons and My daughters in these Last Days? And so it is being poured out! Therefore the Enemy fights you with his greatest tool--discouragement! You know he's pulling out his biggest guns when you feel discouraged. You know he's really mad when he tempts you to give up. You know he's really upset when he tells you you're just a failure. He has tried to sweep away the young people with this tool, with an epidemic of discouragement.
       93. Usually your greatest battles will not be when you're comfortable and in the easy fields, but on the mission field or where you are doing My will, because that is where the Enemy will fight you the most. So if you thought all your battles would be over as soon as you went to the mission field or started witnessing, don't be surprised if the battles become more intense, because you're a live one! Be encouraged that the Enemy is mad.
       94. Your usefulness is just beginning, for you are one of My Endtime prophets! To be a prophet or a prophetess or a witness, you do not have to be eloquent, because it is not you who must come through, it is Me. Just as in anything you do, it cannot be your works, but it must be My works. It cannot be your spirit, but it must be My Spirit. It must be My Words that witness. If I had wanted to win them through your words I would have made you eloquent, but it is not just words that win, it is My Spirit through you.
       95. Let the written Word witness for you through the literature, through the tracts, through the posters. Let the written Word do the witnessing.--I just need you to bring it to them! Just your spirit will tell them that a prophet has been among them. You will be witnesses of Me just by your countenance.
       96. You will shine as lights in darkness, because your witness will be so powerful! Even your spirit will testify that you are from Me by the light on your face and the love in your eyes. The warmth of your heart and your dedication will speak. Even your youth, your young age, is a witness. Your zeal for the cause is greater than words and the things that you can say. Your sample is the proof of My existence. And though they walk away, they cannot deny it, for I have spoken to their heart that you are different. I have told them that I am the answer, and it is up to them to accept or reject.
       97. You are not a failure and you don't have to have all the answers. So don't be discouraged, but continue to pour out. I will lead and guide those who are needy and hungry to you. And you will grow in wisdom, you will grow in the Word, and you will grow in love. The words will come when you need them, and I will speak through you. I will give you what you need, when you need it. So fret not, and don't worry, My faithful witness! (End of message from Jesus.)

       98. {\b \i (Mama:)} Remember, the Word is one of the most powerful witnesses that you have. Dad, and the Lord Himself through some of the recent tracts received in prophecy, have already done the preaching for you. All you have to do is pass it out! So if you don't feel like you're eloquent enough to be a witness, don't worry, because you don't need to be! In fact, sometimes you might get a lot more mileage out of your witness by just giving someone a piece of lit and getting them to read it than through your personal explanation.
       99. Of course they need to see the sample and see that you're sold on it and believe in it, but when it comes to preaching, let the Word do it! As Dad said way back in "Shiners or Shamers": "Tell those kids I can do my own preaching. I don't need them to do it for me, and I think the Letters do a better job than they can. All I need is sweet, bright-eyed, happy kids to get it into their hands. You're the sample; the lit's your sales talk. The sample sells the sales talk. You're the product and proof it works!" (ML #241:2,34).
       100. The primary requisite, though, is to be willing. You have to be willing to be instant in season and out of season. You have to be willing to see each person that you meet as someone who needs the Lord, someone whose soul is in your hands, because you have the opportunity to either tell them about the Lord and give them a chance for salvation, or to let them languish on in their emptiness. You have to be willing to set aside your fear, pride, laziness, or whatever it is that hinders you from being an instant witness, and determine in your heart that you're not going to miss any of the Lord's setups.
       101. You may be on your way to take care of some important business and too busy to talk to them personally right then, but you always have time to witness to them by handing them a tract! That's what we did! There's always time for a tract, and I hope you carry some with you wherever you go. You may not be able to take posters or tapes and some of our tools with you wherever you go, but there's always room for a few tracts in your pocket, purse or pouch.
       102. That's probably why the Lord emphasized our tracts in a number of the prophecies that He's recently given us about witnessing, and why He's given us a number of tracts in prophecy for different types of people and even different countries. While our other lit is very important, the advantage of the tracts is that you can carry them wherever you go, so there's no excuse not to have any with you! Plus you can more easily provision the photocopying or printing of them so that you can give them out freely without having to worry about the cost. But even if you do have to pay for the printing, the Lord will bless you for just giving them out and trusting Him to supply your needs! Or you could ask some of your Christian friends or contacts to sponsor the printing!

Be a Channel of the Lord's Love!

       103. After we got home from our trip, we had a time of fellowship with our staff as Peter and I told them some of our witnessing testimonies, and read some of the prophecies I included in this GN. After our time together, we asked the Lord to speak. This is what He had to say:

       104. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }Behold the sample that I have given unto you of your queen and king who have such love, My love, for each person that passes them by. They are concerned for each little one, and they are vessels of My love for them. This is what I wish each of you to be--vessels of My love for each person that you meet. Each person whose path you cross is someone who is waiting and longing for My love in some form.
       105. You are My channels, My vessels through whom I wish to pour My love, whether it be through a word, a smile, a tract, or a witness. You are the vessels of My love, the channels of My seeds--My seeds that grow in people's hearts, that burst forth into joy and happiness!
       106. Neglect not to pour out My seeds; bottle them not up. Be not receivers only, but be givers also. Let them not stagnate in your hearts, but pour them out. Pour them out on those you meet. Pour them out on each other. For though you have not much opportunity to meet those from the outside, you can be channels of My seeds and of My love for each other as well. This is needful and is also good practice, so that when you have the opportunity to meet My lost sheep, you may be channels of My love for them.
       107. Each one is precious to Me. Though they be nothing in the eyes of the world, though they are despised, though they are lonely, though there is no one who cares for them, yet I care for them. My heart is broken for them and I wish to show them My love. You are My hands, you are My smile, you are My tongue. You are they through whom I work.
       108. Therefore, hearken to these Words that I have spoken. Hearken to the testimonies that you have heard. Let them live in your hearts, and may you remember them always as you go forth. Remember that in all that you do, whatever it may be, your primary task is to be a channel of My love. (End of message from Jesus.)

              109. {\b \i (Mama:)} This is something that I hope we can always remember, that in all we do, our primary task is to be a channel of the Lord's love. The Lord has given you so much truth, so much Word, so much love. He's poured it out on you in abundant measure. Don't let it stagnate in your heart. As the song goes, don't be "secluded in your blessings."
       110. Imagine that you're in the midst of a desert, with people going thirsty all around, and you have found an unending wellspring of water--because that's what it's like! Each person you meet is thirsty and in need, even if they don't show it, or even if they pretend that they're okay without it. Don't pass up the opportunity to share what you have with them. Don't bottle it up! If the Lord is saying this to those in our Home, who don't go out much and can't witness openly for security reasons, how much more should it apply to all of you who can!
       111. That same evening, the Lord gave another very convicting message, directed to the entire Family, on the responsibility that He has given us as His hands and mouth to the world, and the blessings that He will give us if we fulfill this responsibility. This prophecy sums up the message the Lord has been trying to impart to us through our witnessing experiences, and to you through the testimonies I've been sharing in this GN. I suggest that you review this very powerful and important prophecy regularly so that you may not only remember it with your mind, but put it into action with your deeds.

The Days of Testing Your Love!

       112. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }Behold the sample of My king and queen and their faithful handmaidens, as they have given and given and given to those who are in need. They have been sensitive to My voice. They have felt My love pull on their heartstrings and draw them to those who are in need. They looked not on the outward appearance, but they were led of Me, and they took their time and strength to put forth the effort to feed My sheep, even little tiny obscure lambs.
       113. They gave even when they had no possibility or avenue of receiving in return. They gave unselfishly, just to feed My sheep, just to be faithful to My command, to preach the Gospel to every creature. As they went they were healed, they were strengthened, they were blessed and protected. As they went they were anointed with a fresh anointing of My Spirit, the oil of gladness, the oil of love, the oil of boldness to be My witnesses. I gave them strength that they knew not of, because they sought and put first the needs of others.
       114. Take heed, My children, to this example of your king and queen. For though they have the weight of the world on their shoulders, and though they bear the responsibility of the entire kingdom, still they're willing to take their time and strength to seek out the lost and lonely and needy, and to give them a touch of My love. And then they're willing to go even a step further, and to hear from Me and receive messages for these who are worthy, these who are hungry.
       115. The king and queen are not ashamed of My Words. They do not look with the eyes of man and judge by outward appearance, but they love each one wholeheartedly. They love as I love, for I love each one as if he or she were the only one.
       116. My king and queen feel that love and compassion and they are moved to action. This is the greatest example of being faithful in that which is least. This is a test that I have put before My king and queen. Time and time again I have tested their faithfulness in the littlest thing--that of giving My Words, either in person through their personal witness, or by means of a tract to My little, tiny, weak lost sheep.
       117. I did not test My king and queen as they ministered to great and powerful well-known personalities. I did not test My king and queen as they ministered to the powers that be--kings, magistrates, governors, presidents. No, I tested My king and queen with little ones--little, tiny bleating sheep. And these, My faithful ambassadors, My faithful witnesses and missionaries, have shown Me their love over and over. They have proved to Me that they are worthy, and because of this I am able to pour forth My blessings upon them in many, many ways.
       118. I wish for all of you, My children, to understand that your faithfulness in witnessing is a great key to My blessings in many areas. I have promised you great fruitfulness, great supply, great open doors. I have promised to speak Words of revelation and direction to you. I have promised to make you a financial power. I have promised to lead and guide you in the way that you should go. There are so many blessings--multitudes of blessings that I have in My hand, ready at any moment to pour forth!
       119. So many of these blessings will be reached through tiny, obscure doors. So many of the keys to future fruitfulness, productivity and happiness begin with tiny steps that seem insignificant at the time. Much of your great influence to come, the supply of your needs, and even the finances you seek, will come through avenues that in the beginning are hidden, obscure, and in the eyes of man even ridiculous.
       120. I would that My children everywhere be ready, instant in season and out of season, to give My love and My Word to all they meet. For many have become corrupted, deceived and weakened because they look on the outward appearance and they see things with the eyes of the flesh instead of the eyes of the spirit. They give to those from whom they wish to receive, or they give to those who seem from their perspective to have power and riches and greatness in the ways of the world.
       121. They give and love and minister with partiality, and it is because the ways of the world are too much with My children--the ways of striving in the flesh, of laboring in their own strength, of struggling to make things happen as they see them from their narrow, finite perspective.
       122. I am the God of the universe, the Creator of all things, both great and small, and many times I test My children. I put them in circumstances to test their love, to test their sensitivity to My Spirit, to test their willingness to minister even to the lowly, as I did. I tell you now, My brides, My faithful ones in the house of David, these are the days when I am testing your love and I am seeing who is worthy.
       123. Where are My missionaries who see things as I do? Who look upon the sheep as I do? Who long to seek and to save that which is lost as I do? These are the days of testing your love, when great blessings, great open doors and great supply hinge on tiny decisions of yieldedness, tiny demonstrations of faithfulness, and tiny sacrifices of love.
       124. When you walk through the world as My messengers, I walk with you, and I watch your behavior. I know your attitudes and I hear your words. When you stop to help that elderly man or woman across the street and give them a tract, I take note. When you take a moment to encourage the beggars and give them a coin and a tract, I take note.
       125. When you humble yourself to approach that group of teenagers, even though you feel embarrassed and out of place, and you give them a little encouragement and a tract, I take note. When you smile at the bus driver and show him appreciation for his faithful labors as a servant of the city, and give him a tract, I take note. When you go to the bakery to pick up your bread, or when you shake the clerk's hand and tell him that you appreciate his faithfulness to do his job day in and day out so that you might have what you need, and you give him a tract, I take note. When you go to the video store to pick up a video and you take a few minutes to encourage the attendant about his problems and to pray for him and to give him a tract, I take note.
       126. When you're waiting in the dentist's office and you reach out to that person sitting beside you and strike up a conversation and help to calm their fears and reassure them, and you give them a tract, I take note. When you see that young mother with a stroller and a couple of little children by her side, struggling with her groceries trying to make it home, and you take your time to help her and to compliment her on the beauty and blessing of her children, and you give her a tract, I take note.
       127. There are so many times throughout the day when you have the opportunity to be a vessel of My love and a carrier of My Words to those in need. All of these situations seem insignificant, and it seems you have so little to receive in return; yet unbeknownst to you, all the while I am seeing your faithfulness. I am able, according to My promises, to give to you as you give to others.
       128. If you give generously, faithfully, day by day, then I will in some way, through some avenue, give to you, and you will not lack. But if you withhold, if you are selfish, apathetic and dull in spirit, so that you cannot even see the needs of those around you or the opportunities that I give you to be My messenger and to give My light and love to the little lambs, then you stop the flow of My blessings into your life. When I say give and it shall be given unto you, I am bound by My promises. As you pour out, I will pour in.
       129. Being My messengers, My witnesses, My voice of salvation and warning in this wicked world is your primary duty in life. And your faithfulness or lack of faithfulness in this is a key to how I am able to shower you with My blessings. It determines whether I am able to give you the bare minimum of that which you need just to scrape by, or whether I am able to send forth an abundant downpour of blessings from Heaven!
       130. I long to do great things for My children, for you, My special brides, My precious children of David, My faithful ones of the Endtime. I long to open effectual doors that no man can shut. I long to bless you with abundant provision. I long to lead you to those who can protect you, those who can keep you from danger in the dark days to come. I long to make you as a mighty voice, as one in the wilderness crying out, "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! Repent, for the Son of Man comes again! Repent, for your days are numbered, and the day of salvation is now!"
       131. You will become a world power in your witness, in your message, in your products, in your finances, in your connections with those who are in power. But all these miracles and open doors hinge on little tiny obediences, little tiny yieldednesses, little tiny moments of giving, as I speak to your heart and test you and call you to minister to the weak, to the small ones, to the insignificant little lambs.
       132. When I see that you are faithful in that which is least, as your king and queen are, then I will know that you, too, will be faithful in that which is much. Then I will set before you great doors, great opportunities, great power and plenty, that no man will be able to take from you. It will be a gift of My hand, and it will be a testimony of My blessing. Many in the world will look upon you and know that you are My Bride and I am your faithful Husband, the One Who keeps you, surrounds you, protects you, and supplies your every need.
       133. In that day you will look upon these blessings and you will know that it is not because of your own doing, your own striving in the flesh, your own trying to make things happen, to reach the top, to go through the big doors, to meet the big contacts, but it will be because you are My faithful messengers and you cared for My little lambs. You saw the sheep and you tended to their needs, as I would.
       134. You were willing to make yourself of no reputation to seek and to save that which was lost, to care for the needy. You were not secluded in your own blessings, or blinded by self-satisfaction, or full and unfeeling and lethargic from your much feasting on My Words, but you felt the heartbreak and the pain and the need of those who have nothing. You were willing to take your time and strength to give to those in need, even when you saw that there was nothing for you to receive in return. This is unselfish giving, unselfish witnessing, unselfish dying daily, but this is what opens My great doors.
       135. So now, My children, during these days of the testing of your love, ask yourself, inquire of yourself today, to see if you, like your king and queen, will be faithful in that which is least, so that I will know that you will also be faithful in that which is much.
       136. There is much to be done, much Word to be poured forth, many to be reached and saved, many new lands and ministries to be pioneered, but first you must purge yourselves of the sin of looking upon others with the eyes of the flesh instead of the eyes of the spirit. You must cleanse yourselves of the weakness of judging by outward appearance, by calling out to Me and asking Me to give you a new heart of compassion, understanding and brokenness. Then and only then will you have the power within you to be the witnesses and messengers that I have ordained you to be.
       137. Then you will lift your eyes upon the fields and see that they are white unto harvest, and you will be moved to action! Then you will look upon the multitudes, both great and small, and you will be moved with compassion for them, and you will pour forth My message to any and all who will hear.
       138. I have so few messengers in the world today, so few who are willing to speak My Words. You, My children of David, are among the faithful few, and so it is that I must test your love. I must test your faithfulness. I must test your obedience. I must test your humility. Though you have done well in days and years past, today and in the days to come the need will be greater. So I must purge you and cleanse you and make you strong. And so do I test you and instruct you and put before you the sample of the king and queen.
       139. I long to make you great. I long to make you powerful. I long to make you a voice that is heard and recognized the world over! But first you must learn faithfulness in that which is least as you feed the tiniest, weakest and most uncomely sheep. When you learn faithfulness and diligence in this, when your love is so great that you look beyond the outward appearance and reach out to touch even those who are the most sickly, those who are nigh unto death, then I will know that you are ready, that you are pure and righteous and strong enough in the spirit, that I can pour forth My greatest blessings, My greatest abundance, and My greatest open doors, all of which you will need for the days of the End.
       140. This is part of your preparation as My chosen Endtime army--these days of testing your love--but they pave the way for the days that are to come of great blessing, power, strength, witness, provision, protection and the power of My Spirit! (End of message from Jesus.)

       141. {\b \i (Mama:) }One of the things that stands out to me the most from this prophecy is how the Lord says that He judges us on the little things, the tiny opportunities that we take to show His love to someone--especially to those from whom we will receive nothing in return. He's watching to see how unselfishly we're going to give to others, and how far we're willing to go to lay down our lives for them, not because we hope they can give us something in return, but for no other reason than that the love of Christ constrains us.
       142. His blessings are contingent on our obedience to His commission to reach the lost and the hungry with the Gospel. He wants to give us more, to bless us more, but He has limited Himself by our obedience and our willingness to give our all to Him by giving our all to others.

Mama's Prayer

       143. {\b \i (Prays:)} Jesus, help us not to fail You by brushing aside the checks of Your Spirit to reach out to those in need, to those who we pass by and don't even pay attention to because we're so busy with our own thoughts and our own affairs. Deliver us from our selfishness, our preoccupation with our own needs instead of being preoccupied with the needs of others.
       144. Forgive us for loving with partiality, for not being as faithful as we should be with the little people, for not taking the time for them, because we're too concerned about whether we'll get anything out of it or whether it will benefit us in some way. You said, Lord, that You're watching us to see how faithful we'll be with the little things, because then You can trust us with the big things. Help us not to miss those opportunities that You put in front of us, those times that seem insignificant to us, but which could make all the difference in the world to someone else, because it's a chance where they could get to know You and be touched by Your love.
       145. Forgive us, Jesus, for the times that we despise the riches that You give us, the wealth that You've entrusted us with. Yes, we despise it when we don't realize how valuable it is and how much others need it. Every time we pass up the chance to share these riches with someone, we're belittling their importance, because if we truly were aware and believed that everyone needed them so desperately, we would do more to share them. We wouldn't pass up a single chance to pour out.
       146. Help us to lift up our eyes and look on the fields that are before us. They're so white and ready to be reaped, but we don't even see them sometimes because we're too busy looking at ourselves. We're too busy being concerned about ourselves and our own desires, our own needs, our own wants, our own problems. Help us to be more concerned about the problems of others than our own. Help us to realize that in getting our eyes off of ourselves and on others, You'll be able to take care of our problems. We try so hard to solve them in the arm of the flesh, when You just want us to follow Your directive to give Your love to others, and You'll take care of the rest.
       147. Help us not to fail them, Jesus. They need us so much because they need You so much, and we're the channels You have chosen. You said that we're some of the few who are willing to be Your channels and Your brides. Help us never to despise that privilege by not putting Your love into action in our lives, in every way we can. Jesus, we need You so much.
       148. Deliver us from our pride, and help us to be willing to be humble so others might have life. Help us not to look at things with the eyes of the flesh, but with the eyes of the Spirit, the way You see them. If we could only look at people the way You look at them--so full of love and compassion. Your heart is broken for each of them, and You want our hearts to break for them as well, as if each one were the only one. Help us not let our hearts grow hard through unyieldedness, through unwillingness to humble ourselves in order to save others. You had to humble Yourself, Lord. You came down and lived amongst the lowest of the low in order to show that Your love was for everyone. Help us to do the same.
       149. We get so secluded in our blessings sometimes, so full, and even fat from all that You give us. Help us to pour it out, to give in the same measure that You've given us. We decry the hypocrisy of the church system because so many seek to take and not to give, but are we sometimes guilty of the same? Help us to always remember that we are bought with a price, that we are not our own, and that Your commission and our duty is to be channels of Your love, wherever we go, whatever we're doing.
       150. You've made it clear that our most important job, our primary purpose, is to show Your love to others, to give them a witness in some form or another. Help us never to even leave the house without some tracts on us and a desire in our hearts to give one to each person we meet, along with a word of cheer and encouragement. Even if we don't have time to talk to them, we can at least give them a tract or a poster. We can at least do that much.
       151. You've said that inasmuch as we show love to the least of these Your brethren--and that means everyone we meet--we've done it unto You. Forgive us for the times we've just passed You by, Jesus, because we were too busy, because we didn't have enough conviction in our hearts to give out Your message to everyone we met. Give us Your heart, Jesus--Your heart of love, Your heart of compassion, of mercy, of understanding, of brokenness, of humility. Help us to set aside our pride and the things that hold us back so that we can fulfill Your will in our lives.
       152. Thank You for Your blessings, Jesus. You're so good to us, even when we don't deserve it. You're so longsuffering and tender with us. Thank You for providing for us despite our mistakes. Help us to do better and learn from them. Thank You for Your promises to provide even more for us if we'll be faithful with the little things--the little opportunities to witness and give Your love.
       153. You promised to open great and mighty doors, but said that these are opened with very small keys. Help us to do our part with the small keys so that You in turn can do Your part and open the doors. You're such a faithful provider and Husband. Thank You for making us Your Bride. Help us to fill that role well by serving You and giving You our all. Thank You for taking us, unworthy as we are. We could never earn all that You've given us or repay You for it, but we can give You our lives--and that's what You ask for. And we're giving our lives to You when we give them to others, because in loving them, we're also loving You. Your love didn't fail us, Lord; help our love not to fail others. We love You, Jesus, our Lover, Savior, Friend and dearest Husband.--In Your Name we pray, amen.

       154. Are you giving your all to reach the lost? God bless and keep you being instant witnesses for Him--ready at all times to be channels of His love! I love you!
       Love, Mama

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family