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Book of Rememberance - History of Britain


At the same time as these insane enemies were rising up to try to destroy God's Children, the Lord gave Dad the prophecy "They Can't Stop Our Rain", November, 1971, which says in part:

"These pitiful parents are so poor and so ridiculous and have no power to stand against the will of God, and they shall fall before Him like the summer grass and wither and fade away, whereas thou shalt prosper and grow strong and become mighty before all men and before all nations as thou shalt serve the Lord... and kings shall serve thee and nations shall bow down before thee, and thy enemies shall be as dust before thy feet... I shall give thee cities, and whole lands that shall fall before Me... For I am with thee and, shall reign with thee as a rod within My Hand - as a -rod of iron -and they' shall bow before the rod within My Hand! Thou art the Rod and the Branch and My Servant David that I have spoken of!...

"For it is your, Father's good pleasure to give unto you not only the Kingdom, but many kingdoms and all nations on the Earth, for they shall all fall down before thee... For this is the king I have chosen and these thy children, the City where I have picked to place My name and this is the nation I have chosen to honour... the -bride of all brides and the beauty of the Husbandman... the people I spake of through all the prophets of all times! . . .

"(It starts to, rain lightly' as David is drifting off to sleep.)

Behold, the drops of water fall from Heaven to bless My land to refresh it! And then there are those who will stand up against it! How ridiculous!

"(He sees a picture ,of people holding up their hands against Heaven trying to stop the rain, like we are the rain of God--the Latter Rain of God refreshing the earth--but there are those who would try to stop the rain!) Their trying to stop us is as foolish as their trying to stop the rain! What can they do? They can only stop a few drops of God's great shower!"

Dad said, "Persecution is not bad, but good, and good for you! It is persecution with a purpose. It shows if you really love Him and His all the way: Second, it purges the ranks of those who don't, mean business and who are not devoted, loyal and true. Third, it will really show you who your enemies are and what to expect from them. Fourth, it also shows who you are, the true Prophets of God, and that your Message is the truth, by the very fact that they persecute you. Fifth, it shows you've done a good job, delivered your soul; warned the wicked, and finished the job. Sixth, now that you're out of the way, God can bring His judgments on those who first rejected your Message and finally rejected you. Seventh, you continue on God's way, giving some other city or land their chance. Hallelujah!" (From "Persecution", No. 125, Nov. 1, '71)

Dad had even predicted in, his tape "Follow God" (Oct. 22, 1970) that "To scatter us around the globe... God is going to put the pressure on, I don't doubt, to make us send some of our kids to Europe! Probably they'll have to get out of the country or something. God is going to put the pressure on if we don't do it voluntarily. If we don't do it just in obedience and willingness to follow God, God is going to put the screws on and the pressure on somehow so that we're going to have to do His Will."

And that's exactly what happened: Dad had often warned the Family to be prepared for their wave of good publicity, to crash on the rocks of persecution. But beginning with his Letter "Decentralization" (Oct. 23, 1971, No. 122) and culminating with "The Great Escape", "The Emergency", "Declaration .of Independence", and others,Dad warned the disciples once and for all to break up their oversized colonies and to flee the wrath of the Devil in the United States and take the Revolution into all the world! And in that year of 1972, they began to explode throughout North America, Europe and parts of Asia, into 140 Colonies in 40 countries with 2,400 fulltime workers, two-thirds of them outside of the U.S.!

God in his mercy had already sent a small pioneer team in July of 1971 to prepare the way for that massive exodus of 1972: Faith and her tiny team of only five other volunteers! It was a venture of faith, not finances, motivated by love and in obedience to Dad’s warnings and God’s commandment to “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.” (Mk. 16:15)

The BBC “Man Alive” program had filmed a television special of some of the Colonies in America called “The Jesus Trip”. When the Family found out that they were going to be on the air in London on July 7th, they knew someone had to be there for the showing. If it was to be anything like “First Tuesday” h ad been, they knew it would open England wide up to God’s Revolution!

On July 2nd, the European team was formed and told that they needed to be in England in 5 days! Faith had just arrived at the Zion, Texas Colony from the Louisiana Festival of Life. Someone said, “The London team is leaving. Are you ready yet?” “They’re leaving?” she asked. “Who’s going?” And before she knew it, she was in New York City buying one-way tickets on a cheap charter flight across the Atlantic.

On the night of July 4th, Faith was on her way with Jonas, Dutch Benjamin and his wife, Mirjam, to be followed the next day by Apollos and his new wife Lois. High school dropouts and former dopers, not a college degree among them, they were so ignorant of international travel that they almost didn’t even get into England, having a hard time proving financial responsibility, that they could provide for themselves while there and then pay their way back. Faith later said, “Only God could have picked and used such a crazy group.”

Arriving in London, they went to the only place they knew in England, a “bed and breakfast” boarding house where Dad and Maria had stayed a couple of months before. This was their only “contact” in all of England. Besides a fleeting acquaintance with the BBC film crew, they didn’t have on friend. “All we had was the Spirit and Love of God”, Faith said. “What else do you need?”

“The first people I called when we arrived was the BBC television. I said, ‘This is Faith from the Children of God. We’re in England. We wanted to let you know we were here because you came and filmed us in America.”