Introduction and Commentary

This presents a perfect example of Berg's fear mongering.

Astronomers know Kohoutek as one of the more disappointing comets to come along in a while. Initially touted as the "Comet of the Century," it ended up putting on a rather disappointing display.

For Berg, the appearance and approach of Kahoutek presents an opportunity to keep his followers in line, and also an opportunity to say "I told you so", if things come to pass as predicted.

Only a few years after the assination of Kennedy, and with the Watergate scandal shaking the world, Berg rides on the era's trend of conspiracy hype and mistrust of government. He adeptly uses ambiguity and plays on uncertainty - freely intermingling terms [see example in paragraph 26] and entities - so that in the end there is only them and us, the comet and God's judgements.

In his usual fashion, Berg lumps anybody and everybody in any position of authority together into one common convenient block, refering to scientists, and government as our rulers in the "system", concerned only with lulling "us" to sleep in order to preserve law and order. He tries to create absolute fear and mistrust of the "system", not only warning of its imminent collapse, but of its wish to destroy us all, its preference to obliterate human-kind in a nuclear war.

Apparently he did not have the benefit of watching post cold-war documentaries on the great lengths the super-powers of the cold war went, to prevent any of this happening.

Kahoutek came and went without much fanfare, with no sensational displays, and with none of the spectacular disaster scenarios Berg described.

While his doomsday warnings were shrouded with subtle disclaimers such as "EXACTLY WHAT... we cannot tell" and "could signify", Berg pressed on hard, with "SURELY... A COLOSSAL EVENT", "GOING TO BE SOMETHING REALLY BIG!", and "If you’re not ready, you’d better get ready!". He told his followers that the end was in fact nigh. They were made to endure even more hardship to prepare themselves, and to push this letter onto the public.

When none of his predictions came to pass, Berg was able to use his built in disclaimer in paragraph 31 to spiritualize the whole event.

Paragraph 11
It is interesting to note that Berg accused the Greeks of cavorting in sexual perversion. There was hardly a sexual act that could not be justified according to Bergs later (1976) Law of Love doctrine, which taught that nothing is against the law if the motive is love. This doctrine of altruism in practice endorsed almost anything including adultery, prostitution, swinging orgies, sex with children and (the now stringently denied) homosexual practices for a period of time. Whatever sexual practices could not be answered with proper scriptual (biblical) justification was left open-ended and practiced, until there was a motive to stop it. For example Berg endorsed and ordered the formation of a lesbian relationship, and later called it perverted and against God; Children lived in a very sexually charged atmosphere, but when accused of sexual abuse against children, the group made changes and claimed to outlaw adult-child sexual relations.

Paragraph 22
Here, you have 1986 predicted as the year the anti-Christ would take overthe world, and thereby placing the return of Christ, according to Berg's teachings, no later than 1990.

Paragraph 23
Berg indicated here and in many other places, that capitalism will collapse and be taken over by a one-world communist government.

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