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††1.††In your flirty-fishing you will often find men who really fall in love with you. Thereís a big difference between those who are just after sex and those who want real love. There will be lots of men dancing with you that want only sex. Of course theyíll soon find out that youíre different, thereís something about you thatís different that theyíve never run into before, right?
††2.††Youíre different! So this is very apt to cause them to fall in love with you because you have something other women donít have. Maria was saying, "Well, think about MY problem:
††3.††You have all these pretty girls who are so much prettier than I am and Iím the ugliest of all!" But I said, "Maria, you have a power, thereís something about you that is almost bewitching, itís almost like youíre an enchantress!"
††4.††Youíre like an enchantress" you bewitch them with the power of Godís Love! Godís Love is so powerful, itís so much stronger, Godís Love is so different and so much more powerful. They accused us of hypnotizing people. Well, maybe we do, I donít know.
††5.††What is hypnotizing? Hypnotizing is getting a power over the other personís spirit, the control of another personís spirit, right? That is hypnotism. By looking into their eyes, if they yield and submit to your spirit, your spirit becomes powerful enough to control their spirit so you can even tell them what to do and theyíll do it!
††6.††How much more powerful is the Spirit of God! I think I brought this out a little bit in "Look of Love", about the power of the Spirit of God in a Child of God looking into someone elseís eyes. How much more powerful a hypnotism, if you want to call it that, can be the power of Godís Spirit to hypnotize a person!
††7.††You absolutely bewitch them! I donít like to use those terms about witches, it sound like something bad spiritually, but itís just the language that we use. Godís Spirit really bewitches them, it enchants them! I said, "Maria, I was watching you yesterday, and when you look at a person with that look itís almost irresistible!
††8.††They cannot resist such a powerful Look of Love, so much love, such CHARM!" Thereís another word. I donít know why it should be that the Devil should have to capture all these words. When you talk about charming something, again itís an expression used for witches and wizards and magicians and the Devilís people.
††9.††But Godís powerful children full of the Spirit of God have even greater powers of charming, enchanting and hypnotizing. I donít like to say the word bewitch, but maybe we could coin a new one - to "bespirit" or something. What is the opposite of a witch? A good angel? No, an angel is a spirit-being.
††10.††What would be Godís opposite of a wizard or a witch? Isnít it a shame the Devil has manifested his power so much that there are no good words for the power of God in our language, there are no good words for OUR charm, OUR power, OUR enchanting power, OUR bewitching power. We have to use words borrowed from the Devilís power to get the meaning.
††11.††So when these men fall in love with you, remember, it can be very serious because itís going to be more than sex, far more. They are going to be so enchanted, to entranced, thereís another one the Devil uses most of the time, so charmed, so bewitched, Godís Love and Spirit will be so irresistible that they just cannot resist it.
††12.††They know itís different, thereís something different here theyíve never found before; youíre different, right? They know this is Love so powerful they have never felt such power of Love before, and they fall hard, very hard!
††13.††This is why weíve had a few problems sometimes. This almost lost us Arthur because he fell so hard for Maria that when she broke his heart and left he didnít want anybody else. He went back to his work worse than before, harder than before. He didnít even want to see Becky, he was so totally broken hearted. It was only the power of another enchantress, another witch of God, that saved him.
††14.††Maybe weíll just have to call you "Godís Witches"! If the Devil can have witches, why canít God have witches? You have to use a word that people understand, and they understand witches.
††15.††Remember the Letter I got "The Wizard of Ahs!"? This is a play on the title of the famous storybook for children, the "Wizard of Oz". But THIS wizard, "The Wizard of Ahs", meant the exclamation AH! Now that was a dream about Elaine.
††16.††I had two dreams about her. One was about "The Wizard of Ahs", and the other one was "Which Way to Ellensberg?", a play on two names. But I had the strangest dream! Anyhow, it was about "The Wizard of Ahs", me!
††17.††So then why canít God have His good counterpart of these things? Everything the Devil has, remember, is a counterfeit, a fake, a phony, an imitation of Godís real thing. So youíll probably be called "Godís Witches"!
††18.††Thatís a shocking title, "Godís Witches"! You see, anything thatís totally different, contrary to the way people usually think, is a shocking thing, and sometimes itís good to shock people; it wakes them up! If you just say the same old thing all the time like the preachers do in the churches, everybody goes to sleep. Church is a good place to sleep, nice and quiet, pretty music, nothing shocking is said, itís all the same old thing.
††19.††But what does the Devil do? He uses things that shock people in the newspapers and the magazines and the movies and television, things that frighten people and shock them and wake them up in a way. Itís a shame that the Devil is much more clever at this than are Godís Children usually (Luke 16:8). If we could call you "Godís Witches", "Godís Enchantresses", and me the "Wizard of Ahs", Godís wizard, thatíd shock íem!
††20.††There has to be a counterpart to everything, like in the religion of Taoism: To everything, they say, there is an opposite, in all life. To good thereís the opposite, evil; to fire thereís the opposite, water; to the male thereís the opposite, the female, etc.
††21.††Everything has an opposite, you understand? In other words everything has a mate, in a way, an opposite. And to the good realities of God there are the evil opposites of the Devil. Everything the Devil does is nothing new. The Devil knows nothing new.
††22.††All the Devil does is watch what God does and then he imitates it. He is going to have an imitation Millennium with an imitation Christ. The Devil is going to have an imitation son of God, the Antichrist, see? Did you know the Devil too has a trinity? He is the opposite of God, the Antichrist is the opposite of Christ, and the false prophet is the opposite of the Holy Spirit.
††23.††So everything the Devil has is a counterfeit of something God has, right? But when it comes to trying to find terms of Godís counterparts, I canít find any terms for them but what the Devil has cooked up for his!
††24.††Christians should have Christian counterparts of opposites for them. A man who can do miracles is called a magician. Well, this is a term for the Devilís magicians, a magi, a magician. But Godís Children can also do miracles, so theyíre Godís Magicians.
††25.††The Lord also has his wizards, the men who know things in the mystical and who see visions and to whom God speaks, like prophets. So God has His wizards like me, right?
††26.††The wizard is like the counterpart of the prophet. But you see, the prophet has another meaning to the world, so the word doesnít really have the power of the meaning of the words wizard or magician who does magic, who does powerful things, who can really exert power over people. But if this power exists for the Devilís people, then its counterpart must exist in Godís people also.
††27.††So there must be men of God who have power over people. Well, thatís what they accuse me of all the time! They say I have bewitched you, I have hypnotized you, I have a power over you that you cannot break, and they think this is psychological, or itís mental or hypnotic etc. Well, maybe theyíre right, maybe itís true!
††28.††I DO have power over you, the Power of God! Not the power of the Devil that the magicians and the wizards have, but the Power of God! And His powerís Much Greater than the Devilís power! So my power over you is greater than if you were working for a wizard or a witch or a magician! Ha! So watch out, my powerís greater, Godís Power! Thank you Lord!
††29.††The difference is that Godís Power is Creative and Loving, but the Devilís power is destructive and hateful. What is the Devil going with his wizardry and his black magic? And what do they call that stuff with the zombies in the islands? - Voodoo! What is most of this used for? Curses! For curses for people who hate people and who want to curse them.
††30.††Because of hate, they put a curse on someone; they go to the voodoo priest, the voodoo man, the black magic man or woman, and they put a curse on someone. They even take a little image or doll of the person and they stick pins in it so that this will cause something to happen to the person.
††31.††I believe it really happens, because this person who goes to that Devil-man is worshipping the Devil. The Devil answers his prayers and when he sticks the pin in the doll, the Devil sticks pains into the man! So itís real, very real, but their power is for destruction and for hate. Donít say that these things are not so; they happen too much very real, very bad, terrible!
††32.††But you donít have to fear, because YOU have a GREATER Power that protects YOU. Even if they got a dolly of you and go to this devil-man for the pins and he stick the pins into your dolly, itís not going to hurt you at all because God is there protecting you, and the Devil canít touch you.
††33.††The Devil can answer their prayers, but when it comes to a Child of God the Devil CANíT answer their prayers because God wonít let the Devil touch you, right? But the power is real, very real; itís the Devilís power. But if the Devilís children have power over people and over their spirits and even over their bodies,
††34.††How much more can Godís Children have Power over people and over their spirits and over their bodies! Who often have they said, "I donít know whatís happened to me! This never happened to me before. Something has come over me. I feel something different!"
††35.††Theyíre feeling your enchantment of God! Theyíre feeling your bewitchment by the Power of the Holy Spirit! Theyíre feeling your entrancement by the Power of Christ, right? Why not? Thatís why Iím saying, donít take it too lightly; itís very heavy, because when they fall in love with you, they are going to fall in love very hard.
††36.††This has been one of Mariaís greatest problems, because they fall in love with her so much that if they see her with someone else it breaks their hearts! Sheís the love of their life, but she is also the sweetheart of six other guys, and they see her with one of these other guys and boom! -
††37.††Theyíre broken-hearted! Here was the greatest Love they ever had, the greatest Love, theyíre more in love with her than theyíve ever been in love with anybody, and suddenly she breaks their heart!
††38.††She doesnít mean to, but they see her enchanting somebody else and theyíre jealous! And the only solution is, and Iíve told her this many times, the only balm which ever works for a broken heart, for a lost love, is what? - A new love! Thatís the only thing that really helps. So what has happened?
††39.††Bernard falls in love with Maria, the love of his life, never met such a woman, completely different, this is different from anything heís ever known and heís totally entranced by Maria.
††40.††There is only one solution and that is to show him that thereís someone else who has the same kind of Love and can entrance him just as much, bewitch him just as much, and enchant him just as much by the same Power, the same Love, the same kind of Love, Godís Love, so that he can easily transfer his love from one to the other.
††41.††So thank God for dear Lynn! She came along and it was just like changing the focus of his attention to another subject. Itís like transferring an electric cable from one pole to another: Itís in contact with one electric pole, and you have to take it quickly and change it to another electric pole that has just as much power, the same power and everything, but youíve got to change it to another one so you can free this one.
††42.††But donít play around with it, youíre playing with hearts, lives and souls, although it may sometimes seem amusing in a way and itís often funny, especially when we use these terms which the world uses, like enchantresses. But we have similar, only Greater Power, much greater Power; we have Godís power of Love and creation, whereas the Devilsí power is hate and destruction.
††43.††So we need to be very careful with this power. Itís like having a baby. When one of these boys is born into the family like this, spiritually, like Carl right now, Mariaís going through birth pains and heís being born, delivered,
††44.††You canít just cast him aside. You canít also stop in the middle of the birth and leave him hanging half way out half in, right?
††45.††You have to see that itís finished. That was a good lesson for me this morning: I had to urge Maria to go back and talk to Carl. After what we told me last night, I know that he needs so much more.
††46.††Heís coming, heís coming, but itís like the whole family is here in the hospital room and weíre trying to get him out, but it takes a lot of help, maybe a lot of nurses!
††47.††But now if the mother who bore him already has other children and maybe hasnít time to take care of him, what does she do, just throw him away? "Oh, Iím sorry. I have this new baby, but I havenít time to take care of him, so I have to throw him away!" No! Of course not! What does she have to do? Find a new mother for him, right?
††48.††Find a new mother, someone else who can nurse him if she canít do it, if she hasnít time. Before the baby grows up too fast and too old and knows which mother is which, as soon as possible itís good to transfer that love to someone who can remain his mother and mother him for the rest of his life or at least until heís old enough to get along without a mother.
††49.††But donít ever underestimate the power of a woman! God has given you women of power over us men, a power of Love, of sympathy, of compassion, of such Love! Thatís what you were made for, so you have a tremendous power over men.
††50.††This natural power which is already a gift of God to you combined with the Power of Godís Holy Spirit of Love is the greatest Power on earth, the Power of Godís Love in you! So when you exert that Power on a man, you are really getting him in a grip he cannot easily get out of, do you understand? And then if after you have done this to him you just cast him aside, you can break his heart, maybe even break his mind, wreck his life or something terrible!
††51.††The first Carl became so hard and so calloused and so rebellious! He became so angry at Maria when he found out she had other loves. He had the wrong reaction because we didnít get him someone to take her place.
††52.††We never gave him someone to take her place, so he became very hard and mean and rebellious and left us and now apparently hates us because she broke his heart with this power, and then in his way of thinking she left him.
††53.††Thatís the way he thinks about it, SHE left HIM. He doesnít think that itís his fault; he accuses her. "But you left me. You went to the other men!" Because we gave him noone to take care of him, to keep him, another mother, another woman, so heís gone.
††54.††The baby really was born, but he became a motherless child, and orphan, a bad boy, and ran away because he felt nobody love him anymore. So he went to someone else, to the world, for love. The only cure for an old love is a new love; thatís the only cure. In fact we face a situation right now where somethingís going to have to be done for the new Carl. Perhaps this lesson is for him.
††55.††We have a specific case right now where Maria cannot continue, or if she does he will become so much in love with her she cannot break it off without breaking his heart.
††56.††We need to transfer that love as soon as possible. You know this is the way they do with babies, with adoption: They try as soon as they are born to immediately take them from the first mother and give them to the new mother so that the baby will never miss the old mother, and also to help the old mother forget that love, that baby, so she can go on to something else.
††57.††Maria needs help to take this baby off her hands, so she can carry on to new babies. The baby also needs help to receive a new love so that the baby will not miss the old mother too much. So the sooner the love can be transferred from the old love to the new love, the better it is for both the mother and the child, you understand? It is better for both the man and the woman. Amen?
††58.††The other morning we had a lesson on queens and why God brings them here for training. Every girl who has been brought here to us for training in the kingís house, except those who ran away or were bad or something, has later become someone very great, a great queen in the Kingdom of God. Look at all of them!
††59.††Everyone of them became a great leader in my kingdom, except those who were naughty, or ran away, or who were not faithful or did not finish their training. So itís very important the training that youíre now getting, and probably weíre going to have to move even faster now to train you more rapidly because the need is so great.
††60.††Here are all these fine men who have now been born into the Kingdom, but each one through a particular mother or woman. But some of these women are not free to be their permanent mother or always take care of them, so they have to be given to some other mother, a new women to take care of them before we lose them, before they die because thereís no mother to take care of them.
††61.††Take Michael Dancer; he fell in love with Barbara, but whoís taking care of him now; where is he? (Family: He was there last night.) He was there; who took care of him? But there was really no one free to take care of him. (Family: Celia, and Mikeís wife.)
††62.††Well, these married women can be temporary nurses, temporary mothers, but they cannot continue to mother them forever. They need a new mother as so as we can, who can take care of them. We have all these men, each ready to marry one of our girls right now if he could find one free and fall in love with that one.
††63.††They have to have this love transferred from these temporary mothers who already have babies to a new mother who is free to take care of the new baby. So that is a problem. The whole point: Donít underestimate the power of "Godís Witches", Godís bewitching witches and your power over them in the Love of God! Itís a great power and they cannot resist it unless theyíre very, very rebellious.
††64.††A few are still fighting it, like Rosendo and Joe. Maria and Becky were pretty good to them and they got the full message and the full treatment, so now Godís going to hold them responsible because their heads are bloody but unbowed. They took it all but are rebelling and running the other way, so God is going to spank now.
††65.††There again he was madly in love with Maria, and you know what did it? he saw her going home with somebody else, and there was nobody taking care of him! I had nobody for him; thatís pitiful, itís really sad! The little baby see his mama leave him and heís broken-hearted and thereís no new mama to take her place. Itís sad, very sad.
††66.††So praise God, thereís a little lesson in there about Godís Witches, Godís Enchantresses, Godís entrancing Enchantresses, and even Godís Wizards! Now you boys too must not fail the Lord; you have enchanted some girl and you must not pass up the opportunity through your own selfishness or your own pride. You must finish the job, finish the enchantment.
††67.††To get a girl enchanted by the power of your love and your body is only half the job. Now you have to finish the SPIRITUAL enchantment which will bring her into the Kingdom all the way. Youíve got to take time to talk to her about the Lord and to give her Scripture and to woo her into the Kingdom so sheíll be born again.
††68.††If you donít use that power that God has already given you over her to bring her all the way, then youíre failing God! If you find a girl whoís enchanted by you, you must use that enchantment to bring her all the way into the Kingdom before you pass her on to someone who can take care of her. Right?
††69.††So itís a very serious thing; itís nothing to be laughed at or played with lightly. Youíre playing with menís hearts; youíre playing with menís minds and spirits as well as their bodies, and you can break a manís heart so much that it can also break his mind and even his body, until it actually makes him sick!
††70.††I know. I had it happen to me! Someone broke my heart and I thought I was going to die. The only thing that saved me was the Lord and this little girl right here! She came along and picked up the broken pieces and she put me back together with the Lordís help.
††71.††Some of you have done the same thing for me when I had the FF blues! I shouldnít have felt so bad and I should have more faith and trust in the Lord, but the Lord has mercy on us when our faith is weak and when we donít have enough victory.
††72.††So he sent you to help hold me together until I could pull out of it, substitute mothers! Thank You Jesus! All our loves are forever, thank the Lord! Isnít that marvellous? And all our children are forever, FOREVER! Think of it!
††73.††The only thing in this world that we can take with us to the next world and have forever is the love and the children we have, both physical and spiritual children, thank God! So thank You Jesus, thank You Lord! So the moral of this little lesson is what? "Godís Witches", and what would be the moral?
††74.††Be prayerful who you break the spell! This is true even in hypnotism, you know. Did you know you must be very careful how you bring a parson out from under the spell of hypnotism, you must be very, very careful. Some people have been brought out too suddenly or something woke them up whole they were still hypnotized and cracked their minds!
††75.††Some people have gone crazy under hypnotism. Part of it was because while their spirit was under subjection to another human spirit a devil got into them and took over the submissive subjectís spirit. When theyíre that yielded that even and human spirit can control them, how much more easily a devil or a demon can control them! So some people have become demon-possessed under hypnotism! But hallelujah! The Lord has His Own opposite.
††76.††Many people can become Holy Spirit-possessed under the hypnotism of you love, praise God? Theyíre hypnotized by your Holy Spirit and your love! Thatís how you get them hooked in the first place; theyíre attracted to you personally, by your spirit, your love.
††77.††Under the hypnotism of your sweet spirit and your love, Godís Spirit takes over, amen? If you lead them the right direction, they can become angel-possessed, heaven-possessed, thank the Lord! But demon-possession under hypnotism show that the Devil has an imitation for the real good things that can happen to the children of God!
††78.††So Iím trying to point out how serious it is, how important it is. Like Carl right now is in a very delicate stage, a critical stage, just ready. Has he asked Jesus into his heart, yet?
††79.††Thatís a very critical time when theyíre just ready for Him. But then if something happens that hurts their feelings or offends them or turns them away, then theyíre maybe never going to do it. Maybe theyíll be hurt, and they will go away and not do it at all.
††80.††Itís as if, as the babyís about to be born, you donít deliver it all the way, then it can be born dead! Itís still-born, born but dead! And itís important that after the babyís born that it breathes.
††81.††It must take a breath or it will be dead. All that work for nothing if you donít have him breathe in the Spirit of Life, Jesus! Someone has got to encourage him to pray and ask the Lord in.
††82.††Now, I also warned you, donít push too much, too fast, too hard. But when a fish is this far in and youíve played him a long time and youíve really worked hard and heís that close to the boat, itís time to try to haul him in.
††83.††But he has to have the Spirit of Life breathed into him now as a new baby or heíll be spiritually dead, stillborn. Babies are sometimes born dead. Thatís terrible! All that work and all that pain for nothing, a dead child; thatís pitiful! There was life, but itís gone.
††84.††Now what God does with those I donít know. Iím sure in the natural that such babies go to Heaven. Maybe in the spiritual birth, if they got that far along, maybe they had enough Life given them through the Word that God will finish it somehow. But itís a very serious thing and weíve got to be very careful with these new ones, give them very, very tender loving care.
††85.††In the hospitals they have a code for babies or people who need special care; they call it TLC, tender loving care. The doctor will write on the patientís card, TLC - Tender Loving Care. So thatís what these new ones need, tender loving care.
††86.††So Maria said, "I must go down and talk to him some more!" I said, "Of course! Of course you must go; youíre still his mother! He needs tender loving care." Now if gradually she can transfer this to Bethlehem, if Bethlehem can sort of take over, she wants Bethlehem to try to take over, I think maybe Bethlehem could.
††87.††Weíre soul doctors, and weíre having a consultation here this morning about the patients. Heís our patient, and we must be very patient with our patient and give him lots of Tender Loving Care. So if somehow Maria can push this burden over to you, then she can go on to take care of her other duties, her other fish, her other new babies and her regular duties, including me and the words, which are very important.
††88.††Probably the hottest letter in the whole FF series was called "The Hooker"! Itís the fishermanís instructions to his bait, what to do and how to do it, and very specifically. But it has some specifics in there which I didnít even know whether weíd dare print or not! It was virtually on how to seduce a man!
††89.††So you have a power, women; you have an almost irresistible power even in the natural, in the physical. Even in the human, your power is almost irresistible to us men! How much more so with the Power of God!
††90.††So be careful, little witches, what you do! We used to sing a little song, "Be careful, little hands, what you do; be careful, little hands, what you do! Thereís a Father up above and Heís looking down in Love; so be careful, little hands, what you do!" We can now sing it, "Be careful, little witches, what you do; be careful, little witches, what you do. Thereís a Father up above, giving great Power to your love; so be careful, little witches, what you do!" - because youíre playing with BIG Power!
††91.††Itís like you have a big electric power cable in your hand, but youíre so in tune with it yourself that you can hold the cable. But if you touch somebody else with it, itís either going to bring them to Life or kill them! So be careful, little witches, what you do!
††92.††So be sure that when you have bewitched and enchanted someone and you have cast your spell upon them, that you take care of them until that spell is complete! Do you understand? Donít break the spell too soon before the transformation is completed. Ah, another illustration comes!
††93.††One of the famous enchantments of the witches was to change a human being into a beast. This was called metamorphosis, to change a human being into a beast. You say, "Well, thatís just fairy tales!" Oh no! The king of Assyria, Nebuchanezzer, became enchanted in this way by Godís wizard, the prophet Daniel, until the king though he was an ox, and he was down on all fours eating grass for seven years.
††94.††Sometimes the change took place only in their minds. There have been some people who have sworn they have seen the change take place physically! I personally have know people who were so demon-possessed by some bestial devil that they got down on all fours and barked like dogs!
††95.††One of the most terrible signs of demon-possession is to have their tongues dart in and out just like a serpent! They brought a girl like this once to our school in Miami for deliverance. This is a very common thing. Itís in the books; they call it a certain type of schizophrenic ailment, a mental disorder, that the tongue will dart in and out so rapidly.
††96.††You couldnít even do it under you own power; you couldnít dart your tongue in and out that fast. Have you ever seen a snake dart his tongue in and out and wiggle it so fast? You canít do the same with your tongue under your own power.
††97.††But under the Devilís power the individual will dart his tongue in and out and wiggle it just like a snake! Itís definitely known that demons can take on other forms such as animals or beasts or even other human beings, so there is something to metamorphosis, there is some kind of reality to it.
††98.††In the famous Shakespeareís "Midsummer Nightís Dream", you remember that under the power of the wizard, the enchanter, this one boy was changed into a donkey and could only bray like a donkey, and ass or a burro. This was a common thing in ancient times, but today they donít believe it.
††99.††Yet they have cases like that in mental institutions all over the world, people who are barking like dogs and braying like donkeys or their tongues darting out like a serpentís and they donít know what it is.
††100.††They say itís an insanity, a mental disorder: "Oh, he thinks heís a dog, or he thinks heís a donkey, or he thinks heís a snake!" But how does it happen?
††101.††Theyíre demon-possessed! Schizophrenia, they call it, the most common mental disease in the world which occupies more beds in more mental hospitals than any other kind of mental disease; schizo, meaning "split" or divided personality; theyíre two different personalities living in the same body.
††102.††It is the most common mental ailment in the world today, and it is nothing but plain old demon-possession, another spiritual personality living in that body, sometimes a number of personalities! A famous doctor in Atlanta, Georgia, wrote a book on it and you maybe saw the movie, "Three Faces of Eve".
††103.††"Schizophrenia" means split-personality insanity. The doctors say, "Well, his personality (for which God uses a very simple word - spirit" has split into two personalities. No! Human spirits donít normally split into two personalities.
††104.††Another spirit had come in and is living alongside of the human spirit in the same body, and that is what has split the personality! This famous girl in Atlanta, Georgia, first split into two personalities, and then she split into three personalities!
††105.††She was three different women living in the same body! And the last I heard there were four! Each one was different, a completely different type of personality. They even had different names, and they would sit there and talk to the doctor. Heíd say, "Now, who are you?" And sheíd say, "Iím Eve", or "Iím Sally", etc. These three different female spirits were living in the same body.
††106.††Now itís very real, this metamorphosis, as they used to call it, turning a human being into an animal, a beast. Sometimes when the spell was broken too soon or the enchantment incompletely broken, the person was left half-man and half-horse, half-man half-goat, half-man half-dog, half-man half-lion, etc., and you have many examples of this throughout mythology. Well now, let me apply it to us and our ministry.
††107.††We too are working miracles of metamorphosis, turning beasts into men, right? But donít break the spell too soon and leave them half-beast and half-man, or theyíll be a spiritual monstrosity, a spiritual freak, a terrible thing that didnít finish the process, was not fully developed, was not completely changed; like a retarded child.
††108.††Weíre changing them from mere fleshly animals into spiritual beings, Godís children: from a child of the Devil into a child of God! Well, donít leave the poor boy half-devil and half-angel! This could be very difficult for him and you! But I never though of some of these things before; itís God!
††109.††You have a great, great Power in your tiny hands; you have a tremendous tool that God is teaching you how to use, the Power of His Love through your love power. Itís like you naturally already have a lot of human love power, but what do we do?
††110.††In electronics we can hook up a very small microphone, that has very little power of its own, to an amplifier which increases that power, multiplies it and makes it BOOM very loud! Thatís whatís happening on this tape recorder on these tapes. On that tiny little piece of cellophane tape there is an iron oxide coating that picks up these tiny vibration patterns of a very weak electric current and records them. But theyíre so small you canít even hear them unless we amplify them and then you can hear them.
††111.††Each of us has a little natural human power, the power of human love, but when youíre plugged into GODíS Power, whew!, youíve got thousands of times as much Power, so watch out!
††112.††It destroyed the other Carl; heís mess! Heís worse now than he was before. He was a pretty good boy before, a normal sweet boy, nice boy, but now heís mean and heís bitter and heís terrible, brutal, awful!
††113.††Because we didnít finish the job. I donít know that we can take all the blame, as it was partly his fault too. We TRIED to finish it, but he rebelled against God.
††114.††Maybe we tried to finish it too late. We went away; we were doing fine with him before we went away to Libya; he was doing fine. But when we came back it was like he was gone. We went away and left him; we forsook him for months.
††115.††We were gone three months, then came back and tried to revive it again, and it looked like we were doing it. I think maybe we could have done it before.
††116.††But the interruption of the Power was bad, because the Enemy got in while we were not here, the Devil got in. The Bible says, "a child left to his own devices bringeth his mother shame". (Proverbs 29:15)
††117.††We went away and left the first Carl to his own devices and he fell in love with another girl, a worldly girl, a BAD girl, a VERY bad girl, who got him in trouble, all kinds of trouble! Now he has to pay off the family and the brothers and the father or they were going to beat him up or kill him because he made this other girl pregnant, but he didnít want to marry her. He didnít love her.
††118.††He got into all kinds of trouble because we neglected him, see? We kind of told Carl, "Well now, go home. We did enough for you; you heard the message and thatís enough." There may be SOME people you can do that with, but you never really brought them this far. But anyone who is this far and almost born, almost in the Kingdom.
††119.††We either have to finish the job or we many have some kind of monster on our hands, half-spiritual, half-carnal; half-man, half-beast, where the transformation, the metamorphosis is not complete.
††120.††So, we must not leave the job unfinished. If you have begun to enchant someone and you have them under your power, they are at your mercy, right? And you must complete the work of making them what theyíre supposed to be by that Power that you have, Godís Power.
††121.††You must finish the work or you may have a terrible mixture or misfit, a terrible thing on your hands: half-man half-beast, half-Christian half-worldling! So itís a very sensitive responsibility.
††122.††Iím speaking particularly to you girls because this is such a GIRL ministry, largely, that weíre getting into in FFing. Itís really largely a ministry for women, and I think maybe because the Lord said in the Bible that in the last days women shall rule. (Isaiah 3:12)
††123.††God is training our women to have this power over men because the women are going to rule the earth! Theyíre almost ruling it already; in the United States they DO rule. Seventy some percent of all American wealth is in the names o WOMEN! Three time as many WOMEN own property and wealth in the United States as MEN! Ask any one of these Americans - who runs the average American home? The women run the home!
††124.††The women govern everything in the USA! I was in the advertising business for 15 years, and all advertising is geared mostly to the women because the women have the money. They do the buying, they run the home, they decide on what car to buy, they make the decisions.
††125.††America is a matriarchy just like Israel. In America, they wonít confess it yet, but in Israel they confess itís a matriarchy. "Yes", they say, "the women are the bosses here. Israel is a matriarchy, we have a government of the mothers, the mothers govern, the women rule in Israel." And itís the same thing in America; the women govern.
††126.††The same thing is coming true even in Europe. Itís because the men have so worshipped the women that the men have resigned from their responsibilities as men, of being the leader and the stronger partner to make the decisions, and they have turned this power over to the women.
††127.††The men have given away their power. What to they call it when a king resigns? He abdicates. The men were the kings of the home, but they have abdicated in favour of the women.
††128.††So itís like the old joke: The husband said, "My wife and I have solved all the problems of differences of opinion. I make the major decisions, such as what shall we do about international politics and economics, should we admit Red China to the United Nations, etc. I make all these major decisions, while she only makes the minor decisions such as how many children we shall have, what car we shall buy, what home we shall buy, what places we shall send our children for their education, etc."
††129.††The joke is that heís claiming to be making great decisions in which he really has no power at all, whereas heís turned over these "minor" things to his wife, the very things in which he could have power, but heís given the power to his wife instead.
††130.††So thatís the way itís happened in so many of the western countries of the world. We even found it in the Arabic countries, ; itís really the women who are the power behind the throne and who really have a last say, even out in the tents of the Bedouins!
††131.††The women really have the power. So women, you have a tremendous power even naturally, humanly, physically, God has given you a natural power, the power that you have over men. When women misuse that power then they control men and dominate men selfishly for their own selfish purposes.
††132.††But the power God has given YOU, OUR girls, is a greater Power, a very great Power. So together with the Power of God you have terrific power, and you must be careful that you use it wisely, unselfishly, and not for selfish purposes, but unselfishly, to create, to mend, to heal, to love and not to break and destroy, right?
††133.††So itís a very serious responsibility you have. I think women can more easily destroy men than men can destroy women, because a woman in some ways is more resilient. Sheís not so deeply affected and therefore she can get over the love affair more easily.
††134.††Some of you girls have had love affairs with other men. Even if there was a very strong spiritual attachment, you can get over it with the help of the Lord, and you have. You have gotten over it, you have recovered, you have gotten over it even to the point that it doesnít hurt you so much anymore, right? Many of you.
††135.††But the thing that God usually did to help you get over it was to give you a NEW love. He gave you a new love. So youíve had the help of the Lord. But I believe women naturally recover more easily than men. Love affairs usually affect men more deeply.
††136.††So you have a power over the men that even they do not have over you and you must be very cautious with that power, that you take good care of it, use it wisely and donít hurt them, donít break their hearts, donít disappoint or disillusion them, donít let them down. You must keep holding them up until you can pass the job to anotherís hand, right?
††137.††Itís very important, the power of Godís enchantresses. Itís too bad we donít have special words for the good human spirits. We have a word for the evil spirits, demons, and the good spirits, angels, but where is the word for good human spirits? There are good human spirits in the spirit world, but where is the word?
††138.††We always hear about evil spirits, but when do we hear about good spirits? Very little! Iím one of the few people I ever heard talk about good spirits. How many preachers, how many priests have told you about the good spirits? Did they tell you about the good spirits?
††139.††Good spiritism is such a neglected field; we do not even have words for it! We have words for the bad but not for the good. We have words for the wizards, the witches, witchcraft, black magic, enchantment, spells, hypnotism, almost all bad words for the Devilís work. But where are the good words for Godís equivalent?
††140.††God has a good equivalent for all of these spiritual things, but we have no good words for them! Is it because the church has been so lacking in spiritual powers and gifts that it has not had the good equivalents of these people? Has the church had No good equivalent of wizards, No good witches, No good magicians of its own?
††141.††The church has been so weak spiritually that it could not cast good spells or do good magic or have good witches or wizards, so that there are not even words for them! Whereís a good word for the good wizards? Who ever heard of a good wizard, a good witch? Well, they talk about the good fairies, so maybe, we could use that.
††142.††Youíre like good fairies! But they are angels, not humans. Besides, the word "fairy" gives it a childrenís shallow flavour, because fairies are in fairy tales which are not supposed to be true! Thatís our idea of fairy tales: When you say, "Oh, itís a fairy tale!" You mean itís not a true story. So that lacks depth and power and reality to it.
††143.††Weíre going to have to ask the Lord for some good names for His equivalents of witches, wizards, magic, spells, etc. When you say wizard or witch, everybody knows that this means someone who possesses supernatural power that can do miracles, cast spells, enchant, bewitch and so on.
††144.††But we have no good words for the exact opposite persons and powers which Godís children are and have. Is it because theyíre so afraid to compare the two? Is it because theyíre so afraid to realize there Is the opposite, but the church has buried this fact and therefore they have no words of them because they donít have them anymore?
††145.††How can the church have words for things they no longer possess? How can they have words for people they donít Have in their churches? They no longer have powerful wizards of God, witches of God, spells of God, for most of the churches no longer have spiritual powers, just surface ceremony!
††146.††So where are GODíS witches? Where are His wizards? Where are His magicians? Where are those of US who can cast spells over others?
††147.††Well, theyíre here; itís you! Iím just sorry we donít have a name for you. Maybe we could call you Godís enchantresses; thatís a little nicer word than witch. Witch is more of a bad word. "Godís Enchantresses!" Is that a little better word? An enchantress doesnít sound quite so bad, so maybe we could use that word instead, Godís Enchantresses!
††148.††You enchant men, you entrance men, you literally cast the spell of God over them in the spirit with the Power of His Love, amen? Praise God! So the whole idea is to be careful with that power; itís very great and it can either bring to Life or destroy. It can create a new man, or it can destroy the old one, or do both! (2Cor. 5:17)
††149.††I love you! Youíre terrific! You girls sure have a lot of power over ME! I used to Maria, "Youíd better be careful what you say to me and how you handle me, for you have a lot of power over me. Be careful how you influence me because you have great power over me. The power of your love is so great that I want to please you, I want to do the things you like for me to do.
††150.††Maria can easily channel me in the direction she wants me to go. She can hand me this Letter or that Letter, do this one or that one, and she often influences me to do something which she feels is important, and thatís part of her job. Because when I finish something I often wonder, "Now what should we do next?"
††151.††I have a stack about four or five inches thick of Letters that have not yet been published, because Iíve not yet had time to edit and prepare them. We have all this material weíre at last beginning to use because theyíre good points and illustrations of the FFing your are doing now, and warnings of what to do and what not to do.
††152.††So watch out how you use this Power! Maybe we could call this little talk "Witches Beware!", or "Enchantresses Beware!" But the word "enchantress" just doesnít have the same Shock Value, it doesnít have the same impact that the word "witch" has.
††153.††Witches Beware! What do we have a title for anyhow? Itís to attract your interest, arouse your curiosity and identify it. I always ask the Lord to give me a good title, a good name for each Letter, to help you remember it. Do you like the names?
††154.††The name sometimes flips a switch so you canít forget it. And these names have even become part of our language; new bottles, old bottles, other sheep, etc. These titles, these strange expressions, these names that God has given have even become a part of our language! Because the moment you use that name our kids understand what youíre talking about because often thereí a s whole Letter on that one subject!
††155.††So if weíd say, "Witches Beware!", you might think Iím going to give a talk on how to avoid witches! Ha! Whereas actually, itís a talk to help you be Better witches, good witches!
††156.††Take good care of the Power God has given you and be very cautious with it. Use it well and wisely, carefully, prayerfully, lovingly, so that it creates and keeps and guards and completes the task of their metamorphosis, your spells, so that you finish it and not leave it unfinished or half-done so that it only destroys a man ore creates a monster! Finish your new creation before destroying the old! So watch our, witches, beware! God bless you!
††157.††It just takes a lot of work. Weíve got to bring all of these all the way, Lord help us! Lord help us in Jesusí Name to bring them all the way, to complete the metamorphosis, complete the change, thank You Lord! Lord, You speak of metamorphosis in Your Word; You say,
††158.††"The old man has passed away and all things have become new, and ye are NEW CREATURES in Christ Jesus!" (2Cor. 5:17) So there IS a metamorphosis! Sometimes the parents donít even recognize their own children! They say, "Theyíre changed; theyíre different!" Or "Itís not my son anymore!" And then they blame US for it, Lord!
††159.††And we ARE to blame, because it was Thy mighty Power through us that changed then! Thank You Lord! Help us to finish these metamorphosis in every one, in Jesusí Name. Amen! God bless and keep you and make you bewitching for Jesus! - Godís witches! But witches beware! Finish your spells!