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"DOES FF-ING PAY?"-MO      September 6, 1977      DO NO. 652

      1. DURING THE NIGHT I WAS FEELING A LITTLE BAD ABOUT HAVING TO LEAVE PORTUGAL and all those dear people. So I was thinking, "Lord, it didn't seem like we finished there.
      2. "WE HAD TO LEAVE ALL THESE FISH and even the girls now have to leave and leave them behind." I must have barely gone to sleep some time during the night when I was praying about that and I was troubled about it. I said, "Now Lord", this is that way I was thinking, I wasn't saying it out loud of course.
      3. "LORD, IN THE PICTURE YOU SHOWED ME, LADY LUCK SLAMMED THE BACKGAMMON BOARD SHUT AND RAN OFF BECAUSE I WON. It's like. You said here you are, the field is yours, you won", and as she ran away she dwindled down and she became an ugly-looking little old witch She must have put on the form of a beautiful woman just when she was playing the game with me.
      4. SHE WAS THE GODDESS OF TILE PLACE, that's the only goddess that ever ran away, isn't that funny? And I can't think of any other reason except that apparently that place is so demonic and carries such a heavy spirit was the goddess of that area or something, she's a bad one and her and run her off. All the rest fell in love with me. Anyhow, I was saying,
      5. "LORD, IN THAT DREAM YOU SHOWED THAT WE WON!--BUT NOW IT LOOKS LIKE WE'RE DEFEATED, like we didn't even get to finish our work there and all these people that need us are heartbroken we're gone, saddened we've left."
      6. IT SEEMED LIKE ALL THIS WORK WAS UNFINISHED and they've only got a handful of people there. They've only got two girls FFing and they're already loaded to the gills with important people.
      7. WE WENT STRAIGHT TO THE TOP AND REACHED SOME OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN THAT COUNTRY faster than we ever did anywhere. It took us three years to even get near the top in Tenerife, and we never got to the top in London. But we shot right straight to the top people almost immediately there,
      8. IT'S SO RIPE AND READY AND THEY WERE SO RECEPTIVE and so responsive. I mean really a ripe and ready field, particularly those top people. They've lost so much and they're saddened and they're hungry. They were grasping at me like I was a straw and they were drowning. So apparently I went to sleep with that on my mind and I had it on my mind during the night.
      9. "THANK YOU LORD, THAT'S NICE YOU GOT US OUT SAFE AND SOUND, BUT WHAT ABOUT ALL THAT WORK WE LEFT BEHIND and all those people who we were just getting started?" Sometimes I hesitate to tell you some things because I figure maybe it's hard for you to believe. But some time during the night while I was still praying about it and thinking about it because I know that was on my mind just before this happened,
      10. "HOW COME LORD? AT LEAST WHEN YOU GOT ME OUT OF TENERIFE THERE WAS SOMEBODY TO CARRY ON." There were plenty there to carry on the work after we were gone and keep up with all of our fish and everything.
      11. WE PIONEERED IT, BUT WHAT'S THE GOOD OF PIONEERING ANYTHING IF YOU RUN OFF? It collapses behind you if you don't feed the fish and continue to take care of them until they're more mature and can take care of themselves at least. Lord Jesus, help them to believe it.
      12. IT WAS JUST LIKE THOSE SPIRIT TRIPS. It's either like a dream or a vision, I guess you get a vision when you're wide awake and a dream you get when you're asleep, but whatever it is it's just as real as you sitting there right now.
      13. I WAS SUDDENLY CAUGHT UP IN THE SPIRIT AND I WAS BACK AT THE CASINO IN PORTUGAL. I was outside the dining room door up on the lobby level, only I was hanging up in the air. I was hanging up somewhere over those seats along the garden window, sort of up in the air.
      14. AND HERE WAS THIS LONG LINE OF GIRLS LED BY BEVERLY walking into the dining room! And I thought, "Wow! Thank You Lord! That would be the solution. But how can we take them away from Tenerife?"
      15. WHHSSST! I WAS IN CAPRICHOS AGAIN IN TENERIFE HANGING UP SOMEWHERE JUST INSIDE THE DOOR. He said, "Look at them, they're burned out here!", just as clear as I ever heard anything. I never used an expression like that. I've heard it I'm sure, but I have never used that expression myself. But he said,
      16. "LOOK, THEY'RE BURNED OUT HERE!" There was a little group four or five sitting there looking kind of sad and dejected and bored and not much going on. He said,
      17. "LOOK, THEY'RE BURNED OUT HERE! THEY'RE READY FOR A CHANGE! They want a change, they want a move. Move some of these out and move in some new ones."- Just as clear as I ever heard the voice of God. (And since this vision we have sent four or five of our Tenerife FFers to Portugal!) I didn't see who was showing me around but I guess maybe it was Abrahim.
      18. I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE USED THAT EXPRESSION. I think I've heard it, I may have read it, but he said it! He must have heard it and he must like it or maybe that's how the Lord thinks of everything.
      19. THIS TO ME IS ONE OF THE LITTLE TINY PROOFS THAT IT'S MIRACULOUS because I never think of that kind of an expression. I never have used it, I don't think you've ever seen it in my letters. And he said just as plain as day,
      20. "LOOK, THEY'RE BURNED OUT HERE! They need a change! Need to move them on." And there was Bev just as plain as day. Beverly of all people leading that line into the dining room! And then in the Spirit I must have gone back again to Portugal because I was looking at the line again and I thought,
      21. "MY LORD, WITH ALL THOSE GIRLS, WHERE ARE THEY GOING TO TAKE THEIR FISH? We don't have any love rooms! And just as clear as anything the voice again said,
      22. LET THE MEN FOOT THE BILL" Let the men foot the bill! In other words, you've footed the bill too long already
      23. YOU CAN EXPECT TO FOOT THE BILL WHEN YOU'RE RESEARCHING and experimenting and so on, like those big corporations and all. They've got research departments and experimenters and doctors and scientists experimenting with different things. They pour millions into research, but they eventually expect to get something out of it!
      24. IT'S ABOUT TIME THE MEN START FOOTING THE BILL in more ways than one! And the first ones I thought about were those fellows there in Tenerife Those guys who are practically living in, they're old enough now in the Lord that they ought to see the responsibilities in supporting the work. They've got good jobs and businesses and they have the money and it's time we told them (Some of them have already offered their support, God bless 'em!)
      25. BUT YOU SEE, THEY'VE BEEN GIVEN THIS BIG IMPRESSION THAT WE'RE SO RICH that this is our sport, our pastime so to speak We can afford to pay for it so why should they volunteer to pay anything? They figure, well you don't need it so why give it?
      26. WELL, THEY BETTER LEARN NOW THAT WE'RE NOT THAT ALL-FIRED RICH as they think we are, and we don't have that kind of money to throw away. The least they can do is pay their own room and board and help with the housing and help with the food and the expense and cost of living It's time we told them
      27. I MADE IT VERY CLEAR IN THE FF SERIES THAT THE TIME WOULD COME when I think you're going to have to receive gifts and donations from them, and some of our girls have very wisely accepted when the fish have offered to do something for us. This fellow who runs around all over the world, I know how the guy feels
      28. IN ALL MY TRAVELS IF I COULD HAVE FOUND A NICE LITTLE HOME IN EACH BIG CITY I went to, where I felt like they were members of my family, and some woman who could take care of me while I was there, that would have been a perfect solution to the biggest problem every travelling salesman or travelling businessman has.
      29. HIS BIGGEST PROBLEM ACTUALLY IS HIS SEXUAL NEEDS AND HIS NEED FOR COMPANIONSHIP, just someone that he knows, a friend, loved ones, somebody! Especially some of those guys who have jobs just like I did, which keep them on the road most of the time. It was those fellows that we first started ministering to in Tenerife, like those accountants that travel around from city to city and hotel to hotel checking up on the business and so on,
      30. THEY REALLY NEED HELP AND WE'RE THE PERFECT ANSWER to their need once they find the Lord and find us! Hallelujah! We're just what the doctor ordered, right? Do you understand? And if he wants to show his appreciation by offering you financial help, that's not wrong.
      31. NOW WE HAVE CLAIMED AND WE HAVE SAID WITH CONVICTION, AND IT'S THE TRUTH, THAT OUR GIRLS NEVER ACCEPT MONEY. We have told the kids, and we have told the magazines and we've told the authorities, "Our girls are forbidden to accept a penny, they have never received anything for their sexual services" --And that's the truth as far as I'm concerned. Whatever the man donated was for the work.
      32. ONE OF OUR GIRLS WAS WISE WHEN SHE TOLD HER FISH. I'D RATHER NOT RECEIVE THIS MONEY FOR MYSELF, BUT II YOU WANT TO DONATE SOMETHING TO THE WORK, we certainly could use it. That was very wise, very good. And we read one report from South America where one colony is really swinging!--
      33. THE FISH DIDN'T WANT TO MAKE LOVE TO HER THERE IN THE COLONY because he said, "Oh, not in this holy place!" But afterward he said, "Now what do you need?" Apparently he was a rich man
      34. SHE HAD REFUSED TO TAKE ANY MONEY, of course, and maybe he didn't even offer it because it would be like offering money to an angel or something. They'd probably think that was an abomination too.
      35. BUT TO HELP THE WORK OR THF LOCAL COLONY SHE SAID, "WELL, WE NEED SOME FURNITURE." So that was a very practical thing to do and say. And some of our girls have been wise along that line, and accepted the offers to help or donations for the work or for the colony or for the house--not to her personally for her sexual services, this is what the world calls prostitution, commercial prostitution.
      36. IF THEY WANT TO MAKE A DONATION TO THE COLONY, if they want to make a donation of furniture fine. You should have something specific to tell them if they ask what you need.
      37. SOME MEN ARE NOT YET THAT MUCH IN LOVE WITH YOUR FAMILY, whom they don't even know, although they may have fallen in love with you. So naturally, therefore, if they want to give, they may prefer to give directly personally to you
      38. IF THEY QFFER A MONEY GIFT AND YOU FEEL YOU CANNOT OR SHOULD NOT TAKE IT and they are reluctant to give it to the Family as a whole, you might suggest that you could use a Bible or a piece of heart jewelry etc.
      39. I KNOW I HAD A VERY GOOD RELATIONSHIP GOING WITH ONE WOMAN once when I was on the road. I went back to see her a couple of times when I was 3,000 miles from home and no way to get home, and we really sort of had a love affair
      40. WE WERE REALLY IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER, at least quite enamoured, and I wouldn't have thought of paying her and I think she would have been insulted I said, "I don't want to give you money, that makes it look too... but I do want to do something for you. What can I do for you?
      41. I WANT TO BUY YOU SOME THING, WHAT DO YOU NEED?" She said, "Well I did see this dress in the window on Market Street at the emporium that I sure liked." And I said, "Well, how much?" She said, "It was ten dollars." That was in the days when ten dollars was a lot of money, thirty or forty dollars now anyhow. I said,
      42. "OKAY, IF YOU'LL PROMISE NOW THAT YOU'LL BUY YOURSELF THAT DRESS I'll give you the money"--because I wasn't going that way at that time or I could have bought the dress. But I felt, well, she knew what she wanted and what size and so on.
      43. IT'S A NICE WAY OF DOING IT REALLY. "WELL, HERE'S A DONATION FOR THE WORK. Here's for the piece of furniture. Here's to help on the meal you gave me last night, your food."--or whatever.
      44. NOT A DIRECT PAYMENT TO THE WOMAN just for a fuck, which coarsens and makes it crude and about as low as you can get, just like the rest of the world. But if they can feel like they're not just paying a prostitute but that they are actually giving it to the Lord and the work, this 1 think we would all feel very acceptable, including the fish themselves, right? It has got to come to this sooner or later.
      45. WE HAVE ALWAYS MADE THE REVOLUTION PAY FOR ITSELF. Our last big push was literature and to our dumbfounded amazement we found out it could not only pay for itself but for us too, right? It keeps virtually the whole work going!
      46. A PIONEER SITUATION, OF COURSE, LIKE RESEARCH WORK AND EXPERIMENTATION, USUALLY HAS TO BE PAID FOR, and it's rare pioneer work that's able to pay for itself, we're not just going to pull everybody out of Tenerife and totally desert the place.
      47. YOU HAVEN'T ACCOMPLISHED ANYTHING IF YOU PIONEER A FIELD AND THEN YOU TOTALLY FORSAKE IT, you didn't accomplish anything. Well, you may have done some litenessing and saved some souls, but you should leave behind some kind of a permanent work.
      48. THE SAME IS TRUE IN THE OLD CHURCH WORK WE USED TO DO. When you went in and pioneered, you weren't satisfied until you had a church building and a church started and people in it. Then you were finished, you had pioneered the field and you had established another church. Like my grandfather,
      49. HE HAD 50 YEARS OF MINISTRY, AND HE ESTABLISHED 50 CHURCHES in those 50 years! Well, I'd say that was pioneering. So you should have something left to show for it, and it should be something that pays for itself! Do you get the point?
      50. YOU DIDN'T DO A VERY GOOD JOB OF PIONEERING IF EVENTUALLY THE SOULS THAT YOU WON TO THE LORD ARE NOT INDIGENOUS. Now it's all right to take care of the babies while they're babies and the children while they're young, but when they get full-grown and can work and do a job and do something and earn some money, they ought to get out and help support the family.
      51. ALL RIGHT, THEY'RE ALREADY FULL GROWN PHYSICALLY AND THEY'VE GOT GOOD JOBS and businesses and they've got the money. They ought to start helping support the Family, and the girls need to let them know. Of course this was thinking most specifically about Tenerife, and I've been concerned about that problem for some time now, believe it or not.
      52. WE CAN'T AFFORD TO JUST CONTINUE SUPPORTING SOME KIND OF A RELIGIOUS BROTHEL, ministering to men who don't pay their way. Now it's a bit different in a regular situation where the people are already there in a colony and where they can do this in their spare time and it doesn't cost much, it's not their main job.
      53. BUT WE CAN'T AFFORD TO KEEP ALL THOSE WOMEN DOWN THERE JUST MINISTERING TO THOSE MEN and us paying for it. It's just not right! We're not teaching them right!
      54. I'VE HEARD MANY A STORY ABOUT PIONEER MISSIONARIES GOING TO THE FIELD AND HOW THEY HAVE TAUGHT THE NATIVES TO GIVE. You have to teach them to give and help pay for their own little chapel or building, or bring the food for the missionary or something. They can bring an egg or they can bring a little ear of corn or something. To realise that it's theirs, they need to help, they need to pay for it.
      55. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER YOU REALISE IT OR NOT, BUT THIS IS QUITE A BOMB that's going to have repercussions all over the Earth! It's the beginning of a whole new phase of the FF Ministry.
      56. THERE ARE PLENTY OF POOR LITTLE COLONIES all over the world who are out there putt-putting around peddling papers everyday, poor kids, and facing the enemy, and working hard that way, who are trying to FF and minister to some of these fish also whom they're afraid to tell that they need something and "please help us", for fear they're going to be called prostitutes.
      57. NOW THEY'VE JUST DENIED IT UP AND DOWN THAT WE ACCEPT MONEY FOR IT. I've even denied it, because I've denied it from the standpoint of the world's definition of prostitution. "No, we don't accept money for it!"
      58."WE STILL DON'T ACCEPT MONEY FOR IT, BUT WE SURE MEED YOUR HELP! The Colony needs your help, the Lord's work needs your help." In days gone by when I had people offer me money, long long ago when I was in church work, I said,
      59. "I WILL NOT ACCEPT IT FOR ME PERSONALLY, BUT I WILL TAKE IT FOR THE WORK. Don't give it to me, but if you want to give it to the Lord and His work, all right, I'll take it."
      60. IT'S NOT REALLY ANY CHANGE, it's not any major transformation of any kind. It's just that we're going to have to get this idea through these thick skulls, first those of our own kids.
      61. EVENTUALLY YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO BE WILLING TO RECEIVE BECAUSE YOU NEED THEIR HELP. How are we going to pioneer new FF ministries here and there and all over the world if you're not going to have an income to live on?
      62. WE CANNOT AFFORD TO PAY TO OPEN UP HOUSES ALL OVER THE WORLD JUST TO DO FF-ING.-Especially if it doesn't pay for itself! The least it can do is pay for itself. We're not asking you for any income from it...well, we do ask you for your 10% on lit.
      63. OF COURSE IF WE RECEIVE THE TITHES WHICH THEY GIVE US THE WHOLE OVERALL WORK WILL BENEFIT as well, which is certainly justifiable and acceptable and as it should be. And we can help more pioneer works and help open up new fields with it.
      64. BUT AT LEAST IT OUGHT TO PAY FOR ITSELF. Now that wasn't the main lesson I got out of the dream, but maybe it will turn out to be one of the main lessons. When I got this answer I was just burdened for one little situation, but then when I took a look at the burned-out girls in Tenerife, that made me even more burdened. Work for the Lord should be a pleasure and not boring, and should supply "all that we need according to His riches in Christ Jesus". (Phil.4:19.)
      65. I WAS EVEN TALKING TO A PLAYBOY BUNNY ONCE down in Merida Mexico. She said she liked the job so well, but it sounded to me like pretty hard work being a Bunny, everybody pinching your bottom all night in those scanty costumes and going around waiting on all those hungry men. But she said,
      66. "OH I LIKE IT, I LOVE IT! For one thing I meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends and it's interesting. There's a lot of variety to it, and I make good money!" That's when I started asking her how. She said, "Well, I of course make a lot on the side, more on the side than I do in the club!" And she said,
      67. "AND BESIDES THERE'S A LOT OF CHANGE TO IT. WE ROTATE A LOT from club to club. When I get tired of one town I can ask for a transfer and go someplace else where they need a girl and there's a new change of faces and places.
      68. "WHEN I GET TIRED Of ONE PLACE THEN I GO TO ANOTHER ONE." So I think that we're going to have to keep that in mind. They get fed up with one location and the guys there and they move along. We do have our parallels!
      69. I'VE BEEN ESPECIALLY IRRITATED TO HEAR THAT SOME OF OUR GIRLS STILL INSIST ON PAYING FOR THEIR OWN DRINKS!--I even heard of one girl who refused to let the guy pay for his! How crazy can you get! No poor Colony can afford that!
      70. NO GIRL SHOULD EVER HAVE TO PAY FOR MORE THAN HER FIRST DRINK! If you haven't found someone who's willing to pay for your second by the time you're ready for it, you might as well quit and go home!-The fishin's no good that night!
      71. HERE WE^VE FOUND WE CAN EVEN GET THE GUY TO PAY FOR HER. FIRST DRINK by being billed, at end of the evening--especially if the girls go alone together without a fisherman or a male escort from the Family. Experienced girls can do this.
      72. YOU JUST LET THE FISH PICK UP THE TAB for your whole evening, including your first drink!--That's the least he can do after enjoying your company all evening!-Just say, "Oh, thank you!-So nice of you!"
      73. IN THESE "HOSTESS" CLUBS HE'D PAY A HELL OF A LOT MORE THAN THAT FOR YOUR COMPANY! - About $50 an hour per bottle of champagne!--So don't be afraid to let 'em foot the bills, girls! Happy Hookin' !--But make it pay! The Gospel is free--but it costs, something to pipe it to 'em!