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MY CHILDHOOD SEX! -- Doin' What Comes Naturally   28.6.77 & 11.8.78   ADULTS ONLY    DO 779

  1.  I CAN REMEMBER BEING IN LOVE WITH ALL MY NURSES, except Adelle Grondoerf, the big German woman whom I hated, the one that pinched me when bad! All the young ones I was in love with, some of the older ones too!
  2  I TOLD YOU ABOUT MY MEXICAN BABY-SITTER WHEN I WAS THREE. I think I was in love with that little Mexican girl, she was wonderful, she really made me happy! She used to suck me to sleep for my nap every afternoon. I loved it!--But!:
  3  MY MOTHER BEGAN TO GET CURIOUS AS TO HOW COME I ALWAYS WANTED TO TAKE MY NAP, when before I had this baby-sitter I never wanted to take my nap! But after Maria the Mexican came along I was always wanting to know if it was time for my nap!
  4  I WASN'T ANY LITTLE ANGEL I WAS JUST WAITING TO GET SUCKED! I had orgasms and I really enjoyed it. I always got nice and relaxed and went to sleep right after. So I got started liking sex at an early age. But my mother was not very progressive. She finally decided she wanted to see what made me want to take a nap every afternoon.
  5  SO SHE SNUCK IN AND TOOK A PEAK AND SHE FOUND MARIA SUCKING ME! She slapped the poor little Mexican girl out of the house! Because Mom'd been taught, like all other little "good" kids are taught, that it's naughty! I don't know what was naughty about it? I enjoyed it! it worked great!
  6  LOOK AT ME, I DON'T THINK IT DID ME ANY HARM! Of course if you'd ask any of my enemies they'd say, "Ahah, see! That's what made him such a sex maniac!"
  7  MY MOTHER WAS VERY MUCH OPPOSED TO ANY CHILDHOOD SEX! I'll never forget, she kept scolding me for playing with it from the time I was about two. That's as far back as I can remember now.
  8  I PRESUME I'D BEEN PLAYING WITH IT BEFORE THAT, but that's as early as I can remember my mother scolding me for it and slapping my hand. (Maria: What did she say?) What do all mothers say:
  9  "IT'S DIRTY, NAUGHTY, NASTY, BAD, WICKED!" Isn't that terrible? Where do people get those ideas anyway? I comes from the same taboo that sex is evil and you shouldn't let your children find out about it any earlier than possible.--what a shame!
  10  IT GIVES THE KID THE IMPRESSION THE REST OF HIS LIFE THERE'S SOMETHING EVIL ABOUT SEX! That's the way adults treat it, there's something evil about it. That has a really ridiculous effect on some children, because then they're horrified by sex!
  11  I'LL NEVER FORGET OUR MUSICIAN COREEN WHO WAS RAISED IN A HOLINESS CHURCH. They taught her, "Oh now, that's naughty, that's nasty! Don't do that, don't show that!" & all such. Until finally when she was 14 her mother began to explain it to her, and she said that's the way you have children.
  12  SHE WAS HORRIFIED! "You mean to tell me", she said, "that Reverend So & So does that to his wife!" She said, "I never thought the same of that man anymore!" It's really pitiful. But that's the way they teach: Sex is bad! God's own creation is wicked!
  13  SEE THE PHOBIAS THEY GET AND THE AWFUL TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCES they must have, thinking that it's all so bad and evil and ugly. The church teaches that sex, if it's not actually sin, is at least ugly dirty and bad and nasty! What a shame!--God's gift!
  14  IT JUST STANDS TO REASON THAT IF IT FEELS GOOD A T THAT AGE, THEN THE LORD INTENDED FOR KIDS TO GET USED TO FEELING GOOD with sex. If they can have an orgasm at that age, He intended for them to have an orgasm & enjoy it! Why not? What's evil about an orgasm?
  15  GOD INTENDED FOR US TO GET ACCUSTOMED TO SEX LONG BEFORE THERE WAS ANY PROCREATION or any sex or intercourse. And therefore you wouldn't be so preoccupied with it when you finally hit puberty or somewhere near there, and you wouldn't just go crazy about it. If you were already accustomed to it, there wouldn't be any big deal about it, nothing new!-- It's only natural!
  16  (THEY'RE SO INQUISITIVE ABOUT THEIR BODIES WHEN THEY'RE TODDLERS. They get so interested in the little parts of the body, and it just seems to follow in a natural pattern.) Yes, and at a natural age for exploration and experimentation.
  17  (S: BY THE TIME THE BOYS ARE TWO THEY'VE SEEN IT, THEY'VE EXPERIENCED IT, tried it on themselves and watched themselves get big.) And in nearly all families they watch couples making love and Parents fucking etc.--So what? It's perfectly natural!
  18  (SARA: DAVIDITO'S SEEN IT, HE KNOWS WHAT IT IS. He knows the results too! He sees pregnant girls' big tummies. He's seen it in books, he knows all about it. He knows you get up and wash afterwards & everything, he knows all about it!--So what's new? What's "wrong"? Why is it bad?)
  19  I THINK IT'S SO MUCH BETTER THAT THEY JUST LEARN THAT WAY NATURALLY. Now Eve was kind of conservative, but I tried to natural in front of the children & not hide anything. If they'd come running through the room when we were fucking or lovemaking, she'd try to grab the sheet or something to cover up. I'd say, "Oh balony, that's ridiculous! They might as well learn now the natural way!--Why not? It's of God!"
  20  I CAN REMEMBER HOSEA RUNNING IN TO THE ROOM WHEN HE WAS ABOUT TWO. He stopped and looked at us just for a moment really amused, like; "That's funny what Mommy and Daddy are doing!", & ran out to play unconcerned.--He took it perfectly naturally!
  21  (MARIA: BUT WE NEVER KNEW ABOUT OUR PARENTS RELATIONSHIPS, BECAUSE THEY DID IT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!) Yes, they hide it! Isn't that terrible? they leave you so ignorant of one of the most important things in life & act like it was something evil!
  22  IT'S ALL THAT TEACHING THAT IT'S BAD, wicked, sinful, dirty, nasty! (Maria: The Evangelical churches tried to get over that to some extent, they don't teach you that it's dirty or nasty in so many words.) Yet it's their attitude, it's that cover-up, that constant cover-up, hide it away as if it were evil! Why do they think it's evil?
  23  (SARA: THEY NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT SEX IN THE BAPTIST CHURCH, they just talked about how bad it was to wear short dresses! Ha!) Well, therefore there must be something bad about it! If you're not supposed to show it, then it must be evil! The whole thing is geared that sex is evil, nudity is sin!
  24  EVEN IF IT'S NOT THE OUTRIGHT TEACHING OF THE CHURCH, IT'S THE ATTITUDE OF THE CHURCH, & that's the impression the kids get. It is pitiful, tragic, the sexual ignorance in which the kids are raised! If they don't come out & say it, the parents' attitude conveys its evil!
  25  OF COURSE I WAS QUITE FULLY AWARE OF SEX almost as long as I can remember. I can remember a lot of things that happened back when I was two. I don't remember any sexual experiences before two, but I must have had'm!
  26  I REMEMBER THAT IT USED TO GET HARD, & MY MOTHER WAS ALWAYS SLAPPING MY HAND for playing with it. She was always saying, "That's dirty. that's nasty!" Now why it was dirty & nasty I couldn't figure out, but that's what she said, so it must be bad somehow, sex organs must be evil!
  27  SHE DIDN'T WANT ME PLAYING WITH IT--Why, I don't know! --But that's just the idea people have, that sex is dirty & nasty. "Little pure children should never be defiled with sex or the knowledge of sex!"-- much less playing with your penie or looking at little girls holes or touching them!
  28  USUALLY YOU LEARN ABOUT SEX AT SCHOOL BEFORE ANYBODY ELSE TELLS YOU. I remember one little boy, he brought a nut to school like screws on a bolt, & he had this little bolt that was smaller, & kept running around showing us how to do it: "This is the way you do it", sticking the bolt in & out of the hole. When I was in 2nd grade kids were demonstrating that at school..
  29  BEFORE YOUR PARENTS EVER THOUGHT ABOUT TELLING YOU about sex you heard all there is to hear at school. It's so silly! I almost laughed in my father's face when I was 12 years of age, & he set me down in his office to tell me about sex!
  30  "NOW SON THERE'S SOMETHING I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT." I thought, my God, what have I done now! He said, "I suppose you may have heard something about it, but I think I should tell you about sex." I looked at him & nearly laughed out loud!--at 12?--I was already fucking!
  31  BY THE TIME I WAS 12 I KNEW ABOUT ALL THERE WAS TO KNOW about sex, except I didn't know too much about girls. Well I knew quite a bit about girls, but I hadn't had much experience. So kids really learn much more at school, from peers & books etc.
  32  I CAN REMEMBER AT THE AGE OF FOUR I WAS VERY INTERESTED IN LITTLE GIRLS & what they looked like down there. I wanted to examine them, & most of them seemed to like having me examine them, if we could get away with it when no adults were around, & play doctor & nurse.
  33  (SARA: THAT PROVES HOW SEXY THE HOLY SPIRIT REALLY IS! Because you were filled with the Holy Spirit from your mother's womb, yet as far back as you can remember you were always interested in girls & sex--& Davidito has your spirit & he's ht e same way!) Fascinated!--And why not?--Sex is a creation of God, created for us all to enjoy!--Even Children!
  34  MY DEAR MOTHER WAS REALLY NARROW-MINDED! I remember when we first got to Miami & I was only six years old: It didn't seem to matter, after years & years of telling me not to, I was still doing it!--In fact, I'm still doing it now! So she came in & caught me playing with it again!
  35  I SUPPOSE SHE THOUGHT SHE WAS GOING TO MAKE ME SO ASHAMED I WASN'T GOING TO DO IT ANYMORE. So she brought in the whole family, if you can imagine!--And my governess whom I didn't even like anyhow, & my brother & sister, scolding me before all!
  36  SHE BROUGHT A WASHBASIN, A LITTLE BOWL & A KNIFE & SHE TOLD ME SHE WAS GOING TO CUT IT OFF! Oh I was terrified! I was absolutely petrified! I almost never
forgave my mother for that, threatening to cut it off & embarrassing me in front of the family! But that didn't stop me. It felt too good to quit! I just kept it up in secret, my terrible secret sin!
  37  (SARA: DID SHE EVER CHANGE HER MIND later or take back what she said?) Honey, I don't know. That's one subject my mother would never discuss, at least not with me. Sex talk was taboo, an unspeakable horror!
  38  WELL' THAT NEARLY SCARED ME OUT OF MY WITS when she threatened to cu it off! I musta worried about not having it anymore, and I sure worried to cut it off would hurt!

So I begged & pleaded & cried & promised I wouldn't do it anymore. But of course I couldn't keep the promise. I just couldn't quit! Even when I tried, I had wet dreams.
  39  I FIGURED I WAS A HOPELESSLY LOST SINNER, & I could never be saved if i had to quit that! All the religious books on sex, that's exactly what they taught you.--Masturbation was an absolute perversion! You were insane to do that, & it would drive you insane! It would give you all kinds of diseases & send you to hell!
  40  IT WAS THE UTMOST OF WICKEDNESS! SEX FOR PURE PLEASURE! What church is there that doesn't teach that pleasure is a sin? The only connotation in which the Bible mentions pleasure as being wrong is where you put pleasure before Godliness, before the Lord & obedience to His Word. God made it!
  41  SINCE THEY ALL TEACH THAT PLEASURE IS A SIN, therefore of course sex is a sin. And particularly masturbation, that is really wicked! Thank You Lord for masturbation!--What God-given sex!--Even for kids!
  42  FROM THE TIME BOYS ARE TINY BABIES THEY START GETTING ERECTIONS & it feels good! Then you start playing with it & that feels good. What's wrong with it? Sex nerves are God-given! He created them for pleasure!
  43  IF THE LORD MADE IT TO FEEL GOOD AT AN EARLY AGE, WHY NOT ENJOY IT? If He didn't want you to play with it at an early age , why'd He make it feel so good? He could have had those nerves not even grow up or ripen till you were old enough to get married.
  44  MY POOR DEAR MOTHER I THINK THAT WAS THE LAST EXPERIENCE I HAD WITH HER ALONG THAT LINE. I don't think she & I ever discussed or had anything to do with sex from that time on, ever! And if I'd ever had any sexual experience, she would have been the last one I would have ever told! To her sex was evil! That's what she was told!
  45  BUT IT OBVIOUSLY DIDN'T STOP ME ANYHOW, BECAUSE ONE YEAR LATER I WAS DOING MY BEST TO FUCK MY COUSIN! It was my little cousin's idea, but I thought, well, it's worth a try!--So we tried at seven years old!
  46  BUT OF COURSE, BEING SHE WAS ONLY SEVEN, IT DIDN'T WORK--I struck a dry hole! In fact it was hardly a hole! I couldn't get it in. She even tried to put me in, but of course it was dry & she wasn't opened up yet--& it sort of hurt too, so I never tried that again for a long time.
  47  SHE SAID, "I WATCHED MY MOMMY & DADDY DO IT, & IT'S A LOT OF FUN!" We were on the couch & my folks were gone or probably I wouldn't have tried it. We were doing our best trying anyway. Maybe if I'd had a little Vaseline it might have worked! But the most horrible thing happened:
  48  ALL OF A SUDDEN, BEHIND ME I HEARD SOMEBODY SNICKERING & LAUGHING! I looked around & there was my Uncle with his head through the door! He thought it was funny!--But he was a pretty liberal ol' cuss.

  49  BUT THE TROUBLE WAS HE'D GONE & GOTTEN THE GOVERNESS & the cook & the gardener & all four of them were looking through the crack of the door! Here were these four heads watching us trying to make it! Oh me, I was so embarrassed!--& terrified!
  50  WE WERE SO SCARED! I JUMPED UP & RAN OUT THE BACK DOOR! I don't know what happened to her--it was his little girl, by the way! I think I had only unbuttoned my pants & she pulled up her dress. Anyhow, I made a very rapid exit!
  51  I WENT OUT & HID IN THE ATTIC OF THE HOUSE BEHIND, I was so scared he was going to give me a spanking! I hid in there for a long time, a couple hours. But nothing happened, nobody came calling my name or anything. So I sneaked down to my room & hid out until suppertime.
  52  CAME SUPPERTIME & I HAD TO GO TO DINNER--the whole family always came to supper. My father sat at one end, my mother sat at the other end, & we kids all sat on this side & the cook & the gardener & all the rest of them sat on the other side--it was a big table. I usually sat down next to my mother, since I was the youngest & her favorite.
  53  I WAITED AS LONG AS I COULD & came late to supper, & I kind of snuck in & got as close to my mother, as I could & hid. I don't know whether you've seen kids do that when they don't want to be seen.
  54  I WAS AFRAID TO LOOK AT MY UNCLE OR ANYBODY. But he was kind of a jolly chap & he just looked over at me & kind of winked, but I was scared stiff he'd told my folks!--That would be the end!
  55  BUT THEY NEVER SAID A WORD, SO I GUESS HE NEVER TOLD THEM, & I guess the rest of them didn't tell them either, thank the Lord! I was so glad I didn't get a spanking for that one! It's really amazing the attitude parents usually have toward children when it comes to sexual experimentation, like it was all evil!
  56  SO I STARTED AT AN EARLY AGE & ENGAGED IN SEX ALL MY LIFE, but I don't think it's hurt me, thank the Lord! Maybe it was good for me. But I don't think all that prohibition was good for me & all that scaring me half to death & threatening to cut it off & terrifying me!
  57  WELL AFTER AGE SEVEN, WHEN I FINALLY LEARNED HOW TO DO IT WITH MY LITTLE COUSIN, I WAS A CONFIRMED ADDICT! I used to do it quite frequently. I almost always woke up in the morning hard, which is natural for boys, so I would jack it off. Then when I was 12 years of age i began having semen.
  58  I'LL TELL YOU ONE REASON WHY I WASN'T TOO SHOCKED ABOUT ANY OF THOSE THINGS: I was an avid reader & I found books about it, & i remember I read a lot about it.
  59  IN MAGAZINES THEY'RE ALWAYS ADVERTISING THESE SEX BOOKS all about sex. So I was smart enough when I was as young as nine years old I wrote & ordered one of those books! They promised it would come in plain wrapper & all that stuff. It was full of pictures, & I read all about sex, the whole works! So I was well prepped at nine years of age what to expect at 12.
  60  SO I WASN'T SURPRISED BY MY FIRST SEMINAL EXPERIENCE. I had read all about how when a little boy is 12 he'll start having semen, so I didn't freak out or have some kind of trauma thinking I was bleeding to death when my first semen came!
  61  I KNEW EXACTLY WHAT WAS HAPPENING AND WHY IT WAS HAPPENING, so it didn't worry me. It was kind of a nuisance: from then on when I jacked off I always had to have some pare tissues or a handkerchief or something to catch it when there was no girl.
  62  WE USED TO PLAY KISSING GAMES--that gets to be quite popular when you get to be about nine or ten or eleven. --Don't tell me you never played kissing games?!--It's normal!
  63  SPIN THE BOTTLE WAS ONE: You took a bottle, a bunch of kids were sitting in a circle, boys & girls, usually a party game, & they'd turn the lights down low-- & of course the mother & fathers weren't supposed to know it was happening. You spun the bottle & whatever girl it pointed to, you went into the next room & hugged & kissed a little bit & then came back--a very pleasant game! The whole idea was just an excuse to kiss each other, of course.
  64  THE ONLY THING EMBARRASSING ABOUT WAS WHEN THAT THING GOT HARD! I don't know why we were always so embarrassed about that. I guess it's a part of teaching that it's bad & evil & wicked.--But it was fun! Some kids even fucked!
  65  BUT OUR KISSING THEN WAS ABOVE THAT LEVEL & wasn't considered so wicked & bad. But when you got up against a girl & kissing her and that thing started getting hard, then you got embarrassed. We boys have a problem that you girls don't have!
  66  IT'S REALLY A SHAME THAT THE SYSTEM HAS TO TEACH THAT IT'S SO EVIL & wicked & bad. There's not a thing in the whole Bible against masturbation! God must've expected you to do it. He made it come natural!
  67  IT EVEN TELLS YOU ABOUT WET DREAMS IN THE BIBLE, although it doesn't call them wet dreams. It tells you in Leviticus that if you wake up & find your bed wet from semen, you're supposed to get up & change all your clothes & bedding! What a chore!
  68  MOSAIC LAW WAS VERY CLEAN, based on cleanliness--clean food, clean clothes, clean beds, clean bodies--which was very, very good. Cleanliness is Godliness, & will keep you from catching a lot of diseases or bugs you'd have otherwise, if you'll just keep clean.--Try it! I like it!
  69  I REMEMBER ONE TIME WHEN WE WERE AT THIS SUMMER COTTAGE RESORT: It was one of those summer camps they had where you had cottages out in the woods & a lake & you went swimming & fishing (& loving! ) etc.
  70  THIS REAL CUTE GIRL THAT I LIKED A LOT INVITED US TO HER BIRTHDAY PARTY. My mother said, "Well sure why not let our kids go?" So we kids all went to the birthday party, because mom wanted to keep on good terms with the neighbors of course, & what harm could it do?
  71  OF COURSE SHE DIDN'T KNOW THEY WERE GOING TO HAVE DANCING! --10, 11, 12, 13-year-olds dancing! This little girl kind of liked me too, but of course I didn't know how to dance--it was bad, like sex.
  72  SO I NEVER LEARNED HOW TO DANCE! I'd always been taught that dancing was bad & evil, & when you got saved you stopped dancing, playing cards, drinking liquor, smoking etc. So it was all taboo. So i almost went out the door!--But I decided it was no sin to watch.
  73  SO I SAT THERE WATCHING THE DANCE & IT RALLY LOOKED INTERESTING. They were playing all this music & the kids were holding each other close, & apparently most of them had learned how to dance early. My mother wouldn't have let us dance. I remember how mad she got at my sister when she was trying to learn how to dance from some friends. Dancing was sinful! Wow!
  74  SO I WAS TERRIBLY EMBARRASSED WHEN MY GIRL CAME OVER & HELD OUT HER HAND & INVITED ME TO COME DANCE with her! I was so shy, I guess she thought I didn't ask because I was shy, but I didn't know anything about dancing & I didn't know how to dance! So in spite of the fact that I was embarrassed by the fact that I didn't know how to dance, the idea of being able to hold her in my arms appealed to me quite a bit!--I couldn't say no!
  75  SO I GOT UP & WE STOOD ON THE FLOOR TRYING TO ROCK BACK & FORTH, HOLDING HER IN MY ARMS, & you know what happened! & I was so embarrassed! I kept holding her close to me because I was afraid to let go, for fear somebody else would see it stiff!
  76  YOU KNOW WE WORE THOSE LITTLE SHORT PANTS IN THOSE DAYS, & if your peter got hard it just lifted those pants up & stuck straight out! There was no weight or anything to hardly hold it down! (Maria: It probably happened to all of the little boys, didn't it?) It might have, I don't know. Of course they were used to dancing.--Not me!
  77  BUT BOY IT SURE FELT GOOD! So we rocked & she just giggled--she was enjoying it too, I guess. I remember she kept giggling in my ear. I was so embarrassed I didn't know what to do! It nearly went!
  78  I THOUGHT, "MY GOD HOW AM I EVER GOING TO SIT DOWN? What am I going to do? I've got to kind of work her back around to my chair, so when I leave her I can just sit down real quick.!" See, if you sat down real quick, you could quick cross your legs & kind of hide it!
  79  SO I WORKED HER BACK AROUND TO MY CHAIR & I noticed when they separated they gave a quick little kiss, so i gave her a quick little kiss, & I worked around to where I was standing right smack in front of my chair, & I just sat down real quick & crossed my legs! Whew! That was close!
  80  I SAT THERE THE LONGEST TIME & I THOUGHT, "OH MY GOD WHEN IS THIS GOING TO GO DOWN? How am I ever going to get out of this house?" I just sat & sat & sat while they were serving ice cream & cake & everything. I never moved out of my chair, it stayed hard so long because I was so excited!--All those pretty little girls in all those pretty little frilly see-through dresses they wore! Wow! Whew!
  81  (MARIA: YOU REALLY LIKED THE GIRLS!) Oh, honey, I was crazy about them, & I still am! I guess I was just made unusually sexy by the Lord! Maybe I'm over-sexed, But you seem to like it!--Don't you? (M: Of course!)
  82  I REMEMBER THE FIRST TIME A GIRL EVER DEEP KISSED ME! I had never done anything like that before, so I didn't even know you could or should or were supposed to or what, but I remember this little girl.... Betty Davidson!--Wow! She was a sex bomb!
  83  WE WERE TWELVE YEARS OLD & SHE WAS THIS GORGEOUS LITTLE BLONDE, just at puberty when you're really beginning to feel pretty sexy! We kids were out in the back house--there were about a dozen of us--suppossed to be having a birthday party! What a party!
  84  WE WERE PLAYING SPIN-THE-BOTTLE: We'd go into this dark room & hug & kiss & feel each other up a little bit. Whew!
Suddenly when we were kissing she opens her mouth real wide & sticks her tongue in my mouth! It felt real sexy!
      I was melting like lard!
--As she kept rubbing hers against mine!
     Then her knees 'gan to sag
     And my heart gan to lag
--As I lit out for the pine!
     Oh my what a pal!
--I wonder what'd hap'd if I'd stayed?
     For she was no virgin
     And sex was emergin,!
--I'm sure I would have got laid!
     Like my love Mary Lou,
--When I was just seventeen!
     Such a buxom lass
     With a beautiful ass
--And wow!--What a sex machine!
     In my swimming trunks,
--I was left alone with this maid,
     One long hot summer
     When she was a comer,
--Just twenty & dyin' to get laid!
     And lovin' we're missin'
--A little too long one night!
     When I got a long'n
     And she got a longin'
--So we took it to bed for a fight!
     For so very long,
--As it kinda went to my head!
     'Cause as we got it on,
     It went on & on
--Before she could get it abed!
     And I was so sad
--'Cause she couldn't get it in.
     You'd think that not truckin'
     And keepin' on fuckin'
  --Was indeed a mortal sin!--(Ha! It came!)

  93  WELL THAT WAS MY SEX EDUCATION! And I don't think it was too bad, although I had to kind of educate myself, because my parents didn't do it. And the only nurse I ever had that tried to give me any sex education was that little Mexican girl, God bless her! Maybe that's what made me so sexy!--Just doing what comes naturally!
  94  THAT'S THE SECRET: Just let kids do what comes naturally! Don't make a big fuss about it! Just treat it as natural as it is, no big thing, no catastrophe! Just let it come naturally & pleasantly, & explain that's the way God made us & He wants us to enjoy it & it's perfectly normal & good for you!--But you don't do it in public or too much! It's a private pleasure!--Amen? - Enjoy yourselves and thank God for it!

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