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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.


1.I HAD BOTH MY BOYS CIRCUMCISED because the doctor just practically insisted. He wasn't charging us anything for prenatal care or for delivery or anything, so I thought, "Well why not? It could save a lot of trouble in the long run."--If you're going to have trouble.--Most boys don't, but some do if not circumcised.
2.IN SOME WAYS ITS MORE SANITARY. It's more healthful, because it toughens it up, & makes it less susceptible to catching something later from a woman. The skin gets tougher, so germs have a harder time boring in when you're circumcised.
3.BUT AT THE SAME TIME IT REMOVES QUITE A BIT OF THE PLEASURE, because when it's not a sensitive, it doesn't feel quite a good. Maybe that's one reason why I'm so sexy --I'm uncircumcised! Hallelujah!
4.OF COURSE PEOPLE WHO DON'T BELIEVE IN MASTURBATION ARE ALL FOR CIRCUMCISION, because it's very difficult to masturbate if you're circumcised. Whereas if you're uncircumcised you can slide that skin up & down the penis & it makes it feel almost like it's inside of a woman in your fist!
5.HE'LL HAVE A LOT MORE PLEASURE IF HE'S UNCIRCUMCISED--& why not? He might as well enjoy it! It'll be more sensitive. Maybe he's going to be real sexy--like his daddy--I don't know. But it's a lot more fun!
6.SOME BOYS HAVE A PROBLEM THAT THEIR FORESKIN IS TOO TIGHT. These, while you've got it moist enough, when it's wet or soapy or lubricated with vaseline, try to push it back when you can. Do do it so it hurts to where he's going to really get upset & cry & develop some kind of a phobia. But you've got to work on it & try to get it down if you can, to keep it clean by peeling the skin back & washing well.
7.AARON'S LITTLE BOY HAD TO BE CLIPPED BECAUSE THEY COULDN'T GET HIS FORESKIN DOWN. Aaron was a real grace man, so didn't want him circumcised just for religion!
8.BEFORE AGE 21/2 YOU SHOULD START WORKING IT DOWN, BECAUSE HE WILL BEGIN DEVELOPING SMEGMA. There are certain glands at the base of the head which secrete a natural lubricant. Particularly when a boy gets excited, it secretes this lubricant to prepare it for friction. This fluid then is usually washed away after sex.
9.IT'S JUST A PERFECTLY NATURAL THING WITH AN UNCIRCUMCISED BOY for that smegma to accumulate underneath the foreskin unless he washes his penis good nearly every day. So don't get scared stiff if you happen to peel his down & notice a few little specks of that white stuff there --it's perfectly natural. So men, wash it good everyday if you want the girls to play with it, especially if you want them to suck it! It's not very pleasant to suck it if it's not clean! --Smells like dead fish! Wash it daily if possible.
10.BUT IN THE CASE OF A SMALL BOY, SOMETIMES IF HE HAS AN ACCUMULATION OF IT, IT WILL HARDEN into sort of a white cheesy stuff like hard cottage cheese or dried cream. Some boys have a real problem with it, for if not washed good, it will cake hard in there, & in some cases it can even get infected because it's just not clean. It has to be pulled down & washed almost daily to be kept clean & sanitary.
11.SO YOU NEED TO WORK ON HIM every time he's wet, soapy & hard, every time he takes a bath or when you lubricate him with vaseline. Just try to work that skin down. Now it might be easier even sometimes when it's soft to get it down, but it's hard to manipulate then, if you don't have any resistance to work against. He'll probably get hard on anyhow with you fooling with it! --So you might as well work it hard.
12.ACTUALLY WHEN HE'S BIG & HARD & FEELING GOOD IS ONE OF THE BEST TIMES TO DO IT, like when you wash it during his bath, sort of under the guise that you're trying to make him feel good, & he'll like it. Other times if you put a little lubricant on it it's a big help. Try putting a little baby oil or vaseline on it to lubricate it real good before pulling the foreskin down. The mucus of your mouth is a good lubricant too! --Ad he'll love it! (mucus is spit.)
13.IT'S MERELY A MATTER OF STRETCHING, so you keep working on it. But you have to work on it just about every day when he takes his bath &/or gets hard, so you can try to pull down far enough to clean.
14.THE FORESKIN EXPANDS WHEN IT'S MOIST & WARM, SO TRY TO WORK IT DOWN THEN. While you're washing him take hold of the skin of the shaft of the penis --all that skin is connected --& pull on the skin of the penis itself with a gentle up & down motion.
15.IF YOU PULL IT DOWN while you've got it moist & warm, it will soon come down as it slowly stretches. He's also not as apt to protest then, because it feels good & he'll like it, even if you do it everyday. It just takes time.
16.IF HE ACTS LIKE YOU'RE PULLING IT TOO HARD & IT HURTS, THEN STOP. Just take it slow & easy. But you've got to get it down sooner or later, or eventually you're going to have to take him to the doctor for a clip! --And that's no fun when they snip you! It hurts! --But it heals, so don't worry. But working it down is better.
17.I THINK THAT'S THE ONLY REAL SEX PROBLEM I EVER HAD, because I was uncircumcised. I had a penis something like Davidito's where the skin was pretty tight & wouldn't peel back. This made it very hard to wash, if not impossible, so my mother took me to the doctor. I was only six, but I'll never forget it!
18.THAT CONDITION IRRITATED IT & KEPT MAKING IT STAND UP A LOT & then I'd want to play with it because it sort of itched! That's usually true with some boys who have some kind of penis problem that irritates, or the skin is too tight. That will cause it to erect & cause it to erect & feel like it needs massaging or scratching or jacking.
19.EVEN NEEDING TO GO TO THE TOILET WILL SOMETIMES CAUSE IT TO ERECT. God has made us so our bodies will take care of almost every of emergency. Frequently if a boy need to get up & go to the toilet during the night, the penis will erect & get very hard to try to control it, until finally you just have to go! Sometimes you think you need sex, boys, when really you only need to go to the toilet.
20.YOU CAN URINATE WHEN YOU'RE BIG & HARD, BUT IT'S A LITTLE DIFFICULT. The Lord made it difficult so we wouldn't urinate inside you women! The penis stiffening & tightening hard like that helps control the urinal duct, the urethra, so that's it's harder for you to let it go till you get to the toilet, but it makes you want sex first!
21.SO THAT'S ONE REASON WHY LITTLE BOYS SOMETIMES WAKE IN THE NIGHT ALL HARD because they really need to go to the toilet! It isn't because he needs sex, girls--he might just need to go to the toilet! But often it is because he need s sex, & if not satisfied, he may even have a "wet dream" of a girl & wet the bed with a puddle of semen if old enough!
22.SO SHE TOOK ME TO THE DOCTOR: I'll never forget when he tried to force my foreskin down & I screamed! He was trying to see if he could get it down, but it was too tight & the place where the skin gathers together was sort of high. I hear that several of our small boys have had the same problem, & you must help them.
23.SO THE DOCTOR SAID, "WELL, IT'S EITHER AN OPERATION & WE CUT THE STRING, OR YOU'LL HAVE TO TRY TO GRADUALLY TRY TO WORK IT DOWN." They cut the place where the skin gathers together, so it releases the skin & it will come down. They make a little snip there, called clipping it --OUCH!
24.--AND OF COURSE IT HURTS & TAKES TIME TO HEAL--meanwhile it's plenty sore, like circumcision. --It's so much better to gradually stretch it by slowly working it down by hand in love & patience--& lots of fun!
25.SO THE DOCTOR WANTED TO SNIP ME, BUT MY MOTHER REFUSED to let him. She was really a healing freak in those days, & she felt the Lord could do anything. So He did, thank the Lord!
26.BUT SHE REALLY HAD TO WORK ON ME, & whew! I had some howling sessions for a while there! She had let it go far too long, so that it was really difficult.
27.YOU HAVE TO JUST KEEP WORKING ON IT. Put oil, vaseline or mucous (spit) on it & take your hand & keep trying to work it up & down. Knowing my mother's attitude toward sex, I don't presume that appealed to her much, but I began to enjoy the treatment as it loosened up! Hallelujah!
28.HERE WAS MY MOTHER FINALLY HAVING TO DO TO ME WHAT SHE FORBADE ME TO DO TO MYSELF! And of course my penis would always get hard the moment she touched it! When you're al little boy, you're almost instantly hard the minute you're touched! But I suffered the treatment with lots of patience. --Ha!--And
29.BECAUSE SHE KEPT WORKING ON IT, SHE FINALLY GOT THE SKIN STRETCHED so it would come down part way. Then she told me that I should do my best to try to pull it down myself and wash myself so she wouldn't have to do it anymore--So from then on it was "do it yourselef"! --Very pleasant work!
30.--IT MUST HAVE BEEN RATHER EMBARRASSING FOR HER considering her ultra-conservative attitude about sex! Particularly when she must've seen I got to enjoying it!--Ha! So peeling it down can be fun!
31.BUT IT'S GOT TO PEEL DOWN FAR ENOUGH TO WASH IT & clean it & get all that smegma out of there. That's why my mother was getting worried, because it was really accumulating & she couldn't peel the foreskin down far enough to get it out. If it goes for any long period, it will actually get caked in there, if you can't get it down & wash it out. Then it gets really irritated & possibly infected!
32.SO IF YOU HAVE A LITTLE BOY THAT HAS A TIGHT FORESKIN that's difficult to peel, get it good & soapy at bath time, or work on it with a lubricant to try to get it down if you can, like trying to get a ring off you finger. The trouble with soap is it stings, & if the boy is a little tender or raw or irritated anyhow because of it, the soap sometimes is apt to actually sting & hurt even worse! So other lubricants are better.
33.YOUR MUCOUS MOUTH SALIVA IS VERY GOOD LUBRICATION & does not sting at all, it's also a disinfectant & is perfect for the job, if you have no contagious diseases in your mouth. They say soaking it in milk also helps sometimes if it's irritated.
34.I WOULD JUST EXPLAIN TO HIM WHAT YOU'RE TRYING TO DO: Just tell him, "little by little we're going to try to pull it down like Daddy's so that we can wash it better & get it all clean inside & out." Then he can understand why you have to do it regularly.--And he usually enjoys it if you don't pull too hard.
35.ONCE DAVIDITO CAME IN WHEN I WAS ON THE BIDET WASHING, SO I THOUGHT HE MIGHT AS WELL LEARN HOW TO WASH IT. If you're trying to get his down, Daddy can show him that's it's perfectly natural & doesn't hurt. So I just showed him how I was washing. I jacked it up a bit hard & I said:
36."SEE YOU PEEL IT DOWN LIKE THIS, & you wash it in the water real good!" Then I soaped it real good & rinsed it off again. "Then when it's all nice & clean like this", I had the skin all pulled down, "then you slide the skin back up again & there it's all done, all nice & clean!" And he was fascinated!
37.I THOUGHT, NOW WHEN SARA TRIES TO DO IT TO HIM, HE'LL KNOW that's it's a perfectly natural & normal thing!--Daddy does it too!--So he won't worry about it & wonder what in the world you're doing to him!--So now he loves it & his foreskin is almost all the way down, thank the Lord, & we can keep him nice & clean.
38.SO NEXT TIME YOU DO IT JUST REMIND HIM ABOUT DADDY'S. "Remember how Daddy washes his? We've got to get the skin down so we can was yours just like Daddy's!"
39.WE DON'T WANT TO GIVE HIM SOME KIND OF PHOBIA or fear about if it hurts when you try too hard & he doesn't know what you're trying to do.--Make it as pleasant & easy as you can. It just takes a little stretching, that's all. I don't know why, but some little boys are just born with it really tight that way.
40.TRY NOT TO DO IT SO HARD THAT IT HURTS HIM to where he might get freaked out about it after that & not even want you to touch it anymore. Just gently keep trying. Help it to stretch slowly so you can get it down to where you're able clean it properly.
41.IF YOU'RE GOING TO DO IT WITH YOUR HANDS, TRY TO WORK IT DOWN with your fingertips a little bit. While you're holding down the shaft of his penie , pull down on the skin with your fingers, & at the same time sort of push down around the the edge of the fore skin at the top with your other finger so you can stretch it down a little more with each stroke--like childbirth!
42.TRY TO MAKE IT FEEL GOOD TO HIM. I you don't do it too hard, it will feel good. Just keep stretching it a little more with each stroke if you can. It's bound to come down sooner or later, unless he's an unusually tough case, in which case you may still have to take him to a doctor.
43.I'LL TELL YOU RIGHT NOW THE DOCTOR WON'T BE GENTLE OR MERCIFUL! So let's trust the Lord & believe that you're going to be able to work it down. Just pray hard & work on his hard! He'll bless you for it--Like mom's stretching in a birth:
44.IT JUST TAKES TIME & FREQUENCY & lots of love, gentleness & patience. Make him enjoy it & the job's soon done!--And he'll love you for it!--And you'll avoid a lot of the future problems of uncleanliness. Remember: Cleanliness is Godliness! GBY! WLY!

(From Table Talks 28-6-77 & 11-8-77)

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