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Berg's Anti-Semitism
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This is among some of the best research I've ever seen! Hats off to you folks!
Danny C
- Nov 9, 2004

Excellent research and from what I read you deserve Kudos for hard work and insightful presentation on the anti-semitism of the cult.
I am always amazed by the stupidity I exhibited by joining and remaining in a screwed up and hateful organisation like this. But this is what a lack of real education will lead to -- slavery.
Remember Berg also lamented about Lincoln putting a stop to the South's slavery of the Africans during the Civil War?
What a real thinker and intellectual realises--as opposed to the sloppy slippery thoughts of Berg--is that slavery would have eventually enveloped not just all the blacks as industrialization grew, but also the poor whites of all ethnicities--especially the uneducated--who would have been drafted into the chains for the rich masters.
Back to serfdom just like Russia had would have been America's plight, white slaves called serfs, -- if slavery had not been defeated.
Come to think of it -- If the South had won, Berg would have been a real good manipulator and sneaky 'white boss' over the poor-white slave troops who couldn't think for themselves and get a life of liberty in their ignorance and poverty under white-Christian-masters.
Ironic that Berg was just like that anyway, despite the fact that the South lost the civil war. A 'white boss' to the cultic-slave-troops.

- Apr 1, 2004

Berg is the ignorant fool of any one person that I have ever heard of. He should be burned alive because of his stupid conspiracies and anti-semitism. Oh, if anyone is wondering, I am not even a Jew, i'm from South America. Down here, we don't hesitiate to kick the shit out of bitches like that. If I ever saw his punk ass, I'd ram my fist down his stomach and send him to these Turkish gays I know of, who would tear a hole the size of the ozone layer in his candy ass. What mutherfucking son of a bitch!
- Mar 25, 2004

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