Here is a broad assortment of recommended books (with links to and reviews dealing with the cult experience, some of the related to The Family/COG/FOL. These are provided here as a free service, in the interest of helping those involved with cults to find information and healing. does not gain financially from their sale. If you have any recommendations, comments or wish to write a review, please contact us via
Safe Passage Foundation:
  • Born and raised in The Family?
  • Need help to leave?
  • Left The Family but need help to get on your feet?
  • Want to help people leaving The Family?
Safe Passage Foundation is a public foundation to provide support for young people leaving isolated communities; a non-religious, New York non-profit corporation that provides resources, support and advocacy for youth raised in restrictive or isolated communities. Its founding Directors and Officers are young adults raised in The Family (a.k.a. 'The Family of Love' or 'Children of God'). Initial focus will be youth raised in The Family, but in later years, youth from other restrictive groups will be included.
Will to Life Foundation:
A talented and diverse collection of individuals have chosen to unite their expertise, resources, and time in founding a non-profit organization, Will to Life. The major impetus leading to the creation of Will to Life has been the plethora of personal tragedies and lost loved ones, who struggled to adapt to their new environments after leaving The Family International. Through this foundation Will to Life hopes to provide those leaving restrictive religious environments with assistance in assimilating themselves into society at large.

Social Organizations:

A collection of links to Shelters, Halfway Houses, and Social Organizations such as the Salvation Army and Alcoholics Anonymous.

Therapy and Couseling:
The fallout from involvement with a cult can last a life time. Many ex-members find themselves dealing with past wounds decades after their experience. This is an under-developed page, which is to be filled to information about how to get the help you need after exiting a cult and re-adjusting to normal life. Your suggestions and essays are welcome - please send them to .

Educationa and Jobs:
Most people leaving the cult experience find themselves far behind in job experience and education. Many 2nd generation people find themselves woefully lacking in qualifications, knowlege about applying for the jobs they want, and even knowlege about what they might be qualified for and where to start looking. This page is a collection of tips for those seeking to start over and make someting of themselves. How to apply for scholarships, etc.

Legal Help:
General links to legal information and resources.

Friends and Advice:
An under-developed section which is to be filled in with helpful tips and articles by ex-members regarding how to get on your feet quicker upon leaving a cult, and what pitfalls to avoid...

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