A collection of court or legal documents.

KJV Bible Search Tool
A fairly self-explanatory tool with accompanying help text. You can use it to look up search words or entire phrases, look for a specific verse like Jn 3:16 or browse through an entire book. Designed specially for by WC - If you have any needs/sugesstions, he might be able to program a function for it - write to the webmaster

Site Search Engine
Recently completed, this powerful search engine will search through the portions of the site or the entire site (11,000+ files in August 2003) and locate posts or articles on-the-fly, i.e. you get the latest information as it is created/published. We've dispelled with the fuzzy logic tools, in favor of one more suited to the most used research queries. There is no ranking system, results are shown as the matches are found.

Locate Bulletin Board Posts
This feature is still under development. A later release will include functions for searching through posts for key words.

This tool allows you to search for explanations to acronyms and insider terms used by The Family. Entries are cross-linked. Designed for by WC - if you have contributions to make, please write to the webmaster.

LInks to other ex-member sites or sites related to The Family International/Family/Family of Love/Children of God.

Index and Site Maps
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