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The Family / Children of God

Pseudonyms, Fronts and Umbrella Organizations

Reasons for the deception

Hiding their notorious past

It is evident from the list below, that members of The Family International go by a variety of names for their organization rather than their official name. As any ex-member will readily testify, the main purpose for doing so is to avoid being recognized as The Family and linked to their notorious past as The Children of God and Family of Love. In order to hide their true affiliation, members as a rule do not divulge complete or contextual information about themselves.

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Another major motivation for using pseudonyms appears to be related to bookkeeping. According to The Family International's own documents, the testimonies of ex-members and recent eye-witness accounts, The Family International uses a network of non-profit organizations to launder money (redistribute funds internally)—expenses are written off as gifts to each other—in order to benefit from subsidies and tax exemptions designed for bona fide charity work. The Family International's network of front organizations currently operates under the umbrella of the FCF (Family Care Foundation) which is clearly connected to The Family International.

see Family Care Foundation & The Family / Children of God - Exploring the Connections »
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In addition to the testimony of ex-members, current members of The Family have admitted[1] to operating under deep cover in order to infiltrate countries normally closed to its proselytization activities, by masquerading as NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations).

How to recognize them

Although these pseudonyms were collected through primary sources, it is difficult if not impossible, to stay completely up to date—members uproot frequently and adopt new identities to avoid detection. They do however, use recognizable common themes in their literature, activities, style and presentation. An informative brochure, "More Than Meets The Eye" summarizes The Family's fund-raising fronts, core beliefs and practices.

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Official Names, Documented names, Associated Names & Suspected Pseudonyms
used by The Family International

Name/Pseudonym Domain Era
Family Care Foundation (FCF)
Main Umbrella Organization for various charity fronts The Treasurer Dr. Christine Mlot, and president Grant Collin Montgomery, are known members of The Family.
90s to current day
The Family International 2002-current day
The Family since the 90s
The Family of Love late 70s to late 80s
The Family Missionary Fellowship current day self-description
The Children of God 60s to late 70s
Les Enfants de Dieu France 70s to 80s
La Famille  
Activated Magazine Current Day
www.activated.org Internet site Current Day
www.activatedministries.org Internet site Current Day
Aurora Productions Current Day
www.auroraproductions.com Internet site Current Day
A Helping Hand - Mexico Mexico current day
AB CARE (Associação Beneficente Pro-Carente) Sao Paulo, Brazil current day
Amor en Accion, R.D. Dominican Republic current day
Asia Quest Cincinnati, Ohio, USA current day
PMs Bruce and Sharon Cunningham are known members
current day
Asiavision Bangkok, Thailand current day
Astrakhan Initiative for Minors (AIM) Astrakhan, Russia current day
Balkans Relief Mission Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina current day
beart.com current day
Bel-Air Hospital of the Param Prasad Charitable Society Panchgani, India current day
www.bluebirdfoundation.org current day
www.bookesidefarm.net current day
Builders of the Future
The McNallys are known members
Thailand current day
www.caglefamily.com current day
Calico Charities, USA Oxnard, California, USA current day
Caring Hearts, Hungary Budapest, Hungary current day
Casa Cumbre Presentations Lima, Peru current day
Casa de Corazones-Guatemala Guatemala current day
Central Thailand Mission Thailand current day
Channel of Hope Cebu Philippines current day
Cheer Up Missions, USA USA current day
Chiang Mai Family Services Chiang Mai, Thailand current day
China Bridge Ministries San Diego, USA current day
China TIPS Pahrump, Nevada, USA current day
Chinese Christian Literature Prod. Center Taichung, Taiwan, China current day
"Christian Missionary Fellowship" current day self-description
Coloring the World with Love Mexico current day
Cornerstone Project
PM Jean-Luc and Pannee Temmam are known members
Thailand current day
www.countdown.org current day
Creative Care Services McAllen, Texas, USA current day
CVR Ministries Glendale, Arizona, USA current day
CWM - Chinese Wonderful Music
radio show fashioned after MWM
Deaf Reach Hyderabad, India current day
donate-car-for-charity.com current day
East Taiwan Family Mission Taiwan current day
Eastern US Family Outreach Norcross, Georgia, USA current day
EECCC - Eastern European Christian Correspondance Center Budapest, Hungary current day
www.theendtime.com (Endtime, The) current day
Esahn Family Assistance
PMs George and Pranne are known members
Nakorn Ratchasima, Thailand current day
"Russell L" is a known member
Hawthorne District of SE Portland, USA current day
Extra Mile Ministries
Ontario, canada current day
Main website of The Family
current day
Family Care - Lebanon
PM Antonia Jenkins was a known member. NEW INFO (not verified with 2nd source): Antonia handed over Chair of company to Bruno Freulon after leaving The Family
Lebanon current day
Family Care Association, Nigeria Nigeria current day
Family Care Cambodia
PM Ann Soldner is a known member mentioned in the Judment of Justice Ward
Family Care Goa
PM Joaquim and Tuula Baretto are known members
Goa, India current day
Family Care Indonesia Indonesia current day
www.familycare.org current day
Family Corner
www.wretch.cc/blog/familycorner Run by known and recognizable members of The Family International: "Danny" and "Becky"
Taiwan current day
Family Christian Outreach Arlington, Texas, USA current day
Family Educational Services Foundation Karachi Karachi, Pakistan current day
Family Educational Services Foundation Lahore Pakistan current day
Family Educational Services, Istanbul Istanbul, Turkey current day
Family Educational Services: S. Turkey Turkey current day
Family Focus Bangalore, India current day
Family Intl. Community Services Amman, Jordan current day
Family Intl. Vol. Serv. Croatia Brezovica, Zagreb, Croatia current day
Family Mission/Corazones Unidos Birmingham, Alabama, USA current day
Family Missions current day
Family Missions KC Kansas City, Missouri, USA current day
Family Missions Milk for Many Silver Spring, MD, USA current day
Family Missions Services, Mexico Mexico current day
Family Outreach Ministries, Inc Eaos, Tenessee, USA current day
Family Outreach Program, The Romeoville, Illinois, USA current day
Family Outreach Program, The Romeoville, Illinois, USA current day
Family Project Hope Miami, Florida, USA current day
Family Samaritans Bangalore, India current day
Family Services Foundation (FSF) Hyderabad, India current day
Family Services India Bombay (Mumbai), India current day
Family Services, Bangalore Bangalore, India current day
Family Volunteer Services Kathmandu, Nepal current day
FAVOR (Family Action Volunteers—Romania) Bucharest, Romania current day
Fazendo Do Mundo Um Lugar Melhor
several PMs are known members
Brazil current day
FCWCEA Lagos, Nigeria current day
FEDES (Fundación Educativa de Desarrollo Economico y Social) Santiago, Chile current day
Fellowship of Independent Christian Churches current day self description
FESCA (Family Educational Services Central America) Costa Rica current day
Focus on Kidz
PMs Paul Peloquin & Linda Perfilio are known members of The Family
Abidjan, Ivory Coast current day
Friends in Deed Mumbai, India current day
Friend-Ship Missions Carthage, North Carolina, USA current day
From the Heart San Francisco, California, USA current day
Frown-Busters Outreach Indiana, USA current day
Future Horizons Thailand current day
recent complaint received
current day
Guadalajara Youth Rescue Jalisco, Mexico  
Hands At Work Louisville, Kentucky, USA current day
Hands On Saigon Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam current day
Hands That Help Coimbatore, India current day
Hands That Help:Project India Ontario, Canada current day
Hands to Hands, Hawaii Philippines current day
Healing Columbia
staff are known members
SantaFe de Bogota, Columbia current day
Healing Hearts Bosnia, Croatia current day
Healing Hearts, USA Indianapolis, Indiana, USA current day
Healing Hearts--Kosovo Prishtina, Kosovo current day
Heart to Heart Connections-USA San Jose California, USA current day
Heaven's Magic late 80s to 90s
Helping Hand South Africa current day
Helping Hand, South Africa
Anthony Mizrany is "Laban Cedar" of Lebanon, a former MO Letter illustrator
Durbanville, South Africa current day
Helping Hands, Korea
PM Timothy Peters openly admits to being a member
Korea current day
Home Services current day
HOPE/Mount Lebanon Project Lebanon current day
HopeReach Missions Orange, California, USA current day
Immediate Disaster Relief (IDR)
PMs Art and Becky Lindfield are known members, and mentioned in the "King Arthur's Nights" FFing series of Mo Letters
current day
IMS Missions
Directors are known Swedish members of The Family, on open media record representing The Family
current day
Independent Christian Churches current day
India Reach New Delhi, India current day
Internationell Missions Service
Org Nr: 812800-1156
PMs and staff are known members
Sweden, Russia current day
"International Missionary Fellowship" current day self-description
Island to Island Hawaii, USA current day
kekmadar.org Internet site current day
Kidland San Diego, California, USA current day
kidzvidz.com Internet site current day
La Familia Un Projecto Del Futuro Mexico current day
Lifeline Ministries Texas, USA current day
Lion, the Dragon & the Beast, the
Family Band
current day
LiveTheCreed.com Internet Site current day
Los Andes Mission Lima, Peru current day
Love in Action Dallas, Texas, USA current day
Love in Action, Guad Jalisco, Mexico current day
Love in Action, Pakistan Karachi, Pakistan current day
Love Thy Neighbor Lima, Peru current day
Manila Charity Project Manila, Philippines current day
Mapuche Quest Chile current day
Martinelli current day
Matumaini South Africa current day
Matumaini - Hope for Tanzania Dar es Salaam, Tanzania current day
Meet the Need Hacienda Heights, California, USA current day
MexCity Mission
PMs Mike Edwards (a.k.a. Dust) and Cindy Thompson are known members of The Family. Edwards was former North-American CRO; their FCF page onfamilycare.org/network/020.htm features known PR pictures of La Familia band, as well as recognizable members.
Mile for Smiles Italy, Tanzania current day
Milk for Many - see Mexcity Mission current day
Mission Assist Fairmount, Minnesota, USA current day
Mission Care Taiwan
Aaron Berg is gransson of the founder David Berg, and a known member
Taiwan current day
Mission Support & Humanitarian Services Program (MSHSP). current day
Mountain Streams
Postfach 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland
Musica Con Vida
Spanish version of MWM
MWM - Music With Meaning
English radio program
www.MyConclusion.com website current day
N.Thailand Outreach Mission Chiang Mai, Thailand current day
Nada Devi Biosphere Reserve Himalayas, India current day
Native American Outreach Flagstaff, Arizona, USA current day
New Horizons -- Student Interchange
PMs Art and Becky Lindfield are known members, mentioned in the FFing series of Mo Letters
Pune, India current day
New Horizons Project-USA/India Santa Ana, California, USA current day
New Horizons, Mexico Mexico current day
New Improved Truth, The current day
New Start-Etchnic Ministries Alaska, USA current day
New Teens for Christ, The current day
Noi Orizonturi Familia Bucharest, Romania current day
Nordic Christian Help Organization Norway, Russia,  
Overseas Mission
PMs are known members
Santiago, Chile current day
Pacific Family Mission
eye-witnesses recently verified they are still members of The Family
Portland, Oregon, USA current day
PEARL (Africa) Ulm, Germany current day
Philippine/China Mission Muntinlupa City, Philippines current day
Polio Child Relief Mumbai
Swiss Joseph Süess (a.k.a. "Ivan") is a known member of The Family.
Bombay (Mumbai), India current day
Portico Foundation Bangalore, India current day
Power of Love Nsaka Zambia  
Project ESARN Thailand current day
Project H.E.L.P
Robin is a known member
Mexico current day
Project Queretaro Duluth, Georgia, USA current day
Prophet Bus, The USA current day
Proyecto Rescate (Project Rescue) Mexico current day
Pruzena Ruka, (Reaching Hand) Croatia current day
Puerto Rico Outreach San Juan, Puerto Rico current day
RadioActive Productions
radio show by known members and former MWM host Simon Peter, also connected to child sexual abuse
Kampala, Uganda current day
Reaching Out, Peru Lima, Peru current day
Reaching Out, Colorado Lakewood, Colorado, USA current day
Reachout Vancouver Washington, USA current day
Refugio De Paz Carmel, Indiana, USA current day
Recent eye-witness info indicates Robin, David (a.k.a. Titus), Christina are current members of the Family.
Monterrey, Mexico current day
Sahara Centre for Residential Care & Rehabilitation New Delhi, India current day
Salem Family USA/Africa, Lancaster, California, USA current day
Samaritans current day
SHARE (Shaping Hearts -A Relief Effort)
Frank Martin a.k.a. "Asher" was tribe leader at the TSC
Chennai, India current day
Sharing and Caring Middlesex, North Carolina, USA current day
Siam Family Services Chiang Mai, Thailand current day
Side by Side Intl Tokyo, Japan current day
Silver Lining, Hope 4 Tomorrow Coahuilla, Mexico current day
Small Village Plan
Abraham Jo & Lili Enarson (a.k.a. Jo & Comfy) are known members
Gambia current day
South Reach Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico current day
STAND Dodoma, Tanzania current day
Stand Up For Jesus San Antonio, Texas, USA current day
Step Towards Home, A current day
Sunny-Side Up Entertainment
www.sunny-sideup.com; eye-witnesses recently verified they are still members of The Family
California, USA current day
SVP—Small Village Plan Gambia current day
Taiwan Volunteer Services Kaohsiung, Taiwan current day
Tampa Family Missions Tampa, Florida, USA current day
TEAM (Texas, Teaching, Education and More) (EIN 75-2790783) Texas, USA current day
Teens for Christ late 60s
Daniel Craig Roselle is a known leader (Continental Officer for North America) in the Family. He is also a director for The Family's Activated Foundation.
Texas Soul Clinic Texas, early 60s, pre-COG
Rev. Timothy A. Peters
denies connection to The Family International but will not answer to direct queries posed
(see Tim Peters and Same old same old denial, nothing new)
Korea current day
www.thaifamily.org Thailand Current Day
Voice for the Deaf Secunderabad, India current day
Voice for the Deaf-Hyderabad Hyderabad, India current day
WM - Wonderful Music Chinese radio show, see CWM  
World Services 70s to current day
Youth for Ukraine
Project Manager Robert Stevens a.k.a. "Elijah Flute" in the Children of God. He was part of the "MO Band" in Germany with Cana Bird, et al.
Ukraine current day
Youth Mission Network Nairobi, Kenya current day
Youth With A Vision
Samuel Peck and his sisters Maria & Joy are known members. Samuel is nephew of the husband mentioned in IRFers Beware. Their page on www.familycare.org/network/m15.htm features a photo of a "professional" carpenter, who is a known member, Tim of Suzanne.
Ensenada, Mexico current day
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