Posting on the Academic/Research Board?

Posted by Coordinator on Jan 29, 2008 at 09:37:00

There has been a general annoyance towards visitors who post here claiming to be researchers--the annoyance is not without reason:

The responses/reactions to your requests may depend on how well your questions are articulated:
As one reader pointed out on GenX, no one will take a "researcher" seriously who doesn't spell right or take the time to articulate him/herself properly (see "Documentary Makers"). Clear articulate requests usually result in helpful and articulate responses. Some very intelligent and helpful exchanges on our boards have been material for countless researchers. They don't always happen on the Academic board.

If you wish to do research on the Academic board:
Have you read our Academic/Research board's Rules and Guidelines?
Does your post belong here?
If not, for general discussions, please use the GenX board.

If you agree that your post belongs here, then you're welcome to proceed
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