Academic/Research Board - Rules and Guidelines

This discussion board is for Academic and Research purposes--all other posts will be deleted. Anyone with questions or answers about the existence of abuses in The Family International, its policies, doctrines, dogma, Family publications, etc may post here -- provided it fits in the academic-research vein (vain?).

For other general discussions, please use the GenX board.

The Academic/Research is a board primarily for intelligent discussions and polite debate; however, we encourage you to think more in terms of exchanging ideas and perspectives. Remember that when you present your ideas here, you present them for discussion—you can expect your views to be dissected and challenged.

We expect all posts to be written with an academic flavor and dispassionate tone. Avoid mindless rhetoric. If you wish to debate, please present your facts objectively, do your homework and quote your sources if necessary.

Occasional humor, interesting articles or friendly social exchanges are acceptable (and perhaps necessary), while comments of an emotional, unhelpful, unconstructive nature are neither necessary nor acceptable.

In dealing with sensitive issues, matters that you feel strongly about, you are expected to exercise caution, and show courtesy and respect to others and their opinions.

Unintelligible posts or posts which make no sense to the purpose of this site or the Academic/Research board will be deleted.

Posts unbefitting of this board will be deleted at the sole discretion of the coordinator.

Politics Free Boards: While we understand that it may be difficult or impossible to make posts completely void of political views and expressions, we no longer allow general political discussions on our boards. Dissecting Berg's political views in his teachings may be allowed if they do not attack a legitimate political affiliation.

Be opinionated. Almost all opinions are welcome—harassing behavior will result in being banned from the forums.

Insensitivity will not be tolerated. We will make provision for inevitable unintentional misunderstandings and marked differences of opinion that can arise from interaction between posters, but deliberate and repeated hurtful or abrasive behavior will result in being banned.

No Angry Debating Allowed Please. Posts are subject to removal if content is vulgar and/or offensive.

Lively discussions are encouraged as long as a certain level of civility is maintained. Please donít make it personal.

Context is important. Answer to posts in the context of the thread as much as possible.

No unwelcome familiarity or badgering. While we recognize that in any virtual community, it is both natural and necessary that participants achieve some level of familiarity with each other's views and lifestyles, etc., this familiarity can be misused in the bulletin board medium, as a tool for badgering. In all discussions, where possible, kindly stay in context, address the points in the thread and refrain from introducing random references to another participant's previous stated views/lifestyle/etc. in a badgering manner.

There is no need for personal attacks. If you have a specific problem with a poster, settle it outside of the forum. Threads of that nature will be deleted.

No harassment or cyber-stalking. Harassing behavior will result in being banned from all our forums. Cyber-stalking can be defined as (but not limited to) a poster with a vendetta, following another poster around on the boards whenever he/she posts, challenging anything/everything about his/her views over a period of time.

In short: disagree all you want, but please be courteous to fellow posters.

Multiple Pen Names (handles): The use of multiple pen names is permitted on our bulletin boards, as long as there is no malicious intent for doing so.

Posting under a pen name allows you to express your views and get support for your pain while maintaining control over your privacy, and separating your past cult affiliation from your new life and workplace. In addition, if you have a situation where you could be cut off from your friends or family for speaking out against The Family, it is wise to avoid posting with your legal name or former 'Bible name'.

As a bulletin board user you are anonymous to other posters (unless you post identifiable things about yourself or write in an identifiable manner), but we will not allow misuse of this anonymity, such as using multiple anonymous names to:
  • have several turns at the same local topic, especially in the same thread
  • to manipulate readers into believing you have more support for your position than actually exists
  • play mind games -- using the cover of anonymity and changing names to stalk other posters, confuse them, badger them or cause them grief
Posters have a right to stay anonymous and others interacting with them should not attempt to "out" them or demand that they identify themselves.

Posters caught disrespecting these rules regarding pen names, privacy and anonymity will be given a warning. Continued violation of this policy will result in being banned from the board.

Initiating Posts must contain subject matter ("message" box must be filled) - not just a subject line with no text - "(NT)".
  • A name or handle is required
  • The subject line may not be empty
  • The websites (the "optional link URL" box) and email address boxes are optional
No advertising or linking for commercial purposes, or to sites and products which may be understood to be disruptive of the commercial rights of others - such as pirate software, or sites which encourage piracy.

No incitement to crime: suggesting that leaders of The Family International should be tried for their crimes is acceptable; suggesting that we deal with them by taking the law into our own hands is not. Any posts with content which can be construed as incitement to commit crime will be deleted.

Interpretation of the above is the responsibility of the coordinator(s).
This version of the rules and guidelines may be updated without notice and supersedes all previous versions.
The main policies page of this site overrides and supersedes all rules and guidelines on this page.

Complaints, suggestions or questions can be sent to the coordinator:

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