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Posted by on October 14, 2009 at 14:58:42

Name(s): (Dutch) Maggie
Nationality/Country of Origin: Dutch
Countries Lived: Venezuela, Dutch Antilles
Time in Family1988, 1989

Bible Name(s) if applicable:


Over a decade after leaving TF, I worked in Venezuela (this was in the late '80s), and I came and went from the US.

You never could seduce me, and I just kept on ministering to you; as I visited at the Caracas colonies over a period of about a year. showed you verses about Jezebel in the book of Revelation, and what she taught servants of Jesus to do.

No one ever asked if I was a former member--they just knew I carried a lot of money for my company; bringing electronic parts in and out of the country. You kind of got "assigned" to me.

You said you'd leave if you ever found a better way to serve God, and I told you He'd take you at your word.

You didn't really steal my wallet that time in the taxi; did you?

I have prayed much for you since then. Did you leave? You were top "shiner" in Venezuela, as an FFer and call girl, as I remember you telling me.

OT2 (Oldtimer Too)

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