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Posted by The Collapse? on March 06, 2010 at 04:56:52

Maybe it is too soon but are there any news yet?

The haves in the drama are, of course, Mother and her Queen Peter together with their host of faithful servants who get the lion's share. These faithful servants are confined in units spread out all over the world doing their little things to maintain the illusion of accomplishment.

Known collectively as World Services, they receive funds to do their work. Depending on various factors they would also receive pocket money, though in general their life remains austere - as long as wine and some other amenities are not counted. The location of those homes have always been a secret to even their own family members. Letters to personnel would be rerouted through intermediate processing offices in other countries. Paranoia is rampant.

The have-nots are the field homes. These are the people who provide the funds. They are on the streets procuring any required goods and services. These are mostly in survive mode unless they have somehow come up with a scheme that allows them to live with a minimum degree of comfort. The organization of the have-nots, who are the real work-bees in the drama, is hierarchical, in spite of the many organizational reshuffling initiatives over the year. As a result, they also adhere to the general rule established at the highest level of TF (Maria and Peter): those on top live off from those below.

But new disengaging rules are being enacted. I doubt the flow of money from the bottom up will stop. This is an essential component of "the work" (meaning the mental control system). But what has been changing over the years is the inherent responsibility of those above over those below in the hierarchy. In the end, the last and lowest level gets screwed. This will never change.

But this is exactly the same rule established by Berg since the very beginning, and what has been invoked by Maria in promoting the latest changes. In other words, the more they claim change the less things change. They continue pushing people out, and those who are pushed out those who are considered unproductive.

We have all seen people pushed out. It is okay to end out loafers and cheaters but there is something really bad about sending mothers with babies into the cold to so-called pioneer. Love is rampant in the way up the hierarchy but difficult to find at that lowest level. Those members are disposable, even though they are the ones who are collecting all the money.

But a new organizational tool came up with the millennium, the not-for-profit scam.

This has became so useful that it quickly took over the imagination of many. Since one of the abundant resources they have is names of people, they have formed Boards of Advisors to support money collecting activities. Knowing that there is some sympathy for some types of social work, they promote them for fund raising activities. The scam is perfect. And the Internet is a great tool to provide support to their benevolent image.

Sweet deal.

But not everybody at those lowest levels are clever to be con artists. In spite of the years of indoctrinations some people are still sincere in their relationship with God - that is the real remnant God is saving and protecting, and eventually leading out of that Sodom.

But those that stay will have to adapt and transform themselves to be a part of this new money-making Mammon-like machinery of Moabites.

The new organization does not even resemble a church but an international sucking machine like the mafia or a cartel of outlaws. What a pity.

I just can imagine those confuse poor lowly families who tried to follow Berg-and-Maria, Maria-and-Peter, and now their new king and queen (as the report goes), are struggling in their simplicity to advance in this new world. They were not able to read the handwriting on the wall, and are found without much education in a world that requires it.

And these are the ones Maria, Peter, and the whole hierarchy of money suckers are pushing out now because they are not productive, meaning they are less able to send money up the link.

So, will there be a collapse of TF? I don't think so. The generation of suckers we knew kept breading, giving to the mother bee several generations of new suckers.

Those who want to leave can leave because the suckers will stay no matter what, and there will still be sufficient numbers of them to feed the machinery.

The already spiritually dead drones keep the queen happy while the workers die a slow death of a physically and spiritually acceptance of their disposable fate.

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