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Posted by hi/nam on April 08, 2010 at 00:12:00

In Reply to: Re: I've searched through the logs posted by Webmaster on March 29, 2010 at 08:27:00:

Apologies for my sins (which is worse, using more than one "names" such as "hi" and "nam" (an embarassing misspelling) or lack of one when trying to post remotely?

In any event, if there is a way to get my earlier message only to "Aunty T" (and myself), I would be grateful (yes, it's in my repertoire). If not, I'd rather not skin myself on this board again.

In any case:

"Aunty T": you are a hero. Who has saved one life has saved the world.

I think Perry will also continue to be a great source of advice for you. But from what I understand, many people born into the cult reject books analyzing the cult experience/cults. In part very logically as to date many have focused on "joiners" rather than those born there w/o choice.

The human relationship you offer, including such elements as (a)acceptance w/o pre-judgment (I am not suggesting lack of boundaries but do note that we may have been places you would never dream at our age), (b) "normality" (I put it in quotes because of the scoffing I have too long encountered when I have wished for normality),(c) coping with expressions of yearnings that may not only never be fulfilled but may even be thwarted in the cruelest reversals, and (d) in many cases craved human warmth -- such gifts may be the greatest life savers for one born there.

Again, I thank you for what you have done and may still do (if you don't gove up) for your ex's niece, even though I have no idea who she may be personally. I offer the same gratitude as if you were doing the same for me in my hour (years!) of need.

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