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Posted by Farmer on April 08, 2010 at 13:30:15

In Reply to: Re: I've searched through the logs posted by hi/nam on April 08, 2010 at 00:12:00:

Having read all your posts by now...also the recuperated one...I conclude: you're yourself a very wonderful person!!!!...very, very touching, the way you write...depth of heart I'd say.

You have my respect and admiration...I guess I don't know you much and don't know what you have been exactly through, which I figure, would make my admiration even bigger...I wished, that still much could have become of you nevertheless or will become of you...if not here...oh well,...

I am not sure, how easy it is to post via ipod...I figure not too easy...but I would be very thankful, if you'd post once in a while or rather often...makes this place a lot richer!!!really...

You is a help to remember names...people...having a steady handle...I treasure knowing what people think over a longer period...otherwise I constantly have to "worry" who is this "newcomer" in this thread and many have abided by names over the years...kind of "fun"...still you focus on a board what has been said not only opinion/experience.

Soooooo glad you were one of the early bold ones, who left of the "SGAs"....without much place/help to land on, I figure.My parents were the most helpful...that was longlasting parental love...well, I am an FGA...sigh...any other relatives, which helped you??

Life is ok/better...good now???

Wish you sincerely all the best

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