Third option

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Posted by Peace on May 09, 2010 at 00:14:54

In Reply to: Re: Taking bets posted by Thorwald on May 06, 2010 at 11:00:00:

The Family (TFI) will turn into an overt business enterprise, what it always was.

They will not be the End Time Church anymore, not even a church anymore, or even missionaries. They will not be pushing doctrines anymore because they are controversial, thus they will become a movement of people with a "good christian heart" who are loosely connected in a network of "good will" to help others. This is probably the best option because I believe they really are nice people who are honestly deceived by the doctrines of a few manipulators.

My rationale rests on the value of the already interconnected infrastructure they have. Why not use it?

Of course, being their mentality irrational, this argument may not work with/for them.They may want to just walk away from it all, but I doubt they will do it due to their Napoleonic complex. They will want to become more visible in new areas. I am sure they have already started this movement, and called it pioneering.

They will use the PR zines (Activated) and the Family Care Foundation to create the New and Improved Truth (though they already tried that in the 70s) or Image. They will use all of those tools to reinvent themselves and the new organizational structure for the 21st Century.

We know that money, power and access have always been their objective. This new image has already been working. They have test drivent it for years, very quietly at the highest levels.

A quick investigation will show those who got an education in TF - and I mean, a real education such as going to high school and universities. Did they do it with Family money? I doubt it, but those leaders did get their children to go to good schools. Not all of them but I am sure you will find them if you look around.

This third option is the one on which I would place a bet, if I were a betting person. They are not going anywhere else other than burying their doctrines and activities even more.

Many, maybe even most will buy their new image and vanishing act. Even if I don't see them on the streets any more, I know they are there because, sad to say the tares sown by the enemy through Berg are still there and will remain there until the end of time. That is what Jesus himself told us.

And with sweet thoughts, I take my leave.

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